The alarm went off at 5:30am. I was already awake but Mark was still sleeping and snoring. I'm surprised he didn't hear the alarm. Damn I was horny as hell this morning. Hmmm I thought. I wonder if we have time for a quickie before we have to leave.

Mark started to wake up finally. I slapped his bare ass. Hey what was that for he grumbled. Its time to get up bud. We gotta get ready. Just let me lay here for a few minutes bud. Please? Nope come on get up I replied. Dude come on, wake up. We gotta get showered and then I thought we could go to the restaurant for breakfast before the limo picks us up. So come Mark. Finally he got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom and took is morning piss.

While Mark was taking a leak and turned on the shower and got the water warmed up and ready. I was feeling a bit frisky this morning and I had ideas.

Mark got in the shower and I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed down on him. Get on your knees boy I said. Mark just looked at me. Do it I said. Down on your knees as I pushed him down. Mark was on his knees looking up at me with a grin. He thinks he's gonna suck my cock I thought to myself. Ha I've got other ideas.

I grabbed the back of Marks hair and pulled his head back. Then I grabbed my cock and aimed right at his forehead and began pissing on him. Mark was in complete shock. What the fuck are you doing Jack, he asked. What its look like I'm doing I replied. Remember you said I could piss on you anytime I wanted? Remember.

Ahhhh fuck he said as I pissed all over his hair. I thought you would forget about that comment. Yea right I replied. My piss was drenching his head and running down his face. Then I aimed my cock at his chest and urinated all over his chest. Mark was beginning to grin. You want something to smile about big boy I said.

I grabbed his hair again and pissed on his closed mouth. Open your mouth boy I said. Come on open your mouth I demanded. Slowly he opened his mouth and I gave him a good pissing just like he had done to me. He wasn't fighting me now and seemed to enjoy my golden shower. Soon my piss stream came to a dripping and I let him up.

After that little stunt that Jack just pulled on me I had a big idea for him. Something he wouldn't expect. I lathered him up all over. Damn I love the way his body feels. Then I suddenly pushed Jack up against the shower wall which took him by surprise. Ugh he groaned. What are you doing, Jack asked. You just wait and see what I'm gonna do to you I replied.

I had him up against the wall and held his hands above his head. His hot little ass was all lathered up and my cock was rock hard. Jack was struggling and trying get away. But I held him in place. I aimed my cock at his ass crack and leaned into him. I'm gonna give you what you want Jack. Then I rammed my throbbing cock deep inside of him. You want to get rough with me and piss on me? I asked. I'll give it rough to you. Jack gasped when I thrust my cock deep inside him. I held his hands up against the wall and wrapped my loose arm tightly around him and began thrusting deep inside of him. Jack's cheek was agains the wall and he looked like he was in shock.

You little fucker I said. As I pumped his ass. You started it this morning and I'm gonna end it and I'll end it real good. Fuck, Mark omg Mark your cock is ramming into me....fuck. Fuck me hard and deep he begged. That just made me want him more and I screwed his tight hole relentlessly. I love it when you get rough with me, Don't stop he continued to beg.

I pulled my cock out and rammed it back into him. Jack screamed with pleasure and some pain. My balls were slapping his ass which sends him over the edge.

Damn Mark is railing me this morning. I can't believe how hard he is pounding me Jack thought. I think my boy likes to be pissed on in the morning. Ugh Jack grunted as Mark began a deeper plunge into his hole. Then the growl began and Jack could feel Marks cock getting hard by the second. His own orgasm was building up fast and he wasn't even touching himself.

Yea Jack you take my cock like a good boy. Fuck you feel so good. Mark was at the brink of exploding deep inside of Jack. Ugh fuck Jack I'm gonna cummm. Yea gimme those hard thrusts before you cum Jack replied. Come on baby give it to me good. Mark rammed his cock as hard has he could in to Jack and screamed when his cock exploded. OMG Jack I'm cumming, I'm cumming in you. Mark was breathing hard and panting as he unloaded his thick creamy jizzz into Jack wanting hole.

Jack's orgasm began to rise as Mark kept pumping him. Awww fuck here I cum Mark as Jack shot his jizzz all over the shower wall. Jack's body went limp in Marks arms. Mark held Jack as they slowly slid down to the shower floor and laid there letting the shower wash over them. There they were in a heep, panting and trying to catch their breath.

The looked at each other and began to laugh. What the fuck got into you this morning Jack asked as he panted. No foreplay, nothing. You just threw me up against the wall and rammed your cock into me.

Mark smiled. See what happens when you piss on me liked? You turned me on so fast I just had to get you good because I knew you wanted it. Geez Jack said. I wasn't expecting that this morning.

Jack leaned back against the shower wall as Mark stood up. Mark stuck out his hand for Jack to grab and pulled him up. You ok Jack? I hope I didn't hurt you. Jack grinned and replied. Baby you can never hurt me. That was so fucking hot.

They dried off and went into their bedroom to get dressed. Both of them were laughing and teasing each other about their mornings escapade.

Hey Mark hurry up I'm starving Jack yelled. Ok I'm ready Mark replied. The hurried out to the truck and drove to the diner for breakfast.

While they were eating Mark asked Jack. So bud you said you had some other ideas but you wanted to think them through before discussing with me. Yea Jack replied I haven't thought it all out yet. So what are you ideas Mark asked. Maybe I can help.

Well Jack said. I was thinking that instead of enlarging the office we could have an office designer come in and created a functional office with the space we have. It seems kind of silly to enlarge the office as I don't need that much space. So are you ok sharing the office with me Mark asked? Of course I don't mind. Plus you rarely use it.

Ok Mark said. I know you aren't done. Keep going. I know there are more ideas in that head of yours. Jack laughed and replied. Your getting to know me real well. Mark shook his head. Yea I am and you know me real well too Mark replied.

So I was thinking if we don't enlarge the office we could build a glass enclosed room and use it as a work out room and get our own equipment instead of driving across town to the gym. Maybe have a Jacuzzi installed as well.

Mark thought for a moment. You know something Jack? Thats actually a great idea. That gym is way across town and it takes forever to get there and when we get to the gym we aren't really into. And I like the idea of a Jacuzzi as well. Especially for those long cold winter nights.

Jack looked at Mark in disbelief. So you are ok with that? Yea I'm ok with it. Why? Well I already called the office designer and she is coming after we get back. Mark laughed and rolled his eyes. I should have known he joked.

Have you also called a contractor as well Mark said? Know I haven't called a contractor. That I wouldn't do without clearing it with you first.

There are a couple of other things while we are discussing projects. Whats that Mark asked. We need to spruce up the landscaping. Yea I know Mark replied. I've kinda let that go for a while. And since there is all that land out back I'd like to make a huge garden.

Jack thats cool and I can help you with the landscaping and the garden Mark replied. Jack just looked at Mark. Look smarass I used to work for a landscaping company for years. You did? Jack replied. Yea. You know the one over by my parents? I liked that place Jack replied. They have everything imaginable.

Looks like we have some big projects coming up this spring Mark said. When we get back I'll call the contractor that remodeled my parents house. He does great work plus he is familiar with our house. I don't want just anyone working on our home. Jack smiled and replied. I can't wait to get to work on our house. Its gonna be fun.

Slow down Jack. Lets don't think about any work until we get home ok? By the way we need to get going its 8:15 and the limo will be at home at 9am.

They finished breakfast and drove home.

Ok Mark do you have everything you need? Any last minute things like your tooth brush etc Jack asked? I'm good babe. I've got it all. How about you? Yep I'm ready.

I've got the tickets, confirmations and our passports. Ahhhh finally we are on our way. Soon the limo pulled up and loaded our suit cases and back packs into the trunk.

Come on Jack lets get in. Its cold out here. Yea it is cold Jack replied. The got into the limo and relax as the driver made his way to the airport. The driver rolled down the privacy window and let them know they will be at the airport by ten and there isn't any traffic. Perfect they replied.

We relaxed during the ride to JFK and just like the driver said we arrived at 10am. He unloaded our bags at the Cathay Pacific terminal and helped us take them inside.

The line wasn't too bad to check in. The ticket agent processed our check in, and handed us our boarding passes. Since you are flying first class you have complimentary access to the VIP lounge. Great we said.

We headed to the VIP lounge and got some coffee and waited for our flight to board. I checked the status of our flight and it was on time.

Mark was getting some more coffee and I noticed what he was wearing. OMG he had on those old faded ripped jeans with holes in them. I just smiled cuz he does look hot in them. So I walked over and got some coffee as well. I leaned over to Mark and whispered. Are you commando in those jeans? I asked He grinned and replied. Take a look bud. I looked and sure enough my boy was going commando to Tahiti. I laughed as we went and sat down. Your a crazy I said...he stretched is arm over the back of my seats and said...Yea but love it when I'm crazy just like you did this morning. We both laughed and drank our coffee.

Soon our plane was ready for boarding and they called the first class passengers to board first. I was so glad we had first class seats for the long flight. This was a new 747 and I knew that the first class cabin was awesome. We boarded the plane and our seats were on the upper level which was a private area. Those poor shleps below I felt sorry for.

Mark and I were greeted and ushered to our seats. Ahhh perfect. Our seats were off to the side in their own area and away from the other passengers. We stowed our back packs overhead and sat down and waited for the plane to taxi and take off. The steward brought us some champagne and snacks. Another showed us all the features of the personal TVs and everything else available to us.

I was checking out our area and discovered that a privacy partition can be pulled up if wanted it especially when we were sleeping. Mark loved the idea and asked if we were going to join the mile high club. Uh no I replied. He just chuckled and replied. We'll see about that!! I just rolled my eyes and laughed. Your a pig bud. You got that right he replied.

The captain came on the speaker and announced that we would be taking off shortly and to buckle up. The engines roared and soon we were speeding down the runaway and took off.

We had lunch and watched a couple of movies and took a nap for a couple of hours. Mark woke up and had to take a leak and asked me with a grin if I wanted to join him. I'm fine I replied. Your loss babe he winked.

After dinner we watched two more movies and by then we were getting tired. We asked for a couple of blankets which the steward brought. The seats were very large and comfortable, we raised the armrest and reclined the seats as far back as they would go. Mark was sitting by the window and shut the blind and pulled me over next to him and wrapped himself around me just like at him. We pulled the blankets over us and began to fall asleep.

Mark suddenly unzipped my pants and slid his hand down and grabbed my cock. My cock instantly began to swell but he would only take it so far. He slept all night with his hand holding my cock while we were snuggled up together.

The next morning I woke up and turned over and could feel Mark's cock was hard as a rock like usual. I unbuttoned his jeans and began rubbing his big cock head and soon I could feel his sticky pre cum forming on his dick. Mark grabbed my hand and whispered. If you don't stop I'm gonna blow a huge load all over the two of is he said. Teasingly I kept rubbing him and he tightened his grip. Dude I'm warning you, you gotta stop. Save it for the hotel. So I reluctantly stopped and he kissed me. We both turned over on our backs and stretched out and yawned.

The captain came on and announced that we would be landing in Tahiti in three hours.

The steward came around with coffee and took our breakfast order. Surprisingly we were hungry. A few minutes later he returned with a huge breakfast which we hungrily ate. We relaxed and drank some more coffee.

We played a few game on our iPads and listened to some music and read to pass the time.

The captain came back on and announced that we were flying over the islands and are making our decent into Tahiti. What a beautiful site the islands were and couldn't wait to land and start our vacation.

Pretty soon we touched down at the airport and made our way to customs. After we cleared customs we headed towards the baggage claim area. We grabbed our bags and looked for the driver to whisk us to the Bora Bora Four Seasons resort.

We spotted our driver who was waiting with a sign with out names. He took our bags and escorted us to the vehicle. Hmmm I thought a limo? I only ordered a standard shuttle. So he loaded up the bags and drove us to the resort.

Wow what a stunning resort we commented as we drove up the driveway. We pulled up to the front of the resort and were greeted by two bellmen that took our bags and directed us to check in.

Ugh the line was long for the check in so we stood in line. A beautiful woman walked over to us. Are you Jack and Mark? Yes we replied. Welcome to the Four Seasons. My name is Lily, follow me and I'll get you checked in right away. The bellmen took our bags and we followed Lily to her desk.

Lily was a very pleasant woman with a beautiful smile. Ahh she said here is your reservation. Your bungalow is all ready for you. She handed us the room card. Just so you know all your meals, drinks, any excursions you would and all spa services are included. I just looked at Lily and said there must be a mistake as I hadn't reserved all of this.

She looked at the reservation and confirmed that everything was included. She smiled and said I hope you have a pleasant stay at our resort. She called the bellman over to assist us with our luggage. Before we left Lily said I almost forgot to mention. I have reserved for the both of you massages in the spa for 5pm. Wow I thought that is unusual.

The bellman escorted began escorting us our bungalow. Guys he said. Our shuttle boat will be taking you to your bungalow. We walked to the dock and he waited with us until the shuttle boat arrived.

We were greeted by Billy who introduced himself as our personal butler for our stay. A personal butler I said? Something is strange I said to Mark. Why whats wrong he replied. The bungalow I reserved doesn't come with a butler. He shrugged and said maybe since you are a Travel Consultant they are giving it to you. Maybe I replied.

Jack is getting suspicious of all the extras that he doesn't know about I thought. I'm glad that Lily didn't tell him that we were in the Ultra Luxury Bungalow. I had emailed her not to notify him of the changes and she agreed.

We boarded the shuttle boat and headed out into the beautiful lagoon. I noticed that we past the group of bungalows where I had reserved ours.

Excuse me Billy but didn't we just pass our bungalow I asked? No sir he replied. Your bungalow is the furthest one out in the lagoon and the most private and luxurious he said as he pointed.

Billy there has to be a mistake. I didn't reserve that bungalow. There has to be a mistake. Jack he replied I'm have your reservation and it is correct.

Relax bud I said as I put my hands on Jack's shoulders. Its possible that we have been upgraded or something. Well that sure is some upgrade Jack replied. I just smiled. Baby you have know idea I thought.

The shuttle boat pulled up to the steps to the bungalow and Billy directed the bellman to take our bags inside.

We stepped off the boat and Billy escorted us up the steps and into the bungalow and opened the door and went inside.

Jack and Mark he began. Welcome to your home for the next seven days. We walked in and Holy Shit I said. This a stunning bungalow. Mark this is our finest bungalow at the Four Seasons. Jack was in shock. I can't believe we have this place. Its incredible.

Let me show you around Billy said. First here is your one of two private decks. You are totally secluded here and no one can see you which is a great feature. Then he took us into the large living room and explained how to use the fans and AC etc.

He then showed us our dining area and explained that we could have our meals in the bungalow or at any of the restaurants in the main building including the private dining room. Jack has a stunned look and I was getting a little nervous. I couldn't tell if he was thrilled or upset.

Also you have two bathrooms. One located off the living room and of course the master bath. He then took us to the master bedroom and opened the door. OMG what an amazing bedroom. It was incredible we both said. It was very Tahitian and inviting. Stunning is the word. Then he showed us the master bathroom. Another stunning room. A huge walk in glass shower, oversized sinks all kinds of Tahitian and French toiletries.

Gentlemen I hope you enjoy your stay with us and please call me if you need anything. I am at your service.

Oh before I forget please call the concierge and advise them where you would like to have dinner tonight. Either here in your bungalow or in one of the other restaurants. Also after dinner there is a beautiful show on the beach over looking the lagoon that you won't want to miss. Again enjoy your stay.

After Billy left we explored our fantastic bungalow. Jack was still in shock that we had been supposedly upgraded.

Hey look Mark there is a Champagne on ice. Yea I saw that why don't you pop the cork and pour us some. Secretly I had ordered the champagne along with a note and I was hoping Jack would spot it.

Before he opened the champagne he began to read the card. The card read.

Dear Jack,

Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy this beautiful bungalow and will cherish the memories that we will make.

Love Always,


I was leaning against the open door watching Jack. He looked over at me and was speechless. I just smiled at him and walked over to him. Happy Birthday babe I said. He just looked at me. Finally he said. So you knew about this all along he asked? Yea I sure did bud. You did this he asked? Yea I did I replied. But But why? You didn't have to, shhh shhh as I put my finger up to his lips. Jack its your birthday and I wanted to surprise you so I contacted the hotel and asked them to upgrade us to the best and most private bungalow. Its part of your birthday gift from me. Only part Jack replied? Yea there are some other surprises for you during our vacation.

Jack was speechless again and I could see that he was welling up with tears. He has been freer with his emotions since he forgave his parents and thats a good thing.

So are you surprised Jack I asked? Surprised? he replied? I'm shocked. For someone that just wings everything you sure planned this out and managed an incredible surprise. Yea I think you are rubbing off on me a bit Mark joked.

By the way Jack the other day when you went to town and I was supposed to be packing and you got a bit upset with me? Yeah what about it he replied. Well I had to run over to my parents like I said to help her with something. Yeah you told me that. Well actually she was helping me finalize your birthday presents.

Jack laughed, I knew you were up to something but I couldn't figure out what it was. You and Mom sure pulled a fast one on me. I am sooo sorry that I got upset with you. Ahhh baby there is nothing to be sorry about. I was having a blast with it.

Hey look out here bud Mark yelled. There is an awesome out door shower. I freaking love it. Wow Jack replied. I guess we know where will be showering every day. Yea you know it. Lets unpack and then take a swim and then try out that shower before our massages.

We unpacked and put our things away. Hey toss me the sunscreen and I'll put some on you Mark said. Jack was taking his clothes off and putting on his swim suit. Umm have you forgotten its completely private out here Mark said? Forget the swim suit, lets go skinny dippin. Are you sure its ok Jack asked? Yea I asked Lily and she said its perfectly fine out here but not on the beach. I rubbed sunscreen all over Jack's body and he got a boner while I was rubbing his cock.

Let me rub some sunscreen all over you Jack said. Jack took his time rubbing sunscreen all over my body. Good thing I trimmed down my hairy chest before we left. Then he rubbed sunscreen on my cock and we both had major boners.

We went down to the lower level and dove into the calm clear blue water. The water was warm and inviting. We could see lots of beautiful tropical fish and sting rays floating on the bottom.

We swam around the bungalow and enjoyed relaxing in the water for an hour. Then we climbed up on the deck and went into the outdoor shower. The sun was hot and the air was humid and the cool shower felt so good.

After we showered we got dressed. Jack put on a pair of light tan pants and a beautiful shirt that he had ordered. I just looked at him and admired how handsome he looked.

I couldn't decide what to wear so Jack picked out a white pair of thin pants and a light blue collared shirt. I pulled on my pants and put my shirt on. Jack grinned and said he could see the darkness of my pubes thru the pants and the bulge from my cock. You sure you don't want to wear any underwear Jack asked. Screw it I replied. I just want to swing free. These pants are so comfortable. Jack just rolled his eyes at me but I knew he liked that I was going commando.

We called for the shuttle to pick us up and take us to the spa. We had massage which felt great after the long flight. After our massages we showered to remove the oil. We were getting spoiled already and we had just arrived.

We were starving so we headed into the main restaurant and met a couple of guys staying at the resort and had drinks with them. But we had dinner by ourselves. Dinner was an event and we enjoyed all of the dishes that were brought out to us.

Before we left for the show the General Manager stopped by our table and greeted us and invited us to have a dinner with him the next day in the private dining room. We accepted and thanked him.

After dinner we watched the show on the beach as the sun went down and showed off her incredible sunset. The show was great and a good time. We were getting tired and before we called for the shuttle to our bungalow we stopped at the beach bar for a drink. Wow these drinks are strong Jack said. Yea they are but they sure are good I replied.

Pretty soon the shuttle arrived and we headed back to our bungalow. When we arrived at our bungalow we were getting tired and decided to hang out in the double hammock and watch the stars for a while. It was beautiful as there were millions of stars and lots of shooting stars. It was magical.

It started to rain a bit and we went inside and got ready to bed. There was no need for the AC as there was a breeze blowing thru our bedroom. We got in bed and collapsed around each other.

Jack was dozing off as he maybe had one drink to many. I nuzzled Jack's hair and kissed him good night. I love you baby I whispered. I love you too babe.

We fell asleep listening to the ocean with the breeze gently caressing us to sleep. We were in paradise!! The best part is. I'm in paradise with Jack. The man I love.



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