Just looking at Chip and how his face was so relaxed, eased the tension, but only a little. He still didn't know how this would play out, as he zipped up and stared. Those eyes were baring down on him, and yet they didn't look menacing, or dangerous. He felt his face was flushed, knew he'd been caught, but it was done. Dawson had learned a long time ago, you can't undo certain things, you can only hope to minimize the damage.

'Sorry, I uh, I don't'

'It's cool man, I guess in a way its flattering.'

'Huh? You aren't uh, pissed?'

'Nah, not like you are the first fa uh gay guy to uh'

For a split second, he felt himself tighten, specially as Chip had begun to say the 'f' word, but when he stopped himself, he felt relieved. The guy obviously wasn't a total jerk, or one of those 'jocks' either. For some reason, he felt pleased, and then too, what did he mean he hadn't been the first?

'get off on thinking of you? That what you were gonna say?'

'yeah, kind of. Makes me sound like some conceited jerk when you say it that way, but I mean not uh, quite so, uh shall I say, vividly as you, but yeah'

'How? I mean how did you know others were uh, you know, thinking of you?'

'Shit man, I played football, you can't hide a woody in the showers man, even if you are fast enough to get the cold water happening'


'Hey no big deal, like I said, rather a compliment'

'It is, isn't it?'

'Yeah, so uh, this may sound weird, but uh, what is it that uh, you know, got you so uh, so'



The way he had looked away, had turned his eyes downward gave him a look that got him hard all over once more. Christ, if this kept up he'd need to go use the restroom. It was strange, to see him standing there, suddenly looking so vulnerable too. It was a bit out of character, or was it?

'I don't know, you uh, I guess you just have that look, that sort of hits a button with me. And I guess the others too.'

'Wish it would with the girls.'

'Yeah uh, well I can't help you there.'

'Guess not, uh, but uh, this may sound dumb, but uh, oh shit this is gonna be dumb, but is it true, what they say about Gays?'

'Is what true?'

'That gay guys suck a guy off better than any chick?'

Now it was his turn to look downwards. To try and glance up without being noticed. His nerves were on edge, yet he didn't feel threatened, and frankly, judging by how Chip looked, Dawson thought he was being serious. That he really wanted to know.

'I suppose, no one ever complained'

Chip didn't look at him, but stared out at the empty lot, at the glaring lights. Dawson waited, wondering what this was all about, he also felt a bit excited. Could Chip be just trying to put him at ease, or was he curious? He had met a few straight boys that were curious, but it never really turned out well. It was a bit worrisome too, because once they tried gay sex, and didn't like it, they became distant, or worse, abusive.

Then there were the closet cases. He stared at Chip, at how he stood there, at how his hands seemed to keep wiping his pants, as if they were wet or something. How he would glance around, yet not look directly at him. Maybe it wasn't that he was curious, but that he really was family? Yet the guy was 18, he would know, wouldn't he?

Dawson waited, but it seemed like it was just going to be left at that. Chip seemed to be thinking, but did everything he could to avoid looking at Dawson, or even talk to him. For a bit, Dawson thought maybe he was pissed at him, but then the body language didn't seem angry, or anywhere close to it. Their few words exchanged were out of necessity and brief. It was awkward at best, and he still didn't know if Chip would let anyone else know.

It worried him, and as their end of shift drew near, he began to fret. What if the first thing out of his mouth when their relief crew arrived, was that he had caught him jerking off? Or worse, mentioned he had been calling his name? Christ, he could hear the comments now, and it was making him edgy. It was also giving him the willies too, because he didn't know how or what Chip would do.

He wanted to ask him, tried to a few times, but just when he had enough nerve up, a customer would show up and off Chip would go. About the only good thing was that his pumping was better, the over pumps were getting less. Still, as time advanced, he grew more uptight, and wondered how he could make a quick exit, to avoid the whole situation? Problem was, he was the senior, had to stay to cash out, reconcile everything.

The morning rush was on them, and he lost himself in his work. He lost track, briefly, of the dilemma he was facing, and without even realizing it, the shift was over. Looking up, he saw his relief, and was nearly finished the book work when he noticed Chip had already left. No one seemed to act any different, and Dawson sighed with relief. For now, his secret was safe, as he signed out and headed towards his car.

Turning the corner, he saw a slender figure standing near the door of the closed shop, in front of his car. For a moment he didn't pay much attention to it, but as he got closer, he thought it looked familiar. Getting closer he recognized the shaggy looking hair, and his heart tightened. It was Chip, and all he could think of was that he was going to either strike out at him, or warn him that he was about to let everyone know about earlier.

His whole body was tense, his hands kept bunching up and balling up into a fist, ready in case it got messy. On the other hand, he also kept looking around, realizing that there were too many people around, opening their stores or whatever, so maybe it wouldn't turn into a brawl. He wouldn't back down, he decided, as he came closer.

Chip moved out from the store to come closer, and Dawson saw how he moved. It wasn't his normal graceful motion, and he looked tense too. So it was going to be a battle, he thought, as Chip was between him and his car.

'Uh, can I catch a lift? My apartment is down the road a bit.'

Chip indicated the direction with his head, but his eyes seemed locked onto Dawson. It was not what Dawson had expected, as his body sagged, in relief. He quickly agreed, not sure what this was all about, but he wasn't about to ask now. He just wanted Chip to get in, and drive off, so that any problems would happen away from the gas bar.

The silence was a bit hard to take, as he drove out of the lot, yet he sensed that there was more to Chip's request for a ride. He waited, unsure what to say himself, as he'd really never been in quite this position before. It felt odd, scary too, but as he moved down the road, he felt a bit easier. The worst was over, least if Chip was going to out him, it wouldn't be today.

As he pulled up to the curb, near the large plain apartment building, he felt relieved. However, as Chip thanked him, and opened the door to climb out, he hesitated for a second. He turned to look at Dawson, the first time he really looked at him, since he had caught him whacking off.

'I got coffee, if uh, if you want to come in?'

As he started to refuse, he saw the look in the younger man's face, and something inside made him change his mind. He accepted, turning off the car and climbing out. It was not like he had a bunch of time, unless he decided to skip first period, but hell, he hadn't studied much either so missing the morning wouldn't hurt too much. He'd make it up later, he hoped as he followed Chip to his apartment.

The apartment wasn't what he'd call filled with stuff, like one might expect. There was a coffee table, a couch and chair and that was about it. There was the standard television and surprisingly a computer but no stereo which was also surprising. Like a good nosey guy, he managed a quick peek in the bedroom as it was right in front as he had walked in. The bed was a mess, just like his own, but it looked so plain, so empty.

Chip made himself busy preparing the coffee, and when he brought the steaming mugs in, he barely looked at Dawson, just thrusting his hand outwards. Their was the briefest touch of fingers, that rather gave Dawson a bit of a thrill. Still, his own nerves were screaming, making him sweat a bit.

The silence from the car carried over, and it felt odd. To sit sipping coffee, both of them looking at their own feet. The odd glance from underneath only heighten the tension, which was making Dawson very uncomfortable. He didn't know what to say, so he just sipped the coffee.

Dawson glanced at his watch, thinking he should make an exit. It was just too quiet for him, and he really needed to get home and shower. Last night's little relief was beginning to feel icky, not to mention all the sweat from the tension he was feeling. He sort of sighed, about to thank Chip for the coffee, which seemed to spur Chip.

'You really never had anyone complain?'

'Huh? Oh, uh, well no, not from any of the uh, straight guys, no, no complaints'

'Been a few?'

'Well, I wouldn't say a lot, a few though.'

'Did they uh, did they strip all the way? Or uh, I mean, shit, uh'


'On what?'

'How good of a blow job they wanted. Look, you asking me to suck you off?'

For a moment he thought he saw a flash of anger, and he tensed up, though he had no idea how he could. Yet as he waited, Chip sort of just sagged, but without saying anything, he just nodded, keeping his face averted.

Dawson sipped at the last of his coffee, wondering what next. The other straight guys he had done, well they were guys he had known for a time, not like Chip. Still, even they had more or less drifted away afterwards, but he had to work with this guy. Last thing he needed was for some stupid drama at work. Besides, it could screw his job, if word got out.

'Why? You seem like a guy who can get any chick with just a smile, so why?'

Chip got up and walked around the tiny living room of the apartment. He was obviously nervous, as he kept moving around, then finally, facing the patio door, he stood still. His voice was soft, almost in a pleading tone really.

'I don't know, just that, shit, does it matter? I don't know, just that when I saw what you were doing, heard you call my name, I sort of, well, I don't know, I just felt like, wanting to feel it, to see for myself, or, or I don't know.'

The obvious pain in his voice, the way he kept glancing over at him. Dawson knew, or at least thought he knew, as he stood up and walked over to the young man. The closer he got, the more he could see how he was actually trembling, frightened. The image tugged at his heart, as he put his arm over Chip's shoulder. He felt him shrink away at first, then move back into Dawson's embrace.

It felt right, not strange, which in itself was perhaps strange. Yet Dawson felt the beat of Chip's heart, felt his warmth, as well as his own excitement. He had this urge to kiss him, but he drew back, knowing it would only freak Chip out. Maybe later, if there was a later.

He helped guide Chip towards the couch, and then went back to close the drapes over the patio doors. Without turning around, he could feel Chip's eyes on him, felt them watching every movement he made, as he slowly turned around. This time, Chip didn't lower his eyes, but Dawson could see how nervous he was, but also how excited.

Walking over, he moved the coffee table out of the way, then lowered himself to kneel in front of Chip. He kept his eyes on Chip, not letting him see how nervous, he himself was. Leaning back on his haunches, he just looked at Chip, glancing down towards the young man's crotch, then back to his face. He could feel Chip regaining control, relaxing a little.

Dawson moved his hand up, and let it rest on Chip's knee. He broke off eye contact, just taking in the younger man's body. There was a quick intake of breath as his hand rested on the knee, then slowly he felt the body relax, as it became used to his touch. Dawson was in no rush, as he slowly let his eyes move back up, adding a small smile to his face.

Chip smiled back, and leaned further back into the chesterfield. His legs moved a little further apart, no longer presenting a closed stance. He was becoming more comfortable, as Dawson shuffled himself closer, shifting his gaze downwards, towards Chip's crotch. He let it happen slow, feeling Chip's eyes following him.

For a moment he wished he had thought about getting some music happening, but no way was he going to break the spell now. Instead he let his hand move up the thigh, to rest near the bulging package. Dawson couldn't help but notice how much larger it had grown, a good sign, as he took one more look upwards. Chip's eyes were a bit narrow, focused on Dawson's hand, on how close it was to his crotch. The eyelids were fluttering a bit, as he watched. There was a bit of a glint as well, as Dawson slowly moved his hand over the crotch.

He could feel the lump, feel the warmth too and the eyes seemed to flicker as his hand moved over it. It was like he was already close, as he gently prodded the firm package, feeling it move. His fingers moved upwards, towards the waist band, and as he moved his other hand to help hold the pants, he felt Chip inhale and hold his breath.

His fingers fumbled a bit with the snap, but he soon had it open, and Chip exhaled. He felt the warm belly press against his hand, which made him tremble a little. His eyes glanced up, to see a sort of glazed look, but no less intent than earlier. The hands pulled the pants open, to expose the underwear, and the very well defined pole inside.

Dawson felt himself sucking in his breath, as he stared down at the long thick pole that was held fast by Chip's underwear. He wasn't wearing boxers, but jockey shorts, that were a pale blue in color. The way the fabric was stretched, around the pole, he could see the shape of what was obviously a very thick cock. It would certainly challenge his mouth, given how big it looked.

Looking up, he saw Chip staring, saw him lick his lips, in anticipation. It felt so hot, that Dawson felt like he couldn't wait himself. He felt his own cock stiffening, even more than it was. His fingers shook, as he reached up to take hold of the elastic waistband, the tops of his fingers actually touching Chip's skin.

It was as if he had been given a huge electric shock. His arms tingled, his eyes fluttered and he felt his heart beating faster. The simple touch of skin against skin, was almost enough to make his own body shake. It certainly made Chip's body shudder, as he slowly pulled the top of the underwear down, until finally Chip's aroused cock was staring at him.

The cock looked so huge, so big as it stood there, wavering from its sudden release. He couldn't help but lick his lips in anticipation, nor could he avoid opening his eyes wide, to stare at it. It was one of the thickest cocks he had seen. The way the veins circled around the shaft, pulsing and bulging made him quiver a bit. He was rapidly swallowing his saliva, feeling totally mesmerized by the sight.

He felt his chest heave, as Dawson saw the little puff of white show, then disappear, then reappear. The pre cum was there, beginning to over flow, as he watched, his body shaking. Dawson had never felt so aroused before, as he reached down, adjusting his own bulge, then looked up to see a small smile curl around Chip's thin lips. It looked so damn devilish, that he couldn't help but grin back.

Leaning forward, he let his hand move lightly down the hard underside. Two fingers just lightly touching the hot flesh, that kept jerking and swaying to his touch. He felt the electricity, felt the desire coming from within. His whole body quivered, his legs were already growing numb from sitting on his heels, but he didn't care. He was thoroughly entranced by watching his fingers move along the shaft, exploring the hard flesh, feeling the rushing blood flowing through the bulging veins.

The fingers moved down, to circle the shaft, to brush past the swaying pubic hairs. He let them circle then lightly caress the swollen testicles. The scrotum was stretched taut, from the waiting jizz inside, as his finger slowly moved down, towards the hidden valley below. Dawson felt the legs twitch, felt them tighten up and he stopped, moving his finger back upwards, feeling the legs relax as his hand moved back upwards.

Licking his lips, he let his finger move up and down the shaft, then circle under the exposed cock head. It touched in spots, missed in others, as he felt his mouth going dry. He let his eyes take the whole sight in, watching the white liquid begin to drip down from the head. His hand moved up quickly, to pass over the dripping fluid.

Its stickiness made him tremble, as his hand smeared the goo across the head, as Dawson let his head move forward to peer straight down at the hard pole. His eyes widened, then closed as his lips parted, as his head lowered. He felt the hands on the back of his head, felt the fingers reaching and twirling some of his own hair between them. He sighed, feeling the warmth, feeling the excitement as lower his head went, his lips slightly parted.

The instant his lips touched the head, he felt the body stiffen, heard the whimper, and felt the sudden pulling back of the cock, then before he could even blink once, the hard pole was pressing upwards. The hands were suddenly pushing his head, and as he blinked, he tasted Chip.

The cock pushed its way in, banging hard into the back of his mouth. His lips were pressed wide, as the thick pole was shoved inside. The pressure on his head was intense, making him realize just how powerful Chip really was. He gagged, as the huge cock was still being pushed into his mouth. His jaw was forced open wider than it had ever been, as he tried to pull back, to let himself breath.

Dawson heard the moan, as he fought to control his throat & mouth muscles. He stiffen, resisting the hard press on his head, until finally Chip relented, letting him do it his way. His eyes opened, as he saw the shaking belly, the way the muscles within were moving, rolling. He breathed in deeply, smelling that musky scent he knew so well.

The taste was just as familiar too, as he slowly pulled his head back, until just the head was impaled in his mouth. He let his tongue lick at the huge head, tasting the pre cum, swirling it around to mix with his saliva, to then coat the hard head burning the roof of his mouth. He felt his legs stiffen as he began to lower his head, taking more of the thick pole inside.

Chip's hands moved down to Dawson's shoulders. He felt the fingers on one dig into his flesh, felt it dig harder as his tongue licked around the head, then the underside of Chip's cock. His body was shaking, as he let one hand circle and hold tightly to the throbbing pole, at the base. His fist pushed down, into the soft groin.

He could feel the throbbing pulse of the blood, feel the way Chip's whole body was trembling, as he licked at the underside, his one hand pulling up and pushing down, stroking the hard shaft. His tongue licked at the very base, right between the cock and balls. Chip groaned louder as Dawson's tongue was licking, as the cock vibrated to the sensations flowing inside of the 18 year old Jock. Dawson felt his own cock jerking against his underwear, wishing he could undo his pants, wishing his cock could be out from under its own restraints.

His eyes clouded, as he once more took the cock between his lips. He tasted it, let his tongue lick at it once, then flatten as he fed the hard pole to his own mouth. Every nerve inside was on edge, as he slowly let himself take the cock. His throat resisted, but he forced it to open, forced his jaw to nearly unhinge itself, to let pass the tasty pole.

Chip was squirming as his hips kept trying to push up, making Dawson pull his head back a few times. The moans and the way the cock was jerking told Dawson it was close. He wasn't sure if to let it just shoot or not, but as he thought about it, he felt the head jerk backwards. He didn't have time to think as the first stream of milk was splashing against the back of his throat.

He gagged twice, before he could swallow enough of the thick cream to relax his muscles. More of the hot milk was pouring out, and a hand was clutching at his hair, twisting it and pulling. The body was shaking, in uncontrollable spasms as the cock banged the sides of his mouth. His jaw was aching, as more of the hot milk flowed inside, large amounts dribbling out from the corners of his mouth.

He swallowed hard, taking as much as he could as the cock reared back and sprang forward. The hand held his head firmly, as the cock dug into the back of his throat. His whole body began to shake, to quiver, as Chip's body kept unloading a steady stream of salty sweet cum.

It ended as it had begun. The hand holding his head fell to the side, and the body in front of him, just seemed to collapse. He could hear the heavy breathing, the harsh panting sounds, as he leaned back. His own body was aching, his limbs numb from being in the one position. Cum was all over his chin, as he looked up, blinking several times to get accustomed to the light.

Chip was leaning back, his tongue hanging out a bit, off to one side. Dawson stared at the young man, at how his chest rose and fell, how the nipples were so firm, making little tent shapes in the shit he wore. He wanted to reach out and touch them, to feel them between his teeth, but he was too exhausted. His body was slowly feeling the pins and needles from blood returning to his limbs.

Dawson had to move, to stretch out, and lay on his side. As he did, he saw how Chip was looking at him, how his eyes moved from the cum coated chin, to Dawson's own bulging package, that now stared outwards, right at Chip. The eyes didn't flicker, or move away, but held firmly at the sight. It only added to Dawson's excitement, as he struggled to regain his energy.

He reached up, to wipe off his chin with the back of his arm, noticing how that small smile curled around Chip's face, once more. His chest was still heaving, as he lay there. His pants were still down, around his ankles. The knees were spread wide open, the feet close together. In the centre Dawson saw the now drained cock, laying downwards, the head and part of the shaft resting on the dangling scrotum.

Looking up, he wanted to ask, but his jaw still hurt, and he was too exhausted to speak. Yet as he looked into the eyes, he could tell, Chip was as exhausted as he was. His face had a glow to it, one of obvious satisfaction. The eyes shimmered, as Dawson lay on his side, wondering if there would be more, or would this be the end?




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