Now that I was all showered and packed for the weekend with Mark, it was time to start the drive to Long Island. I decided I should take my iPad and finish up some work on the way so I didn't have to worry about all weekend. So we hopped in Mark's truck and started our journey. Before we got really on the road Mark wanted to stop at the gas station to get some drinks for the trip. Dang it was a really hot and humid day and a coke sure would feel good. I watched Mark walk from the truck to the door of the gas station and I couldn't help but admire the way he walked and how is ass moved in those old jeans he was wearing. I hadn't noticed before that the left back pocket of his jeans was torn off and I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear because I could see some skin showing. Hmmm a man is so hot when he goes commando.

Mark came back with two bottles of cold coke and handed one to me which I was grateful for. I said to Mark, I like that rip in the back of your jeans. He replied "You like what you see?" I replied "Yea you look good bud". He just looked at me with a grin and winked and started up the truck.

As we headed to Mark's I just had to get that work done so I fired up the iPad and began working. I actually didn't have as much work as I thought which was great. Mark and I teased each other back and forth and chatted some. Finally I was done with my work and turned off my iPad and laid in on the seat between us. After a few minutes Mark looked over at me and ask " Jack do you like sitting all the way over there by yourself?" I looked at him and said "I guess so why ? He replied, " I'm feeling really lonely over here and I was wondering if you would like to sit next to me. I could see a forced sadness in his face. Oh hell who am I kidding I wanted to sit next to him. So I moved over next to him and he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me so close I had no place to rest my left arm except on his leg. He leaned down and nuzzled my hair and I could feel his kiss. Damn it I thought to myself. Why did he do that? Not that I didn't like him nuzzling me but we just met. Its not supposed to be this way. But I relaxed into him and I have to admit I was enjoying being close to him.

The drive to Long Island was to take about 2 hours. The traffic wasn't too bad today. Even though the AC was on I could feel Mark's sweaty hairy armpit against the back of my neck. The scent of his sweaty arm pit was driving me crazy because I liked his man scent. I leaned back a bit so my face was almost in his pit and I guess I dozed of for awhile. I could feel my cock starting to get hard smelling him. I woke up to Mark's hand on top of mine because while I had napped my hand had fallen onto his crotch and he was making me rub his hardening cock. I apologized and swore it wasn't on purpose and of course he didn't believe me. Maybe in my subconscious mind I was doing it on purpose. I tried to move my hand but he wouldn't let me. Even though we established a no sex rule, we did engage in some light touching and teasing.

After a while Mark moved my hand under his shirt and moved it around his chest. I loved the feel of his big hairy chest. My hand rubbed over his nipple and he groaned a bit....hmmm he likes that. I rubbed it again and gave it quick pinch which made him squirm. Jack please you gotta stop that he said. As much as I enjoy what you are doing I'm gonna cum in my jeans. I replied Buddy you started it and he just pulled me close and kissed the top of my head and said...yea I know.

Finally we were almost at Mark's house and pulled up to the garage. We got out of his truck and damn it was hotter and more humid than when we started. Mark grabbed my bag and took me into his home. The house was a Craftman's style in design which is my favorite. Very masculine with lots of wood and stone used. The inside was roomy but still cozy and comfortable. The kitchen was a nice size and he had recently remodeled it and updated the kitchen. The great room was awesome with a large fireplace and a big fur rug in front of it. He showed me his bedroom which was a nice size with a king size bed. Then he showed me the guest room which was already for me. Mark said I guess this where you will be sleeping....but he didn't sound to thrilled with the thought of me sleeping in the guest room. Neither was I.

It was getting later in the evening and we hadn't had dinner. We decided to grill some steaks and make a salad. Mark fired up the grill and put the steaks on and I made the salad. While he was tending the steaks I set the table out on the porch. Man those steaks smelled so good and I was getting hungrier by the minute. When Mark brought the steaks over to the table he looked and said...This table isn't set right. I looked at him and asked what was wrong with it. He replied that he doesn't want to sit across the table from me and wanted me to sit next to him. Awww this guy is a romantic and he was killing me. Never had anyone treated me so well. Some had tried but it wasn't genuine or they acted so femmy about it. Mark was all man and I loved it.

We sat next to each other and wolfed down our food and drank some wine. After we cleaned up the dishes we sat on the porch for awhile. Mark stood up and offered his hand and pulled me up. Let's go for a walk in the woods while its still light out. I agreed and he put his arm around my neck and off we went down the path to the woods. We walked the path that led to a small stream that had rock ledge looking over the stream. We laid back against a fallen log and talked for quite awhile. Soon it started to get dark and the mosquitoes we getting bad so we walked back to the house. By the time we got back to the house it was dark and both of us were getting tired from a long day. Mark must have been exhausted from all the driving he did.

We shared a glass of wine that was left from dinner and decided it was time to go to bed. Mark walked me to the guest room and gave me a hug and said good he was leaving the guest room he turned and looked at me and smiled and then went across the hall to his room.

I was tired but I decided to take a shower and I could hear Mark turn the water on in his shower as well. Ahhhh the shower felt so good and refreshing. I brushed my teeth and hopped in bed. Funny, as tired as my body was I couldn't fall asleep. My mind was thinking about how my day unfolded. Never in a million years would I have expected something like this would happen. This caught me completely off guard. I was totally out of my element and for the first time I was not in control of things. Not that Mark was totally in control. But he did make that phone call and he did have the guts to show up unexpectedly so technically he was in control. And you know what? I'm good with that.

So there I lay in bed staring at the ceiling and just couldn't fall asleep. I could hear Mark snoring and I knew he was really tired. Finally I got up and went out to the kitchen to get my iPad where I had left it. But I saw that Mark's door was open. Hmmm should I peek in an watch him sleep for a bit? When I stepped into the doorway the breeze thru the open windows was drifting across the room. The moon light was filtering thru the trees, and when my eyes adjusted I could see Mark laying on his side with his back towards me. I saw his tidy whities on the floor where he dropped them and he was laying in bed naked. While leaning against the door frame I could see his muscular back and followed it down to his butt. I noticed that he had a dark hairy ass crack which I found so sexy.

While leaning there admiring Mark naked in the dark I so wanted to be sleeping with him. Finally I got up the nerve to crawl in bed with him. I dropped my underwear on top of his on the floor and quietly walked around to the other side of the bed and crawled in. Ugh I accidentally woke him up. I looked over at him and he just smiled and said "Come over here". He stretched out is strong arm and pulled me close and tight against him. He wrapped himself around me. His big thick legs were intertwined with mine. I could feel his semi hard cock against my ass....I moved my butt back against his cock a bit to maneuver it into my crack and that made him quietly laugh a bit. Before we fell asleep he whispered "I'm so glad you are here and sleeping in my arms. Then I whispered back....I'm glad you came and got me and brought me home.



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