Down by the hold Jon was looking at all the bulkhead doors and tried everyone to see if they could be open but found that every single one was sealed shut and would not give.

Jon roared and then said “dam these people trying to stop me I will get my revenge and will be free to move round the ship when I got through these doors”.

The three change guys just looked up at their master as the licked up the last of Steve cum from the floor. 

They had broken down the DNA in the cum as they absorbed it adding it to the collection they have inside them.

They looked at him and waited for him to tell them what they need to do for their master.

Jon looked down at them and thought I need more if I going to take control of this ship.

Jon went back into the hold and for the first time noticed a layout of the ship above some filing cabinets next to the cage he was locked in he walked over to it and started to study it to see if there was a way to get out the hold without using the doors just outside.

The now MXers waited out in the corridor where the sealed doors are and just looked at their master studying the layout of the ship.

Jon turn round and said to them “why don’t you three have some fun with each other while your master busy”.

With their master permission they started to fuck and suck each other while their hot master was finding a way so they could get out and get more guys to fuck to become like them.

They were just full of lust wanting to cum in someone and didn’t care that it was one of them. 

They would cum deep into each other’s asses and mouths they all feel that they needed to fill someone with their cum.

Jon looked at the layout and found the passage way that was just outside the hold and the many bulkhead doors that connected it as he studies the layout he was looking for any point that might be able to bypass the bulkheads doors and get through that way but at the moment none could be seen.

Then he thought about what happen when he got Jake to open the cage door for him he thought mmm I could do that to the guards outside if I can get a hole big enough in the bulkhead door.

He then started to look round the hold to see if he could find something to cut a hole in the bulkhead door with.

He looked in the filing cabinets below the layout and found an electric drill it still had a charge in the battery pack connected to it so pick it up and headed to one of the bulkhead doors as his MXers slaves were still making out with each other.

He put the drill head to the surface of the door and started to drill and press hard on to the surface of the bulkhead door drilling hole after hole making a square outline as he did.

On the other side of the door two of the guards in bio hazard suits had heard the noise at the door and could see the holes being made through the stuff that was used to barricade the door with.

Their names where Zac May and Ben Maxwell they were both 20 years old and had been at the same training base and had help each other through the hard training they did too.

They were bunk mates at the base and were glad they got the same ship when they finished their training they also help each other when they went to the gym and spotted for each other when lifting weights and where bunk mates on the ship too.

Zac had ginger hair cut short and a bit spike up and had a well-toned body his pecs were nicely covered with a thin layer of ginger hair and a wonderful six pack of abs that had a nice trail of hair to his navel and following all the way down to a nice trimmed hair round his cock and balls he had a nice 9-inch cock and a nice set of balls behind it in his naval jockstrap under his bio hazard suit Zac eyes where green.

Ben had blond hair and was spike up too he also had a well-toned bod too but unlike Zac his nice pecs and abs where hairless in his naval jockstrap under his bio hazard suit he had a nice 9-inch cock too and had nicely trimmed blond hair round his cock and balls Ben eyes where grey and had I nice thin trimmed beard round his face too.

 Both guy where straight and had girlfriends at home but Zac had played around with guys when he was in his late teens and did find he enjoy it secretly and had at time found himself looking at gay and bisexual dating site when he was on shore leave he had nearly hook up with lots of hunky guys he saw on the sites but stop before he did.

The guys he looked at on the site range from 20 to 50 and all had well-toned bodies and love wearing jockstrap.

Zac had also found he secretly like guys older than him when he was in his late teens and had met a few at public loos where he had sucked them and then been fucked by them he had loved it when it happens and secretly wanted it to happen again. 

Ben said to Zac “we better tell Harry that they are trying to break out”.

Zac said “yeah we better”

Ben went to the intercom and put out a call for Harry to contact them a few minutes later harry came over the intercom and said “what your report Ben”?

Ben said “they are trying to break through the bulkhead door here sir they seem to be drilling a square shape in the first bulkhead door as they leave the hold door sir”.

Harry said “ok keep me informed do you think we need more guys down there with you to stop them when they break through”?

Ben said “could use another two guy’s sir if you can send them but don’t you need the Lieutenant permission first sir before you send them”?

Harry said “yes but if the situation requires I can give the orders to do that as long as I let him know straight away afterwards”.

Ben said “ok sir can you send a couple then”?

Harry said “I will Ben you and Zac keep watching over and out”.

Harry went over to two guards in bio suits their names where Richard Tomson and ray potter they were both 19 and had gone through the same training course and base as Ben and Zac at the same time. 

They were both bunk mates at the training base and on ship too they were also bunk mate to Ben and Zac too at the training base and on the ship too all four had been glad they got the same ship after training.

Richard had light brown hair cut neatly short he had deep blue eyes and a nice trimmed beard round his face his body was well toned and had a nice set of abs and pecs his whole chest was smooth and in his naval jockstrap he had a nice 10-inch cock with a nice set of balls behind them his public hair was nicely trimmed too.

Richard was gay another of the few guy that where gay on board the ship.

 Ray had black hair cut short and was spiked up a bit he had deep hazel eyes and was clean shaven his body was well toned too but unlike Richard he had a light covering of hair over his pecs and abs all the way down to his navel and on to his nice trimmed public hair round his cock and balls his cock was 10 inches too.

Ray was bisexual and had lots of fun with both guys and women too during his late teens he even had a threesome where he had shared a woman with another bi guy and ended up being fucked and fucking the guy after the woman had left. 

Harry said to both guys “Richard and Ray can you head to bulkhead one and help Ben and Zac with guarding it please”.

They both said “yes sir”.

Both headed off to the location to help guard it Harry then went over to the phone and called the Lieutenant so he could inform him of what he had done.

Up on the bridge Lieutenant William king had taken control of the bridge it had been cleaned fully after all the cum that was shot all over the bridge from the guys infected with another virus that change guys into studs and make them want to fuck guys and guys fuck and suck them.

He was getting some of the ratings into their positions that they will be in charge of when the phone rung on the wall.

A young rating age 19 called Samuel West answered it for the Lieutenant he said to the person on the end of the phone “the bridge here Samuel West here who is calling please”?

On the other end Harry said “it leading hand Harry here Samuel can I speak to the Lieutenant please”.

Samuel said “I pass you to him sir one moment”.

Samuel said to the Lieutenant “I have leading hand Harry on the phone asking if he can speak to you sir it sound urgent”.

Lieutenant said “ok Samuel pass me the phone”.

He then said to Harry on the end of the phone “what your report Harry”?

Harry said “well sir they are trying to break through bulkhead door one with a drill sir I sent Richard and Ray to support Ben and Zac their do you want me to start sealing the bulkheads up from them sir and block them like we have done”?

Lieutenant said “only if it looks like they will get through or something happen to those guys set a guard at that bulkhead up from where we blocked the moment the guys start to strip off and have sex with each other that bulkhead must be sealed and if they seem to start to unblock the bulkhead door as well it must be sealed do you understand”?

Harry said “yes sir understood and hung up”.

The Lieutenant passes the phone back to Samuel and he put it back on the hook. 

Harry went over to two guards their names were Ethan Hunter and Sean Barton both where in bio suit with just their naval jockstraps, socks and their boots over the bio hazard suit feet’s.

Ethan age was 25 and he had ginger hair cut quite short and layered flat down on his head he had a wonderful toned body with nice pecs and abs he had a nice quite thick layer of hair over his pecs and his eyes where hazel he also had a nice line of hair from his navel to his cock and ball where a nice bushy lot of public hair surrounded them his cock was a 11 inches and quite thick too.

Sean age was 26 and he had dirty blond hair which was spike up his body was also toned but unlike Ethan his pecs and abs where smooth and hairless his eyes were deep blue and his face was clean shaven in his jock under his bio hazard suit was a nice set of cock and balls with trimmed public hair round it his cock was 12 inches and like Ethan it was thick too.

Both guys had been at the same training base and had help each other through the training too they also were bunk mates at the training base and when they found out they got the same ship deployment they became bunk mates again.

Both guys where gay and were more of the small group of guys who knew the others were gay.

They even when they were at the training base had sneak off and had some fun with each other one time their Lieutenant had found them and made them give him a blow job and let him watch as they fuck each other too.

Both had grown close because of it and knew they loved each other too. 

Harry said to them as he came over “Ethan and Sean I need you to go to the second bulkhead door up from the first bulkhead door near the hold any sign of the guys on guard acting strange you must seal that bulkhead door and block it up at once do you understand”?

They said “yes sir understood sir”.

They both headed off to take position they been told to guard.

Back at the bulkhead door one Jon had nearly finished making a hole in the door his side.

On the other side Zac and Ben had been watching the door at that moment Richard and Ray join them at the bulkhead barricade and watched the bulkhead door too and the hole that was being cut in it.

Jon went to the filing cabinets to see if he could find something to pull out the square shape he had cut out.

He was also thinking how he could compromised each of the bio hazard suits that the guys surely would have on the other side.

He found something to pull out the square of metal he had cut in the door he pulled hard and it came off in one go he did not peer through encase they had guns on them.

He looked round the hold and found the professor blow pipe and darts their where four darts and had quite large heads so would make quite a hole in the bio hazard suits if shot right.

He went to the door with the pipe and darts and had a quick peep at the four guards on duty three where facing away the other was looking at the door their guns where stack together by another bulkhead door near the barricade. 

He waited till that guard turn to the others and as quickly as he could shoot each of them with a dart he blew at the guys all met their mark and made quite a hole when they fell out.

Jon went back into the hold and found a fan in one corner he grabs it and an extension reel and plug it in the reel and plug the reel plug into the socket and switch the socket and fan on. 

He then put the fan just inside the hold door but had it facing his MXers slaves so their genetically-altered pheromones would blow through the hole in the door and towards the four guards.

The genetically-altered pheromones floated other to where the four guards on duty were chatting nothing happen yet but it was slowly going through the holes the darts had made in each of the bio hazard suits they had on.

Suddenly Zac, Ben, Richard and Ray started to feel their cock start to get hard in their jockstraps under their bio hazard suits none of them knew why they had become so horny they all tried to hide their bulges from each other as more of the genetically-altered pheromones flooded where they were standing and through the holes in their bio suits.

Jon took a quick look and saw that his plan was working he waited till they were all looking at his direction then he looked at them and said to them “strip to your jocks, socks and boots for me now hunks”.

They all looked at Jon and couldn’t help but to obey his command they started to strip off their bio hazard suits down to just their jocks, socks and boots.

Ethan and Sean had arrived and the bulkhead and were now watching the four guys up at the next bulkhead door and saw what was happening to them and shut the bulkhead door and started to seal it shut like the others and following the order they had been given.

All four guys where now in just their jocks, socks and boots all had big bulges in their jocks where the genetically-altered pheromones had effected them they just looked at Jon and didn’t know why they had strip off down to their jocks, socks and boots and why they had become so horny.

Jon said to them “look at me and obey my commands”

They all looked at him they tried not to but they could not stop looking at him and obeying him.

Jon then said “move this stuff and then break the seal of this bulkhead door”.

They obeyed and started to stack the stuff in front of the bulkhead door they knew they shouldn’t but they could not refuse his commands.

Jon said to them “yes that it guys clear the bulkhead door and let us out and you will be rewarded”.

They carried on and couldn’t help but to obey him they had cleared the bulkhead door of the stuff and had knock the sealing bits from the bulkhead door they then went over to the other side away from the door and started to kiss each other.

Zac and Ray had started to kiss each other first as both where bisexual and started to feel each other up and had pulled each other cocks out the side of their jocks and started to wank each other off as they kissed.

Ben didn’t know why this was happening and had also started to kiss Richard who seem to enjoy it and both had pull their cocks out the side of their jocks too and wanked each other as they kissed.

Jon push the bulkhead door open and watched these hot hunks fall under his power he though I shall leave them to have this fun before I change them to become more slaves to my will.

He also looked at the three MXers making out and saw they had cummed several times everywhere while he was making the hole in the bulkhead door.

Zac started to kiss down Ray neck working his way down to Ray fur covered pecs and nipples and sucked on each of them for a bit and then carried on down kissing each of Ray fur covered abs as he slowly sank to his knees.

Ray gasped as his nipples were sucked and his abs were kisses loving what Zac was doing to him.

Zac was now on his knees in front of Ray 10-inch cock which was now rock hard and sticking out the side of Ray naval jockstrap.

Zac took the head of it into his mouth and started to suck on this hot cock in front of him loving the taste of Ray pre cum that was leaking from the cock head and it help him to take more of Ray cock into his mouth and down his throat.

Ray moaned loving what Zac was doing to his cock he grabs hold of Zac short ginger hair and started to face fuck the hot hunk in front of him.

Ben couldn’t believe what was happening he looked over at Zac and Ray and couldn’t help but watch as Zac sucked Ray big cock in his sexy mouth Ben would never thought of a mate like that but the genetically-altered pheromones were so powerful he couldn’t stop it.

Richard had pushed him against the wall and had started to kiss down his neck moving down to his pecs and nipples sucking on each nipple and whirling his tongue over each one.

Ben moaned as this was done loving it.

Richard carried on kissing down Ben hot body kissing each of his abs as he sank to his knees.

Ben was loving what this hot hunk was doing to him but didn’t know why he was letting this happen but couldn’t stop himself as genetically-altered pheromones took control of him.

Richard sank to his knees and started to take the head of Ben hot 9-inch cock into his mouth he could taste the sweet pre cum that was leaking from the tip of Ben cock. 

Ben moaned loving what Richard was doing to his cock he grabs hold of Richard light brown short hair and started to face fuck him like Ray was doing across the way with Zac.

Richard loved how this hot straight hunk had taken control and love how he was forcing more of his straight guy cock down his throat he laps up every drop of pre cum that came out of Ben hot 9-inch cock.

Jon was still watching stroking his 18-inch cock as he watches these hot hunks fall for each other.

He loved how they have fallen under his control and will soon be riding his cock and change into a clone of his body like the other three MXers who were fucking and sucking away outside the hold bulkhead.

While this was going on the bulkhead door not far from them was being sealed a barricaded up by Ethan and Sean luckily it was a double bulkhead door with a small area in between so after welding it shut they started to rammed lots of stuff to fill the area so there was no way they could break through.

Soon after the had full filled the area rammed full they close the other bulkhead door and welded it shut too.

Ethan then went to find Harry to let him know what happening leaving Sean on guard.

Ethan soon found Harry and headed over to him then Ethan said “permission to report sir”.

Harry said “yes Ethan what your report”?

Ethan said “well sir it seems they have broken through and the four guys have strip off to their jocks, socks and boots and are at this moment kissing each other”

He then said “we close the bulkhead door and sealed it straight away as you ordered luckily it a double bulkhead with a space in between and we have rammed it full of stuff and have sealed that door too sir”. 

Harry said “very good Ethan who have you left on guard at the moment”?

Ethan said “I left Sean their as it fully blocked up and sealed”.

Harry said “ok you better go back and check everything ok their well done to you both”.

Ethan said “thankyou sir” and headed back to join Sean at the bulkhead door.

Harry was left to think what had happened and to head to the bridge to report to the Lieutenant what has happen. 

Ethan return to the bulkhead door and went up to Sean and said “well told Harry what has happen think he will report it to the Lieutenant as things have moved on from the way they were before”.

Sean said “yeah mate it sure fucked up what going on”.

Ethan said “it sure is Sean but I glad you’re here with me”.

Sean said “me too I glad you’re here too wish I could kiss you right now but these bio suits stop us doing that”.

Ethan said “yeah the sure do I so want to kiss you too”.

They just looked in to each other’s eyes and knew they both love each other.

Up on the bridge Lieutenant William King was now in full command of the bridge and the bridge crew were busy doing the duties and following the Lieutenant orders to the book.

Samuel West who was near the bridge phone and the door to the bridge was wait to answer it if it rung while he was doing that he saw out of the corner of his eye Harry coming up the steps to the bridge he went to the door and open it as Harry got to the top of the stairs.

Harry step in and said to Samuel “I need to report to the Lieutenant immediately the situation down by the hold has changed.”

Samuel said “ok sir please follow me” Harry followed after Samuel as they went over to where the Lieutenant was so he could report to him.

Harry full name was Harry Evans and he had been on board the ship for 10 years he did his training when he was 19 years old he was now 28 years old and had recently been made a Leading Hand on board ship.

Harry had hazel coloured hair cut short and his face was clean shaven he was stocky built but had quite a toned body.

He had nice pecs and abs muscles under his blue shirt uniform he had on and his black trousers too as well as his naval hat as well and his socks and boots on too.

Underneath his trousers he was wearing his naval issued jockstrap which had his nice 7-inch cock in and also the nice set of balls he had too behind his cock. 

His public hair was quite bushy with a nice trail of hair to his navel his eyes were grey.

Samuel West the young 19-year-old rating had not long join the ship and had done his training at the same base as the other young guys on board ship.

He was slim built but his body had become well-toned during the training and gym sessions he went through.

He had a nice set of pecs and abs muscles and had no hair on his chest it was smooth and hairless his face was clean shaven too and he had green eyes.

He was wearing his naval uniform of blue shirt, black trousers and socks as well as his boots too.

He also had his naval jockstrap on that held his 8.5-inch cock and nice set of balls in it his public hair was trimmed too.

Both guys heading to the captain where straight and had girlfriends back home.    

The Lieutenant was reading a report that had just been sent through from the USA it was the latest update on event that were happening over there which involve the virus that the guys near the hold have got and how it was still spreading to more of the states in the USA and did not seem to be stopped any time soon. 

Samuel and Harry stood waiting for Lieutenant William king to finish reading the report.

The Lieutenant put the report down and looked at both of them they both saluted him and Samuel said “Leading hand Harry has come to make a report sir”.

The lieutenant said “thankyou Samuel return to your duties” Samuel saluted and went back to man his station.

The lieutenant said “so Harry what your report”?

Harry said “well sir we had to seal the bulkhead up from bulkhead one as the four guys there have fallen under the control of the virus as they have somehow managed to break through their”. 

He then said “but luckily the bulkhead door we sealed was a double one and we have rammed the gap between with loads of stuff that can’t be moved and sealed that bulkhead door too”.

The Lieutenant said “well done Harry that should stop them but it a shame for those four guys that are trapped the other side if we tried to rescue them more might get infected and then we have no hope of stopping it”.

Harry said “yeah very true sir it is a shame we can’t help them any word from the captain about a cure”?

The Lieutenant said “not yet but they are working as fast as they can hopeful with the professor help too they will find a cure for both or to at least stop it from spreading”.

Harry said “ok sir I must get back did you want the other guys at the other bulkhead barricades to fall back to double bulkhead doors and seal them like we just done”?

The Lieutenant said “yes Harry get that done so we don’t end up with any more falling under the virus the guys in the hold have”.

Harry said “ok sir I will get that done at once” he then saluted and headed off to sort it out and get the orders he had just been given done”.

The Lieutenant pick up the report again and started to reread it he got to the last page of it and on that page it said where it had not got to and where some of the citizens of the USA who have not been infected where heading.

He read that all the famous American gay porn stars had headed to the state of California and to the city of San Francisco to escape the virus some even got private planes to fly out of the country some of the hottest and most well know gay porn stars had group together to get planes out of their some of their straight porn counter parts have beg to be allowed to go with them and had even offered their asses to be fucked if they were allowed.

The Lieutenant William King couldn’t believe how straight male porn stars would sink to such lows that they would offer their asses to get out of the country.

Then he thought about it and could see that it was self-preservation that drove them to it.

Harry had returned to the bulkhead doors near the hold and was ordering all the rest of the double bulkhead doors up from it to be sealed and the space blocked up in between the two to keep the MXers change virus guys trap till the group with the other virus had found a cure for both viruses that each of the different groups of guys had been infected with.

Down by the hold the four guys effected by the genetically-altered pheromones were still sucking and being sucked Zac and Richard where still sucking off Ray and Ben.

Ray was face fucking Zac deeper and deeper as Ben did the same with Richard force more of his cock deep in to Richard hot mouth. 

They both pulled out and Zac and Richard gasped for air and cough and spluttered.

Ray grabbed hold of Zac and pull him over so they were next to Ben and Richard.

Both Ray and Ben pulled Zac and Richard to their feet and press them against the wall with their hot asses sticking out towards them.

Both Ray and Ben sunk to the knees and started to rim these hot hunks arses making them ready for their hard cocks to slide into them.

Both of them started to moan as their arses were eaten out by the two hot hunks they had just been sucking.

Jon was still watching and loved how it had moved to the next level with these four hot guys he still waited before he and his MXers clones would join in and change these hot hunks in to clones of his body and his to control by controlling their minds.

Both Ray and Ben had rimmed Zac and Richards good enough that they could now insert their hard cocks in the well prepared arses.

Ray stood up and slowly inserted his hard 10-inch cock in to Zac wanting hole Zac eyes nearly bulge as he felt the head of Ray cock press against his pucking arse lips wanting to gain entrances to his hot hole.

Ray pushed more and it started to slide in more and more as Zac shifted position so he could take more of the big 10-inch cock deeper in to his hot hole.

Ben stood up too and pushed his hard 9-inch cock deep in to Richard hot arse Richard eyes bulge as he could feel Ben straight hunk cock go deep into his hot hole he moved back on to Ben hot cock so he could take more and more of his cock deeper into his hot hole.

All four guys where moaning as they fucked and were being fucked they love what they were doing to each other even though they had tried to stop it they were in full lust for each other now and didn’t care anymore the genetically-altered pheromones had them full under its control.

Soon when Jon was ready all four will be fucked and have genetically-altered cum pump deep into their hot arses and become clones like the others and their minds enslaved to Jon will.

The three MXers who were fucking just outside the hold had finished their fun and where looking at Jon all three were caked in cum over their bodies from all the fucking and cumming they done.

Jon said to them “soon we will add more guys to join you and my plan for revenge but not yet let them have their last time of fun as they will not be the same when we are done with them”.

Jon watched some more and then walked through the bulkhead door and over to where Ray was fucking Zac and came up behind Ray and forced his 18-inch cock in to Ray hot arse Ray eyes bulge as he felt it push on his winking arse lips forcing it way in as he fucked Zac deeper.

Zac looked behind Ray to see what was happening and saw the hottest most muscular stud with the biggest cock he had either seen forcing his massive 18-inch cock into his hot sexy mate Ray arse he couldn’t believe this was happening but was so in lust he couldn’t stop it and went back on Ray cock even more as his mate was being fucked too.

Ben and Richard had also turned their heads and saw what Jon was doing to Ray and loving what they were seeing.

Jon summon his slave boy to join the fun by using his mind to call him he was formally Jake May the professor assistant that Jon had change and had broken his will and was now a slave to Jon will.

He came in went over to where Ben and Richard were and he came up behind Ben and started to force his 18-inch cock in to the hot straight guy virgin hole Richard looked behind and watch as his hot straight mate took the biggest cock they seen apart from that which Jon has.

He pushed back more as Ben eyes bulged as the massive cock went deeper and deeper into his virgin hole Ben said “oh fuck it so big it stretching my arse to it limits”.

Both Ray and Ben were trapped as Jon and his MXers slave boy pounded their arses deeper and deeper.

All where moaning and the guys sandwich between where near to shooting their loads deep into the guys they were fucking apart from Jon and his MXers slave boy who had only just started pounding the arses they were fucking.

Both Ray and Ben said together “oh fuck we are going to shoot” they started to flood each of the guys he was fucking arse full of their hot loads Ray deep into Zac arse and Ben shot deep into Richard hot arse too. 

Both Zac and Richard felt the loads fill their arse and the force of it made them shoot their own loads all over the bulkhead wall they came off the cocks that had been fucking them and sat on the floor as they couldn’t stand after the hard pounding they went through.

Ray and Ben where then pushed against the wall as Jon and his MXers slave boy pounded them harder and harder.

Jon then used his mind to call the other two Change guys that where now MXers slaves to join them they came in and went over to Zac and Richard who were sitting on the floor they pulled up each one of the guys and turn them around and pushed them against the wall like Ray and Ben started to force their 18-inch cocks deep into their well lube arse.

Each cock went in deeper and deeper all the guys where moaning big time as they were pounded harder and harder with the massive cocks they had now deep in their arses their fate was now sealed soon they would be pump with genetically-altered cum deep into them and will become clones like Jon but slaves to his mind and will.

All four were so pushed hard against the wall they couldn’t come off the cocks impaled in their arses Jon and his MXers slave boy and slaves were all near to flooding the arses they were pounding.

The four guys were being so hard pounded that they were all rock hard and near the point of cumming again.

At that moment Jon and his MXers slave boy and slaves started to moan as they flooded each of the hot arses they been fucking with their hot genetically-altered cum filling each guys arse full of their cum.

The force was so much that the four guys being pounded shot their last load of their own cum that they would either shoot as after they had changed they will only shoot MXers cum.

It shot all over the bulkhead wall as the four guys shot their last own cum loads

Ray, Zac, Ben and Richard all collapsed on the floor the genetically-altered cum started to get to work changing their bodies into copies of Jon body each guy as they fell into unconscious as they did felt their minds be taken over by Jon will and their minds were being supressed of all free will they had this only left lust, want and need free they were being trap in their minds and lost the ability to speak all they could do was moan, groan and grunt.

Jon watched as more guys change and join his slave army of revenge.

He went over to the bulkhead door and found it had been locked and sealed he then roared and said “dam them they have stop me again”.

They were all trapped again but this time they had added more to his army of slaves now he had seven under his control ready to do his bidding when told.

He said to the three that were looking at him “clean my cock slaves then clean your selves too”

They nodded and did what they were told and licked their master cock clean and then after they had done started to clean the cum from each other cocks and bodies.

The others guys were lying on the floor their whole bodies changing from what they once where to a clone of Jon forever.  

Jon was thinking of his next move and how he would get out fully from where they were trapped.



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