After a mind blowing romp in our new bed and a completely new experience in the shower for Jack we were starving. Jack and I got dressed and headed out for breakfast. Jack had mentioned that he had some more ideas but he didn't elaborate on his ideas. I'm sure he will want to discuss them at breakfast. I can only imagine what ideas he has dreamed up now. But I have to give him credit, what he's done to the house so far was incredible. I guess things really needed to be changed and updated. Its really cool that he feels comfortable taking charge with some things.

Today I'm feeling better but it seems the aches are coming back again. Maybe it was from the craziness we experienced earlier this morning. Yea that probably didn't help my pains. But damn that boy is hot.

Jack and I got into the truck and drove down to the restaurant. I could tell Jack was thinking about something. He wasn't distant like he used to get, but just thinking. You can see his mind going a mile a minute.

We get to the restaurant and got our regular booth and of course we were sitting next to each other and our feet resting on the seat across from us. I'm sure many people thought it to be a bit strange. But we didn't care.

Jack must have been really hungry because he ordered more than usual. I'll be surprised if he can eat it all. I had my usual scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, OJ and coffee. Our waitress brought the food and we took our time eating this morning as we didn't have any real plans yet.

So Jack I said. What are some of the ideas you wanted to discuss with me? Jack was drinking his coffee. He seemed pleased that I had brought up the subject. I've learned that it means a lot to him when I'm all ears and interested.

Jack began, Since you are off the rest of the week before we leave on vacation, I thought we could go to Pa. Is there any particular you want to do there, I asked? Jack put down his mug of coffee and folded his hands in front of his mouth and looked at me with a serious look. Yes there is actually he replied. Something I should have done a long time ago. What's that I asked. I'd like to go to the cemetery where my parents are buried. I haven't been there since the funeral.

Wow I wasn't expecting that one I thought. But I was proud that Jack was wanting to put all that behind him. Are you sure you are really up for that bud I asked. Jack took a deep breath and shook his head that he was. To be honest he said, its not something I really want to do, but I have to. Well if you feel your ready, then yea we can go. Jack just looked at me and said thanks.

Also Jack said, I'd like to stop in at Jimmy's Barber Shop so we can get hair cuts for our trip. No one cuts hair like Diego. Plus I haven't seen him in a while and it would be great to catch up.

So you don't like my hair cut I give myself I joked? Jack laughed...I love your hair but it needs some work. Most of the time your hair is messed up and it looks real hot. But you are due for a real hair cut and not just a snip here and there Jack replied. By the way, I noticed a couple of grey hairs popping up lately Jack said. Damn you don't miss a thing do you Jack? Jack was grinning while he was drinking his coffee. When it comes to you bud, you got that right. Someone's got to look after you. Remember you are the one that hadn't bought new Jockey's for 5 years. We both laughed and I tossed a slice of toast at him.

Is there anything else you would like to discuss I asked Jack? Yea but I haven't thought it all through yet, Jack replied. Don't worry its nothing crazy and I think you would agree to it. I look at him and he winked at me. Uh huh I replied....I see that wink and that means you are up to know good. Well not always Jack replied. Trust me my idea is coming together and you will love it. But I wouldn't attempt this with out your approval. Gimme a couple of days and I'll present it all to you, Jack replied. I rolled my eyes because when Jack takes this long to think about an idea, you can guarantee its something big. I was curious but I didn't push him.

Jack there is something that I'd like to ask you about if you don't mind. Sure anything Jack replied. Well you know you had mentioned a few weeks ago about buying a new car? The Subaru Out Back? It kinda got put on the back burner and I apologize for that. Anyway I mentioned it to my Dad and he said he would talk to the dealership owner for us to ensure we get a great deal. Jack looked me and replied, Yea I'm still thinking about it but really haven't given it much thought either. Actually I have I replied. Why is that Jack asked. Well bud your car is very small and I have a hard time sitting in it. My legs are so long I can't drive it.

Jack laughed. He knew that was true. Plus his car had a lot of miles and needed some work. So I was thinking that after breakfast we could meet my Dad at the dealership and talk to Rick the owner and order your car today. That way it will be here a few weeks after we get back from vacation.

Mark really I don't need that car right away Jack replied. My old car is fine. I looked at Jack and said. Bud, you are due for a new car. Its not like you buy a new car every year. How old is that car anyway? Jack smiled, and said its about 10 years old. That did it Mark said, we are going to order your car today and I don't want an argument about it. Ok boss Jack replied. I looked at Jack with that comment but ignored it. Its gonna be fun to order your car. Get anything on it you want. But I would like for Dad to look over everything to make the contract is in order. Well how can I refuse now? I really do appreciate your Dad doing this for me.

Even though Jack was fine with ordering his car I did sense that he might have felt kind of rushed into it. But its a perfect time since we didn't have anything planned that day. Jack isn't the type to go out and splurge on himself and he needs to be pushed a little in that area. Kinda like me and my old Jockey's I thought to myself.

We drove over to the dealership and Dad met us there and was inside talking to Rick the owner. Alex introduced Jack to Rick. So Jack I hear you need a new car? Rick said. Jack said yea I guess I do. I've been thinking about it for the last couple of months and this is as good a time as any. Jack shot Mark a look which Mark replied with a wink. How about you come over to the table and tell me what you are thinking about.

Jack, Dad, Rick and myself sat down in Rick's office. Well Jack started I've always wanted the Outback. The full sized model, with black metallic and the dark tan leather interior, fully loaded. Nice car Rick replied. Rick looked at me and said, Jack has good taste. I nodded and agreed, he sure does. I rubbed Jack's leg with my leg. Jack knew what I meant and chuckled.

Here's the deal Jack. That particular color of leather has to be special ordered and it will take a couple of extra weeks. Or we do have that model on the lot but the leather is a lower quality and its a lighter tan. Jack thought for a minute and started to reply. I guess that would be ok, besides its still leather and the color isn't that important. I put my hand on Jack's shoulder and said to Rick and Alex. Would you two excuse us for a few minutes. I'd really like to talk with Jack. The two older men got up to get some coffee.

Listen Jack I and Jack interrupted me. I know what you are gonna say, but really its just the color of the interior. The car on the lot will be fine. Wait Jack here me out. You have been dreaming of this car and that color of leather ever since you began talking about a new car. I've seen you looking at them on your iPad. If you don't order what you want you will be settling. And the Jack I know doesn't settle for something he really doesn't want.

Jack stared at the floor and didn't say anything. Jack you do so much for everyone around you, its ok to splurge on yourself once in a while. Jack looked up at me and asked if I was sure it was ok. Hmmm Mr. Independent isn't always so sure of himself when its about him. That is one thing I love about Jack. He's always thinking about others and forgets himself.

Buddy I said, Yes its perfectly fine....and I would be upset if you didn't get the car you want and dreamed about. So what do you say? Wanna go for it? Jack thought for a minute. Ok you talked me into it. Jack started smiling. I've wanted that car for so long and yea I want it exactly like I've dreamed about.

Dad and Rick came back over and Jack said he wanted to order the Outback with the dark tan interior leather, black metallic with all the bells and whistles. Jack started asking all kinds of questions about the car and was really excited. Rick sent us over to the ordering department so we could customize the car exactly how Jack wanted it. Oh by the way Rick said. I'm throwing in the full maintenance program the full extended warranty and the best set of tires. I'll inform the ordering department. Jack was surprised and thanked Rick. You are welcome Jack. Alex and Mark have helped me out many times and its the least I can do.

Jack and I went over and spent over an hour ordering the car. Jack was having fun and enjoying the whole experience. It was great to sit back and watch him enjoy himself. He did ask me my opinion on a few things but he knew exactly what he wanted. I realized that he had been dreaming about the car for a long time. Jack was starting to feel good about himself. It was starting to show a little more everyday. He was becoming more confident with himself.

On the way out to the truck Jack looked over at me and just Thanks. I knew what he meant. I nodded at him and said anytime Jack.

Hey Mark, Jack said. Let's go out for a pizza tonight on the way home. I'm getting hungry. Where is the best pizza shop in town. I know the place I replied. Let's head over to Maria's. But I'm warning you, we will smell like garlic for awhile. Who cares Jack replied. Ordering that car made me hungry. So pizza it is tonight. Pizza and beer I added.

After we ate the pizza and had a beer we headed over to my parents for dessert. Mom always has dessert ready and tonight was not different. She put a pot of coffee on and we sat around the table. Mom wanted to see the car that Jack had ordered and he showed her the printout. She loved the color and was glad he got what he wanted. Mom wanted to know when I was gonna trade in my old truck. Jack piped up and said I looked hot driving that truck. Yea you think your boyfriend looks hot in anything, Mom replied. Jack shot back....sweety my boyfriend looks the hottest with out anything on. Alex choked on his coffee and Mom, Well Mom didn't know what to say and she just smacked Jack and laughed.

We went home and I started to get frisky with Jack. But he said baby...You got me so good and hard this morning I need to give it a rest. I guess I did pound him a little too hard. But damn I can't help myself. Jack went into the bathroom and drew water for a hot bubble bath. He had bought some new Molten Brown bubble bath and shower gel that he was dying to try. When I walked into the bathroom he had lit every candle in the place and was sitting in the tub waiting for me. I got in and leaned against him. Ahhhh it sure feels good just to relax. Jack put his arms around me and massage my neck and shoulders. Jack was rubbing my chest and and then started pinching my nipples. Jack I said you know what that does to me. If you want to give it a rest you better stop. He continued pinching and twisting my nipples and my cock was rock hard. All he said was. Pay backs are a bitch! You little fucker I said. I'll get you for that. Jack replied. Thats my plan.

We went to bed and watched TV for a while and we both fell asleep. It sure was good to be able to wrap myself around him again. Hopefully I'll feel even better in the morning. Of course I had my reasons.

I woke up around 7am and Mark was still asleep and snoring in my ear like usual. I just laid there and thought about my new car. I can't wait to finally get it and I was glad Mark had talked me into getting the car I had dreamed about. I could feel his hard cock poking at me and I teased him for awhile. But there was no time to play this morning as we needed to get on the road. Mark turned over on his back and yawned and looked over at me and smiled. His big dick was making a nice tent under the covers and he made his dick bounce under the covers up and down. I swear his cock is always hard.

Hey you horny stud get up. We need to get ready and go to Pa. He frowned at me like he never gets any. Later bud, we have a full day ahead of us.

Mark seemed like he was having some pain this morning. You ok I asked? Yea I'm ok just a little stiff he replied. Yea I can see that and I winked at him. He threw a pillow at me cuz he knew I was talking about his dick. I threw it back at him and he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. Good morning bud he said. He kissed me and then got up. He groaned and I could tell he was still sore. He stretched himself out and groaned some more. I felt bad that he was still in some pain and we had a long drive ahead of us.

Mark stumbled into the bathroom to take his morning piss. Then I could hear him open up the bottle of medicine which he hadn't taken that much of. We got dressed and and grabbed a bagel and coffee before heading out the door.

Hey toss me your keys bud. I'm driving today. Why Mark asked, I can drive. No way Mark I replied. I know you are in pain, plus I know you took the pain medication and shouldn't be driving. Yea I guess you are right he replied. He tossed the keys to me and I started up the truck to let it warm up. Damn its cold today. Wintertime in the Northeast. Bitter cold again. Finally the truck warmed up and we climbed in the truck. The medicine seemed to be kicking in as Mark wasn't groaning anymore. At least he will be comfortable for the drive.

We were headed down the road and Mark laid his head down in my lap and stretched out across the truck. Hey thanks for driving he said. Do you mind if I stretch out here and relax. Nah I said you know I love it when you lay your head in my lap.

Its getting hot in hear he said. He was wearing his old faded flannel shirt which was tight across his chest and those old faded ripped jeans. Gotta admit he was looking mighty hot this morning. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off and threw it in the back. Then he unzipped his jeans and opened his fly and just laid there looking up at me. I glanced down at him and noticed he wasn't wearing any underwear. Did you forget your Jockey's I asked. No I didn't forget them. I just didn't want to wear any he replied with a grin. His cock like usual was hard and pulsing in his jeans....he pulled it out and began stroking his cock and having a good time. Your a crazy man I said. Yep and you love this crazy man. He was stroking his cock and playing with his hairy balls. I reached down and pinched his nipple and that just got him going. He squirmed and turned his head to nuzzle my cock. I could see pre cum running down his shaft and a glob was forming on the head of his cock. He knew I saw it and he wiped it off with his thumb and stuck his thumb in my mouth. I have to admit I loved tasting his pre cum.

Thanks for the protein bud. Want some more he asked. He knew I did. I know I do but not now since I'm driving. He sat up and leaned against me. His long legs up on the dash.

You know something Jack? Whats that bud. I kinda like when you are driving. Why's that I asked. Because I can just lay here and play with myself the whole time. Your nuts I replied. Hey you do the same thing so its only fair that can get to enjoy the ride as well sometimes.

By the way. How did you like riding my cock yesterday? I think you know I loved it. He laughed. Yea I know you did but I hope you aren't too sore. I was really thrusting in you real good. Yea you sure were. Especially when you were forcing me down on your dick. Mmmmm you have no idea how that felt. Maybe you can show me how it feels sometime I replied. You bet babe....You want me to ride your cock like you rode mine? Yep and it better be soon. He grinned. My boy is getting horny as he grabbed my cock. Yep he's real horny as he smirked.

He leaned back against my shoulder. I think the medicine was kicking in real good and he was feeling no pain. He was getting silly. But he sure was adorable. So he said, how did you like it when I pissed in your mouth? Did that shock you? OMG what a question dude. Well did you? I could feel my face turning red. Yea you shocked me. I wasn't expecting that at all. You didn't answer my first question. Did you like it? Yea I did I replied. But lets don't make a habit out of it. Come on do you really think I would do that all the time? We were caught up in the moment and it just happened.

Maybe I will piss in your mouth sometime I said. Fuck yea he said. I want you to piss all over me. Just like I did to you. Oh you do I replied. I think your medicine has kicked in. I'll remind you about that next time we are in the shower. You do that bud, Mark replied. Now I could tell his meds had kicked in. He was completely relaxed.

Mark you need to take a nap before we get to Pa. Yea I think you are right. I've never taken those meds during the day before. But they sure do make me feel good. Yea thats why I didn't want you to drive. He put his head on my shoulder and slid his hands down his pants. His fly was still open. Soon I could tell he was sleeping and I just listened to the radio.

About two hours later we crossed the border into Pa. I was starting to get a bit nervous about going to the cemetery. I hadn't been there since the funeral. I still had mixed feelings but I knew I had to do it. Not for my parents but for me. I had to let all of this go.

I pulled up to the little diner I used to eat at. Mark was barely awake. Hey bud you feel like some lunch? He sat up and asked if we were in Pa yet. Yea we just got here. Wow those meds knocked me out. He just kind of sat there in a daze. Yo Mark! Are you awake? Yea gimme a minute. He rubbed his eyes and stretched. How's your leg feeling I asked. Right now it feels ok he said. As long as the medicine is working. It seems to be getting better. He grabbed his shirt and put it on and zipped up his jeans. Geez I have pre cum on my cock he said. I laughed yea you were leaking quite a bit earlier. He kind of looked at me like he had missed something. Never mind I said. No I remember you were begging me to give you some right? Begging and wanting are two different things. Mark laughed and shook his head.

Ok bud, come on lets get some coffee in you and some food. We ordered lunch and quickly ate it. Mark must have been really hungry because he wolfed down his burger. He seemed to come back to life quickly. Jack please don't let me take those meds anymore during the day. I don't like feeling this way. Yea I was surprised you took them this morning I said. I know but my body was really sore for some reason. Hmm I said I know the reason I replied. He winked me and smiled.

Before we left the diner we went to the mens room and stood side by side as we pissed. No one else was in the men's room except for us. So I asked Mark if he remembered that he said he wanted me to piss in his mouth and all over him. Vaguely he said. Vaguely? Yea I remember something about it. Why he asked. Nothing I was just wondering. Yea he said I know you have ideas. Your full of ideas. Come on bud lets get going. We both shook our dicks, zipped up, washed our hands and went back out to the truck.

We drove to the cemetery and sat there for a few minutes. I took a deep breath and opened the door and got out. I leaned against the truck for awhile. Mark came around and stood in front of me. Hey you ok to do this he asked? I shook my head yes. We began walking over to the grave site. I paused and looked at Mark. Hey please don't be offended but this is something I need to do alone. He shook his head in agreement and understood. I'll be right over by that tree waiting ok? If you need me I'll be right there. He walked over to the tree and leaned against it.

I walked over to the graves and stood there. Just staring. No emotion just staring. Staring at the graves of the two people I thought loved me. But then threw me out of their lives when I told them the truth. I couldn't understand that and maybe I never will. I was there son. How could they stop loving me just because I was gay? I felt sorry for them. Thats what I was feeling. I felt sorry that they would never know how I turned out. Even if they were still alive they would never know. They would never know that I was happy and that I had a wonderful person in my life that loved me and cared for me and took care of me. They would never know. Tears began to well up in my eyes but I refused to let them flow. I just stood there shaking my head. I just felt sorry for them. But I didn't feel sorry for myself. Thats all I could feel. I knew in my heart I had to forgive them and I did. It was the most difficult thing to come to terms with. They had hurt me more than anyone had ever hurt me and all because I told the truth. But I still loved them and part of me still missed them. But in the end. I forgave them.

I stood there for a few minutes and remembered the good times as a child. Those were happy times. I began to smile and laughed a little. I thought in time I would be able to remember all those times and be able to talk about them and share them with Mark. That may take some time but I was gonna try. I wasn't angry anymore. Finally I wasn't angry!!

Leaning against the tree I was watching Jack. I can't imagine what he went thru but I was proud of him for facing his demons. He made peace with his past and put it in its proper place. I waited for him to come over to me. He simply walked up to me and took my hand and said its time to go. We walked back to the truck and got inside. We never went back to that cemetery. That part of Jack's life was over and he didn't feel any need to return. Some may think this is sad and it was. But for Jack, its a new beginning and a new life.

Jack and I were driving over to Jimmy's Barber shop on the other side of town. Jack warned me that Diego who cuts his hair is a bit of a flamer. Lovely I thought. Just what I needed. A flaming queen prancing around. Jack laughed and said I need to also warn you that Diego is very touchy feely. I just rolled my eyes. This is gonna be an interesting experience. Hmmm I thought I hadn't been to a barber in years.

When we walked into the shop Diego my barber squealed, Jack OMG I was wondering when I'd see you again. How you been bitch? Hey Diego good to see you too. I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while but there has been some major changes. This is my partner Mark. Diego eyed Mark up and down and licked his lips. Bitch this is your boyfriend? I smiled...Yea this is him. Diego was staring at Mark's crotch and I could tell Mark was getting a bit nervous. Bitch you have one fine man. Yea I know Mark replied. I was talking to Jack not you. We cracked up.

So are you two here for haircuts or to chat. Both I said. We are leaving for vacation in a couple of days and we both need haircuts. We were in town and you are the best barber. I'm so glad you stopped in Diego said. I've missed you.

Ok who's first Diego asked. Mark come and sit in my chair. I tell you need a good cut. Damn who's been cutting your hair Edward Scissor Hands, Diego asked? Oh shit I thought here we go. Mark shot me a look and flared his nostril. I winked back at him. I've been cutting my own hair for a while Mark replied. You are a fireman not a barber Diego quipped. Please keep your hands out of your hair from now on. Mark smiled. So how do you want your hair cut Diego asked. I interrupted. Please don't cut his hair short I really like his hair with some length. Diego ran with that one. Gurl I'm sure you like some length on this guy. And from the looks of things you are getting quite a bit. Jack started laughing, Yea I get more than enough. Mark just rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

Diego was busy cutting Mark's hair and wouldn't let me see what he had done until he was finished and Mark couldn't see either. Diego just worked his magic. Diego leaned Mark back to give him a shave. I was busy reading on my iPad.

Soon Diego announced that he had finished his master piece and spun Mark around in front of the mirror. Whoa I said. Omg Diego Mark looks incredible. Mark was just staring at himself in the mirror. Baby you clean up really well. I've never seen you clean shaven. So how do you like your hair Diego asked nervously. Mark replied damn I really like it. Really Diego asked. Yea I really do. Diego continued. Its easy to take care of, in fact you don't even need to comb it or fuss with it. Just rub a bit of gel on your hands and run your fingers thru your hair. And your done.

I couldn't believe what Diego did to my hair. Never thought I'd like a cut so much but I do.

It was Jack's turn for his haircut. Diego asked Jack if he wanted the same boring hair cut and they bitched back and forth for a few minutes. All in good fun. Thats just how these two talked to each other. I sat back in the chair and watched as Diego cut Jack's hair. I could tell that he was giving him a different cut. Jack's hair is normally short. He told Diego he didn't want it buzzed like usual. He had mentioned he was letting it grow out a bit. Something more classic maybe.

About a half hour later Jack was all done. So what do you think Mark, Diego asked. I walked over. Dang Jack you do look like a young Carey Grant, especially with that cut. Diego laughed, Omg not you too. Everyone says that about Jack. Jack got up and swaggered over to get his coat. You two are just lucky to breathe the same air as me. Yep Jack's the same ole smart ass he always was Diego laughed. Yea he is a smartass I added. And he's a hot smartass I said.

Soon we were back on the road back home. Mark was stretched and taking a nap. His body was aching and he needed to rest. Mark woke up and groaned. Hey bud you feeling better I asked. Ugh not really Mark replied. When we get home I'll give you a full body massage. Mark looked up and said, Do I get a happy ending? Sure why not I replied. But its gonna cost you bud.

It was late when we got home. Today was a tiring day, but a good day. Mark went into the bathroom to take a leak and I got out the massage oil. Mark walked into the bedroom and dropped his clothes on the floor as usual and laid down on the bed ready for his massage. I had warmed up the oil and poured it on his back and started massaging his body. Hey not so hard he mumbled. I let up a bit and he relaxed. I could tell he was really tired and in some pain. After I massage his back and legs he rolled over and winked at me. I guess you aren't in that much pain since your cock is standing up.

Mark laughed and said I'm never in too much pain for you. I poured more of the massage oil on him chest and down to his cock and legs. I massage his chest and rock hard abs and his legs. But I was saving the best for last. His rod was waiting for attention and I was ready to give it the attention is desired. I started by massaging his balls and probed his hairy hole which sent shivers all over his body. Then I grabbed his cock and began stroking him up and down. I could tell this wasn't gonna take too long because he was already dripping pre cum. His cock was rock hard and throbbing. My finger was deep in his hole and pumping him real good and deep. Mark was thrusting his cock in my slippery hand while I fingered his hole.

Jack gimme your cock, fuck I want your cock in my mouth. We got into a 69 position and we went wild on each others throbbing cocks. Mark rammed his huge middle finger deep in my hole and slurped on my cock and took it all in. I had two fingers buried in his hole and his cock was thrusting in my mouth. I love your pre cum Jack, I can't wait for you to gimme your load. I could feel Mark's cock getting harder and harder as his orgasm was building. He was face fucking my mouth. Damn I loved when he went wild. My balls were full of cum and I could feel my own orgasm building. We were at the point of no return. Mark rammed his finger deep inside me which sent me over the edge and at the same time I was pumping his ass with my fingers. We both were moaning and groaning. Ahhhh fuck Jack I'm gonna blow. His body began to quake and I felt the first rope of his cum shooting in my mouth. Hmmm I thought, I love the taste of his jizzzz. He fucked his cum down my throat and I was swallowing as fast as I could.

Then my orgasm exploded and I could here Mark moaning with pleasure as he sucked the cum out of me and swallowed every drop. I kept sucking his cock till he couldn't take it anymore and pulled out of my mouth. We laid there till our breathing returned to normal.

Damn Jack you sure know how to give an awesome massage. He got on top of me and slid his tongue in my mouth and kissed me. I could feel his cum leaking on my leg while he was on top of me.

Come on bud lets take a quick shower and get in bed. Its been a long day he said. Yea its been a very long day I replied. I'm glad we don't have to get up early in the morning. We showered and crawled into bed and fell fast asleep.

The next morning we got up late and I had to get some work done before we left on vacation 2 days. I was in the office and I heard a buzzing sound coming from our bathroom. I had no idea what it was. But I knew Mark was in there.

I kept working and finishing up when Mark walked into the office. So what do you think he asked? I looked up and looked at his muscular naked body, he was covering his crotch with his hands. OMG Mark you really trimmed down your chest hair I exclaimed. Yea I thought I'd give it a trim before vacation. It was getting quite thick and it would be a mess with sunscreen. So what do you think? Well you know I love your thick hairy chest but yea it would be a mess. It looks good actually I replied, but please let it grow back when we get home.

Then removed his hands from his crotch. I trimmed my pubes as well. Damn his cock and balls looked even bigger since he trimmed them. I sure hope you don't intend to shave yourself bald down there bud I said. Well since you bought those tiny bikinis I didn't think a thick bush would look to good. And NO I would never shave myself bald. Especially since I know you like it hairy. Yea you know I do I replied. And I'm glad you didn't shave off that happy trail. He wink and replied Never bud. Never.

So what is on our agenda today Mark asked. Well I need to run into town and get some last minute things for the trip. Nothing major. Do you want me to go with you I asked. Hoping he would say no.

Why don't you start packing while I'm gone and then when I get back I can help you finish. Don't forget I bought us new bags for the trip. Yea I saw them in the closet.

Ok babe I'll be back in a couple of hours. Jack hugged me and grabbed his jacket and drove off in the truck.

Great now the fun begins. Mark had wanted to surprise Jack on vacation since it was his birthday while they were in Tahiti. Hey Mom will you be home for a while? I'd like to come over and make those arrangements we talked about. Jack is in town and this is the perfect time. Sure come on over. I was just going over everything. So I drove over in the Beemer and pulled into my parents driveway and went inside.

Hi Mom. I'm in here she replied. I sat down beside Mom at her desk. Ok Mark this is what I think would be great for you to surprise Jack. I took into consideration your ideas. When you are at the Four Seasons resort in Bora Bora the bungalow Jack has reserved is not in a private area. I thought it would be great we upgraded your bungalow to the furthest one out in the lagoon. Its the Ultra Luxury bungalow and its completely private. I looked at the picture. Wow that is huge I said. Yea its stunning isn't it? And look at the view you will have. OMG this is awesome I replied. Jack is gonna love it.

Jack's birthday is when we are on the cruise thru the islands and I found out that you can have a private dinner and the top chef will personally prepare a special meal just for the two of you in a private dining room. You will also have your own waiter etc. I think Jack would really like that she said. You know he doesn't like big affairs with a lot of people around. Thats true I replied. Do you think we can get the reservation this late? I already have it arranged but I needed your approval first. Thanks Mom I couldn't have done this with out you.

So that leaves just one last really special day when you are staying on Moorea the last week of your trip. What do you think about spending a day, just the two of you on a Motu? Umm what is a Motu I asked. Its a small private island in the lagoon on the other side of the island. Its yours for the day. There is a cabana with all the furnishings including gourmet lunch and dinner and all your drinks etc. They will pick you up at 9am and then return you to the hotel at 6pm. Just look how beautiful it is. That beach is all yours for the day. Wow I said. I can't believe you found all this for me.

Listen Mark. Your Dad and I purposely didn't give you and Jack much for Christmas because we wanted to do something really nice for your vacation. Then when you asked me to help you, it was perfect. Mom I can't let you pay for this, really here is my credit card. Please Mark let us do this for you and Jack. Plus its Jacks birthday. I'll make a deal with you. We split the cost and that way its from all of us. Maggie agreed and finalized the plans. Mark just remember this was all your idea to begin with. And I was so happy that you asked me to help. Mom you are the best and I couldn't have done this without you. Ok I have to get going. I'm supposed to be packing while Jack is in town. Remember mums the word!! She laughed and I hugged her good bye.

When I got home Jack was already there. Shit I thought. He is gonna see that I hadn't started any of my packing. Now what? I'll just tell him Mom needed my help. He loves Mom and its was actually true. I walked in the house and Jack was in the kitchen. Hey bud whatcha doing I asked. He just looked at me and I could tell that he was not happy that I hadn't started packing. I thought you were gonna start packing he asked. I hope you don't think I'm gonna do ALL the packing he said. Hold up Jack, slow down. Mom called and asked me to help her out. So I went over and moved some furniture for her. You know she is always rearranging things. His face softened and said well since it was for Mom its ok. Whew I thought that was a close one. The last thing I wanted to do was irritate Jack before the trip. He has done so much preparing for this trip and also what he's done in the house I really felt bad I hadn't packed. Just wait till we get to Tahiti. He is gonna be sooo surprised I thought to myself.

I went into the bedroom and pulled the suite cases out of the closet. Packing for a long trip is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Jack came in and watched me for a while. So umm why are you taking all those clothes he asked. Shrugging my shoulders I replied. Its a long trip and I will need a lot of clothes. Jack laughed you really don't need all those clothes. OK smart ass are you gonna help me or stand there and watch me make a fool out of myself. Jack thought for a few seconds. Its kinda fun watching make a fool out yourself he laughed. Thats it bud, I yelled. You better run fast I laughed. He tried to run out of the bedroom when I went after him but I blocked his exit. I could tell he was a little pissed at me for not getting started with the packing earlier. I grabbed him and picked him up and dropped him on our bed. I straddled him and held him down.

Look Jack I know you are upset with me and I know you are getting stressed and wanting everything to be perfect. Just relax and lets have a good time packing. I'm promise to make it fun. I moved my hands down to his ribs and he started to squirm. I mean it Jack if you don't lighten up I'll tickle you so much you will piss your pants. Jack was twisting and trying to get away but he was trapped.

I loosened my grip on him and laid down on top of him. I nuzzled his neck and he started to calm down. Jack loves that and I knew he would start to lighten up. He started running he fingers thru my hair which meant he's ok now. You better now I asked? Yea he said. I'm sorry I was a bit irritated. Nah its my fault. I should have called you and told you I had to go over to my parents. How about I make us some lunch? Jack looked at me and replied. No you pack and I'll make lunch. After lunch I'll help you finish he said. And I'll make sure you have everything you need.

Jack went in the kitchen to make lunch and I continued packing. My phone rang and it was Mom. Hi Mom whats up. I just wanted you to know that I just received all the confirmations for what we have planned. Should I bring them over to you she asked? No Jack is hear I whispered. Oh ok well stop by and pick them up tomorrow before you leave. Ok Mom I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Love you.

Everything ok with Mom Jack asked. Ugh yea I said. She just had a question. Jack just looked at me. Shit his eyebrow was raised and that means he knows something is up and its not my dick.

We had lunch and I tried to avoid any details about the trip so I wouldn't slip up. After lunch I continued packing finally finished. Hey Jack can you make sure I have everything I need? Jack came in and went thru my bag like he was looking for something. That little fucker is suspicious about something. Am I that obvious? I thought. Yea everything looks in order he said. I can't wait to see you in that Armani suite Jack commented. That was a strange comment because he did see me in it already when I tried it on for him. I just smiled. I thought to myself I can't wait to surprise him. We spent a couple of hours packing and making sure we had everything. Our flight was at noon tomorrow and the limo was picking us up at 9am.

Jack don't forget we are having dinner with my parents tonight at 6 at the country club. Yea I know he replied. I took the suite cases out in the great room and sat down in my chair to relax a bit. Hmm I thought I never noticed that before. My old fire helmet was hanging on the fire place, and my fire was hanging on the side and my first axe was on the mantle. Hey Jack when did you put all my old fire things on the fire place? 3 days ago he replied. Oh shit I thought and I hadn't noticed until now. I felt like a heel. Ugh how did I miss that I said to myself. I went into the kitchen and made us both a drink. Jack was reading his iPad at the breakfast table. He bud I'm sorry I didn't notice the fireplace until now I said as I sat down his drink.

Jack replied its been so crazy around here I forgot about it as well. But do you like it he asked? Yea I do bud. It looks great and I appreciate what you did. We sat there and finished our drink and Jack showed me a few things on his iPad. I looked at the clock. Whoa, we need to get changed and head over to the country club or we are gonna be late I said. We jumped up and quickly changed.

We had a great time with my parents and dinner was excellent as usual. But we called it a night fairly early and went home. We watched some TV and then went to bed since we had to get up early. No dancing in the sheets tonight I thought. Oh well we do have to get up early and get ready. We got in bed and talked about the trip and how excited we were. Finally we are getting away and spending time together alone. We fell asleep wrapped around he other. Both of us couldn't sleep well because we were too excited. Jack moved more than usual during the night and I knew he was anxious about the trip. He seemed to settle down after a couple of hours and got some sleep.

Tomorrow we fly to Tahiti!



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