Captain Aaron and the rest of the guys who were infected had made it to the quarantine area it had been hard going as they had to carry professor Thomas Chapman to the location as he was unconscious from the hard fucking his body had just had.

This happen when he was drag on to the bridge and used by the guys after he was shown the CCTV video of his assistant being used by Jon and change in to a clone of him no longer the hot 19-year-old slim built lad he once was he was now a very muscular guy with an 18-inch cock instead of his 9 inch cock he once had and unable to speak as Jon controlled his mind. 

Jon had while they were carrying the Professor to the location had added two more guys to his quest for revenge they were the two guys who were guarding the door to the hold at the time.

The guys where Ken House and Steve Kent their bio hazard suits had been damaged and the genetically-altered pheromones flooded through the holes in their suits. 

It came through the hole made in the door too turning them both on their fate was heard over the intercom.

 They were trap between Jon and the MXers slave boy both had the genetically-altered cum pump deep in their ass and mouth Ken got a full load in his tight ass as Steve got a full load deep in to his stomach both then change and no longer had the free will and bodies they once had they had both become copy of Jon with muscular bodies and both had 18 inch cocks and the ability to talk was also taken from them. 

Aaron said as they arrived “put the professor in the bunk area till he wakes”.

The guys carrying him who were all the 18-year-old guys Tony, Tom, Andy and Scott said “yes sir”.

They carried him to the bunk area and lay him down in one of the bottom bunks.

Aaron then said “right guys we better clean ourselves up first then start the task of finding a cure to stop these viruses”.

They all said “yes sir” and all headed to the shower room in the gym they all strip off their sweaty and cum stained jockstraps and entered the shower room Aaron turn the water on and the heat too and they all followed him in with flannels and soaps and shampoos so they could get all nice and clean.

While they were in their some of the guys help each other to clean their backs and other parts that they couldn’t reach by the end of them showering together they all had raging hard cocks.

 Up on the bridge Lieutenant William King was supervising the cleaning of the bridge the cleaning team were all in bio suits and where wiping the whole deck and all the equipment clean of the cum that was splatted every were from where the infected guys had shot load after load while they been fucking on the bridge.

The Lieutenant made the cleaning team use a special vacuum cleaner to suck up the cum so it could be taken to the guys in quarantine to use in their tests they had nearly finished when Harry who was one of the guys Ken had spoken to before he was sealed in came up to the Lieutenant to make a report.

The Lieutenant said “what is your report Harry”?

Harry saluted and said “all bulkhead sealed and barricaded sir as you order”.

The Lieutenant said “very good Harry anything else”?

Harry said “well sir are we going to inform the families of the two guys who were trap and what has happened to them”?

The Lieutenant said “we will as soon as we have stop the virus that they been exposed to then we will inform them. But at the moment it is imperative we contain this till we have found a cure for that virus and the virus the others have got too”.

Harry said “ok sir I feel sorry for those guys they didn’t have a chance”.

The lieutenant said “I know how you feel if we get through this and they become free willed again they be given a medal for bravery but we have to sort this first then go on from there”.

Harry said “yes sir what do you want the men at the bulkheads to do now sir do you want us to guard the barricaded and sealed bulkheads or withdraw to a safer location”?

The Lieutenant said “keep an eye on the bulkhead barricades and let me know if they try and break through at once ok”.

Harry said “yes sir will report at once when we notice anything”.

Just before Harry went the Lieutenant said “have Sam and Jake been told about Ken and Steve”?

Harry said “yes I told them before I came to report they were in the shower room at the time so didn’t hear what happen to them they are very cut up about it as they were bunk mates to both of them”.

The Lieutenant said “yeah they would be it could have been both of them instead if the other guys where late I can see why they cut up about it”.

Harry said “I must be getting back sir will report to you if anything happens”.

The Lieutenant said “ok report to me at once any changes ok”

Harry said “ok sir will do sir”.

Harry saluted and headed back to the barricaded bulkheads.

Lieutenant William King was left to think about all that was just reported and watch the last bits of cum to be clean up ready for him to take command of the bridge.

Back down in the gym shower room the 14 studs had all showered and where all nice and clean but all of them had hard cocks swaying as the hot warm water ran down their hot bodies’ they were so horny and wanted to wank off their and then but Aaron brought them back to their senses.

We need to work on a cure for this and the other virus before we can have more fun.

They all agreed they all walked out the shower and started to dry off their bodies with the towels supplied once all dried they pop new clean jockstrap on and the scrubs too they all went to the office that was change into a meeting room and started to work on a plan to find a cure for both viruses.

While they were in the room the communication phone on the wall began to ring Captain Aaron went over to it and answered it on the other end was Lieutenant William King.

Captain Aaron said “hi Lieutenant we have arrived here we just been in the shower room cleaning up our selves what is it you want”.

The Lieutenant said “well captain it was just to let you know two guys in bio suits will drop a container full of the cum you all shot all over the bridge to you just outside the door to the quarantine area I thought you could use it for testing to find a cure for the virus you have running through you”.

The captain said “well done we can use that as a start well done Lieutenant”.

At that moment there was a bang on the door Adam the chief medical officer went to the bulkhead door and open it there was a container full of their combine cum and two ratings in bio hazard suits walking away.

Adam pick it up it was easy with his new muscular body to lift the container and took it to the refrigerator unit so it could be stored to be used for testing later without it getting ruin and be of no use to them.      

The captain said “it just arrived Lieutenant thank you for your help hopefully we can find a cure for both viruses”.

The Lieutenant said “your welcome sir” he then hangs up and the Captain put the phone down.

The Captain then said to all the guys in the room “right we have work to do let get started”.

Adam started to head off to start to do some test on the cum that had be brought to them but stop and then he said to all the guys “I will need to take blood samples from you all at some point but at the moment I will put the cum through some test first I suggest that anyone who is not medical trained either get some rest or go and do some weights and that or go and eat some food.

They all went off apart from the Captain and his second in command and Adam and his Nurse Jamie Aaron the Captain said to Adam and Jamie “you better head to the medical room and start your test guys”.

Adam said “we will at once sir” both headed off to start the tests that they need to do to find a cure for the viruses they were trying to stop.

In the bunk area professor Thomas Chapman had started to come round before his body had change he had nice toned body with a great set of pecs and abs with a nice layer of thin hair over his pecs leading to a thin trail to his navel he had a nice bushy of hair round his cock and balls his cock was 9.5 inches and had a nice set of balls behind it that were a bit bigger than most normal guys where.

He has brown short hair and green eyes and a nice trim beard on his face.

He was straight and had a wife at home his age was 39.

He looked around as he started to come round his head still fuzzy he tried to move but found that he had been tied up at the arms and legs so was unable to move.

He then noticed his new body his toned body was even more muscular than it was before. 

He also notices his cock had grown too and was not 9.5 inches any more but now 11inches and even thicker he also noticed his balls had got even bigger they were bigger than most normal guys before then but now they were the size of tennis balls both balls and had stretch the ball sacks making his balls hang even lower. 

He then notices he was lying in the bottom of one of several bunkbeds he started to shout trying to get some one attention.

Shortly after he had pause his shouting someone enter the bunkbed room he could not tell who it was in till he got near it was Luke Evans the ship captain second in command.

 Professor Thomas Chapman looked up at Luke and said “oh it you why have I been tied up and what has happened to me”?

Luke said “you been tied up so we can talk to you because we need your help”.

Thomas said “why do you need my help”?

Luke then said “well as you know there is a virus on board that changes a guy body in to a copy of the original host”.

Thomas said “yes I remember the CCTV video you show me.” 

Luke then said “yes but there is also another virus that changes guys in to studs and make them want to fuck guys and be fucked”.

Thomas said “are you saying that virus has change my body to what it is now”?

Luke said “yes it has”.

Thomas said “ok so why do you need my help”?

Luke said “you’re a scientist of zoology and human logy your skill would be of help in find a cure for both viruses we wanted to talk to you first to calm you down first so we could talk to you sensible first and to see if you would help us”?

Thomas said “I will help but tell me why you all had a lustful look on your faces before you used me the way you all did”?

Luke said “it seems a side effect of the virus you become very lust full for the first few hours after the changes then it gets less”.

Thomas said “I see I take it their other side effects too”?

Luke said “yes the captain seems to be very aggressive with you think that was because he was angry with you about what happen to your assistant Jake May in the hold”.

Thomas said “I see now I understand I won’t be angry with you all I can see why the captain was the way he was”.

Luke said “will you help us then we could use all the help we can get two more have been infected since you were unconscious and have change in to clones of the original host”?

Thomas said “yes I will can you please untie me then”.

Luke said “ok I will”.

Luke start to untie Thomas freeing his arms and legs Thomas started to move his arms and legs getting the circulation going round them.

Thomas said “thank you Luke that feel so much better than being tied up shall we go and see the captain”.

Luke said “yes follow me”.

As they walked to the meeting room they pass the gym and saw some of the guys lifting weights and other lifting machines too.

Luke said “as we are near the gym would you like to go and have a shower”?

Thomas said “yes I better” he had just noticed he was caked with dry cum on his body and his biker jockstrap was soaked too.

Luke show him to the shower room and show him where he could get a towel, flannel, soap and shampoo from and a clean jockstrap and some scrubs to wear.

Thomas said “thank you Luke”.

Luke watch as Thomas strip off his soaked jockstrap and put on the shower and turn the heat on and then walked in to the shower to clean himself. 

Luke couldn’t help but watch as Thomas soap up the hot new body he had.

Luke love what he was seeing and was getting hard watching him. 

Thomas soap his hot new body more and his new 11-inch cock and his tennis ball size balls he noticed he had started to get hard as he soaps and caressed his body. 

Luke started to pull off his scrub top and then pulled down his scrub bottoms leaving him just in his jockstrap which was bulging with his now hard 10 inchers he pulled it out the side and started to wank it more now it was out of it jock prison.

Thomas turn round and couldn’t help but look at Luke as he started to watch him wank his big cock Thomas had also started to wank his 11incher with gusto he was lathering the soap all over it.

Luke pulled his jock right off and started to walk in to the shower over to Thomas and started to wank Thomas big cock as he places Thomas hand on his they both looked in to each other’s eyes as they wanked each other off they then started to get closer and fell in to a passion session of kissing they also tongued each other mouth as they kissed.

Luke started to kiss down Thomas neck moving slowly down to the nice thin hair covered pecs and sucked on each of his nipples one by one.

He then kissed all the way down Thomas abs kissing each abs muscle as he went down then kissing the navel he then sank right to his knees and took Thomas 11inche cock head in to his mouth and started to suck on it coming off it at times and using his tongue and mouth he kisses and licked over Thomas cock making it nice and wet.

Thomas said “spit on my cock”.

Luke did what he was asked and spit on Thomas cock and took Thomas cock back in to his mouth and sucked more and more of it in deep in to his mouth and down his throat gagging a few times then his throat relented and he start to take it balls deep into his hot mouth.

Thomas said “fuck yeah you suck my cock good Luke feel great in your hot mouth and throat”.

Luke pulled off and said “yeah and it taste good and the hot pre cum leaking from it too and it lube my throat good too”.

Thomas said “glad you like it”. 

Luke took it back deep in to his mouth and throat and start to suck it even more.

Thomas moaned and groaned as Luke sucked his cock in all the right ways he grabs hold of Luke hair and started to face fuck Luke mouth and throat hard and faster.

Luke desperately tried to keep motions with Thomas’s fucking but was starting to find it hard too he tried to pull off but the grip of his hair was so tight that it was painful when he tried he could feel the hair roots being pulled to their limits when he tried to come off Thomas cock.

Thomas had a wave of lust wash over him he wanted to fuck Luke mouth and throat till he shot his hot cream load deep into Luke stomach he was so in lust he didn’t care that Luke was find it harder to breath with his cock so deep down Luke throat he just wanted to cum so badly.

Luke tried to breathe through his noise he could breathe a bit but was getting harder and harder as more of Thomas’s huge11inche cock went in to his mouth and down his throat he could feel Thomas’s cock throbbing with each thrust that Thomas made deep into his throat and mouth.

Thomas said “yeah take my cock deeper Luke I want to shoot cum down your throat deep”. 

All that Luke could do was moan round Thomas’s cock his own cock that was 10 inches was rock soiled and standing straight up and at time hit his abs as his head bob up and down on Thomas’s cock it was leaking pre cum from it end and trickled down the shaft of his cock slowly lubeing it up as it coated it.

Thomas let go of Luke hair and Luke came off coughing and spluttering and taking deep breaths as he recovered from the force of the face fucking that Thomas had given him.

Luke look up at Thomas and saw the lust on his face he knew that Thomas was not done and knew he be wanting to do more to him soon.

Luke couldn’t help but smile he knew it was the side effects of the virus that was causing Thomas to be this way he stood up and started kissing Thomas on the lips again their tongues met as they kiss deeply again each was tasting the hot pre cum that was in Luke mouth from when he was face fucked by Thomas they both love the sweet taste of it.

Luke broke from the kiss and said “I think I in love with you Thomas”.

Thomas said “yeah I am I love with you too Luke”.

Both smile and blushed and then started kissing again.

The hot water running all over their bodies each started to soap the other hot bod with soap lathering it all over.

Both started to rub their hand and fingers up each other crack as they soap up the crack and rub over each other’s pink ass lips both gasped as they were touched over their pink ass lips. 

They continue to soap each other’s hot bods they stare into each other’s eyes both with a look of love knowing they want to be together forever after they got out of the trouble they had fallen into.

What their wives will think they did not know they just enjoyed each other as the soap each other’s body more.

In the lab Adam and Jamie where preparing slides with samples of the cum that was brought to them to see if the answer to stopping the viruses was in the generic makeup of the cum that the guys had shot load on the bridge.

Jamie pass Adam the first slide of cum samples Adam looked in to the microscope lenses and adjusted the magnification to see what was going on in the cum sample.

He was shocked at what he saw it seem that the sample of cum was multiplying and dividing itself so there were billions of sperm moving and kept dividing more and more.

He said to Jamie “have a look at this”.

Jamie looked and said “what the fuck that impossible”.

Adam said “yes it is but it happening”

Jamie said “we won’t be able to work from the cum samples as we don’t know what was the original sperm that was release and what is split from it”.

Adam said “yes also as it a combined collection we don’t know who cum is who’s”.

Jamie said “so we need a cum sample that is on its own then”.

Adam said “yes Jamie we do”.

Jamie said “no time like the present then”.

He then pulled his scrub trousers down and pulled his cock out the side of his jock and started to wank it. 

The big 10 incher started to grow hard as he wanked it hard and fast.

Adam couldn’t believe how his hot nurse didn’t care that he was showing his big cock to him.

Adam secretly thought he must have been a bit of an exhibitionist in his youth and now he was free to do it again.

Jamie just smiled and felt his cock was near to shooting a hot cream load of fresh cum for his hot Doctor boss to test with.

Jamie said “oh fuck I going to cum quick get a beaker for me to shoot it in”.

Adam grab a large beaker they use to heat liquids in and place it under Jamie 10 incher ready to catch his hot nurse load he was about to shoot.

Jamie said “oh fuck babe here it comes”!

Jamie shot load after load in to the beaker he shot 12 shots of hot fresh cum in to it and it nearly over filled the beaker but stop just in time not too.

Jamie said “is that enough shot for you doc”?

Adam said “yes Jamie more than enough you hot stud you”.

Jamie smiled and grabbed some tissue to wipe the remaining cum off his cock before sliding it back in his jockstrap and pull his scrub trousers back up. 

Jamie came over to Adam side Adam had already taken a sample of the cum and put it on to a slide and was looking at it through the microscope he was looking at it with interest it was doing the same as the other but not at the same rate as the mix one.

Jamie said “so doc what the result”?

Adam said “well it seems to do the same as the mix cum but at a slower rate it seems if more than one lot of affected cum is near they all increase the amount they split into and don’t stop till they are the biggest group it must be the virus way of finding the best guys to spread it. 

Jamie said “I see doc but has it help us find a way of stopping it”?

Adam said “well if it can be slowed down then it possible for the virus to be slowed down too so we kind of got a start to a solution towards stopping both viruses”.

Jamie said “great doc where do we go from here”?

Adam said “well blood sample would be the next we can then look at the virus that is in us and see how it works”.

Jamie said “Well doc let get a hyperaemic needle and take some blood from me then so we can get the ball rolling”.

Adam said “ok Jamie let do it”.

Adam went over and pick up a hyperaemic needle and carried it over to where Jamie was ready to insert it into his arm.

He looked a Jamie and said “do you want to stand as I do it or did you want to sit on the stool Jamie”?  

Jamie said “I think I sit doc if you don’t mind”.

Adam said “it ok that fine Jamie”.

Adam rubbed a bit of antiseptic on the area he was going to draw the blood out and started to insert the end of the needle into the skin above a vein and started drawing the blood out.

Jamie just watched and didn’t seem to mind what the doc was doing.

Adam said “ok all done sorry I not got a lolly for you”.

Adam smile as he said that and burst in to laughter Jamie also laughed too.

Jamie said “you’re so funny doc”.

Adam said “well you need to be with what we are dealing with now”.

Jamie said “yeah very true”.

Adam put a drop of blood on a slide and slid it under the microscope and study it he could see the virus and see that it was multiplying too.

Jamie said “so doc what it doing”?

Adam said “well it doing the same as the cum it multiplying too but we need to study the DNA that make it up as well so I will need to extract the virus and to then break it down to it DNA components then we should be able to work out how we can stop it”.

Jamie said “cool doc do we need anything else why you are doing that”?

Adam said “not at the moment but will need blood sample from the other guys after we have study this encase the virus work differently in the others but hopefully that won’t be the case”. 

Jamie said “ok cool can I help or is it a bit above my knowledge doc”?

Adam said “well with the DNA part it is a bit above your skill to be honest Jamie but you can help prepare the slides for me thought I wish Professor Thomas Chapman was here then it would speed up the time it takes us to find a cure”?

Jamie said “well I could see if he come round doc if you like”?

Adam said “yeah if you don’t mind Jamie would be good to get him here”.

Jamie said “ok doc I go see if he come round”.

With that Jamie head off to the bunk area to find the Professor as Adam carried on looking at the blood as he extracted the virus from the blood sample so he could do more test on it and extract the DNA from it too.

Jamie had arrived at the bunk area and found the bunk where they had put the Professor was empty apart from the rope that had bound him Jamie was puzzled by this so decide to see if anyone in the gym area had seen him.

He headed to the gym and saw Tony lifting a dumbbell he walked over to Tony and said “Tony have you seen the Professor he not in the bunk area where we put him”?

Tony said “well I saw him with the captain second in command Luke a little while ago they were heading to the changing room area but that was a while ago though and they not come back out”.

Jamie said “ok thank you Tony”.

With that Jamie headed to the changing room he could see by the steam that the shower was on in the shower room and he peered round the corner and saw both Luke and Thomas in a passion kiss and rubbing their big cocks together he felt his own 10 incher start to get hard as he watched the two hot guys making out.

Jamie knew he should interrupt this hot session in front of him but his cock was telling him to join them.

Finally, Jamie cock won and he started to strip off his scrubs and then his jock and walked over to the two hot guys and sunk to his knees and started to take both these sex guys cocks into his mouth they both gasped in shock and looked down and saw it was Jamie sucking on their cocks they didn’t know where he had come from but like what he was doing to them.

They both carried on kissing as Jamie worked on both their cock he wanted to taste the cum of both of these hot guys that he was sucking. 

He tried to cram both in to his mouth but couldn’t fit them both in so he had to suck one first then swapped and suck on the other both he sucked deeply and heard them both gasp as he did it to each of them.

Above him he could still here them both kissing each other deeply he loved how these two hot guys had fallen for each other and had not minded when he had started to suck their cocks.

He thought they must secretly like the idea of a third guy joining them he just carried on sucking each of them one by one moving from Thomas cock to Luke sucking on each of them deep and hard. 

He then swapping back to the other wanting to give both guys the best blow job they have either had.

Both guys moaned as Jamie worked on each of their cocks they were still kissing deeply loving what he was doing and loving kissing each other deeply too.

All of them had the hot warm water running down over their great bodies as well a soap from where they had lathered it over each other body it was dropping down on to Jamie chest and back as he worked on their cocks. 

Both guys could feel they were near to shooting their hot cream loads Thomas grabbed hold of Jamie hair and force him to take his cock all the way down is throat and started to fuck face the hot 19-year-old stud with lust wanting to fill him with his hot cream load.

Jamie couldn’t believe what was happening but love it and was keeping up good with the thrust of Thomas cock in to his mouth he could feel it throbbing and knew that Thomas was close to cumming deep down his throat.

Thomas was very close and could feel his cum start to surge through his cock he grabs hold of Jamie hair and pushed his cock all the way in deep down this hot stud throat and said “oh fuck here it comes”!

Thomas pump load after load deep in to Jamie hot mouth and throat Jamie swallowed load after load deep in to his stomach loving the taste of Thomas hot cream load.

Jamie came off Thomas cock and looked up and smiled at him Luke had been edging his cock as Thomas had pump his load down Jamie throat he now forced his cock in to the hot 19-year-old stud mouth all the way down Jamie throat and face fucked him deeply too as he kissed Thomas deeply. 

Jamie didn’t mind he wanted both of these hot guys cum in him so kept up the motion with Luke fucking and could feel Luke cock throbbing and knew he must be close to cumming down is throat.

Luke could feel the cum start surge up through his cock and said “oh yes fuck I going to cum”.

Luke pump load after load deep in to Jamie hot mouth and throat and love how this hot 19-year-old stud could take so much cum in such a short time.

Jamie accepted his second load of cum of the day a swallowed each load adding it to the cum he had already swallowed from Thomas he loves both loads he had taken.

He licks both these hot stud cock clean and stood up and shared a kiss with them both so they could taste both their loads in his hot mouth.

They both noticed that he was still rock hard and had not shot his load they got to their knees and together worked this hot stud cock with their mouths bring him to the point of cumming.

Jamie said “oh fuck that it I going to cum”!

They both said “cum in our open mouths you hot stud you”.

Jamie said “oh fuck yes here it comes”!

Jamie showered them with load after load of his hot cum he shot one or two loads in to their open mouths the rest he showered over their hot bodies and a few bits in their hair.

They stood up and share a kiss with Jamie share his load with him loving what had just happened.

Jamie then said “that was hot”.

Thomas and Luke said “yes it sure was”.

Thomas and Luke then kiss deeply again and then asked “why did you come here Jamie”?

Jamie said “oh it was to get the professor here for the doc so we can work on the cure for the viruses”.

They said “I see Jamie well think we need to wash ourselves first and then head to the lab then”.

Jamie said “yeah good idea”.

All three of them help to clean the other back and other parts they couldn’t reach each tried not to get hard but by the end of it they all had raging hard on.

Luke brought them to their senses and said “ok let get going and dry ourselves before anything happens again”.

They walked in to the changing room towel dried all over and put clean jocks and scrubs on. 

They then headed off to the lab so the professor could help Adam the chief medical officer with find a cure for the viruses they were trying to stop Luke and Thomas kept looking at each other as they walked behind Jamie they knew everything had change for them and just want to be together what their wives would think about it they didn’t know.

Jamie was smiling too he was very happy and was full with cum in his stomach from the two hot cream loads from the two hot studs behind him. 

Both loads had a nice sweet with a bit of bitter taste to them but loved them both and was very full and happy.

All three guys where happy and continued to head to the lab to where Adam was wait for them. 



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