Viral Enhancement uk chapter two

Something nasty in the hold

While Adam and Jamie were recovering from their hot sex deep in the hold professor Thomas Chapman a professor of both zoology and human logy was safely studying his info on his latest object he had required it was in a plastic and steel cage and very sedated he had thought hard to get it brought on board while he was being evacuated from the USA under orders from the uk government the captain yeaned and let him take it on board. 

What he didn't know it was a MXers one of the second virus results and if let loose it will fuck everyone and turn them in to a clone of it who was a clone of the original host professor Thomas knew none of this he thought he had found Bigfoot he was out in the forest near the navy dock and the CDC regional headquarters he had his stunning kit with him and his bio suit too so was protected from the effects given off by the MXers.

It had been loose from CDC regional headquarters for so long in the forest that it was caked in mud and moss so by the look of it was a Bigfoot.

It had escaped out a side door that was not sealed and partly open into the forest near the headquarters trying to find more guys to fuck and change.

The professor was please as in all his searches Bigfoot was one of the things he had never found but now he had he was going to take the glory from the professors in the USA that had mock him for so long.

As it was sealed into the sealed cage and only a vent that went all the way to above deck that the affects that MXers gives off didn't affect him as he study it and was so high it didn't affect the crew below and blew away on the wind.

While Thomas was looking at the notes he had taken on his prize item the MXers started to wake from it forced sleep it did not know where it was as the knock out drug used to stun it were still mildly their as it came too it started to feel around the reinforced steel and plastic cage it was locked in so many way that it would not be easy to open from the inside.

The MXers was on major heat as it had not fucked for days not since the woodman it had found deep in the woods by his log cabin and was chopping wood at the time.

It was a hot day and he was chopping wood without his shirt just his jeans and steel caped boots and long socks just above the jeans could be seen the top of the jockstrap he was wearing underneath he had a fit and toned body with a nice covering of hair on his chest.

The woodman was chopping away happily when he heard a noise from the bushes he thought it only a squirrel and carried on chopping the hard log he was trying to split into quarters.

Suddenly he felt a presents behind him and his cock started to get hard in his jockstrap he had on under his jeans he didn't know why he had become horny.

He turn round and their standing naked with the greatest body he had either seen and a massive 18 inch hard cock swinging between it legs was the MXers.

The microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones that where coming from the MXers were flooding the woodmen body all he wanted to do was to strip off his jeans down to just his jock, socks and steel cap boots and please this hot stud in front of him.

The MXers watched with lust as another guy succumbed to it will and strip to his jock,socks and steel cap boots for him. The woodman walked over and went down to his knees and started sucking on the massive 18 inch cock in front of him he tried and tried to take it all in but couldn't he came off it spluttering after gagging on it.

He stood up ass bent in just a way so the MXers could start to finger and fist his wanting hole the MXers became even more turn on by the site of a willing hole that he fingered it and fist it deep the woodman screamed but at the same time enjoyed the feel of this sexy guy hand up his ass.

The woodman was still sucking the head of the 18 inch cock as he was brutally fingered and fist fuck.

The MXers pulled his hand out and made the woodman lick his ass juices off it he did this without a word and lick it clean loving the taste of his ass juices.

Then the woodman turn round and lined his wanting ass with the MXers cock without any warning the MXers forced his cock deep into the woodman ass he screamed but at the same time pushed even more of the big 18 inch cock in his hole.

The woodman pulled his now rock hard cock out the side of his jock it was a nice 9 incher and was leaking precum by the bucket load.

The Mxers got hold of the woodman cock and started to wank him off as he brutally fucked him deeper and deeper suddenly the woodman could take no more and he shot load after load of his hot cum from his cock as the MXers hit his prostate time after time fucking the last of what will be this guy own cum he would shoot after he changes he will only shoot the MXers cum.

The MXers finally roared and flooded the woodman hole with his virus changing cum shooting load after load deep into him not stopping till he had fill him full.

The woodman collapsed on the ground and felt the fever take him and he started to change in to an MXers with the MXers cum pouring out of his ass which was changing to a copy of the guy who just fucked him.

The MXers watched for a bit please with lust he had made another conquest and headed deeper in to the woods leaving the now changing woodman to complete his transformation alone.

The MXers remember all it had fucked but it want more guys to fuck. It need to be free but it will take time for it to do it.



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