Jamie was leading the Professor and Luke to the created lab in the area where they had been quarantined and where Adam was working to find a cure for the viruses that have affected the group in quarantined and those that have been trapped in the hold that are infected by a different virus that changes your whole body into a clone of the original host.

Jamie full name was Jamie Max and had only been on board for a short time he had come on board at the same time as the 18-year-old guys. 

The Chief medical officer Adam Daley had taken his new nurse under his wing.

Jamie was very happy as he had just taken two loads of hot cum from both the studs he was leading to see Adam after he had join them in their hot session in the shower room that was off from the gym area and connected by changing rooms to get to it.

Luke and the Professor had not stop when he had sunk to his knees and taken both these hot studs cocks into his mouth.

Jamie had enjoyed it and also when they had worked his cock too so he could shoot his hot creamy load into their mouths as well and love how the shared it with each other and then with him too. 

During that time Adam had while Jamie had been away he had been studying the blood samples taken from Jamie and had started to separate the virus from it and to break it down to it DNA make up so they could find a cure for both viruses.

He had managed to get it down to it make up so far but for the final part he need the help of the professor Thomas chapman to finally crack it.

He had started to wonder where Jamie had got to as it had been awhile since Jamie had gone off to find Professor Thomas Chapman and to bring him here.

It was at that moment Jamie walked into the lab followed by the Professor and Luke the captain second in command Jamie seem to have a big smile on his face as he came in.

Adam said to Jamie “what took you so long finding him”?

Jamie said “well he was not where he was left when we brought him here so had to find him”.

Adam said “but that was three hours ago Jamie why has it taken you so long to bring him here”?

Jamie blushed and said “well we ended up having some fun in the shower together I kind of joined them when I found them making out in the shower together”.

Adam said “I see you horny stud that you are but don’t let it happen again when I send you to get someone”.

Jamie blushed and said “sorry Doc won’t happen again”.

Adam said “good lad right we need to get cracking to stop these viruses”.

Adam went over to the Professor and said “glad you’re here Thomas we need your help”.

Thomas said “ok Adam how far have you got so far in finding a cure”?

Adam said “well Thomas I got as far as my skill will go and got it to it make up”

Thomas said “may I see”

Adam said “sure” and leaded Thomas to the microscope so he could look at it.

Thomas said “well done Adam you done a great job getting it to this point I can see what it is made of and the different DNA components that make it”

Adam said “thank you Thomas I glad I done well can we find a cure for it now as it is at this point or do we need to do more studies of it”?

Thomas said “we do need to break it down a bit more but once that done we can work on the cure or at least away to stop it”.  

Adam said “cool let get cracking then you can help as well Jamie”.

Luke had been standing by the bulkhead door way to the lab listening to what going on and said “can I do anything or shall I report what been found so far to the captain”?

Adam said “sorry Luke forgot you where there we could draw a blood sample from you so we can compare the samples”.

Luke said “ok where do you want me when you take it”?

Adam said “come and sit on the stool Luke then we will draw some blood from you”.

Luke said “ok” he walked over to the stool and sat down on it and Adam brought a hyperaemic needle to draw the blood out he rubbed some antiseptic on the area he was going to draw the blood sample out and started to insert the end of the needle into the skin above a vein in his arm and started drawing the blood out.

Luke just sat there as Adam drew the blood out then Adam said to him “all done Luke” Luke said “cool Adam hope it enough to do the tests with”?

Adam said “more than enough Luke thank you”.

Luke said “your welcome mate always happy to help”.

Adam said “can you let the captain know what we done so far mate as we continue to work on a cure for the viruses”.




Luke said “sure mate I will go and do that now be back with his reply about it after I told him” he turned to go to the bulkhead door Adam had turned to look at a slide he winked at Thomas and gave a smile to Jamie they both blushed as he did this and he turned and walked through the bulkhead door and headed off to see the captain to give him the update on the guys finding a cure for the viruses.

Adam looked up and said “why are you two blushing”?

They both said “must be because it so warm in here”.

Adam said “ok” and carried on looking at the slide of Luke’s blood on the second microscope as Thomas went back and was looking at the virus under his microscope and Jamie had started to make more slides up ready for them to look at.


Down in the gym Tony was still lifting a dumbbell he had strip off his scrubs and was just in his naval issued jockstrap and socks he had change his boots for some trainers that had been brought down for them to wear while they used the gym.

It was one thing that Lieutenant William King had noticed that was not on the list of orders the captain had given him so ordered it to be done on his own back.

Tony full name was Tony Christian and had only just joined the ship after going through training and was bunk mate to Scott Rodger during and after training too and had formed a friendship with him during that time too.  

Tony was enjoying his time in the gym even though he didn’t need too because his body was so perfect now but it passes the time away while they are in quarantine so didn’t mind doing it.

Across the way on the pecs machine was Scott he was Tony bunk mate and after what had happen to them he had become very close to Tony. 

Both Tony and Scott had become very close after the hot group session they had before they went into quarantine they kept looking at each other as they exercised both knew they wanted to be together forever after they had got out of the mess they were in now.

Scott stop using the pecs machine and came over to Tony.

Scott was also just in his naval jockstrap, socks and a pair of trainers that he also got from the cupboard that they had been put in for them to use.

Scott then said to Tony “hi sexy how’s it going”?

Tony said “it going ok stud is that all you came over to say”?

Scott said “no sexy I want some of this” he grabbed hold of Tony cock through the pouch of his naval jockstrap and started to massage it with his hand.

Tony could feel his massive 11-inch cock start to get hard in his jock as Scott massage it with his hand he put the dumbbell down and started to feel Scott cock through his naval jockstrap too.

Scott could feel his massive 12-inch cock start to get hard and thick in his jockstrap as Tony massage it he loved what his sexy guy was doing to him.

Tony also loved what Scott was doing to him and love his sexy guy too they started to kiss passionly and deeply as each of them massage the others growing bulges.

Scott broke off from their kissing and said “I love you man I want to be with you for the rest of my life”.

Tony said “me too mate I want to be with you forever”.

They both smiled and went back kissing passionly and deeply swirling their tongues in each other’s mouths.

They stop feeling each other bulges and started to rub the bulges against each other as they kissed.

Both as they kissed had their hands holding each other’s hips totally in love with each other. 

As they kissed both had made their way to the bench press and Tony had sat down and broke from the kissing and started to lie back on the bench press and pulled out his now fully hard 11-inch cock out the side of his naval jockstrap it was standing up straight and solid pre cum was leaking from it head and coating his hard solid cock all over.

Scott had pulled his hard 12-inch cock out the side of his jockstrap too it was leaking pre cum too and drops were falling and landing on to the floor of the gym.

Scott sunk to his knees and took Tony hard 11-inch cock head into his mouth and started to suck on it taking more and more into his mouth as he sucked it.

Tony just lied back and enjoyed Scott sucking on his cock.

Scott was wanking his as he sucked his hot stud cock enjoying how they had fallen for each other and now want to be lovers forever.

Tony said “why don’t we sixty-nine babes so I can please you as you please me”?

Scott said “oh fuck yes babe let do it”. Scott got into position so his hard 12-inch cock was over his sexy stud mouth and slowly went down pushing it into Tony hot mouth.

They were both spread over the bench press sucking each other cocks deeply loving each other and love how they fallen in love with each other.

Both their heads were bobbing on each other cocks taking more and more in as the gave each other the best blow jobs for each other totally in love with each other.    

Both were so into each other they didn’t notice Tom and Andy enter the gym.




Both Tom and Andy were chatting to each other they had fallen for each other after the group session in the shower and the gym before they were quarantine they had both fallen for each other even though they were straight before what had happen to them and had girlfriends at home.

Tom full name was Tom Martin and Andy name was Andy Bedford.

As they entered Tom was saying to Andy “I so in love with you mate but I don’t know what my girlfriend will think when I tell her I in love with you”?

Andy replied “same here mate I so in love with you too and I don’t know what my girlfriend will think too”?

Tom said “yeah it so fucked up mate but I glad it happen and I found you”.

Andy said “it so is mate but I glad it brought us together too”.

Tom suddenly stop and saw Tony and Scott in a sixty-nine position sucking each other cocks.

Tom said “fuck seem Tony and Scott seem to have fallen for each other too Andy”.

Andy said “fuck they sure have mate shall we go and have some fun in the shower”?

Tom said “yeah be rude if we did it here while they are so into it let go to the shower”.

Andy said “yeah come on then stud let get in their then and have some fun in the shower”.

They both headed to the changing room and then enter the shower once they had stripped off they left Tony and Scott still in total bliss as they sucked each other off.

Down in the bunk area Brett and Paul where relaxing in their bunks they each had an apple that they were taking bites out of that they got from the galley before finding their bunks they had only just come from their so had missed the professor leaving and Jamie looking for him too.

Brett full name was Brett Daniels and had been on board the ship for six years he had done his training when he was 19 and had met Paul when he started his training and had formed a friendship with him hence they spotted for each other during their gym sessions.

Paul full name was Paul Baker and he had also been on board ship for six years too and had been at the same training base as Brett and formed a friendship with him that went on to them both helping each other in their gym sessions too.

They both had girlfriends at home but after what they had been through during the gym orgy they had also fallen for each other and wanted to do more together and with others.

Both had been thinking as they ate their apples what their girlfriends will think after they had told them that they want to be together and no longer want fun with them.

In the galley Jon Tanner and James Roberts were preparing some pasta to eat Jon was boiling the pasta in a pan of water over the hob and stirring it with a spoon while James was making the sauce to go with it.  

He was slicing up tomatoes with a knife then putting them in to the blender to make them into a sauce to pour into a pan ready to cook and warm up ready to go on top of the pasta when it was boiled and cooked. 

Jon looked over at James as he stirred the pasta and said “this is nearly ready mate how’s the sauce going”?

James said “it nearly ready just putting it in the pan now” with that he took the lid off the blender jug and unclip it from the base and poured it into the pan and turn on another hob to start to cook it. 

James got a spoon and started to stir the sauce so it heated through fully.

Jon said “keep an eye on the pasta while I get some plates to put it on and some knives and forks too”.

James said “ok Jon” and he took the spoon in the pasta and stirred it too as he stirred the sauce too.

Jon put the plates on the side ready along with the knives and forks too he took the spoon off James and carried on stirring the pasta as James stirred the sauce too.

Both pans were bubbling well and nearly ready to serve up both guys could smell the wonderful smell from both pans and can’t wait to eat the pasta with the sauce pour over it.

Jon said “think both are ready mate pass me the lid so I can pour the water out”.

James said “here the lid mate” Jon put the lid on and turn off the hob and took the lidded pan over to the sink and poured the water out leaving the pasta inside the pan he took off the lid and grabbed a ladle and started to scoop out the pasta on to the plates giving them both even amounts of the pasta.

James turn off his hob and brought the sauce over and started to pour over the pasta he had added a few sprinkles of herbs to the sauce while it was cooking to added a bit more flavour to the sauce he poured enough sauce over each of their pasta making sure it was evenly spread over it so they both had a fair share of it.

They both pop the empty pans back on the hobs so they could be washed and cleaned later James put some warm water into the pan the sauce was in so it soaked off the bits of sauce that had stuck on the side during the cooking of it.  

They then started to tuck into the pasta meal in front of them.

Jon said “well done with the sauce mate it just right”

James said “yeah the pasta great too mate we both done well mate”

As they tucked in Jon said “mate I so love you since the orgy we had in the gym”

James said “fuck mate I feel the same but how will our wives think about it thought”?

Jon said “yeah they won’t like it mate that for sure”.

James said “well we got a lot of time before we have to tell them to go yet and hopeful a cure or at least stop the virus in us and the other guys.

Along the way from the galley in another room in the quarantine area Alan and Edward the twins were in a room that was made into a tv room come reading room another thing that Lieutenant William King had noticed was not on the list but had room to do it so order it on his own back.

Both were sat in the room on a sofa watching the News on the tv both were eating a bar of chocolate as they watched and relaxed.

Alan and Edward full names were Alan Morgan and Edward Morgan they had both been on board the ship for three years now and had done their training when they were 18 they had supported each other through the training and in their gym sessions too when they got their role on the bridge together they were happy for each other and love how they always got the same roles together.

Alan said as they watched “well we sure had some fun up on the bridge didn’t we brother”?

Edward said “we sure did brother was so hot what they did with us and what hot bodies we got now”.

Alan said “yeah we sure have but it so fucked up what has happen thought”?

Edward said “it sure is but hopefully they will find a cure or away of stopping it”.

Alan said “I hope they do soon”. 

They carried on watching the news on the tv as they finished the chocolate bar they were eating.  


While all the guys were doing their own things Luke was approaching the meeting room where captain Aaron reed was reading reports that Lieutenant William King had left for him about the ongoing spread of the virus that changes guys in to clones of the original host across the USA and the rest of north and south America some of the reports were several days old but Lieutenant William King thought the captain needed to be kept informed so he had kept them in files for him to read later.

It was at that moment Luke Evans his second in command walked in he came over to him and waited for Aaron to finished reading the report he was looking at.

Aaron closed the file and put it on the table beside him and said “hi Luke where have you been I remember you going off when you heard someone shouting but that was about 6 hours ago who was it”?

Luke said “well sir it was the Professor Thomas Chapman who was shouting and he is now helping Adam and Jamie in the lab sir I was a while sir because he had to get clean sir and one thing lead to another and we kind of hooked up in the shower sir”.

Aaron said “I see but even that does not explain why it was 6 hours ago what else happen”?

Luke said “well Jamie came to find us and he kind of join us as we made out he help us to cum and then we helped him too and then we showered each other off again.

Aaron said “ok that still leave some of the time left thought”?

Luke said “well we got taken to the lab and Adam took some blood from me and I listened to what had been done so far to find a cure for both viruses”.

Aaron said “ok how far are they in cracking it Luke”?

Luke said “well sir they need to break the DNA a bit more of the virus and then they will be able to find the cure to both”.

Aaron said “very good news anything else you need to tell me Luke”?

Luke blushed and then said “well I have fallen in love with the professor and he fallen in love with me too sir”.

Aaron said “I see but are you not both married though will be very hard for your wives to take”?

Luke said “I know sir but we can’t help what we feel for each other we want to be together”.

Aaron said “it ok Luke I not angry with you or disgusted about it I know it what the virus has done to us and their nothing we can do about it at the moment but in one of these reports their mentioned of it being stopped but cannot be reverse so it might be what we have to be when we get out of this mess”.

Luke said “well I happy as I am now if it can’t be reverse I want to be with Thomas forever now”.

Aaron said “ok Luke thank you for being honest to me and for reporting what the guy’s in the lab have got to in their search for a cure or to stop it at least”.

Luke said “thankyou sir”.

Aaron said “did you want to go back to the lab Luke or do you want to read some of these reports”?

Luke said “well their not much I can do at the lab so let see these reports I should know what going on encase something happen to you sir”.

Aaron said “ok well those on my left I have read fully so you can take those and start reading”.

Luke said “ok sir” he picks up the pile and took in over to a chair the other side of a big meeting table it was against the wall and two small tables were either side of it Luke put the files down on his right hand side table then sat down and started to read the first of many reports he would read.

Luke looked up and said to Aaron “I did say to the guys in the lab that I would let them know what you thought about their work for a cure or stopping it sir”.

Aaron said “ok well Luke you will tell them soon but some of the reports here might be of use to them once we had read them all”.

Luke said “ok sir will be good if we can find something in these to help them with finding a cure or stopping it”.

They both carried on reading through the piles of reports together taking everything in as they read them. 

While all this was going on HMS Iron Duke was still heading to the UK but Lieutenant William King had ordered that the knots that the ship was doing to be reduced while they stilled waited for a cure to be found for the viruses that are on board.

He was waiting to hear what the captain thought before he did anything else like report to admiralty about the situation on board.

He had been given command of the ship but as the captain and his second in command were not out of contact with him he had to wait for their orders on such matters as only when they couldn’t be contacted by him he would be able to do things on his own back that needed their say so.

Everyone on board was waiting wondering what would happen next to them all.

While down near the hold Jon was thinking of his next move and what he will do for revenge on Alex too when he gets free and how he will have an army of slaves controlled by his will to get his revenge on Alex as well as those that have stop him on board the ship.



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