Viral enhancement UK chapter 6


While the guy’s head to the medical room back in the UK Geoffrey had been think about all that his friends Alex and Wes had told him and showed him on skype after the short video chat they had.

He had got to know them well many years ago through a school exchange programme when he was at Noad’s school it was an exchange with a high school called Portsmouth high school in New Hampshire in the USA it was to do with celebrating the bond between the two countries that had be going for many years he couldn’t remember what number it was it was celebrating but it was a one off as most of the time the exchanges were done with French and German schools.

During the guys stay over in the UK they had got chatting and talking about the music they liked this leaded to Alex and Wes saying they had formed their own band not very long ago and it music style was very much pop rock and punk rock in style this leaded to Geoffrey saying he like some of the songs of those styles and would love to hear their some time.

Both Alex and Wes went on to say yeah at some point they would send him some of it so he can listen to and say what he thought of it.

Over the years they had chatted over Facebook and skype and Alex had come out in one of their chats that he was gay and Geoffrey had after some time come out to Alex as gay he also told Wes too.

Wes was fine about it as he had known Alex was gay for quite a while. Wes had kept his sexuality secret both Alex and Geoffrey didn’t know he was gay too.

Alex had only recently found out that his best mate and band mate was gay and had fallen in love with him and saved him from being turn in to a MXers Wes too had fallen in love with his best mate and band mate and was glad he did as it saved him.

After thinking about this and what he had been told he started his work to inform as many people as possible his first thought was to send letters to the prime minster and the heads of the army, navy and air force as that might get them to stop the ship or warn those on board so he sent a letter to each of them type on his pc and posted them to them.

He then sent a letter to his local MP to see if that help in getting the message out.

While he was going on with that back on the ship the ten studs where making their way to the medical room some carrying their now too small clothes and all just in their jocks, socks and some in boots and others in trainers.

They all got to the medical room it had taken a while as each one of them had been feeling up each other as they had headed to the medical room as they entered they all had raging hard on in their jocks but they were brought back to earth by Adam who said “right guys we need to talk before we go and see the captain” they all said “ok”.

Adam then said “ok so guys as it very likely that we may get taken to a room together after we talked to the captain we better find out about each other first”. He then said “but first let get some scrubs for you all to wear.”

Adam went over to a cupboard and brought out ten pairs of scrubs for them to wear he gave one pair each to the nine studs and a pair for himself making it ten pairs they pulled them on and then grab a chair to sit on.

Adam then said “ok that better now let find out about each other.” He then said “as most of you know I am chief medical officer Adam I have been the chief medical officer for eighteen years I was like you started as a rating and moved up through the ranks. He then said “who want to go next?”

The next to talk where the four 18 year old studs these where Tony, Tom, Andy and Scott all four had been at the same navy training base and had done their training together all four were roommates too during training and luckily when they got their first deployment to one of the navy ships it was the same one.

Some of them knew that two of the others was gay the other two were straight before what had happen to them.

Tony and Scott knew they were both gay hence they were bunk mates. Tom and Andy where both straight and had girlfriends back home they had formed a friendship while doing their training and where bunk mates too during and after their deployment to the ship but after what had happen to them they had fallen for each other and love the sex they had just had.

Next to talk was Jamie the 19 year old nurse he had also been at the same training base as the other four 18 year old studs and had even done training with them too. He knew he was gay and later found out that some of the other guys where too.

The next studs to talk where Brett and Paul both studs ages was 25 and had been mates during training and after both where bunk mates for a long time too.

They were both straight too and have girlfriends too back home their friendship had help them get through the tough training they went through this also leaded to their gym sessions so they could both support the other to keep fit.

Both of them had enjoyed what had happen and found they wanted to do more and with each other and others too.

The last two Jon and James both where 36 years old and had been through training together when they were 18 and had been in the navy for 18 years both were straight and had wives at home. Both were also bunk mates during training and afterwards too. After what had happen to them recently they wanted more sex with guys and with each other too.

Adam then said to them all “good now we know each other more we can now go and see the captain unless any one has any more questions about what has happen to them?”

They look at each other and all said “no questions here sir.” Adam then said “ok the let go see the captain.”

They all stand up and headed to the door to make their way to the captain.

Up in the bridge of the ship the ship’s captain Aaron Reed was still waiting for Scott to come back it had been many hours since he had been sent with the message to chief petty officer Jon Tanner to report to the bridge.

 The captain was pacing the floor talking to his second in command Commander Luke Evans.

 He then said to Luke “where is he it been hours since he went with the message for chief petty officer Jon Tanner to report here?” Luke said “I have no idea sir but he quite a fast runner so he should be back by now.” Aaron then said “yes I know that makes it even more unusual that he not returned yet.”

 He carried on pacing trying to think why he had not with his second in command thinking about the same thing too. While they thought about it the ten studs are very close to the bridge luckily apart from touching each other up they had not come across any other crew which would delay them on their way to see the captain.

 Adam had to say to them “stop that we need to keep moving we not got time to touch each other.” That made them stop but as they got near the bridge they all had hard on in their jocks under their scrubs. Adam then said “right here we are let me do the talking and try and control your selves please.” They said “ok we will try.”

Aaron was just about to say something to his seconded in command when he notice a shock expression on his face Luke said as he looked “what the fuck.” Aaron said “Luke how dare you swear in front of your captain.” Luke said “sorry sir it just look at the door way sir.”

Aaron turn round and looked at the door way in the door way where ten studs all dress in scrubs but all were well tanned and muscular Aaron looked in shock at them and then started to realised who the studs where the one at the front was his chief medical officer Adam Daley behind him was his nurse Jamie then there was his chief petty officer Jon Tanner and then the chief fitness officer James Roberts.

 The others with them were tony, Tom, Andy, Brett, Paul and Scott who were all ratings Scott had been the messager sent to get Jon for the captain.

Aaron pulled himself together and said to them “where have you all been and why are you not in uniform?”

Adam was the first to speak “sorry captain it was my fault we were delayed we have been through some changes since we last saw each other”

Aaron then said “what do you mean changes?” He looked at each of them as he said this.

Adam then said “I will explain apart from you and your second in command is there anyone else on the bridge?”

Aaron then said “there just me and the second in command and two ratings Alan and Edward.” Then he said “why do you ask?”

Adam then said “ok should be fine to chat but put an announcement that no one should come up to the bridge till you say so ok”

Aaron said “ok” he went over to the intercom and said “attention crew no one is to come to the bridge till I say thank you”. He then turn back to Adam and ask “so what going on then.”

Adam said “well it all started when I injected myself with a virus that I found at the navy base it a virus that turn guys in to hunks and make you want to fuck guys too and also make guys want to be fucked too it was created by Diego Juarez.”

Aaron said “ok but how has it change you.”

At that point Adam said to the guys “guys let show him” they all started to remove their scrubs to reveal their hot toned bodies and their bulging navy jockstraps all where now flooding the bridge with genetically-altered pheromones and could see that it was affecting Aaron, Luke, Alan and Edward.

Adam said “as you can see our bodies have become more muscular and also it has done this.” He got all the guys to pull out their cocks from the side of their jocks all were bigger than any Aaron, Luke, Alan and Edward had either seen on any guy they had seen in the showers.

Adam could tell from their faces that they were all shocked at what they are seeing but also notice that all four of them had bulges forming under their trousers.

Adam said to the four of them “why don’t you get a bit more comfortable and strip out of those uniforms you have on.

He watched as Aaron, Luke, Alan and Edward all started to strip to just their jocks, socks and boots. Aaron who age was 40 and had a nice toned body and abs his hair was brown and cut quite short his eyes were blue and in his jock he had a nice 9.4 inch cock surrounded by a nice layer of public hair.

Luke who age was 38 also had a nice toned body and abs he had a nice thin layer of hair on his pecs and a trail to his navel too and a nice layer round his cock and balls. His cock was a nice 8 inches under his jock he had blond short public hair he also had blond hair that was short and blue eyes.

Alan and Edward where twin brothers and had join the navy at the same time they were both 20 years old both had blond hair and green eyes and both where gay so the effects of the genetically-altered pheromones were even more potent to them they were both well-toned and had wonderful abs and pecs they were very muscular too both had hairless chests and in their jocks they had nice 10 inch cocks which had nice trimmed public hair round them and their balls.

Adam then said to them “why don’t you free those cocks out the side of your jocks.” He watched as the twins pull out there without question but Aaron and Luke took a bit longer so Adam and the guys came in to the room and shut the door and locked it the leaking genetically-altered pheromones flooded the room even more and that made Aaron and Luke pull their hard cocks out the side of their jocks too.

Adam watched as the twins started to feel each other up it was obvious they had done this a lot when they were younger Aaron and Luke were shock at what they were seeing. Alan got to his knees and started to suck his brother cock with gusto Edward grab hold of Alan head and started to face fuck him his brother just carried on sucking in unison with his brothers trusting.

Adam said “well seem they both like gay sex what do you think guys.” The guys said “hell yeah think they been doing it for years” Adam said “yeah the sure have.”

Aaron and Luke had started to wank their cocks as they watched the hot twins in action both don’t know why they were getting so turn on by it as both were straight and happily married with wives at home.

Adam and the other studs came over to them and started to feel up Aaron and Luke as they watched the twins swap places and continue their making out session.

 The felt their hot pecs and abs some pulled on their cocks and they felt hands explore their tight ass holes they both gasp as a finger started to go in to their holes some of the guys kiss them deeply and tongues each other too both guy didn’t know why they were allowing this to happen but loving it.

Adam then said “mmm this is hot Brett and Paul why don’t you help the twins their while me, Jon and James here help the captain and his second in command here. He then said “Tony, Tom, Andy, Scott and Jamie why don’t you have some fun with each other as your all near the same age.” They said “hell yeah” they went to one corner of the bridge and started to kiss and make out.

Brett and Paul came other to Alan and Edward and told them both to “turn round” they did it without question then Brett and Paul got down on their knees and started to rim these two hot twins asses with gusto. The twins gasp as their holes where rimmed deep by these two hot studs Brett was wanking his hard 16 incher as he rimmed Alan ass as his mate Paul also was wanking his 14 incher as he rimmed Edward deeply too.

Both twins started to moan big time as their holes where eaten out loving what these two studs were doing to them they kiss each other as they got rimmed deep.

They turn their heads round to the two studs and said to them “fuck us please we want your cocks in us” Brett and Paul said to them “all in good time hunks we need to open your holes more before we fuck you with our cocks.”

Brett and Paul stood up and gave their hands to the twins to suck and told them “suck them.” They said “yes we will” and start to suck them making them nice and wet.

Brett and Paul then said “yeah that it get them nice and wet ready for us to finger and fist your holes” They said “mmm yeah finger and fist our holes we want them ready for your cocks.” Brett and Paul said “good lads.”

Brett and Paul started to finger the two hot twin’s holes loving how they were enjoyed their holes being opened ready for their cocks. They started to put more and more fingers in to the twins holes each time the added another a gasp came from both twins and they moaned even more.

Then Brett and Paul pushed their fists right in to their holes both twins say as this happened “oh fuck shit that it fist us good we love your fist in us.” Both moaned louder as they were fist deeply by these two hot studs. Both of them had rock hard 10 inch cock now that bounce as they are fisted.

Brett and Paul are loving how these hot twins were loving what they were doing to them.

Over in the corner Tony, Tom, Andy, Scott and Jamie were kissing each other and rubbing their cocks together and feeling each other hot bodies.

Tony and Scott had started to make out with each other at the same time Tom and Andy had too Jamie was watching them and wanking but loving how these four guys had formed a relationship with each other he was amazed that Tom and Andy had as they were both straight before they changed but now only want each other. How their girlfriends will cope with this he didn’t know.

Jamie said “guys I want you to fuck me both ends as you get fucked what you say to that idea guys.” The said “hell yes Jamie.”

Scott said to Tony “I want you to fuck me Tony as I fuck Jamie mouth here”. Then Andy said to Tom “I want you to fuck me as I fuck Jamie here.” Both Tony and Tom said “hell yes let do it.” Jamie got between the guys and started to suck Scott cock at the same time Andy started to penetrate Jamie ass slowly but then going in harder with each thrust Scott started to face fuck Jamie hard and fast too.

Tony and Tom got down on their knees and started to rim Scott and Andy asses deeply. Both guys moaned as they were tongued deeply and love what they were doing to them. They started to fuck Jamie even more brutally both ends but Jamie kept up with them and was loving it.

Adam, Jon and James where near Aaron and Luke who were still wanking their now rock hard cocks watching the twins getting fisted and then the group of young late teens ratings in the corner making out neither of them knew why this was happening but they couldn’t help but wank as they watched the action.

Adam came over to Aaron and said “you like what you see don’t you?” Aaron just nodded then Adam said “you like this even more” and with that comment he put his hand around Aaron cock and started to wank him off Aaron couldn’t believe a man was now wanking his cock not him but was loving it.

Jon came over to Luke and said “you enjoying what you are seeing don’t you?” Luke just nodded then Jon said “what about this?” Jon wrap his hand round Luke’s cock and started to wank him off Luke couldn’t believe he was being wanked by a man but was loving it.

James came in between Aaron and Luke and started to kiss first Aaron and then Luke both guys were moaning as they were wanked and kissed.

He then took Aaron hand and place it round his cock and started to fuck Aaron hand. Aaron then started to wank James cock as he kiss him and got wank himself.

James then took off Aaron hand round his cock and put Luke hand round it and Luke started to wank James cock as his cock was wanked and he kissed James at the same time.

Then Adam and Jon started to play with Aaron and Luke holes they both gasped as their fingers where pushed in to their holes both guys were now in bliss they never knew sex with guys can be this good.

Adam and Jon then pushed Aaron and Luke to their knees and forced their cocks in to their mouths both guys accepted them without question and started to suck them with gusto.

Adam and Jon said to them “yeah that it suck our hard big cocks.” James had moved round behind them both and went down to his knees and started to rim Aaron ass deeply Aaron let out a moan as he was rimmed deeply by James. He pulled off of Adam cock with a pop and turn his head round and said “yes rim my ass good it feels so good you rimming me” James said “good I will rim you good.”

Aaron went back to sucking Adam cock as he was rimmed deeply by James.

While he was rimming Aaron deeply he was finger fucking Luke. Luke moaned round Jon cock as he was finger fucked he love it he also like sucking the big hard cock he was sucking too.

James them moved over to Luke and started to rim him deeply as he finger fucked Aaron hole both guys moaned as this was being done to them.

Adam called over to Alan and Edward and Brett and Paul and said “bring the twins over here I got an idea.”

All four guys came over after Brett and Paul had removed their hands from the twin’s holes with a pop both twin’s gasped as the hands were removed.

Adam, Jon and James stop fisting and rimming Aaron and Luke Adam then said to Aaron and Luke “turn round so we can see your cocks.”

Both guys turn round showing their now rock hard cocks Aaron cock was 9.4 inches and Luke was 8 inches.

Adam then said to Alan and Edward the twin’s “start sucking your captain and his second in command cocks.”

Alan and Edward got to their knees and Alan started to work on Aaron 9.4 incher as his brother and twin Edward started to work on Luke hard 8 incher both taking them in deeply as Brett and Paul started to fist them again.

Adam, Jon and James got in to positions Adam and Jon started to force their cocks in to Aaron and Luke mouth as James get behind Brett and Paul and started to fist them as they fisted the twins. They all started to moan loudly as they were all in a wave of lust. Adam and Jon started to kiss as they fucked Aaron and Luke mouths with lust.

While the orgy went on up on the bridge the genetically-altered pheromones that where coming off the studs was being sucked into the vent on the bridge down to the cage of the MXers.

The MXers could sense them and made him even more on heat and wanting to get out as it now knew more genetically altered guys were on board the ship.

He started to thrash about knocking the side of his cage trying to get out Professor Thomas Chapman was looking at his studies to take much notice of the noise and movement of the MXers which he thinks is a big foot in it cage he headed to the door of the storage hold and went out locking it behind him with several bolts and a big padlock and stuff the key in his pocket and headed off to the mess room to get some food.

The MXers thrashed about so much it manage to loosen the vent passage that went to above deck the genetically-altered pheromones that it produced now leaked into the room through the small gap it has made.

Back up on the bridge the orgy was getting more brutal as all the guys were being force to take cocks in their mouths and asses Aaron and Luke where being face fucked hard as their cocks were sucked deeply by Alan and Edward who were in turn being deep fisted by Brett and Paul who was being fisted deeply by James.

The twins pulled off their commanding officer and his second of command cock with a pop and turn their heads to Brett and Paul and said to them “fuck us with your big cocks please”.

Brett and Paul said “yeah let fuck those nice asses of yours think they are both ready for it”. The pushed their big cocks deeply in to the hot twins well fisted asses the twins then “gasped” as the felt the cocks go deeper and deeper in to their asses the started to suck on the cocks in front of them as they were fucked hard by Brett and Paul.

Brett and Paul turn to James and said to him “fuck one of us as you fist the other” James said “sure” and pulled his hand out of Brett hole and started to insert his hard big cock deep in to Brett wanting hole Brett “gasped” as he felt James big cock enter him as he fucked Alan deeply with his.

The whole room was full of moans and groans as the fucking got brutal and all who were fucked begging to be fucked harder.

Scott and Andy where both close to shooting their loads deep in to Jamie.

Then Scott shot deep in to Jamie mouth as Andy pump his cum deep in to Jamie ass Tony and Tom had after rimming them both inserted the hard big cocks deep in to Scott and Andy asses fucking them deep and hard all were moaning and at the point of cumming deep inside the asses and mouth they were fucking hard and roughly.

Adam and Jon and Brett and Paul where both near the point of cumming deep in to the mouths and asses they were fucking.

Then all the guys started to shoot at once shooting their big loads deep in to the asses and mouths that they were fucking all moaning Aaron and Luke felt the loads shot down their throats as Adam held Aaron head deep on his cock make him swallow each shot of hot cum that was shooting from Adam big hard pulsing cock.

Jon held Luke head deep on his hard pulsing cock as he shot load after load in to the hot second in command throat making he swallow each load his big cock was shooting down his throat.

The force of the cum hit the back of their throats was too much for the captain and his second in command that they shot their loads deep in to the hot twins Alan and Edward mouths and down their throats both had been deep throating Aaron and Luke cocks respectably.

While both of them were sucking the hot cocks in their mouths they were being deep fucked by Brett and Paul respectably.

Both Brett and Paul were brutally fucking the hot twins while Brett was being brutally fucked by Jamie as he deep fisted Paul with his fist both where loving what Jamie was doing to them.

Both Brett and Paul reach the point of cumming at the same time deep in to the hot asses of the twins Alan and Edward this sent both twins over the edge and the shot their loads on to the deck floor of the bridge milking the cocks in their asses as they cummed big time moaning loudly as they did.

Aaron, Luke , Alan and Edward collapse into unconscious on to the deck floor as they started to change in front of the guys eyes as they kiss in post sex lust.



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