Viral Enhancement UK chapter 8: Containment and quarantine.

Lieutenant William King was having a busy day since his talk with the captain he had been calling different parts off the ship and making things ready for the captain and his men who had been infected with a virus that changes your body and make you want to fuck guys and make them want to fuck you too.

William had spoken to the crew members who needed to move the stuff that was needed to the quarantine area being prepared.

He also had to deal with a group of ratings that had to be moved from their bunks in the quarantine zone they were kicking up a fuss about having to move after they been bunk here since they started their tour of duty.

He had also spoken to the galley and they had arranged for some of their food stores to be brought down to the small galley near the gym.

The gym was also prepared with plenty of towels and navel issued jockstraps as well as plenty of bars of soap and hair shampoo too and a pile of flannels too to keep the guys being quarantine nice and clean.

Two large office areas where also converted one in to a planning room the other in to a lab.

William kept checking the orders he had written down that the captain had given him.


He had arranged for two ratings in bio hazard suits to move the lab equipment including the microscope and the box containing the sample of the virus the guys on the bridge had been infected with so it could be transported safely.

Everything was nearly ready he had also sorted near the hold a rotation of guards so that Sam and Jake could take a break luckily a small shower and rest room with a vending machine with drinks and food where nearby and the guards could shower and rest as there was a double bunk in the room too.

As the bio hazard suits where so tight the guys had to wear just jocks and socks underneath and their boots over the top hence they had to have a shower during their breaks and was issued with fresh jocks and socks and a fresh bio hazard suit too while the others were washed and dried ready to be used next time round.

William had also arranged for extra guards at bulk heads near the hold so that if they did break out the hold they can be shut and lock straight away each one of those guards had a set of acetylene torches to seal the bulk head shut if they broke out of the hold.

William came down to check how everything was going and how near they were to being ready.

He went from room to room of the quarantine area ticking off what had been done on his list of orders from the captain.

After he had checked his order list was all ticked apart from making sure all the ship crew were out the way.

At that moment professor Thomas Chapman came to him he was very angry and annoyed.

Thomas storm up to the lieutenant and said “why am I being stop by your guards from entering the hold where my Bigfoot is”?

William said “well professor the hold has been quarantined in till further notice by order of the captain so no one even you can enter it and if you try I will be force to put you in the brig”.

Thomas said “this is outrageous I want to speak to the captain at once”.

William said “the captain is indisposed at the moment on the bridge and is not to be disturbed he has given me command of the ship till further noticed”.

Thomas said “I don’t care if you’re in charge I going to go and see the captain”. With that he storms off towards the bridge.

A rating nearby called Nathan said to the lieutenant “shall I go after him sir with a couple of the men and stop him”.

William said “no let him go he soon see why he can’t and he may be of help to them with his science background”.

William thought in his head after they had fucked and sucked him and he suck and fuck them he will have to help.

Nathan said “is everything ok sir”?

William said “yes Nathan I fine just a lot on my mind that all will let the captain know we are ready quite soon”.

Nathan said “ok sir I will just grab the last stuff needed and then all is prepared”.

William said “good very good see to the last bit then”.

With that Nathan went off to do the last few bit leaving the lieutenant to think what will happen next.

Professor Thomas Chapman was storming through the ship he was very angry and push pass ratings as he went pass head quickly to the bridge to speak to the captain.

As he headed up the steps to the bridge he heard the sounds of moaning and groaning. He quietly went up the step and peered through the door window and was shock at what he saw.

On the bridge the late teens where still kissing after their hot sex they had. He then saw the captain and his second in command both where wanking their cocks as they shot their loads from the biggest cocks he seen apart from the one on the Bigfoot.

He then notices the two twins that were on board and saw too they had big cocks too he then saw three officers and some ratings they too had big cocks and all where shooting their loads.

He also noticed they had all become more muscular than they were before he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

It was at that moment that the captain Aaron Reed saw him and headed to the door with his second in command Luke Evans following behind by Adam Daley the chief medical officer also followed them.

Aaron unlock the door and pull Professor Thomas in and slam it shut again and locked it.

Thomas looked frighten as Aaron turn round with a look of anger on his face.

Aaron then said “why did I relent to letting you bring that thing on board ship”.

Thomas tried to ask but only said “why what wrong”?

Aaron in such a rage said “I show you what wrong”.

He grabbed Thomas by the hair and dragged him across the floor Luke was already by the security camera panel he had rewound the recording of what had happen to poor Jake in the hold. Aaron slung him against the panel and said “watch this”.

Thomas was made to watch the recorded image on the screen he saw his assistant Jake May being fucked by the most muscular and well-endowed guy he had either seen in his life he was forced to watch all of it even the part where Jake had change and lick up what was his last shot of own cum off the floor.

Thomas said “I didn’t know I thought it was a Bigfoot”.

Aaron slap him across the face and said “because of you that young man been change for either”.

Thomas looked up and was scared he saw on their faces a lust and Aaron’s was the most in lust by now.

Aaron said “I think you need to be taught a lesson”.

Aaron started to force his hard 11-inch cock down Thomas throat nearly choking him Thomas tried to escape but was being held down by both the twins Alan and Edward they were so strong that he couldn’t move or stop what was being done to him.

The twins started to undo Thomas tie then they rip off his shirt revealing his nice toned body Luke and Adam as well as Brett, Paul along with Jon and James had rip his trousers off revealing Thomas black biker jockstrap underneath they had also pull his shoe off and his socks.

While he was being held down Brett and Paul had started to suck on his nipples as he was brutally face fucked by Aaron.

 James was at Thomas feet sucking on them with the help of Jon.

Adam and Luke where taking it in turn to play with Thomas cock and balls and rimming his ass.

Soon Thomas gave in to his fate and let it happen to him he stops struggling his will was broken and the genetically-altered pheromones had flooded his body too.

A wave of lust had come over the guys even more with Aaron, Luke, Alan and Edward who had only just gone through the changes to their bodies and a wave of lust had come over them more and Aaron with his anger at what had happen to Jake had become aggressive and was even more brutal to Thomas because of it.



Down in the hold Jon was putting his new play thing to work on his cock and balls as he thought of a way to get out of the hold the MXers that was once Jake was lapping up the pre cum leaking from Jon cock with a lust on it faces only wanting to please the hot stud in front of him a slave to his will.

While Jake had been changing as well as finding the camera and trying the door Jon had also check the whole room for another exit he even looked up the ventilation shaft but that was too small for him to fit through with his new body and his new play thing too.  

He pushes his new play thing deep on to his cock grabbing it hair and forcing it to take it all the way down it throats.

The MXers accepted his cock willing and took it all in want to please his new master.

On the other side of the lock door the two guys on guard Sam Taylor and Jack Roberts where wait for the guys who were going to relieve them for their break they had been in their bio hazard suits for hours and needed a drink badly.

Sam said to Jack “I hope they come to relieve us soon I so need a drink mate”.

Jake said “I need a drink too mate it so hot in these suits”.

Sam said “it sure is mate but we have to wear them to protect us”.

Jake said “yeah true mate by what I heard from the other guys it good that we are in these suits”.

Sam said “what have you heard mate”?

Jake said “well mate I heard that the guys in their have been infected by some virus that change their whole body I also heard there is another virus and that turn guys in to hunks and make guys want to fuck them and be fucked by them”.

Sam said “yeah I heard bit about that too and that the captain been infected too by the virus who make you a hunk and make guys want to be fucked and fuck them.”

At that moment the two guys who are relieving them appeared their names where Ken House and Steve Kent they were both in bio hazard suits.

Both Ken and Steve are 20 years old guys both well-built and had nice pecs and abs under the bio suits both had brown hair cut short and in their navy jockstrap both had an 8-inch cock with a nice set of balls behind.

Ken eyes were blue and Steve where brown both had a nice thin layer of hair on their pecs and abs.

Both the guys where straight and have girlfriends at home and had done training at the same base together they were bunk mates too.

Both guys said “hi Sam and Jack how has it been guarding here”?

Sam said “it been ok not heard much noise from inside for a while”.

Ken then said “why are we guarding it and what going on all we been told it need to be guarded”?

Sam said “well the guys lock in their have been infected with a virus that change their complete body to that of the original infected guy no longer what they were before they got infected”.

Ken and Steve said “I see” together as Sam finished what he was saying.

Sam then said “the captain has been infected by another virus that make guys want to fuck them and make them want to fuck guys too also make them hunks too”.

Ken said “so that why we not seen the captain for a while then”

Sam said “yes that why Lieutenant William King has taken command of the ship for the moment”

Ken and Steve said “I see this is so fucked up” they both said.

Sam said “yes it is right me and Jack need a drink and a shower hope it stay quiet for you guys see you when we done with our break”.

Ken said “see you guys”.

Steve said “yeah I hope it will guys see you”.

Sam and Jack head off for a well-earned break and the drink and shower they both needed after all those hours in the bio hazard suits they been wearing.

Ken and Steve watched them go and took their positions by the door ready for anything that might happen.

Back the other side of the door the MXers that was Jake was taking another load of Jon cum deep into his stomach and absorbing it as he took it during that time Jon had been thinking of a plan to get out of the hold and was coming up with an idea to do it he looked down at his new slave boy and smiled a devilish smile.

 He then said “ah my new slave boy did you enjoy your meal of cum I gave you”?

The MXers just nodded at Jon in reply as he could not speak anymore as the changes had made him incapable of speaking only grunts and groan and moans too came out nothing more.

Jon said “would you like some more guys to join you as a slave boy”?

The MXers nodded yes to that idea.

Jon said “good boy I been thinking of a plan to get us out of this room and have come up with an idea”.

The MXers looked up waiting for him to say what the plan was.

Then Jon said “well boy we will use the filing cabinet once empty as a battering ram to force the door but first we need to empty it”.

The both walked over to a filing cabinet and started to remove the contents quickly.

 They piled the files on the bench and once done pulled on the cabinet to release it from the floor with two of them and with their big muscles they removed it easily ready to use it as a ram.

On the other side of the door Ken and Steve were still on guard both where feeling hot in their bio suits suddenly Ken said “did you hear something”?

Steve said “no what did you think you heard mate”?

Ken said “I thought I heard something metal being moved inside the hold”.

They both stood quiet and listened to hear if there was movement from inside the hold.

Suddenly there was a heavy thump against the hold door both guys jumped when they heard it and looked at the door there was no sign of damage then there was another thump.

In the hold Jon and his MXers slave boy where using the filing cabinet against the door putting their full strength in to ramming it repeating hit the door with it.

Ken and Steve just watched as dents began to appear in the door both were in shock then Ken brought them to their senses and said “fuck they are trying to break out we better inform Lieutenant William King about it.

Ken went to the intercom and put out a call for the lieutenant.

Shortly after lieutenant William King came on to the intercom and said “what going on Ken what your report”?

Ken said “sir they are trying to force the door open they seem to be ramming it with something and dents are appearing in the door sir”.

Lieutenant William then said “I see any sign of it giving Ken”?

Ken called over to Steve and said “is the door giving Steve”?

Steve said “not yet mate but more dents are showing”.

Ken said “not yet sir but more dents are showing”

Lieutenant William then said “ok keep me informed let me know the moment they break through and if it does look like they will get through tell the other patrols to start sealing off the area do you understand”?

Ken said “yes sir I understand over and out”.

Ken turn the intercom mic off and went back over to Steve and they watched the door as more dents appeared some of the rivets started to pop out by the force of it being rammed.

Ken said “well I better get the other patrols to start sealing off the area”.

Steve said “but that mean we be trap in here when they break through”?

Ken said “yeah it will mate but I will try and put the intercom on so at least they will know what has happened to us”

Ken went to the other bulkheads and said to each of them “start to seal the doors it the Lieutenant orders we will hold them as long as we can good luck to you guys”.

One of the guys called harry said “good luck to you guys hold them as long as you can”.

With that they all started to weld the doors shut leaving Ken and Steve the other side of them.

Ken and Steve just kept watching the door as it started to give from the repeated banging it had received suddenly two bit of metal went flying and cut the bio suits of both guys as it grazes pass.

Both guys said “that was close”.

The door now had a hole where the dents had made it buckle through it the genetically-altered pheromones flooded the room from the two guys ramming the door the other side.

With their suit now compromised the genetically-altered pheromones started to flood through. 

Both guys started to feel their cocks go hard in their navy issued jockstraps under their bio suits.

They were so horny Ken and Steve had the urge to strip off their bio hazards suits Ken just manage to get to the intercom switch to turn the mic on before he couldn’t control himself and started to strip off his bio hazard suits and watch as Steve did his both guys were so horny now and didn’t take any more notice of the door that was nearly broken they started to feel each other up feeling their bulges as they then kiss neither of guys didn’t know why they wanted this but they wanted it so badly.

Over the intercom the whole ships could hear what was happening they could hear the door being forced and the two guys kissing.

Ken said “god I so want you to suck my cock mate”

Steve said “yeah give it to me”

Steve got to his knees and pulled Ken cock out and started to suck on it with gusto sucking it good.

Ken said “oh yeah fuck mate that feels so good”.

Steve went to town on his hot mate 8 incher licking and sucking it good he had pulled out his own hard 8 inchers and was wanking it as he sucked his mate cock deeper and deeper. 

They both have their boots on and their socks too and jockstrap too.

Steve stood up still sucking Ken cock and position his ass in such a way Ken could see it Ken looked at it with lust and spat on it and started to rub the spit in to his hot mate ass he spat more making the pink winking hole nice and wet.

Ken said “fuck mate you got a hot ass”.

Steve said “finger my ass mate get it ready for your big hard cock”.

Ken started to insert his fingers deep in to his wanting mate ass fingering him deep.

Steve said “oh fuck yes in between sucking his hot mate cock deeper” 

Ken said “you want me to fuck your tight ass mate”?

Steve said “yeah fuck me mate fuck my tight hole with your big cock”

Steve stop sucking his cock and wait for Ken to insert it into his hot tight hole.

Ken started to push in slowly in to Steve hot ass and started to fuck him slowly then speeding up as Steve hole got looser from the fucking that Ken was giving him and the pre cum that was leaking from Ken throbbing cock.

While they were fucking the final bolts hold the door came loose and the door was wrench away Jon looked and saw the two hot guys fucking his MXers slave boy also looked at them with lust.

Jon step through the door and came up behind Ken and started to insert his 18-inch cock in to Ken ass Ken eyes bulge as he felt it push into his tight ass.

Steve turn round to see what was happening and saw Ken was being fucked by the hottest guy he had seen.

The MXers slave boy that was once Jake came through the door and round to the front of Steve it grabbed Steve head and forced him to take his 18-inch cock deep in to his mouth as he was still fucked by Ken who was getting pounded by Jon his master.

All were moaning and groan as they were fucked and sucked.

Everyone on board could hear what was happening and the guys still up on the bridge could too.

Lieutenant William king also heard it too and order that as well as welding the door shut they were to be barricaded up too so it would not be easy to break through cabinets and other things where sent to the bulkhead doors to block them up fully.

Up on the bridge the captain Aaron Reed said “we must get to the area prepared for us so we can work on a cure for this virus and that what the guys that were in the hold have too.

Aaron was still using professor Thomas Chapman as he was thinking of what was happening to those guys near the hold.

The professor had fallen unconsciousness from the abuse his body was getting.

Aaron was still fucking and abusing professor Thomas Chapman mouth Luke Evans his second in command was now fucking his ass deep and brutally while the other guys worked all over his now unconscious body using him good.

Aaron and Luke where near the point of cumming and would soon fill him with their hot genetically-altered cum deep down his throat and deep in to his now well open ass the others too are near to cumming and were ready to shower the well-used professor with their hot cum.

 all reached the point of cumming together at the same time even the group of late teen ratings came over to shower their own hot cum all over the professor they had been watch and having fun with each other at the same time the professor was being well used.

Aaron started to flood Thomas the professor mouth and throat with his hot genetically-altered cum shooting load after load deep in to him.

Luke his second in command started to flood Thomas the professor well open ass deep with his own genetically-altered cum shooting load after load till he had fill him full of cum.

The others who had be watching and working on his body had all stood up and were showering his body and jockstrap he had still on with their loads of cum shooting load after loads completely soaking his jock and caking his body with their genetically-altered cum.

While this was happening the unconscious professor had shot his own load all over the bridge floor with all the fucking his body had taken his cock had shot his load without anyone touching it since it was sucked off by Adam and Luke earlier.

Both Aaron and Luke pulled out and the professor fell to the floor and started to change both Aaron and Luke tied him up so that when he woke up he could be talked to and so that he will calm down and be able to help them to stop these viruses that are on board the ship.

 Aaron said “right hopefully we can get him to be reasonable and help us when he recovers from his change but let see if all is ready for us to move to the quarantined area that has been prepared for us so we can work on a cure for these viruses”.

 Aaron then said “we will have to carry him to the quarantined area when we move it will be a while till he recovers from his changes he is now going through”. 

They all said “yes sir”

Aaron said “very good now everyone here gets ready so we move at once”. 

He then said “while I contact the Lieutenant William King and see if all is ready for us”.

They all said “yes sir”.     

Aaron went to the communications console and called Lieutenant William king and said “is everything ready for us”?

William said “yes sir we are just clearing the last few of the crew out of the way then the way will be clear for you to go to the location”.

Aaron said “good we need to get moving very soon as we need to find a cure even more quickly now since they have broken out of the hold and those two poor guys are now being used”.

William said “just been told all clear for you all to head to the quarantine area sir”.

Aaron said “good lieutenant we will set off at once”.

Captain Aaron and the rest of the guys that where infected all headed off to the quarantine area as quickly as possible carrying the unconscious professor that was tied up Luke and Adam carried him for the first half of the way.

Then the others took it in turns to help carry him to the location they were being quarantine in. 

It was slow going at time as one area of the ship had lots of bulkhead doors so that slow them down as they had to step over the foot of the door carefully as they carried the unconscious professor with them.    

Once they get to their quarantine location they could start work on a cure for both viruses but at the moment they were half way through the route to it but after the short delay with the bulkheads doors the going got better and they all moved quite fast even with them carrying the professor unconscious body as well.

Back outside the hold the now trap Ken and Steve were being used by Jon and his MXer slave boy both guys were trap in the middle with Ken still fucking Steve ass as his ass was brutally fucked by Jon massive 18-inch cock deep in to his now well open ass.

Steve was finding it hard to breath as he was brutally fucked by the MXer slave boy that Jon had created the MXer 18-inch cock was in his mouth and down deep into his throat too which made it hard for him to breath.  

They were all moaning and groaning as they were fucked and being fucked too.

Then Jon said “before we shoot our loads deep in to you what are your names guys”?

He looked at his MXer slave boy and it withdrawn it cock from Steve mouth Steve gasp for breath once it removed.

Then both Ken and Steve said one after the other their names Ken said “Ken House” and Steve said “Steve Kent”.

Jon said “thank you now here is your reward” Jon started to flood Ken ass full of his genetically-altered cum deep in to the now well used ass of ken.

The MXer slave boy had inserted his cock back deep in to Steve mouth and throat and shot his load deep down Steve throat filling his stomach with genetically-altered cum he was shooting down his throat.

Both guys collapsed and fell in to unconsciousness while Jon and the MXer slave boy had withdrawn their cocks from the guy’s ass and mouth.

 Ken had shot his load deep in to his hot mate ass as he was filled with the genetically-altered cum from Jon cock deep inside his ass.

Steve had shot his load all over the floor at the same time.

Both guys had shot the last load that was their own cum after they change all they will shoot is MXer cum. 

 Both guys had now started to change to exact copy of Jon and his MXers slave boy their cocks had grown to 18 inches and they were both more muscular and had become both unable to speak like the slave boy.

Their own minds were trap by the force of Jon mind controlling them both they no longer had their own free will they were slaves like Jake the now slave boy both had join Jon small army of revenge.

Jon watched as they lick Steve cum off the floor all three guys where licking it off the floor absorbing the DNA from it and adding it to the collection they have absorbed.

Jon smiled and said “good rise my new slaves and my slave boy we have work to do and more guys to join us”

All three nodded as they were unable to speak any more apart from being able to moan and groan and grunt that was all they could do now they were slaves to the will of Jon and his slave army for his revenge on Alex to begin.    




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