Staring at his computer screen, he couldn't believe what he was reading. It just didn't seem possible, but there it was, all the gory details. His stomach was in knots as he read every chilling word, words that he knew were true, and yet not. How could someone do this, he thought, as he kept torturing himself, reading it over and over again.

Mark knew he wasn't a prize catch, despite his age of 21, he didn't fool himself. He didn't have a buff body, or close to it. He was tall, and too light for his height. Still to be called 'nothing but a sack of bones' wasn't fair, nor was it true. He had some meat to him, just not well proportioned. Okay, so he didn't work out, he had a life, didn't that count?

Maybe he didn't go jogging every morning, but he did get up early, do a large paper route for the extra cash. His legs might not be bands of steel, but they weren't chicken legs either. All that walking, every morning, made certain of that. Still, that was how that creep described them. Sure, they weren't ham hocks or whatever, but they were solid.

It wasn't like he was some spoiled brat either. He worked hard for his money, and so what if he posed nude for that website? Sure didn't make him a pervert, just in need of some extra cash. Going to college wasn't cheap, and his family weren't rich, so what was the big deal about pulling in some extra cash by sitting on a couch, and jerking off?

Alright, it went beyond that, but not in front of the camera. Now here was the jerk, slagging him for being a dead fuck, which wasn't true. Maybe he didn't scream hosannas every time the guy stuck his dick in, or pound the bed when the guy was stretching his asshole with his dick, didn't make him a crappy lay.

Until he logged in and read this, he actually thought it had been a good night. He could still feel the dull ache in his ass, from the hard pounding he had taken. Christ, he was rather proud of it, until now. It wasn't like he was a seasoned butt fuck pro, and he had trusted Gary. That is what hurt the most, he had trusted the guy who was just a jerk.

Okay, he had to admit that Gary was a damn site better looking than him. Hell the guy was a dream fuck. He had the look that you saw in virtually every magazine, on the cover of all those videos showing big cocks, with well built bodies. The hair, the eyes, all of it was perfect, just like out of one of the magazine centre folds. Still, it didn't give him the right to say what he did.

Sure, he had fallen for the guy, had even been thrilled when Gary had wanted to hang with him after the shoot. To just be with him was exciting, then when it all went down, well, he had felt special. To think it was just an act, was deflating, painful even. He really thought Gary had liked him, had wanted him.

Now he knew it was just bullshit. Reading it again, for the umpteenth time, he knew that his friends would see it, that they would all think he was not only a dork, but a pathetic one too. A pity fuck, that is how Gary described it, and how Mark knew his friends would see it.

Sure he had been dazzled by the attention, by the fact that someone like Gary would want him. Didn't make him desperate, besides his sex life wasn't all that bad. Maybe the guys he did wind up with weren't golden boys, or magazine cover material, but they were nice. They at least appreciate his talents in bed, and even those who weren't thrilled by it, weren't nasty about it.

He knew how to suck a dick, how to make a guy squirm while licking his dick. When he went down on someone, they knew it, and he could do it for hours, without letting them cum. No one bitched about how he sucked them off, at how he could bring them right up to the edge, then stop, make them ache so much they begged him to finish them off. Hell, Gary knew that, he had done plenty of his own begging during their little 'pity fuck' as he referred to it.

Funny how he didn't mention any of that in his little tirade. Strange how he didn't mention that he had been on his back for over an hour, squirming and begging Mark to let him cum, to take him. Maybe he should remind him of that, though he doubted it would be believed. After all, he was the freak, Gary was the Golden Boy.

Still he could remember vividly how Gary had lain on his bed, his legs spread wide apart, while Mark had his head down there, working on that average cock. It was no giant, no monster dick, but still it wasn't tiny. It was long, bit thicker than most, but it tasted good. Isn't that what counts, but maybe not with Gary. Maybe he was just disappointed that Mark wasn't hung like a horse?

Still, he had enjoyed having Mark lick his balls, suck each one, tickle them to the point that he was begging for Mark to take him, to even fuck his hole. That is how good he was with his tongue, his mouth. He knew how to excite, how to please, but obviously Gary didn't want to mention that part.

He certainly didn't in his little inside news post. There wasn't a word about how Mark had licked at the underside of his hard cock, in such a way that it trembled waiting for more. Nor did he talk about how it kept oozing pre cum, and how each time he let his tongue lick at the head, that Gary moaned, that his hands tried to force Mark's head down on the cock, but his strength was enough to hold back.

No mention of how when he licked at the inner thigh, that Gary shuddered, that his whole body was like a bowl of jelly. Not a single comment about how his balls kept rising up, ready to fill his dick with its seed, nor how he, the scarecrow, managed to keep it from happening not once, not twice, but five different times. Not a single word about how he had licked at it, at how he had stuck the whole cock down into his throat in one easy motion. No words at how his throat could open, to take it all, then close around it, and keep it in place, while his tongue licked at the whole shaft, while it was buried inside his throat.

There was no mention of how he had taken each ball, sucked on it, then sucked on them both at once. How his tongue had Gary trembling, had him groaning or had his chest heaving constantly. Nary a mention of how he had laid there, begging Mark to let him cum, while Mark's tongue licked at his hole, at the very valley between his cheeks. Or how he had him raising his legs high in the air, as he dug his tongue deep into his hole.

No expression of gratitude for how he had licked at his hole, had tasted him, and made him squirm, that he was even begging for Mark to fuck him. That never got written about, and it should be. He had Gary begging, but who would believe him? Who would think that there was a lot more to being fucked, than screaming 'oh yeah baby' or some other mindless chatter?

Sex was about pleasure, and inside, he knew he had given Gary pleasure, damn site more pleasure than Gary returned to him. Hell, he didn't even fuck him all that good, compared to others. Gary was show, and yet he was the one everyone sought, just as he had.

For the time, he felt flattered, but sitting back, he realized he was the one who did it all, that it was Gary who really was the dead fuck. Hell, he had him so hard, that touching his cock was like touching a burning pole of pure gas. It was that hot, he was certain you could fry an egg on it. Hell when he poured the whip cream on it, to lick it like an ice cream cone, the cream didn't stay solid long. It wasn't because Gary was some shit hot lover, it was how he, Mark the pity fuck, made him excited. He had the blood pouring into that cock, he was the one that had Gary's pulse racing, had his heart beating like an over revved racing car engine. He was the one who had him shaking, had him drooling too.

It was his tongue, his ability at teasing, tasting, and sucking, that had Mister Wonderful groaning without a break. It was his lips that crushed Gary's, that spread them apart to taste all of him. It was his tongue that swirled around inside the ear, that made him moan, made him whisper 'please' countless times. It wasn't Gary's lips, but his that had the room filled with groans of pure pleasure.

It was his tongue that got the legs up in the air, that had the knuckles holding those legs go white, as he dug deep into the stud's rectum. It was his tongue that flicked at the scrotum, that had the balls shaking from anticipation. It wasn't Gary's tongue, it was his. His that made his legs tremble, that send tremors of pleasure racing up and down Gary's spine.

Maybe the bedroom hadn't echoed with his cries of joy, because he wasn't that turned on. Not like he had done to Gary. Those weren't pity groans either, they were real. He had seen in the guy's eyes, seen it as his whole body glistened from the rivers of sweat that had poured across that golden flesh, and it was from his tongue, his hands.

It was the way he caressed the hard body, the way his fingers had moved across the sun baked hairs. How the finger tips had twirled the hairs on the centre of the chest, at how they had circled the erect nipples, that made him groan, that made him squirm. It was the way his fingers had moved across his belly that the muscles inside rumbling, twisting inside. It wasn't Gary's hands, or fingers. It was his, but that wasn't mentioned anywhere.

Maybe his legs weren't steel bands, but they had held Gary between them, so he couldn't move. They had managed to encircle his well developed body enough to keep his dick pounding Mark's ass. To hold him up, even after his 3 minute pile driving routine. That is, if it was even that long.

It was the muscles inside that held that pounding cock, that made it work for every penetrating thrust. Sure as hell wasn't some loose muscles, but his own tight fit ass that kept Gary's cock inside, kept it hard, made it feel him. There was no empty space, no vacant void to pound, but that didn't get mentioned.

Judging by all the sweat that had poured down onto him, while Mister Stud had fucked his ass, it couldn't be all that bad. It sure couldn't be a dead fuck if Mister Super Fuck was moaning and grunting his pleasure, while he drove his cock in and out. Mark could still feel it, still feel how tight it had felt, and how Gary had moaned about it too, had used nearly a half bottle of lubricant, while fucking him.

Mark had stamina, he could take a good fuck just as he could suck a good cock, for hours. Least he made it seem that it was hours, that time didn't count when he was having sex. Even super boy there, hadn't realized how long he had driven his cock in and out. It stayed hard, because of Mark, not because of any super sexual powers that Gary had. Hell, it was all Mark, and he knew it, but no one else would believe it.

He sighed, as he realized that his night with the Golden Boy was a nightmare now. No second date, that was for sure, which was okay. Golden Boy Gary wasn't all that good, and there were times he wished that his partners would please him, instead of him doing it all. Some did, he had to admit that, but not Gary.

To diss him, when he was the one who did it all. He was the one that kept Gary hard, right until the moment that he spewed his cum all over Mark's body. Sure he had been enjoying it, had brought him to that point countless times. Yet even he had been surprised by how much Gary came. The look on his face, when he was about to explode, about to cum.

It was like watching a raging battle. Cannons were exploding all around, you could see the flashes reflected in the eyes. The way his face had twisted, and became distorted, as if in pure agony, yet Mark knew it was from pure pleasure.

For a second, he had thought Gary would pass out, the way his body had twisted around, the way his head had flopped from side to side, as his body jerked, as the cum flew out, splattering all over Mark's body. The way it had just kept coming, shot after shot of hot cream, that burned as it splattered across his own trembling body.

Yet he hadn't, but he had come close. Gary had shook hard, the bed had creaked more when he was ejaculating, than when he had been pounding Mark's tight hole. None of that was mentioned, nor was how he had collapsed to the side afterwards, totally exhausted. He had lain there for nearly fifteen minutes, his chest heaving, his body shaking, long after the last drop of cum had dribbled out of his cock.

Sitting back, he flicked the computer off, putting down his pen, and closing his notebook. One more entry, and he'd be ready to publish his thesis. Gary would not be pleased to know that he had been just a lab rat. He sighed, as he stood up, ready to go do his paper route, just one more part of his study.


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