He had known Billy since middle school. That was some time and while Billy had gone on to work down at the local gas station, starting off as pump jockey, he was now an apprentice mechanic, and basically running the place. He, on the other hand, had gone on to community college, still studying and living at home.

Just like Billy, his family wasn't what you would call well off, or even close. Going to community college was a hardship even, but he had worked summer's to help build up the money so he could go. Okay he was a bookworm too, and his grades had shown it, while Billy was always off playing sports or just being a typical Jock.

How they had become friends was still a mystery to Ryan. He was rather short, didn't like sports much, wore glasses and was queer. Billy on the other hand was a sex pervert. He had new girlfriends practically every other week back in High School, and nothing seemed to matter more to him than sex. He was also as straight as they came, or so Ryan used to think.

He glanced up at the clock, knowing that the station was closed, and that in about a half hour or so there would be a knock at his basement window, and Billy would crawl in and he would be servicing his straight friend. It was loveless in that they never kissed, fondled or anything. Billy was straight, after all, but he had this need to shoot his load, and he didn't care to jerk himself off. He much preferred to have someone's mouth sucking on his dick, which suited Ryan just fine, because Billy had chosen his mouth for that almost nightly chore.

Billy was tall but not exactly filled out. Even now, at the ripe old age of 20 he was just 150 pounds, but he had the look that made everyone turn to stare. He had collar length hair, slight curl to it and despite the streaks of grease, it was a golden yellow. A real blonde, with the matching blue eyes. It drove the girls nuts, least the way Billy would tell it.

Seems they loved to wrap their fingers around his hair, and play with it while he would 'bone them' as he called it. Still, in some ways it irked Ryan at how Billy would regale him with his exploits with every floozy that he met and took to bed.

He supposed it pissed him off because it was what he wanted to do. Ryan was not like Billy, he was a good 2 or 3 inches shorter, but outweighed Billy by at least 20 pounds. His body wasn't lean and his belly did shake when he laughed, though he didn't consider himself fat. Thick boned was his answer, and thinking of that, Ryan began to feel a normal ache in his ass. He wished he'd figure out how to get Billy to 'bone him' like he did the chicks, but it was a subject they hadn't broached.

Billy maintained he was 100% straight. Ryan rather laughed at that, in private, because he didn't think anyone could be straight, while having another guy sucking him off 4 out of 7 nights a week. As much as he wanted to take Billy's eight inch cock up his ass, he also didn't want to stop taking his sweet cum those nights that Billy graced him with his presence.

Ryan liked cum, it was that simple and while he had a few trysts in his life, a few what he called boyfriends even, none of them could give him enough cum. He liked its taste, liked how it would slide down his throat, slowly. The sticky milk was something that always made him feel satisfied, and the few times he'd been 'boned' by other guys, it just never was as satisfying as he had hoped. The biggest problem was that he didn't get to taste the milk, so his relationship with Billy was never ended.

Ryan didn't lie either. When he was seeing other's, he told them up front that theirs wasn't the only cock going in his mouth. One or two had objected, and never lasted beyond a few dates. He didn't lose any sleep over them, as frankly their cum wasn't all that tasty to begin with.

Now Billy's milk, that was special. It had a very unique texture and taste that made him crave it. Like last summer, when Billy had gone off camping with some bimbo for ten days. He had spent the entire time tramping around, feeling unsatisfied and miserable. None of those he had tasted, ever came close to how it was after he took Billy's cum. Mind you, when Billy came back, he had a few nights of absolute bliss, as Billy was hornier than shit. He had given Ryan a double dose of his juice, for three nights running, which had been like heaven on earth to him.

He closed his book, looking over at his alarm clock. Billy would be knocking soon and he kicked off his runners, making sure that Billy's pillow was fluffed and ready for him. In all the years that Billy had been coming over, his parents had never said a word. His mom had commented once at why his bed spread was always covered in grease, but that had been the only time they even acknowledged that he was doing more than just sleeping in his bed.

Maybe it was strange, being over 20 and living at home, but college was his life, that and tasting Billy. Once he graduated, he'd have to think about his own place, but until then this suited him just fine. It was close for Billy who did have his own apartment, but it seemed he was never there. If he wasn't sleeping at some girl's place, he would pass out at Ryan's.

Those nights were special, though not all that often. It was his chance to cuddle a little, to just lay back and admire that 8 inch cock that gave him so much pleasure. Billy always acted like he hadn't noticed, but Ryan knew the truth. He didn't get much sleep those nights, enjoying every possible second touching his friends cock, his balls, and just thinking of it, while gazing at it.

The nearly nightly routine was simple actually. Billy would knock on his window, and he'd let him in. He would crawl through, feet first and Ryan would help him down. It always gave him a close up view of Billy's firm buttocks. Billy liked to show off, which was why even when he would show up at Ryan's, he had a pair of fresh laundered jeans on. The kind that hugged the hips, and accentuated the firm flesh of the butt cheeks. It always made Ryan lick his lips, wondering what he would taste like between those cheeks.

It was something he wanted to taste. To get his mouth and tongue licking at the valley between those perfect orbs. If he tasted like his cum tasted, he'd be in hog glory. Ryan had tried to come up with a way to broach the subject, but was being careful about it. He didn't want to piss Billy off, and at times he could be difficult. The one time when he wanted to kiss, Billy had gotten angry. He told him, in no uncertain terms, that no fag lips would touch his, after all, he was straight. Yeah, right he had thought. A straight guy showing up every night for a blow job. Still it had made him cautious, so the idea of rimming was held back a little. Though he was slowly getting Billy to talk about it, he knew it was a long way off from happening.

He could just do it, but that might or might not work. If it didn't, well he'd lose out on tasting Billy's jizz, maybe for some time. It wasn't worth the risk, as he waited for the tell tale sign that Billy had arrived. Ryan stared at the window then glanced over at the alarm clock. It was getting close and while there was never a pre set time, you could almost set your clock by that rap on the window. Least for most nights, unless Billy had found some girl to 'bone', in which case the clock would just click on past the normal time.

Those nights were murder for Ryan. Billy wasn't the type to phone or even acknowledge their nightly 'dates'. He just showed up, or didn't and that was it. Course the next night he'd be telling Ryan all about the conquest, which was always a turn off for him. He hated the notion of some nameless fish touching his Billy.

Most times Billy would say how she couldn't suck cock worth shit, which always made Ryan grin a little, and respond with his standard, 'what did you expect when you go to the guy next door, instead of visiting the pros at it'. Billy would laugh, saying yeah, 'guys did give good head' or something similar.

Ryan could feel his own excitement building as the time ticked on, drawing closer to that time. At the beginning, when this all started, Billy never wanted to be touched. He'd pull his pants down, hold his cock and let Ryan kneel in front and take it. He fucked his face, never touching him or guiding his head and the rule was simple, no touching anything. No grabbing hold of his hips, no placing his hands on his legs, or even letting go of the cock. He was to just suck the dick, that was it.

Now it was much different. Billy would crawl in, slowly to let Ryan have a good look at his ass. Then he would grin and flop down on the bed, staring up at Ryan. He'd make some comment, about wondering if Ryan wanted his treat. It was maybe his way of giving Ryan something, but when Ryan would acknowledge he wanted it, Billy would just pop the top button, lean back on the bed, and put his hands behind his head.

He'd wait for Ryan to climb up next to him, on the bed. To let him unzip his pants, then pull them off. He wore bikini type briefs as well, and Ryan would stare for a minute or two at the thick cock outlined in the thin fabric. Billy would egg him on then, and Ryan would reach up to wrap his fingers around the thin material.

Slowly, he would pull the shorts down, until they were off totally. Billy would spread his legs wide at that point, allowing Ryan to crawl up between the firm legs. He would rest his elbows next to Billy's thighs, feeling the hot flesh. It always made him shiver a little, as he would press outwards, to sort of make like he was pushing the legs wider. Billy would oblige too, and then the fun would begin.

He would start off, running his hand over the groin, around the thick root of the cock that was always hard. He had never yet, seen Billy drop his pants, or him pull them down, when Billy's cock wasn't fully erect. At times, when he'd crawl in and turn around, he could spot the bulge too, knowing that Billy was already erect.

His plan of attack would change a bit. At times he'd play around the pubic hairs, other times he'd bend down and give the head a quick kiss, tasting the pre cum. Billy never said a word after he would egg Ryan on. Once Ryan stopped gazing, Billy didn't say another word, until just before he would shoot.

Then he would let Ryan know, to be ready to take the cock and swallow his juice. At times though, Billy wouldn't even do that. He would just let his body arch up and shoot. Most of the time Ryan could sense when he was close, and had the cock buried deep in his throat from that point on. He loved the taste, and he loved the fact that Billy could shoot a fair amount. No small dribbles from this so called straight boy. He always managed to give Ryan at least three good squirts of his milk.

That was one other reason he loved sucking his friend off. Unlike many others, Billy could cum. On those nights when he was super horny, he's shoot his load quickly, then he would just lay there, talking as if nothing had happened. It would take maybe a half hour or bit longer before he was ready again. In that time, Ryan would carry on the conversation, while watching the cock that had given him such a good taste.

He would stare at it, seeing it lying there limp and wondering how it would feel between his fingers, how he would like to reach down and kiss it, and grope it, while it rested. Ryan would dream of waking it up, of making it once more stand tall, and then be taken deep in his throat.

When Billy felt ready, Ryan always knew. The limp cock would jerk a little, and you could see it move as blood began to rush to it, thickening it. It was at that point that Billy would signal him. Not with words, but he'd reach out with one hand and find Ryan's head, and guide it down, towards his growing cock. Those were moments he relished.

To have Billy directing him, to be touching him, always gave him goose bumps. It also made him tremble a little, as he would then lean down and take Billy's cock into his mouth, bringing it fully to life under the careful attention of his tongue and lips. He'd suck on it, and his fingers would now play with the dangling balls underneath, barely refilled.

Those times were truly special. Even the second time around, Billy could cum a fair amount. In all honesty, it didn't taste any weaker either, It was just as thick, just as sweet tasting as the very first load was. He might not shoot three full loads of his cum on the second go round, usually it was just two, but damn those two were powerful and very tasty. Ryan loved it, and his hand was already groping himself, in anticipation of later. It was always after that Ryan would jerk himself off, Billy had never stayed to watch, or let him actually.

The rap on his window startled him at first, then he got a huge smile on his face as he went over to let his friend in. The huge lump in his own pants was already making him ache, but he knew he'd have it sorted out shortly, as he opened the window, and stood back, to watch those perfect cheeks fill his vision. The long legs were reaching in, and he put his hand on them to guide them to the bench underneath, then stepped back against, to just watch. His one hand pushing at his own thick cock as Billy's butt was now inside. The firm cheeks, held tight by the faded pair of jeans.

Ryan cleared his throat, as he licked his lips. The way Billy had climbed in quickly, told Ryan that this could turn into one of those special nights. It usually did, and it would be the second time this week. He just grinned as his friend was finally inside, and while saying hello, had quickly moved towards the bed, flopping on it. His face was staring up at Ryan, as his hands undid the button to his pants. His blue eyes were sparkling as he looked at Ryan.

'Happy Birthday' he said, which blew Ryan away. He had completely forgotten that it was his birthday and his eyes bulged as he watched Billy reach down and undo his shirt, spreading it open to let Ryan stare at the bare chest. He didn't know what to say as Billy just lay there, waiting. The bulge beckoning along with the heaving chest, that for the first time was open to him, inviting him to explore it.

'Straight my ass' he thought as he started forward, to climb up next to his friend, to enjoy his birthday present.




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