Funny how the moment he heard the softly spoken word, his whole body trembled. It was strange, to sit there, his pants down at his ankles, and a first timer across from him. Daniel had a few of those in his time, though he too had been there, but his first time was way different. Hell, he could still remember it. The thought of then, made his cock jerk a bit, and he noticed how William's eyes seemed to widen at the motion, how he actually flinched when it moved.

This was way different, as he looked at the young man, who had greeted him so warmly in the morning, as he entered the huge auditorium, for the revival meeting. Strange, to now be in the back room office of a closed coffee shop, waiting for him to touch his hard cock. In some ways it felt wrong, but inside, deep in his heart, it felt right, it felt good.

For a 21 year old, he felt he had seen it all, done most of it too. Yet each time he felt that cocky, that self assured, something came up to prove him wrong. It was how he had met the Twins, who really blew his mind away at how much pure pleasure sex could be. How they could hold him at bay, tease him, make him moan in pain, then let him go. Now maybe, once more he was about to have one of those moments, when things just didn't seem as they were.

The Twins had been different, had been so earnest looking when he first met them. It was in a bar, but they were going from table to table, trying to convert people, trying to talk about GOD and how being Gay was a sin. Course they looked like they believed it, at first, but it wasn't until much later, that he realized it was all a con. They did it to get the old guys to buy them drinks, to just have them sit and talk to them.

It was a neat little trick, and yet when they tried it on him, he knew it wasn't for real. So how come he didn't know that William's greetings hadn't been real? That it was more than just a welcome to the club greeting? His Gaydar sure was off, or in need of some fine tuning.

Glancing back at William he saw the way his face was flushed, how tiny beads of sweat were all over his forehead. Even his hair was looking damp. His shoulders were rigid, from his fear, yet in his eyes, he could see his desire. Daniel moved his legs apart. His hard cock moved a bit, and he watched William's face, watched his eyes staring.

Leaning back, he held his breath, keeping silent, letting William stare. This wasn't the time to speak as he felt his body tremble from it. He had been naked in front of a lot of guys, some of them amazingly hot in looks, yet he felt more excited now, more aroused than then. Plus, for an odd reason, he felt like he needed to know it met with William's approval. Somehow, he wanted to know that it was appealing.

Strange, he could feel William's hot breath, hear every intake of air, feel his desire along with his fear. While the time with the Twins had been amazing, he found himself comparing then with now. He found himself judging the emotions, at how erotic it had been to see them undress, and yet as much as that had turned him on, it was nothing to what he was feeling, just having William look at him.

He noticed how William's chest was heaving, how his brow was furled as he struggled with his emotions. Daniel knew he wanted to reach out, but was fighting it. There was no words to be said, as he leaned back, waiting, his cock remaining hard, which also surprised him. It was almost like it had a mind of its own, that it knew this was not the time to droop, to go to sleep.

The idea of William touching him, of just being there with his dick exposed seemed almost enough. Daniel could feel the ache in his balls, which he normally never felt until after he had been sucked for a bit, or stroked. Yet here he was, untouched, feeling like he had just been given the best damn suck job ever. Perspiration was forming on his forehead, which also surprised him. Not like it was all that warm in the office, yet William had been right, it was feeling like being in a steam bath.

The jerking motion grabbed his attention, and his eyes immediately moved from William's face towards his side, where one arm had moved. Licking his lips, he saw it jerk again, move a bit more upwards. The fingers were trembling, which his eyes noticed. It also made his heart skip a beat, as he realized William was making his decision. The desire inside was more powerful than all the sermons, all the blatant crap that spewed from some. It was stronger than a lifetime of brainwashing, as he watched the hand lift up and move towards him.

Daniel could feel his own body tense up. It grew hard, rigid even as his muscles coiled up inside, strangling him or so it seemed. The pain grew inside, as his eyes focused on the trembling hand that now was moving towards his hard dick. Every nerve inside seemed to tingle, in anticipation.

His own arms were becoming numb, as the blood seemed to just rush to his groin, waiting. Even the hairs on the back of his arms were standing up, swaying as if they too sensed the possibilities. Everything felt so charged, so electric that he couldn't help but glance up at William. The way his face looked so worried, yet determined. The way his jaw was set, the eyes totally focused. Daniel noticed how the nostrils flared, and looking down, saw how close William's hand was. He sucked in his breath, as the fingers seemed to stretch out.

His legs were like rigid steel beams. The toes inside his shoes hurt, as they tried to curl, as his heart seemed to just stop beating, waiting for that moment, for that touch. Even his dick seemed to grow, as if it was reaching out, to meet the trembling fingers that kept moving closer. His eyes grew wider, watching, waiting.

His chest hurt, as he saw the blur, the little shaking of the tips, as they were almost there. Daniel wanted to yell, to tell him 'come on, take it, grab it' but he bit his lip instead. He wanted nothing to ruin the moment, as his eyes stared, watching. The finger tips, moved closer, as he bit harder on his lower lip, watching it all. Daniel felt his nervousness, yet was fascinated by seeing the tiny hairs standing up on the fingers, saw the ridges of skin that made up his fingerprint, as they moved ever closer, then halted, hesitant.

Daniel felt his buttock clench, felt the back of his legs tighten and every muscle twist into a hard knot, squeezing his insides. His belly was sucked in, his chest ached, as he felt the blood in his mouth, tasted its sweetness, as his teeth crushed down even harder into his lips.

There was a sobbing sound, but he didn't look up, as he felt himself shaking, felt his whole body suddenly reel, as if he had just been hit by lightning. Every muscles suddenly sprang, opened, and he felt the rolling waves of something hard moving up and down his body. His eyes fluttered, his mouth was suddenly dry. The pain in his chest grew harder, making him gasp for air as he felt the bolts running up & down his body. Every part of him was shaking, as his body seemed to push forward.

The touch made him feel more, as if they were somehow a bridge between his heart and William's. He could feel it beat, feel it shudder as the fingers moved across his swelled cock head, as they pulled back for an instant, then came forward again. Every sensation he was feeling, he knew William was feeling too, just as he was experiencing William's.

His pants were stretched far apart, holding his legs from spreading apart further, but he tried. His legs shook, the hairs on them felt like they had been charged by some electrical current. It made his ears ring too, as the fingers moved down and under his cock head, touching the ring around his dick. The tips seemed to throb, a hard pulsating motion that was growing.

Daniel felt his head tilt back, his eyes close tight, as the fingers moved lightly down under his cock. The throbbing pulse matching his own heart beat. The touch against the thicken veins on the underside of his cock, making him sweat, making him feel drenched and unbearably hot. His flesh becoming warmed by the second, almost like being inside a huge blast furnace.

His cock was jerking, moving as his balls ached. It was unreal, to feel so excited by the simple touch, but he was. William's fingers moved down, touching his root, then moved along the thick base, circling it, as if trying to draw it in his mind, to capture all of its details. Daniel couldn't believe what he was feeling, and opening his eyes for a second, he saw William's face.

The way his eyes were shut so tight, the way his face seemed to stretch and shrink as his fingers moved along Daniel's dick were amazing to watch. He couldn't help but feel pleased, as the rolling excitement inside just kept building, and building.

Every nerve was tingling, was demanding attention from his mind, as he closed his eyes once more, unable to keep them open, to watch William. Images flowed past his shut eyes, playing like a movie on his eye lids. He saw the twins, saw others parade across his private movie theater, as the fingers moved up and along his cock shaft. He felt them touch, then back off, then tough again, move and tremble, then slide forwards.

In his mind he could hear his chest heaving, struggling for air. The sound of his balls moving up then down added to the noise in his head. The beat of his heart, the race of his pulse, adding to the echo in the ears. It all made him squirm, made him sweat. His shirt was soaked, and he moved his hand underneath, to rub his burning flesh.

His own fingers moved up his chest, found his erect nipples, and pinched them. He felt his body shake, felt his whole body convulse in several tremors, but the fingers never moved off, never left touching him. He heard himself moan, felt the fire inside growing hotter, threatening to burst into flames.

The fingers were throbbing, and he knew William was feeling him, feeling his own excitement. He couldn't help but think of him, despite the flashing images of others behind his closed eyes. His nostrils flared, as he smelt the scent of sweat mingled with pure desire. He knew it was his and William's, their desire, their lust that was making his head swim, feel faint.

There were other sounds, but he ignored them. He was lost in the moment, when he felt the wetness around the tip of his cock, the press of something warm and moist against his cock head. Daniel opened his eyes to see emptiness, then glancing down, he saw the head over his dick.

He felt himself shrink back, then his hips push forward, as the head bopped. A gagging sound came, as he pulled his hips back, as he felt the tightness grow around his cock head, then begin to slide down. Daniel cried out, as he felt himself shaking, realizing that William had taken him into his mouth. His legs shook, shaking the rickety table he was leaning against. His arms were like lead weights, as he couldn't hold back. He couldn't move them either, despite the urge to reach out, to take hold of William's head, to twirl his fingers into the strands of hair.

Groaning louder, he felt his body reaching the point of no return. At the same time he realized how quickly he had reached this point, how much he wanted to let go, to allow his body to explode, to send his mind into orbit. Part of him told him no, told him it wasn't time, that he wasn't ready, while the other part ignored the warnings, ignored the sensible side.

His hands moved, as his body shook, as he pushed his hips forwards. He grabbed the head in both hands, holding it firmly as his cock moved deep into the open mouth. He felt it struggle, felt the throat tighten, felt the rough edges of teeth, but he ignored it all, as his body shook, and shook even more as William struggled to pull back.

It was like a tug of war at first, then suddenly William stopped fighting it. He began to move his head in a steady rhythm, his lips moving up and down Daniel's cock and his throat letting it push down, then out. It was amazing, at how the tongue would flick up, to lick at the throbbing vein under the shaft, or how it would try to lick at the head, as his cock moved faster and faster.

Daniel could feel his body shaking, feel it become its own master, as his eyes closed even tighter. The image of the twins were there, but so was the image of William, as he had come forward when he walked into the Auditorium gate. The hand outstretched, the smile on his face, the way his eyes looked. It dimmed the images of the twins, it held his attention, made his chest heave more, as his body moved forward, then back, then forward.

He felt it, felt his balls suddenly push up, then drop down. He could feel the roaring waves inside, all rushing towards his cock, moving beneath the taut skin, rushing to the only opening possible. Daniel felt it all, felt his mouth dropping open, felt his vocal chords tighten, then loosen, as he cried out, a strange harsh sound of warning, that bounced off the walls of the empty room.

Every nerve, every muscle was screaming inside. His head flew backwards even more, strands of wet hair brushed past his face, rivers of sweat were flowing down his cheeks, as his hands tighten on the desk. His legs moved forward, as his arms felt like they would snap in two. His heart was pounding, the echoing thunder making it impossible to hear anything but that loud roar.

His hips pushed forward, the tightness in his buttocks only growing more, as his whole body lifted up off the table. His cock was wedged deep down into William's throat, he could feel the tightness, feel the muscles, as his body burst.

Flashing lights seemed to fill his vision. Strange dots, stars, lines, flew across the picture screen of his eye lids. It was captivating, yet scary, as he saw the face looming, saw William's eyes, saw him looking at him. He cried out again, felt his body hit the table, felt his cock jerk back, then push forward.

Sounds echoed, strange gurgling sounds, that he couldn't place. The parade of lights only grew more intense, as his body shot forward again, and again. He felt it, felt the muscles around his cock tighten, felt the warm liquid surrounding it coat his cock, felt the strangeness of it, as the strange sounds swirled around. It was like being in a fog, as his body shook, as his heart pounded.

Then as quickly as it had begun, it ended. He felt himself sink back down, his rump on the hard surface, ached, and the lights across his eyes became dull, lessening. The harsh panting sound of his lungs, drawing in gulps of air took centre stage, as the roar of his heart quietened from its wild roar. Every part of his body seemed suddenly drained, totally spent. His legs twitched, as he drew them backwards, and his arms tingled from the growing awareness of the weight they held upright.

Slumping back a bit, more of his weight rested on his extended arms. He felt them sag, as a feeling of total exhaustion filled his body. Opening his eyes, the small light seemed glaring, and made him blink several times, before becoming accustomed to it. Daniel could still feel his chest heaving, still feel the ache inside as he stared out, then down.

William was slumped back, resting against the leg of a desk, his legs spread open and wide. Daniel couldn't help but stare at the hard crotch, and at the huge wet spot that was off to one side of the dress pants. It made him lick his lips, and then stare upwards, to look at William's face.

The eyes were wide open, looking up at him, but not at his face, but at his softening dick. The way they stared, the way they looked so intense, gave him a small shiver of excitement. There were drops of dried cum all across the lips and chin, and William's tongue kept licking them, kept tasting his cum.

There was a glint in the eyes, but the face seemed to be glowing at times, then not. A sort of small satisfied smile curled around his mouth, showing his satisfaction. Daniel could still see his chest rising and falling, could hear it too, as he tried to regain his composure. It had all happened so fast, so unexpectedly that he didn't know what to say. It hadn't been planned, and now what?

Looking at William, he wasn't sure. He pulled himself up, then managed to climb up on the table, to lean up against the wall. Daniel felt totally exhausted, and drained. Looking at William, he felt strangely happy. The way he leaned against the table leg, the way his hand were just there, resting at his side, palms upwards. He too, was spent, and there didn't seem to be any remorse in his face either, which made him feel better.

Looking at William, he realized that his recurring dreams of the Twins, would be less, and that somehow, he just knew that many of his upcoming dreams would centre around the young man, laying exhausted in front of him, waiting for more first time experiences, at his hands. He could see it in William's eyes.




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