Welcome back everyone. It was a short break I know but i couldn't

keep you dangleing for long This story is written a little differently as

it will bounce between different characters more then in the first book.

The will also be moany more names and events to keep in mind so skipping

chpaters will only reulst in confusion. So get ready to take notes!

Again, this is a story about gay relationships with a SF twist so

1. if you are breaking the law, underage, or just hate gay stuff don't read

any further. The world wide web is a big place so you can find something

else. 2. As this is a SF story everything is a big lie. The story is not

based on any real person place thing, or another person's idea. So any

similarities are pure chance. 3. Since this story is of my own creation,

i have the copyright to it. No other postings, except at nifty, are

allowed. Nor is the selling of the story to others permitted.


After the occurrences in 'The Mark', the world as we knew it ended.

A plague similar to the Spanish influenza pandemic of the early 1900's

struck the world. Billions died in a matter of months. The wealthier

industrial nations faired better then most but their social structure

collapsed. Democratic governments everywhere fell and were replaced by a

two-headed dragon made up of the military and the corporations. The

military rule was divided into two factions NATO and the Asian Alliance

lead by China who took advantage of the situation to consolidate control

over the region. The southern hemisphere was left out, its remaining

populations so decimated by the illness that the survivors fled to more

populated regions. In NATO Command, voting rights were limited to serving

soldiers in the forces. In the Asian Alliance, the Supreme Commander had

total control. The second new power was the Group of Five Corporations.

It was made up of the five largest businesses that emerge after the

illness. At the top was Gen-Corp, which was led by their president, and

CEO Gordon Vassar. The other's represented the other different fields of

industry. MexTex Resources controlled the mining, drilling and utility

sectors; Steward Finance controlled banking, investment, and

transportation, Macrohard the technology and communications arena (sorry I

couldn't stop myself), and United Industries in manufacturing. They were

the true power in the world since they controlled the access to food,

weapons, medical supplies, cloths ect ect. Surprisingly, it was in the

corporations themselves that the nonmilitary population exercised their

democratic rights. With demand from the military high and workers in short

supply, the people voted with their feet. If a business failed to keep

their workers happy, they left the company and went to a better

one. Society became hedonistic and decadent as a result.

Another major change was in sex demographics. The two military

powers entered into a population growth war, each trying to achieve

superior numbers. Women became a scarce commodity and in a weird twist of

fate were the ones drafted by the military instead of men. In the end,

only one out of ten women were not in the military under the NATO slogan

'Birth of Victory'. The remaining ten percent were women past menopause or

those lucky enough to have links to higher ups in the Group of Five. With

the lack of women, it became a prison for the men; they turned to each

other. Gen-Corp offered its animorph technology to men to allow for a

smoother change in life style. While many were wary of the technology, the

need for love drove more and more men to seek the treatment. In some

corporations it became mandatory under the idea that the pack mentality

increase productivity. Packs over 10,000 in size started becoming common

giving the Tor's large amounts of power. It's been 22 years now since the

illness and the world is still not recovered. A cold war now exists

between West and East and The Group of Five are each scheming against each

other to gain greater power.

Finally the World now knows of vampires. It was they that the

governments blamed for the plague and since then they have been hunted down

whenever they've been f2ound. This has lead to retaliation by the

vampires. Instead of feeding a little off their victims they now go out of

their way to change every man woman and child into a vampire so the world

can share their suffering.

Western philosophy looks at history as linear, always progressing

forward. In the East, life moves in circles, always repeating itself. In

the events to occur both will happen. Some will have lives similar to

their ancestors while others will forge new paths. A man whose body looks

younger then his soul is trying to fulfill what he sees as his last duty to

his Tor. A man whose soul is younger then his body is tormented by guilt.

A brother who depends on his twin sister for love and support will soon

loose what he cherishes most. A sister who protects her twin brother will

escape her fate. A young man whose power has not awakened is about to open

his eyes to the world. An officer will see his world collapse. And two

crippled people will find each other. Three of the Morgan Children are

lost to their family. This is their story.

Twenty-four year old Scott Keller opened his eyes. The sun was

shinning through the cabin window right onto his face, through his wavy

brown hair and to his ice blue eyes, warming his body against the cold

October air. The fires must have gone out again. He jumped out of bed and

went to the pile of wood next to the fireplace. First putting down a few

hands full of wood shavings he set up another stack to burn. He looked

across the one room cabin to the other bed, which was empty.

'Uncle Jacob must be already out working I better get my butt


As long as he could remember, he had always lived with Uncle Jacob.

Jacob had told him at an early age that his father and mother had died

during the illness and that they had left him in his care. Scott sometimes

went to visit his mother's grave that was located on the hill but Jacob

never said where his father was buried and Scott stopped asking when he saw

the pain those questions caused him. Jacob was a great uncle to have he

was funny and affectionate but had no problem being serious when the time

called for it. Scott just could not understand the sadness Jacob seemed to

always carry with him even when he acted happy. Scott sometimes felt that

he was the cause of that sadness since Jacob would become more so when he

would take up staring at him.

Scott quickly got dressed, put on a light jacket and went out into

the crisp Vermont air. He could see Uncle Jacob chopping wood near the

shed. It was already 2/3 full but it would still take a lot of work to

insure there would be enough for winter. Jacob waved Scott over when he

looked up from his chopping.

'Hurry up Scott, I'm a good twenty logs ahead of you. If you can

beat me I'll do the wood shavings this year.'

'You got a deal.' Scott said now eager to beat his Uncle.

The two of them worked at a machine like beat, never looking at the

other but concentrating on the work at hand. Both of them like these

moments of being able to be close to each other but not having to make a

deal about it. By the time half of the remaining stack was done, Scott was

only ten logs behind his uncle. But then Jacob pick up the pace at a rate

that Scott could not match. It was like his ax was cutting through hot

butter and required no effort of strength on his part. When Jacob reached

for his final log, Scott was 30 logs behind but Jacob waited before making

the final chop. Scott suspected what his uncle was up to but did not stop

chopping. When Scott reached his final log he stopped and looked at his

uncle. Jacob had a huge grin on his face and gave Scott a nod. Together,

they chopped their last logs.

'Well I guess it's a tie what do we do now.'

'We'll flip for it I guess unless you want to volunteer now for the job.'

Jacob said with a devilish grin.

'Not on your life' Scott said while getting into a defensive stance.

He knew how quick his uncle could be and knew that Jacob was too good at

defense to go after him directly.

Jacob gave him a knowing smile before rushing at him. Scott quickly

sat on the ground. There was no use trying to avoid the tackle, Jacob was

too quick, his best chance was that Jacob would make an awkward grab,

giving Scott the advantage. Jacob did not fall for it though. His tackle

hit home and Scott fell backwards but reacted quick, flipping Jacob over

with both hands. Scott was now on top but he doubted he could keep it and

he was right. Jacob grabbed Scott into a bear hug and wrapped his legs

around Scott's and rolled him over. Scott now found himself in the same

situation he always did in the end, on the bottom.

'I win.' Jacob smiled literally

'As always.' Scott returned but this time Jacob did not let go after

declaring victory but held even tighter to Scott. This was one of Jacob's

sad moments when he would look at Scott as if he were trying to remember


'I love you Scott.' Jacob said sadly.

'I love you to Uncle Jacob.' Scott replied.

'You look so much like your father.' Jacob began to cry against

Scott's shoulder. Scott was beginning to suspect there was a different

story then the one that Uncle Jacob had said about his father's death.

'I think we should take a nap and have a late dinner.' Jacob


'Sounds great Uncle.'

They walked into the cabin together and took off their work cloths.

Scott was amazed by how young Jacob still looked. In al their time

together, Jacob had not aged a day while Scott had grown up into a young

man. If people saw them today, they would think they were around the same

age. In fact, Scott did not even know how old Uncle Jacob was since Jacob

did not believe in birthday celebrations. They stripped down to their long

underwear, put more wood on the fire and each went to their beds.

While all else was peaceful, neither one of them could sleep. Jacob

was crying and Scott was pained by Jacob's sorrow. When Scott could not

take it anymore he left his bed and went to Jacob's.

'Uncle Jacob what's wrong?'

'Don't worry about it Scott, I'll be all right.'

'No you won't, you'll suffer in silence like you do most of the time.

Jacob you're my family. My only family. Your suffering is my suffering.

Just as you take care of me I need to help take care of you. So don't argue

and move over.' Scott said, surprised at his own words.

Jacob also looked surprised but obeyed. The two of them squeezed

into the one person bed Scott wrapping his arms around Jacob's back. Jacob

sobbed even louder now but Scott felt that now it was a healing cry. All

the feeling that Jacob had let weaken his soul were let go.

'I love you Scott.'

'I love you too Uncle Jacob.' Scott returned

'NO!' Jacob said forcefully, 'I LOVE YOU!'

The force of the statement shocked Scott. Jacob had never yelled at

him in his life. Jacob was really in love with him. Not in the way of a

father loving a son as Scott always thought but as two people loving each

other. Scott knew the reply he wanted and needed to give to the man who had

always been there for him.

'I love you Jacob.' Scott said with complete sincerity, dropping the

uncle part.

Jacob stared into Scott's face then moved in for a kiss. Jacob had

kissed Scott before on the check and forehead when he was a child but now

Jacob wanted to give a lovers kiss and Scott accepted it. Jacob's tongue

explored Scott's mouth, trying to gain a taste of the man he had loved as a

son as a child but fell in love with as a man. Scott had grown to look so

much like his father in looks and personality that Jacob found it near

unbearable at times. Jacob had lived the past 24 years without a bond or

pack and for the 72-year-old man who still looked to be in his twenties,

that was too long. He wanted to belong again. He wanted a pack again. He

wanted Scott to be like his father and become his Tor.

Scott was staggered by the passion in Jacob's kiss. He never knew

that Jacob had this side to him, the hungry Jacob, the passionate Jacob,

the Jacob who only wanted to be loved. Scott wanted Jacob to be happy,

wanted Jacob not to feel alone. Jacob had been his world and he would die

for Jacob if needed.

'Me happy.' Jacob said as he climbed on top of Scott and fell


That night Scott dreamed of a howling wolf. The wolf was one that he

had never seen before due to its red hair. Next to the wolf were two

mounds of earth that looked similar to his mother's grave. Scott knew that

the wolf was mourning the death of the two. Wanting to comfort the wolf

Scott ignored his fears and embraced it. No longer howling, the wolf began

to lick his face. Scott knew who the wolf was and he had a good idea who

was in one of the graves. 'I'll take care of you now Jacob.' Scott

whispered. The wolf made one final look back to the graves then started

walking away, waiting for Scott to follow.

Jacob woke up to the smell of cooking bacon and coffee. He raised

himself up with one arm and saw Scott busy at the stove. 'Scott, my

Scott.' Jacob thought with joy. 'I guess I'll have to buy a new shaving

kit soon.' He said with a devilish smile.

'What did you say Uncle Jacob.' Scott asked not hearing him clearly

through the sizzling of the bacon.

'There're some things I want to get in town.' Jacob said louder.

'And please just call me Jacob from now on.'

'Can do.' Scott said, a phrase he had picked up from Jacob.

During all of breakfast, Jacob stared at Scott with a goofy grin.

'Whatever you are thinking I bet its no good.' Scott said as he

cleared the table.

'Scott, come over here.' Jacob said in a serious tone.

Scott came over but as soon as he was in arms reach Jacob grabbed him

and pulled him on to his lap. 'Scott I love you.' Jacob whispered and

before Scott had a chance to reply, Jacob put a finger to Scott's lip to

stop him. 'I love you Scott and loving someone like I do now was something

I never believed I would do again. I loved your father you know.' Jacob

said and Scott nodded. 'He had saved me from a bad situation, gave me a

family, a pack. I would of died to save his life but he gave me a job to

do right before he died. He told me to find your mother. On the way there

your father died and I nearly did as well but I had one final job to do and

that was to find his wife and tell her the news. When I found her, she was

already pregnant with you and it was you that saved me. I saw your soul

inside your mother, so small and fragile but bright. I saw so much of your

father in your soul that it saved me. Peter, a friend of your father's,

and I convinced Sara, your mother, to let us help her. Peter would send

money while I lived with her, helping her during the pregnancy. We became

good friends during that time and agreed that we would both work to raise

you. But then the illness came. Peter died first, living in the dense

population center of Boston. I took your mother and you to this cabin

hoping that the isolation would keep you both safe but it was too late. A

month after the move, your mother died and I was the only one left to raise

you. To be honest I was scared to death. Here was big, strong Uncle Jacob

trying to raise a tiny infant. I was always afraid I might break you or

something but we survived. As a child I loved you as my son. As you

entered manhood I could see you becoming like your father and the pain


'I never wanted to hurt you.' I said feeling bad for causing him


'Don't blame yourself. It wasn't the pain of hurt but of love. I

had raised you, been a father to you, but I found myself wanting you like I

did your father. The relationship between father and son should never

become sexual. There is this natural desire for the son to want to please

his dad, to want his love. It makes for an unbalanced relationship but I

found myself wanting it. I'm not your biological father but I'm old enough

to be your grandfather. I love you Scott and I always will but you need to

explore the world, explore life, experience love and loss in its different

forms. When you have experienced all that then we will be equals and I can

make you my Tor.'

Tears were running down both their eyes by the end of Jacob talk.

Scott wrapped his arms around Jacob's neck and rested his head against his

shoulder. 'I never knew you were an animorph.' Scott whispered trying to

avoid the topic of love for the moment.

'Yep, I was one of the early ones. I'm also a T and E, that's why I

could always tell when you were lying as a kid. Every parent should be,

teaches the child never to lie.'

'Hey I've not lied to you since I was four.' Scott defended himself.

'See, it works.' Jacob smiled while patting Scott on the back.

'Can't you be my Tor,' Scott whispered.

'Scott, I'm a follower not a leader. I get the most enjoyment in

life helping people who need me. The Tor might be the leader but he is the

one who is most in need. Being your father's First gave me a purpose in

life. If I were the Tor, I would be a leader looking to be led. It would

be like the blind leading the blind.'

'But you lead me.' Scott said.

'Serving under a Tor does not make you stupid. It is my job to keep

the Tor out of trouble even if he does not know what is for his own good

and trust me both you and your father needed a lot of looking after. It is

this experience in leading that I want you to get and if we remain isolated

here forever you will never get it.'

'This is the only home I know.' Scott whispered.

'I know, but its time to leave the nest. Don't worry I'm not letting

you go off by yourself, THAT is something that not even I could bear.'

'When are we leaving.'


The two spent the day packing cloths and food into the old BMW.

Scott and Jacob would stop now and then to look at the cabin that had been

their home as if taking mental pictures. While all the furniture remained

the place seemed to be drained of its warmth. After a cold supper, they

crawled into bed together where they got into a debate over who would be

the back spoon. Both wanted to be the one embraced and there was only one

way to solve it, a 'flip'. The two got into bed side by side and wrapped

their arms around each other.

'On the count of three. One... Two... Flip!' Jacob said before

reaching three. Jacob tightened his grip on Scott and rolled him over so

that Scott was on top. 'You win!' he smiled wickedly.

'Hey you cheated!'

'You won, I'm the bottom so you're the back spoon.'

'That's not how it works!'

'No, this is how it's really played. Hug me.' Jacob said as he moved

to his side.

'I can't believe this.' Scott said as he got behind Jacob and

wrapped his arms around his waist.

'Me happy.' Jacob cooed as he retook his rightful place of being the

object of love.

They woke up early that morning and while Jacob made breakfast Scott

went up to his mother's grave for a final visit.

'Thank you for letting Jacob raise me. He is the kindest man you

could ever ask for. I'll try to become a good Tor for him. Scott then

knelt down and prayed for his mother and father, Jacob, and himself.

The drive to the nearest populated town took over two hours, not

because of traffic but because the roads were in such bad shape after 22

winters and springs without repairs. They were still lucky in that the

bridges were still holding but they lost one tire during a rough patch of

road. The only town of any size was Burlington, which still had a rail

line to major cities. The town was filled mainly with folks too old or

sick to work. Labor bosses would come now and then to pick up anyone who

might be useful and sometimes those who were more valuable as lab

rats. After they arrived, they stopped at a scrap yard and sold the car for

a few hundred dollars and made there way to the local diner not noticing

the man in the building across the street who saw the transaction.

'We'll be able to take a train to Steward city and see about some job

training.' Jacob said while they ate. 'Your father was good at accounting

and you learned calculus and statistics pretty quickly. Will have to

change your last name though.'


'Let me just say that I don't want GenCorp to know that another

Mr. Keller walks the Earth.'

'What should I call myself.'

'How about..' Jacob started with a wicked grin; '...Mr. Sweet Ass or

Mr. Give E. Sum or ...'

'I should call you Mr. Horn E. Fellow the way you're talking.' Scott

laughed. 'What was my Father's lover's name.'

'Well, they never consummated the relationship but your father really

loved him.' Jacob said seriously. 'His name was Travis Gannon.'

'Then I guess I'll be Scott Gannon and you?'

'Well I like the name you already mentioned but I guess I'll be

Patrick Travis. I have to keep the Irish in my name you know and keeping my

last name will help you remember it.'

'You loved Travis also?'

'Yes, he could be a bit pushy at times but I was the First so I had

the advantage.'

'You like bossing people around even when your suppose to be

following them.'

'No, I'm just stuck in my ways that's all. The more you experience

the more you think you know how things should be done.'

'Are you sure you don't want to be Tor.'


After paying the bill, they left the caf for the id station to

get their city permits. Just as they were leaving, three men who been

waiting at the door rushed them with knives. Scott was the first one

stabbed as Jacob was holding the door open. All three knives entered his

gut and Scott fell backwards to the ground. Scott could hear Jacob scream,

which was followed by a white flash, and then multiple screams. Scott then

saw Jacob over him crying and screaming for help. The sound of a siren

could be heard approaching before Scott blacked out.



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