Viral enhancement UK chapter 5 The captain calls

In the shower room Adam, Jamie and Tony had just watched as the six hot hunks they had fucked had all change into hot studs like them.

They started to come round one by one while this was happening Adam had gone over to the entrance of the communal shower and turned off the showers and turn down the heat.

Adam also grabbed his towel and that of Jamie and Tony too leaving their jocks on the pegs he also grabbed six towels for the six studs that were coming round so they can dry themselves too.

He also grabbed an extra towel to dry off the benches in the communal shower so he could put the towels on the bench ready for the six guys to dry themselves.

The first three to come round where Jon, Paul and Andy as they were the first to be exposed to virus after being fucked by Adam, Tony and Jamie in that order.

Both Paul and Andy had become more muscular and had now a thin covering of hair over their chests. Paul's cock had grown to 14 inches and thicker too. Andy's cock had also grown to 15 inches and thicker too. Jon who already had a nice thin layer of hair on his chest he had become more muscular and his cock had grown to 16 inches and thicker too.

The other three guys started to come round Brett, Tom and James, all three of these guys had been brutally fucked by Adam, Jamie and Tony in that order.

All three had become more muscular. Brett had already a nice thin layer of hair on his chest but his cock had grown to 16 inches and his body had become even more muscular that it was already.

Both Tom and James had sprouted a nice thin layer of hair on their chests and both had become even more muscular than they had before. Tom cock had grown to 15 inches and even thicker than it was before.

James cock had also grown it had now become 12 inches and thicker too.

They all looked at Adam, Jamie and Tony as the three studs finished drying themselves off with their towels. All three came over and gave each of the six studs a towel to dry themselves off too.

Once all six had dried off taking note of how hot their bodies had become and how the sizes of their cock have change so they were all much bigger and ticker.

They all asked together "what has happen to us." Adam answered them "you have all been infected with a virus that make your bodies more muscular and your cocks even bigger and thicker and also a lust to want to fuck guys".

They then said together "how did you guys get it". Adam answer them "it was because I injected myself with it from a file we got before we left the USA navy port during the evacuation of UK people their".

They then asked "how did we so want to get fucked and sucked by you guys?" Jamie and Tony said "yes we were wondering that too?" Adam then said "I think it to do with the microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones that come off us and now will be coming from you guys too".

The all said "wow" and then Jamie said "so you're saying at moment any guy comes near us they are flooded with these microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones and get so turn on that they will do anything to be fucked and sucked by us?" Adam said "yes correct Jamie".

They all said "wow" and then said "well we are all going to have hot fun from now on". Then they all busted in to laughter.

Adam calmed them down and said "yes true but us three have notices some side effects too". Brett ask "what side effects" Adam then said "well you get so into lust that you brutally fuck a guy".

Brett said "you mean like when you three fucked me, Tom and James". Adam said "correct I and Jamie were less but Tony here had not long change so his lust was more and that why he fucked James so hard".

James said "yes he was fucking me like some wild animal on heat". Adam then said "yes James you are correct". They all said "does this mean we will do the same?" Adam said "yes".

They looked at each other and said "will be fun when it happens". Adam then said "let get our Jocks on and talk more up in the medical room."

They all nodded and walked out the communal shower to the towel pegs and started to pull on their jocks they then put on their socks and trainers while Adam, Jamie and Tony put on their socks and boots.

Jamie had to grab his boots and socks from the gym where they were left after Andy had taken them off for him to suck Jamie's toes with his mouth.

While the studs have been talking up in the bridge of the ship the ship's captain Aaron Reed was asking an 18 year old junior rating Scott Rodgers a question "why are you not at the medical." Scott reply was "I went down to the medical room sir but both chief medical officer Adam and nurse Jamie were not their sir".

The captain replied "I see" Scott then added "even my mate Tony was not their too sir he had an appointment before me sir". Scott then said "when I was down their sir I also saw a pile of clothes one set was uniform sir the other two were scrubs but no sign of underwear, socks or boots sir". The captain replied "I see that is very odd".

He then said "Scott can you please head down to the gym and give a message to chief petty officer Jon Tanner who should be working out their can you ask him to come and see me please". Scott said "yes sir" and headed off to the gym to deliver the message to Jon in the gym.

Scott as he was young moved quickly through the ship he was slim built but also quite toned and had a nice set of abs under his navy shirt he was in his navy issued trousers and had his navy issued jock on too as well as his boots and socks. He had short spikey brown hair and brown eyes and the cutes smile. He had a nice line of hair that went from his navel to the top of his cock. His cock was 9 inches and was well held in his navy issued jockstrap.

He was another of the few gay guys on boarded the ship hence his friendship with Tony who was also his bunk mate too. He was getting closer to the entrance of the gym he knew the message he was carrying was very important.

He was not prepared for what he saw as he entered the gym room. On the floor where the shorts of five guys and singlet of two of them but there was no one to be seen.

He headed across the room towards the changing room part which led to the communal shower room. Scott could hear voices he slowly went up to the entrance to the changing room what he saw he couldn't believe he was seeing their where nine hot studs getting into their jockstraps, socks and trainers three were getting into their boots instead all where even more muscular and had some of the biggest cocks he had either seen.

Where there was now nine of them the microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones that was leaking from their bodies was floating over to the entrance of the changing room.

Scott was hit by the microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones and his cock started to go hard in his navy issued jockstrap under his trouser.

He had this urge to strip down to his jockstrap, socks and boots. He started to take off his shirt then his trousers and dropping them on the floor. Leaving him just in his jock, socks and boots.

As he watched these studs put on their jocks, socks, boots and trainers he pulled out his rock hard 9 inch cock out the side and started to wank himself off as he watched them.

He looked at the guys as he wanked and started to realised who they all where. He worked out the three with boots on were Adam the chief medical officer, the second was his nurse Jamie and the third was his mate and bunk mate Tony.

He then notice Tom and Andy who were the bunk mates on the right side to him and Tony. He then noticed Brett and Paul who were bunk mate the left side of them.

Then he saw Jon Tanner the chief petty officer and the guy he was meant to give the message too. He also noticed James the chief fitness instructor too was with them.

The microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones where flooding him so much that he wanted to be with these guys so he walked over to them and start to feel them all up.

All nine guys looked up as this hot young hunk entered the room and started to feel them up. They were shocked at first but then a wave of lust washed over them and they all started to feel this hot hunk in front of them now.

Scott was in bliss as these hot stud rubbed there hands over his hot body and started to play with his nipples, cock and balls. Some even started inserting their fingers in to his hot ass.

He was loving what they were doing to him. The guys had all pulled out their now raging hard on out the side of their jocks.

Scott was shocked at the size of some of them and how thick they were too.

He was lost in the moment as he was touched in so many ways. Then he noticed Tom, Andy, Brett and Paul disappear into the communal shower room and bring out the plastic benches that where put in their earlier they put two back against the wall the third they brought over where Scott was being touched in so many points on his body.

Adam then said to Scott "lie down on the bench bitch". Scott did what he was told and laid down on the bench on his back.

He notice all the guys had the look of lust on their faces. Adam then said "we are going to use you bitch and when we are done you will have a fit and muscular body" would you like a body like ours and a big cock too". Scott said "yes sir" Adam said "good lad".

Tony came over to Scott and Said "I have seen you looking at my cock when we been in the shower and when I change near our bunk you been wanting it for months haven't you". Scott said "yes Tony I have I want your cock". Tony then said "good". Scott then said "I want your big cock in my mouth first then in my ass". Tony moved round to where Scott head was on the bench and hang his hard 11 inch cock over his mate waiting mouth.

Tony then said "take my cock in your mouth mate" Scott started to suck on his mate big cock with gusto loving the taste of his hot mate precum.

While that was happening Tom and Andy where at Scott's feet and started to untie his boots and each pulled off a socks with their teeth's. They then started to suck each of his toes each sucking the toes of one foot as the other sucked the other foot toes loving the taste of sweat and cheesiness of each toe.

Brett and Paul had got to their knees and were sucking and twisting each of Scott big sensitive nipples sucking on them deep and twisting them with force.

Scott was so turn on by the stimulation he was getting from the things these hot studs where doing to him.

Adam, Jamie, Jon and James watch as this was happening. Adam then said to Jon and James "you two get on your knees and work his cock and balls with your mouths".

They got down on their knees Jon took Scott's cock deep in to his mouth while James licked and sucked his balls. Both were loving the taste of sweat and of precum that had drip down Scott cock on to his balls.

Scott was in bliss and loving how these guys knew how to turn him so on. Adam and Jamie got down on their knees and join the group orgy.

They started to tongue his ass together lapping the ass juices from this hot young 18 year old hunk getting him nice and wet. Scott was so turn on by the sensations he was getting from what these hot nine studs were doing to him he didn't want it to stop and wanted more.

They all started to moan and groan loving every minute with this hot hunk. All the guys apart from Tony were wanking their hard big cocks as the worked on the body of the hot hunk lying in front of them so turn on that he was loving what each was doing to him.

Tony had started to force more and more of his cock into his hot mate mouth he was leaking precum from his hard and thick 11 inch cock this seemed to help Scott to take more of Tony cock down his throat.

Scott was moaning round Tony cock as he felt Adam and Jamie tongues going deep into his ass.

He pulled off Tony cock and said to them "finger my ass guys I want your fingers deep in me" Adam and Jamie said "sure". They both started to insert their fingers into his wanting ass.

Scott then Said "yes that it open my ass ready for my mate big cock" Tony loved what his sexy mate said and put his cock back in to his sexy mate mouth and said "yeah get my cock ready for your hot ass mate".

Scott worked even more on his hot mate with gusto moaning as more fingers went into his hole to open him ready for his mate 11 inch hard cock.

Adam and Jamie had got four fingers each into Scott's tight hole and were fingering him good then they got the thumbs in and started to fist this hot hunk tight ass to make it nice and open for Tony big 11 inch cock.

Scott screamed round Tony cock as he was doubled fisted by these two hot studs. This in turn made the guys working on his nipples and cock and balls to work even harder on them.

Scott was in bliss he never thought the things these guys were doing to him were possible but loving it every moment.

Adam and Jamie said "yeah take our fist deep in your asshole bitch". Scott pull of Tony cock and said "yes fist me good sirs I want your fists deep in my ass sirs". They then said "we so will bitch". They started to go deeper and deeper they then said "we are going to open you big time for Tony cock". Scott then said "yes I do it".

They started to fist him harder and harder as he took his mate cock back deep into his mouth again.

Adam and Jamie then said to Tony "this bitch is nearly ready for you now". Tony said "cool carry on tell me when it fully ready for my hard big cock". They both said "we sure will". Everyone was moaning and groaning as they all worked this hot stud so he was in bliss.

The studs that where working on his nipples and cocks and balls had started to finger fuck each other's asses paul was finger fucking James and Jon was finger fucking Brett all four were moaning and loving being fingered as the used this hot hunk in front of him.

Adam and Jamie then removed their fists from Scott's ass with a pop. They both said to Tony "the bitch is ready for you now". Tony said "good".

Tony slid his cock out of his mate Scott wanting mouth with a pop and walked round while feeling the bodies of the hot studs that were still sucking on his mate nipples, cock and balls as they all finger fuck each other.

Tony then started to insert his hard 11 inch cock deep in to his mate wanting hole. Scott moaned with pleasure as his mate cock went further and further in to his now loosen up tight hole.

Adam and Jamie had moved round and were trying to force both their cocks deep in to Scott mouth but he could not take them both.

He was finding it hard as both had big cocks Adam cock was 9.5 inches and Jamie cock was 10 inches hence Scott had trouble taking them both he came off them and between moans he said "I can't take you both Jamie I want to suck your cock as my mate Tony fuck me Adam why don't you help the guys over my cock, balls and nipples and help them finger fuck their ass or even fist them sir".

All three guys said "yeah that be hot". All three got into position and started to pleasure the guys in front of them Tony and Jamie were working on Scott both end while they watch the guys in front of them suck his cock, balls and nipples.

They watch as Adam moved round to Brett and Jon and started to finger fuck the two hot studs that were working on the nipples and cock of Scott with vigour and moaning as they get fingered deeper.

Scott couldn't believe that he was taking his best mate cock deep into his ass all 11 inches of it deep into him but loving how it hit his prostate.

He also couldn't believe he had now started to take all of Jamie 10 inch cock in to his mouth and down his throat.

Adam then stop finger fucking Brett and Jon and moved round to Paul and James and started to finger fucked them.

Both Paul and James moan as they get finger fucked by Adam. Paul was sucking on Scott nipples even more as he was finger fucked deep.

James was taking in Scott's balls and sucking on them with gusto as he was finger fucked deep too.

Scott was in bliss so loving the things being done to him and getting so stimulated from all the attention his body was getting.

Suddenly both Tony and Jaime started to fuck him more forcefully both end both had a wave of lust come over them and rammed their cocks deep in to him with great force.

Scott couldn't believe what was now happening to him he tied to get up but with so much force the guys were doing he was pinned to the bench.

The other guys were also sucking his nipples, cock and balls forcefully too not caring what they are doing to him all have a wave of lust over them.

Tom and Andy were still sucking Scott big feet with lust taking in more toes to suck.

Adam was going to one then the other of the four fisting each of them with lust deeply making them work on Scott hot body even more.

Scott couldn't take anymore and pull off of Jamie cock and said "I am going to cum". Tony on hearing it pulled Jon off Scott's  cock and went down on it sucking it hard and fast. Scott said "oh fuck here it come". He shot load after load in to his hot mate Tony mouth.

He had taken Jamie cock in his mouth and the force of his coming had made him clamp both Jamie and Tony cocks it sent them both over the edge and they both said "oh fuck we going to shoot our loads".

The site of them filling Scott's holes was too much for the other guys they all stood up around Scott and shot their loads all over Scott's hot body.

Tony and Jamie pulled out of Scott ass and mouth with a pop. Scott was covered in cum and lay on the bench total spent. He then said "wow that was hot and unexpected"

They all said "yeah it was". They all watched as Scott fell into unconscious and started to change before their eyes.

Scott body became more muscular and his chest had sprouted a nice thin layer of hair his cock had also grown from being 9 inches to 12 inches and thick. His skin had also turn a tan colour too.

Up on the bridge the ship's captain Aaron Reed was wondering what had happen to Scott and why he had not reported back with chief petty officer Jon Tanner yet.

Back in the change room Scott had started to come round.

During that time the other guys had been post sex kissing and Adam had grab them all new jocks to wear as all the ones they had on where now cum stained from the group cumming that had happen. They also while they waited been sucking the drops of cum out of them.

Adam had turn on the shower and they all help each other to get clean again. They had taken their boots, socks and trainers off again before they went into the shower.

Adam had grabbed more towels so they can dry off again once clean.

Scott peeled off his cum soaked jockstrap. Join them in the shower where they help get him nice and clean.

Scott notice as he was being cleaned how much more muscular his body was and how big his cock was now too.

Scott then said "wow how have I become like this".

Adam said "it because of a virus that changes your body to become more muscular and have a bigger cock too it also make you want to fuck guys too and make them want to be fucked". He then said "also change your skin colour too".

Scott then said "how does it do that".

Adam then said "microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones that we give off and the skin colour must be in the genetic of the virus".

Scott then said "I see" then said "what else will it do".

Adam then said "well you get so turn on that wave of lust will come over you that you then brutally fuck a guy" and then said "it seem to be a side effect from it but get less and less".

Then Scott said "I see".

Then he remembered why he had come here and said "I came down here with a message from the captain" he then said "I was meant to speak to you chief petty officer Jon Tanner and to ask you to come with me to the bridge".

Jon asked "why were you looking for me and why does the captain want me".

Scott said "It was because of Chief medical officer Adam here and his nurse Jamie and my mate Tony too had gone missing"

Jon said "I see well we solved that one now but we better report to the captain thought"

All agreed to this but Adam said "yes we do but we can't go like this thought we will have to stop off at the medical room first so we can all put on scrubs".

They all agreed with this Adam then said "we better all towel dry off and put new clean jocks on then put back on our boots, socks and trainers too" then he said "and head up to my office and the medical room to put scrubs on".

They all agreed and once clean they all went into the changing room and towel dried off and put clean jockstraps on and put their socks back on and those who wore boots slip them back on and those that wore trainers put them on. They all stuff the wet towels in the laundry bin in one corner of the change room. The jocks they had taken off they took with them so they could be put in their own laundry bin when the went to their bunks later. They couldn't help sniffing them and loving the smell they gave off.

Adam pulled them to their senses and said "we don't have time for that come along we need to get to the medical room and get the scrubs to wear". They all said "ok" and follow Adam.

Jamie then said to Adam "are we not going to wrap a towel round us like we did when we came down here?" Adam turn round and said "we got no time for that Jamie we need to get a move on if I know the captain he be wondering where Scott and Jon have got too we need to get moving." Jaime said "I see ok."

All ten walked out of the changing room. The five that had been in the gym when Adam, Jamie and tony had entered said to Adam "can we pick up our clothes that are here as we walk through." Adam said "yes but be quick." They all quickly pick up their clothes which were now too small for their new muscular bodies and carried on following Adam and the other guys even James and Scott had pick up theirs too.

They all headed as quickly as they can to the medical room so they can get the scrubs on that they have to wear as their uniforms as their gym wear won't fit any more. They also need the scrubs so they can go and see the captain.



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