Its just a normal August morning, hot and humid..the dog days of summer. Most people dread those days but I actually like them...yea its hot and humid but a little sweat never hurt anyone.

Since I work from home it affords me the ability to work in any type of clothes or no clothes for that matter. But today I was wearing pair of old cargo shorts and a faded blue T shirt and no underwear. Work was going well and I really enjoy my work and the best part is I don't have a set schedule and no set routine normally.

But today is Thursday and I am trying to wrap things up and take the weekend off and relax and enjoy the summer weather. Maybe go to the lake and take advantage of the cooler weather, swim and get some sun. It was about 9 am and I had already taken a few calls...not many as the summer is my slow season for work, the day so far was uneventful.

I was making some coffee and my phone rang and I answered the phone, Hello this is Jack may I help you? The caller ask nervously is this Jack and I replied yes it is. Who's this I replied. The caller proceeded to apologize for calling and introduced himself as Mark. Hi Mark how are you may I help you I asked again.

Mark stated that he wasn't calling about business but for a personal matter....I was thinking this is one of those tricky sales calls. Mark who had a deep voice said Jack you and I have mutual friends and I asked really? Who are they? He replied Jim and Barbara.....Oh yea I said they are very good friends of mine for many years and we talk a couple times a week. They live on Long Island. Mark kinda laughed and said yea they live down the road from him.

So he began to tell me that Jim and Barbara had been talking to him about me....gulp...the match makers are at it again. I began to laugh a bit and said that those two are always trying to fix me up with someone but it never happens....Mark agreed and said that he has never even met anyone they suggested. But they had been talking to him about me for months.....I had no idea they were doing this but it doesn't surprise me....they are such wonderful people and always have my best interest.

Mark said that he hadn't dated or even went out with anyone for a few years as the last relationship had ended so badly that he gave up on a relationship just like I had. Ok I this another dud? Another guy only out for himself and wanting only one thing? Maybe Mark is could only hope.

We chatted for about 15 minutes and seemed to get a long well and I was actually enjoying the conversation. Then Mark asked....Jack I know this may seem strange since we don't know each other...but would you be interested in coming to Long Island this weekend and hanging out with me? I was kind of taken aback as I didn't even expect that and told Mark so....he understood....but I said it looks like you are in luck because I'm taking the weekend off starting Friday and I'm not scheduled to be back in the office till Tuesday......Mark was excited and so was I actually.

Wow a weekend date. The odd thing is he didn't know what I looked like and I didn't know what he looked like and we laughed and agreed to not exchange pictures....hmmm this is very intriguing. I joked with Mark that we both may find each other disgustingly ugly and what a hoot that would be. He laughed a little bit and then said that would be horrible and we both cracked up. Then he said that he was willing to take that chance if I would.

So we agreed that I would take the train to Long Island and he would pick me up and I would spend the weekend with him at his place. We said our good byes and hung up. Once again I was going about my business of the day....working and finishing things up for the weekend, threw in a couple loads of laundry and tidying up my place.

Just doing some normal things, had lunch etc.....and kind of lost track of time during the day. It was around 2pm when suddenly my door bell rang.....which is unusual for that time of day unless FedEx or UPS were making a delivery which I wasn't expecting anything....but that sometimes happens. Its rare that I have visitors.

I grabbed my old Yankees baseball hat since I hadn't showered yet and looked and smelled like a hot mess. As I walked to the door I brushed my forehead since I was sweating a bit.....I opened the door and standing in my foyer was a very tall, well built man that I didn't know. I sure wasn't expecting anyone like him in my foyer...and it wasn't a delivery man.

He was wearing a white muscle shirt and I could see he had a dark hairy chest, wavy dark hair that was kind of messy, 5 O'clock shadow and faded old jeans with rips and tears in all the right places, I glanced and could see he had a nice bulge....damn he was hot.

This guy was peering over his aviator sunglasses... ...I had no idea who this was.....then he asked are you Jack?....I said yes I am how may I help you....but then I recognized the voice.....I said are you Mark? and he sheepishly and nervously said yes I am.

I exclaimed Mark what are you doing here? Did I misunderstand that I was to take the train to Long Island tomorrow?.....I apologized if I misunderstood and he just stood there and let me ramble on for a bit....He took his sunglasses off and he had this cute smirk on his face and he interrupted me and said Jack, I'm the one that should be apologizing and normally I would but I won't....except I didn't want to scare you and I hope I didn't....

He proceeded to say that he enjoyed our conversation and that he was so excited to meet me that he called Jim and told him that I was coming to his place for the weekend. Mark made the comment that he was informed that I would be nervous, get cold feet and may even back out of the plans. I replied oh really....well that is somewhat true I said but I wasn't going to back out.

Then Mark replied that he wasn't taking any chances of me backing out and not giving him a fair chance and decided to take a drive down to Pa and surprise me today.....Surprise me? Seriously? Surprised isn't the word...complete shock is more like it. We didn't know each other from Adam and this man just shows up on my doorstep. But for some reason I wasn't upset about it and welcomed him into my home.

Mark came in and we sat down at the bar in my kitchen....So I asked Mark what the revised plans were....he replied...well since you said you were taking off the rest of today and not going back to work until Tuesday...I thought I would come down and take you home with me for the weekend. Plus he said I really don't want you to take the train and it would give us more time to get to know each other.....Hmmm I thought.....what is this guy up to? But to be honest I have to admit I thought this guy had was brave of him to take a chance and show up at my place unannounced.

Plus it was very considerate of him as well. However I was very aware that I had not showered and looked a mess and I know I must have smelled horrible. I almost freaked out at the thought of Mark looking at me for the first time and thinking what the hell was he thinking? Jack is a mess!! So we continued talking and drinking ice tea, I looked at Mark and said there something very important I need to discuss with you.. he .replied ok shoot...what is it. I stammered a bit and he looked at me and said...Jack just say whatever you need to say....Finally I said that I wasn't looking for a hook up and that I was looking for something more and that I would appreciate no pressure to have sex and in fact I don't even want to have sex this weekend and when and if it happens it will be when the time is right. And I said I'm very serious about that.....he looked at me and said you have my word.

I also said I'd like to sleep on the couch or guest room at his place. And again he said thats just fine....except he had a glint in his eye and a little smirk. I smiled at him and said you better wipe that grin off your face mister.....we laughed and teased each other some more.

Then I excused myself to go take a shower. As I was walking to my bedroom I was aware that Mark was following me....I turned around and said dude I'm sex and don't try anything....he backed up and seemed a bit hurt that I said that. He put his hands on my shoulders and was facing me and with a slightly stern voice he looked in my eyes....he said Jack....I promise I will not try anything and I respect you. And I appreciate the boundaries you fact I was going to tell you the same thing.

We went into my bedroom and Mark asked if he could lay down on my bed and rest while I was taking a shower. I said yea of course you can...kick your shoes off and get comfortable. While he was taking off his shoes he asked how old I was....oh no that question...I hate that question...not because I'm ashamed of being 38 ...hell no one believes I'm 38 as I don't look like it. So I replied....dude I'm got a problem with an older guy? Mark replied Jack don't be so defensive about your age....I'm 39....39? Really? Damn you sure don't look anywhere near 39.

Mark don't look anywhere near 38 it was great to meet someone that is close to my age for a change. I was curious just how tall he I ask him how tall he was... Mark replied that he was 6'6" with a 32 inch waist.....let me tell you for a man of 39 he was in awesome shape. He also told me that he was a Fireman on Long eyes lit up at the thought of him in his fireman's uniform....

So far Mark had scored some major points, he's got guts, kind and gentle but not a wimp. He's fun to talk to and we seemed to get a long great. I was feeling more comfortable with him and he seemed to be comfortable with me because he took his shirt off before he laid down.

Trying my best not to stare at his hairy chest I went into my bathroom and showered and shaved and came out with a towel around my waist to get a pair of I was grabbing a pair of tidy whities I thought....Yikes he's gonna see me naked.....I just stood there for a minute and I could see Mark open his eyes a bit.....I said close your eyes I need to get dressed...He laughed and said he wouldn't look.....but I knew he was lying and I caught him looking.....he smiled at me and said I had a great body....and with that I threw my wet towel at his face....we both laughed.

After I got dressed I started to pack and asked Mark to help me pick out some clothes. He said just bring what you would normally wear around the house and be comfortable. He warned that he didn't have AC in his home but he had plenty of ceiling fans and that its usually comfortable....then he said he had something to tell me....what is it Mark? He said on Saturday evening we are having dinner with my parents at the country club....I spun around and said What? Dinner with your parents already? At the country club?....Dude seriously I exclaimed...we just met isn't that rushing things a bit?

Mark replied that he agreed but his parents talked to Jim and found out that you were coming for the weekend and they are very excited to meet you and they insist on taking us out for dinner. Jack I just couldn't say No to them...we are very close and they really do want to meet you. I asked do I have a choice and he replied rather cocky....No you don't actually and he laughed. So I said alright then you really need to help me pick something out to wear when we go out with your parents.....Mark looked at me with a wink and said....Whats the big deal....are you trying to impress them?.....I replied you show up on my door step and shocked me, then you are taking me home for the weekend and we don't know each other from Adam basically and then we are meeting your parents....all in the same weekend.

No I'm not trying to impress your parents....ok maybe I am....oh stop I'm a complete mess.....all the while Mark is laughing with me and probably at me....and he said calm down Jack....we are going to have a wonderful just wait and see. And with that we went out to his truck and headed to Long Island for the weekend.



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