Viral enhancement uk chapter 4

After the medical

Adam and Jamie were in the medical room still  kissing each other after the hot sex they just had with 18 year old rating Tony during their kiss the had watch as the hot young 18 year old body had change in front of their eyes he was no longer the slim tone guy with a 9 inch cock anymore he was so muscular and now had a 11 inch cock hanging out of his navy issued jockstrap.

Tony started to come round and look at the two guys still kissing then at his incredible new body. He couldn't believe how hot he looked now but love what he now had. Adam and Jamie broke from their post sex kissing and came over to him.

Both Tony and Jamie then said to Adam for the first time "what has happen to us." Adam then said "it must be the virus I was looking at and injected into me." They both said "you injected what into you" he said "it a virus that doctor Diego Juarez was working on it make your body more muscular and your cock bigger also make you want to fuck a guy too." They both said "so you're telling us that our body have change like this because of a virus that running wild in your body" he said "yes and is now both in you two too" they both said "wow one way to get fit easy" and both burst into laughter.

He said "true but did you notice how brutal we were with you Tony as we fucked you both ends" Tony said "yes I couldn't keep up with you it like you had a wild urge to fuck me hard both ends". Adam then said "I think that might be one of the side effects of the virus after you had just changed." They both said "I see" Tony then said "so I will suddenly want to be brutal too with a guy I am fucking" Adam said "yes I think you will". "Ok" said Tony.

Adam said "we better all three of us hit the showers as we are very sweaty and dirty from our hot session" they all nodded with agreement and pushed their big cocks back in to their navy issued jockstraps Adam gave them each a towel to wrap round them as they headed to the showers all three had forgotten to get to them they had to go through the gym.

While they were heading towards the showers that were in the gym five guys were working out two were by the bench press helping the other out their names were Tom and Andy both were slim built with finely toned abs and pecs. Both where ratings and both age 18. Tom had a tattoo of a roaring loin on his shoulder while Andy had one of a tiger roaring also on his shoulder both guys had blond hair spiked up. Tom eyes were blue and was wearing his blue navy issued shorts under that was his navy issued jock which covered his cock which was a 10 inches. Andy eyes where hazel he too was wearing his navy issued shorts and jock he too also had a 10 inch cock in his jock. Both took it in turn to push the weights as the other spots for him.

Across the room on the pectoral machine was Jon he was a petty officer and age 36. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes and was stocky built but his body was very toned he had great abs and pecs he had a neatly shaved beard and a thin layer of hair all over his well-formed chest he was in a singlet vest and his blue navy shorts and his navy issued jock too which enclosed a nice 12 inch cock he was pushing away happily on the pectoral machine.

The last two guys Brett and Paul where lifting hand weights between them of different size Brett had dark blond hair that went in a wavy way on his head and green eyes his body was slim but was well toned and his pecs were nice too he was shirtless and only had his blue issued shorts and the jockstrap underneath it enclosed a large 12 inch cock his chest was finely covered with a nice layer of blond fur.

Paul had red hair shortly cut and grey eyes he was slim built like Brett but was more muscular than him and his chest was free of hair apart from a nice trail to his navel and cock. He too was just in his navy shorts and jock but also wore a singlet too which was soaking in sweat in his jock was a nice 9 inch cock enclosed in it. Both Brett and Paul were 25 year old. All the guys had trainers and socks on as they went on exercising their bodies.

Adam, Jamie and Tony were nearly near the gym entrance which would lead to the showers beyond. It had taken a while to get to because as they walked they couldn't help but feel each other up by the time the near the entrance all three had ranging hard on in the jocks under the towels they also still had their boots and socks on too.

Before they entered they took off the towels wrap round them and laid them over their shoulders the entered and stop dead as the saw the five guys working out in the gym as the room was not very big the microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones flooded the room it was even more potent as it was coming from three of them.

They looked at the guys and saw all five were bulging in their shorts and jocks the petty officer Jon as the senior one in the room came over to them and said "you can't come in here just dress like that"as he got near to Adam the chief medical officer the microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones flooded him and he fell in to a passionate kiss with Adam.

Tom, Andy, Brett and Paul looked on in amazement as Jon deep kiss Adam and slowly drop his shorts to the floor. All three studs drop the towels over their shoulders to the floor.

Jaime and Tony split off from Adam. Jaime went over to Tom and Andy while Tony went over to Brett and Paul.

Jamie watched as Tom and Andy start to kiss him and feel his hot body and his bulging jockstrap. Tom continued to kiss him deeply as Andy worked his way down and suck on Jamie's big nipples one by one and continued to kiss his great body all the way down to his feet he started to untie Jamie's boot laces and slip one by one off his feet he then pulled the socks off with his teeth one by one want to get to Jaime big size nine feet. Andy started to suck on each toe one by one loving the taste of them and wanting to taste more and more of the sweaty cheesiness of this hot guy feet.

Jamie was loving what these two hot guys were doing to him he watched as Tom got behind Andy and started to rub his bulging shorts and jock against Andy enclosed ass. Jamie looked down and watch the sexy hot guys as one sucked his toes and the other dry humped his mate ass.

Jamie look down and said "take your shorts off bitches" Tom and Andy did what they were told without question and slip both their shorts off revealing their bulging jockstraps underneath. Tom started to rub his now uncovered jock bulge up and down along the crack of his hot mate ass. He also started to rub the massive bulge in Jamie's jock too.

Jamie moaned as Tom rub his cock through his jockstrap. Andy was still licking and sucking Jaime toes loving the hot taste of them he then stop sucking and turn round to his mate and said "rim my ass mate". Tom wasted no time and started to rim his best mate tight hole with gusto loving the taste of his mate sweaty ass.

Jaime pulled Andy from his feet and sat down on the bench press and said "get my cock out bitch and start sucking it" Andy wasted no time and pulled out the massive 10 inch cock from it prison he nearly got hit in the face by it. He started to suck the head of Jaime's massive cock with gusto running his tongue over the head of the cock as he tried to take more and more in to his wanting mouth.

Tom was rimming him deeper and deeper in to his hot mate ass loving the hot sweat and ass juices taste he was licking up out of his hot mate ass. Andy came off Jamie cock with a pop and turn round and said to tom "fuck me mate I want your cock inside me" Tom wasted no time and pulled his rock hard 10 inch cock out of side of his jock and slowly started to insert it in to his hot mate ass Jamie watched as Tom pushed in more and more of his hot 10 inch cock in to his hot mate ass.

Andy moan and went back sucking on Jamie cock with gusto forcing more down his throat as he shifted position to take more of his mate Tom hot 10 inch cock in to his ass.

Jamie was loving how these two hot guys fuck and suck he leaned over and spitted on Tom hot cock to help lube Andy ass more to take his hot mate cock deeper in to his hole.

Jaime pulled his cock out of Andy's mouth with a pop he stood up and walked round to behind Tom and bent down and started to rim Tom ass deeply Tom gasped as he felt his hole being tongued and pushed back so Jamie could tongue him deeper and deeper as he ploughed his best mate ass deeper and deeper.

Both Tom and Andy were loving what was being done to them moaning and grunting in lust Andy leaned back and kiss his hot mate on the lips and started to tongued each other deeply tasting and sharing the hot precum that was still in Andy mouth from the sucking of Jamie big 10 inch cock.

Both loved the tasted and savored it as the kissed and moaned with pleasure. Then Jamie got up and started to insert his 10 inch cock in to Tom wanting hole Tom gasped as he felt it slow go in to his tight hole Jamie said "take my cock bitch I know you want it badly" Tom said "yes give me you big cock I want it deep inside me" Andy turn his head round and watch as his best mate took Jamie cock deep in to his ass the look of bliss on his face was wonderful.

Jamie said to them "stand up bitches". They stood up and started to chain fuck with Andy holding on to the bench press as he got pounded by his hot mate at the same time his mate was getting pounded by Jamie deep and brutally fucking Tom tight ass.

Tom was loving it being fuck by such a hot guy as he pounded his hot mate tight ass all were in bliss and loving every moment of it. Jaime loved both the hot tattoos that were on the shoulders of these hot guy.

Over the other side Tony had come over to Brett and Paul he watched as they slip off their shorts and Paul pulled of his singlet too revealing the wonderful bodies they had. They were now just standing in their jockstrap trainers and socks and had put down the weights they were using.

They both walked over to Tony and started to feel his hot body and rubbing their hard bulges against his hot body as they kiss him on the lips and over his hot body.

Tony was loving the attention that his body was getting and watching the action over the other side of the room of Jamie getting it on with two hot guys both 18 across the room turn him on even more.

Both Brett and Paul were loving worshiping the hot guy in front of them taking it in turn to kiss on the lips and tongue his hot mouth then moving down to his hot big nipples and sucking on them. Tony was in bliss as they did these things to him.

Two hot 25 year old guys lusting after the hottest body they had either seen on an 18 year old guy. Tony then said to them "kneel bitches". "Pull my 11 inch cock out the side of my jock bitches and suck on it both together." They got down to their knees without question and freed the 11 inch cock from it jock prison it nearly hit them both in the face they started working it in gusto with their hot lips making every part of it nice and wet and meeting in at the end to kiss and tongue each other at the tip of Tony hot big cock.

Tony was loving how these two hot guy where working his big 11 inch cock with such lust. He moaned as they licked it in ways he did know could be done on a guy by two guys.

He then started to suck his fingers in his mouth making them nice and wet. He then started to rub his wet fingers against Brett exposed ass making Brett ass nice and wet. Brett gasped as he felt the fingers play round his tight hole loving how it turn him on more as they move over the pink pucking lips of his sweet tight hole.

Tony then started to suck both set of fingers on his hands making them nice and wet. He then bent over a bit and started rubbing his wet fingers against Brett exposed ass again but this time he also rub his wet fingers against Paul's exposed ass making Paul's ass nice and wet too. Paul gasped as he felt the fingers play round his tight hole too and loving how it turn him on more as they move over the pink pucking lips of his sweet tight hole too.Both moan as tony fingered each hole at the same time as they worked on his cock with lust.

Tony then said "one of you suck my balls and the other suck my cock head now". Without a word Brett moved down and started to suck and lick Tony sweaty ball loving the salty and sweat taste of them. Paul was busy trying to take as much of Tony 11 inch cock in to his mouth gagging each time he tried to take it all.

Both where being deep fingered by Tony big fingers and loving every moment. Tony then said to them "do you want me to fist you both bitches" Brett and Paul said "yes please fist our ass" Tony said "turn round then bitches and stick your hot asses in the air" Both Brett and Paul stuck their asses in the air ready to be fisted by this hot stud. Tony started to push his fists into their wanting holes slowly at first.

They both moaned loud as they got fisted for the first time in the lives and loving every minute of it. Tony said "yeah you love my fists in your asses don't you bitches you love my fists deep in your shit holes ploughing your holes deep with my fists". Both Brett and Paul said "yes fists us deep please". "We love you fisting us deep." Both guys were moaning and groaning as Tony fists them hard and deep both Brett and Paul cocks were rock hard and making their jock pouches bulge big time but Brett was the biggest as he had a hard 12 inch cock stuff in it. Paul was big to and bulging but was only 9 inches.

Tony was loving how he had broken these two hot 25 year old guys to his will and to the joys of fisting. Tony then said to them as he fisted them even deep "pull your cock out the side of your jocks bitches" they pulled their raging hard on out of the side of their jocks they began to swing as Tony fisted them deeper and deeper. Both loving what this young stud was doing to them and didn't want him to stop.

Across by the entrance to the gym Adam and Jon were still kissing Jon had already drop his shorts their bulges rubbing against each other they were kissing deeply Jon grabbed his singlet and pull it off reveal his wonderful thin layered of hair on his chest and pecs Adam love it and run his hand through the hairs of this sex stud chest there was not much of a age gap between them Adam was 35 and Jon was 36.

As their bulges touched and rubbed it was clear who had the bigger cock Jon had the biggest it was 12 inches and pulling on his jock pouch big time but Adam was big too but only 9.5 inches.

Adam pushed Jon to his knees and said to him "release my cock bitch you might have the bigger cock but I am higher in rank than you." Jon did what he was told then Adam then said "suck it bitch" Jon started to work on the big cock in front of him taking as much as he can into his mouth wanting to please this hot hairy stud in front of him.

Adam started to force more and more of his cock in to this hot older stud mouth saying to him "take it all bitch." "Take my big cock in that slutty mouth of yours." "Beg for my cock bitch". Jon said "give me your cock sir I want your cock deep in my mouth". Adam was loving how he was controlling this hot older guy.

Adam then started sucking on his fingers making them nice and wet. He leaded over and started to rub his wet fingers over Jon exposed hole. Jon gasped as he felt them rubbing over his pink lips of his ass hole loving the feel of them rubbing over them making them nice and wet.

Adam said "yeah you like that don't you bitch". Jon moaned and said "yes sir I love how you are feeling my hole sir". Adam said "do you want me to finger your ass bitch". Jon said "yes sir finger my hole as I suck your big cock sir". "Good bitch" Adam said to him and started to insert more and more fingers into Jon wanting ass and finger him deeper and deeper. Jon was in bliss with a cock in his mouth and hand fingering his hole he was loving it.

He never thought that having a guy finger fuck you was the great's thing in the world he didn't want it to stop. Jon pull off Adam cock with a pop and said "please sir put more fingers in me". Adam said "ok bitch I will". Adam started to insert four fingers in to Jon wanting ass Jon moaned as he felt them work in and out of his hole as he sucked more and more of Adam big 9.5 inch cock into his mouth. Adam was loving how he was breaking this older stud to his will.

Adam look around the room looking first at his hot nurse Jamie's ploughing a hot 18 year old who was in turn fucking a hot 18 year old in a chain fuck all three were moaning with pleasure.

Then he looked over to Tony and saw him fisting two 25 year old studs with his fists deeper and deeper in to their holes both were moaning with pleasure.

He was loving what he was watching. Adam grab hold of Jon hair and force him to take more and more of his cock in his slutty mouth as he started to fist Jon hole with his hand getting in as deep as he could into Jon wanting hole. Jon was gagging on the cock as he was face fucked by Adam without mercy. Adam face fucked harder and harder in total lust wanting him to take all of his big cock in his mouth and down his throat.

The room was full of moaning and groaning as the 8 hunky guys fucked ,sucked and fisted in pure pleasure and lust.

Adam removed his hand from Jon hole with a pop and pulled him off his cock too and said "let move to the showers guys and take our jocks off and hang them on the towel pegs" All agreed and Adam watch as Tony slowly pulled his hands out the hot hunky 25 year old guys well fisted asses with a pop both of them gasped as the felt so empty after the fisting they had been given their pink puckers were winking as their ass holes closed.

Then with loud pop Jaime pulled out of the guy he was fucking the guy who he was fucking pulled out of the guy he had been fucking too. All the guys were coated with a thin layer of sweat over their hot bodies.

Adam, Jamie and Tony pick up their towels and walked over to the towels pegs all three hung their towels on the pegs and then pulled their jocks down and hung them on top of the towels. They also remove their boots and socks apart from Jamie who had his off already.

All three watched as the other five guys all walked over Tom and Andy were supporting each other after the fucking they had and Brett and Paul were also supporting each other after the deep fisting they both had only Jon who had not been fisted so hard could walk without support all five head over to the three hunks and all in one move they pulled their jocks down and hung them on the pegs next to the three studs ones that where on pegs individually. They did the same.

They also removed their trainers and socks too. Adam turn the water on and turn up the heat. All 8 guys walked into the communal shower all still had rage hard cocks. Adam turn to the five hunks and said "bring three of those plastic benches with you as you come in". Then he said "Jaime, Tony give them a hand with them".

Adam carried on walking in to the shower as the seven guys brought the three plastic benches with them. Adam told them to put them in a triangular shape which they did.

while the now recovered guys where putting them in place Adam, Jamie and tony started to soap up their muscular bodies and soaping up their big hard cocks as they watch the five naked hunks put the benches in place once done all three said "come here bitches" all five went over to them.

Tom and Andy went towards Jamie and Brett and Paul went towards Tony leaving Jon to go towards Adam. All eight guys started to soap each others bodies and feel each other up and finger each others holes the hot water made the soap run down their bodies they all started kissing and tongue each other deeply loving what each was doing to the other.

Adam broke away from kissing Jon deeply and said "let get these benches in use bitches" He looked at Jamie and Tom and said to them "Jamie you lie on the bench and you bitch lie the other end I want your cocks to meet in the middle ok" Jamie said "sure Adam" and Tom said "ok". Then Adam said to Tony as he pointed to Andy "ok help me get this bitch on their cocks Tony" Tony said "ok Adam" They pick Andy up and started to lower him on the two big hard 10 inch cocks pushing them into his ass. Andy screamed as the two big cocks slowly went deeper in to his still tight ass then as he started to ride them it became a lot less painful he started to moan as the feeling of two 10 inch cocks in his ass became wonderful.

Adam then said to Tony pointing to Brett "help me lower this bitch on to that bitch" he pointed to Andy as he said that. Tony and Adam lifted Brett and lowered him down on to Andy now rock hard stimulated 10 inch cock. It went in quite easy as the hot 25 year old hunk had been deep fisted by Tony not long ago all four where moving in unison fucking the guy on top of them all moaning and groaning loudly.

Paul and Jon couldn't believe what they were seeing but because of the genetically-altered pheromones that where in the air they were so turn on by it. Adam turn to them and said to them "one of you get your cock in Jamie mouth and the other get it in the bitch mouth the other side". Jon went round to Jamie and started to feed his rock hard 12 inch cock down this hot studs mouth he was amazed that Jamie was taking more and more in as he fucked Andy and also rubbing against Tom cock too.

Paul had move round to Tom and was forcing his 9 inch cock down Tom throat. Tom tried to take in more and more but couldn't take it all like Jaime and kept gagging on it. They were all moaning and groaning.

Adam and Tony were loving the sight of the group orgy in front of then Adam then moved behind Jon and started to insert his 9.5 inch cock in to Jon tight but wet hole and start to fuck him deeper and deeper.

Tony had also moved over to Paul and started to insert his 11 inch cock in to Paul wet hole it went in slowly at first but then it started to go in nice and smoothly as Paul ass was deep fisted not long ago.

All the guys where moaning and groaning in pleasure as they were all fucked in different ways the hot water running over their bodies and the steam and the genetically-altered pheromones were flooding the air making them all so hard and horny for each other and even more turn on.

While this hot session was happening in the shower the ships fitness officer James Roberts entered the gym he looked around the room as he was here to do training with the five guys who were being fucked in the shower at that very moment.

James had short blond hair that was spike up and blue eyes. He had a nice toned body with a nice set of abs and pecs with big nipples on his chest he had a tattoo of a roaring lion who mouth seem to be clamping down on his right nipple and goes round the side of his chest. He also had a bulldog on his shoulder with the union flag of the UK behind it.

He was wearing his navy issued shorts and under them his navy issued jockstrap too which was holding his nice 8 inch cock in place. He also had a singlet top on too. James was 36 years old.

He walked in to the room and found the abandoned collection of shorts and singlets and an pair of boots and socks over the floor and the bench press he wonder where they could be and why had they left their shorts ,singlets, socks and boots just abandoned like they have.

He started to head to the shower area and came to the towel pegs on the wall. On three there were towels and jocks on the other five were just the jocks he noticed that three plastic benches were missing too. He also noticed a collection of socks and trainers and boots under the bench which was below the towel pegs.

He walked nearer and heard moaning and groaning coming from within the communal shower. When he looked in he was shocked at what he saw. In the centre of the room were eight guys all fucking and sucking each other over one of the missing benches.

As he looked he could see three studs one was lying on the bench the other two were pounding two of the guys he had come to train he then notice that all five where in the group he could see Tom sucking and fucking while Andy was riding Tom cock and then he saw Brett was riding Andy cock. Then he noticed that Jon and Paul were being fucked at the same time they were forcing their cocks down the lying down guys throat Paul was forcing his into Tom mouth.

Then James noticed who the three studs where one was Adam the ship chief medical officer the other his nurse Jamie who was lying on the bench with Jon 12 inch cock in his mouth as he fucked Andy ass alongside Tom cock.

Then he noticed Tony who was pounding Paul ass fasts and hard. James couldn't believe how Tony had become so muscular and have the biggest cock apart from Jon's he had either seen.He had been training Tony one on one as well so couldn't believe how muscular he had become after their last session.

He watched still amazed at what these guys were doing. The genetically-altered pheromones slowly drifted to the entrance of the communal shower room James suddenly felt his cock start to go hard and bulge in his jockstrap and shorts.

He suddenly felt the urge to remove his shorts and singlet he untied his trainers and took them off and his socks too then pulled down his shorts and step out of them and then pulled off his singlet revealing his hot very toned bod and nice set of abs and his tattoos too.

He pulled out his cock and started to wank his hard 8 inch cock out the side of his jock watching the hot session in front of him.

He then notice Tony looking at him with a look of lust on his face. James knew not why but he wanted to be with this guy so he pulled down his jock and hung it on it own peg with the rest and walked in and over to Tony and started to kiss and tongue him in his wonderful mouth.

He had never seen a guy so hot. He then went round to Tony ass and kneeled down and started to rim this hot stud ass with lust. Tony moaned with delight as his hot trainer eat out his hot hole as he forced his 11 inch cock deeper in to Tom mouth.

All were moaning and groaning loving what happening to them. The hot water running down their hot bodies as the fucked and suck with glee loving every moment of it.

The three studs started to fuck faster and faster as a wave of lust went over them this made the guys they were fucking and face fucking moan even more and getting near and near to shooting their loads.

The three studs were also getting to the point of Cumming too as the fuck wildly with lust in the holes they had filled with their cocks. James stood up and started to insert his 8 inch cock into Tony hot ass and start to fuck his still tight hole.

Tony was loving what his hot trainer was doing to him and he leaned back and kiss him deeply as he let him fuck him deeper as he pounded Paul ass with lust. All the guys were in bliss and getting close to shooting their hot loads the three studs were ramming so hard they were all near the point of climax.

Adam and Tony yelled "oh fuck bitches were going to cum". They shot their hot loads deep in to Jon and Paul this made both Jon and Paul yell "oh fuck we are going to shoot too" and they flooded both Jamie and Tom mouth with hot loads. Jamie and Tom swallowed as much of the hot cum they could take Jamie took the lot in and loved the taste of it.

The full force of them taking all this hot cum into their mouths sent Jamie and Tom over the edge and they shot both their hot loads deep in to Andy's ass. Andy moaned as he felt his bowels get flooded by the big loads from the hot stud and the hunk that were shooting from their cocks deeply inserted into his ass that it sent him over the edge too and he started to shoot his hot seed into Brett's hole deeply. Brett moaned as he felt his bowels get flooded by the hot cum shooting from the hunk below.

Brett was near the point of Cumming Tony came over to Brett and took his cock deep in to his mouth while still being pounded by James in his ass. Brett yelled "oh fuck I am going to cum". He started to shoot deep in to Tony mouth Tony swallowed load after load deep into his stomach at the same time clamping down on James cock which was deep in his ass.

This caused James to let loose his loaded deep into Tony's ass and bowels. All were moaning as they all finished climaxing.

Adam and Tony quickly lifted off first Brett followed by Andy. Jon, Paul and Andy all walked over to a bench and fell to their knees and collapsed over the bench and slip into unconscious. Brett, Tom and James were standing their cocks still hard even thought they had all cummed and were looking at the three studs with wild lust on their faces.

Adam came over to Brett and Jamie came over to Tom and Tony came over to James all three studs turn them round and forced their hard cocks in to the three remain hunks that had not become unconscious and brutally fucked them all three screamed as the where fucked hard and fast by these three hot studs. Slowly they all then started to moan as the wave of bliss fell over them wanting to take more of these studs cocks in to them.

Soon all three hunks were to the point of climaxing again and the studs grabbed their hard throbbing cocks and start to wank the hot hunks they were deep fucking the studs said in unison "yeah that it bitches take our cocks deep in your holes you want our cum in you don't you bitches" All three guys said "yes sir we want your cum in us deep" that sent the three studs over the edge and the shot load after load into the three hunks wanting holes. At the same time the hot hunks shot their loads all over the tiled wall of the shower it mixed with the water and started to run down the drain.

They pulled off and watch as the three hunks walked over fell to their knees and collapsed over the benches into unconscious. Adam, Jamie and Tony started to kiss deeply into post sex lust and watch as one by one the guys they had fucked started to change they all became more muscular and toned those who did not have hair on the chest started to sprout a nice thin layer on it on their chest.

Tom and Andy who both had 10 inch cocks their cocks started to grow to 15 inches and even thicker than they once were. Brett and Jon who both had 12 inches cocks had started to grow to 16 inches and even thicker than they once were. Paul cock which was 9 inches had started to grow and become 14 inches and thicker too.

James cock which was 8 inches had started to grow and become 12 inches and thicker too. Adam, Jamie and Tony watch as more hot hunks became studs like them. All 6 hunks skin colour has turn into a tan colour too.



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