Oh man I said as I woke up and yawned scratching my balls. I hate to leave this beautiful resort I thought as I stretched out over the bed, and over Jack. It was about 9am and Jack was still asleep. Guess he was wore out from last night I smiled. He was out cold like usual. Damn that boy can sleep thru anything. Well maybe not when I stick my dick in him...that wakes him up real quick.

Reluctantly I got out of bed and took a nice long piss off the deck....ahhhh that feels so good I said as my powerful stream hit the blue water. I love this place and so glad that I upgraded to the Ultra Luxury bungalow, we loved the privacy because we could be naked anytime we wanted.

I went inside and started the coffee. Damn this coffee is really strong I thought. But today will be a long day and Jack will need a good jolt to get him moving.

While the coffee was brewing I took a quick shower outside. Looks like another hot beautiful day in Tahiti. After I showered I just dried off and didn't bother getting dressed. I've gotten used to being naked this week. The coffee was ready and I poured the coffee in the mugs took them into the bedroom.

I crawled back in bed and began waking Jack up. Hey sexy its time to wake up I whispered. As usual there was no response. Its like he's in a coma. Hmm this calls for more interesting measures to wake him up which I liked. And I think Jack does it on purposes I grinned.

Kissing the back of his neck I worked my way done his back and still no response. I know what will wake him up I thought. I began to lick his incredible crevice getting it all nice and wet with my saliva. Mmmmm when my tongue reached is hole he started to smile, see I knew he was doing that on purpose. Hungrily I ate my boys ass still he was moaning. I stopped and watched him, Don't stop he said. I laid my body down on top of him as he felt my cock getting hard. Good morning babe I said, as I kissed him on the cheek. Do you plan on getting up today?

Jack yawned and smile at me. How about we just laze in bed till its time to go to the ship. I laughed...come on stud, its time to get up. I brought your coffee to wake you.

Finally he sat up in bed with his hair a mess. He looks so cute in the morning and he's usually grumpy which adds to his cuteness. Ugh he groaned, Damn you wore me out last night bud Jack said. My body is aching this morning. What the hell happened last night? You don't remember I replied? Oh I remember every single detail about last night. Wanna repeat this morning I joked. Ugh no not this morning, plus its not raining and storming Jack sighed.

Why don't you lay down and I'll massage your aching body and I promise I won't do anything, I won't even think about I. Jack laughed, Your a fucking liar...just the fact that you mentioned a massage means you are already thinking about it. The diner is closed this morning Jack said. So it reopens for dinner I asked? Possibly Jack replied. Depends on whats on the menu.

Just lay down grumpy and let my magic hands soothe your aching body. I massaged his entire body and behaved myself...well for the most part. When you are incredibly attracted to someone and completely in love with them its hard to keep your hands off of them.

Mmmm Jack murmured. I love when you give me a massage in the morning. That always makes me wake up feeling so good. Baby I'd give you a massage every morning if that makes you happy.

Ok massage is over I said. Lets get up and go get some breakfast. Yea I'm getting hungry Jack replied. I'll take a quick shower and then we can go. Call for the shuttle ok bud? You got it.

By the way Mark we have to leave here by 2pm for the ship in Papeete. Oh yea I forgot we have to take a ferry over to the ship.

We went to the main restaurant and had breakfast and chatted with some of the friends me made this week. Some were sailing with us as well on the cruise.

After breakfast we did some last minute shopping in the village and headed back to the bungalow to pack up and get ready to leave at 2.

We swam in the crystal clear water for a while and lazed around on the deck for an hour before taking our last shower outside. We sure are gonna miss that shower.

Ok bud I'm all packed and ready to go Mark said. Yea I'm almost done as well I replied. Damn I can't figure out what to wear. Need some help there bud? Yea help me out. Hmmm how about those light tan shorts that hug your ass, the ones I love seeing you in. And this light blue shirt and your sandals. Yea you are gonna look so hot in this baby. How about some underwear Jack suggested. Nahh you don't need them. I love when you go commando any way. I like being able to slip my hands down your pants when no one is looking and feel your awesome ass and your cock. Jack just rolled his eyes. Whats with the eyes I said....Oh nothing, your just a horny old man. Whoa who you calling old I replied. I knew he was teasing. Ummm you babe...oh really? Who wore you out last night babe I teased. Yep for an old man you sure can rock my world. And don't you forget it either.

We were all packed and ready to leave. Wow we are really gonna miss this place we both said. Sure did make lots of memories didn't we?

Soon we were on the ferry to Papeete to board the ship. We were glad the ocean was calm as we had heard last week the ferry ride was rough. About an hour and a half later we had reached the port and claimed our luggage.

Mark and I were greeted at the ferry by the cruise line representative and escorted us to the ship. There she is I said..the Riviera. Isn't she beautiful Mark? She sure is he replied. She's gorgeous and I can't wait to get on board.

We checked in at the ship and the porters took our luggage. Your cabin is on deck 10 suite #1 the lady at check in said. Jack and I looked at each other. Suite? Deck 10? Jack looked at me like I had done something. Whoa bud don't look at me I don't know anything about this. Jack just shook his head, I know he didn't believe me but I wasn't lying.

The steward took us to the suite. He opened the door to let us in. OMG Mark!! This is the freakn owner's suite. We were supposed to have a large balcony cabin. Dude seriously the upgraded bungalow was enough. Jack I replied, I don't know anything about this, honest I don't. Are you sure Jack questioned again. Babe I'm serious I really don't.

Wow this suite is huge and look at the wrap around balcony. Think we can hang naked out here I asked? Ummm I don't think so, Jack replied. Omg I can't believe this suite Jack kept saying. Its beautiful.

We explored the suite and unpacked our clothes. Ahh Haaa another bottle of champagne in the bedroom, just like in Bora Bora with a card. Jack opened the card while I stood next time him.

Dear Jack,

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you don't mind that we upgraded your cabin to the Owners suite. We love you!!

Mom and Dad

PS: We love you too Mark

I cannot believe your parents did this for us Jack said as his voice cracked. Mark seriously this all too much.

Hey if they didn't love you they wouldn't have done it. They really do love you Jack I said. I have to call them right away. Its about 1am their time. Wait bud its late I said. Its ok your Mom is still awake and I don't care if I wake them up.....I have to thank them. No we both need to thank them I said.

Jack called my parents and surprisingly they were both awake.

Mom and Dad? Its Jack, I just had to thank you for the suite...but the owners suite? I could hear my parents laughing. Of course we love it Jack said. Its incredible, I can't believe you did this for us. Well we really appreciate it very much and we love you. Ok see you in a few weeks. Bye.

Omg I still can't believe this Jack said, Yea neither can I Mark replied. Come on bud lets check out the ship for a while. We left the suite and explored the ship for an hour or so, had a light lunch and a drink by the pool.

We checked out the restaurants on board and their menus. Jack was reading a menu and I leaned down and whispered, I want you so bad as I slipped my hands down his pants and grabbed his cock. Wade you better stop or we are gonna get thrown off the ship I joked. You are one horny man Jack said. I think you are under a spell. Yea I'm under your spell I replied. We wondered around the ship and then went back to our suite.

Before we went back to our suite we met the cruise director and captain. We shook hands and as we left for the suite the captain gave us a weird look that gave us the creeps. Man he is a strange guy I said to Jack. Yea he's a big guy and gives me the creeps.

A few minutes later there was a knock on our door. I'll get it Mark said. Hello, my name is Urs and I am your personal butler for your cruise. May I come in and show you everything about the suite and the services? Sure come in Urs, I'm Mark and this is Jack. So good to meet you both. Urs was in his late 30's, around 6' tall, with a dark tan and smooth perfect skin. He had a medium build and light brown hair and blue eyes and a great smile. He was from Austria and spoke several languages. He showed us all the features of our suite and the services that were available to us. By the way if you have anything that needs to be laundered or pressed please let me know and I'll take are of it.

Thats good to know I said as we do have some things that need laundered and pressed.

Before he left, he mentioned that he is our personal butler and he was dedicated only to our suite. If you need dining reservations in any of the restaurants, suggestions for things to do on the islands, anything just ask. It will be my pleasure to assist you during your cruise. Oh he said, Your a good looking couple. Thanks, Your a hot butler we replied.

We enjoyed the next couple of days on the ship and the two islands we visited. The third day we did some scuba diving in the morning and a short hike in the early afternoon. We went back on the ship and to our suite. I laid down on the bed as I was tired. Hey bud I'm gonna go to the sauna and steamroom while you take a nap. I'll be back in about and hour. Ok babe have good time. Jack kissed me and left.

I went to the spa and changed and wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the steam room. The steam room was filled with steam and smelled like eucalyptus. Shit I said under my breath the captain is in here. Just what I needed. I sat at the far end of the steam room but I kept my towel around me. I noticed that the captain was naked and staring at me with that weird look. Eww I thought, he creeps me out. Fuck he is stroking himself now. Just lovely Ugh. Ehhh I'll go to the sauna and get out of here. When I got up to leave, the captain stood up and lunged at me and grabbed me and threw up against the wall. Damn he slammed my face against the wall and I could taste the blood in my mouth. WTF are you doing I screamed. Get off me asshole. He tried to ram his cock into me but couldn't but he kept humping me. He leaned into me, You know you want it you fucking faggot he said as he turned me around. He forced is mouth on mine and tried to get his tongue in my mouth. I trashed and turned my head trying to get him off me but he had a tight grip. Ugh fuck, his cock was grinding me. Fuck you you bastard I screamed. He kept yelling that he was gonna give me what I wanted. Finally I was able to get my hands free and nailed him in the balls. He doubled over and threatened to make me pay for that. I grabbed my towel and went to the locker room to get my clothes and hurried back to the cabin.

Shit, I knew my mouth was cut and the blood was still dripping. I covered my mouth with my shirt. What the hell am I gonna tell Mark. There is now way I can hide this, plus my back had a bad scrape on it. Why did this happen I thought, why? I did nothing to lead that asshole captain on.

Finally I reached the suite. I hope Mark is asleep so I can quickly clean up before he sees me. I quickly went into the bathroom and washed cold water over my mouth to stop the bleeding. Damn the scrape on my back was too noticeable and I won't be able to hide it. Fuck there was a bruise on my hip that I hadn't seen. Shit, this is not gonna be good.

Hmm I heard Jack come in but he always at least lets me know hes there or kisses me. Ahhh he's in the bathroom. Its getting time for dinner and I need a shower. I rolled out of bed and scratched my balls and started to walk into the bathroom. Stay out Jack said, please stay out. Jack? Mark just stay out!! I knew something was wrong, Jack has never said anything like that to me. Jack, what is wrong I said as I went in anyway.

Jack! What happened. There was blood on the towel and his shirt. Omg Jack, I saw the nasty scrape on his back and a dark bruise on his hip and red hand prints on his arms. Jack tell me what happened now I said. Just leave me alone he replied. No I'm not gonna leave you alone. Come on talk to me. Its me your talking too. I turned his face towards me...WTF happened? Your mouth is bleeding. Jack began trembling and I knew something bad had happened.

Jack stood up and I put my arms around him. Ok ok tell me what happened, Your ok now. Geez I thought Jack is no wimp and well built and can handle himself but this was bad. Jack leaned back against the sink while I tried to stop the bleeding. Now talk to me bud. Jack started to calm down so he could talk. I umm umm went into the steam room like I told you I would and the creepy captain was in there. He was just sitting there staring at me and and. Go on Jack I said. I was feeling uncomfortable so I got up to leave. All of a sudden he grabbed me and shoved me up against the wall and my face hit the wall. Then he tried to umm force himself on me and I couldn't get away because he had such a grip on me. Did he umm....no he didn't thank God Jack replied. But he was really trying.

Mark I'm so sorry but I didn't do anything to lead him on, I kept my towel around me but he ripped it off of me. That fucking asshole I yelled, I can't believe he attacked you I continued. Don't worry Jack I'm gonna take care of this. I'll be back in a bit. Mark don't, just let it go. Fuck that I said, no way will I let this go. You stay here and don't leave the room you got that I said. Don't leave.

I'm going with you Jack said. No your not, this is something I have to take care of, you have been thru enough. Mark please don't. Ugh it was no use. Mark was out of his mind and his nostrils were flaring wildly and I knew there was no stopping him. Mark slammed the door and took off.

Oh shit I said, this is not gonna be pretty. Mark is a big muscular man and he's very strong. He's no match for anyone. I've never seen this side of Mark and its scary. Shit what do I do?

I'll call Urs. Hey Urs can you come to our suite immediately I said. Yes Jack but whats wrong. Just come here fast I replied. A couple minutes later Urs knocked on the door. OMG Jack what happened to you he said with concern. I began to tell Urs that I was in the steam room and the....Let me guess the captain did this to you he asked. Yea how did you know I replied. That creep has been doing this to some of the crew and I know he did it to another passenger. So why is he still on the ship I asked. Because the staff are afraid they will lose their jobs and the other passenger a few weeks ago didn't report it. But why did he do this I begged. Look Urs said, he's a very bad man and disgusting. Btw where is Mark he questioned. Thats why I called you. Mark I'm afraid has gone after the captain. And you know how big he is. Something very bad is gonna happen.

Jack listen to me. You did nothing wrong and do not blame yourself. Let me clean you up and then I'll go and take care of this. Urs cleaned off the blood from my mouth and put ice on my bruise. Damn thats a nasty scrape he said. Here lay down and I'll put some ointment on your scrape. It won't hurt he said. I don't want it to get worse. Urs gently applied the ointment and the medicine began to kill the pain. Ok Jack, I'm gonna find Mark, I'll be back soon ok? Thanks Urs I said.

I stopped by the front desk and asked the purser if I could talk to the captain about an urgent matter. Let me see if he is available she said. BTW may I have your name? Yea I'm Jack, he knows who I am I replied. She made a call. Yes sir the captain is in his quarters and is expecting you. She showed me where to go. I raced to the captains quarters. No one will ever do this to Jack again I said to myself. Dammit, None of this would have ever happened if I had gone with him. Fuck what kind of boyfriend am I?

When I knocked on the door, the captain answered and I pushed my way in. Your not Jack the captain said. Your damn right I'm not Jack you fucking asshole. You know damn well who I am. I grabbed the captain by the throat and screamed. You ever touch or as much look at him again and I swear I'll kill you, you son of a bitch. The captain glared at me, Let me tell you something about your precious faggot boyfriend. He wanted it. He wanted me to fuck his ass. You bastard I screamed as I drew my arm back and punched that asshole in the face, fuck you he said, No fuck you I said as I punched him again square in the face and probably broke his nose. I shoved that bastard to the floor and kicked him in the ribs with such force I thought he had blacked out. I'm warning you asshole, don't ever touch him again. And trust me you will no longer be captain of this ship you got that I yelled.

I flung open the door and there were some crew outside the door that heard the altercation. They began clapping when they saw the captain on the floor and his bloody face. Why are you clapping I scowled. Finally someone has done something to stop that bastard they said. What do you mean? This isn't the first time this has happened. So why didn't any of you report him? They all looked down. Well I asked Why? Because we are afraid of losing our jobs. Thats fucking bullshit I said, just fucking bullshit. No one should be afraid of losing their job when something like this happens. No one.

That asshole I said under my breath as I ran back to our cabin. I swear I could have killed him if I wanted to. When I got back to the suite I almost broke down the door to get in. Jack I yelled. I'm on the balcony he replied.

I took Jack gently by the hand. We need to talk now I said. But not out here. We went inside. Mark what did you do Jack asked. Never mind, but lets just say he will never touch you or anyone else on this ship. Ever! Damn his nostrils will still flaring and his eyes were wild.

Look Jack, please please don't you ever put yourself in that kind of situation again. I don't want you to go anywhere like that alone again. Do you understand me. Mark I'm fine, Jack replied. Jack I mean it I commanded. Mark, please....Jack, for once please do not argue with me. I never demand anything from you but this time I am and I mean it. You understand? Your lucky, it could have been much worse. Listen I said, You are my husband, I mean partner and its my responsibility to take care of you. I don't need you to take care of me Jack said I can handle myself, he just caught me off guard. I didn't mean you can't handle yourself. But it happened. Jack looked away. Jack I love you, but this is no time to be stubborn. Jack looked up at me. I'm not stubborn he muttered. Yes you are stubborn and usually its a good thing. But not when it comes to your safety. Will you please just do as I ask? Please I begged as I drew him into my chest. Jack sighed with relief. Jack always feels the safest when I pull him to my chest, he never said anything but I know he does. Will you listen I asked again. Ok ok yea I will. You promise? Yes he replied I promise.

Mark was still furious and kicked the ottoman across the room. Damn I've never seen this side of Mark. He's always the calm one but not this time. Mark I said, you need to calm down its over. Don't tell me to calm down bud. I can't help it. No one ever touches you and hurts you. Shit I was afraid of what else he might do. I went over to the bar and poured him a whiskey. Hey, I need you to sit and calm down. Mark looked at me and sat down in the chair. Here, this will help I said as he took the glass from me. Thanks Mark said as he sipped the whiskey.

Sorry if I scared you I said to Jack. I didn't mean to scare you, but something just came over me. Its ok I said, I just never saw that side of you. Yea and I hope you never do again. No one hurts my family I said. No one! And I'm sorry that I didn't go with you like I should have. If I had this never would have happened to you. Hold on Mark, this isn't your fault and I don't want you to feel guilty. I can't help it Jack, but please don't feel guilty.

There was a knock on the door and Urs let himself in. Hey guys he said, Just wanted to stop by and see if you are both ok. This is Franco, the assistant captain and he wants to speak with you. Sure come on in and have a seat.

Good to meet you Franco said, I wish it was under better circumstances. I want to apologize for this horrible incident. This should have never happened. Your damn right it should have never happened Mark scowled but we do appreciate your apology. Why has he been allowed to do this to the staff without getting fired I demanded. Unfortunately no one made a formal complaint. Yea thats fucking bullshit I replied. I know Franco replied. Its frustrating. But this time its different. The captain has been arrested and will be taken off the ship in the next port and jailed.

Thats good we replied. A new captain is being flown in immediately to take over the ship and he's a wonderful captain and I hope you will meet him.

By the way guys Franco said. I've requested that your entire cruise fare to be refunded and you will have a check waiting for you when you get home. And all of your shore excursions and the spa are available to you free of charge. You didn't need to do that Jack replied. Its the least we can do Franco said. Thank you we replied.

Oh and one last thing. Urs and I would be honored if you would spend the day with us tomorrow on our sailboat. We want to get you away from the ship when they take the captain off and away from the other passengers. You will need your privacy. Plus we would like to spend time with you. So you and Urs are a couple we asked? Yes for two years Urs said. We always have the day off when we are in this port and take out our sailboat. We live together on the ship but we are so busy its hard to find time to ourselves.

We really appreciate your offer but we can't intrude on your private time I said. Franco smiled and looked at Urs, Look guys, I'm presently the acting captain of this ship and I'm not taking NO for answer. I already know that you don't have any excursions planned for tomorrow. We really want to spend time with you and get to know you better. It will be a beautiful day for all of us. Oh and just so you know Urs inserted. We are not asking you to have sex with us so if thats what you are thinking, forget it. We all laughed.

Alright, we would be glad to spend the day with you we replied. Awesome Franco said. Ok I have to get back to work. Btw, what happens on our boat, stays on our boat he said with a smile. See you tomorrow morning. Thanks Franco we said.

Urs stood up to leave. I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of ordering your dinner in your suite this evening. I didn't think you wanted to be out and about on the ship tonight. Thanks Urs I said we really appreciate that. Great, I'll bring in your dinner in about an hour. See you later.

Wow Franco and Urs are really cool Jack said. Yea they seem like really nice guys. And both are good looking guys too we agreed.

As promised Urs returned an hour later with our dinner and set everything up for us on the balcony. Man there is so much food I commented to Urs. Care to join us Jack asked. Urs smiled, thanks but I can't, plus I'm having dinner with Franco tonight. Ok we said.

If there is anything you need please just let me know. Thanks Urs we will be fine I replied.

Oh before I forget. I'll be back around 1030pm for your special tuck in service. Tuck in service Jack said. Yes, Urs replied. A special tuck in service just for the two of you. And only for the two of you. Ok Urs see you later. Bye and enjoy your dinner.

Hmm I wonder what the tuck in service is all about we said. We just laughed while we ate our dinner.

So Mark, may I ask you a question? Of course you can I replied whats up. Well when you were yelling at me....wait I wasn't yelling AT you, I was just angry about the whole incident and I don't want to talk about it. Not tonight. No no I said, I'm not talking about that. Ok what is it babe. You called me your husband and then quickly corrected yourself to partner....umm care to explain yourself? Geez you don't miss a thing do you I replied. I knew you would bring it up sooner or later. Soooo? Ummm, ok I stammered. Yea you are my husband, maybe not legally but in my heart you are. I love you so much Jack and I can't imagine ever being with out you in my life. You mean that Mark? Mark flared his nostrils, I mean what I say I replied as i leaned over and kissed him. I looked into Jack's eyes. Please don't question my love for you ok? Jack shook his head in agreement, I know you do. I feel the same way about you I replied to Mark. He grinned, yea I know you do handsome. I know you do and I don't take that lightly. You could have had any guy you wanted I said. Oh please Jack replied I don't think so. I didn't want just anyone. Mark winked, I'm so glad I'm your guy.

After dinner we took a stroll around the upper deck of the ship for a while and then headed back to the suite and relaxed on our balcony. There was a storm out on the horizon and we sat and watched the storm and had a couple of drinks. Jack was sore from the asshole captain and complained he couldn't handle any crazy love making tonight. Awww don't worry about it I said. Sometimes its just a nice to just hold you. But I sure hope you lip heals up fast cuz I miss kissing you.

It was almost time for Urs to arrive for that special tuck in service he promised. Yep there he is Jack said as he answered the door. Hey Urs come in. So how are you two doing he asked. We are fine, just tired Jack replied. How are you feeling Urs asked Jack. Ehhh I'm fine, just sore. I'll heal up quickly. Here, he said, I brought some more ointment for your scrape and also for the cuts on Marks fist. You must have really slugged him hard Urs said to me. The ex captains nose is broken and he had to have a few stitches. Omg Jack exclaimed. You punched the captain and broke his nose? And he had to have stitches? Uh yea I did I replied. He's lucky that's all I did to him. He deserved it Urs said.

Ok time for bed Urs said. You two need a good nights sleep so you will enjoy our day tomorrow. I'll make you some tea to help you sleep. Jack looked at me, Umm Urs we don't wear anything to bed soo. Urs just smiled, neither do I and we are all guys. So we undressed and got into bed. Urs had turned around while we undressed. He put some Godiva chocolates on our pillows and poured us each a cup of tea. He kissed us both on the cheek as he pulled the covers up over us. Good night he said, I'll give you a wake up call around 7 which will give you plenty of time to get ready. We will meet you at the end of the gangway at 9am. I'll send breakfast up to your suite as well. Thanks Urs you are the best butler and also the hottest we ever had. Urs smiled and was embarrassed a bit. Night guys see you in the morning. Pleasant dreams he said as he left.

We sipped the tea and ate the chocolates and relaxed. Jack moved up against me like usual to sleep. Ugh he groaned, my back hurts. I don't think I'll be able to have my back up against you tonight babe he said with a frown. Take it easy I said, its no big deal and I want you to get some sleep. How about this I said as I turned on my side with my back facing him. Jack pressed his body against mine, Mmmm I said, someone feels really good. I can feel your hard cock in my ass crack I joked. Jack reached down and grabbed my cock. Not tonight Jack, now go to sleep and get some rest. I love you bud. I love you too Jack said as he massage my balls. I put my hand on his, now go to sleep I said as I smiled. Jack sighed and soon fell asleep. I have to admit I love when Jack is behind me spooning me. Soon I fell asleep and Jack was snoring softly and I knew he was out cold. Good I thought, he needs to sleep.

The phone rang at 7am right on time. Good morning Mark this is Urs. Time for you two to get up and get ready for the day. Your breakfast will be delivered at 8am. Thanks Urs I grumbled. How is Jack he asked. He's still sleeping but he seemed to sleep well all night. He hasn't moved an inch. Jack is always a bit grumpy in the morning I said. I heard that Jack growled. Urs laughed. Good luck waking him up. See you at 9. Bye Urs.

Hey I'm not grumpy in the morning Jack said. Oh yea you are I replied. You have been grumpy every morning since the first time I woke up with you. Jack mumbled something under his breath. Hey are you cussing again Mr Potty mouth? Btw way how are you feeling I asked, How's your back? Actually I'm feeling really good. Jack laid on his belly. Hmm looks like the scrape isn't has bad as it looked yesterday I said. Yea I barely feel it. Thats good I replied. Hey we better get up and take a shower I said, breakfast will be here at 8. I got up on my knees in front of Jack and scratched my balls. And don't you get any ideas either Mister I said to Jack. I see you lusting after my big cock. Well what am I supposed to do when its right in my face, Jack replied. Come on get up I said.

We took our showers and got ready for our day with Urs and Franco. Breakfast arrived right on time, but Urs didn't deliver it as usual as it was his day off. The waiter was very cordial and set up breakfast on the balcony. Thank you we said. If there is anything you need please let me know. Looks like we are fine I said. Have a pleasant day.

Breakfast was soo good and we ate all of it. The coffee was unusually strong and the caffeine shot thru our veins. Wow talk about a quick wake up Jack said. This stuff is strong but its good. It was almost 9 and we headed downstairs to the gangway where Franco and Urs were waiting for us.

Hey guys they called to us as we walked down the gangway. I hope you both are feeling good this morning Franco said. Jack you ok today he kindly asked. Yea I'm fine Jack replied. And Mark have you calmed down he asked. You sure did a number on the captain he commented. Btw way he is now in the local jail and has been fired from the cruise line. That's good I replied. But can we not talk about that anymore I asked. Its over with. My apologies Franco said. Hey no problem I replied. We know you were concerned.

Ok we need to grab a taxi, our boat is docked on the other side of the island. We got a taxi and off we went to the boat. We pulled up to the sailboat and Franco and Urs took our bags. Hey you two, I said. This is your day off, we can handle our back packs. Today you are not our captain and Urs you are not our butler I said. You are our friends ok? Urs laughed, its hard to forget that sometimes.

Welcome to our boat Franco said. We are gonna have a great day today. We don't have to be back until 10pm when the ship sails at midnight. Urs showed us to our cabin down below and showed us everything. Ok see you on deck in a few minutes for our sail away party. The cabin was small but very comfortable. Its amazing what they can squeeze into a sailboat Jack said. Yea but I can't stand up in here I said. Guess you will have to get on your knees Jack replied. Yea I bet you would just love that I replied. We changed into our bikinis and played around for a bit. Dang you sure look good in your white bikini Jack commented. Mmmm I love how your bulge looks in it. Your a pervert I said. Btw bud, you look so hot in yours as well. I could ravage you right now. Hey how is your back I asked. Its fine Jack replied. I don't want to hear anymore about it he said. Lets not let anything interfere with our day ok? Ok babe I replied.

We went up on deck and Franco and Urs were in their bikinis as well. Hey studs I called how can we help. You two just relax for awhile. How about popping open the champagne and pour everyone a glass as we sail away Franco said. Sure thing Jack replied.

Franco and Urs motioned for us to them as we began to sail away from the island. Urs made a toast. Here's to new friends and adventures he cheered as we sailed on.

A couple of hours later we dropped anchor in a cove on another island. Franco and Urs came over to us where we were sitting and took off their bikinis and tossed them on the cushions next to us. So are you too gonna keep those things on all day Urs asked. Come on take them off and join us for a swim. We quickly took our bikinis off as well and we all dove off the side of the boat into the clear cool water. The beach was only a few yards away and we all swam over to the beach and laid out in the sun for awhile. Damn I have to take a major piss I said. Ugh there are no bathrooms on this atoll Franco said. Just go over to the edge of the jungle and let it go. Need any help Jack asked, Ugh I think I can handle it I replied you naughty boy. Hmmm sounds like you two have a lot of fun Franco snickered. Omg you all are crazy I said as I jogged away.

We stayed on the atoll for a couple of hours and then it was time to swim back to the boat for lunch. We had a light lunch and relaxed on the cushions in the shade as the sun was intense. Franco and Urs were on the cushions next to us and began kissing and feeling each other all over. I was laying down and Jack laid on top of me and started playing with my cock. He gave me his hot grin and went down on me and I just had to have his hard cock in my mouth. Both couples were engaged in a 69 next to each other. Franco and Urs were groaning loudly as they were nearing their climax. Soon we could here them both cum in each others mouths. Omg this is hot I thought to myself. I could feel my balls filling up with cum and Jack's cock was getting harder by the second. Then Jack began to buck as he erupted in my mouth and his jizz filled my mouth as I hungrily swallowed every drop. Dang, that boy can cum I thought, ugh fuck Jack, I'm gonna cum, come on big boy give it to me he said, thats all I needed to hear as I shot my load down his throat as he drained my balls.

Franco and Urs watched us as we swallowed each others loads. Damn that was awesome Urs said. We smiled as we looked back at them. Just wait until sunset when the sun casts her magical spell over us. You never know what will happen Franco said with a wink.

We sailed to the other side of the atoll so we would have a perfect view of the sunset. We relax and sat around talking, drinking some beers and took another swim. Then it was time for dinner. Franco fired up the grill for a lobster and fish dinner with all the trimmings. This is fucking awesome Jack exclaimed....Jack! I said, please excuse my boyfriend, he tends to have a potty mouth. Franco and Urs just laughed. Jack you are fucking funny Urs said. Omg not you too I replied. Oh yea Franco said. Urs comes across as this very nice, gentleman with the best manners, but he can swear like a sailor. You will never hear him swear on the ship except in our cabin if a passenger pisses him off...then he lets it loose. Sounds like someone else I know I replied as I smiled at Jack. For dessert we had molten chocolate and fresh fruit to dip into. Franco first dipped his pecker into the chocolate which covered his entire dick...he looked at us and said I hope you don't mind as Urs licked off the chocolate. Mmmm chocolate covered cock...I love it Urs said.

After dinner we all helped clean up the dishes and packed up everything before the sun started to set. Urs brought out more champagne and poured everyone a new glass. The sun began her decent and showed off her colors all over the sky. It was amazing how beautiful it was.

Franco was right about the sun's magical spell. I couldn't help but crawl on top of Jack and kiss his beautiful lips and feel his body beneath me. Wrapping my arms completely around him I whispered, I love you and want you so badly. Jack whispered, take me Mark, take all of me. We made out on the cushions as we heard Urs and Franco moaning as well. Ugh my cock was rock hard and throbbing, dripping with pre cum. I wanted Jack so much. The spell was taking affect on us for sure. Franco was ramming his cock into Urs and Urs was hanging on to a rope. Franco had him bent over almost in half, his balls slapping Urs on his taint.

Jack pushed me off of him and went over to the edge of the boat and leaned over the wooden rail, I followed him and grabbed on to his hips and thrust my cock deep inside of him. Jack let out a low scream as I entered him. He started groaning as I began my rhythmic thrusting into him. Omg I love this Jack said, I love you in me. I looked over at Franco and Urs who were watching us. Franco had is camera and motioned for me to turn Jack sideways so he could get a better picture of us. I was still inside of Jack while I turned him, he didn't even realize I had turned him. I pulled completely out and jammed my cock deep inside of him as Jack's head shot up. Omg Mark he said, keep doing that to me....fuck I love it when you ram your cock into me. I pulled out again and held onto his shoulders and did exactly what he wanted. Jack was in orbit and I could tell he was almost hallucinating as I fucked him deeper and deeper. I could hear Franco snapping a few pictures. My orgasm was building quickly as I thrust into Jack relentlessly. Uggh I growled, I'm gonna cum Jack, I'm cumming in you. Damn I exploded in Jack so hard and intensely. I kept pumping into him giving him all my love. I could tell Jack was close so I pulled out of him and knelt down in front of him and took his throbbing cock in my mouth and Jack immediately threw his head back as he shot his cum in my mouth. I was glad his cock wasn't in my throat, cuz I wanted to taste all his cum. I kept sucking his cock as he screamed from the sensitivity. Stop stop he said, Omg he trembled and panted. He pushed my mouth off his sensitive cock and I looked up at him with some cum dripping off my lips. I gave him a dirty grin as I licked his cum off my lips.

Franco and Urs started clapping and came over to us. Holy shit they said you two were hot. Take a look at the pictures Franco said. Whoa they are really good I said. Our bodies were black as they were silhouetted black in the big orange sun. I can't believe how they turned out Jack said. This one I was able to capture as you came in Jack and this one is when Jack came in your mouth when you were on your knees. Yea I see that I replied. I'll email them to you so you can print them out. Thanks Jack said, I'm gonna frame those two pictures for our bedroom at home. Your a very naughty boy Jack, I said. And you love it he replied. Mmmmm I sure do as I wrapped my arms around Jack and nuzzled his neck. You have no idea.

Soon it was time to head back to the ship and Franco had to go to work again. Franco and Urs worked the sails naked and I took pictures of them as we sailed. Of course Franco posed for the pictures in all his glory and Urs just laughed at him. We docked the boat and grabbed a taxi back to the ship. We had a wonderful day with Urs and Franco. They had become great friends and we were glad we met them.

Hey guys Urs said. Don't forget we will both tuck you in tonight he said. Both of you we said? Yep both of us. OK see you later. We partied a bit a the pool bar as the ship pulled away from the port. We walked the deck for a while and then went back to our suite and took a shower. Wow you really got some sun today Jack said to Mark, look how dark you got. Yea I replied. I got too much sun. My back is kinda burning a bit. Do we still have some of that aloe we got in Bora Bora? Yea, I brought it. I'll rub some on your back after you dry off.

The aloe was in the fridge to keep it cold. I was laying on my belly on the bed and Jack straddled my ass. He poured the Aloe on my back and it was ice cold but it sure felt good on my burn. He rubbed it all over my back and arms. I could feel the heat leaving my back after a few minutes. Urs and Franco knocked on the door. Come in Jack yelled you have a key. Franco and Urs walked in and saw Jack straddle on me. Did we interrupt something guys they laughed. Ummm noooo I replied. Jack was just rubbing some aloe on my back.

It was so much fun with you guys today they said. Yea we had an awesome day with you two. Thanks for inviting us we said. Your welcome Franco said, it was our pleasure. Are you and Jack ready for bed? Yes daddy Jack joked. Urs and Franco made us some tea as usual as Jack and I crawled into bed. Hmm I was still horny and began making out with Jack as they made the tea. Urs and Franco came over to the bed and pulled the covers up. Here is your tea guys.....I waved to them....Ok ok, I waved to them. Its time for you boys to leave. I got some business to take care of tonight. They laughed as I kept waving them out of the room. BTW I yelled. Can you order our breakfast in the suite for 10am? We are sleeping in tomorrow. You got it. Good night studs they said. Good night Urs, Good night Franco. They turned off the light and I attacked Jack. Didn't you get enough today Jack giggled, baby I can never get enough of you. But I have to admit I'm spent....yea me too old man. Hey watch it with those old man comments. I can rock your world anytime buddy. You sure can.

We must have passed out cold because Mark had fallen asleep on top of me all night. Ugh I'm trapped I thought. He's a big boy. But he looks so cute laying here. I was able to roll him off without waking him otherwise I would have pissed on him.

I went back to bed and Mark had woke up a bit. Hey you he whispered. Go back to sleep its early. Mark draped his arm over me and fell back to sleep. It was great to sleep in today. Our days on the ship had been busy but a lot of fun. Especially yesterday with Urs and Franco.

The phone rang a couple of hours later. Good morning Urs I said. No we aren't up yet, yea 10 is good. Ok see you in a few minutes. Bye. Hey bud, Urs is bringing breakfast in a few minutes. Dang Mark is still out cold. I shook Mark awake. Why are you shaking me Jack. Its time to get up you lazy bum. Come on wake up big boy. Mark sat up and leaned against the head board and kicked off the covers. He yawned and scratched his balls just like he does every morning. Ok I'm awake he said. Mark stumbled out of bed and went to take a piss. Urs knocked on the door and brought in our breakfast. How about on the balcony this morning Urs said. Sounds good to me Jack replied. Geez, Mark is loud when he pisses Urs said.....I heard you Urs, Mark said from the bathroom. Good morning to you to handsome. Morning. Mark came out on the balcony completely naked and semi hard. Umm you might want to put shorts on Urs said, some of the passengers may see you. Oh screw'em he said. Its hot and I hate wearing clothes when its hot. Urs looked at me for help, I just shrugged. Its worthless, he always eats breakfast in the nude at home unless we go out. Yea thats why we rarely go out for breakfast Mark said.

I can't believe the cruise is almost over Jack said. Tomorrow is the last day. Yea seems like we just got on board yesterday I said. What do you got planned for us today I asked Jack. Nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Just a day of pure relaxation. I'll make appointments for the spa for us....remember Franco said its on the cruise line so lets take advantage of it. Mark just looked at me.... The spa? Didn't you have enough of that place the other day...remember? I said the spa bud not the steam room. No I don't want to go there not even with you. Ok I said just checking. Trust me, I won't got to a sauna or steam room without you again. Yea you better not or we will have an issue I said as I looked at Jack. Thats the only time Mark ever got stern with me and demanding, I knew he meant what he said. He wasn't being nasty or possessive. Just protective. I'd feel the same way if I was in his shoes.

So I made the spa reservations and took advantage of just about the entire menu of services. The spa manager laughed. You've ordered quite a bit today, you sure you wouldn't like to split it up for tomorrow he asked. Yea I guess you are right I replied. How about you take care of that for us and you put together two days worth. My pleasure sir. How about you and Mark come in at 1 this afternoon for about 4 hours and the same tomorrow. I guarantee you will feel incredible afterwards. And both days I'll arrange a couples massage as the last treatment both days. Ahhh now that sounds awesome. Ok see you at 1. Bye

Hey, would you like to go out to the pool for awhile I asked Jack. Yea but lets find lounges in the shade. We need to give our skin a rest from the sun. Just then Urs stopped by. So what are you guys doing today? Umm we are gonna hang by the pool till our spa appointments this afternoon. Btw is there some shady areas we can use? Of course, I'll have the pool attendant reserve a double lounger for you in the shade. Oh, are you by any chance having a couples massage Urs asked. Yea why? Oh nothing he said with a sheepish smile. Hmm he's up to something Jack said to me. No he's not, thats just your suspicious mind at work. I'm serious. You saw that smirk. Yea so what about it I said. You just wait, he's planning something. Come on bud, lets go. You need some fresh air, your losing your mind.

We found the pool attendant and he had arrange the lounger for us in the shade. Would either of you like a drink he asked. How about a couple of Mojitos, my pleasure sir. I'll have the waiter bring them right over, oh and a couple of bottles of water as well. Ahh those are in the fridge already and cold for you. Hey thanks I said. My pleasure sir. I kinda like this SIR thing I said. Yea, older people usually do Jack shot back. Keep it up mister and see what happens I smirked. Keep it up. Yea yea yea Jack teased. I just looked at him over my sunglasses. I'm warning you Jack. I'll get you when you least expect it.

Shit I thought, Mark is getting playful and nothing stops him. Oh well, I guess I did ask for whatever he is dreaming up. The waiter brought over the Mojitos and some snacks. Hmm these are so good Jack said. Yea you take it easy bud, I don't want you passing out again I teased.

Jack, did you bring that aloe with you I asked. Yea its in the bag, why? Think you could rub some more on me again? Sure if you return the favor. Ok, I said no problem. Hmm mister Jack is gonna get a payback for all those old man comments I thought. You just wait baby I said to myself.

Since we were in a more private area he rubbed the aloe all over my body and on my balls. Your a tease I said. You know I can't do anything out here. Yea I know thats why I did it, just to make you crazy. I'm gonna tease you all day he said. That's not nice I replied. My balls will be so full and aching. Good then you will ready for tonight Jack snickered.

Your turn I said. Jack was on his belly. Perfect I said, pay back time. I grabbed a bottle of cold water from the fridge and straddle Jack's butt. I started to laugh to myself, my boy is gonna cuss. I opened the bottle and poured the cold water all over his back and head. WTF Jack yelled as I laughed and held him down. Mark I'm gonna fuc.....sh shhhh I laughed as I covered his mouth. I couldn't stop laughing.....ouch you little shit, you bit me. But I couldn't stop laughing. I leaned down, but I kept laughing. Remember all those old man jokes buddy? I warned you didn't I? I'll take my hand away if you promise not to cuss out loud. I took my hand away. You big fu......Jack not so loud bud. But I started to laugh again. I let him push me off and I just laid there laughing. I could tell he wasn't really pissed.....damn that was cold Jack said. Yes it was I said. That was a pay back.

Ok two can play this game I thought. I'll wait till he's asleep and pour cold water on his cock, but first I'll rub his cock and he will pop a boner. He's wearing his white bikini and when its wet you can see everything. Especially his big dick.

The waiter brought over some sandwiches and fruit. You guys having fun he asked. Oh yea, we are having a good time. Anything else from the bar? Umm no we are good here thanks.

After we ate, we laid back and right on schedule Mark fell asleep. I let him sleep for awhile. About an hour later I looked over and his cock was half hard. I only had to rub it a a little and he was at full mast. This is gonna be good I thought. I watched as his cock pulsed a bit. Then I opened the bottle and dump it all over his crotch. Mark jumped, mother fucker......he screamed as he stood up. Omg Jack laughed. Mark, sit down. Jack grabbed Marks hand and tried to pull him back down on the lounger but Mark jerked his hand away. Mark I yelled, you gotta sit back down. I just looked at Jack, shaking my head. Of shit I thought, I'm soaking wet and I have boner and its showing thru my white bikini. Jack was howling and laughing. I sat down and rolled almost on top of him. Look you...now we are even. I started to laugh. Ok ok you got me. You got me good. Your a little shit I said as I grabbed his ribs....Jack couldn't stop laughing. I, I can't believe you screamed mother fucker out loud. Ugh I know, I replied. I'm so embarrased.

You think you can let me take a nap now I said to Jack. Yea go back to sleep. We napped on and off till our spa appointment. Urs stopped by for a while and chatted with us. Hey how about meeting Franco and I in town tonight for a drink he said. We are docking tonight for a late evening stop. There's a great little bar on the beach that's always fun. Sure sounds good to us. Ok how about we meet at 9pm after your dinner? See you then Urs. Bye

We headed to the spa for a few hours of bliss. We started out with facials and a fully body scrub and soothing treatments for too much sun which felt great. Mark especially appreciated that. His back had gotten a little too much sun on the sail boat. Then a Tahitian hot stone treatment that completely relaxed us. And the last treatment was the couples massage. Whoa we said as two stunning guys came in shirtless to give us our massages. Ok guys are you ready for the best massages of your lives they said. We sure are we said. Ok you will need to remove your clothes and lay face down on the tables. We took off our clothes and laid down as we were instructed. Omg this is incredible Mark said as he groaned. They work their strong hands over every inch of our bodies. Both of us couldn't help stopping our cocks from getting hard. Looks like you both are enjoying yourselves they said. We both were a bit embarrassed. Don't worry about your erections, its normal and happens both of them said. Just relax, nothing to be embarrassed about. We were like putty in there hands and so relaxed. I could get use to this I said to Mark as we got dressed. What the spa or those guys massaging us I replied. Both Jack said. Hey not funny I replied. I'm kidding bud.

We went back to the suite and showered and played around, bantering back and forth. Then we got dressed for dinner. I'm so glad we don't have to dress up tonight I said to Jack. Yea me too. Are these shorts ok I asked Jack and this black shirt? Yep you will look great he said. We got dressed and Jack rolled his eyes at me. What? I asked. I can see everything under your shorts. And? I replied. If I can see it, so can everyone else. Hey just between me and you, I could care less. You should know better by now. Btw I see your going commando as well. Your rubbing off on me he said.

We had a great dinner and met Urs and Franco and went out to the beach bar. Jack, take it easy on the booze tonight. I don't want to have to carry you back to the ship AGAIN. Plus tomorrow is our last day and I want you to enjoy it and not have a hang over. Yea I know Jack replied. I'm a light weight. No, you just don't drink that much and it affects you. We had a great time with Urs and Franco. Everyone was having a great time but soon we had to call it a night and headed back to the ship. I had mentioned to Franco and Urs that I had arranged a private dinner tomorrow night for Jack's birthday. Would you two like to join us? I've already talked to the chef and he said its not a problem. Yes of course we would, Thank you for inviting us. And remember Jack doesn't know anything about it so mums the word.

Btw Urs asked. How was the couples massage? It was great we said. Why did you asked Jack said. Oh I was just wondering Urs replied. No reason. You are lying Urs, Jack said. Did you arrange for thos two hot guys to give us the massages? Who me? I'd never even think of such a thing. Yea ok Jack said. Urs snickered and gave away his secret.

Urs and Franco said their good nights and we went back to our suit and got ready for bed. We were so relaxed and fell to sleep right away. The next morning we slept in again and lazed again by the pool till our next spa appointment. We were at sea today and it was our last day of the cruise. We really enjoyed the cruise and especially meeting Urs and Franco. Urs brought us some lunch by the pool and chatted with us for awhile and then he had to go back to work.

Our spa treatments were once again incredible. More facials and also a warm mudd treatment. We were covered in gray green mudd from head to toe. Yep even our cocks were covered in mudd. The two guys that gave us the massages yesterday applied the mudd to our bodies. It sure was tough not to get a boner when they applied the mudd to our cocks. We laid there while the mudd dried and then showered off afterwards. Then it was time for another couples massage. This time the two hunks were more free with how and where they massaged us. Neither one of us seemed to mind. They seemed to work in sync with each other as they massaged our bodies. They massaged our bodies deeper and harder than yesterday which felt awesome. When we turned over both of us were sporting boners. When they reached our crotches and massaged that area they told us that if we needed to release we could. Its really ok if you do and it doesn't bother us. Mark and I had pre cum forming on our cocks which we knew they saw but didn't say anything and we didn't release.

After the spa we went back to the our cabin and relaxed before we got ready for dinner. Hey your looking awfully handsome in your suit I said to Jack as I hugged him from behind. He was tying his tie. You think so he asked. Mmm you sure are bud. Jack looked extremely handsome in his dark navy pinstripe suite. Btw I love this Armani suit you gave me for Christmas. I don't usually like suits but this one fits perfectly and its very comfortable. Jack turned around. Omg Mark he said. Wow, you are stunning in that suit. You think I said. Come over here and look in the mirror. I walked over and stood in front of the mirror. Damn I said, I do look good don't I. You look good in anything Jack commented. Jack was standing behind me and slid his hand down my pants. Yep I knew it...commando again. Just the way you like me I said. Hey can you help me with the tie I asked. I don't know how to tie them very well. Jack, smiled as he brought over the ottoman and stood up on it. Your so tall I couldn't reach up far enough to work your tie. Jack quickly tied my tie. How'd you do that so quickly I asked. Practice. I used to work in an office and had to wear a tie everyday. Yuck, that must have sucked I said. Yea it did, and so did the job. Is that why you went into business for yourself. Yea I had enough and just quit. I couldn't take it anymore, plus I couldn't stand the boss.

I can't imagine you having a boss I commented. Your so independent and always in control. Ehh thats part of it. I always dreamed of having my own business so it was the right time. Well I'm proud of you bud. I'm proud of you Mr Fireman. Are you ready to go I said. Nope gotta brush my teeth. Ok we only have a few minutes. Jack came out a couple of minutes later. You ready he asked. yea and I'm hungry.

We walked to the dining room but when we arrived I took Jack by the arm and guided him down the hall. Hey the dining room was the other way he said. Yea I know I replied. We aren't eating in there tonight. We're not? Umm nooo I said. Where are we eating then? I knocked on the door and the waiter ushered us in. The private dining room was lit up with hundreds of candles. There was a wall of windows and the sun was showing off her colors. Urs and Franco were out on the deck and Jack hadn't seen them yet. Umm why are we eating here Jack asked. I hooked my arm around Jack's neck and went out to the deck where Urs and Franco had their backs towards us. Hey guys, we are finally here. They turned around. Wow you two are stunning tonight they said. My God you just look incredible. Thanks, we feel so good too. And look at you two. Franco had on his captains uniform and looked dashing and Urs was wearing a black suit.....they sure looked good together. The waiter came over and escorted us to the table which was beautifully set.

So am I the only one that didn't know about this Jack said. I put my arm on Jack's shoulder. Happy Birthday Jack, this is all for you I said. Jack just looked at all of us and I could tell he was about to lose it. He turned his face into my shoulder, and I knew he was holding back the tears. Oh man he said. I wasn't expecting any of this. So you all were in on this? Well not exactly. I had this arranged way before the trip. Let me guess your Mom was in on it Jack teased. No not exactly. I did this all on my own bud. But I invited Urs and Franco to join us and they graciously accepted. Jack looked down and didn't say anything for a few minutes. I rubbed his back and gently squeezed his shoulder. No, no one he said as he choked back the tears, has ever done anything like this for my birthday. I um don't know what to say. You don't need to say anything babe, just enjoy yourself. I...I...shh shh I said. Its ok Jack I said as he looked me in the eye. I knew what he was thinking and trying to say. The waiter came over....Champagne anyone? Of course Urs said....let the party begin. He poured all of us our champagne. We toasted Jack's birthday and to our wonderful new friends Urs and Franco.

And Jack, I began. I didn't know that no one had ever done anything special for your birthday and I'm so sorry about that. But baby, you can bet that I'll do everything I can to make every birthday special for you. Maybe not as elaborate as this, but I guarantee it will be special. Ok Franco said...if you don't stop we are all gonna be in tears. We all laughed.

The chef came out and explained every course to us. This was a magnificent feast the chef had prepared. It seemed like course after course came out and it was like it would never end. We had an incredible evening. The chef, waiter, the awesome food and of course Urs and Franco. It was the best evening of our vacation. Its so much fun surprising Jack and seeing him happy. I thought back to when we first met and that dark, distant sadness he had in his eyes. Its never returned and now his eyes sparkle constantly. I never thought someone's eyes could dance....but his do.

During dessert a small group of Tahitians came in a sang Happy Birthday to Jack and then the cake came out. Whoa even I hadn't expected that one. It was the most beautiful birthday cake I had ever seen. Jack blew out all 39 candles and everyone in the room sang happy birthday again.

As we walked back to our suite Jack started to say something. Mark, I don't know how to begin to thank you.....wait Jack I said. You don't need to thank me. Mark.....no Jack, Just knowing you are happy is enough. How did I get so lucky and find you he said. Your not the only lucky one I said. We were both lucky...and you know what babe? What's that Jack asked. I'm never letting you go...even when you are old and wrinkly....Omg Mark, you just reminded me.....I'm gonna be 40 next year. I'm gonna be old....like Yo.....Dont you dare say it Jack. Ahhh you know I'm kidding with you. You might be 40 yourself....but your a damn hot 40 year old. Gee thanks I said. Your not too bad yourself...for 39.

We were in the suite and took off our jackets and ties and I took off my shirt. Urs and Franco stopped by for a night cap and their special tuck in service as they called it. We hung out on the balcony for awhile and talked. Man I'm gonna miss you guys when you leave the ship Urs said. I've never had such wonderful passengers before. Usually they are old and cranky and think I'm their slave. Yea thats when he comes back to our cabin and swears up a storm Franco laughed. No seriously, you guys have become such wonderful friends. Franco and I, we don't even think of you as passengers. We wish you were staying on for another 10 days. But we know you are going to Moorea for the rest of your vacation. We feel the same about you two as well. We are so glad we met you.

Ok Urs and I have to get back to work for a couple of hours. Are your ready to be tucked into bed Franco asked. Yea we are tired and have to get up early and pack up to leave for the airport. We took off our clothes and laid them over the chair and got into bed. I don't know who enjoyed the tuck in more, Franco and Urs or Us. They tucked us in and and hugged us good night. Good night boyz. Good night Urs and Franco.

Oh by the way Urs said. I'll stop by around 7 to help you pack your bags. Urs you don't need to do that. Actually its part of my job, plus we can spend some time together. Maybe Franco can stop by as well for a few minutes. Hopefully I can Franco said, its usually really busy but I'll try.

Night guys, see you in the morning. Night

Morning came very early and Urs woke us up and brought in breakfast. Hey Jack wake up, wake up Mark he said. He pulled the covers off of us to wake us up. He didn't completely uncover us just down to our waists. Hey Urs I said. Is it really 7am? Yea it is. Ugh I said why? You need to wake up the big guy Urs said. Yea he's out cold I said. From the looks of that tent he's making part of him is awake Urs said. I reached under the covers and grabbed Marks cock. Mark began to smile. I heard everything you two said....as he tore off the covers and got out of bed. Mark stood up and stretched and walked out on the balcony and leaned against the rail. He gave his balls his morning scratch as usual. Hey you two look at this as he showed us his hard big cock and yanked it up and down. He walked to the bathroom to take his morning piss, swinging his cock as he walked. He's a piece of work I said to Urs. Yea but he's a hot piece of work and he loves you. I heard that Mark yelled from the bathroom as he pissed. You bet I love Jack and I love you too Urs....whats that Urs replied, we couldn't hear you cuz your pissing is so loud. I said, You bet I love Jack and I love you too Urs! He said loudly. Urs and Jack laughed. Mark came back out to the balcony and gave me a kiss. That reminds me, we haven't played any of our pissing games lately....Omg Urs said way to much information. Dude we have stories we could tell you.....I'm sure you do. Just keep that to yourselves.

Come guys breakfast is ready. I'll start packing your bags while you eat....Oh no Urs, you come over and eat with us. There is plenty and we insist. I'm really not supposed to....who cares Urs. And who's gonna know. Now come on and sit. Umm there are only two plates....Sit Down Urs we said. Ok ok. Here, sit between me and Jack and you can eat off both our plates. We might even feed you some sausage I said with a wink. See he's crazy in the mornings. Its like this every morning with him. Yea and your a little crank so we compliment each other. Hmm I think this is the first time I've ever had breakfast sitting in between two naked men. So what do you think about that Mark asked....I just rolled my eyes. You want the truth? Sure I said as I chewed suggestively on a saugsage link.....Its fucking hot Urs said. Jack spit out his coffee and I just about choked on my sausage...Damn Urs, Jack said, I wasn't expecting that to come out of your mouth. Yea you caught me off guard, I damn near choked I said. Well Franco did say you have a potty mouth like Jack!! We had a good time with Urs for breakfast. But it was time to start packing. Urs was a great help even though we basically threw our things in our bags.

Urs was putting some things into Jack's suitcase, and Mark was in the bathroom taking a shower. Whoa he said, damn thats a big fucking dildo you have Jack. Shhhh Jack said, Mark doesn't know I brought it. Can you take that big thing in your ass Urs asked. I don't know I never tried it and I don't plan too....I have enough with Mark's big dick...you saw how big he is fully erect. Sooo who's it for? I'm gonna surprise Mark with it sometime. Oh you are so bad Jack, go easy on him that thing is huge. Oh shit, Marks coming out of the shower. Put it back in the bag and cover it. Urs and I finished packing.

Franco knocked on the door and came in. I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier but like I said its always busy. Ahh its ok Jack said. But Franco said I can spend a few minutes with you before I have to get back to work. Mark came out of the bathroom bare ass naked and of course his dick was swinging. Geez don't you ever wear clothes Franco laughed. Not if I don't have to Mark replied. Sorry I'll put some shorts on. Its not a problem Franco said.

He stayed for few minutes before he had to leave. Hey I'll see you guys before you leave when you get off the ship. But I gotta run. Franco left and went back to work and Urs helped finish packing.

Ok he said looks like you have everything packed and ready to go. Urs looked at us, Ok Urs don't do that. Not yet at least. I know but I'm gonna miss you two so much. He busied himself and cleaned up the dishes from breakfast and put them outside the suite.

Hey I need to get some work done. I'll come back around 9 to take you down to the gangway and see you off. Ok Urs, thank you for your help. See you in a bit. Damn Urs looks really upset Jack said. Yea, I'm sure some of the passengers he deals with are terrible and don't treat him well. Yea but its more than that Jack said. I know what you mean. Just wish they didn't live so far away from us. It would be great to spend more time with them I said. Maybe one day Jack said. But we can keep in contact with them. I have both of the cell number and email addresses. We can even Skpe when they are in port or on vacation.

We hung out on the balcony for a few minutes as we waited for Urs to come back and drank some coffee. Soon Urs came in and began taking our luggage. Hold up Urs I said. Let me get the suitcases and put them on the luggage rack. Sir, this is my job. Sir? I said as I looked at Urs. Sir? Urs its me, Mark. I'm not a sir to you. Jack was watching from across the room. Sir, Urs I said as I interrupted...My name is Mark and I'm your friend and you are mine. Stop with that sir bullshit. I took the suitcases from Urs and put them on the luggage rack outside the suite. I came back in and closed the door. Come here you as I gently pushed Urs on the bed and motioned Jack over. Jack and I were on either side of Urs. Listen Urs. We love you dearly, there is no need to call us sir or any of that. Its Mark and Jack...ok? I'm sorry guys, its just my way of detaching from you. Detaching? What are you talking about? I'm gonna miss you both so much and it just makes it easier. Please don't be upset with me, please. Urs, we aren't upset with you and we understand. But there is no need to detach from us. Come on we are friends and thats not gonna change, ever. You promise Urs asked. Jack and I winked at each others. Yes we promise Urs as we showered him with kisses and slobbered all over him. Finally we got him laughing. You two are crazy he said as he went into the bathroom to dry off his face.

Well I guess its time to get going I said. We need to catch the plane over to Moorea. How long is that flight I asked Jack. Only about 20 minutes he replied. Yea its not far Urs said. You guys ready? Yea we are. Urs had an assistant take the luggage rack down to the gangway and had it waiting for us. Urs walked with us off the ship and Franco was there as well. So I guess this is it Franco said sadly. We all hugged each other tightly. Ok, no tears today Jack said. We will see you again soon. Franco and Mark took the luggage and had it loaded onto the shuttle. While Urs and I talked. Hmm I wonder what Urs and Jack are talking about....looks important I said to Franco. He just shrugged. Hey Jack we need to get on the shuttle, its ready to leave for the airport. I'm coming he said. See you Urs, Jack said. Bye guys. We will call you from Moorea. Enjoy your time in Moorea Franco said. Ok bye guys. We got on the shuttle and went to the airport about 20 minutes away. The flight to Moorea was short and both of us were thinking about the friends we had just left. Mark put his hand on my arm probably to tell me it was ok. But I'm sure it was more for him.

We circled Moorea and landed a short time later. Wow another beautiful island Jack said. Yea it sure is I replied. Its incredible how beautiful Tahiti is. We found the shuttle to the hotel and checked in. Jack had reserved a beach cottage. After he had checked us in we were escorted to the cottage by the bellman. What no super upgrade Jack commented. Nah not this time bud....You've been spoiled enough I joked. Hey this place is really cool too I said. Hey Jack come over here, Look we have another outdoor shower and a huge tube as well. Hot damn we are gonna have some fun in here. Yea but we can't be naked on the balcony like we could in Bora Bora because we have neighbors. Yea well, as long as we can be naked inside I'm good. We checked out the cottage and then went for a late lunch.

The rest of the day we hung out on the beach and relaxed and enjoyed the resort. It was a small intimate resort, not nearly as big as the one in Bora Bora, but it was really cool and peaceful. We loved the beach cottage and the location. We have 4 days at this resort before we fly home and we planned to make the most of it. For the next three days we explored Moorea and all around the island. We hiked to secluded waterfalls, checked the small villages, shopped for local items and just had a great time. Every evening we ate at small local restaurant that we found and fell in love with. The food was great and so were the owners. It was so nice to sit and talk to the Tahitians and learn all about their culture. We were fascinated by the traditional tattoos that all of the men had...they were very intricate and detailed. We thought about getting a tattoo but then when we saw the process we decided not too. It just looked painful.

We really loved Moorea as well and the resort and our cottage. And yes we made good use of the outdoor shower and that huge tub. Mark especially like the tub because it was big enough for both of us just like at home. Our evenings were filled with good food and drink and always a beautiful sunset that we watched from the beach. And our nights were filled with crazy love making that left us breathless and wanting more.

Mark got out of bed one night because we needed more lube, Hey do you have anymore lube in your bag he asked. Yea there should be some. He looked thru my bag. WTF he said rather loud. Oh shit I forgot about that dildo. Would you like to explain what this is he said looking at me. Ummm well it looks like a dildo to me Jack said. Yea I can see that I replied. Its a very big dildo. Aren't I big enough for you? Uh yea you are plenty big for me. Soooo whats up with the dildo then I said. Well, ummmm, oh hell...I was gonna surprise you with it Jack replied. You were gonna surprise ME with it? Like you were gonna use that thing on me? No not on you Jack said with a smirk. More like IN you! In me? You actually thought you were gonna get that massive dildo in me? Geez I can barely take your cock and that dildo is much bigger....and I'm not belittling your cock. 8 inches is huge. But seriously really Jack? So! why haven't you tried to use it on me....I just never got around to it. We were to busy with each other. Omg you are a crazy one Jack. That thing would kill me. Did you actually bring that from home? Yea I did and I was scared that security would find it and pull it out of my bag in front of everyone. I began to laugh...now that would have been a good one. And you would have deserved it. Look you....I know you have some crazy ideas in that head of yours and usually I'm fine with them. But this thing, No, it will never happen. All I need is this thing in me...I said as I grabbed Jacks cock. So can you please get rid of it? I laughed and apologized. Wait till I tell Urs about this. Urs new about it? Yea he found it when he was packing my bag this morning while you were in the shower. Hmmm you and Urs are always up to no good I said as I winked at him.

The next day was our last full day in Moorea and it was also the last big surprise for Jacks birthday. Hey Jack, wake up, we gotta get showered and ready to go. Come on bud I said as I shook him awake. Whoa wait, we don't have anything planned for today. Yea thats right WE didn't plan anything but I did. Now get up and take a shower. I'll get everything ready that we will need. Jack just looked me and of course he was suspicious....who wouldn't be. Go on get in the shower, I said. While he was in the shower I packed our back packs so Jack wouldn't have to. He was still in the shower when I was ready to take mine. I went out to the outdoor shower and got under the water with him. So, are you gonna tell me what we are doing today he asked. Nope I said as I washed my crotch. Why not he persisted. Cuz I don't want to yet I said as I soaped up my armpits and my butt. Ok, how am I gonna know what to take? Well I guess you won't I said as I rinsed off the soap. Jack began to wash my hair. Just so you know I'm not gonna tell you anything, but I love when you wash my hair. Come on tell me. Nah its more fun to keep you in suspense. Jack slapped my ass, Ouch what was that for? You know why he said. Hmm that actually felt good I teased back.

We got out of the shower and dried off. I pulled on my shorts and sandals. Ok we gotta go bud. You don't need a shirt today...trust me your fine. I have everything we need. Finally I got him out the door. He can be so stubborn when he wants to be. We stopped and grabbed some pastries and coffee for breakfast and headed down to the dock.

Shortly after a speed boat pulled up. Are you Mark and Jack the driver asked. Yes we are. Hi I'm Tag, I'm your butler for the day. Hand me your back packs and get in. Tag already new this was a surprise for Jack. We got in the boat and Tag started the engine and we were racing across the huge lagoon on the other side Moorea. Jack was looking at me. Ok Mark where are we going? Just wait bud, dang your so nosy. And whats with this butler? Just relax and enjoy the ride I said as I winked at him.

About 40 minutes later we pulled up to the Motu and Tag shut off the engines. We took our backpacks and got out of the boat. Follow me guys he said. We followed Tag and he took us to our cabana. When we got to the cabana Tag left to get some things from the boat and that was my cue to tell Jack what we were doing for the day. Soo Jack, this is another birthday surprise for you. This is our Motu for the entire day. The whole island. Just you and me. Jack looked around stunned. So we have this whole island to ourselves for the day? Yeeeaa I replied. We are gonna live like castaways on a tropical island for the day. Are you kidding me Jack said. You planned this whole thing yourself. Well not really. Oh let me guess, your Mom helped....well she more than helped. I had no idea what a Motu was until she suggested it. I thought it was a really cool idea and I went for it. Dude this is way cool...but seriously you and your parents have done to much. It was just my birthday. Whoa whoa hold up there buddy. Just your birthday? Your birthday is your special day and I wanted to make your birthday special. Something you and I will always remember. So its just you and me on this little island with no one in sight? Yep just you and me. Except when Tag brings lunch and dinner.

Tag came up to the cabana. So what do you think Jack? Are you surprised Tag asked? Surprised? I'm shocked. But this is really cool. Great I'm glad you like it, he replied. So let me explain about your day. The fridge is stocked with sodas, juices and water and plenty of beer and wine. There is also some light snacks to hold you over till lunch around 1. Take a look at the bathroom. There are all kinds of Tahitian soaps, lotions, shampoos for you and they are yours to use. In here is your bedroom for the day...as you can see its open and the view of the lagoon is beautiful. There is no AC obviously but there are the ceiling fans and the cabana is well shaded and the breezes off the ocean will keep things cool. There is no one else on the Motu except the two of you. You can do what ever you want and I mean whatever. He said with a smile. And yes you can be nude all day. Its up to you. Again I'll be back at 1pm with your lunch....work up an appetite because its incredible.

See you guys later and enjoy yourselves!!!! Tag took off on the boat and raced back to Moorea.

Hey Jack, so what do you think? Wanna play castaway with me? I tackled him and got him on the bed. Reaching down I undid his shorts and pulled them off his body and threw them on the chair, and then took mine off as well. I laid down on top of him and kissed him. So what would you like to do all day I asked. Oh I know what I want to do with you today he said. Mmm tell me babe.....How about we make some crazy love a couple of times for starters. Hmmm a couple of times? Yea a couple of times but who's counting. I like the way you think I said quietly. So would you like to go for a swim first? That sounds like a great idea. We walked down to the waters edge. Ahhh the water was so smooth and clear out here. We brought the snorkling gear with us and put on the masks, fins and snorkle. We must have snorkled for an hour. It was insanley beautiful. The fish was every color of the rainbow and more. Jack was surrounded by a swarm of butterfly fish...thats gonna be a cool picture I thought. We dove down and saw playful clown fish swimming in and out of their hiding places in the anemones. It was so amazing. Plus we felt so free without the hinderance of a swim suits and just felt wonderful. Below us were sting rays, skimming the bottom. Even a sea turtle stopped by to say hi. It was getting close to 1 and Tag would be coming soon to bring our lunch. We walked back to the cabana and showered off.

Wow this soap is awesome Jack said. Yea that smells great and feels good too. After we showered and dried off we laid in the hammock and waited for Tag. Soon we heard the speed boat pull up. Tag came up to the cabana and we walked into the dining area. Well looks like you too are completely enjoying yourselves he said looking at our naked bodies. Oh man we just forgot we were naked, I said. Don't worry about it, thats fine. Plus its always nice to see two good lookn guys on the Motu. Tag unpacked our lunch and set everything up for us and explained what each food was. I'll be back at 6 for dinner. You are gonna love it tonight. Its not just dinner, there is a special surprise for you as well. See you later and enjoy your afternoon.....Whatever you do. Have fun.

We waved to Tag as he left. Can you belive this lunch I said. Yea its huge. But I'm starving, me too Jack replied. Swimming always makes me hungry. After we finished our lunch it was really hot out on the beach. So we decided to relax in our bed and take a nap or well...have a little bit of fun.

Hey you come here I said to Jack as I crawled in the bed next to him and kissed him passionately. Our tongues were in each other's mouths locked in a hot, crazy kiss. Jack pulled me on top of him. Our bodies were hot for the other as we melded into each other. Hard cocks grinding and balls filling quick with our cum. I held Jack down and sucked on his nipples as I gently bit each one. His body burning with desire as he twisted and groaned beneath me. My tongue licked his smusky scented armpits and caused him to pull me tighter to him.

Ugghhh Mark, I can't take any more, I need you and want you inside of me he begged. I ignored his request and continued to tease and drive him wild. My full weight was on him, while I forced his muscular legs closed as my body was wrapped around him. My thick hard throbbing cock was well lubed as I pushed my cock between his legs right under his hairy balls. Thrusting against his taint and teasing his sweet hole. Jack began to groan and cry out wanting me to penetrate him with my cock. Still I ignored his pleas. Humping him wildly between his muscular legs as he squeezed my cock as I thrust.

Jack grabbed my face, Mark you need to fuck me now, please, I need you he pleaded. My face was kissing his neck. Not yet, not yet. I want to take you over the edge I whispered.

I rolled off his trembling body and stood up looking down at my lover. Come on get up I said. Jack looked at me, not knowing what was happening. My arm was stretched out for him, he took my hand and I pulled him up to me. Lets go for a swim I said. Your killing me Mark, Yea I know, and your killing me too, but the best is yet to come. Literally.

We walked down to the water and waded in waist deep, Jack laid back and floated on his back. I swam over to him and kissed him and felt his body as he lay in the water. Do you know how much I want you right now I said to Jack. Tell me he replied. I can't tell you. Why not? Because there are no words to describe how I feel. I can only show you. Then show me Jack replied. Oh I will bud, I will. While I was caressing his body I leaned down and kissed him again. He put his arms around my neck as we kissed. Our kissing is always passionate but today it was even more intense. We were locked in fiery embrace as I picked him up as he wrapped his legs around my body as I carried him to the beach and laid him down. The tide was coming in and lapping at our feet and coming up our legs with each new wave.

As the tide came in we laid there, looking up at the sky, wondering what the other would do next. Jack got on top of me as a wave washed over our legs. Mark I need you, don't hold back any longer he said as he laid down on top of me. I love your hairy chest he said as he laid his cheek in the middle of my chest and licked my left nipple. Ugh I gasped as he lightly bit my nipple. My hands were running thru his wet hair and down his back. I closed my eyes as hit bit my nipple harder, knowing how much I like the sensation. He turned his head over and bit my right nipple as he pinched my left at the same time. My body was inflamed with desire for him and he knew it. He knew I couldn't resist him much longer. He ran his long wet tongue up the middle of my throat over my adam's apple still pinching my nipple as I worked my hard cock up between his legs. Suddenly Jack buried his mouth into my wet armpit, twisting my nipple and tightened his leg muscles around my cock sent me into a sexual convulsion. I was at his mercy and he knew it. He was working my body into a frenzy until I couldn't take it anymore.

Jack had me on fire as I pushed him over on his back and lifted his legs around my waist as he locked them together. I bore down on him, face to face. My throbbing cock was right at his entrance to his canal. I had to watch his face when I plunge deep into him. The waves were rolling gently over us as I plunged my cock head into his hole and held it there. Jack was staring in my eyes, begging me to thrust deep and hard into him. He had no idea when I would. Teasing him with little thrusts only satisfied him for a short while. His hands were on my ass trying to push me into him. But I waited for the right moment to plunge the hardest I have have into him. Jack liked the feel of the pain and pleasure all at the same time. But I want to take him to another level. His muscles were tightening and releasing my cock head. Damn I loved when he did that. Sometimes I could cum just from that.

The intensity was growing stronger by the second, we were burning with desire and I couldn't hold out much longer. Looking back behind me I could see a wave approaching. As soon as the wave broke over us I clinched my jaw and rammed my cock as hard as I could deep into him. Jack' body arched violently as I penetrated him....oh godddd he yelled loudly, I pulled out and did the same again....all he could do was arch his back and scream. His face was thrashing side to side as I mercilessly and painfully thrust deep inside of him. Jack grabbed my face as I thrust deep and powerfully into him, he entangled his fingers in my hair and pulled me down to his mouth. Ahhh fuck he screamed as I relentlessly pounded him..as the waves crashed on us. My bottom lip was in his mouth and I could feel him lightly bite my lip....while I stared in his eyes as I began a hard powerful rhythm. Our bodies were locked together, we both were groaning and screaming with each thrust of my cock into him.

Suddenly Jack arched his back and threw his head back into the sand, I could feel his orgasm exploding threw his body, my balls ached and burned as if they were going to explode. Jack screamed with such intensity as his cock erupted on his chest and my face which was on his chest. My orgasm instantly exploded deep inside of him as I thrust my cock in him....omg my body jolted with each massive spurt of my cum shot out of my body. It was so intense I thought I would black out. Jack's thick cum had shot on my face and into my mouth and mine was deep inside of him. Another wave washed over us as I collapsed on him. My penis was still rock hard in him and he wasn't releasing me...still squeezing every last drop out of me. I could feel Jack's body relax in the ecstasy of his orgasm. Stay in me he whispered, stay as he ran his fingers thru my hair. I laid my head on his chest and rested, trying to catch my breath. Wave after wave crashed over us as we laid in the surf. Neither of us cared. We couldn't or didn't want to move and laid there reveling in the love we just made.

We heard the speed boat approaching but we didn't care, we just laid there as Tag and his assistants quietly began to set up dinner for us. One of the assistants was lighting the torches and came near us but we paid him no mind.

I rolled off of Jack onto the sand. We both turned and faced each other. Neither one of us said anything as we got up and walked to the cabana. Tag and his assistants just smiled at us as we passed them. We went into the shower and turned on the water. Our bodies were covered in sand, saltwater and cum. Both of us leaned against the shower wall and slid down and let the water pour over us.

Eventually we had the strength to stand up and wash each other. As usual I leaned against Jack's body as he slowly washed my hair. Mark I have something I want to tell you, I should have told you a long time ago. What is it as I said as I leaned my head on his shoulder. Your the only....I know Jack I know. I knew the first time we made love that I was your first. I just knew. You were my first and I was yours, thats why we took our time and made it special.

Hey we need to get dressed for dinner I said. Yea Tag must be waiting for us.

We put on our shorts and went to greet Tag and his assistants. I see you two had a great time today Tag said with a smile. More than you know Jack replied.

I hope you are hungry because we have a feast for you tonight. We walked over to the table and the two muscular assistants greeted us. As promised Tag delivered an amazing meal. We ate as the sun was setting and the two Tahitians serenaded us with ukeleles and traditional Tahitian songs. Both of them were wearing pareos and we could clearly see that they both were sporting rather nice bulges under those pareos. There skin was covered in those Tahitian tattoos we had seen frequently and their bodies were huge and muscular.

While Tag served dessert a wooden Tahitian boat was coming towards the beach. It was flaming with torches and we could see a few people dressed in traditional Tahitian costumes. The boat came right up to the beach and they all got out of the boat and put on a show just for us. It was an incredible evening on the Motu which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Soon it was time to head back to the resort. Tag loaded up the boat while we gathered up our back packs. The boat raced across the lagoon and dropped us off at the dock. We slowly walked to our cottage. Drunk with wine and Drunk in love.

I guess we need to pack up tonight I said as we entered the cottage. Yea but it shouldn't take too long. I'm just throwing everything in my bag Jack replied. I'm just too worn out to care.

So how did your old man do today I joked. Omg it was a perfect day...it was just amazing. More than amazing. Yea I know I said, but you didn't answer my question. I think you know the answer to that one. I winked at Mark while I stuffed my clothes in my bag. You made me see stars dude, omg that was incredibly intense. I still haven't recovered completely. Did I hurt you I asked. No you didn't hurt me. It was pain and pleasure all mixed together for an incredible explosion that shot thru my body. Yea I thought my balls were gonna explode I replied. Ummm they did, inside of me Jack laughed. Babe I wanted to give you a birthday you would never forget. Well you succeeded bud.

Finally we were all packed and ready to go the next morning. Sadly our vacation had come to an end. We had an awesome time in Tahiti and we can't wait to come back sometime.

We were so exhausted from our day on the Motu that we just collapsed in bed and fell into a deep sleep. Neither one of us moved all night. I guess we wore each other out, I thought. Dang, Jack is a wild one and I love it.

Morning came quickly and someone was knocking on our door. Who the hell is that I groaned. Did you order breakfast this early I asked Jack. Figures he's still snoring.

I got up and pulled on a pair of boxers and answered the door. When I opened the door, Urs and Franco were standing there. OMG, Jack look who it is. Wake up Jack. Its Urs and Franco. What are you guys doing here I asked. Well, the ship is in Moorea today and we figured we would come and see you off. Normally we don't have the day off but we made it work. Awww look at Jack, Urs said, he's sound asleep. Yea he needs to wake up I said. Hey its still early, I'm gonna lay back in bed. How about you two do the same. Franco and Urs looked at each other and shrugged. I tossed my boxers on the floor and they stripped down and got in bed with us. We just relaxed and talked for a while. Finally I was able to wake Jack up. He sat up in bed and looked over at Franco and Urs.

Ummm Mark, who are those guys in bed with us? You are unbelievable. I told you he can sleep thru anything. Franco and Urs looked over at Jack. Jack's eyes popped open. Omg I can't believe you guys are here, he yelled as he crawled over me and hugged them. And you are naked in our bed he laughed. Did I miss anything this morning? No you pervert you didn't I said as I smacked his ass.

Ok guys I gotta take a wicked piss. I got out of the bed and scratched my balls in front of all three of them and gave my hard cock a yank. Yep thats classic Mark in the morning. He's always showing off his cock and scratching his balls. We just laid there and watched the show.

Mark went into the bathroom but didn't close the door. Ahhhh he sighed loudly. Damn Mark you piss really loud Franco laughed. Yep I want everyone to know I'm taking a piss Mark yelled. His stream trickled to a stop and we could hear him slap his dick on his leg.

I walked back into the bedroom and yanked the covers off those three smart asses and fell on top of them. You know what guys? I just love you so much as I pulled them together and kissed Franco and Urs on the cheek. And you know I love you too Jack, very very much as I french kissed him.

Umm Mark, Urs said. You do realize that you are laying on us naked? Oh yea I forgot....omg I'm so sorry. Jack just rolled his eyes. You don't even realize when your naked half the time. I'm sorry I just wanted to hug all of you and tell you I love you thats all. We love you too Mark...

Ok we really do need to get up and get a shower Jack. Yea I know, but I'm just to lazy to get up. Come on get up bud. Jack and I got up and took our shower and got ready to leave. Looks like we got everything I said. Yea everything is ready to go Jack replied.

We called the bellman for our luggage. We grabbed some breakfast before we left and spent some more time with Franco and Urs. Urs and Franco were taking us to the airport which was really nice of them. We put or bags in the jeep and headed to the airport. About 20 minutes later we arrived at the airport and unloaded our suitcases. Well guys looks like this is good bye again. Yea I'm glad you were able to stop by and this morning Jack said. We hugged them tightly, oh man we are really gonna miss you all over again Franco said. Yea me too Urs said as his voice cracked. Ok you two don't start, cuz you will have us all in tears again. Don't worry we will all be together again Jack said as he winked at Urs. Franco and Urs smiled back at Jack. Hmm I wonder what that was all about I thought. Something is up and I'm not to know about it. Bye guys we said as we hugged them again. Franco and Urs watched and waved as we went inside the airport.

Checking in was a breeze and we had about and hour before our flight home. We relaxed in the first class lounge and had some coffee while we waited. Soon our flight was called and we boarded the plane for the long flight home. We got settled in our seats and got ready for take off. Soon we were in the air and we said good bye to Tahiti. Wow we sure did have an awesome vacation Jack said. Yes we did bud, we sure did.

Our flight arrived on time into JFK and we couldn't wait to get off the plane. The flight was long and boring and we just wanted to get home. Mom and Dad were meeting us to take us home. We collected our bags and went thru customs which took longer than we expected. After we cleared customs Mom and Dad were there waiting for us. Hey guys they yelled as we hugged them. Welcome home!!! We went out to the car and headed home. Mom was all excited to hear about our trip but we were exhausted. We pulled up in the drive way and they helped us with out luggage.

I know you two are exhausted. Why don't you get some sleep all day and then come over for dinner Mom said. That sounds great Mom. I'm sorry we are so tired and all we want to do is sleep. Ok go to bed and we will see you around 6. My parents left and Jack and I just collapsed in bed. Ahhh it sure feels good to sleep in our own bed I said. Jack didn't say a word. I just laughed. He's out cold again.

We woke up around 5 and took a quick shower and went over to my parents. Mom made a great welcome home dinner with all the trimmings. They wanted to hear all about our trip and we talked for a couple of hours. But then it was time to go home and back to bed. This jet lag is miserable Jack said on the way home. All I want to do is sleep. Yea but we get to sleep in our own bed again.

When we got home we dropped our clothes on the floor and crawled in bed. Good night Jack, night he whispered. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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