Viral Enhancement uk chapter1 Hi this is my first story for this site and I like to thank ESE for his blessing to print this as this story is inspiration from his own story I also like to thank him for his permission to use his characters for my story.

During the last few weeks Geoffrey had been reading the latest news and watching the news about events in North America and South America. Over the last few weeks sketchily report had been coming in about a virus that had turn guys in to sex gods and wanting to fuck each others but also about a strain that seem to turn anyone that an affected person fucked in to a clone of the original host of the virus.

Geoffrey had been reading these reports and listening to them as he was worried about two mates that he had made friends with during an exchange programme at school they had come over to stay for four weeks when he was at school their names were Alex and Wes both would Skype him once or twice a week but he had not heard from them since the news came out about the virus also he was a big fan of Alex and Wes band's music too.

He had tried a number of times to Skype them over the last few weeks. Not even when he tried Alex's usually if he didn't answer his boyfriend peter would and take a message but even he didn't answer hence he had been looking at all these reports and what he had heard in the news too.

Geoffrey was a slim guy quite tall but not as tall as a standard door way with long brown hair and a trim beard but some time he shaved it off and he look younger than he was which was 34. His eye were wonderful due to his long eyelashes and were brown. He had some hair on his slim chest and a nice line down to his navel his cock he thought was 7 inches but some guys who saw it said it was bigger some say it looks 8 inches.

Geoffrey was gay he knew it and some of his close family and some friends did too but was not out at his work place as he view it was his business not anyone else what sex he likes.

He was lying on his bed looking through more reports about the events. He was in his blue trackies bottoms a t shirt and over shirt underneath the trackies he wore one of his jockstraps that he had it was his day off work so love wearing a jockstrap on his days off. They were Andrew Christian ones football style with a lace up front the where black with yellow stitching and laces with metal tips on the end of the laces the elastic straps at the back were yellow too.

He love wearing them as they had a hole that let your cock and balls hang away from the body but covered with an extra material pouch at the front and where quite nice to wear and comfortable.

He was absent mildly feeling his cock under his trackies and through his jock he was starting to bulge in them and his trackies. He had his computer on and heard the sound of Skype telling him he had a call incoming he jump up and answered it as it was loading he notice that it was from Alex when the picture came up of their web cam he recognize Alex but couldn't tell who the other guy was at first then saw it was Wes but his body had become much tone since they last chatted.

Alex was the first to speak "hi Geoffrey sorry we both not been in touch and only now we got only a short time to chat to you as you might know as we both know how you like reading and listening to the news every day two viruses are on the loose over here one which make you well fit as you can see what has happen to Wes" at that point Wes moved back to show his fit bod and 9.5 inch boner "wow" was all that Geoffrey could say before Alex went on " the other virus is one that turn a guy into a clone of the original host of that virus it changes your whole bone structure and form" Geoffrey said "are you for real what mad person came up with a virus like that" Alex then said "we can't get in to that now we don't have time the reason we are contacting you Geoffrey because we have heard that one of your royal navy battleships has one of the second virus carriers on board it.

He will fuck all the crew and then with their knowledge absorbed will head to the uk and will start to affect you all we got a cure for it but will take us time to get a plane to you with us on it".

Geoffrey said "what do you need me to do". Alex said "we need you to warn people and get them to stop that battleship before it docks and releases all the clone guys and fuck everyone" Geoffrey said "I do my best guys and try and stop that happening but please hurry to get here". Alex said "we will do our best mate but we have to get pass them here first before we get on a plane" Geoffrey said "ok cool I do what I can ok come as quick as you can". Alex said "we will mate see you soon" the call ends and Geoffrey left reeling from what he just been told.

While Geoffrey was thinking of a plan to warn everyone out in the Atlantic Ocean the said battleship was heading for the UK with the MXers on board but that was not just was on board there was also a file of the virus that make guys want to fuck each other too.

The navy doctor on board was looking at the file of the virus he had never seen anything like it before his name was Adam Daley and had been the chief navy doctor on board HMS iron duke for eighteen years and during all that time he had never come across such a virus as this he had mange to get a file on this particular virus before they left the USA navy base they had stop off at.

The file was the one that doctor Diego Juarez had written for the board of a local university that he was a tutor at as he was reading it he was wondering could it do these things as it say he thought their only one way to find out he took a small sample in to a hyperaemic needle and inserted the point in to his arm and injected it.

Nothing happen for a while and then suddenly he could feel his muscles start to get bigger and his uniform started to rip as his body became so big that it can't contain them anymore he also felt his cock start to get hard and grow luck for him he was wearing his navy issued jockstrap it held his rapidly growing cock in place.

Then his shirt rip right apart and fell to the floor his trousers too finally came apart and drop off to the floor too he was now standing in just his shoes socks and bulging jockstrap he collapsed over his desk as his body sprouted a thin layer of hair on his chest to his navel he was not anymore the slim toned 35 year old guy he was before.

He had brown hair and deep blue eyes and before he had change had a nice 7 inch cock now it had grown to 9.5 inches and seem to be getting bigger as he lied unconscious over his desk his body was leaking genetically-altered pheromones in to the air in his very small office.

At that moment his staff nurse came in his name was Jamie and he was 19 years old and only just joined the crew of the ship but Adam had taken his new nurse under his wing and help him settle in to life on board a battleship of the royal navy.

Jamie was gay and he had found out a few other on board where too but all kept it a secret as it was not a thing to be gay in the navy so most guys kept it quite but there was always rumors that guy have fucked each other when over the months they not been able to fuck someone what either sex they like.

Jamie was slim built and toned he had short  brown hair and hazel eyes and a 8 inch cock and thought himself very sexy.

He entered the office of his boss and found him unconscious and just in his navy issued jockstrap, socks and shoes and seem to be even more muscular  than he was before.

He walked over and started to feel his bosses body at that time the genetically-altered pheromones were flooding the room more and Jamie could feel his own cock start to get hard.

He look at his boss lying their he didn't know why but he wanted to suck his bosses cock so badly he started to take his shirt off revealing his slim toned body he then undid his trousers he wanted to just be in his jock, sock and shoes like his boss he was boning big time in his jock.

Jamie got down on his knees and started to feel his bosses cock through his straining jockstrap that was just holding his bosses cock all 9.5 inches in it.

He so wanted to release it from it prison at the same time he had pull his 8 inch cock out the side of his jock and was wanking it as he felt his bosses cock through his jock he decide he must suck it so release it from it prison he gasped as the 9.5 inch monster was release from it jock prison.

He started to wank it and then put his lips around it head and start to suck and tongue it for all it worth trying to take more and more in as he sucked it he was so into it he had not notice that his boss Adam was staring down at him Jamie looked afraid of what would happen next but Adam simply said "suck it bitch."

Jamie wasted no time and continued to suck off his incredible sexy boss but this time trying not to take it all in his mouth as he sucked he was wanking his own cock harder and harder he was so hot for this incredible man before him he couldn't believe this was real.

The more he sucked the more of his sexy boss cock would go in to his mouth and throat he also notice his boss was moving his hips in time with his sucking that made even more go in to Jamie mouth nearly gagging on it as it goes in.

Jamie tried to keep up then without a word Adam stood up and making Jamie kneel in front of him he grabbed his head and force his massive cock in to Jamie mouth and face fucking him like some sort of animal he seem not to care that his nurse was gagging and finding it hard to breath with his cock buried deep in his throat.

Jamie was in shock how events where turning but loving it at the same time he want to please the incredible stud in front of him.

While Adam was ramming the back of his throat, Jamie couldn't take it no more and shot his loads over the doctor's exposed shins. Load after load Jamie shot he had never cummed like this before and never wanted anybody this badly too.

Feeling warm cum running down his legs was last thing Adam wanted suddenly he let out a roar and holding Jamie head in place shot his hot cream load down his young nurses throat he found himself saying "swallow it bitch"

Jamie swallowed as fast as he could desperately wanting to please his boss. Adam pull out his cock from Jamie's mouth and only to discover it was not done ejaculating.

He shot another hot load over his nurses face and chest even getting some in Jamie hair too it started to run down his face and cheek.

Adam beat his cock on Jamie's face, then leaded down and licking the hot cum off Jamie face Adam then kiss Jamie and share the cum coated tongue with his hot nurse swapping the hot cum with their tongues.

Adam collapsed back onto the desk while Jamie stayed kneeling on the floor, both men wonder what to do next. Adam had never done anything with a guy before. What had made him want too? But knew he wanted to do it again so did Jamie too.

What Adam and Jamie had not realized that microscopic, experimental viruses was now coursing in young Jamie's body.



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