Viral enhancement UK chapter 7 

the MXers in the hold origins

Down in the hold the MXers in his reinforced steel and plastic cage was become more with it. 

It had smelt the genetically-altered pheromones coming down from the bridge above and now knew more viral enhance men were on board.

 It didn’t know it was on a ship and had mange to damage the vent connection enough so that it genetically-altered pheromones started leak in to the room it was cage.

HMS Iron Duke had now reach the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean the MXers could no longer sense the present of Ty the original host of the virus in control.

 Soon the MXers started to relax and then with a roar it started to speak “I am free” the voice was that of Jon he was one of Isaac security guards at CDC headquarters and one of the few Isaac had help to enhance him and his twin brother Jeffrey bodies.

Jon had been in the throne room as TY had taken control and had watch his twin brother Jeffrey, Peter, guns and Teo all get fucked by TY but also saw that they didn’t  start to change like the others.

 This was because Isaac had given the same immunization as he had given himself but only the twins and Peter where given it  Peter had pass it on to guns and Teo because he had fucked them and from the pre cum that he had leak from his cock.

Jon had watch all four recover as he waited to be fucked by TY and saw them take Alex’s body with them as the fled the throne room as more TY clones regained conscious and pick guys to fuck lucky for Jon he was the next to be fucked by Ty.

That was the last time he saw the body he had as he looked down all he saw was the body of TY and the big 18 inch cock swinging around hard then he remembered he was meant to get a top up of the immunization drug but because of all the body swapping he had not and even the cum that Isaac had shot in his mouth was not yet fully absorbed in him to immune him that way.

TY had pounded him without mercy and Jon love it and finally was flooded with TY genetically-altered cum that started to get to work on Jon body as he collapsed on to the floor letting the fever take him and his whole body change forever.

Jon curse Alex for letting this happen and wanted revenge again on the body jumping prick and he then said “I get my revenge on you Alex if it the last thing I do”.

Jon then realised that he had the virus in him now and can use it to get his revenge on Alex.

He started to feel around his cage and realised that he could not escape it but then notice the hole in the vent he thought yes the genetically-altered pheromones that I leaking now will free me soon.

He also noticed he was caked in mud and moss on his body then he remembered what he had done when TY was in control of his mind he had escape CDC headquarters and had been walking round the forest looking for a guys to fuck and change he now remembered a hot woodsman he had fucked and watch him change to a MXers too.

Jon laughed as he thought about it and now he was in control of the virus and it was his turn to be the boss.

He sat on the floor of his cage and started to get the mud and moss off him stroking his 18 inch cock as he did wait for someone to enter the room so he could be free he had notice the door across the way that was locked tight he knew that some when someone would come in he waited and cleaned himself off and remove the mud and moss as he did.

Jon didn’t know who had put him in this cage and notice food and water had been left for him he ate some and drunk some of the water then used some of it to clean the mud and moss off him and his big 18 inch cock.

As he clean his self-off he also remembered that Isaac had also not change and had left quickly before Jeffrey, Peter, guns and Teo along with the body of Alex’s that was unconscious had left the throne room while the line of guys waited for their turn to be fucked by the hot stud that had taken control of CDC headquarters now.

Once clean he started to feel his cage prison again and found the door where the food and water was put through and saw it was well bolted the other side by many bolts then he found the door to the cage that too was well bolted on the outside.

Once again he curse Alex for making this happen to him. He looked at the vent again and tried to push it open some more so more of his genetically-altered pheromones fill the air in the room outside the cage.

While Jon was doing that out in the passage way to the hold professor Thomas Chapman assistant Jake May was heading to the hold with a pile of papers that the professor had given him to file at once. 

Jake got to the door and pulled out the keys to unlock the bolts and locks on the door after he had unlock them all he started to slide the bolts open one by one he then pulled open the door step in and locked it again the hold was quite big so the genetically-altered pheromones had not spread near to the door yet where the filing cabinet where Jake put the pile of papers on the bench near the cabinets and started to sort them.

Jake was 19 and was slim build but with a nice smooth toned body underneath his tight white shirt he had a tie on that was blue and black jeans under his jeans he was wearing a pair of Andrew Christian jockstrap which was briefs at the front and just straps at the back he had white socks underneath his trainers.

He had got his job with Professor Thomas Chapman through connections that his father had. His father and the professor where old uni friends too.

Jake had study hard too to get all the qualifications required to be the assistant to Professor Thomas Chapman he had been to college and uni too.

His hair was blond and spike up and his face was clean shaven he had deep blue eyes and a wonderful mouth.

In his jock under his jeans was a wonderful 9 inch cock and a nice size balls too all his public hair was trimmed so it a nice and short all round them.

Jake was gay and had known he was since he was at college.

Jon was eye up the hot young twink as he came in the hot twink seem to had not notice him which was good Jon continued to force the vent open more so the genetically-altered pheromones would flood the room fully.

He had force it open more without making a noise and the room was flooded with the genetically-altered pheromones and slowly they drifted over to where Jake was working.

Jon smile a devilish smile as he watch the hot young twink sorting the papers away far from the cage he was lock in he started to suck on his big 18 cock as he watch the twink complete the last of the filing. 

Jake suddenly felt his 9 inch cock become hard in his Andrew Christian jockstrap under his jeans he didn’t know why he had become so horny.

It was then he turn round and saw what was sat in the cage it was the most beautiful guy he had either seen he also saw that he was sucking his own cock and was the biggest cock that he a either seen in his life.

Then the guy in the cage removed his cock from his mouth and spoke he said “strip to your jock, sock and trainers bitch”.

Jake did as he was told but didn’t know why he was doing as the guy commanded he undid his tie then his shirt revealing his nice slim tone body. He removed his trainers and undid his jeans slowly pulling them down revealing his blue Andrew Christian jockstrap on with a sight of his hard 9 inch cock bulging it he put his trainers back on and wait for the guy to say what to do next.

Jon then said to him “open my cage bitch”.

Jake then manage to say “who or what are you”?

Jon said “I am Jon I will be your new master bitch”?

Jake then said “but my boss thought you were a Bigfoot”. “But you’re a man”?

Jon laugh at that and then said “so that why I am in a cage”. 

Jake said “yes it is well with the way you looked you should understand why he thought you were”

Jon then said “ah yes all the mud and moss on me you mean.”

Jake then said “yeah we have been looking after you since he found you in the forest near the CDC headquarters”.

Jon then said “yeah I came from their something bad happen there.”

Jake then asked “what happen”?

Jon thought of an answer without making the twink get spooked so said “let me out of the cage and I tell you all about it”

Jake said “I not sure I should without the professor say so”

Jon got more cunning and said “please it so cramp in here I need to move about”

Jake then said “I don’t know and why am I so horny and why am I just in my jock, socks and trainers here”.

Jon then said “Look at me”.

Jake looked at him and suddenly he wanted to open the cage for this hot stud inside he tried to fight it but his will crumbled and all he wanted to do was to please this hot stud in the cage.

Jon then said “that it bitch don’t fight it release me from the cage”.

Jake took the keys and started to unlock the locks and bolts on the cage one at a time and sliding the bolts back as he unlocked them his cock was getting harder and harder as he long to be with this hot stud.

The last bolt slid back and he pulled the cage door open Jon stood up and walked out of the cage his massive 18 cock swing as he walked out Jake had never seen a cock that big.

Jon came over to him and grab the bulge in Jake jock and ask “what your name boy”? Jake said “Jake May and you’re so beautiful”

Jon said “get on your knees Jake and work on my cock”

Jake got to his knees and started to worship the biggest cock he a either seen he tried to take the head of it in his mouth but it was too big so he lick and tongue it all over Jon moan with pleasure as Jake worked his big cock good.

Jon said “yeah you love my big cock don’t you boy”? 

Jake said “yes sir I love your big cock sir”?

Jon said “good boy get it nice and wet for me”.

Jake said “yes sir I will” and start to work on it big time to please his new master.

Jon loved how he had broken this young twink to his will and moan as Jake worked his 18 inchers with his mouth and tongue in all the right ways.

Jake didn’t know why he was doing this and more he tried to stop the more he wanted to please his new master and he started to stand up till his ass was in view of Jon his ass was so smooth and his crack was hairless Jon love what the bitch was showing him.

Jon spit in to his right hand and spread the spit over the crack and pink winking lips of Jake hot asshole Jake moaned as Jon started to play with his wanting hole Jon said “you like that don’t you bitch you love me playing with your hot hole don’t you”?

Jake said “yes sir fucking use my hole sir it yours sir”.

Jon said “yes I will use it bitch and you will love it and beg for more and more when I done”.

Jake then said “yes sir finger my fucking ass sir”. “Then fist me sir and then fuck me with your big hard cock I so want it in me sir fucking use me sir I am yours”.

Jon said “your my bitch now boy”. “What are you bitch”?

Jake said “I am your bitch and slave master I only want to please you fucking use me as the slut I am”.

Jon said “good slave boy when I done with you I will be your master for either and you do my bidding”.

Jake will was broken all he wanted was to please his hot new master and be fucked to please him.

 Jon smiled as he broke this hot twink will and make him the slut he was he started to insert his fingers into the wanting hole of his new slave boy starting to finger him hard and roughly adding more and more fingers as he finger fucked his new toy.

 Jake moaned round Jon big cock he was still getting wet as the fingers in his ass went deeper and deeper into his wanting ass.

Jake started to beg for more and more to be added he said “fucking get them in their master I want your fingers deep in my slut hole master.”  

While Jon was breaking Jake to his will outside in the passage way one of the security patrol was walking pass they worked in pairs on patrol and the two guys who were patrolling where Sam Taylor and Jack Roberts both guys where 35 year old and had been on the same ships together since they left their training they even trained at the same training base too and where bunk mates too.

Sam had brown spikey hair which was short and clean shaven face with blue eyes and his body was well toned he was wearing his navy issued uniform with navy jock underneath in his jock was a nice 8 inch cock.

Jack had blond hair that was also spikey and quite short he too was clean shaven with green eyes and his body was toned too he was also in his navy issued uniform with jock underneath in his jock was a nice 8 inch cock too.

Both guys where straight and had girlfriends back home both help each other to and where gym buddies too.

They stop by the door to the hold and notice that it was not bolted and locked they both looked at the door and thought it strange but then Sam said “let just lock it mate they just forgotten to lock it they done it a few times recently”. Sam then continued “the professor and his assistant must have a lot on their mind at the moment”. 

Jack said “yeah ok will be better than all the paper work we would have to fill in about it to the captain”.

Sam said “cool mate”.

They both started to slot the bolt back in place very quietly and re-lock the padlocks on them too and then when done carried on with their patrol of the ship.

Back in the other side of the hold door Jon was still breaking his new slave to his will Jake was loving what Jon was doing to him and begging for more and more as he lost all control and gave into the lust.

Jon started to fist the hot twink hole deeply Jake moaned louder and said “fuck yes fist me good master open my ass for that big hard 18 inch cock of yours master”.

Jon said “Yeah that it your my bitch now what are you boy”?

Jake said “I am your bitch slave sir fucking use me sir I am yours to be used”.

Jon said “yeah you are mine to use no other will you serve you fucking slut that you are”.

While Jon carried on using his new slave up on the bridge the captain Aaron and Luke his second in command and both twins Alan and Edward had started to come round after the hot session they had just had with the hunks on the bridge. 

All four guys’ bodies had change Aaron now was even more muscular and now had a nice layer of thin brown hair over his pecs and a nice trail to his cock and balls his cock was no longer 9.4 inches it had grown to 11 inches now.

Luke his second in command had also changed his body was more muscular and he still had the nice thin layer on his pecs and a trail to his navel along with a nice layer still round his cock and balls his cock had grown to 10 inches.

Alan and Edward the twins had also changed they had even bigger muscles now and  also had a thin layer of blond hair on their pecs and abs both still had trim public hair but their cocks had grown to 12 inches.

Aaron said “wow that was hot”. Adam said “yeah it sure was”.

They look over in the corner where the group of teen studs where still fucking and sucking each other.

Aaron said “so you were saying Adam this virus you got it changes people and make them want to fuck guys and make guys want to fuck them anything else you need to tell us”.

Adam said “nope but lucky we don’t have a guy with the second virus on board”.

Aaron said “a second virus what does that virus do”?

Adam said “well from what I heard when we were at the naval docks this second virus turn you in to the clone of the original guy that was affected by it according to what I heard the guys are very muscular and have a 18 inch cock after they change.”

Aaron said “mmm the description sound very much like the big foot that professor Thomas chapman made me bring on broad”.

Adam said “what you mean we might have that on board”?

Aaron said “it a possibility yes”.

Down in the hold Jon had finished fisting his new slave boy and was preparing to fuck this hot twink slut ass.

But first he asked his new slut a few more questions Jon asked his slut “before I give you my cock up that slut hole of yours I want to know something first slut bitch”?

Jake said “I tell you anything master I so need your big fucking cock in my ass.”

Jon said “right I guess this is a hold but what is the hold in bitch”?

Jake said “we are on the HMS Iron Duke a royal navy battle ship master on our way to the UK master.”

Jon said “thank you my slut bitch now here is your reward” he started to push the head of his 18 incher in to Jake wanting hole Jake moaned  and then scream as the cock went deeper and deeper into Jake hot ass. 

Jon cock started to leak genetically-altered pre cum into Jake ass making it change to fit his 18 inch cock into it Jake moaned loudly as he pushed back to take more of his new master cock into his ass.

Back on the bridge Adam said “do we have security cameras in the hold”?

Aaron said “yes we have them all over the ship”.

Adam said “show me the hold one now captain”.

Aaron lead Adam to the panel with all the security cameras showing Aaron hit a few buttons and the hold camera pictures appeared on the screen both guys said “oh my god” as they looked at the image they were looking at what was thought to be bigfoot but was a MXers and a hot twink guy being fucked deeply by it.

Adam said “who the guy it fucking”.

Aaron said “it Jake the professor assistant”. “We must do something to save him”

Adam said “it too late once they get an MXers cock in their ass they can’t be saved”. 

Aaron said “oh my god what have I done I shouldn’t of let it on board if I knew.”

Adam said “you didn’t know their nothing you can do now but to save everyone on this ship”. “Is the door to the hold locked”?

Aaron said “with Jake in their I would say only the one lock is locked unless the security patrol have locked it full have had reports that it been found unlocked several times this week”.

Adam said “who on patrol at the moment and can you radio them”

Aaron said “it Sam and Jack on patrol I will radio them”.

Adam said “do it then”.

Aaron pick up the hand set a called “rating Sam come in please this is the captain speaking”.

Sam answer “Sam here sir can I help you sir”

Aaron said “Sam is the door to the hold full locked up from the outside”?

 Sam said “it wasn’t earlier sir but we have locked it fully now sir”. “Why sir”.

Aaron said “I can’t explain now but you and Jack need to go now and stand guard by that door and let no one open it ok”

Sam said “Yes sir”.

Aaron said “well it all secure Adam what do we do now”?

Adam said “as long as it in that hold we are all safe”. “Only Jake has no chance of escaping it.”

Adam, Aaron, Luke and the other guys all came over to the security camera screen all apart from the late teen guys who were still fucking and sucking each other they all looked at the screen as they watch Jake get brutally fucked by the MXer. 

All were getting turn on watch but also sad that there was nothing they could do to save him.

Adam asked Aaron “can you get sound in their too”?

Aaron said “yes you can” and went over a turn the volume knob to full out of the speaker came the noise of moaning and groaning from the two guys on the screen and the slapping of the MXer cock in to Jake ass.

They heard Jake beg for more and more of the MXer cock in to him.

Then they heard the MXer speak and were shocked.

Jon said “yeah take all my cock in your slutty bitch hole my new slave boy you like it in their deep don’t you boy”?

Jake said “yes master Jon I love your big cock in my fucking slutty ass fuck me deeper with you big cock I want it all in my slut ass master”.

Aaron turn to Adam and said “did he just call that MXer Jon”?

Adam said “yes he did” Adam thought and then said “of course with that virus it make the original host in control of all others he has change but it a connection of the mind and they use it to suppress all other free thought apart from wanting to fuck and suck guys”.

Adam then said “it must have a limited area that they can still control them if it too far away the original person is release from the control and able to free think again”. 

Adam then said “but they will still have the virus in them and if it detect that it not in control of others it will use anything that the body it is in to make more to control so if a guy is say vengeful the virus will use that to it advance”.

Aaron said “so you are saying that this Jon will fuck any one to get revenge on the guy he blames for him being the way he is”?

Adam said “yes captain I afraid so”.

Aaron said “this is terrible so all we can do is hold them both in the hold till we can deal with it then”?

Adam said “yes captain if they both get out of the hold no one will be safe on board this ship”.

Aaron said “god this is so mess up I feel so sad for Jake he was good lad to end up getting in to this mess is so bad”.

Adam said “I know captain but when I was at the naval base I did hear rumors that a cure was being worked on so it maybe we can save him then but not now sir”.

Down in the hold Jon was near to filling his new slave boy ass full of his genetically-altered cum deep in to him.

 Jake was also so hard that he was near to shooting his hot slut cum the last of his cum he would shoot after Jon had fill him with his he would change to a clone of Jon body which was a clone of Ty the original host body.

Jon started to fuck harder and harder as a wave of lust washed over him as the virus coursing through him made him become even more want to break the hot fucking slut that he was ploughing deeper and deeper into this slutty bitch ass. 

Jon said “you so loving this bitch you loving my big hard cock in your tight slutty ass you want me to fuck you harder and harder”.

Jake said “yes master Jon I want you to fuck me harder and harder fill me with your hot cum I your fucking slut to use Master Jon a need your cum in me deep.”

Jon grab Jake blond spikey hair and pulled hard on it as he fucked deeper and deeper it to Jake now well open ass Jake moaned as more and more of that hot cock went into his ass till Jon had got it all the way in his genetically-altered pre cum had open this slut ass well and good soon when he unloaded in to his hot slave boy ass he will have another guy like him to help with his revenge.

Jon got even more brutal hitting Jake prostate harder and harder with each trust Jake cock was so hard it was swing up and down every time Jon hit his prostate a string of pre cum had oozed from Jake hard cock to the floor and small drop shot from his cock on to the floor.

Jake was near the point of no return and said “oh fuck I am going to shoot master I so very close now.”

Jon from hearing that rammed so hard in that wanting ass wanting to fill his slut hot ass as the slutty twink bitch shot his last load of his own cum he will either shoot after he changes.

Jon said “yeah slut I going to fill your ass as you shoot that slutty hot load of cum all over the floor you slutty bitch”.

Jake said “oh fuck yes master Jon fill my hot slutty ass with your hot cum breed your new slut bitch slave”.

Jon said “ok fuck here it comes slutty bitch slave” Jon started to flood Jake hot hole with his hot cream genetically-altered cum deep in to this hot slut well used ass.

Jake felt the hot load be pump deep in to ass and that brought him over the edge and he said “oh fuck master I cumming” and he shot load after load of his hot cum over the floor Jake shot 8 heavy loads till the floor was covered in what was his last of his own cum he will either shoot as the   genetically-altered cum from Jon started to change him to a copy of Jon who was a copy of Ty body.

Jake collapsed to the floor as he became unconscious and started to change as Jon watched and sucked his cock clean as another guy became like him.

Back on the bridge they had watched all this happen and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

 While they had be watching they had all been playing with their cocks which where all rock hard and they had all shot their loads on the bridge as the guys on the screen had shot their loads they started to kiss in post cumming lust.

Adam brought them back to earth and Said “ok we need to stop this and come up with a plan to stop what is now in those two guys in the hold from getting out and spreading”.

Aaron said “yeah we need to make a plan and also we need to do something to stop what has happen to us too or we have the whole ship fucking like rabbits”.

Adam said “you are right captain we may need to be put somewhere and someone to be in command while we sort a plan to stop the infected guys in the hold”.   Adam then said “where could we go and be safe from other guy’s captain”?

Aaron said “let have a look at the ship lay out map” they walk over to the map of the ship on the wall then Aaron said “well we could use the gym and make sure the door here and here are locked their toilets and a small mess room we can get food and a small office so we can get a plan formed that also has a communicator on the wall so we can relay orders that way”.

Adam said “sound a solid plan we need to clear those areas then is there a bunk area near too”? 

Aaron said “yes a bit further up but we can use that as well as another bulk head door just after them their four room of them”.

Adam said “good at least we can eat sleep and wash without having to go through the ship to do it”.

Aaron said “good we will need a lot of supplies and more scrubs put down their ready for us”.

Adam said “yes and we will need a clear run to that area without any of the crew bumping in to us”.

Aaron said “yes I can get those taken their and order to be done”.

Adam said “good captain that got some of the planning done”.

They look over to the corner where the late teen ratings where and saw they were still fucking and sucking each other.

Adam said “horny fuckers are they not”

Aaron, Luke, Brett, Paul and the twins Alan and Edward all said “hell yeah they sure are”.

They watch as Tony, Tom, Andy, Scott and Jamie fucking and sucking Scott still had his cock deep in Jamie mouth face fucking him good while Tony had his cock deep in Scott ass fucking him deeply.

Andy had his cock deep in Jamie ass pounding it good at the same time Tom was pounding Andy ass deeper and deeper with each thrush all where moaning as a wave of lust wash over them.

All of them came at once Scott and Andy shot their loads Scott down Jamie throat while Andy flooded Jamie ass with his load the force of both loads was too much for Jamie and he shot his load all over the bridge floor.

Tony and Tom cocks where milked as Scott and Andy shot their loads the pressure was too much for them and the shot their hot loads deep in to the asses they were fucking Tony cock flooded Scott ass and Tom cock flooded Andy ass.

They all collapsed on the floor and kissed in post sex lust.

Those that had been watching said “that was hot”.

Down in the hold Jon was looking at the pool of cum that the now changing Jake had shot on the floor he scoop up a wad of the cum and lick it off his hand savoring the taste of it. 

He also absorbed the DNA from it as it slip down his throat and in to his stomach.

It was sweet and a bit bitter too he lick his hand clean and went over to the door and tried to open it but found it was locked.  

Jon then roared and then look up and saw the camera and said “I know you are watching and locked the door on me but I will get out and get my revenge”.

The now change Jake came round but his mind was now controlled by Jon all other emotions where suppress only lust, want and sexual need where free his will was broken a slave to his new master.  

Jake as he came round felt Jon mind forcing his mind to submit to his will he tried to break free but Jon mind was so strong that it was not possible Jake was trap in his own mind only the emotions of lust, want and sexual need where free he was a slave to Jon to be use for his revenge.

Jake ability to talk was suppress too all he could do was moan and groan and grunt.

The now MXer saw the pool of cum and started to lick it off the floor loving it sweet and a bit bitter taste and absorbing the DNA from it.

Jon watched as his new slave lick the floor clean of cum loving how he had created a slave to his will.

Up on the bridge they had all come back to earth as they heard the roar from the security camera panel and all apart from the late teens came over and saw Jon  looking up at the screen they then saw what was Jake but not any more licking the cum that he had shot off the floor.

Adam said “my god he seen the camera and look what has happen to Jake thank god we locked them in”.

Aaron said “yes it is”. 

Adam said “we better get those two guys on guard bio hazard suits to put on in case they try to force the door.

Aaron said “yes I get that done straight away” Aaron went to the phone and called the ships store and said to rating on duty Kevin on the other end “Kevin can you please take two bio hazard suit to the two guards on guard at the hold door at once thank you”.

Kevin said “yes sir straight away sir”.

Kevin grab two bio hazard suits and heading quickly to the hold to given them to the guards on duty.

Aaron radio through to Sam and said “rating Sam come in please this is the captain here”.

Sam said “Sam here sir any new order sir”.

Aaron said “yes I have sent Kevin from ship store to you with two bio hazard suits to put on for yourself and Jack ok”.

Sam said “ok sir will put them on when they arrive over and out”.

Aaron said “right Adam the bio hazard suits are on their way they should be fine with those on”.

Adam said “good now we can sort the rest out”.

Down by the hold Sam and Jack where on guard Sam said to Jack “they are bringing bio hazard suits for us to wear”.

Jack said “why for”?

Sam said “maybe to do what in the hold Jack”.

At that moment Kevin came round the corner with them and handed those to Sam both Sam and Jack said “these won’t fit with our uniforms underneath”.

Sam said “they will if we just wore our jockstrap and socks and boots”.

Jack said “yeah think that the only way to wear them”.

Sam said “you can go Kevin thanks for these”.

Kevin headed back to the ship store but just stop after a few feet and peer round the corner he had just gone round and watched as Sam and Jack started to remove their uniforms.

He watched as Sam undid his shirt revealing his well-toned body. Then Jack undid his too and revealed his nice toned body too both guys where now in just their trousers, socks, boots and jockstraps.

Sam then saw them pull off their boots and undo their trousers they pull them all the way down and step out of them leaving them both in just their jocks and socks.

Kevin saw both of their bubbly butts as they drop their trousers and step out of them and love the shape of them both.

They started to pull on the bio hazard suits and help each other zip each other into it Sam pick up their clothes and put them in the office across from the hold door they put their boots back on and return to guarding the door.

Kevin head off back to the ship store with the thoughts of the hot butts he saw in his mind.

Back on the bridge Aaron along with Adam and his second in command Luke where going over the plans to separate them and the other guys from the rest of the ship crew so they don’t affect them with the virus running through their bodies.

Adam said “so captain we have work out where we can be hold up in from the rest of the crew and what is needed to be taken their but who will be in command of the crew while we are searching for a cure for what lock in the hold”?

Aaron said “I will have to leave Lieutenant William king in command as he is the third officer in command if I and Luke are not able to”.

Adam said “good we need you to explain to him what is to be done and what need to be taken to the place we will be hold up in”.

Aaron said “that won’t be a problem I will give him a call by the bridge phone connected to his sleeping quarters”.

With that Aaron went over to the bridge phone and contacted Lieutenant William king to give the orders he needed to be done to prepare the area they will be hold up in and what he will need to do while they are.

Down in his sleeping quarters Lieutenant William King was lifting dumb bell weights he had not long woken up and was just in his navy jockstrap and socks.

 His body was well toned with a nice set of pecs and a wonderful define six pack too. He had no hair on his well define torso apart from a neat crop of hair under his armpits.

His arms were quite muscular too and big from all the dumb bell weight that he lifted. 

Inside his jock was a nice set of cock and balls his cock was 9 inches and had a nice set of ball that where bigger than a normal guys ones. A round his cock and balls where a nice trim layer of public hair. 

He was looking at himself in a long mirror as he lifted the weights loving the view of his nice toned body he had.

William was straight but had fool around with mates in his teens playing with each other cock and sometime sucking each other too.

But after he and his mate had become separated as his mate had moved up to Scotland with his parents so the play session stop and he found an interest in the opposite sex and had many girlfriends and one night stands afterwards.

Just as he was doing his last lift with the dumbbell weights the phone by his bed began to ring.

He put the dumbbell down and answer it and said “Lieutenant William King here”. 

On the other end of the phone Captain Aaron Reed said “Lieutenant King it Captain Reed here I need to relay some commands to you have you got a pen and paper handy”?

William said “yes sir what is it you want me to do”?

Aaron said “ok I need the following taken to the rooms near the gym all the lab stuff from the medical room especially the microscope and a box of containing a sample of a virus with that box the person must wear a bio hazard suit to carry it is that understood”?

William said “yes sir understood so far”. 

Aaron said “good next all the bunk areas near the gym are to be empty of the crew assigned to them they are to be given new bunk area to sleep”.

William said “ok sir what else you want done sir”?

Aaron said “ok we need enough food and stores in the small canteen down there and loads of sets scrubs too and a supply of soap and hair shampoo too and loads of navy issued jockstraps ok”.

William said “ok sir may I ask why this is all needed”?

Aaron said “ok Lieutenant me and a group of guys have been infected with a virus that changes your body and make you want to fuck guys and make them want to fuck you”.

William said “I see sir anything else I need to know”?

Aaron said “yes in the hold is another two who have been infected with a different virus but this one change your body to look like the original host sadly Jake the professor assistance has been infected it was what the professor thought was a big foot but was a MXer instead”.

William said “I see sir are they contained sir”?

Aaron said “yes the hold has been locked so they should not be able to get out”. He then said “the hold must not be open under any reason at all”.

William said “ok sir will make sure it stay secure”.

Aaron said “good that is all but I am now putting you in command once everything in place you will need to make sure all crew are clear for us to head their ok”.

William said “ok sir will get everything sorted and inform you when all is ready”.

Aaron said “good Lieutenant let me know straight away”.

William said “will do sir”. 

William put the phone down and read through what he had to do he quickly got dress and went off to start the preparations that the Captain has asked to be done. It was going to be a long day and a lot needed doing. 



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