It's only two weeks till out big trip to Tahiti. I still can't believe that Jack gave me this trip for my birthday. We are so excited to go and enjoy ourselves.

Jack is like a new person. That sad and distant look in his eyes has been replaced by a sparkle. His eyes actually dance when I look into them. He has become less Mr. Independent and actually lets me take care of him. In fact he seems to enjoy it.

Since we will be away for three weeks I thought I would work 8 days straight and get all the schedules done in advance at the fire house and make sure everything is in order before I leave. I'm planning on taking off three days before the trip to help Jack get everything ready to go so he doesn't have to do it all my himself. But if I know Jack he will have everything all planned out. He's the planner and I'm the wing it guy.

Mark is working at the fire house for the next 8 days. Ugh I hate that he will be gone so much but at least I can have lunch and dinner with him. I'm not used to sleeping alone that long anymore. But since Mark will be gone that will give me a chance to get everything ready for our trip. Mr Fireman, as much as I love him would be a major distraction.

Looking around the house I started making a list of some things that need to be replaced and now is a good time to do it while Mark is gone. First on the list, get rid of the washer and dryer. Those make way to much noise. Next replace the Fridge, Stove and dishwasher. He had the kitchen recently remodeled but he didn't think the appliances needed to replaced. Except for one thing, they are old and don't match. Mark has a queen size bed and that old thing is hurting our backs. And the closet needs to be designed to be more functional since there are two of us now. I hope I can get it all done before he gets back. I've already ordered all the appliances to be delivered on Tuesday so that means I need to replace the laundry room floor tonight. I've got everything I need and it shouldn't take me long.

First thing I'm going to do today is purchase the bed and a new head board. I'm thinking a California king and extra long. Mark's feet hang off the bed now and he would be so much more comfortable. That means a new quilt, sheets, pillows and blankets. This is gonna be fun today. Damn its cold out today, I can't wait to get to Tahiti and the sun. I stopped in at the mattress store that Maggie suggested and found the perfect bed. Wow its huge and Mark is gonna love it. Found a handmade quilt to fit the bed and a padded leather headboard. I decided on dark blue sheets and a set of white sheets which will get us through the winter season. Found the pillows I wanted as well....dang these pillows are awesome. Wait till Mark sees this bed. Before heading home I thought about the wall across from the bed, there were only a couple of pictures. It needed something.

Hmmm I thought, that's a great place to put a flat screen TV. And nice size one so we could lay in our new bed and relax. So I stopped in at Sears and got a great deal on a super thin TV and they threw in a Blue Ray and speakers. Everything is to be delivered tomorrow. Its gonna be a very busy day but hey, it will be great and Mark will be shocked.

Oh wait, one more stop to make. Mark needs new underwear. I threw out all his Jockeys since they were probably about 5 years old and they looked like it. Most of them had holes in them. He will freak but he will get over it. I kept a couple that I thought he looks really hot in. Ok got the Jockeys. It was BOGO so he now has 30 pairs. And just as many pairs of new socks. His old ones were thrown out as well.

Back at home I washed the new sheets and blankets to get them ready for our new bed. Then I began work on the laundry room floor. That old floor was nothing more than cheap vinyl. I decided to put in square tiles which will be easier to clean and it will look great. After a few hours it was all done and looked great.

It was time to meet Mark at the fire house for dinner. I had made some lasagna to take over for the guys. I cleaned up a bit and headed over to the fire house. There were wives, girlfriends and yes even a couple of boyfriends of the firemen already there. After I dropped off the lasagna in the kitchen I went into Mark's office. Hey bud Mark said, Didn't think you were gonna make it tonight. I hugged him and said , I wouldn't miss it. Damn I miss you so much babe, Me too Mark replied.

So what have you been up to today Mark asked. Oh just getting things ready for the trip, did some cleaning, you know normal boring things. For some reason I don't think he believed me. He knows me better than I thought. So how's work today I asked, trying to change the subject. Ehh its ok he replied. I can't stand all this paper work and you know I suck on the computer. Well I said, I guess thats better than a major fire. Yea it sure it.

Mark looked at me and said, Jack come over here I want to show you something. I saw that look in his eyes and I knew he was up to something. I walked over to him and he grabbed me and kissed me. Dude what if someone walks in here like your boss? Shhhh I locked the door he replied. I miss you so much Jack, this is the longest time that we will be apart since we met. Yea I know I replied. I don't like it either but we will get thru it. I could feel his cock getting hard against me. Baby we can't do this here. Mark pushed me down on his desk and started to grind into me. mmmmm he felt so good. Suddenly there was a knock on the door......Dammit Mark said......he stood and helped me up. He opened the door and one of the guys said....I'm sorry am I interrupting something? Mark replied no, whats up? Just wanted to let you know that dinner is ready. The other fireman looked down at Mark's bulge and wink at us and said....Sorry I interrupted. He gave a wink and left. Whew that was close I said and laughed. Mark wasn't too happy about it....Come on Mark lighten up bud. Its ok....we will have three whole weeks alone. Yea I know but I just miss you so much.....

Dinner with the guys and families is always a good time. Of course we were harassed and teased when we went in for supper....everyone knew that we had been caught. Oh well we aren't the first ones to be caught and won't be the last. After dinner I stayed and helped clean up. Then I stopped at Maggie and Alex's house for a few minutes and had some coffee and told them about the changes I was making before Mark got off his long shift. Maggie laughed that she had tried to get Mark to get rid of those old appliances for years but he wouldn't do it.

I went home and walked in. It was so quiet with out Mark there....I thought I would get use to it but I wasn't. Bored...I decided to watch some TV and then go to bed.....the deliveries will be here starting at 8am.

Surprisingly I slept well except my back was killing me. Good thing that bed will be here soon....actually in a few minutes. I threw some clothes on and made some coffee. About 15 minutes later the delivery guys showed up with the bed and headboard. They took out the old bed and brought in the new one. Dang that bed is huge I laughed. The one asked if this huge bed was just for me. No its for my partner and I, and its time for a new one. Your girlfriend is 6'6"? Ummm no, my boyfriend is. OH he said and that shut him right up. After they left and took out the old bed. I put on the new sheets, pillows and quilt. I folded the blanket and laid it at the foot of the bed. Ahhhh I said as I laid down on the bed....Mark is gonna love it.

About an hour later the TV was delivered and put up on the wall and hooked up. The blue ray and speakers were set up and the technician tested everything and showed me how to use the new system. Perfect, the bedroom was almost done. Where is that guy to do the closet. Finally he showed up and said it would only take about 4 hours to complete. Awesome.

Around 2 the appliances arrived and they were making all kinds of racket. My phone rang and it was Mark. Shit I thought he would hear all the noise and start asking questions. I went outside and answered the phone. Hey bud how are you he asked. I'm fine , just working and dealing with a cranky client. Tell them to go screw themselves he joked. I wish I could. Ok my phone is beeping I said, I'll call ya later. I love you and I'll see you at 7 for dinner. Ok bud, see ya.

Finally the appliances were all in place and what a difference. Mark is gonna be so surprised. Shocked in fact. The doorbell rang and startled me, hmmm who is that I thought, Ahhh FedEx. I forgot I ordered Mark a new iPhone and iPad. I signed for the package. I opened up the iPhone package and activated the phone, transferred all his phone numbers from his old phone to his new phone and charged it. Then I threw out his old crappy flip phone. Charged up the iPad and made some adjustments and down loaded music and games for the trip. Damn I need to get him a set of headphones for the plane. I'll get those on the way to the fire house tonight. Geez its like Christmas around here today.

The rest of the afternoon I cleaned up the house from the deliveries and did some laundry in the new washer, ahhh its quiet. I love it. And the new fridge doesn't sound like a dying hen either. I had picked up a case of beer, but I forgot the wine. Oh well. I'll get that tomorrow.

I picked up the headphone on the way to the fire house, same ones that I have. That will make the long flight more bearable, although we do have first class seats I shouldn't complain. But 14 hours is 14 hours stuck in a tube. But it will be a great vacation. And I can't wait to see Mark's face when we get to Tahiti. He's never really traveled much even though his parents have.

When I got to the fire house and went to the dining hall and waited for Mark instead of going to his office. I don't need a repeat of yesterday. But still we got teased. When Mark walked in they teased him and he flipped them all off and we all laughed. When he flashed his huge middle finger I started to get a boner because I knew what he could do with that finger.

After dinner I stayed to help clean up and then talked to Mark for a few minutes. On the way home I stopped to get some coffee and milk. When I got home I put our clothes in the new closet and arranged everything. It really looked great. Everything really looked awesome and I couldn't wait for Mark to see it, he is gonna be so surprised.

It was getting late and I decided to take a shower and try out our new bed and watch some TV. Showers are not the same without Mark, even quick showers with him are fun. Before I got into bed I put his new iPhone, iPad and headphones in the gift bag. Ahhhh this bed is awesome, I had splurged a bit and got an adjustable bed, this thing is huge I thought. Sure wish Mark was here to try it out with me, can't wait for us to christen it for the first time together. Its our new playground, I laughed and turned on the TV and watched the news. Nothing interesting tonight. But I sure liked the was beautiful.

Soon I was getting sleepy and the new bed sure felt great. I fell asleep quickly and had the best night's sleep I had in months.

Morning came early and I was surprised how rested I back ache this morning. Awesome I thought. I made the bed and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. I decided I'd go down to the restaurant for breakfast. I sat at the counter since I was alone and chatted up with a couple of guys we knew. They were glad that I was settling in and getting to know some folks in town.

After breakfast I went back home and started working, business was picking up again which was great. I started thinking about how to arrange our office area and thought about what Mark had said about enlarging the office. Hmmm I thought. If we had someone come in and design an office with the current space we wouldn't need to enlarge the office. I made some phone calls and made arrangements for a designer to come over after we came back from Tahiti. I wanted to discuss it with Mark first. Since we won't need to enlarge the office area I thought it would be great to add an enclosed porch which we could used as a work out room and and also extra space. I think Mark would go for it. And with some of the money I received from the sale of my condo I think he would go for it. It would be great to have a gym at home. I know we would both use it. Maybe a Jacuzzi as well. My mind was swirling with ideas.

It was about 2pm and my phone rang, it was Maggie. Hi Mom how are you? Jack turn on your TV! There is a huge fire at a warehouse and a couple of the guys were taken to the emergency room. They haven't said who was injured. Jack don't panic, no one was seriously injured but I just wanted you to know. If I hear anything I'll call you and someone will call you if Mark is hurt. Ugh I thought not now. Not before vacation, not anytime. Damn that is a huge fire I said to Maggie, yea and the worst part they think it was arson. Thank God no one was killed or seriously hurt. Are you ok Jack? Yea I'm ok, sometimes I hate his job. We never know what can happen and we all know the dangers I said. Yes we do Jack. Ok I'll call you if I hear anything. Thanks Mom. Bye

This is the phone call you don't want to get, but we have to be prepared. Being a fireman is a dangerous job. Most of the time everything is ok. I know Mark loves his job and I'm proud of him, but it is scary.

A few minutes later Marks boss called. Hey Jack....I hate to have to tell you this but Mark is in the ER along with a couple of other guys.....My heart stopped. Jack are you there? Yes chief I'm here...Listen Mark and the others are ok....they are just being checked over. None of them were seriously injured. No broken bones or smoke inhalation. One of the guys has a cut on his leg but he's ok. We will bring Mark home after they release him. He's gonna be stiff and sore for a few days but he will be fine. I've given them all medical leave as well. Mark doesn't have to come back to work until after his vacation. Jack please don't worry Mark is fine. I know chief, this is the first call I've gotten and it just scares me. The fire chief sighed and said, I've been a fireman for many years Jack, its never easy. Those at home have to be just as strong just in a different way. Thanks chief I replied. Ok Jack, Mark should be released soon and as I said we will bring him home. Take care.

I sat down in Mark's chair. You never know when something can happen. Its just something we live with and hope it never does. Thank God he and the others are ok. I don't think I could handle it if something bad happened.....Ugh I need to keep busy and get my mind off of this. Like that will happen.

While I was cleaning out the closet I found Mark's first fireman's helmet and had cleaned it up. I wanted to find a place to display it. I looked around the great room and was trying to think of a place to display it. Ahhhh I found it. There was a hook on the wall of the fireplace right in the middle. It was up higher than I could reach so I had to get the step stool....I placed his helmet on the fire place and stood back....perfect I thought. But Hmmmm something was missing.....I remembered his old Fireman's coat in the garage. There were some wall hooks in the kitchen drawer that I could use to hang the coat next to the fireplace. And I also found his first axe which I laid on the mantle. I stood back and admired my work. Mark is gonna love it I thought. I am so proud of him.

About and hour later I heard a truck pull up. The fire chief and one of the guys had brought Mark home. I ran out to the truck and helped him out of the truck....Shit I thought....He looked bad. He looked worse than he really was. Mark looked at me and groaned as he stood up. He didn't say much. Just groaned and hobbled up the steps and into the house. The chief handed me Mark's things and the instructions the ER sent along with some pain medication if he needed. They brought him in and he sat down in his chair in the great room. I thanked the guys and they left.

I went over to Mark and just stood there looking at him, afraid to touch him because I didn't want to hurt him anymore than he was. Mark opened his eyes and said come here bud.....Its ok you can hug me, I won't break. So I wrapped my arms around him and he groaned. Jack, don't squeeze so hard, he kind of laughed. You know I love your hugs but damn my whole body hurts, everything hurts. Mark I replied, you had me so worried. I know he replied, I know. Can I get you some coffee? How bout some tea instead babe. I went into the kitchen and made some tea. I heard him get up and walk over to the table and sat down. I brought over the mugs of tea and sat across from him.

So you want to tell me what happened I asked? Not really but I guess I should because you will find out anyhow. I guess you know that there was a fire at the warehouse over on the east side of town. Yea Mom told me and I saw it on looked huge. Yea it was huge and a complete loss. From the preliminary investigation it looks like arson. Anyway me and a couple of the other guys were working and the wall behind us collapsed on us, it just fell over and broke apart on us. Good thing it was an old block building because they tend to break apart and not just fall over in one piece.

Sitting there I was just shaking my head. I took his hand and said I was so glad it wasn't worse. He agreed.

Mark I said, you are a complete mess. Yea I know I am and I ache all over. I'll be ok in a couple of days. But right now I need to soak in the tub. Do you think you could fill the tub for me and make a hot bubble bath? Dude I'll do anything for you. I'll be back in a few minutes. I kissed him and went to draw the bath.

While I was making his bath I heard Mark groan. I dumped in some epsom salts in the bath water and also some soothing bath soaks. The tub filled quickly and full of bubbles. I helped him into the bathroom and stood him against the wall. He just stood there looking at me and smiled. Jack you always did take good care of me. I love you so much. Come on stud, lets get those clothes off you. I pulled his shirt up over his head and he moaned and not in a good way, took his belt off and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Damn he was filthy down to the skin.

He stepped out of his pants and leaned against the wall. I was on my knees and reached up to pull down his old Jockeys and he was looking down at me with a smirk. Whats with the smirk I asked, he grabbed his cock. After everything he had been thru today and all the pain he had a boner in his Jockeys. I pulled his ratty old Jockeys down and took his cock in my mouth down to his pubes. Oh my, my man was ripe. Not only was he ripe, he stank like hell. Ummm not now bud, you need a serious bath. He laughed and sniffed his armpits, yea I guess I am kinda smelly.

I helped him into the tub and massaged his neck and shoulders and then just let him soak for a while. I was in the office working and I heard him get out of the tub. Mark you need any help? Nah I'm ok bud. I kept working. Hey Jack he yelled, where are my underwear? There aren't any in my drawer. Ummm they are in the dryer, Ok he repled.d I heard him slowly walk into the laundry room.

Looks like someone has been busy lately, whats with the new washer and dryer? He asked, I got rid of the old ones, you like them? Yea but the old ones were fine, and who put in the new tile? I did I replied, nice job, but I would have helped you, Yea right, you've lived here for years and it was the same old ugly floor. He laughed.

Hey these are all new Jockeys, what happened to my old ones? I threw them out I replied? You threw them out? Why? Because they were ratty and about 5 years old thats why. Don't worry I saved a couple for you, then ones you look hot in. You little shit he yelled. Thanks I love you too. I'm kidding Jack. I know. I was waiting for him to discover everything else I had done.

Mark walked over to the office door, do we have any wine? Ugh I'm sorry I forgot to get some, but there is beer in the fridge. Ok he said, a beer sounds good. I waited to hear what he had to say about the kitchen, and then, What the Fuck? What happened around here while I was at work the last few days.....Jack!!! I went into the kitchen and turned the light on. Jack what? How did you do all of this? I mean, couldn't you wait for me? I just stood there smiling. If I waited for you it would never get done. Well your right about that, but damn Jack, seriously you didn't need to do this.

Dude that fridge was old and too small, remember there are two us living here now and that means more food. Do you see anything else different. Mark looked around, OMG a new stove? And Dishwasher too? He just stood there stunned. Baby I said, you spent all that money to remodel your kitchen but you left the old appliances and they didn't match. Who does that? Even your Mom said she tried to get you new appliances and you wouldn't let her, seriously! New kitchen means new appliances. So do you like them I asked? Well yea I love it, its awesome, he put his arm around me. You amaze me Jack, How long have you been planning this? Oh a few weeks, when you told me you were working 10 days straight I thought, I need to keep myself busy. He laughed and YOU did. He pulled me close to him and leaned on me and kissed me.

Hey bud I need to get some more work done, go relax and drink your beer, I'll be finished in a little while. Then I'll make some dinner. Ok he said, I just need to lay down for a while. Perfect I thought, wait till he sees that bed, I laughed to myself.

I hurried back the office and pretended I was working because he could see me in the office from where he was in the kitchen. I saw him walk towards our bedroom and turn on the light. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, he yelled. Whah......whah!!!! I could hear him mumbling.

.Jaaaacccckkkkkk!! I walked over to our room, whats up Mark? Why are you yelling? You know why Jack.. That is the biggest bed I have ever seen in my life. OMG You went crazy the last few days. My god that bed is huge, but our old bed was fine. Fine I said? That thing was so old, it was uncomfortable and we had aching backs in the morning, plus it was too small, your feet would hang off the end of the bed. Yea but I was used to it. Seriously Mark, were you really comfortable in that old bed? Well, I was when you were next to me, ok other than that, .Well, not really I guess. I thought so I replied.

Are you just gonna stand there? Lay down bud and try it out. Mark laid down on the bed. OMG this bed is incredible, I won't ever want to get of it. Thats the whole idea I said. Your a pervert, he said. Then his mouth dropped when I turned on the TV. Jack a new TV? We have a nice TV in the great room. Well now we have on in here as well. Jack this is crazy.

Do you like it? Mark stretched out on the bed, not only did he stretch out he sprawled. His huge muscular body looked awesome laying in our new bed. I went into the kitchen to get his beer and came back. Hey bud here is your beer. Mark was sound asleep, he had the most peaceful look on his face. He was completely relaxed and still sprawled out, even his cock was relaxed for a change. I knew he was exhausted and in pain so I didn't try to wake him. I pulled the quilt over him and tucked him in. He woke up and said, Jack, I love youuu and tried to say something else, but he was out like a light. I was cleaning up in the kitchen before I went to bed, funny I didn't hear him snore. I smiled, turn out the lights in the kitchen.

I threw my clothes on the floor and crawled in bed next Mark. Normally he would wrap himself around me all night, but tonight it was my turn. I put my arm across his chest and kissed him good night. He was sound asleep. I was glad cuz he needed his rest. Soon I felt myself drifting off to sleep. Grateful that Mark hadn't been seriously hurt and he was home with me. I love you Mark. I love you so much.

The next morning I got up and made some coffee and I knew Mark would be starving so I started making breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and coffee. I heard Mark wake up and yawn. While I was making breakfast Mark walked into the kitchen completely naked and had a boner. Looks like you are feeling much better I said. Yep I am as he scratched his hairy balls. Come over here he said. I went over and he grabbed me with both arms and pulled me into his chest and hugged me. He looked in my eyes. Do you know how much I love you Jack. Do you really know? I love you to the moon and back. You know for a big tough fireman you sure are a sweetheart and a hopeless romantic. Yea I guess I am, you bring it out in me. So how did you sleep last night I asked. Awww man that bed is awesome, I slept like a baby. Does your back hurt? No not at all, actually I feel pretty good considering how I felt yesterday. Just my left leg hurts a bit, but thats all.

So Jack., when are we gonna, ummm you know break in our new bed? Don't you ever think about anything else than sex I laughed? Oh Jack don't get all crazy. Of course I do., I'm just playing with you. I know you are and I'm just messing with you , I can't wait break in our bed. But lets at least eat breakfast first. Yea I'm starving and it smells soooo good. Mind if I eat in the kitchen naked he laughed. Do I ever mind I replied? Nah you never do.

We ate breakfast and talked a while. After we cleaned up the dishes I took him by the hand and said close your eyes, now don't open them until I say you can/ Jack what have you done now he asked. Come on I said. I led him to the closet and opened the door and turned on the light. Ok you can open your eyes. He opened his eyes and his mouth dropped open, he looked around and then looked at me. Jack where am I he asked. In our old closet. But its changed. Yea its changed, Wow look at all the drawers and space, everything is in order. Damn its beautiful in here. Look this is your side, its all yours. And this is my side and its ALL MINE!!! He laughed when I said that. Wow I never thought a closet could look so good. He checked everything out and opened all the drawers. Jack you really did a great job around here. I'm still in shock. So you aren't upset with me that I made some changes? Mad at you? Hell no. How could I be mad at you? This is your home too Jack. You seem to forget that sometimes. This is our home and don't you forget it.

BTW where is my cell phone. I need to check some messages in case the fire house called or texted me. Ummm well Mark I have something to tell you. I threw out your old phone. You what he replied? Yea I threw it out. Like in the trash. He lowered his head and looked at me, no flaring nostrils so I'm safe I thought. Easy boy, come over and lay down in bed. He layed down in bed and just looked at me. So Jack, what about my phone? I handed him the bag. Go ahead open up the bag, its for you I said. He pulled out the iPhone box and laughed, you think I'll be able to learn how to use this thing? Its easy I'll show you how to use it, its actually quite simple. But you know I'm an idiot when it comes to electronics. Your not an idiot. You just need to learn a few things. There is more in the bag. He pulled out the iPad, is this mine as well? Yep its all yours, now you have your own and you won't mess mine up anymore. I laughed. Next he pulled out the headphones. OMG, Boze? Yea I thought you would like them for the trip. I've down loaded a ton of music and games for you to pass the time on those long flights.

He put the phone, iPad and headphones on his nightstand and leaned back on the pillows. Hey you come here. I crawled over to him, he pulled me up on his chest. There is something I've been wanting to do for days. Whats that bud? I think you know what it is. Yea I see that look in your eyes. Yea we got this great big bed that we need to break in he said. What do you have in mind I asked. Oh I think you know what I have in mind. He took my hand and pushed it down on his rock hard cock.. Now do you know what I have in mind? Hmmmm I thought your body was all banged up I said. It is, but not every part is banged up. And what part would that be? Ummm you are holding it babe. How about you suck my cock and make me feel better. I'm hurting real bad he said with a grin.

Damn I couldn't wait to taste his cock again. I licked my lips and went down on him and took his entire cock in my mouth. Fuck I missed him so much. I licked up and down his veined shaft. Rolled his balls in my mouth. Mark was loving every minute of it and so was I.

Normally he would throw me on my back and pound me good, but this time I was taking control. I teased the hell out of him and had him dripping pre cum all over the head of his cock and it was running down his shaft and on to his balls. I licked off his pre cum and swallowed all of it. How I've missed that the last few days. I drizzled lube on his throbbing cock and some in my hole. He looked at me, wondering what I was gonna do next. I licked his armpits and fuck that just about sent me over the edge. I loved his musky smelling pits which seems to be constantly slightly wet, he started to moan. Then I leaned back straddle him and pinched his nipples and twisted them. I had him going crazy. Then I leaned back and grabbed his cock and pointed it at my hole. I teased my hole with his big thick cock and then sat down on his cock till I could feel the thickness of his cock base. I could feel his curly bush against my ass. Fuccckkkk I said, omg you feel so fucking good in me as I began to gyrate on his rod. Soon I was sliding up and down on his rock hard cock, feeling him deep inside of me. Mark was groaning and moaning with pleasure, all I wanted to do was pleasure him. He grabbed onto my hips and began to thrust his cock deep inside of me, not letting me move on my own. He thrust deeper and deeper into me. His balls were hitting my ass because he was thrusting so hard. I pinched his nipples as hard as I could and he let out a scream. A scream of pleasure which made him wild. Fuck he was thrusting so deep inside of me. I didn't know how much longer I could hold out. But I was holding onto this bucking horse. Fuck I loved when he was deep inside of me. The harder he thrust, the more I loved it.

We both were close to cumming. I could feel his cock getting hard, his nostrils were flaring and that fucking growl started. My balls were tightening up, and I could feel my orgasm welling up inside of me. He kept fucking me and fucking me, deeper and deeper. The harder I pinched his nipples, the more he loved it. Mark was grunting and growling. It was like he was trying to thrust in me and he wanted to make it hurt. It didn't hurt. It was pure carnal pleasure. We were in another world.

His body began to tremble as his orgasm was near. He was fucking me wildly and forcing my ass down on his throbbing cock. I was stroking my cock with my pre cum as lube. He was bucking and convulsing, his growl became more violent. His eyes were focused on mine. Omg Jack, fuckkkkkk fuckkk Jack. I"m cumming. He gave me two hard thrusts and he growled and scream like a mad man. He shot his huge load up inside of me. When I felt his semen squirting in me I immediately shot my love jizzz all over his face and in his mouth. And on his chest. He kept pumping me and pumping. Forcing more and more cum into me and out of me. It was like we couldn't stop cumming.

It was like we were in a daze, my body collapsed onto his chest and his cock was still in me. My face was next to his sweaty cheek. I could feel the roughness from his stubble against my face. He gave me another hard thrust which made my body sit straight up. Fuck I was still in orbit. I couldn't take anymore. He tried to thrust again but I couldn't take it I sat there not moving, rubbing his chest. Rubbing my cum all over his chest, making him suck my cum off my fingers as I put them in his mouth. I leaned over to kiss him, his body still trembling from his orgasm. Marks tongue was deep in my mouth and mine in his. Tasting my cum in his mouth.

My cock was still oozing my jizzzzz. I offered my cock to him and he gladly accepted and sucked the remaining cum from me. I rolled off of him and onto my back. We both laid there amazed at what had just happened. Our bodies began to relax and it was like we were high. High from the incredible experience we just had.

There was no laughing. No talking. Just pure sexual contentment.

Without saying anything Mark took my hand and led me into the shower, he pushed me to my knees and grabbed my hair in the back of my head and pulled my head back. He began to piss on my head, then onto my face, all over my chest. And then the ultimate he pointed his cock to my lips and in my open mouth. I thought I would drown in his urine. He showered me with his piss. It wasn't an act of humiliation but of sexual love. I wanted all of him and he wanted me to have all of him. He picked me up and pushed against the wall of the shower, his cock against my stomach, he kissed me passionately as he finished showering me with his liquid gold.

He quivered as his piss slowed and stopped. He washed my body and I washed his. We were speechless. We were high from each other. Maybe embarrassed a bit, maybe not. We had shared everything to men could possibly share. Our bodies were mystically connected forever.

We layed in bed holding each other, touching each other. He nuzzled my hair and whispered. Jack that was fucking hot. That was more than fucking hot I replied. That was fucking mind blowing!!!

Come on bud I'm starving, lets get dressed and get something to eat. Yea me too and I've got an idea for you to think about. More ideas he asked? Oh yea I've got some great ideas. He laughed, Do I have a choice? Not really I replied. He rolled his eyes at me and messed up my hair.

I think we were still in awe that we had found each other and that we were so compatible with each other. Even with our differences. We had enough in common to enjoy some of the same things. But enough differences that made us curious about each other. Every day we were learning something new about each other. Most of it was really good. But some of it was just flat out twisted.



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