Up in the office of the chief navy doctor Adam Daley was lying on his desk he had just forced his young and hot staff nurse Jamie to take all his cock and made him swallow his cum now as he lay their he watched as his hot young staff nurse body became even more muscular and his 8 inch cock had grown to 10 inches and even more thicker than it was before.

Both had now got tan coloured skin and Jamie was also sprouting a nice thin layer of hair on his chest and a nice line to his navel and cock.

Jamie had fallen unconscious on the floor as he had started to change.

Both where in their navy issued jockstraps, socks and boots Adam clothes lay ripped to pieces as he had rip them as his muscles had become too big for them to hold in only his navy issued jockstrap and socks and boots survived the changing Jaime clothes lied on the floor in tact but now too small for his new muscle body to fit them.

Adam got up and looked at the time he noticed it was nearly time for the medicals so need to clean up and find some clothes for them both to wear that would fit their new body all he could find was the surgery scrubs to wear so he gave a pair to Jamie to slip on both of them pushed their new size cock back in to their navy issued jockstrap luckily they just dress in time as the first of the crew came down for their medical.

The first was a young rating called Tony he was 18 slim built and toned has spikey blond hair and nice blue eyes his cock was 9 inches and was in his navy uniform which was blue shirt, black trousers and underneath he was in his navy issued jockstraps, socks and boots as he walked in to the medical room he saw both the chief navy doctor and his nurse in the office.he also noticed they seem to have tanned colour skin and seem to be both more muscle than they were before.

He was gay and the sight of them turn him on a bit but he controlled his mind so he didn't become hard.

Adam said to Jamie "go out and get tony ready for the medical please" Jaime replied "yes sir" so went out and over to tony he said "hi tony can you please follow me over to the bed so we can start your medical" Tony said to him "ok" and followed him over to the bed.

As they walked the microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones were leaking from Jaime filling the room and slowly affecting Tony he was getting hard in his jock and was looking at Jamie lustfully he was gay too another of the small group that were on board that were gay.

Jamie ask him "please can you strip to just your jock, socks and boots please and then lie on the bed please" Tony did this without a word and at quick speed so he was only in his jock, socks and boots.

Jamie had watch as this hot young rating stripped quickly to his jock, socks and boots he was getting turn on by the site of this hot guy stripping for him his 10 inch cock was getting hard and he notice Tony was also getting hard in his jock too.

Jaime said to him "please can you lie on the bed for me" Tony did as he was told then Jaime then said "please stay still so I can check all your arms, legs and other parts of your body are fine please" he moved Tony arms and legs and they were fine then check his glands and under his armpits they were fine and had a nice layer of hair in the armpits.

Jamie then asked him "please can you turn over onto your front please so I can check your back" Tony did this trying to hide the hard on he was getting he was so horny for the hot nurse that was checking him out to make sure he fit for the job.

Jamie then said "every things fine their" and then went on to say "we need to do a rectum examination of your ass I will need to call in the doctor to do this ok" Tony just said "yep that ok" Jamie called in Adam "hi Tony I just need to do a rectum examination on you I will have to lube your hole so I can get my fingers into check everything ok in there ok" Tony just said "that fine sir please do it".

The room was double full of the microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones that Tony was so turn on he would say yes to anything he also had noticed that both the chief navy doctor and the nurse were tenting in their scrubs he could feel the doctor lubeing up his ass ready to probe it with his fingers.

Then the doctor asked "would you like us to strip to our jocks, socks and boots for you?" Tony said "hell yes please" he watched as the two hottest guy he had either seen strip to just their jocks, socks and boots both had hard cock stretching the pouches of their navy issued jockstraps.

The doctor started to insert his fingers in to Tony's wanting hole Tony excepted them without question.

He had started to feel the pouch of Jamie jock and so wanted to take the cock out it prison and to suck it he look up at Jamie and Jamie looked down at him and said " get it out and suck it bitch".

Tony didn't wait for Jamie to change his mind he pulled it out and gasped as all 10 inches of it sprung out and hit him in the face he started to suck the top of cock as he couldn't fit it all in his mouth he tongue it as he felt more fingers enter his hole.

Adam was so turn on by watch the young hunk he was finger fucking suck his hot nurse Jamie cock that he pulled out his own 9.5 inch cock and started to wank it as he kissed Jamie on the lips as he forced more of his 10 inch cock in to Tony now gagging mouth.

Tony could feel Jamie hands pushing him deeper on to his 10 inches cock he was gagging and finding it hard to breathe but also loving it too.

He had also noticed he was now being finger fucked by Adam the chief navy doctor as he lie their stuff with cock in his mouth and loving it he came off Jamie cock with a pop and turn his head towards Adam and said "fist me sir fist my ass good sir" Adam didn't wait for Tony to change his mine and started shoving more fingers into Tony wanting tight hole Tony moaned and screamed as Adam got all his fingers and thumb into his tight ass fighting the pain but also loving how the doctor was now fisting his tight hole good making his hole become looser ready to take both their now rock hard cocks.

Tony was in bliss he was being fisted by one hot guy while the other was feeding him his big cock and starting to face fuck him they both turn him on his back Adam still had his fist deep into his ass and Jamie cock still in his mouth too.

Jamie pull out Tony's cock from it jock prison the 9 inches boner sprung out nearly hitting Jamie in the face. He went down on it without a word and started to suck it with force Tony couldn't believe how this had happen but didn't want it to stop for a moment.

Adam watched these hot guys sucking on each other as he fisted deeper and deeper in to Tony's wanting hole.

He said to them both "suck them good bitches" they both did with great lust both were moaning as the sucked each other deep.

Adam pull his fist from Tony ass and said to Tony "lick it clean bitch" Tony started to lick it clean with vigour Adam said "yeah bitch that it" "Get it nice and clean."

Jaime was still sucking Tony 9 inches and taking it deeper and deeper into his mouth loving the tasty pre cum that was leaking from it.

Tony look up at Adam and then the 9.5 inch cock swinging hard between Adam's legs he said to Adam "fuck me with your big cock sir" Adam didn't wait for him to change his mind and started to insert his rock hard 9.5 incher slowly at first but then starting to pick up speed as he fucked Tony's still tight hole deeper and deeper.

Tony moaned louder and louder as he still suck Jamie's big 10 incher.

They were all moaning and groaning totally in bliss loving the moment.

Tony pull off of Jamie's cock with a pop and looked up at him and said "I want your cock inside me" Jaime didn't give him a chance to change his mind Adam pull out his cock and went round to Tony's mouth and said "suck my cock clean bitch" "suck off your ass juices from my cock" Tony took it all into his mouth and moved his tongue round it licking all the juices off it.

Jamie lied up his cock with Tony hot hole and slowly push the head of his big 10 incher into it Tony gasp as he felt in slide in further into his still tight hole he had never had a cock that big up his ass before but was loving every minute of it.

He adjusted his position and more started to slide in he was in bliss.

Then without warning both Adam and Jamie started to fuck him both ends hard and fast a wave of lust had come over them and they wanted to fill this hot guy both ends.

Tony tried to keep up with them but so brutal was their fucking he found it hard to.

His hard 9 incher was rock hard and swinging around big time as he is brutally fucked by these two hot studs he wanted it to stop but at the same time he was loving it.

Soon it got too much and he pull off of Adam's cock with a pop and said "I going to cum" at the moment he said that Adam bent over forced his cock back into Tony's mouth as he wrapped his lips round Tony's cock and sucked it deeply want to taste this hot stud cum.

It didn't take long and he shot load after load deep in to Adam wanting mouth at the same time his ass muscles tightened  round Jaime cock the pressure was so much that Jamie shot load after load into Tony's wanting ass which was now milking Jamie's cock of all it cum.

The sight of the two hot studs in front of him shooting their loads was too much for Adam he rammed his cock deep in to Tony's throat and pump load after load deep down it.

Adam pulled off Tony's cock and was surprised when it shot another big load that went all over him and on Tony's chest too.

Jaime leaded over and started licking up the spent cum from Tony's and Adams chests.

Tony pulled off Adam cock coughing and spluttering all had some cum in their mouths and the started to kiss each other and tonguing each other sharing both Adam and Tony cum Jaime push a finger in to Tony's ass and scoop out a wad of his cum that they all lick off his hand together.

Tony then said "wow that was some medical examination" Adam and Jamie said "hell yes it so was" Tony then lied down slowly becoming unconscious as his body started to change in front of Adam and Jamie eyes as the carried on kissing.

Tony body became more muscular and toned and his skin became a tanned colour a thin covering of blond hair covered his chest his cock too had grown to 11 inches and had become thicker too swinging out the side of his jockstrap. The microscopic, experimental viruses was now coursing in young Tony body as well as Adam and Jamie too.



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