Mark and I drove back home. We pulled up to the garage and he commented it was strange to see my car there. He's always picked me up and brought me home since we started seeing each other. Mark didn't make a big deal about it. See its that damn wall because normally he would have made a big deal about it.

It was cold outside so we went inside quickly. Hung up our coats and sat in the kitchen for a while. We made some small talk and then Mark said he was kind of tired and he was going to bed. Fuck he was going to bed with out me? I knew he was still pissed at me...but it was more than that. He was avoiding me even though he wanted me there. It was getting tense and I was at my breaking point.

Before he got up to go to bed...I said Mark we need to talk and we need to talk tonight. He immediately got up and looked down at me and I knew he was angry.

His nostrils were flaring and that's a sign that he's about to blow. I just sat there and stood my ground. But I said again....we need to talk now.

Why the fuck do we have to talk tonight he asked? Its my birthday night and I don't want anything to ruin it. Mark I replied....I'm not trying or wanting to ruin your big night. But we need to sit here and talk.

Jack you are pushing it....I'm in no mood to talk. Good night Jack!

I looked at him and asked...What the hell are you afraid of? When I asked that question he replied....I'm not afraid of a fucking thing. He turned and was walking out of the kitchen to his bedroom.

Before he got to far....I picked up a grape fruit....stood up and aimed right for his ass. I threw that fucker as hard has I could and it hit him right in the his ass!!

Oh Fuck...what did I just do? Mark stopped and turned around and picked up that grape fruit. He walked over to me and asked....Why did you throw this grape fruit at me? I stood right in front of him and looked him square in the eye.

You wanna know why? I've been trying to get your attention for weeks...Weeks and you have either ignored me or blew me off when I tried to get your attention and talk to you.

Mark....I would suggest that you sit your ass down and hear me out. You don't have to say anything...just hear me out. Just give me the courtesy and respect I would give to you if you needed to talk to me. My heart was pounding. I had never spoken to him like that before.

His face softened and he said ok.. We went into the living room and sat in front of the fire place on the bearskin rug.

I took a deep breath and started. Mark you and I both know what we need to discuss...but since you are uncomfortable with talking about it....I'm taking the reigns this time. Just listen to me and hear me out ok? Ok Jack if you say so. I ignored that comment.

Mark you and I have been together for a while now....we have spent a lot of time together...more than most people do. I've enjoyed and cherished every minute of it. I cherish our relationship. Mark looked up at me.

Baby what I'm trying to tell you that. Fuck why is this so hard? Tears welled up in my eyes......Mark came over close to me and said....I know what you want to say cuz I want to say the same to you. I love you Jack , I love you Mark....we blurted it out to each other at the same time.

Jack I have wanted to tell you how much I loved you for so long...but I was afraid. Baby I knew you were afraid and thats why I tried for weeks to get your attention. I was afraid too. But one of us had to do something and this time I had to take charge and get your attention.

Yea babe you got my attention when you threw that grape fruit at my ass. Damn that hurt a big. Good I worked. What do you mean it worked? He asked. Never mind....I'll tell you later.

Jack was my mother in on this? I remember a story when she threw a grape fruit at my Dad. Either its a coincidence she was in on it. Ok bud she made the suggestion.....because she knew that something wasn't right between us. And she was right.

You have to admit her plan worked. Plan? What plan? Jack tell me everything. I will I replied....but not tonight. Why not? he asked. Because you and I have better things to do. Like what Jack.

First of all Mark....I want to give you your real birthday present from me. You already gave me a present at the party....that was just a little one.

Ok where is it. I went to the bedroom and asked him to follow me. We sat down on the bed and I handed him a package. Open it bud....its for you from me. I was so excited for him to open it.

Mark opened the package and started looking at his gift.....all of a sudden he got a big smile on his face. We are going to Tahiti? You and me? Yea I replied for three weeks. Just you and me. When he February over Valentines Day. Are you serious in February? Are you kidding me? Jack this is too much. Seriously its a lot of money. I assured him that I got a great rate and reminded him that I am a Travel Consultant and as the owner I get some great perks.

Btw Jack how do you know I can get off in February. Umm I called your boss and asked him. I knew you had 9 weeks of vacation coming and you hadn't taken any of it. So I asked him if he could approve it. And he did. I should have known he boss has been acting weird for weeks.

Jack...this has been the best birthday ever. And thank you for making me listen to you. I love you so much.

Oh baby your birthday isn't over yet....we got some celebrating to do I said. He just looked at me. I took his face in my hands and just kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

Then I pushed him down on the bed and straddle him.....that boy didn't know what was coming next.

I leaned down and kiss him again. As I sat up I ripped open his shirt....I mean I ripped it open and tore it off his body. Marks eyes were open wide.

Next I pulled his pants off and his Jockeys and threw them across the room. Jack whats gotten into you? Your acting really cra......shut up and kiss me Mark.

Mark did as he was told and kissed me. I pulled him down on top of me.....his full weight was on me...and I could feel his cock getting really hard. I wrapped my legs around his waist and teased him with my ass. He was getting the hint about what I wanted real fast.

I pushed him off of me and onto his back and I immediately starting sucking on his cock....he wanted to suck my cock but I wouldn't let him. I took him all the down to his bush and held that big cock in my mouth. He was moaning and moaning.

After I sucked his cock and got off of him and rolled onto my belly. Mark looked at me and I motioned for him to come down to my face....I eat my hairy ass.....He moved down to my ass and spread it open....and began eating me like a crazy man....up and down my crack....then he started to ram his tongue deep into my hole. Damn I was going crazy......he knew what to do and I wanted him so bad.

He had me so open and wet and ready for him.. Mark reached into his night stand and got some lube...and rubbed some on his throbbing cock and then my love hole. Then he got out a condom....before he opened it I took away from him and said no condoms baby. You and I are fine. I want nothing between us...I want to feel every inch of you in me with any barriers.

Jack are you sure you can take my cock....I mean its big and thick and I don't want to hurt you. Baby you won't hurt me...just go easy at first. I lifted up my ass and he began to tease my hole with the head of his cock.....I was loving it. Finally he was going to make love to me. Finally after all these months.

He began to push his cock head into my wanting hole....he slowly penetrated me....going in as slow as he could. Fuck man your cock is so big....fuck....I said as he pushed in deeper....I thought he would split me open but I relaxed.....he pushed it in more and more......oh fuck baby you feel so good....keep going and don't stop till you are all the way in.

He leaned down and kissed me and then he give a harder push and I could feel his cock hair against my ass....Baby I'm in all the way....are you ok. Mark you feel so good inside me....just hold it there so I can get used to you.

OMG his massive cock was all the way in me.....I could feel his wet cockhair against my ass and his balls. Slowly he began to find his rythm....he pulled almost all the way out and then slowly dove back in.....damn he felt so good. He started to pick up speed and was plowing his cock deep inside me.....I could feel every inch of his cock as he thrust it in and out of me. I started to stroke my cock but he pulled my hand away....

Then he pulled completely out and turned me over on my back. He lifted my legs up onto his broad shoulder and leaned down on me.....pointing his cock at my hole.....he didn't hesitate to slide in deep....Fuck I could feel my eyes roll back as he penetrated me.

He began fucking me harder and hands were on each side of his ass...pulling him into me, he pounded me harder and harder.....I was going insane with the feeling of him thrusting over my sweet spot deep inside. The sweat was dripping off of him....his chest hairs were drenched with sweat....I could smell a very strong musky smell coming from his sweaty began to groan and was in heaven....feeling me pound me with out mercy.....there was not pain. Just pure pleasure.

His groans became louder and louder and I could feel his cock get harder and thicker....he was throbbing and I could feel it. Suddenly he began to growl and I need his orgasm was close....

Fuck he was pounding me like I wasn't there and he could do what he wanted....I was in orbit......his thrusts became deeper and more intense...he was going in as deep as he could...his balls were slapping my ass and the sensation was incredible.....

His growl got louder and louder.....Jack Jack I'm I'm fuck Jack I'm cumming ......I'm gonna cum in you he screamed......Do it Mark....I want you to cum in me....pump me full of your love juice...Make me all yours...take me....ahhhhh Jack here I cum.....I'm gonna give you a big creamy load......OMG Jack.....he growled like and animal....and pumped me full of his cum...I could feel his cum shooting into me....that was feeling is soon as he was cumming in me......oh fuck, Baby you are making me cum and I'm not even touching myself.

OMG....he kept thrusting in me hard and deep and making me cum more than I ever did....I shot my load all over his chest and my just kept spewing out of me.

He collapsed on top of me....still convulsing from his powerful orgasm....panting heavily....trembling...groaning with the after affects of his orgasm and mine. We both were spent. My inside were still tingling. Just the thought of his love juice inside of me made me high. My legs were still wrapped around him.....his breathing began to return to did mine.

I could feel his cock slowly deflate and slide out of my body. But I didn't let me off of me. He held my face and kissed me....tenderly kissed me and returned the kiss.

Jack he said....that was incredible.....I never thought it would be so intense....he laughed as he rolled over onto his that was mind blowing. I love being inside of you. And I love having you inside of have no idea how much I loved it.

Hey should we get a shower and clean up this mess? He asked.....I looked over at him and replied......Heck no.....How about you wrap yourself around me all night long...and we lay here with all the sweat and cum and the hot smell of sex. We laughed and he agreed it would be hot....he wrapped himself around me.....we had sweat and cum all over us....but who cares.....we wanted to remember everything about the first time we made love....damn it felt so good and the aroma of sexual man scent is hot. Eventually we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

We slept in til around 10am the next day. Mark woke up first and was nuzzling my neck. He woke me up gently and kissed me till I woke up.....damn we are a hot mess. We smelled like sex, dried cum all over us and we were smelling quite ripe. We laughed and got out of bed.

OMG I could still feel his cock inside of me. Mark asked me if I was ok.from him making love to me and pounding me so hard and deep. Yea babe I'm feeling so good. And I can't wait for you to make love to me again.

Mark put his arm around me and time I want you inside of me....Whoa I was shocked....Jack I want to experience you pumping your love juice deep inside of me.

Come on baby...he said...lets get cleaned up.....I'm starving. We are going down to the restaurant for breakfast. I guess we worked up an appetite. Yea I'm starving too.

We showered and got dressed and before we left the house I grabbed the trip to Tahiti so we could go over it at breakfast.

We got the restaurant and wolfed down our food. We were stuffed. But satisfied in more ways than one.

We were in a booth and I got out the trip details. First class plane tickets, A week in Bora Bora in an over water bungalow, then a week on a cruise thru the islands, and then another week in a hot resort on Moorea.

Mark was impressed with the trip and we were excited to go. Just a few months to get ready. I'm glad he like the trip and was excited to go. He deserved a nice long vacation and so did I.

After we went home Maggie called and said she and Alex were on their way over. I love when we are with them.

We were outside on the porch when they arrived....we started the out door fire place on the porch and it warmed up quite nicely. Mark and I were all cuddled up on the couch. When Maggie and Alex walked up.....Maggie said....Hmmm it looks like the grape fruit worked. We all had a good laugh. We told them how much we loved each other and how happy we were. Alex said he was thrilled and it was great to see Mark and I so happy.

Mark showed them the trip to Tahiti and Maggie asked if they could go with us....we both replied....we love you Mom....but nooooo we are going alone. They left and we went inside since it was getting chilly.

Hey Jack could you get us some wine...there is a bottle of Merlot on the kitchen counter....I'll be right back.

I was sitting on the leather sofa and Mark came back with his hands behind his back. He sat down and said that he had something for both of us.

Close you eyes Jack and I''ll tell you when to open them. A few seconds later he said your eyes. I opened my eyes and looked. Mark was holding a small box containing two of the most beautiful rings I had ever seen.

He was smiling and said....I think its time to make this official. I took out his ring and he took out mine....Now before you put my ring on look on the inside of both rings. He had them inscribed. Mark and Jack forever. I couldn't believe it. Are these the same rings you showed me in the shop....Mark replied yea they are Jack. When did you get them......he looked at me and said.....remember that week you were supposed to be in Vegas? Well I went to the shop and they were still there and I bought them. I had intended to give it to you at Christmas but this is the perfect time. He put the ring on my finger and I put his on his finger.

We were both in tears....Jack I love you so much. I never expected to fall in love you anyone....and I'm so glad its you. You have brought so much joy and love into my life. Not only are you my lover, my best friend a boyfriend....but you are my beloved life partner.

Oh man he sure does know how to get to me...he always did. I was trembling and then I asked....Mark will you be my partner for life....He grabbed me and held me like only Mark can....we were both crying. He wispered...Yes Jack I will be your partner. And I promise you will never have to throw a grape fruit at me again. We both laughed at that.

We went walked into our bedroom and got undressed. We weren't very tired so we just laid there in bed all cuddled up together. Mark had his arm around me and said...I have a question for you and I want you to be honest with me. Uh oh I said...He assured me it was nothing bad. Just a question.

Ok shoot.....ask me anything. Well Jack since you are here so much of the time....I was thinking that it would be great if you moved in hear permanently.

Whoa I said....thats a big step to take. Yes it is Jack....but it only seems natural and I would love to have you here all the time. I could enlarge the office area and make it the way you would like it. I rarely use it so it would be all yours....Correction I said....OURS. This isn't about you and me anymore...its about us.

He smiled and what do you think Jack...if you need some time to think about it I understand. Take all the time you need.

Mark I said....when we are apart it just kills us....I don't like being away from you and there is no reason that I can't move in here. So yeah lets do it.....lets make this our home.

Are you serious want to move here with me? Yes Mark I do. I really do. But I have a few requests first.

Ok shoot what are they? Ummm first I will put up my condo for sale after we come back from Tahiti.....Ok thats fine.....but I'm not going back and forth anymore....we can go and get most of my things and I will stay here before the condo sells. You will Mark asked...yea are you ok with that? Baby I'm more than ok with that.....I'm thrilled.

So what is your next request. Well I'd really like to get a puppy to keep me company while you are working....since you have to stay at the fire house all night I won't have anyone to sleep with and it will be lonely here without you.

Now that one he had to think about.....finally he agreed. Jack if that would make you happy then yes we can get a dog. I don't think thats asking to much.

Anything else bud? Yea one more thing. If you want me to live here with you....that fucking alarm clock has to go. I hate that thing. Do you know how many times I've wanted to smash that thing? I'm sorry pal but it has to go...its me or that fucking alarm clock from hell. He busted up laughing cuz he knows how much I hate it. Especially when it goes off and I start cussing first thing in the morning. Ok the alarm clock will go. Great get rid of it now!!!!! He agreed and went into our bedroom and brought it out and threw it in the garbage. Hey I said....I hope you turned the alarm off....if that thing goes off in the morning I'm not getting up to turn it off. Yes bud its off.

Wow just think...a few months ago we didn't even know each other...we were both alone. We weren't miserable but had given up on finding love. All of a sudden...we met and fell in love. Life sure is funny he said. And sometimes you have to take a chance. Yea life is funny sometimes I said. But I'm so glad that you had the guts to take that chance when you showed up on my door step. He chuckled....Jack you have no idea how scared I was....I almost turned around and went home....thats how bad it was. But something kept telling me...keep going....give it a chance. And when you opened the door....I knew right then that you were the one for me.

I started laughing a bit....even though I was a hot smelly mess? Yea even though you smelled like you hadn't showered in days....he laughed. did I know I was gonna get a visitor.....we both laughed and love remembering that first moment we saw each other.

Hey Jack....when did you know you loved me? Thats an easy one....the minute I laid eyes on you. Are you serious? Yea why? Thats exactly when I knew I loved you too. Its like I've always loved you even before I met you in person. Mark I always dreamed about someone like you for most of my life. But I thought I would never find you. brought us together....we are meant to be together. Yea we are babe...together forever.

We fell asleep in each others arms...dreaming about what life had in store for us.

I was also thinking about making love to Mark in the morning and pumping my load into him.....I wanna see if this big guy can take it. Soon I was fast asleep in Marks arms, in our bed and in our home. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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