Scott was a great hit for the investment firm Dillon, Courts, and

company. Like all investment companies, while they had their own names,

they all work for Steward Finance. Within the first two months of Scott

being on the team, their returns on investment had moved them from the top

50 to the top 10 small local firms. Fredrick Dillon and Lance Courts

became very protective of their innocent Scott and even terminated

relationships with a few clients who offered to buy Scott's virginity.

Scott lived with Fred and Lance for the first two years working for

them where his presence added to a sense of stability to the quirky couple.

The two of them began to love Scott earnest personality. He was like an

open book to them. He had never learned how to hide his emotions since he

never had a need to around Jacob. In a world of deception and false

sincerity they could not help but love him. It also led them to be very

protective of him. They made sure that when clients met Scott, that Scott

hugging them or giving them a kiss on the cheek was not an invitation to

meet later in bed. Fred and Lance also agree that they themselves would

not pursue a sexual relationship with Scott. So it was with great surprise

that Lance woke up one day finding himself in a monogamous relationship

with his longtime partner Fred. That did not mean Scott remained

completely ignorant of what sex was. Having slept with Jacob for so many

years Scott had no problem sleeping in the same bed with Fred and Lance and

it was during those times that Lance took it upon himself to teach Scott

the pleasure of group masturbation.

Scott also felt a great deal of affection for the two and it was with

some sorrow that after four years of working for them he was given a

promotion by Steward Finance that would take him away from them. Scott's

easy personality, charm, and good financial skills did not go unnoticed by

higher ups in Steward. When he received an offer to be an intern to the

chief officers, both Fred and Lance encouraged Scott to accept. It could

mean Scott becoming a senior manager himself one day and having a friend in

such a position could only benefit Lance and Fred's own future. So it was

with many tears that Scott left for Steward City.

Scott arrived in Steward City with great trepidation. He had been

having a nagging feeling for sometime that there was something missing in

his life. He was needed somewhere and when he arrived in Steward City, the

feeling became only stronger. Scott arrived to Steward's global

headquarters and was amazed by the massive size of the complex. Entire

downtown Chicago could not match the mass of building. It was made up of

three rings of buildings, each one higher then the other with the center

dominated by a diamond shaped tower. It was there that Scott was to work

for the next five years. This selection process was much different then

the last one he underwent four years ago. This time he was dressed in a

sharp business suit and the only person involved with the selection was an

elderly Hispanic woman who introduced herself as Maria Sanchez, the

personal secretary for the CEO.

She had a motherly personality about her, pinching the cheeks of the

young men before her. She carried personnel files on each of us and not

one of us escaped a scolding for either dating too much or not enough.

When she reached me her face pick up a huge smile and with both hands

pinched both my cheeks. 'He was right, you do look like such a nice boy I

only hope he does not break your heart.'

After being told that he was to be one of the ten interns to serve

the CEO, Scott was also told that Hal Steward would be gone for the first

year and that until he returned, there wouldn't be too much for him to do.

Scott offered to do any deskwork while waiting and she just smiled and told

be to be careful what he asked for. After being instructed to come by next

week after he had a chance to settle in, Scott headed out for the apartment

that would be his home.

The apartment was large with three bedrooms. One of them was locked

and Scott was told that it was for the CEO's use only. Scott did not

understand why the CEO would need a bedroom in each of his interns

apartments but Scott took it in stride. Soon, his next-door neighbor, Ian

Goodman, knock on his door asking if he would like to go out to dinner with

him that night. Scott accepted and they headed out.

Upper management lived in a miniature city within the inner circle.

Scott an Ian ate at a small Chinese caf before Ian asked if he wanted

to go to a local bar. This was the first time for Scott to go to a sex

bar. The only ones he had gone out to were more business meeting oriented.

Scott began to become nervous as he noticed that most of the people were

engaged in fairly aggressive sexual behavior. He had returned several of

Ian's kisses but pushed away when he tried to unbuckle his belt. Ian

seemed unfazed by this mainly was because another guy chose that moment to

go down on him. Several other men tried to involve Scott in the now heated

orgy but he made his way out, leave the building only losing a jacket.

As he walked quickly back to his apartment Scott had to catch his

breath. He did not realize until he was halfway back home how aroused he

had become during the short time Scott was at the bar. He was leaning

against the window of a store when he felt a sudden rush of joy and the

foreign feeling of lust. It was like he was experiencing a delayed

reaction to the stimuli he had experienced minutes before. Scott became

lost in feelings of wanting to belong, to be a part of the other men's

desires. To want his flesh pressed against that of another. Scptt wanted

to feel more of the primal passions that had filled the room. He wanted to

be part of the group mindset.

Scott was so lost in the hunger that he did not notice a man

approaching me. Scott was leaning against a windowpane and stared at his

now glowing blue eyes. He was so taken by it that he did not notice the

cloths slipping off his body or the warm mouth on his flesh. He did not

notice the tears on both their faces and the love in the man's glowing gray

eyes. All he noticed was an increase sense of love and pleasure that

blinded him to the world around him. It was only when he felt himself

falling asleep that he recognized that he had just ejaculated.

Scott woke up in the arms of another. The body against his was so

warm, so comforting that he pressed himself harder against it. The soft

hairs on his chest tickled Scott's smooth skin. When he finally looked

into the face of the man, it was one that he did not expect.

Looking at Scott with a warm but nervous smile was Dr. Ryan Vassar.

Scott had believed he died in the bombing of the hospital four years

ago. They did not say a word to each other but Scott snuggled up closer to

him, resting his head on Ryan's chest before falling asleep again.

When Scott awoke again it was to something different and even more

wonderful. Ryan was gone but at the foot of the bed stood three little

heads. Two were blond and the third a dark brown. Scott had never seen

them before but he knew the moment he saw them that they were his own.

Scott waved them closer to him and the first to move was the one with the

brown mop.

'Your name is Charlie isn't it?' Scott asked.

The boy nodded his head.

'You're my son aren't you?'

'The boy smiled and gave Scott a hug. As soon as he did so the two

blonds jumped on the bed and ran to me.

'You're Niles and you're Aaron.' Scott named the identical twins.

The two twins laughed and joined into the hug.

Scott felt a sense of calm overtake him while his mind filled with

the life histories of his three sons. They were all four years old and

were the children of Lisa and himself. They loved Ryan as their uncle but

had felt that something had been missing for sometime especially with

Charlie. It was these three children that Scott had been sensing. It was

they that he had been missing even though he had never known until now that

they lived.

Charlie, Scott could tell, had an immense power within him and he did

not know how to handle it. His power had been slowly escaping his control

until this very moment. Some how his being in my arms calmed the storm in

his mind and removed the burden that had been growing on his much too young

soul. He wanted his daddy to make everything all right.

The twins were a bundle of joy. Scott could tell that they took

after their uncle in that all they wanted was for everyone to like them.

They did not have the burden of responsibility that their brother had on

their souls. They were just glad that there was another person around for

them to charm with their winning personalities.

Scott gained the sense that they had all been hiding, that their

mother and uncle were scared of something and that the children had felt

the fear. Scott needed to find out what was happening, how did this come

to be, and how could he help.

While the twins jumped up and down on the bed asking Scott a million

questions, Charlie had fallen asleep in his arms. He was in Scott's mind

now, hiding there, too afraid to be in his own due to the power that was

there. Scott sent him comforting thoughts that Charlie's soul clung to

like a stuff animal as he carried him out of the bed and into the room


Ryan was there in the living room drinking coffee. He got up and

apologized for the children waking him but Scott knew that Ryan knew that

he didn't need to. It was just an attempt to delay for a moment the

questions Scott was sure to ask.

'How did this happen?' Scott asked him straightforwardly

'My sister took a sample of your sperm when you were in recovery and

fertilized herself with them.'

'Why?' Scott asked, still confused

'She wanted to have children.'

'Why and why me?'

'She loved you. By now you know about our family, the Vassar family.

My brother does horrible things because he's unhappy. If he knew that my

sister was in love with you he would of gone after you seeking that same

love. By faking our own deaths my sister hoped to have one chance to have

a happy family without fear of her brother. She picked you not only

because she liked you but also because your genes insured that she would

not give birth to another Gordon. What we did not know at the time was

that the mixing of our genes would produce something else in Charlie.

Charlie is a special child but just like Gordon a very lonely one. His

mind is so different from that of a normal person's that the emotional

connection that occurs between all people is near impossible for him. Only

the twins have been able to reach him in any way. He would tell me that

there was someone he was looking for but that he was far away. When you

returned here, he became excited and wanting to go looking for you. At

first I did not know that it was you he was looking for but when he told me

where you were and I found you there... I knew that you finally had to meet

you children.'

'Why did you not tell me sooner.'

'I had no way of telling you. My biometrics and voice are all

recorded on the global computer. If I show my face anywhere outside

Steward headquarters the computers and therefore my brother would know that

I still live. He would come for me again and the children. I could not

risk it.'

'Where's Lisa?'

'She died two years ago. The drugs that prevented her power from

driving her mad finally killed her.'

'What do we do now?'

'It does not matter if you hate me for what happened but the children

need you. Charlie's life will be terribly hard and without you it will be

impossible. These children are the future. You're the only bridge that

can link them with the present world. If you ask me to leave I will but

please don't leave these children alone.' Ryan cried

'I won't leave either of you.' Scott smiled.

Ryan smiled back and started searching his pockets until he pulled

out a ring. It was made up of two rings, one on top of the other. The

bottom one was made of gold while the top was of silver. Scott saw that an

identical ring was also on Ryan's finger. 'My sister and I always wore

these rings as a symbol of the link between us. When she... when she died

she took her ring off and told me that if I ever saw you again to give you


Scott accepted the ring from Ryan's hand and slipped it on to his right

while kissing Ryan on the forehead. It was then that he noticed the tribal

ban on his arm.

'You're my Tor now of me and our family. Please lead, love and

protect us.'

Scott looked at his left arm and saw the mark of a Tor now there. 'I

surrender myself to my family's love. I will give my life to protect the

pack,' His eyes glowing blue.

Using his pass, Scott snuck everyone into the inner circle and into

my apartment. The children Scott placed in the extra bedroom while Ryan

and he slept in his. They never had sex again for a long time after that

one time in the street. Ryan explained that Scott was going through the

awakening of his talents and that they appeared to be very strong in

empathy. When Scott had gone to the bar that night, the emotions of the

surrounding people overcame him in the streets causing him to become

sexually aroused. In the short run this would happen more frequently but

that Scott would eventually learn how to prevent it from happening. During

that first week they seemed to automatically fall into parenting roles.

Ryan would be the one to wake them up in the morning, cook them breakfast

and take part in their games. He was the nurturing one. Scott was the one

to teach them in the afternoons, cook them dinner, read them their bedtime

story and put them to sleep. Scott was the comforting one.

While the twins were a pair of chatterboxes Scott never heard Charlie

say a word. Everything he said was by thought. He seemed to think Scott

was some sort of superhero like the ones he saw on television. He would

spend most of the day glued to his father's side, taking extreme interest

in everything he did. Scott was the first empath that could reach him.

He had the joys of teaching the boys how to shave, how to take a

shower, and how tell when a steak is medium rare. The twins seemed to give

him a lot of respect in seeing the effect Scott was having on their

brother. Scott learned that many kids and some adults would pick on

Charlie for not talking. A few times this had led to accidents that

Charlie blamed himself for. As a result, the twins had taken it upon

themselves to be their brother's defenders.

During the weekend before Scott went back to work, Ryan and he began to

express their fears that Charlie would not handle his absence well. Sunday

night Scott told Charlie that he would be gone during the day but that he

would be back for dinner and bedtime story. Charlie sent out that he

understood but Scott saw a worried expression on his face.

Monday morning Scott took the executive elevator to the CEO floor and

reported for duty to Maria. She had a near disbelieving expression on her

face that seemed to say she was surprised to see him.

'Now when I told you to show up this morning I told you to be careful

what you ask for. Most men take that as a clue NOT to show up... Well I

did say you LOOKED like a nice boy. I guess I'll see how nice you are when

I'm done with ya.' She snickered with a wicked laugh.

She was not joking with that, she seemed to have a talent in finding

tedious tasks. She gave Scott a file of accounts that the computer had

corrupted but were now only available in printout. Scott had to first

determine by looking through the thousands of sheets of paper of corrupted

data what was wrong and then hand type the corrected data back into the

computer. Scott was about to give up when he looked up from him desk to

see Charlie in the doorway trying as hard as possible not to be noticed.

Not even feeling an ounce of anger at him Scott beckoned him over and he

ran over and hopped onto his lap. After giving his hair a good tussle Scott

turned his attention back to the impossible files. Except now, they did

not seem so impossible anymore. While the data was just as corrupted as

before, it all seemed to make sense. Scott could now see where the data

had jumped from one file to another and he could now fill in the missing

data that seemed to have been deleted. In two hours Scott was able to

enter all the corrected data and return the file to Maria.

She gave Scott a dubious expression when he handed her the disk but

when she saw the data on it her face took on a befuddled look. 'All right

smart ass, would you like to tell me how you fixed the data, the same data

I've been giving you younglings to fix for the past six years just to see

y'all fluster about.'

'I had a little help from my son.' Scott said honestly.

'Your son? Yea right, I bet that's what y'all call some of those

twinks y'all date.'

'No, I mean my son. He seemed to have gone looking for me at work

and found me here.'

Maria gave Scott another of her 'yea right' looks until she noticed

the little boy standing next to him. She then grabbed Scott by my arm and

dragged him to an empty office. 'Would you mind telling me how an intern

has a son in this day and age? The last I checked, you had never served in

the military and I know we don't pay you anywhere close the amount of money

it takes these days to purchase a breeding license.'

'It's a long story and I don't know if you would believe me.' Scott

said worriedly.

'I'm sure it is but try me.'

And so Scott did. He explained everything except the identity of the

mother; a fact she noticed was missing.

'You don't have to tell me who the mother is.' She said after I had

finished. 'Your file leaves only one person who could be the mother.

You're lucky that you're working for us instead of one of the other big

five. All the others would sell you all off to Jason Vassar in a

heartbeat. Either that or kill you all in order to weaken Gen-Corp. Do

you know why we are the second most powerful company in the Group of Five.'

'Because you control the price of everything.'

'Yes, but the reason we are able to do that is because all the other

corporations do not trust the others to give them a fair price. It is

their mistrust of each other that gives Steward Finance its power. We are

the only trusted middlemen. We are also the only company that can keep the

balance of power between the five. If Industry becomes too strong we

increase the price of the resources they need. If technology becomes weak,

we give them huge loans. The other companies do not complain about our

interference since all of them will need our help one day. As long as they

remain on top, they see no reason to get rid of us. This gives us our

power. By keeping you and your own safe, we are helping to maintain the

statue quo. That is why you are so lucky you are working for us because

all the others would use you for their own advantages.' She concluded as

she straightened out Charlie's hair. 'Such a cute boy. It is such a shame

that his uncle is such a bastard.'

Gordon watched as the child was delivered. He would be his fifth son

from his union with Lisa's old boyfriend Brandon. Jason wasted no time in

trying to build a new family after he believed his old one had died in the

bombing. Since Brandon had been his sister's boyfriend Jason reasoned that

Lisa might have had children with Brandon if they had married. Therefore,

Brandon was the best choice to be the other sperm donor for Gordon's sons.

As soon as the child was born, Jason had the infant moved into a growth

acceleration tank. It was the same type of tank he had used so many years

ago except this time it also fed in Jason's own memories. While two of the

children had died in the process, Gordon had already two sons to whom he

would leave his legacy with.

'My children, my dear children, we will change this world.'

When Ryan answered the door he was surprised to see that Scott was

not alone. He was relieved to see Charlie with him but was surprised at

seeing a elderly woman also at his door.

'What?' was Ryan's only response.

'Don't worry Ryan she will help us.'

'Why did you go around telling her about us?' Ryan said angry.

'Ryan, its ok. When she saw Charlie she pretty much guessed who we


'It's still very dangerous.' Ryan getting madder

'Now stop it!' Maria admonished the two. 'Lets get the child inside

so we don't bring the rest of the floor over here. You two can argue and

make up behind closed doors.'

Maria shooed them all in and planted herself in the kitchen while she

made everyone sit in the living room. Ryan continued to give Scott an 'I'm

pissed at you' look while Charlie took on a worried expression on his face

that spoke volumes to his not liking of the adults arguing. Scott's face

on his part gave the impression of trying to think his way out of the

problem. The twins had come running into the room but one look on Ryan's

face quickly put them into a death march pace back to their room. Things

remained in that awkward silence for a long time until Maria came out of

the kitchen carrying a bowl of chips and a strange dip. By this time

Charlie had begun to sniffle and was starting to begin what looked like

what was going to be a major tantrum.

Scott, seeing what was about to happen, scooped up Charlie and put

him in his lap while telling him that everything was going to be ok.

Charlie on the other hand was now balling and getting Scott's shirt wet.

Maria sat herself next to the pouting Ryan. She then picked up a chip and

scooped up what looked like salsa with diced avocado and put it up to

Ryan's lip. When Ryan refused to open his mouth, Maria's face went dark

and she forced Ryan's face open with one hand as she shoved the chip with

another. Ryan, who was too shocked to resist was forced to start eating it

in order to clear his throat. It was then that he realized that the salsa

was filled with pepper seeds and not ordinary pepper seeds. Maria had

loaded the dip with habanera seeds.

Once his mouth was cleared, Ryan gave out a giant gasp and began

running into the kitchen. The twins, who must have been listening by their

door came running out to see what had happened. Scott, while carrying

Charlie also started running into the kitchen to see what had happened.

There, by the kitchen sink, Ryan was lapping up water and spitting it

out, trying to get rid of what ever was burning his mouth but it seemed to

do no good. The heat of the dip was so bad that tears were running down

his eyes. Scott quickly put Charlie down and ran to the cabinet to fetch a

large glass that he then handed to Ryan. Ryan nodded his thanks and began

using the cup. Still though, no matter how many times he washed his mouth

out, Ryan's eyes continued to water up from the spice.

While everyone else's eyes were focused on Ryan, Maria went to the

frig and took out a carton of yogurt. She then took a spoonful of it and

approached Ryan. Ryan, seeing that Maria was about to shove something else

down his throat, began to scurry away but Maria was not going to put up

with that.

'Now stop that you little baby, if you want it to go away you'll have

to trust me.

Ryan, who was still untrusting but now thinking he had nothing else

to loose walked back to her. When the cool yogurt hit his tongue, Charlie

gave out a sigh of relief as the burning left his tongue. Maria then

handed him the carton and let him feed himself.

'What did you do?' Scott asked.

Maria went to her pursue and took out a small jar that was filled

with tiny seeds.

'I soak these seeds in chili oil before letting them dry. The only

way to get this stuff off your tongue is to use something with fat in it

hence the yogurt.'

'Do you do this to all the people you meet?' Ryan asked when he had


'Well. Whenever Mr. Steward gets a little too big for his britches I

put a few teaspoons of these seeds into his coffee grinder. I find that

after I do that his listening skills improve vastly. I just felt that your

ears needed a good cleaning before I started.'

'Start what?'

'Telling you what an idiot you are.'

'Yeah I learned that lesson all right.' Ryan said before turning his

attention to the boys. 'Never accept food from strangers kids. You never

know what you're going to get.'

'Well yes, that is an important lesson to teach young children but it

was not what I had in mind.

'What then?'

'This whole plan to keep your children safe by keeping them locked up

all the time.'

'Oh that.'

'Do you actually think that doing this will keep them safe?'

'It has worked alright so far.'

'Yes, while they were babies you could keep them in a crib but they

are growing up and sooner then you would think they'll be adults, adults

with no understanding of how the outside world works.'

'It's better this way.' Ryan defended himself.

'Yes its better this way, that's why four year old Charlie was able

to walk out of here under your nose. Do you know how rare children his age

are? Do you think a four year old child can safely walk alone by himself?'

Ryan, now seeing the error in his thinking began to cry and verbally

bash himself. Scott walked over to Ryan and held him. The three boys

later joined them.

'I'm not trying to be cruel Ryan but open your eyes. Your children

will never be safe no matter how deep a hole you dig for them to hide in.

You have to allow for them to know how the outside world works and allow

for them to experience it for themselves. That's the only way they'll

learn how to protect themselves'. She finished as she watch the happy and

too rare scene.

The near death of the family unit had been the greatest tragedy of

the illness. With nearly all children born and raised by the military,

mother and father had been replaced by commanding officers. Those few

children who were born outside the military either belonged to high-ranking

suits or were own by the corporations themselves. No, these people needed

looking after, no mistake.

After Scott had cooked dinner and was away reading the children their

bedtime story, Maria took Ryan aside to tell him what she had in mind.

'Ryan what I'm going to tell you might be hard for you to hear but I

think you need to know.'

'What?' Ryan whispered nervously.

'I want to bring y'all home with me, to Mr. Steward's home.'


'Because your family will be safe there. Only people totally loyal

to Mr. Steward are allowed to live there. Your children would be able to

play outside and meet new people without the fear of someone turning them

in to your brother.' Maria said as if it made perfect logic.

'I guess that makes sense.' Ryan agreed

'The hard part is... Well the hard part for you will be the possibility

that Mr. Steward or another executive might court Scott.'

'What!' he said in a loud undertone.

'Mr. Steward chose Scott personally to work for him in the hope that

they could get to know each other and hopefully like each other A LOT.'

'Was this both of yours plan from the beginning.' Ryan accused.

'NO! Neither of us knew about you and the children before today. I

would've found some reason to keep Scott away from Mr. Steward if I had

known. But now...'

'But what!'

'I think you realize what you have here in having a family is very

rare. I think you also know that a person like Scott is even more rare.

Everyone, myself included, who works for Mr. Steward love him. We have

been torn by his unhappiness. By giving him a family, by giving him Scott

we all hope to break that unhappiness.'

'You don't know what you are asking.' Ryan said sternly.

'I think I do. You feel a special connection to Scott and your

afraid of loosing it.'

Ryan started laughing uncontrollably. 'You couldn't be so right

while being so wrong at the same time.'


'Before his gift was strong enough, I was able to look into his mind.

His name is not Scott Gannon but Scott Keller. Does that name ring a


'You mean he is related to the rumored John Keller.' Maria said


'Yes, he is the son of John Keller, the man that my brother was

tricked into killing. He has never forgiven himself for it. It is what

drove him mad.' Ryan confessed.

'Oh my god.' Maria said, her face now ashen.

'Scott does not know that it was Gordon who killed his father and I'm

never going to tell him. Do you know what John's last words were?'


'He said, 'I'm sorry.' The same phrase everyone hears my brother

repeat over and over again. John knew what his death would do to Jason.

He felt sorry that he couldn't stop it. Jason doesn't understand that yet.

If I were to tell Scott the truth and Jason were to ever meet Scott, Scott

hating Jason would destroy whatever humanity my brother has left. It would

result in the death of our world.' Ryan said.

'Then to rumor is true that he has a dooms day weapon.' Maria asked


'Yes.' Ryan replied

'Here I was going to tell you what we should do, now it looks like

you should tell me.'

'We will go with you. Your right, the children need to live in a

world larger then this apartment and if what I hear is true, Mr. Steward is

the only person who can protect Scott.' Ryan agreed.



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