The morning sun light was filtering thru the trees into Mark's bedroom and the birds were chirping and beckoning me to wake up. Mark's face was right in my ear and he was snoring quite loudly. His snoring didn't bother me. In fact I liked to hear him snore. I know that must sound strange but its true. I opened my eyes and looked over at the clock. Damn it was a little after 6am. I moved a little and tried to stretch out my back. Ooops I think I woke Mark up but he started to snore again so I knew he was still asleep.

Mark was still lying on his side facing me and I was on my side facing him. I ran my fingers thru his hair. Our bodies were touching. Then I ran my fingers lightly over his skin down his back. I watched as his skin twitched a little from my touch. My fingers ran down his back to his hairy crack and I played there gently for a bit. I could see a little smile across his face.

I started gently rubbing his chest and could feel his cock growing hard against me. He gasped when I touched his nipple and his cock sprang to life. Mark rolled over on his back and stretched out his huge body. There he was laying there in all his masculine glory and his massive cock was hard and standing straight up. Suddenly he realized he wasn't covered and tried to cover himself with the sheet. But I grabbed it before he did and pulled over myself. He laughed a little and gave himself and morning ball scratch and yank on his cock a bit.

Suddenly he rolled over on top of me and said good morning. I put my arms around his neck and said good morning babe. He seemed to like the sound of that as we smiled. I pulled him up closer and let my tongue trace his bottom lip. Then I tease him a bit by biting is lower lip. I could feel him moving on top of me.

Both of us wanted to kiss the other but were hesitating for some reason. Maybe not knowing how the other would react. Suddenly something came over me and I kissed him. I must have startled him because he kind of pulled away....but I kissed him again and his lips were against mine. Immediately my tongue was in his mouth and he accepted it gladly and his in mine.

He lifted himself up a bit to remove the sheet between us so were were skin to skin. His cock was grinding into me. Fuck that cock of his is huge. I swear its a good 10-11 inches when hard and an impressive girth. Both of us were leaking pre cum and I wanted him so badly. Mark and I slowed down and he rested his head on my chest. We both knew we couldn't go any further. It wasn't the right time.

Mark got out of bed and went into his bathroom to take a piss. I could hear him give out a sign of relief when he started to piss. Damn that man can piss and it was loud and long. What was in there a race horse?

Soon I heard him in the kitchen and the smell of brewing coffee was wafting thru the house. Mark brought in two mugs of coffee and talked and drank our coffee in bed. We started to make out again. The passion was intense and we were all over each other. Mark had leaked a glob of pre cum on my leg and I could feel in running down my leg. We stopped again....Fuck I thought to myself this is killing me. Don't get me wrong I loved it but I so wanted him badly and he wanted me.

Mark changed the subject and asked if I was hungry. Yea I'm starving I replied. He said there is a great little restaurant down the road that we can have breakfast and eat outside before it gets too hot. So lets take a shower and get ready. I got out of bed and was heading to the guest room shower when Mark grabbed my hand and asked where I was going? I looked at him and said...I'm gonna take a shower. He replied....I'd love it if you would shower with me from now on in my shower. Damn he must have been reading my mind. I wanted to shower with him but didn't want to presume anything.

Mark turned on the water in the shower. Hanging from the ceiling was a huge rain forest shower head and down came the rain. We were soaping each other up all over and having fun and playing with each other in the shower. I turned around and teased him with my ass backing up against his hard cock.....he put his cock head at the entrance of my hole and I shook my finger at him and he grinned. He wasn't gonna do it but he liked to tease as much as I did. The sexual tension was incredible.

We continued to wash each other for a few more minutes. All of a sudden Mark push me up against the shower wall...we were face to face and he kissed me hard on the lips and his tongue dove into my mouth and down my throat. He forced his soapy slick cock between my legs up against my balls and was humping me like a mad man. Fuck his cock felt so good. I pinched his nipples and that sent him into a wild tizzy. He held my arms above my head and continued to hump me between my legs.

Suddenly he stopped what he was doing and I held him in my arms and he held me. The water was gently raining down on us. I took some shampoo and washed his hair. And nothing was being said. We dried each other off and got out of the shower.

Mark put both hands down on the vanity and hung his head. I could tell he was a bit upset. He looked over at me and said Jack I'm so sorry for what I did in the shower. I just couldn't help myself because I want you so bad. I know I could have taken you in there but at this point it would have been a fuck and I don't want that. And I know you don't either. I want to make love to you and not just a fuck.

I looked over at him with a cocky smirk on my face and said..."Dude that is a line of bullshit!!! You knew exactly what you were doing. I appreciate the part about not using me for a fuck and you want to make love to me...but do me a favor....stop apologizing about how you feel and express yourself to me whether verbally or physically. And with that I snapped my wet towel at his ass. It must have stung cuz I saw his nostrils flare as he lunged at me. I bolted for the guest room and closed the door before he caught me. He yelled....Jack you little backs are a bitch. I replied they sure are!!

I got dressed and an went into Mark's room and sat on the bed and leaned back on my elbows watching Mark finish getting ready. He came over to me and stood there looking down at me....I knew he was gonna do something. All of a sudden he fell on top of me....ugh this guy weighs a ton and his full weight was on me. He began playfully attacking me and found me my ribs where I was horribly ticklish....I hate being tickled there and he was relentless. Mark laughed and yelled I told you pay backs are a bitch. Finally I was able to free myself. Panting I stretched out my hand to pull him up off the bed. He gave me a hug and we went out to the truck.

We climbed in the truck. I hadn't forgiven him for attacking and tickling me. When he started up the truck I moved over next to him. He started down the drive way and I laid my head down in his lap and stretched out on the seat. He looked down at me and smiled and I gave him a devilish grin. I started rubbing his cock and I could feel it getting hard. I unzipped his shorts and nuzzled his cock and he became instantly hard as a rock. I massage his cock and I could see pre cum forming thru his underwear.....I put my mouth on his cock head and licked the pre cum and damn it tasted so good. He started to groan and said Jack I love what you are doing but you need to stop or I'm gonna shoot a load. I ignored his pleas.

Before I stopped teasing him I pulled his cock out and licked off his pre cum which just about put him over the edge. We pulled up to the parking lot and Mark parked the truck as far away as possible. He was all beside himself and zipped up his shorts. He still had a raging hard on and complained he couldn't walk in like that. I couldn't help but laugh. The more I laughed the more irritated he became. Finally we got out of the truck and I walked around to him. He had quite the bulge going. He looked down at his bulge and said Fuck....I have a weight spot showing thru. He started after me and I saw those flaring nostrils again. I couldn't run or walk because I was almost doubled over laughing.

When he caught up to me...I said Dude Pay backs are a bitch. He just laughed and said I guess you got me on that one and gave me a playful slap upside my head. We joked with each other and I made a comment....I guess you have met your match and he replied so have you Jack. And then he gave me that sexy wink and we sent inside for breakfast.

We were seated at a large booth across from each other. The waitress came and took our order and left. I excused myself and went to the restroom to wash my hands. When I came back I sat down next to Mark. I really appreciated that since he likes me next to him all the time. And I was really liking that as well.

After breakfast we walked around the little town center and picked some things up at the farmers market for dinner, grabbed and bottle of wine and drove home.

When we got home it was hot and muggy so we decided to hang by the pool all day and stay home. Both of us dropped our clothes on the porch and got into the pool and played around for a while. Then we floated around on the loungers for a couple of hours, napped and relaxed.

All of a sudden there was a huge clap of thunder which startled both of us awake. We quickly got out of the pool and ran to the porch and laid down on the outdoor sofa and cuddled up. Mark was behind me and I could feel his cock getting hard and pushing against my ass. He reached over me and grabbed a hold of my cock and we fell asleep to the rain, thunder and lightening. Every time a clap of thunder boomed Mark's hard cock would jump. His throbbing cock was in my ass crack. We eventually fell asleep for hours.

We woke up and it was dark but the storm was still raging. Eventually we got up and made a little dinner. After dinner we went inside and watched a movie. But then we lost power. By then it was late. Mark disappeared into his room. I could hear him running water. Pretty soon he called out....Hey Jack come in hear. So I walked into his room. He had lit a lot of candles around the huge claw foot tub....and the bathroom smelled incredible with the bubble bath he had made. There he was sitting in the tub and he motioned for me to come and get in with him. Wow what a romantic thought he had. I climbed in and relaxed into him. We laid in the tub for about and hour.

We got out of the tub and dried off. Then we climbed into bed and Mark wrapped himself around me and we fell fast asleep. I was in heaven with him wrapped around me. He was starting to snore so I too fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up because my arm had fallen asleep and it was tingling. I moved my arm and Mark rolled over on his back. He was laying there with his cock semi hard. Damn his cock is huge even when not full erect. I so wanted to taste his cock again but I didn't want to wake him up. But I couldn't resist any longer.

I stretched out a long his body and began lightly licking his hairy balls....his musky smell was making me crazy and my cock began to get hard. I licked up and down his shaft. Then I began to lick his mushroom cock head. When I went down on his cock he began to groan. I had his entire cock down my throat.

Pretty soon he put his hands on my head and grabbed my hair and forced my head down on his cock which I gladly did. I took him down to his pubes and held it there. He began to thrust his fully erect cock into my mouth and I could tasted his sweet pre cum that was coming out of his piss slit.

While I was sucking his cock and started playing with his hairy hole. It wasn't a forest of black hair but just enough. His pubic hairs were sweaty and glistening and I just love the smell.

When I inserted my middle finger into his hole he let out a gasp and moaned loudly. I pumped his hole with my finger and kept sucking his cock. Soon his cock began to get harder and bigger and I could tell he was close to orgasm. He continued to groan and convulse as I fingered his hole and sucked harder on his cock. He began to buck and thrust his cock deeper into my throat. Grabbing my hair and thrusting deeper and scream Jack.....uuhhhhh Jack I'm cummmming....fuck take my load baby....I want you to have it all. He kept thrusting his cock into my throat and all of a sudden he gave out a loud groan and started cumming in my mouth....volley after volley of hot thick cum....he just kept cumming more and more. I kept swallowing as fast as I could but there was so much cum it was leaking out the side of my mouth.

After he had finish cumming, Mark rolled over on top of me with his ass in my face and began sucking my cock. Fuck man his ass was in my face and I just had to tasted it...I began licking up and down his hairy ass crack and then plunge my tongue deep in his hole.

He was going crazy sucking my cock and balls. Fingering my hole with his long finger...pumping it in and out. Fuck I was so horny and I could feel my balls begin to tighten up. That feeling deep in my groin began to well up inside of me. Mark kept pumping my hole with his middle finger and hitting my sweet spot. I began to buck and thrust my cock into his throat.

His middle finger was deep in my hole and he was pumping me as hard has he could....fuck I couldn't take it any longer. I groaned and fuck Mark I'm gonna cum in your mouth....he didn't reply and but kept sucking me. I could feel my orgasm erupting and spurting in his mouth. He gladly swallowed my cum and took everything I could give him. He kept his finger inside of me until I had stopped cumming. His finger felt so could in me I could only imagine what his massive cock would feel like.

We both laid there on our backs panting from exhaustion. We were drenched in sweat. We just laid on our backs staring at the ceiling not saying a word. Then we looked over at each other and grinned like two naughty boys. We hugged each other and kissed for a long time.

Marked looked at me and said, " Damn Jack what got into you this morning. I grabbed his cock and said.....Not enough. We laughed but he knew I wanted him more than ever and he wanted me. That was obvious.

Suddenly I sat up and exclaimed....OMG tonight we have dinner with your parents. Mark laughed at me and said...Come on bud....lets take a shower and have some breakfast. I want to take you some where.

So we hopped out of bed and got in the shower and soaped he other up. Mark was leaning against the shower wall letting the water pour over his body. I pulled me close against him. Looking down at me and deep into my eyes. He gently and sweetly said. Jack....he said. I can't believe this is happening between us. Its like a dream. I know we have only known each other for a couple of days...but I'm falling very hard for you. I could see a tear in his eyes which started running down his face.

I held his face in my hands and said...Mark....I don't ever want this to end. I too am falling for you as well. Please don't ever let me go. He wrapped himself around me and whispered ....Baby I'm never letting you go. Not ever!!!



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