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Manus Mack is a French porn actor who began appearing in adult videos in 1999 and filmed as late as 2014. He appeared in Cazzo Film, Titan Men and Raging Stallion productions, and he also started Mack Studio where he directed videos from 2003 on. Not only is Mack good-looking, he's a dirty fucker who loves exploring kinky themes. Mack Studio is one of the newer theaters in the Studio Presse network and we haven't been back since we reviewed it when it opened in May 2016, so let's get back and see what's happening.

The men at Mack Studio are a hot bunch of mostly Europeans. Manus Mack himself is around 45 years old, usually wears face scruff of some kind, and he has had both short and longer brown hair. He's French and sports a strong, muscular and smooth body and an uncut cock. Many of the men on his site are masculine guys in their late twenties to early forties and they usually feature gym-fit to muscular bodies, some hairy and others smooth. If you like inked men, there are quite a few with tattoos in the ranks, and don't forget that Europeans are generally uncut, so that means plenty of foreskin.

I saw a lot of faces I didn't recognize, but I'm not as familiar with the European scene as I am with American porn hunks. Nevertheless, most of the men in Mack's videos were unknown, one-name performers who made a video or two, but I did recognized known performers Trojan Rock and Carlo Cox.

Mack Studio offers a horny collection of dirty scenarios and filthy sex in niches we just don't see often enough, and the videos are taken from a series of 14 DVDs that Mack produced between 2003 and 2005. There are prison sex sessions and police officers using the men they arrest, there are BDSM scenes with Masters playing with their slaves, there are also a few military movies with soldiers using new recruits, and you'll find leather men and even a few cowboys.

The newest video is called "Military Defeated by a Bombshell", and it features three soldiers abusing a young recruit in an outdoor fuck scene. They all use his mouth and ass and one of them even grabs a tank shell and shoves it up the soldier's puckered hole. In "Brake-Ass Mountain" a bandit stumbles across one cowboy getting head from another; he jumps the cowboy and ties him up (with the help of the guy who was on his knees) and they both take turns fucking him.

There's piss play and sex in public toilets, ass play with guys taking all kinds of things up their holes, lots of rough and forced sex, guys are tied up and fucked, and there's a hot series with mechanics getting nasty in their garage. I also saw a few skinheads here.

Before we talk about the videos let's talk a bit about Studio Presse, which is the company that operates Mack Studio and the other 26 theaters in the network. You can enjoy their content in two ways: an unlimited streaming membership lets you watch as much as you'd like for 30 days, but you can also use their ticket system to buy packages of viewing tokens and then redeem them a few at a time to watch the movies. You can also use the coupons to download movies when they're available. Streaming videos generally cost four tickets and downloads usually require eight. Purchased tickets don't expire and you can use them on any of Studio Presse's 26 other theaters, many of which also offer fetish and BDSM sex.

There are 95 videos inside Mack Studio in DRM-free MP4 format. You can stream the videos on the site on your desktop or mobile, and these play at 720x526, although there may be some other sizes, too. Not all of the videos can be downloaded with tickets, but when they can be, they play at a smallish 490x368, although I found one that was 640x480. The quality is decent, although the vids lose a lot of sharpness and clarity when enlarged to full screen; they are watchable but don't expect miracles.

Each episode comes with six medium-sized screencaps sized at 480x360 that can't be enlarged but can be saved and do give you a preview of the action.

Now let's talk about updates. There are no dates shown for the episodes, but the site has added nine videos in the past three months. Due to the lack of dates, there's no way to know whether they're adding a video every 10 days, adding them at random intervals or if they've stopped updating altogether. By the ways, when we last visited, the site was also averaging an update every 10 days.

There aren't any real problems here, but there are a few things I should mention. Mack Studio itself doesn't say if Manus Mack is still performing or directing. A hunt through some other sites indicates that Mack last performed in 2014 and that he directed his last video in 2006. More recent additions to the site are a mix of Mack Studio content and stuff from other theaters in the network, but none of it looks new. There are thousands of videos in the Studio Presse network, which brings me to my next point: the tour claims of 12,000 videos and 120 new updates monthly pertain to the whole network and not this particular site. And while Mack Studio's videos are on the small size, others in the system are larger.

Finally, as with most Studio Presse sites, there's often no rhyme or reason as to why some videos are available for download and others for streaming only. And be aware that the option to watch the whole DVD is another charge above and beyond any tickets that you purchased.

If you like masculine men who are into edgy playtime, you should enjoy the sessions at Mack Studio. Work men, police men, doctors, cowboys, bikers, mechanics, leather men and soldiers are just some of the dirty players you'll find here in 95 videos. And there's a lot more than sucking and fucking going on in these videos, so if you like nasty fetish sex and rough scenarios, you'll want to check out this small studio. And the good news is that there's a lot more nastiness and uncut cocks waiting for you in Studio Presse's 26 other theaters.

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