Wow this morning was incredible. Mark and I had a great time in bed early this morning. Damn that boy is hot. And the taste of all that cum he shot in my mouth was more than awesome.

Mark said he wanted to take me somewhere but he didn't say where yet. After we grabbed a lite breakfast we got in the truck and headed out. I asked where we were going and Mark replied....I want to pick something up for my Mom. So we are going to this really cool shop in the next town over. Mark said that when he meets his parents for dinner at the country club he always gets his Mom a small gift. Hmmm you can really tell a lot about a guy by how he treats his mother. Seems like he treats her very well.

I moved over and sat next to Mark for the drive and I promised I wouldn't pull a stunt like I did yesterday morning in the truck. He laughed and said good cuz he couldn't take it again. We talked and joked around during the drive. We always seem to have a good time together. Mark and I noticed that we can talk about anything which is great. I love to shock him once in a while. On the way I told him a very dirty was raunchy and the punch line is hilarious. When I told him the punch line, he started choking on his coffee and spit it out the window. We were both laughing so much Mark missed the turn and had to make a U turn.

He growled at me and said....You fucker you always do something while I'm driving to crack me up or distract me. I replied yea and you love it big boy. He just flicked my nose with that comment.

Finally arrived at the shop and went inside. Wow what a neat place. It was filled with high quality hand made gifts from around the world. My kind of place. We looked around for quite a while and found a gift for his Mom. He asked the store owner to wrap up the gift. She asked if he wanted to include a message. Mark thought for a few seconds and then replied....Yes please include this message. To Mom.....Thanks for being you. We love you Mark and Jack.

After Mark purchased the gift we continued looking around the store. I was on once side looking at things and Mark was at the other counter. He called over to me....Hey Jack please come over here....I'd like to show you something. I walked over and went up beside him. I asked what do you want to show me.....Mark see that set of Men's rings right in the middle? I said yea why? He looked at me and aren't they beautiful? I replied yes they are....but why are we looking at rings? We just met. He winked me and said I know but I'm just looking at them....those caught my eye. I have to admit he has a good eye for beautiful jewelry and so I do.

Mark asked the owner if we could look at the rings. She asked if they were for the two of us.....Mark just looked at her but didn't say anything. She put the ring on my finger and it was a perfect fit....size 9. It really was a gorgeous ring. She tried to put a larger ring on Mark's finger but it didn't all. His fingers are huge. He frowned a bit but it was not big deal since he was just looking.

After we left the store we got a small lunch and headed back home. Ugh it was a hot one again today and the humidity was ungodly. I went into the guest room and got out my shirt and pants that I was going to wear this evening. Mark came in and sat down on the bed and asked if he could iron my shirt and pants. I said let me iron everything including yours. How about you go and relax a bit. He looked at me kind of perplexed. But he said ok thats fine. I'll get out the iron and board for you. I replied thanks....that its ok I know where they are. He looked at me again with a look of concern.

The iron and board were in the laundry room and I was busy ironing our shirts and pants. I like to iron for some reason but I hate doing laundry. I took my time to iron our clothes because I wanted them to be perfect for dinner tonight.

Mark came in and leaned against the door frame. He didn't say anything at first. Then he asked me if everything was ok.....I muttered Yea everything is ok why? He gave me a questioning look.....and said....I can tell something is bothering you. Did I do something wrong? I stopped ironing and put my head down and looked away.

Mark knew something was bothering me. Hey Jack...if something is bothering you, you really need to tell me. I couldn't look at him because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. He turned to leave and before he did he simply said....Ok when you are ready to talk about it...I'm here...but I won't force you.

After I finished ironing I took his shirt and pants into his bedroom. Mark was lying on his bed with his shirt off and only had his Jockeys on. He looked over at me and thanked me for ironing his clothes. I went over to the guest room to hang up my shirt and pants.

After I hung my clothes up I was going out to the great room to watch some TV. Mark saw where I was going and said....Baby come here....please? I paused for a moment and went in to his bedroom and he motioned me over to him. He held my hand and ask.ed You ok bud? I bit my lip and he knew that I wanted to say something....but he didn't say anything. I sat down and leaned back against his chest.

Mark asked if I was mad at him. I replied of course have been incredible and you haven't really done anything wrong. He said I have REALLY done anything wrong....I replied no...its just me being me. What is it Jack? Something is obviously bothering you....just tell me. I'm a big boy and can handle it....I laughed and said .....thats an understatement. We laughed.

So I asked him.....Why were you looking at those rings today? He replied....I knew thats what was bothering you. I knew it in the shop. I was just looking at them thats all. Thats all? I replied.....thats all Jack why? Ok but I don't want us to rush into anything. And I thought you were wanting us to get rings. Mark rolled his eyes and said....Hell no I'm not in the market for rings......I was just admiring them. Jack will you stop analyzing everything I do? Seriously...I was just looking at them. But then he gave me that smirk and asked....So did you like them? Ok I admitted that they were gorgeous rings. He just smiled.

Then Mark rolled over on his back and said....Hey babe why don't you take off your shirt and shorts and take a nap with me before we get ready for dinner. I'll set the alarm for 5pm. That will give us plenty of time to get ready.

So I took off my shirt and shorts and dropped them on the floor and layed down next to Mark. He pulled me close, kissed me and we fell asleep.

A couple hours later that fucking alarm went off like a bomb. That fucking thing is so damn loud it could wake the dead. I jumped out of bed and cussed at that alarm...Mark just calmly reached over and shut it off. He cracked up laughing because my potty mouth was in full force and spewing out every conceivable cuss word I could come up with. Mark was howling. The more I cussed the more he laughed. I finally calmed down and he said...Come on bud lets take a shower and get ready for dinner.

We got in the shower and Mark asked me if I was still nervous about dinner. Actually babe I'm not I replied....I'm actually looking forward to it. Wow he said....thats a switch. I figured if they are as nice and warm as you I have nothing to worry about. He leaned down and said...I'm warmer than they are. We laughed and continued washing each other. Mark loved it when I washed his hair and he in turn would soap up my back and butt and massage me. Hmmm I love taking a shower with him. Actually I love everything about him.

After our shower we got dressed and damn that guy cleans up well I thought to myself. We walked out to the garage because he wanted to take his BMW to the country club. I told him its a beautiful car... but I liked the truck better. He looked at me and asked why? I replied because I can't sit next to you in the Beemer. He agreed. So when I climbed in and sat down...he reached over and grabbed my crotch and said....See we can still have fun. I held his hand while he drove.

A few minutes later we pulled up to the country club and the valet took the car and parked it. We were a bit early so we ordered drinks from the bar. It seemed like everyone knew Mark and were very welcoming. One couple asked Mark if I was his boyfriend....Mark turned a bit red and just winked at them.

A few minutes later his parents arrived and they were ushered over to us. The moment had arrived. Mark introduced me to his mother Maggie....what a stunning lady Maggie is. She has the most beautiful white has and an incredible smile. And then Mark introduced me to his father....Alex. Alex was tall and distinguished but not as tall as Mark. He was so welcoming and shook my hand. Maggie made the comment.....OMG Mark.....Jack looks like a young Cary Grant.....I blushed....Mark replied.....please....Jack may get a big head. We all laughed and I thanked her for the compliment.

Soon we were seated for dinner and had a lovely time. It was non stop conversation and I was feeling completely comfortable. Every once in a while Mark gave me a reassuring squeeze on my leg. And once he even reached over and grabbed my cock when no one was looking. I loved his playfulness. I leaned over after the last time he grabbed my cock and whispered....Remember dude....Pay backs are a bitch. He winked at me and Maggie caught him winking at me and smiled.

After dinner and before dessert was served Alex asked me to join him out on the patio to get some air. Mark and Maggie were discussing something about the holidays coming up. Alex and I walked out onto the patio and found a private area. Alex stated in a serious tone that Mark was their only son. And that they are thrilled that he and I were getting along well. Alex Mark's father and maybe I am just a little protective of my son. But I need some reassurance that you are not going to hurt Mark. Mark has been thru a couple of horrible relationships and he was taken advantage of. I replied that I knew that and that I myself had been in that situation as well and it is horrible. I took him by the arm and reassured him that I had not intentions of hurting him and that I really like him a lot.

After our talk we went back to the table and had dessert with Mark and Maggie. We had a lovely evening with his parents. After dessert we chatted for a while. Then Maggie and Alex said that it was time to call it a night....we walked them out to the valet station. Before they got into their car....Maggie asked if they would be seeing me again. I gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek....I replied you can bet you will be seeing me again...Your son is a keeper!! She smiled and said she was happy about that. Alex gave me a hug and said he had a good feeling about the two of us. I do I do I.

After Maggie and Alex left Mark and I go into the car and drove home. Neither one of said anything the whole way home. Nothing was bothering us, we were just enjoying the ride and each other.

We arrived home and walked in the house. It was late and went into Mark's bedroom and undressed and got ready for bed.

Laying bed facing each other. Mark said...Jack can we talk about something? I replied of course baby whats up. He stammered for a bit and was playing with my chest and finally he said.....This has been an incredible weekend...and I heard what you said to my parents before they left. Did you mean everything you said or were you just making nice.

I looked at him with a disapproving and look and replied....Mark lets get something straight here. I meant what I said. I meant it when I told your Mom you were a keeper and also when I told your Dad that I had a good feeling about us.

Mark paused and thought for a minute. Then he said he felt the same way about us as well. He apologize for doubting me. There is nothing to apologize for bud...nothing. You have been wonderful and I'm am so glad you came and got me.

Mark listened and thought some more....I could tell he wanted to asked me something else. So I helped him out and said....Mark if there is something else just tell me.

Finally he looked at me and said...Jack....I love being with you. I've enjoyed every minute with you this weekend. And I don't want it to ever end. Maybe this is too early in our relationship...but would you consider being my boyfriend?

I looked at Mark and must have been grinning from ear to ear. I replied...I thought you would never ask. Of course I would be your boyfriend. OMG it was like we were in high school but we didn't care. We really liked each other a lot.

Mark grabbed me and pulled me on top of him and pulled me down to kiss him. We kissed for quite a long time. Even though we both were hard as rocks we were both exhausted and fell asleep.

The next morning we slept in till about 10am....we need the sleep. Mark kissed me good morning and got out of bed and started the coffee. I heard him talking on the phone.

He came back to bed with the coffees and said after we get up and take a shower. I'm taking you over to the fire house to meet the guys for lunch. Great I said I'd like to meet them.

We took a shower and started messing around. We were all soaped up and Mark pushed me up against the wall. My ass was facing him and he took his big hard cock and put it into my ass crack and rubbed it around. Then head wrapped his arms around me and began sliding his cock in between my legs. Fuck he felt so good and I didn't stop him. I could feel him getting harder and harder. He began to moan and growl as he was getting close to cumming. Fuck baby I can't wait to make love to me.....He replied he couldn't either. He continued to thrust in and out between my legs.....his groans and growl became louder and louder until he began to tremble as his orgasm erupted in my ass crack.....he came all over my crack and ass.

He stood there for a while and rubbed his cock up and down my crack with his thick load of cum.

I turned around and he dropped to his knees and began sucking me. I put my hands in his hair and thrust my throbbing cock into his mouth and down his throat. Fuck I loved it when he sucked my cock and worked his middle finger into my hole.

He was pumping my hole with his finger and was all the way in....I couldn't take it any longer and I could feel my orgasm moving up from deep inside me. My balls began to tighten up and my cock got bigger and bigger. I was moaning out of control. Fuck Mark....I'm gonna cum...fuck baby I'm cumming.....fuck oh fuck.

I grabbed his hair and forced him to take my cock down to my pubes and shot my load in his mouth. He was looking up at me and begging for more.

Then I pulled my cock out of his mouth and shot the rest of my load all over his face, and chest. Fuck he looked awesome with my cum dripping off his face. He licked his lips and swallowed my cum. My legs were trembling and he held me till I was steady on my feet.

After I had calmed down from my orgasm he looked me with a crazed look and said....I've got something for you Jack. He pushed me against the shower wall and grabbed his cock. Oh fuck man he started pissing on me. First on my cock, then up to my chest. He was drenching me in his piss. I fucking loved it. The force of his piss against me was incredible.

It seemed like he had an endless supply of piss. When he was done pissing on me he snickered and said.....How did you like that bud. Fuck Mark I loved can piss on my anytime.

After our romp in the shower we got dressed and drove over to the fire house.

When we walked in Mark introduced me to all the guys. They were a great bunch of guys and we got along well. We had lunch with them. After lunch we went back and relaxed for the day in the pool.

Later that evening we talked about when we would be together again. Mark had to work Tuesday to Saturday morning. He said he would leave right from work to come and pick me up. I tried to talk him into letting me take the train. But he refuse to hear of it. He said no boyfriend of mine is gonna take the train. Plus it gave us more time together. Hey who am I to argue.

We lounge in the pool for a few hours and then had some dinner. Then we relaxed and watch a couple of movies and then went to bed.

Mark started to get really quiet. Hey bud whats wrong? Your awfully quiet now. I know babe I'm just sad that our weekend is almost over. But I know this is how it is. I replied I know bud....but I'll be back on Saturday for a few days.

We kissed and made out for a while. Then we fell asleep. Mark was laying beside me spooning me which is our favorite position. His cock was in my crack and he always would grab onto my cock. I loved sleeping with him and would miss him terrible the next few days.

The next morning I was awakened by Mark sucking on my cock. I turned around and began sucking his in a 69 position. Fuck I loved sucking his cock, rimming his hairy hole and taking each of his large balls in my mouth. Soon he rolled over on top of me and fucked me mouth while he sucked my cock. He fucked my mouth down my throat.

Soon we were both moaning and groaning uncontrollably. Mark started to growl which is a signal that he is about to cum. He gave a few more hard thrusts down my throats and then pulled out a bit so he could cum in my mouth and I could taste him.

Fuck I swallowed every drop of his white thick creamy load. I can't get enough of him. The sweat was running profusely from his body all over me.....I loved the feel of his sweat dripping on me and the smell of his manly scent.

Mark knew I loved it when he put his middle finger in my hole while he was sucking my cock. Only this time he was ramming it in real hard and deep. I was losing control with every thrust of his long finger. Then he went in all the way with his finger and just held it there for a few seconds. All of a sudden he pumped it so hard I yelled out Fuck man.....keep doing that I fucking love it.....he kept finger fucking my hole and sucking me at the same time.

Fuck I was in orbit.....I had no idea what I was saying. All I know I had this incredible guy fingering my hole and sucking my cock. I could feel my cum building up in my balls and needed to be released. He gave me a good pump and that sent me over the edge.

Awwwww fuck man I'm gonna cum....volley after volley of cum filled his mouth and he was trying to keep up....but I came so much it was flowing from his lips. My orgasm was so intense I thought I would pass out from it. Mark laid down on top of me and kissed me with my cum in his mouth....fuck man what did you do to me.

He grinned and said if you like what I did to you just wait till we make love....and I mean all the way baby. I want to blow your mind and take you to the moon.

Then he said on a serious note. But not until its the right time. Yea I thought I'm dying for the right time.

Well sadly it was time to get ready and leave. Time to get back home and to reality. Since Mark had to be at work by 6am the next day we had to leave soon.

We made breakfast and ate outside and talked while we ate. It was a sad time but at the same time it was exciting because we had a future to work on.

We drove back to Pa and Mark came in for a while to rest. He and I napped for a awhile. Mark woke up and then kissed me and woke me up because it was time for him to leave. He got out of my bed and proceeded to take his shorts off. I looked at him and said I thought you had to leave and now you are taking your off your clothes....whats up with that. He just grinned at me and threw his his Jockeys at me....then he said those are for you so you don't forget me.

I sniffed his Jockeys and oh fuck they were so musky I got an instant boner. Mark came over and kissed my cock. But he had to get on the road. He pulled on his shorts and sandals.

On the way to the door he stopped and hugged me. We held onto each other for dear life. He kissed me and I kissed him back.

We both had tears in our eyes but we knew we would be together again in a few days.

I walked him to his truck. He opened the door and before he got in he grabbed me and kissed me again. He got into his truck and back down the driveway. He waved good by and I could see he was wiping tears from his eyes.

Standing there in my driveway I watched as he drove off. Slowly I walked back into my house, sat down and lost it. I bawled like a baby. Emotionally I was a mess and I cried for a while. Man I missed him so much already. But I knew we had a life together. But I just missed him.

A couple of hours later he called to let me know he got home ok and that he missed me. He asked if I was sniffing my boyfriends Jockeys and we we laughed about it.

While we were talking I was emptying my travel bag and noticed I was missing a pair of underwear.

So I asked him if he was sniffing his boyfriends underwear....He laughed and said I sure am babe. The are right here with me and they smell so good. Fucking pervert. When I said that he replied....You love it.

When I went to bed that night....his Jockeys were on my pillow and I could smell him all night.

Mark and I talked all the time when we weren't together. The next few months were awesome and we were together every week. And we spent as much time together as we could.

Mark's 40th birthday was coming up in December a few days after my birthday. Life became a little more interesting for sure. I'll tell you all about it in part 5. Stay tuned.




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