He could feel the cock as it slid into his hole, feel it throb as it pushed past his muscle. The pain was rolling up his spine, as he bit the pillow, trying to stifle his screams, waiting for the pain of penetration to end, for the pleasure waves to race up and down his trembling body. Tony could feel the sweat beading up, feel the hard cock digging deep into his hole, spreading his insides apart like a hot knife slicing through butter.

It hurt, and yet it didn't.

His eyes were shut tight, the taste and feel of the pillow under his face was becoming damp, as he felt the cock inside shudder, stop, then slowly pull backwards. The relief from his insides was apparent, his body was beginning to relax, when it began all over again. The pain, the sensation of being stretched, all came rushing back to him as the hard pole dug back down into his body.

Tony could hear the distant sounds of flesh slapping onto flesh. He could feel the grinding motion of the other man's body into his buttocks, feel his hot breath on his neck, as his body pressed him further into the mattress. The bed squeaked, as the motion of pulling back then pushing back began to quicken, to become almost like one.

His lungs ached, and his cock was semi hard as the pain mixed with the pleasure. He could feel his body shake, feel his legs growing taut as they spread apart wider, to make the entry easier, to manage the hard thrusts that were now all he could think about. His whole body was tense, the nerves tingling, the muscles never getting a chance to relax, to regroup. They were like taut wires, being played hard and fast.

The hard breathing in his ear was making him twist, to try and get away. His head twisted and flopped from side to side, as the groans echoed in his mind. He wasn't sure if they were his, or if it was from the man behind him, the man holding him down with his entire body weight. The hard thrusts were interrupted by the odd hard slap on his buttocks, first one side, then the other. It made his cheeks tingle, and then they would quiver as the man would drive down hard onto his body.

Tony felt each thrust, as it drove in, as it pushed his muscles aside, as it filled his insides. The feel of heat inside, of a greater warmth than he could generate filled his mind, he felt the beads of sweat turn into tiny little rivers. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get a clear picture of who was behind him, who was drilling his butt so expertly.

He remembered Jason, the bar's waiter but it wasn't him. Tony knew what his cock felt like, so it had to be someone new, someone he hadn't taken home before, but his mind was unable to concentrate. The pain inside, the fast thrusts, followed by the odd twist of the cock, was overpowering his mind. It made him groan, made his hands ball up into fists, and strike the bed, as each thrust became deeper and harder.

Whoever it was, was good. He could feel his insides turning to mush. He was used to being fucked, but this was different, the cock was harder and thicker. Each time it was driven into him, he could feel it swelling, feel it stretching his insides. He cried out, enjoying the hard pain, enjoying the strange sensations more than anything. His mind felt the pain, but was amazed by the warmth it created inside.

His hair was matted from sweat, that now dripped between his closed eyelids. Some was even dripping down his hooked nose, to drop across his upper lip. He struggled to breath, feeling the ache in his chest as his whole body was pounded into the bed. He heard the springs creak their objection, felt the motion of the bed as it moved to each thrust.

Two strong hands gripped his hips, pulled him upright. His head was still buried into the pillow, but his legs were raised up, his knees and lower legs pressed into the bed. His buttocks was lifted up, driven into the hard pole, and he could feel the pubic hairs of the man behind him, scratching against his moist cheeks. His whole body was a massive puddle of sweat, salty sweat that filled the room with its odor.

As his buttocks was lifted up, held tightly, the pounding into it grew fiercer. It was like a jack hammer was in his ass, as the couldn't tell when the cock was going out or coming in. It was fast, furious and hard. His whole body was shuddering, absorbing the shock of the hard hammer like blows. The sound of flesh banging against flesh echoed in the room, along with the heavy panting breathing of someone, other than him.

Tony moaned, his head buried deep into the pillow. He was still biting it, as the cock continued to twist and dive into his body. His butt cheeks were shaking from the force of the hard blows of the other man's hips, as they crushed down onto his upraised buttocks. He felt his whole body moving with each thrust.

His legs ached, his cock was flopping between his upraised body. Sweat was pouring from every conceivable spot of his body, as the pounding only seemed to intensify. His limbs grew numb, his toes were curling as the pounding of his heart and heaving of his chest seemed uncontrollable. He felt himself suddenly being twisted and turned over. It was quick, and hard as he felt himself on his back.

Before his ass could collect itself, could relax, he felt the cock being wedged back up against his pink hole. His legs were lifted up, and spread apart. The hard cock was there, then was driving deep back inside of him. His head twisted, as he felt the hot breath over his face, then the press of lips against his, teeth nibbling at his own trembling lips.

His eyes fluttered as he stared up at the towering figure over him. His hips shivered, as he glanced up, trying to focus on the face behind the dangling strands of blond hair that grazed his chest and face.

Tony moaned, as he watched the head pull back, tossing the long strands of hair to one side. He saw the firm jaw, the clenched mouth, teeth over the lower lip gleaming. His chest was heaving, he could see the sweat dripping off the man, see the glitter of light across one nipple, realizing it was a nipple ring.

As his eyes adjusted to the light, he could pick out more details, despite the hard pounding his ass was still taking. He could see the star tattoo on the belly, the way the belly button was the centre of five painted stars radiating outwards. Looking up, he saw the one nipple ring swaying to the man's motion, as his hips continued to pound into his upraised buttocks.

There was a light patch of matted chest hair, behind the swaying strands of blond hair. The chin was there, small tuft of wet hair visible, but it was so firm, so white that he couldn't help but wonder. The lips were taut, and the man's nose was shining, coated by a heavy sheen of sweat. He felt the drops on his own chest, as he struggled to stare upwards.

He heard him grunt, watched as the chin trembled a bit, then he suddenly felt the pressure inside end. He felt one ankle being released, as his eyes stared up, the head above moving to one side, glancing downwards, past his face, towards his groin.

Tony heard the man groan again, heard something else that he couldn't place, then felt the man leaning into him, the weight of his body holding his legs upraised. Glancing down his trembling body, he saw the sheen of his own flesh, saw the tiny rivers of sweat trickling down the rolls of his flesh, and then he saw the hand between his legs.

His eyes opened even wider, as he saw the blur, the way the man's hand was nothing but a blur, and in the centre was a huge fiery object, aimed at him. He felt himself licking his lips, as he realized the man was stroking his cock, about to cum. The muscles insides tensed as he looked at the blur, then saw the fiery head suddenly begin to split open.

The growing hole in the centre was being filled by a dull greyish color. Before his mind could assimilate what the eyes were seeing, the first stream of cum came shooting out, splattering across his lower face. Tony felt himself flinch, as the hot milk hit his lips and chin. It was almost as if burning hot oil had been poured on him.

He cried out, his head moving to one side, as more of the hot liquid splattered across his neck, then his upper shoulder. His body shook, as more cum came flying towards him. The harsh cries from the man suddenly filled his ears, as his body shook. His legs were on either side of the man, trembling and moving on their own, as he felt the splattering cum across his belly now.

His groaned, as suddenly the man above him fell fully onto his prone body. The bed groaned and they bounced a little, and Tony felt the weight solidly across his chest. His body was still quivering, and now he could feel the other man's body. It too was shaking, as it slowly rolled off, an arm across his stomach. He felt the cum cooling on his body, still amazed at how much cum covered his body.

There was a dull ache in his ass, as he let his head roll over to one side, so he could look at the figure lying next to him. He saw the milky white skin, the long arms, as the man's chest still heaved. The figure was as tall as him, as his head was level with Tony's, and his toes were next to his. The body looked thin, he could see the ribs sticking out from his side.

The man next to him turned his head, and he saw the face at last. He didn't recognize it, but the face was thin, haggard looking but the eyes. The eyes were a deep blue, and they seemed to be alive with tiny stars inside, shimmering as they stared at him. The arm that was spread over him, moved, and he could feel the long fingers inching down his prone body. They lightly ran across his skin, barely touching it, but just enough to make him tingle.

His fingers moved down, and ran lightly across his cock shaft, which immediately grew back into life. He saw a smile cross the man's face, and for a moment he thought that he couldn't be more than 18 or 19, but then as the fingers moved past his cock, to ran across his inner thigh, the smile left his face. He suddenly looked older, more like 22 or older, but the eyes, that once shimmered, glittered even, were slowly clouding over, growing darker, becoming impenetrable.

Tony didn't know what was happening, his mind couldn't put a name to the face, and yet the feeling he knew him was gnawing at him. Yet his mind wouldn't focus, wouldn't seek out who it was. His body shivered as the touch around his groin disappeared. The light of the room was growing darker, as his breathing became more normal. The figure next to him was slowly being swallowed up by the darkness, and he wanted to call out to him, to ask him who he was but the words wouldn't come. His mouth felt like it had been glued shut.

Shutting his eyes, he was silently pleading for the man to take him again, to touch him more, to take his cock and make it cum, just as his had just done. He wanted to cum, wanted to let his body explode, but the man seemed to not hear him, or read his mind. He felt the darkness around him now, suddenly uncertain of where he was, of what had happened. He felt his body squirm, felt the ache growing in his groin, felt his need becoming urgent. The press of something seemed to prod his bladder, as he felt his body move.

There was a strange noise, off in the distance, but he couldn't place it. All he wanted was to feel those long fingers reach around and grip his cock, to take his throbbing pole within, and to move up and down, to make him harder, to make him cum. He wanted to feel the fingers prod his testicles, to maybe feel those thin lips wrap around his cock, while the slender fingers dug back into his body, to make him groan again.

Still that noise was becoming louder, more annoying, as his mind tried to focus, to bridge the gap between him and the mysterious stranger. He felt the pain, from his groin, from his desire. Yet he couldn't seem to reach the man, to find him again. He couldn't feel him next to him, couldn't even smell him now, just the odor of stale sweat mixed with dried cum. Desperately he tried to call out, to reach out, but the darkness wouldn't let him. He felt something holding him back, and for a second he thought it was him, but it wasn't.

The noise was too much. It was too loud, ruining his concentration, when his eyes popped open. There was the light again, but it came from his windows, through the curtains. He was still breathing a bit hard, as he realized at how sticky he felt. Turning around, he couldn't see anyone, hear anyone in the room, just the damn noise.

Turning his head in its direction, he saw the flashing red numerals of his clock radio, realizing what the noise was. He sighed, as he tossed the covers off his body. He felt a bit dejected, knowing he was alone in the bed, knowing that what he had been feeling was just a result of his late night snack of spicy pizza. He sat up on the edge of his bead, letting the night's cobweb's clear a bit, wishing that his dream had been real.




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