Ahhhh how awesome to wake up in Bora Bora in this incredible bungalow with my man sleeping next to me. Hmm Jack is sleeping on his back. I wonder how I can wake him up? First I need to call the butler and order our breakfast to be delivered to the bungalow.

I rolled over and dialed Billy. Hey Billy this is Mark. Could we have our breakfast delivered to the bungalow. Yes sir he replied. Would 10am be ok. Yea that would be great. By the way Billy said, Your Jeep is ready and will be park in the VIP lot. I'll have the keys delivered with your breakfast. Great I replied. Thanks.

Jack was still asleep and I laid there thinking for a few minutes lusting after his hot body. My mouth was drooling and wanting his cock. So I got on top of Jack and laid down on him with my ass in his face and his cock in my mouth. Damn his cock tasted so good in the morning. I began licking his cock up and down his shaft. Then licking his mushroom head till some pre cum formed. Fuck I love his cock as I took him all the way in my mouth. His pre cum was covering my tongue as I swallowed. Jack began to moan and his cock was getting harder and harder. He loves it when I finger his hole while I'm blowing him. I wet my middle finger with my spit and started pumping his hole with my finger. Mmmm that woke him up for sure I giggled.

Jack began licking my hairy crack and then plunged his tongue deep into my hole. Damn I love it when he does that. He always hits the right spot and drives me crazy. Jack's dick was throbbing by now and his balls were drawing up close and ready to explode. He was beginning to buck and thrust his cock into my mouth and down my throat. Jack groaned and threw his head back into the pillows as he unleashed his built up jizz and shot volley after volley in my mouth and down my throat. After I had sucked every last drop of his juice I turned around he Jack took my cock down to my musky pubic hair and I began fucking his mouth just like he liked it. Jack loves it when I grab his head with both hands and force my cock down his throat. Gotta admit I loved it too.

Soon I could feel my balls ache as they were filled up with my load and ready to explode any minute. Mmmm I loved cumming in Jack mouth and watching him swallow my load. I let my head drop back and closed my eyes as Jack pleasured me with his velvet tongue. Jack, Jack....as I thrust my cock down his throat....ahhh awww fuck I'm gonna cum as I shot my jizzzz down his throat and in his wet mouth. I got the chills while he kept sucking and my cock and swallowing my juice. He just looked up at me with a naughty grin on his face as I leaned down to kiss him.

I laid down on top of Jack and kiss him and he shared my cum with me. Well good morning Jack said with that naughty look in his eyes. Mmmm good morning I replied. How's my handsome guy this morning? I'm feeling mighty fine bud. Especially since you gave me your big creamy load of protein. Yea you are so bad I replied teasingly. You just couldn't resist eating my ass could you I said. Jack smirked yea you know I can't refuse it...especially in the morning.

Mark did you order breakfast? Yep it should be here in about a half hour. Ugh I gotta take a wicked piss. Jack gave me that look as I went into the bathroom. I stood and started to take a piss when Jack's arms wrapped around me and he was holding my cock while I pissed. Wow he's never done that before but I like it. Yea and I should have known there was a catch.....his hard cock was poking my hole. I leaned back into him and just let my piss flow as he teased my ass. After I had finished I didn't shake off the last drops of pee and turned around and grabbed Jack as he jumped up and wrapped his legs around my waist and my arms around his firm ass. I let the last little stream of pee drain on him as I carried and kiss him to the out door shower.

Before I let him down, You know babe he asked. Whats that bud....tell me. I just love you so much as he hugged me. Awww man I love you too bud I replied. You have no idea how much I love you. Hmmm Jack was incredibly loving this morning....not that he usually isn't but even more. I could tell he is really relaxed and enjoying himself which I'm glad.

So Mr Travel Consultant where are we going today? Jack laughed. I have no idea, I've never been here before. How bout if we have the concierge map out a plan for us..sounds good to me. Nothing to extreme maybe a drive around the island today. That sounds like a plan to me I replied. Jack called the concierge and asked him to map out a day for us. Then breakfast arrived. Wow this is cool. They bring breakfast on a canoe and delivered it right up in our bungalow. Just when the bellmen were bring in breakfast Jack walked into the living room bare ass naked. I just stood there and laughed and Jack, well Jack was totally embarrassed and so were the bellmen. Ummm sorry guys I said. My boy friend is always naked. I've tried to get him to put on clothes but well you know, he doesn't listen.

Jack scooted back into the bedroom to put on some shorts but first he turned around and shot me a finger. I knew that was coming cuz I'm the one thats usually running around swinging free. And boy can I swing.

After the bellmen left Jack came back out with shorts on and I was busting up laughing at him. He didn't seem to amused but I could tell he wasn't upset. Well he began. You could have warned me that they were here. Yea I guess I could have but maybe I wanted you naked I joked. We both laughed about the incident and hey...its a memory to add to our trip.

We finished the huge breakfast and decided to walk the deck to the main building instead of taking the shuttle boat. The concierge had mapped out a great day for us on Bora Bora. He showed us that we could go high up in the mountains and the views are stunning, down in the valleys to visit some smaller towns and do some shopping. Then back up in the mountains for a late lunch at a small country inn. And then a short hike to a waterfall to cool off. He mentioned its a great place to take a dip in the icy cold water. And then relax on the rocks to dry off and get some sun. Sounds like a perfect day we said.

So we found our Jeep and took off on our trip around Bora Bora. The first stop was in a small village where we just walked around and checked out the local scene and people. People here were very friendly and no one gave us a hard time or those awkward stares which is a welcomed relief. Next we drove up into the mountains and stopped at rest areas with over looks. The views were incredible and we must have taken a hundred pictures.

Both us were getting hungry so we drove to the small country inn that the concierge suggested. Whoa this place is way out in the boondocks. There is nothing around here Jack said. Yea but look how beautiful it is up here. We arrived at the inn and the owner came out to greet us. Are you Jack and Mark he asked? Yes how are you we replied. My name is Charlie, come in come in we have been waiting for you. Billy called and said you would be stopping by for lunch and I have something prepared for you.

Charlie and his wife brought out a simple meal of soup, homemade bread and various fruits and that awesome Tahitian coffee and cold water. We had a great time with them and enjoyed lunch. But were sure were looking forward to hiking to the waterfall and taking a swim in the cold water. Although Jack is not found of cold water in the least. Soon we turned into the small parking lot and saw the trail leading to the waterfalls.

It was really hot today as we hiked to the waterfalls. Mark was drenched in sweat and he took his shirt off. His sweat was showing thru the top of the back of his shorts. Damn he looked so hot with the sweat running down his back. We got to the falls. We just stood there and admired how beautiful it was. We walked down the path to the pool of water and took off our clothes and Mark was the first one in. He dove in and when he came up for air he exclaimed. Damn its freezing but it sure feels good. Come on Jack dive in. Its cold but its refreshing. I hate cold water but I was hot and sweaty as well. So I dove in and the coldness of the water was breath taking. I could feel my cock shrivel up from the cold. I swam over to where Mark was and then we went went and let the water from the falls pour over our bodies. Ahhhh this feels so good I said. Mark was loving it and so was I.

We swam over to the flat rocks where our clothes were and laid out in the sun for a while. Both of us were starting to get a nice tan. Mark was already getting dark and neither of us had any tan lines yet. We laid in the sun and dried off for a while and then reluctantly put our clothes on a headed back to the Jeep for the drive back to the resort. It had been a great day and we enjoyed exploring the island together.

When we arrived at the resort we walked over to the beach bar and had a drink. Mark ordered the drinks and told the bar tender to go easy on the booze which I was grateful for. Then we took the shuttle boat back to our bungalow to get ready for dinner with the General Manager.

It had started to rain a bit so we showered in the bathroom but we missed the out door shower. Of course we played around in the shower a bit and had some fun as usual. After we dried off we got dressed and headed over the the main building for dinner. We arrived at the private dining room and we were escorted to our table and met Francois the General Manager. What a wonderful gentleman he was. Dinner of course was French which was wonderful. Francois or Franco as he liked to be called was full of life and told wonderful stories about his career and living in Tahiti. After dinner we walked thru the resort gardens and then on the beach before heading back to our bungalow. Just another beautiful day in paradise and the night sky was full of stars.

We went back to our bungalow and we laid out in the double hammock just watch the stars like we did the night before. The southern sky is mesmerizing with all the twinkling stars and hundreds of shooting stars, the chirping of the tree frogs and the sound of the waves crashing on the reef out on the ocean. Jack was pointing out the signs of the zodiac, and he was just amazed at all the stars we could see. It was so good to see him so happy and relaxed. Like he didn't have a care in the world. We just laid there for quite a while, relaxing and planning our next day and adventures.

The night air was warm and humid and I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on the deck. Jack was still talking about our plans for the next day. I put my arm around him and pulled him closer and he relax against my body. His skin was moist from the humidity and I could smell his lingering cologne mixed with his musky man scent was intoxicating. Jack was just staring out at the ocean and up in the sky. Completely mesmerized by it all. Laying there with Jack in my arms and enjoying being right there with him. It was a perfectly romantic night and I could drink the moon light from his eyes. God I love this guy I thought and I hope he knows how much I love him. I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

Soon I felt Jack's head lean on my chest and I knew he had fallen asleep. I gently picked him up and carried him to bed and laid him down. He was still dressed so I quietly took off his clothes and kissed him good night. He was fast asleep. I just smiled and took off my clothes and sat out on the deck for a bit longer. Thinking and thinking. Wow I'm a lucky guy I thought to myself. I began to doze off and it was time to go to bed.

Ugh I had to take a piss and I knew I would wake Jack up if I pissed in the bathroom. What the hell I'll just piss off the deck into the ocean. I grabbed my cock and piss a very long hard stream into the dark water. Shook my dick off and went inside and crawled in bed next to Jack. Jack rolled over and put his arm across my belly and then his hand went down and caressed my balls and cock. I just smiled, he's a horny fucker. I nuzzled his hair and whispered. Go back to sleep bud, save it for tomorrow. We laid there in each other arms and fell fast asleep.

The next morning I woke up with my morning wood as usual. Hmm Jack wasn't in bed with me. Ahhh there he is out on the deck, naked and standing at the edge of the deck stroking his cock. Not a hard stroking but playing with his big dick. I just laid there and watch him for a few minutes stroking my own cock. I reached in the drawer and got some lube and drizzled some on my cock and hands. I kept looking at Jack and damn that boy has one hot tight ass and I really want it this morning.

I quietly walked out on the deck and sneaked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck. My cock was right between his ass crack. Baby I want you right here and now I said as my cock grew hard in his crack. I was at the entrance of his hole. Damn I was horny. Holding Jack tight against my body I slowly but firmly penetrated his body. Jack gasped with pleasure as I took him balls deep. Jack squeezed his ass muscles around my cock which drives me crazy and he knows it.

Jack bent over the deck rail and I penetrated him even deeper and began a slow hard rhythm. Mark he said....go in deeper and harder. Baby just take me this morning. I held on to him and rammed my boner deep inside him sending him into orbit. Jack loved my big thick cock deep inside of him and the harder and deeper I pounded him the more he loved it. I could feel my balls filling up with my cum and the sweat was pouring off my body all over Jack. I know he wanted to stroke his cock but I wouldn't let him. Fuck I said as I began my climax to orgasm....Awww Jack I said as I thrust my cock deep inside of him relentlessly. Holding him tight against my body I unleashed a powerful shot of jizzz which made Jack howl when he felt me shoot inside of him. My cock was pumping out rope after rope of cum deep inside of my lover. My body was trembling as I relaxed from my orgasm.

My god Jack you drive me crazy when I'm inside of you I said as I laid down on the lounge chair. I was laying on my belly, panting and resting.

Jack watched Mark for a few minutes. Yea that big fucker sneaked up on me and rammed his big cock in me without warning. Don't get me wrong I love it. But its his turn to take my cock.

I walked over to Mark and laid down on top of him which he didn't expect. Dang my cock was throbbing and wanting his body. I was sliding around his crack and Mark was squirming. Fuck Jack you feel so good. Yea you sure feel good to babe, Jack said. Suddenly Mark's head shot up and his back wanted to arch as Jack suddenly and with out warning penetrated Mark's love hole. Fuck man take it easy on me Mark shrieked. Omg Jack your cock is so fucking big and hard, I can feel your cock deep inside of me. I grunted and groan as Jack refused to let up and kept pounding my ass has hard as he could. Mother fucker omg Jack, ease up I begged. Jack just wouldn't stop, in fact he was going in deeper by the second. His balls we furiously slapping my ass and hitting my taint.

Jack was in another world as he was pounding his cock into Marks body. Relentlessly screwing and making love to Mark. Part love and part revenge. Jack was insanely going crazy on Mark and Mark was losing his mind. Soon Jacks body began to tremble and convulse as his orgasm was building up strong and ferocious.

Damn I've never had Jack fuck me this hard and wild before. He's a complete mad man this morning. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder as he plunged deeper into me. Suddenly Jack thrust his cock so hard and deep into me that I could feel his jizzz shoot powerfully into me. Shit that felt so fucking good, I said. Keep shooting in me Jack don't stop. Jack was still pumping in me hole and the sweat was pouring off his body all over me.

Jack grabbed Mark's hair and pulled his head back and kissed him. You like that lover boy? You like when I rammed my cock into you big boy? You fucking know I love it Jack. I can't get enough of you. Damn you just rammed your 8 incher deep inside of me you fucker. Jack collapsed on top of me, we were both spent and drenched with sweat and cum. We could hardly breath as our bodies heaved from our sexual workout.

Jack was still shaking as he laid on top of me. I turned my head a big, Hey bud are you ok? Your shaking. Yea I'm ok, just trying to get my breath he panted. Yea you really pounded me good bud, I could really feel your jizzz shooting inside of me. Mmmm Jack smiled must be from lots of rest and the south pacific air he laughed. I'm sorry if I hurt you Mark. I turned over onto my back as Jack was still on top of me. I grabbed his face in my hands. Yea you fucking hurt me Jack, you hurt me real bad. Jack was shocked and looked at me....I'm sorry I...Jack shhhh its ok. Let me finish. You hurt me so fucking good. You have no idea how good you feel inside of me. And when you blasted your jizz in me I came again as well. Jack smiled and asked. So you aren't mad at me for pounding you like that? Mad at you? Why would I be mad at you? I just wish you would do that more often. Just please please, go easy at first then pound away I said. Remember I'm new at this.

Mmmmm Jack said as he ran his wet tongue in Mark's sweaty hairy arm pit. My boy is smelling mighty rip as he went deeper into Mark's pit. I began to squirm as Jack wouldn't stop licking my pit. Jack I laughed stop your tickling me. Stop bud...Jack just laughed and wouldn't stop. I bit my lower lip to keep from screaming. Jack had a wicked grip around my body and I couldn't get loose from him. He might be 5'10 but that boy has a grip when he wants to. Finally I was able to throw him off of me....fuck you have an evil look in your eyes Jack, I said. Jack just sat there laughing at me. Oh and by the way babe. You aren't smelling to pretty right now either I laughed. Then I attacked him and held him down and kissed him hard and long, then I held his arms above his head and licked and ate his sweaty arm pits till he couldn't take it anymore.

I let him loose and and pulled him up. Hey lets take a swim before we shower I said. We dove into the water and swam for a while. Jack got up on my shoulders and I threw him into the water. I tried to get on his shoulders but a 6'6" guy shouldn't try to get on the shoulders of a shorter guy. It just doesn't work.

We decided to take out a catamaran around the lagoon for a few hours and relax. Just a picture perfect day in Bora Bora. Although the sun was incredibly strong and we both ended up with a slight sunburn. We bought some fresh aloe which the lady squeezed out the juice and gel and gave to us. When we got back to our bungalow we took a cool shower and then massaged the aloe into our skin which felt great.

That evening we went to dinner and ate on the beach with some of the guys we had met at the resort. We had a great evening with them. After dinner we partied a bit at the beach bar and watched the sun put on her nightly show with a cast of colours as she sank into the Pacific. Tomorrow was out last day at the resort so we headed back to the bungalow and rest up for our last day. Both of us had a wee bit to much to drink but we had fun. Today was a great day especially this morning with that incredible romp on the deck. Wow I could still feel Jack's cock in me all day long. That boy really did a number on me. We went to bed and fell fast asleep.

We slept in till about 10am when the bellmen were knocking on the door to deliver our breakfast. I threw on a pair of thin shorts and answered the door. They both looked at me and saw my big morning boner. Ugh I forgot about that and quickly put my hand over my cock to hide it. But it was no use. They both smiled at me when they brought in breakfast. I thanked them with a smile and one of them gave me a lingering look at my crotch which was still hard as a rock. Geez Jack said you think you could have covered yourself up better he asked? I was embarrassed. Dude I'm sorry I just answered the door and forgot about my wood. He just looked me with a look I had never seen before. Oh come on I said its not like I did it on purpose I said. It was an accident. Jack kept giving me that look and I threw a roll at him. Knock it off Jack. You know I have no interest in anyone but you and thats just the way it is. The look continued and he didn't say a word. Hmmm either he is a bit pissed or he's wanting something. I brought my chair around and sat next to him. I took turned his face around to face me. Seriously Jack it was no intentional and you have nothing to worry about. I put my arm around him and kissed his cheek. Good Morning Jack I said. He kissed me back. Took you long enough to kiss me he said. Ok I gotta turn this conversation around real fast.

I stood up and straddle myself around Jack and sat down. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kiss him with all I had and he kissed me back. Seriously bud you have nothing to worry about. He just looked at me. I know bud he said.. I just don't like other guys looking at your cock. I let out a loud laugh. Baby when you are as hot as I am they can't help but look and stare. Finally I had Jack laughing and he knew it was an accident. I went to get up and sit in my chair but Jack pulled me back down on his lap. Where you going he asked. Jack if I sit on your lap I'll crush you. I'll be the judge of that he replied. So I sat in Jack lap and had breakfast. Sometimes he is a nut but I love him.

This is our last day and we decided to hang out at the beach all day and relax. We put on our bikinis and walked over to the beach and laid out in the sun for the day. We made sure we had on plenty of sunscreen. Jack was getting a nice tan and he was looking good. His hair was beginning to show some blonde streaks from the sun.

Damn Mark is getting really dark I thought as I was lying next to him on the beach. He was laying on his belly sleeping. I pulled back his bikini. Mark woke up and looked over at me. Babe I'm sorry I just wanted to see your tan line. You are really getting dark I said. Look how white your ass is compared to the rest of your body. Even Mark was surprised. Of course he had to pull his bikini down even more to expose his butt. He's crazy and we had a good laugh. He tried to pull mine down but that didn't work. We fell asleep for a couple more hours. Then it was time for dinner. Our last dinner in Bora Bora. We again had dinner on the beach and watched the sun drop into the Pacific. Seems like there was a storm brewing out over the horizon and the sunset was even more spectacular tonight.

After the sun went down we hung out on the beach for a while chatting with everyone and having a good time. But it was time to head back to the bungalow and start packing. Tomorrow we board the ship for our 10 night cruise thru the South Pacific.

We took the shuttle boat back to the bungalow and the skipper said we were getting a good storm tonight which would help cool things off since it had been so hot recently. We began packing so we could sleep in tomorrow. We took a shower outside before we went to bed. I'm gonna miss this shower Mark said. Yea me too. We made some great memories in here haven't we? We sure did I replied. We soaped each other up and I washed Mark's hair. He really likes when I wash his hair. I like it when I lean against the shower wall and his body is against mine as I wash his hair. Its very relaxing and sensual. After we showered we crawled into bed and talked for a while about our cruise. Soon we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night because the storm was raging outside. The lightening and thunder were putting on quite a show and the rain was coming straight down. I love storms but Jack was sound asleep. That boy can sleep thru anything. I laughed cuz he was snoring again. The storm was loud so I got up and went out on the covered deck and watched the storm out over the lagoon and ocean. Damn I had a boner as I watched the storm. I looked back at Jack but he was still asleep. Hmmm he would be so disappointed if he missed this storm.

Hey Jack I said as I tried to wake him up. I gently shook him awake. Wha what happened whats wrong he asked as he looked at me. Nothing is wrong. Come on I said...this storm is incredible and I didn't want you to miss it. Wake up bud lets go out on the deck and watch it together. Its amazing. I yawned and looked out the window. Whoa he's right this storm is amazing. The thunder was so load and the lightening was everywhere. Mark always did like to watch storms but I usually slept thru them.

I got up and went out on the deck with Mark and we laid on the double lounger just watching this amazing storm. The storm had cooled the air and we watch as the lightening streaked against the black sky. I jumped a few times when the thunder would clap loudly.

Jack was flinching when the thunder would crack so I put my arm around him and pulled him close against my body. There is just something about watching a storm and having the man I love next to me. Something romantic and sexual all at once. I couldn't help but want him even closer. Gosh I was so horny and I thought it would be great to make love out on the deck during the storm. I nuzzled Jack's hair and began kissing the back of his neck which always makes him melt into me and tonight was no different. I could tell he was feeling the same way. While I was kissing him I reached down and started stroking his cock which was getting nice and hard. Jack reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and was stroking me as well. Hey bud I whispered in his ear.....what do you have in mind tonight I asked.

Jack slumped down and began sucking my cock and looking up at me with a look in his eyes. I knew that look which wasn't the same as the look he gave me yesterday when he fucked the cum out of me. This was a different kind of sensual look. Jack kept sucking on my cock and I was enjoying every minute of it. Man he sure knows how to get my cock rock hard. I love how my cock feels inside his mouth. I can never get enough of him.

Jack gently laid me back on the lounger and put a pillow under my head. The storm was raging even more angrier now. There was electricity in the air and it was magical. I pulled Jack down to kiss me and his tongue was tasting my mouth and mine his. He was running his fingers thru my hair which he knows I love and my arms were wrapped around him. God we were feeling the love tonight as we kissed and caressed each other. Jack hand was running thru my chest hair I ran my hand up and down his back. Jack was looking intently in my eyes and leaned down. I love you Mark and I want you he said. I love you too Jack I replied as I stared in his eyes. Damn he was beautiful straddling my body as I laid there looking up at him.

As the storm rage all around us Jack raised himself up and gently relaxed himself over my throbbing penis and eased himself down on me. He took me entirely deep within his body. He rested for a few minutes enjoying the feeling of my manhood deep inside of him. I continued to watch this amazing guy as he closed his eyes and slowly leaned his head back with his face looking up as the rain running off the roof splashed onto his handsome face. He slowly began to rock back and forth as I held his hips tightly. His head was still rolled back and the steady stream of rain water was running down his face and down his chest and over his beautiful cock and balls.

I was almost hypnotized watching his erotic and sensual rhythm as he began to gyrate himself on me..enjoying the slow build up his orgasm. Jack was gasping with every gyration he made and the small thrusts I made into him. It was like he was high and hallucinating and part of the raging storm as he began to rise up and down on my hard penis. A loud clap of thunder boomed and I thrust deeper inside of him and sent him into a frenzy as he began to ride me wildly. The lightening flashed across his body and I could see him trembling with pure pleasure. His gyrations became more and more intense and my thrusts were deeper and harder. My hands were tightly grabbing and guiding his body on my throbbing cock. Jack reached down and pinched both of my nipples at the same time which thru me over the edge. There was no turning back now. I began thrusting my hard cock deep inside of him just as furious as the storm was raging. There was a storm raging also inside both of us just waiting to be unleashed.

My orgasm was building quickly by now and Jack was leaking pre cum all over my belly. I was stroking his cock while he rode my throbbing cock. I love pleasuring him and watch his face as he takes it all and enjoys himself. Suddenly there was a massive clap of thunder and I thrust my cock hard and deep up into him....Jack threw his head back as I exploded deep inside of him and he all over my chest and belly. His body began to jerk from his orgasm and I continued to thrust my streams of love deep inside of his convulsing body. Jack's cum was flowing out like a fountain all over me body all over my chest and on my lips. I love tasting his cum on my lips. Jack and I relaxed in the glow of our orgasms. My cock was deflating and slowly and unwilling sliding out of his body. Jack sprawled out over my body as he laid on top of me. There was a light rain falling on us as we laid in each others arms as the water washed about our cum and cleansed our bodies.

That was incredible I whispered to Jack. Yea it sure was bud he replied. The rain began to subside and the thunder and lightening could be heard and seen out over the Pacific and was moving away from the Bora Bora. Eventually we went back to bed and fell asleep face to face, body to body. Arms wrapped around each other all night as we slumbered and slept.

Tomorrow we board the ship for the our cruise thru the South Pacific.



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