Mark's surprise 40th birthday party is in two days. Mark has no clue about the party. He called this evening and asked if it was ok if he made reservations in the city for dinner for the two of us.

Mark baby....I have some bad news. I have to fly out to Vegas for a trade show and won't be able to make your party. One of the consultants is in the hospital and I have to take his place. Damn I hated to lie to him...and I had already told Maggie and Alex what I was going to say. Just so they were prepared.

I heard Mark sign on the other end. Then he got mad. He started getting loud with me on the phone.....Why the fuck can't someone else go to Vegas...why you and why now? Jack this is my 40th birthday and I really want you there.

I felt so bad lying to my boyfriend....I've never ever lied to him. But since it was a surprise party I could justify lying. But I felt horrible.

Mark I know you are upset and I am too. But there is nothing I can do. I would expect you to work on my 40th birthday if you were asked.

He continued to argue that its not fair. Mark I understand...but I promise I will make it up to you. I guarantee it. He wasn't happy about that this at all.

A few minutes after we hung up. Maggie called and said Mark is really upset you told him you could make it for his birthday. Perfect she said. I told him that Alex and I are taking him out for his birthday at the country club.

I asked how did he react. Well he said he had no other plans and he accepted.

Perfect I said. But Maggie....I feel horrible about lying to him. She replied Oh get over it. See you at the party on Friday. I will text you when Mark arrives so he won't see your car in the parking lot. Ok Jack?

Ok Maggie.....see you friday.

The next two days were terrible with Mark. He was so upset with me for not coming on his birthday. It was horrible. I told him I wouldn't be able to talk to him much on Thursday because I would be flying out to Vegas....Fuck Vegas he said...and he hung up. Damn he's pissed. He had never hung on me...ever. I knew he was pissed.

On Thursday I call him early and woke him up at the fire house....Hey baby...just wanted to say good morning before I flew out to Vegas. It was silent. Mark are you there. Yea Jack I'm here he replied. I'll call you when I get to my hotel in Vegas. Yea whatever....have a good trip. Whatever? He said whatever. Fuck I hate this bullshit with him.

I was starting to fume about his comment. What ever? I'm his fucking boyfriend and he said whatever!! Fucking whatever. I was tempted to call him back but I knew he was pissed and tired and I didn't want to make it worse.

I waited until about 8pm and called Mark when I supposedly got to Vegas. He answered his phone.....Jack I'm so sorry for being rude to you this morning. I feel horrible how I treated you. Yea Mark you were rude...but I understand you are upset that I can't be there. I know bud. I was a jerk wasn't I. Ok Mark you were a jerk....but your MY jerk ok?

Mark made a comment that really bothered me. Jack he I still your boyfriend even if I was rude and a jerk to you today? I replied...Mark...don't you ever question that again. You are my boyfriend and nothing is gonna change that. Ever! You got that bud?

Ok he replied....I won't doubt you. I just miss you so much baby. All I think about is you. Listen I replied....maybe its good you miss me...maybe you will listen to me when I say we need to talk. Ahhh fuck he replied. Are you still after me about that? Yea Mark I am.... Look you and I aren't having a good conversation tonight. We are both tired and frustrated. I'll call you tomorrow sometime ok? Ok Jack. BTW Jack....yea? I'm glad you are my boy friend. Good night Mark. See you Sunday.

Whew that was a horrible phone call....actually two horrible phone calls with Mark in one day. Ugh this is bad. I've never heard him so upset. Maybe I should call Maggie and Alex and let them know.

Hi Maggie....hey its Jack. I hate to bother you but I need to talk to you. Mark is really upset that I told him I wouldn't be there for his birthday. He's actually been rude and almost mean. He's never been like that to me.

Maggie giggled like only Maggie could. Listen up Jack. You are getting thru to him. You are getting his attention. I know he misses you terribly. But its working.

You mean you planned this all along that I was to tell him I couldn't make his birthday....Just to get his attention?

Ok yes I did Jack. But it was only to help you and Mark. Help I replied? OMG Maggie its been horrible. She replied....Good!! Man up and work it out!! Stick to the plan and btw don't for get those fucking grape fruits. The farmers market has big ones....pick a few up when you get here. You will need them.

Maggie you are a piece of work. I never thought you could be so devious. She laughed and said sometime ask Alex what I used to do to get his attention when we were first married. I laughed and said I don't want to know. Ok Jack see you tomorrow night. Have a safe trip. By Maggie and tell Alex I said hello. Will do. Night

That woman is crazy. But I had to laugh...she's so cool and I had a feeling she knew what she was doing and she made me feel better.

Damn I miss Mark so much. I went to bed and yes I still had his Jockeys. Although they were losing that hot musky smell that I loved. I went to sleep and woke up around 8am.

I packed up for the trip to Long Island. Threw everything in the back of my car and took off.

Mark called while I was driving. Hey Jack how's Vegas. Its ok but hey I have to go into a meeting. I'll be busy all day. I'll call you this evening. Miss you bye.

Fuck that was real bad. If he did that to me I'd be pissed. Oh well he's pissed at me anyway. Maybe the make up sex will be worth.

I got into town and was at the farmer's market getting those grape fruits when Maggie sent me a text. Jack, he just got here. Ok I'm dropping off my things at home and those grapefruits on the way to the country club. Ok Jack see you in a few.

I dropped off my things at Mark's and put those fucking grape fruits in a bowl on the table. Then I drove over to the country club.

I asked the hostess where the party was.....she pointed over to the room off the side. I around the perimeter of the grand room so no one could see me.

I peeked in the room and saw that Mark's back was towards me which was perfect. I sent Maggie a text that I was there...she glanced over at me.

Then I walked in the private room and up behind Mark. I heard him say that he was upset that I wasn't there and how much he missed me. Maggie made a comment that he hadn't been very nice to me lately. Mark hung his head and said no I guess I wasn't. He looked around at everyone and said that Jack means the world to me and he missed me so much. Especially today.

OMG I was almost in tears. He didn't know I was right behind him. I paused to compose myself.

Then I put my hands on his big broad shoulders and leaned down and said...Happy Birthday!!!

Mark turned around and jumped and grabbed me. Jack how did you get here? I thought you weren't coming till Sunday.

I replied....I'll tell you the story later....but lets get this party started shall we?

Mark was beaming and I sure did feel relieved that I was there with him to celebrate his birthday. Especially his 40th.

We had dinner, danced and then the cake which was awesome. Then it was time for Mark to open his presents. His family and some friends gave him some really nice gifts. Alex and Maggie handed him a check. I couldn't see how much it was but Mark winked at me. So I knew it was a good one.

Soon the party was over....everyone said there good byes. We walked Maggie and Alex to their car and hugged them. Maggie whispered in my ear....throw that fucking grapefruit at him tonight. We laughed and Mark and Alex just looked at us. I shrugged it off.

They left and Mark and I went home.



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