It was examination day at NATO school 5436B for all six-year-olds

including Kevin. His mother used a double dose of a snake oil shampoo she

used daily on him. It was suppose to suck the psychic talent right out of

your head. All Kevin ever felt was a cold tingle and a nasty smell

whenever his mom used it on him. Today though the smell was more pervasive

as his mother decided not to rinse the shampoo out this time... just to be

safe. His hair had a black, oily, tangled look that embarrassed Kevin and

only added to his troubles he faced at school.

When his father was reported killed by a vampire, rumors naturally

spread that the great vampire hunter was now a vampire himself. This led

to kids at school calling him a vampire as well as becoming a target of

bullying. His hair today would just make him more of a sore thumb,

especially on the day of the examination.

'Hey vamp boy, what's wrong with your hair.' One of Kevin's daily

tormentors shouts at him as he got on the school bus.

'Must be some of the hokey shampoo stuff. Hey Kevin, it doesn't work

on vampires you know!' Another shouted.

'Just leave me alone!' Kevin shouted at the bullies.'

'I hope the whole school gets to watch as they put a stake through

your heart. The first one shouts.

'Yeah, I hear that all the blood of their victims shoots out when they


'Does that happen vamp boy? Did your father ever tell you how

vampires die before he became one as well?'

'Leave me alone or I'll bite you!' Kevin finally threatened as he

lost his temper.

'Did you hear that sir, he threatened to bite me!' The bully shouted

to the bus driver.

'KEVIN, SIT UP FRONT!' The bus driver shouted.

Kevin sighed before turning around and making his way back to the

front. When he finally made his way there, the bus driver turned and faced


'I better not hear anymore threats from you vamp boy. You sit here and

not say a single word.'

'Kevin just nodded his head, afraid to verbally answer. It was hard

enough when kids picked on him but when adults did it, it was worse.

When the bus finally arrived at the school, Kevin made to get off the

bus but the bus driver glared at him and told him to sit back down.

'You have to wait vamp boy. For bulling that kid you have to leave

the bus last.'

'While to most kids this would seem a light punishment, Kevin knew

what would happen to him. He would have to wait while nearly every student

on the bus got a free hit at him as they got off. As each student passed,

they hit Kevin on the head or arms and one girl slapped him on the face.

By the time all the students were off the bus, tears were running down

Kevin's face.

'Well vamp boy I hope you learned you're lesson.' The bus driver

said, not even having the courage to look at the crying boy. 'Now get off

my bus.'

Kevin walked off the bus but found only a few feet away from it a group

of his worst tormentors had gathered. Kevin stopped just at the foot of

the bus, panic showing on his face. He remembered his father telling him

that to show fear was to invite attack but after what had happened on the

bus, his resilience was gone. He looked around for help but couldn't find

it and with the bus right behind him, he had nowhere to retreat. He was

about to panic and try to run back on the bus when he felt a hand on his

shoulder. It was a warm hand, a comforting hand, and a hand that reminded

him of his father. He look up and saw two men in military medical

uniforms. They both gave Kevin a reassuring smile before they guided him

through the gang of bullies.

'It looks like they caught you already.' One of them shouted but

quickly shut up when one of the men glared at him. All the other kids to

their queue from this and began to disburse.

Kevin began to realize who these men were and began to panic.

'Don't worry son, we're not hear to hurt you but to help.' Kevin

heard them say.

'I'm not a vampire.' Kevin whimpered. 'My dad is not a vampire.'

'We know that son, don't worry, everything is going to be fine now.'

The man holding his shoulder said as he gave it an encouraging squeeze.'

They entered the school where another military officer who saluted

them met them. 'I see you have your first victim.'

'Yep, we decided to go for an obvious target first.'

'Well you picked a good one. The kids haven't left this poor fellow

alone since his father died.'

'Oh really how did that happen?'

'Well his dad was a damn good vampire hunter but just like most of

them his luck ran out.'

'Too bad... You seem to take a kinder view then most people.'

'Yeah well as I see it his father was a war hero, just because he got

vamped by the enemy doesn't change what he had done before.' The officer

said, not noticing one of the medical doctor's clench his teeth.

'We better get started with this one.' The other doctor said.

'All right, everything is set up. Just push the buzzer and the

samples will be sent in.'


Kevin was lead to a small room whose only features were two chairs, a

dark, one-sided mirror and a small buzzer on the wall. As soon as they

were all in the room, the taller, dark haired doctor gave the other, brown

haired one a quick peck on the cheek before leaving.

'Where is he going?' Kevin asked, not fazed by what he had just

seen. For some reason he already knew that these two men loved each other.

'He'll be helping with the test from the other side of the glass.'

'Oh, ok.'

'Take a seat.' The brown haired doctor Said as he took one himself.

'Tell me how you feel.'

'I feel scared. My mom hates telepaths almost as much as she hates

vampires. I have to wear this stupid shampoo because it's supposed to suck

the talent out of you.'

'You know it can't do that.'

'I guess.'

'If you're born with psi powers, nothing can change it. It's just

who you are.'

'But mom say's they're evil.'

'How are they evil?'

'Well uhmm... They can steal your thoughts.' Kevin finally answered,

realizing that he really didn't know why psi was evil other then it was.

'If you smell a flower in someone's garden are you stealing their



'I guess I'm telling you that you shouldn't cut off your nose just

because some people might be offended by what you can smell. It's the same

with psi. It's just a different kind of sense.'

'But vampires kill people and they have psi.'

'Is it the psi that makes them kill or is it the people who hunt

them. Evil is a choice, having psi is not and it does not make you evil.'

'I suppose...'

'Trust me Kevin, regardless if you have psi or not, you're still a

good person. So ready for the first test!' The man said jovially.

'Not really.'

'That's the spirit! I hated tests when I was your age too.'

Kevin couldn't help but laugh, this man's cheerfulness was very


'Glad to hear you finally laugh, it music to my ears.' The man said

just as he got up and pushed the button before sitting back down.

The man didn't say anything after that he just waited and looked at

Kevin. After a moment Kevin began feeling joy, and a wide smile grew on

his face. The man also picked up a grin and wrote something down on a pad

before pushing the button again. This time Kevin went into uncontrollable

laugher while the doctor chuckled. The third time Kevin was filled with

sudden fear and ended up jumping out of his chair and hiding in a corner of

the room. The man had to get out of his chair, pick the poor boy up, and

cradle him in his arms.

'I'm sorry boy you had to experience that. The first was of a boy

being told he won an award. The second was of a one being tickled but the

third... the third was of a boy being told his parents had died. Don't

worry they didn't really die but we needed the emotional response to be


'Sure of what?' Kevin sniffled out, removing his wet face from the

man's neck.

'That you have the gift. Kevin, you are an empath but doesn't really

matter, you're also my great grandson.'

'I didn't know I had a great grandpa.'

'Well you do and I'm that person.'

'You feel like my dad did.'

'And you feel like my grandson. Would you like to see your father


'Dad is alive!' Kevin said excitedly.

'Yes he is.'

'And he's not a vampire.' Kevin asked to make sure.


'Can I see him?'

'You sure can you little bundle of joy. That's why we came, to take

you to your father.'

'I love you grandpa.'

'Thanks... especially for dropping the great part, it makes me feel

old.' The man said before going into telepathic communication, 'You can

come back now Philip.'

'How did you do that, you didn't move your lips!' Kevin said


'Do I have to tell you?'

' have psi powers!'

'Yes I do but what did I just tell you about such people.'

'That they can be both good and evil.'

'That's right, your dad is a good man and he has psi while those

bullies outside don't have the gift and they, you'll agree, are evil.'

'Since you say it that way it makes sense.' Kevin agreed. 'So my

dad has the 'gift' also.'

'The whole family does, us Morgan's that is and that's what you are,

a Morgan.'

'So my sister, does she have it too.'

'No, girls in general might have more empathy for others then men but

only men can be empaths.'


'Then is the man with you also family?'

'Talking about me are you Log.' Phillip said as he entered the room.

Sorry about that last one squirt, I promise only tickling from this moment


'That's ok, grandpa Morgan is going to take me to see my dad. Are

you a Morgan too?'

'No I'm a Vox but I am your great grandpa's husband.'

'Hey, I just got him to drop the 'great' part, don't get him into bad

habits. Kevin just call me Log, our family is a little too old to call

each other by our full titles, we'd waste too much time on that.'

'Ok Log.'

'And you can just call me Philip.'

'Ok Phil.'

'Oh now you've done it.' Logan laughed.

Philip put on a face of consternation before he said; 'No its Philip,

not Phil or Philly, just Philip.'

'Don't worry Kevin, he gets that way with everyone, just call him

Philip and he'll be like a puppy getting scratched behind the ears.'

'Speaking of puppy, we have a surprise for you!' Philip said.'

'You got me a dog!'

'That's right but you'll have to take care of him on the trip to see

your dad.'

'I will.'

'Then lets go, another inspection team will take over for us so

there'll be no problem leaving now.' Logan said as he gave Kevin a final

squeeze before setting him back down on the ground. The replacement

inspection team that was coming was actually the REAL one. Logan and

Philip just made sure they arrived early so they could get Kevin. The

puppy was also more then a gift. They hoped that it would keep Kevin

distracted long enough for them to get him to his father without missing

his mother. The fact that Kevin would most likely never see her again was

a secret they still wanted to keep for the moment.

Only one thing could get Travis to leave Jeremy's side and that was

the news that Jacob Patrick had been found and was coming back to GenCorp.

After to John, Jacob had been his second true love. He had sent people to

look for Jacob but in the chaos of the plague and his own weak state at the

time he didn't have much luck but now his First was returning and Travis

wanted a long talk with him. Another surprise that came with Jacob was the

news that Ryan was alive and kicking, 'Probably kicking his whole way back

here,' Travis thought amusingly, poor Ryan, both loving and hating his

brother at the same time. Maybe the time away from Jason was good for him,

at least he might have developed a little backbone by now.

When the van carrying the 'guests' arrived, Travis was surprised to

see Ryan holding the hands of two children and Jacob carrying one. 'Well,

there's definitely a story to tell here,' he surmised. He walked slowly

down the front steps of the central building while he saw Gordon dash down

the stair's to his brother.

'Ryan... Ryan... you're alive! Thank god... I missed you little

brother!' Gordon shouted as tears ran down his face. Ryan let go of the

children's hands and walked to his brother where they embraced. 'Where's

our sister?' Gordon begged to know.

'I'm sorry brother but she's is really dead.'

'No!' Gordon wailed as he clutched on to Ryan a little too hard.

'Don't hurt uncle Ryan,' one of the boys said when he felt pain

coming from him.

'Uncle!' Gordon said excitedly as he let go of Ryan.

Ryan had wanted to keep the children's identity secret but the

child's words ruined that. 'Yes brother, these are Lisa's children.'

'Lisa had children... Then I'm an uncle as well!' Gordon said

happily. 'You here that Travis, I'm a uncle!'

'Yes I did Gordon.' Travis said curious about the father and taken

aback by the fact that HE was now a grandfather.

'Who's the father? Is he here?' Gordon said, think the same thing

as Travis.

Ryan gave Travis a quick stare before returning his attention back to

his brother. 'He was just someone Lisa met at the hospital. She knew she

was dying and so used him as a sperm donor.'

'So he's not here... Well that's all right. Can I carry one of the

children inside?' Gordon asked excitedly.

Ryan, remembering the effect an Alpha has on an Omega quickly

responded as Gordon made a move to one of the children. 'No Gordon, you

better not, they've been in the car for several hours already, if they

don't get some exercise today I'll never be able to put them to sleep.'

'Oh all right.' Gordon agreed just as he was bending down to pick up


'Curious.' Travis thought. He would definitely need to talk to

Jacob to get to the bottom of what was happening. 'Jacob would you mind if

I hold the child for you.'

'No, it'll be better if I hold him.'

'All right.' Travis replied while the wheels in his head began to

spin. 'First,' Travis thought to himself; 'Jacob and Ryan both arrive

mysterious out of nowhere. Second they carry with them three children

whose mother was Lisa and whose father they don't want to talk about.

Third, they don't want either Gordon or I to touch the children... Why?

Where did Jacob disappear to? He was going to go find John's wife... Oh my

god!' Travis finally realized. John did not have any children when he

came to work for them but that didn't mean his wife did not have a bun in

the oven at the time of their separation. At the death of John, Jacob must

have found her with John's child. Jacob would feel responsible to help

raise this child since it was the child of his Tor. That child must of

survived the plague and grown up and met Lisa and Ryan. John was an Omega,

so must be his must be his grandchildren! That's why they don't

want either Gordon or me to touch them. We're both Alpha's and would burn

them. It all makes sense now!' It also presented Travis with a kicker, he

loved Jeremy but the idea of having the son of John in his arms was enough

to give him an erection right there. He NEEDED to talk with Jacob.

Travis finally got a chance to be with Jacob alone when he found him

sitting by himself in the observation room while Hal Steward underwent

microsurgery. 'Jacob?' He called out.

'Travis...' Jacob returned.

'I missed my First a lot. Having been just myself tossing and turning

alone in my bed since, well you know what happened.'

'Need a good flip?' Jacob smiled.

'I need a lot of things but first I need answers.'

'Oh, I guess I was expecting that.'

'Yes... Those children, they're John's grandchildren aren't they?'

'Yes they are.' Jacob said with no attempt to hide the truth.

'The son... Is he still around?'



'Right now I'd have to say in Carl Vassar's bedroom.'

'They're in love?'

'Well at least Carl THINKS he is or at least wants the chance to find


'I would like to love him as well.'

'I know you would... There is someone else who would also want to

love him.' Jacob returned sullenly.

'Gordon.' Travis answered.

'Yes, Gordon.'

'Don't worry I won't tell him.'

'I didn't think you would. I'm just afraid what Carl will do to


'Carl has a good heart.' Travis defended.

'You wouldn't know it from what he did.'

'That has more to do with his father then anything else. Carl sees

himself as the only man who can stand against him and as a result he uses

Machiavellian tactics to achieve what he sees as the greater good.'

'I don't see how anything good can come from this.'

'Well for starter's Carl is now in a position to directly challenge

his father with him as head of Steward Finance. He knows how his father

thinks and he knew his plans so now he can fight them.'

'What are his plans?' Jacob asked.

'Carl's or Gordon's?'


'Gordon plans on changing society all over again just as he did with

the plague. He wants to change society into a trinity. One telepath, one

empath, one wife. He wants a world where psi is the norm not the

exception. He wants emapths to become common so people wouldn't fight over

them AND he wants to rule it all but then who wouldn't.'

'Me.' Jacob said meekly

'Well you rule from behind the scenes like you always do but lets get

back to the children. What are we going to do. We can't hide the fact

that they are empaths forever. Gordon has three sons. He would like to

marry them off to them if he knew.'

'I don't know. I think Carl sent the kids here because he knew I

would spend more time worrying about them then on Scott.'

'So that's his name.'

'Yeah, Scott Keller.' Jacob said sheepishly on getting caught.

'You'll have to tell me all about him, diapers and all.'

'I will.'

'Well Jacob, this is only my recommendation but I think you should

start the children on a treatment that will allow them to at least be

touched by Alpha's without getting burned.'

'You have that now?'

'Yes, I invented it right after I recovered... just in case... I

found another John.' Travis said with some difficulty.

'Have you used it yet?'

'Me, no... I've not fond another person to fill the hole in my life.

As you can see by my gray skin, I'm not quite human anymore. I don't know

what I am but I'm different. I found a person who is more like me then any

other and I want to form a life with him.'

'Can I meet this special man?'

'Yes but you won't see much he's a little indisposed at the moment.'


'Well he's in a cocoon.' Travis said, a little embarrassed.

'Well, I think we both now have stories to share... Want to flip to

see who will go first!' Jacob said with a wicked grin.

'Oh god, I thought you'd never asked!' Travis said as he pulled

Jacob into a kiss. 'I missed you my First.' Travis telepathically sent


'I missed you too pack mate.' Jacob returned just before they began

rolling on the floor.

The chairs in the room were pushed aside by their rolling bodies.

Jacob could tell he had a fight on his hands while Travis had been pretty

strong back when they first met, this time Jacob was sure Travis could lift

him up with one hand as if he were carrying a basketball. So where Jacob

now lacked strength he had to make up with skill. It wasn't easy. Travis

seemed committed to ripping off every article of clothing each were

wearing. By the time Jacob was down to his boxer shorts and shoes he knew

he had to do something to save his lucky shorts so he actually tried to

bite Travis on the arms. Travis pushed away but Jacob was surprised by

what he had bitten in to. Just below the skin was something not flesh and

bone but like a metal plate. Jacob as he took the chance to peel off his

shorts and toss them aside hoped that Travis wouldn't want him to suck

because his jaw already hurt from the bite.

'Playing dirty pup!' Travis grinned as he also stood up looking at

the already fading bite marks on his arm.

'I think I might be getting old, I don't remember you being this

strong.' Jacob said as he was bent over trying to catch his breath.

'You still look like that hot Irish lad I remember. In fact you look

even more built.'

'A lot of time chopping wood and exercise at the Club.' Jacob


'Well Jacob I'll be frank, I WANT you this time. I want to take you

and make you MINE. There's no way I'm going to be on the bottom THIS time.

I've gone without sex for nearly 30 years and then you come along, a man

that I always liked. I'm not saying I want you as a boyfriend but I do

want you as a very...Very... VERY GOOD FRIEND.'

'Oh boy...' Jacob said nervously 'You really want my ass this time

don't you?'


'Well... I guess since we're old friends and all...' Jacob said a

little coyly.

'And because you know you don't stand a 'flip chance' in hell of

beating me.' Travis said as he began ripping off his own cloths.

'Can we agree that if anyone asks you'll say I let you win?' Jacob

begged, worried about his reputation.

'Sure, I can do that for an OLD FRIEND.'

'Just so long as Hal never finds out.'

'Haven't let him win yet?'

'Nope, sure haven't.' Jacob said with a goofy grin.

Something was happening Jacob noticed. He had never been hornier in

all his life. He had been more eager and excited but near this much in

heat. The air had pickup a menthol like smell and Jacob could see bluish

tinted sweat simmering off Travis's gray colored body. Travis was

defiantly no longer fully human.'

'I never have had sex in black and white.' Jacob commented as Travis

circled around him in a predatorily manner.

Travis moved behind Jacob and put a sweaty hand on his shoulder.

'This is going to be a new experience for both of us.'

A shiver ran down Jacob's body from the point of contact. When

Travis removed his hand Jacob looked at the spot and saw what looked like

blue fluid being sucked into his skin. 'This is most certainly not

normal.' Jacob sighed under his breath.

'But it feels so good doesn't it.' Travis said as he brushed the

same hand along the front of Jacob's neck, rubbing against the Adam's


'Oh yes! Please keep going.' Jacob begged enthralled by the


'I'm going to do more then that, I'm going to give you everything.

Travis said as he lifted Jacob up with great ease by the waist, took up his

legs and laid his target on the ground. The sweat that smear on to Jacob

went right into his body increasing his ecstasy and then something strange

happened and shocked and nearly scared Jacob senseless, his hole opened up

on its own. The muscle did not relax but actually expanded, opening up his

pucker like a man inviting his lover to bed.

'Oh gosh.' Jacob exhaled

'What's wrong my soon to be skewered friend?'

'My hole.' Was all Jacob could say.'

Travis lift up Jacob's legs and saw the wide opening. 'Well if

that's not an invitation I don't know what one is.' Travis laughed.

'I feel so humiliated.' Jacob bemoaned.

'Well don't worry soon you'll be feeling something else that I'm sure

you'll enjoy.'

'Well hurry up then I need to get off before I die of embarrassment.'

'Sure thing love.' Travis said as he slid his dick painlessly right

into the wide opening. 'I was just hoping you'd be tighter that's all.'

Travis laughed when he had slid all the way in.

And just as if some fairy had heard his wish and waved a magic wand

Jacob's pucker clamped shut right onto Travis's dick. 'Oh that's what I

was looking for!' Travis shouted. It was like fucking and getting sucked

at the same time Jacob was now so tight. As Travis would plug along it

seemed that Jacob's ass would try to push his dick back in as he would pull

away, creating suction.

'Boy, your body must really want it!'

'YES, give it too me!' Jacob shouted back.

Eventually it became more enjoyable for both of them for Travis just

to push all the way in and let Jacob quivering insides do all the work.

When Travis finally shot his wad it was as if liquid orgasm was shot up

Jacob's ass. Jacob began laughing hysterically and his dick began shooting

on his face. It was not until Jacob's ass finally relaxed that Travis was

able to remove himself from Jacob that Jacob started to calm down from the

excitement. Then Travis began noticing changes in his well-fucked friend.

Jacob's eyes, and hair began to loose their color. Jacob's short red

hair began turning white while his eyes went from green to a glowing gray.

His pale skin began to darken to a grayish tint as well but though out all

the change Jacob kept on smiling like a freshman girl just asked out by the

captain of the football team.

'Jacob...what have I done to you?'

'You fucked me silly that's what you did.' Jacob said while keeping

his goofy grin.

'No Jacob, you're body is changing...look.' Travis said as he helped

Jacob up and led him to the observation window.

Jacob could see in the faint reflection what had happened to him but

for some reason he was too giddy to care.

'Jacob I think I really must of fucked you silly if you can't see the

seriousness of this.'

He must have been right because Jacob gave Travis a kiss on the

cheek, gave him another goofy grin and then went on his knees as he began

to suck on Travis's already hard cock. It would be about three weeks

before Jacob got a reawaking surprise.

Today was the big day, Scott was finally finished with the treatment

and Carl would finally allow Scott out of bed, with his help naturally.

Brass rails had been set up in the room so Scott had something to support

himself with. They lead to the bathroom and a small breakfast table Carl

had set up. Carl was looking forward to helping Scott walk and all the

touching that would involve.

'Ok Scott are you ready to be out and about?' Carl said excitedly on

the happy day.

'Sure am!' Scott agreed with equal enthusiasm.

'Ok... I'm going to move your legs so that they hang over the side

of the bed then I want you to give me you hand so I can pull you up on your


'All right.' Scott agreed but knew he had a plan of his own.

Carl moved his legs, letting his hands get a good feel of light brown

hair that covered them. Scott could see Carl was nervous and his shoulders

were trembling. When Scott's legs were hanging over the bed, Carl removed

his hands and Scott could see them trebling as well.

'What to give me your hand now?' Scott said to help move Carl along.

'Yeah...sure.' Carl agreed as he extending his hand out.

Scott took it and to help ease the pain he felt coming from Carl and

to show he had some understanding of his feelings toward him Scott took

Carl's hand and kissed it. 'It's all right Mr. Vassar, I don't hate you.'

He said when he removed the hand from his lips.

It was the statement Carl had always needed to hear. Due to the

rivalry between him and his father, he had always felt hated by him and

because his father was the most hated person on earth, Carl had felt that

hatred extend to himself as his son. People would tell him that they liked

him especially Ryan and Travis when he was growing up but that did little

to ease his feelings that he was universally hated. Scott's statement, a

statement that came from a person who was still a near stranger did a lot

to heal the pain in his heart. It was therefore of no little surprise that

Carl broke down sobbing.

Scott, using his telekinetic gift, raised Carl off the floor and

lowed him so he was lying on top of Scott. Scott held him as he would one

of his children when they came to him crying, wrapping his arms around his

back as he rocked side to side. And just like one of his children, Carl

began to hiccup.

Sensing a desire in Carl, Scott said, 'It's ok Carl, you can kiss me

if you want.'

Carl responded by making a few awkward kisses' on the neck. 'So this

is ..hiccup... is what its like.' Carl said when he was done.

'What Carl.' Scott said in a cooing voice.

'To kiss some one you're falling in love with.'

'Have you never been in love before?'

'I've never even kissed someone outside my family before.' Carl


It was then that Scott used a word he himself didn't know until he

left the cabin. 'So you're a VIRGIN.'

'Embarrassing... isn't it.' Carl admitted

'No its not. I'm glad I finally have met another one that is.'

'You're still a virgin?'

'Well not now but I was one until this past year so I still have a

good idea how it must feel.'

'How many guys have you done it with?'


'Only two... I know guys who would still call you a virgin.' Carl


'Well that's all I ever wanted. One of them is my husband the other

is my First and yes some would still call me a virgin as I've never have

had anal sex.'

'Do you think I can make it three people you have been with and me my

one?' Carl asked before proceeding with more kisses.

'I think we need to find out if we are friends first... There's

something you're not telling me.'

'I know you know I'm Gordon Vassar's son.'

'Yes I know that but there's something else isn't there?'

'Yes... I'm the one who arranged the attack at your wedding.' Carl

confessed as he got off Scott.

'I'm so sorry Carl...' Scott replied. For a normal person this

would be a very strange response and while Scott felt pain on hearing the

news, he still didn't know HOW to hate. Jacob had raised him in such a

sheltered environment and with such love that Scott was like a person born

blind having his sight restored. A person born blind and being blind for

many, many years never develops the brain connections needed to interpret

sight. So if you take such a person and give them new eyes, they would

still be blind. The signals to the brain come in like a foreign language.

This was how Scott was to hate, a situation made more so by his empathic

talent. Since Jacob never felt hate when he raised Scott, Scott never felt

it from him. All Scott had was empathy and he knew that Carl felt sorry

for what he did. Forgiveness was never a question. Carl's acceptance of

it was though.

'WHY?' Carl shouted, knowing what Scott was thinking but not the

emotions behind it.

'Carl I can feel you are in pain. I know that you are sorry. I know

that you never meant to hurt people. I think you did what you did for

other reasons. I'm not a telepath so I don't know them but I do know the

feelings behind them. Carl regardless of how much you hate your father you

are not doomed to become him. That's your choice. You can choose to be a

good or bad person.'

'...I have to go. You're too good for me.' Carl sobbed as he walked

quickly out of the room.

Kevin loved the black lab Logan and Philip got for him and during the

drive to the hideout Kevin spent most of the time playing with the pup.

When they finally arrived Kevin was so glad to see his father that he ran

to him but not without the dog he had named Jeffery.

'Dad, look at what grandpa Logan and Philip got me.' Kevin said as

he held up the pup with both hands.

'Wow a puppy have you given it a name yet? Saul said as he took the

dog from his son's hands.

'Yes, I named him Jeffery. Look his licking your face, he must like


'Yes son I'm sure he does and I bet he likes you a lot also.' Saul


'He sure does. He slept with me during the whole ride here.'

'Did Log tell you how to take care of him?'

'Yep, he taught me each day.'

'Thanks Log.' Saul said with more meaning then just thanking him for

the dog.

'No problem lad, glad to help keep the family together.'

'Well son do you want to see your new room!'

'Yes. Does it have a bed for Jeffery?'

' It sure does.'

'When you're done showing him the room come to the conference room,

we are having a family meeting.' Logan said as he left Saul.

'When is it?'

'As soon as James decides which path we're going to take.'



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