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Scott awoke with his head poking out of a tank of blue fluid. His

stomach itched but he wasn't able to scratch it. The room he was in was

completely white with no visible doors or windows.

'Hello?' He called out.

A portion of the wall opened to reveal a man dressed in a white

doctor's coat. The blond hair man was holding a clipboard and had a

jittery nervousness about him.

'Umm hi, I'm doctor Ryan Vassar, I'm ugh, glade that your now awake.'

'What happened?'

'You don't remember?'

'The last thing I remember was being stabbed by three men.'

'Umm yes, that's what happened. You were attack by a group of thugs

whom your companion killed and you were brought here for medical


'Where is here?'

'Well ugh, you're in Steward City about 120 mile from where you were


'When will I be able to leave the tank?'

'Well ugh, umm well I think that umm...' The doctor struggled.

At that moment, a woman had entered the room that had a strong

resemblance to the first doctor. She was the first woman Scott could

remember ever seeing.'

'Hello Mr. Gannon, please forgive my brother he's a little new at

this. I'm Dr. Vassar, Elizabeth Vassar.'

'Hi...' Scott said a little nervously. I was unsure how one was

suppose speak to a woman.

'Never seen a woman doctor before?'

The blushing on my face spoke volumes on my knowledge of women.

'Oh my, you've never met a woman before.'

Scott's blush got deeper.

'You've never even seen a woman on television.' she said flabbergasted

Scott tried to give his head a nod but the tank was in the way.

'Well that's a relief, I don't have to worry about any presupposed

expectations you might have on how women are SUPPOSE to act, all that

'Birth of Victory' crap.

'Never even heard of it.'

'Where have you been living, in a cave for the past 24 years?'

'No in a cabin in Vermont.'

'Just as bad.'

'Where is Ja.. Patrick.' Scott caught himself.

'Well, we were hoping to wait to tell you the news but...'

'He's not dead?'

'Oh no, there was just an issue about your bill. The emergency

transportation, life support, time in the tank are all very expensive.

They were going to start carving you up for organs until my brother here

stopped them. He pointed out that both of you appear young and healthy and

that if both of you sign labor contracts it could pay off the debt.'

'So where is he?'

'The military bought off his contract and shipped him out right away.

His contract almost paid off the entire amount but you still owe


Scott was stunned into silence; the male doctor made a half step move

towards him but his sister cut him off.

'Come on Ryan we have twenty more patients to see today.'

'Umm yes sis.'

'Stop calling me that.'

'Yes Lisa.'

If all women are like that, Scott was scared to meet more.

'Your such a baby.' Elizabeth or as she preferred Lisa said to her

twin brother. 'Ever since he came here your been coming up with reasons to

keep him here and visit him. He's a country bumpkin and nothing more.'

'He's a good person.' Ryan defended himself. 'And I know of some

sister whose been dropping by a lot also.'

'That was just to make sure you weren't still wasting time there.'

'You ruined his life, we could of paid off his bill with what you

spend on cloths alone.'

'If you give them an inch they'll take a mile.'

'He wouldn't.'

'You don't know that for sure.' Lisa said off handedly

Ryan grabbed his sister and made her face him. 'Yes I do.'

'Yes your right.' Lisa said knowing of the suffering Ryan had to go

through because of his gift. Ryan had all three talents, a very rare

occurrence, while he wasn't an Alpha or Omega, he was stronger then most.

It was his talents in empathy that their older brother Gordon valued. Ryan

was one of a few people who could lessen Gordon's rampages. Most of the

empaths their brother used would die within a few months. Gordon loved

Ryan as did Ryan but he also feared him. Gordon never hurt Ryan when he

was a child but on his 18th birthday he tried to become Ryan's Tor but Ryan

refused. Gordon, humiliated by that act of defiance had the mark

physically tattooed on each other. Lisa had then stepped forward and

demanded that Gordon let Ryan go and in an act of remorse he did. Lisa and

Ryan had then taken up visiting hospitals around the world constantly

moving so it would be harder for Gordon to find them. But, every so often

Gordon would knock on their door and Ryan would have to spend the night

with him. The thing that Lisa did not understand was how Ryan could still

love their brother, the man who had killed their father. Ryan would always

say that there was good in Gordon but Lisa failed to see it. Lisa had made

the mistake of getting a boyfriend and introducing him to Gordon. Gordon

had taken an automatic liking to the man, which surprised Lisa since Gordon

was very possessive of his family. She found the reason why when her

boyfriend would tell her that Gordon was always popping up wherever he was.

Gordon would tell him how much he wanted him in the family. Lisa became

concerned and went looking for her brother the next day. She found him in

the lab where he had her boyfriend strapped to a table with hundreds of

needles in his body. Gordon was excited to see her and told her that he

was bringing her boyfriend into the family. Her boyfriend became the first

Drone, Gordon's replacement for the animorph guards. After that, Lisa

never entered into another relationship and gained the title the Ice


'I don't want him to leave.' Ryan moaned.

'We will have to let him go soon or Gordon might notice your behavior

and make him a Drone.'

'No, Gordon would like him.'

'That's what I'm afraid of.'

Gordon was humming a merry little tune as he walked through the

sub-basements of his lab. The passageways were guarded by his Drone guards

came to attention as he passed. He stopped at seeing one of the guards and

examined his face. 'I remember you, you were one of Ryan's friends in

school. Ryan would be so happy to see that you joined the family.' Gordon

commented before continuing on.

He was in a good mood this morning. The first clone was ready. He

could finally ask for forgiveness. It had taken several hundred tries but

he finally had gotten it right. The clone was a perfect copy in every way

of the original Mr. Keller. Even the connections of the neurons were the

same. Gordon could now ask John for forgiveness for his death and others.

Then they could go on their date. He touched the glass panel where the

body stood inanimate in the blue tank. He nodded to the lab technician and

an electrical charge was sent into the body. The heart began to beat and

the body rose out of the tank but before the body was half out, the body

experienced heart failure. Gordon panicked and used his powers to rip the

body off the supporting platform and on to the medical table. The doctors

came rushing in with emergency equipment but as each one looked at the

scanners they stopped. The neurons were disconnecting from each other,

liquefying the brain, a gray fluid could already be seen coming out the

ears and nose. Gordon, who had been using his talent to keep the heart

beating, gave out a wail. The doctors who now gathered in fear started

screaming when the drones came in to escort them to be processed. They now

would become drones or living factories. When the room was cleared of

everyone, Gordon burned the body. He then went down a secret passage to

the room where he had preserved John's body.

'I'm so sorry!' he cried.

Dr. Ryan Vassar released Scott from the tank that morning and walked

him to a normal bedroom where Scott saw Dr. Vassar had turned part of it

into an office with a desk and stacks of paperwork.

'Don't mind me.' Ryan excused himself. 'This place is so busy that

they ugh...needed my office.

Scott tried to smile but he felt lost without Jacob. As long as Scott

could remember they had never been apart from each other. Now, he did not

know if he would ever see him again.

Ryan could sense Scott's sadness and he wanted to help but was afraid

that his sister would get mad at him for doing so. Ryan wanted a friend, a

real friend, a friend that knew nothing about his infamous brother. The

problem was that before now, he never knew any gifted person like that.

They either pushed him away in terror or feigned friendship in the hope of

reward. Scott, lacking development and awareness of his talent was an

oddity even more so in that he was an unregistered talent. During the

illness, Gen-Corp had taken over most of the world's hospitals. Gordon had

used this advantage to find anyone of any talent. With the help of the

military, all talents were required to be registered with the military

government. The records on Scott though were blank. There wasn't even a

birth record on him. He was the closest thing Ryan could have to an

imagery friend being real. Ryan also knew that Lisa was aware of this

advantage. After giving Scott a pill to help him relax, Ryan waited at his

bedside until Scott fell asleep. He then rested his head next to Scott's

body and pretended that they were a happy couple living a normal life


Lisa was in the bathroom again for the third time today wiping away

the blood from her nose. The bleeding had been getting worse for the past

two years and she knew that her time was running out. The drugs that

prevented her from loosing her mind were slowly killing her. She was not

so much concerned with her own death as she was about leaving some part of

herself behind. She wanted to have a child. A child would be her monument

of life in protest against her brother's monument of death. Scott could

give her that child. Not that other men would not be willing to help

provide one but all other men had their DNA on record. If Gordon ever

suspected that she had a child, he could find it and the parent based on

the DNA. But if the father's DNA was not on record, the computer would not

be able to find a match. Scott was the sole invisible man in a labeled

society. He had another advantage that brought jealousy out of Lisa, Ryan

had a crush on him. After she died, Ryan would be alone with Gordon. She

had been looking for someone for Ryan, it would be perfect if the one was

both her husband and his lover. She just was not expecting of feeling

angry that Scott had caught Ryan's eye. She was also concerned that from

what Ryan had said Scott did not even know what a dick was really good for.

After cleaning herself up, she went looking for her brother but found

that not only he but also his whole office was missing from his office.

'Ryan you're going to attract attention to yourself.' Lisa muttered. It

was not uncommon for Ryan to have crushes on his patients, people who were

unconscious and unaware of his feelings but this time it was getting out of

hand. He had spent the last three nights sleeping in the tank room with

Mr. Gannon and now it appeared he had moved his office to his bedroom. She

reached the recovery ward and looked up at the board for Scott's room and

just as she expected, her brother was daydreaming with his head on Scott's


'Ryan are you out of your mind!'

Ryan jumped with a start. 'He doesn't mind. I'm not hurting anyone am


'You're hurting yourself that's what.' Lisa scolded.

'He's an innocent.' Ryan plead. 'His life before now has been free

from corruption. All he knows is love and acceptance. When I'm in his

mind I can feel what's that like. He can love us Lisa. He can actually

love us.' Ryan said before saying the major point. 'He can love both of


Lisa began crying. All the fake smiles, false promises she had to

endure flooded her mind at that moment. Everyone loves Lisa until she

turns the corner and then they spit on her footsteps because they hate her

brother. While the drugs blocked most of her talent, the small part that

remained was her link to Ryan. That is how she always knew when he was in

danger from Gordon. It also caused conflict. Whenever one of them would

have a crush on a person, the other twin would have the same feelings. The

only way they could fight it was if one of them worked at hating the

person. That is what Lisa had been trying but she could no longer keep it


Scott awoke to see the two Dr. Vassar's hovering over him. Both

looked like they've been crying.

'What's wrong?' Scott asked

'Nothing Mr. Gannon.' Lisa sniffled, 'I want to apologize for being a

pain earlier today.'

'Not a problem.' Scott said, shrugging it off.

'You don't mind my brother working here do you?'

'No, it feels better with him here actually. I'm not use to being by

myself for long periods of time.'

'Well I'm glade he's keeping you company then. I'll check on you in a

little while. See you later Ryan.'

'Bye.' Ryan said, not taking his look off Scott.

After Lisa had left, Scott turned his head to face Ryan.

'Your sister can be nice when she wants to.' Scott commented.

'Yeah, she was sort of angry with herself earlier this morning and she

took it out on you.'

'What was she angry about?'

'Liking you.' Ryan blurted out without thinking.

'Were you suppose to tell me that?' Scott asked with a smile.

'Well umm, I wasn't suppose to tell you but you should know.'

'Why would a person be angry about liking someone?'

'Ugh, well, umm...'

'Let me guess I should know but your not going to tell me.'

Ryan just shook his head yes.

'Well I like you both too.' Scott smiled.

It took Ryan a few seconds before he understood what Scott had just

said but when he did he out a great; 'YES!' that brought several nurses

into the room.

The next day Scott was given several intelligence tests and while he

did poorly on modern history, technology, and science he scored well in

math, reading/writing, dimensional thinking, and theory/application, which

meant that he could learn what he did not know quickly. Lisa and Ryan were

very impressed by his scores and Ryan made sure to take a jab at her about

her 'country bumpkin' comments earlier. Scott tried to put on a brave face

but he missed Jacob.

Scott was informed that his contract had been picked up by a

subsidiary of Steward

Finance in Chicago and Lisa and Ryan were now ready to plan their big

escape. Ryan had learned that a terrorist group was planning to bomb the

hospital's biohazard building the next day. As part of their attempt, they

were going to shut off all surveillance for a five-mile radius. That will

be their chance to escape and when the military sends in the incineration

bombs to kill of any escaped germs, Gordon will think that they were dead.

They both agreed that they could not tell Scott what was about to happen.

Gordon first heard the report from one of his agents that terrorists

had taken the hospital that Ryan and Lisa were reported at. He tried to

get a video feed to the hospital but found that they were all out. He

tried to get the military to send in a rescue team but they refused. They

said that the terrorists had already broken into the contagious dieses

storage room, and were threatening to release them into the air. They had

no choice. Gordon watch as the hospital was fire bombed believing his

family was now dead.

Jacob was coping, that is the only way he could put it. Knowing that

he had signed the contract to save Scott's life helped when he dealt with

missing him. Many of the troops along the dead-man zone along the Ural

Mountains were animorphs, but untalented. Jacob, who registered as a Beta

was assign as the personal aid to Major General Steward who was also a

talented animorph. When he arrived at the General's camp, Jacob felt a

sense of sadness from the troops. Everyone was walking as if they were

half asleep with their heads down.

The jeep stopped in front of a large tent where men were streaming out

while carrying boxes. A sergeant met Jacob and escorted him in. Inside

was chaos. Men were packing up as if a massive attack was expected.

Papers were being shifted though while computer data was copied at the

several terminals in the tent. In the middle of the cyclone sat a man

sobbing. Jacob could see by the man's uniform that he was the major


As the sergeant escorted Jacob to the general he began whispering into

his ear.

'A sniper took out the general's First about two weeks ago while on

patrol. The general has not been the same since. High command was always

critical with Gen. Steward's decision to bond with his First. The army

actually has rules barring it but because of Gen Steward's family he was

able to get an exemption. We can't function with the Tor in this condition

so high command has removed him from command.'

'Then why was I brought here?' Jacob asked

'The army doesn't want to have to explain why they didn't do anything

to help the general to the Steward family. When the army saw a contract

for a T-Beta/E-Gamma on the market, they bought your contract. You're to

help him recover while he returns to civilian life.

'I can't be his First.' Jacob said sternly.

'We understand that, no one can force you to be his First but he needs

an empath if he's going to survive.' The sergeant pleads with Jacob.

'I'll do what I can.' Jacob said resigned.

The man Jacob was brought to had a totally disheveled look. A smell

of sweat and urine penetrated the air around him. His skin was blotchy

while his eyes look red and infected. The nails of his hands were dirty

and chewed upon. His whole body seemed to be shaking and there was a aura

of nervous tension. The sergeant called out to the general several times

but was unable to get a response. When he placed his hand on the man's

shoulder, a fist met the sergeant's chin, knocking him out.

Jacob knew he had to act quickly. Using his own gifts, he forced the

general to the ground, immobilizing him. The general tried to struggle,

twisting this way and that but was unable to escape Jacob's mental grip.

When the fight seemed to leave him. Jacob put the man to sleep.

'Get a doctor for the sergeant.' Jacob ordered the stunned officers;

'and carry the general to a washroom.'

Two men quickly picked up the general while a third went to get a

doctor. Jacob followed the men to a tent lined with metal bathtubs. After

laying the general on the ground, Jacob dismissed the men and turned his

attention to the soiled general. He woke the general up and proceeded to

strip the general of his uniform. The general tried to fight him but his

mind was too tired to put up much of one against Jacob's gentle but firm

control. The man, in his grief had allowed himself to defecate on himself

and the shit was now a dry crust around his ass. Jacob controlled his urge

to retch and lead the general to the showers. He left him there for a half

hour to rinse away all the filth. He then lowered the general to a hot tub

of water. The general started crying at this point but he had screamed his

voice raw. Blood began to gurgle out of his mouth. Jacob made a calming

cooing sound while rubbing the general's throat. The general stopped

trying to vocalize his grief but took up hiccupping instead. Jacob

continued to sooth the general while using his empathy talent to heal the

general's throat while lessening the man's grief.

While trying to heal the man, Jacob started examining his patient. He

was a about 6' tall with hazel eyes. His hair was a dark brown with a

military cut. He had a footballer's build with thick calves and thighs

that were matted with hair. His chest was built but lack a six pack and

was covered with a fine layer of brown hair. The last thing Jacob noticed

was a tan line on a left finger where a ring had been.

As Jacob began to lift the general out of the tub, the man grabbed

Jacobs lower arm and in a horse voice said; 'Don't leave me.'

Since arriving in Chicago, Scott had spent the last three months in

job training learning the in's and out's of modern technology. Today was

going to be his first day at his actual job. Scott arrived with the rest

of the job trainees to the lobby of the Steward Finance's Chicago office.

They had all been stripped down to a white tee shirt and a pair of white

briefs that left Scott feeling over exposed in the large, cold lobby. Once

we were lined up, several men in business suits came down the stairs and

started inspecting us as if they were examining livestock. They looked at

the info cards around our necks to learn what jobs skills they had but they

seemed to give that data very little attention in comparison to the

physical inspections they were giving. The suits would grab the trainee's

biceps as if to gain an idea of how developed they were. They would do the

same to the legs and chest. A few would even grab the groin and fondle it

before moving to another trainee. While the trainees had been told to

remain still during the inspection process, some of the trainee's appeared

to think they could land better jobs by taking a more active role. While

one suit was examining the mouth of a trainee, the trainee stuck out his

tongue and curled it up back into his mouth while leaning forward as if to

invite the inspector for a visit. The suit gave him a sly smile but did

not accept the invitation. He instead slipped his hand up the man's briefs

and groped around for a little while before moving on to the next trainee.

A few seminally popular trainees had several men in suites rubbing against

them and receiving an oral inspection. Scott felt very nervous around the

goings on at the moment. The physical motions of the suits and trainee's

did not make sense to me. Scott could not understand their behavior.

Jacob and he had wrestle around with each other but the feelings these men

were giving off did not seem to be just goofing off. Most of the suits

that came to him would read his card and start laughing. A few would make

a grope or two but did not see the reaction in Scott that they were hoping

for. Slowly, one by one, the other trainee's were selected and led off.

When Scott appeared to be one of the last three remaining, two men came

running down the stairs.

'You're late Lance, it seems you and Fred will be stuck with the runts

this time.' Said one of the suits that was now walking away with one of the

three remaining trainees.

The taller of the two men punched his companion in the arm. 'I told

you to finish the report yesterday but Noooo you believed the boss would

not want it till next week! Now we'll be stuck with the dumb sluts that no

one wants.'

At that comment Scott looked over to the other remaining trainee. It

was Larry Fisher, the man who was rumored to have slept his way through

training. Even now, Larry was the only trainee to have actually stripped

for the suits. While several of the men in suits had seemed to enjoy their

physical inspection of him, they all left after seeing his information

card. Larry had taken on a dejected look on his face until the two men had

showed up. At seeing them he began stroking himself and hooting at the two

men to come over. One of the two men took one look at him and took up a

wary while the other seemed to see it as an opportunity to have fun.

'No Lance, we're all ready in enough trouble with being behind. That

guy has trouble written all over him.'

'But he could be a lot of fun!' The shorter man defended himself.

'We don't need fun. We need a promotion. We need smart and dull since

you don't seem to be able to think beyond next night's bed companion.'

'Well I have to find someone since your no fun any more.'

'I'm no fun! I'm too busy saving your ass my dear to be having fun!'

'And you love it.'

'Yes crab apple of my eye I love that ass of yours.'

'Its not like I'm totally worthless you know. I got us all those

contracts last year.'

'Yes I know, you're the PR guy of the team as you put it.


'I just wish you could also help me with some of the paper work is


'Well maybe Mr. Free Spirit over there is good with numbers?' The

shorter man said with a hopeful tone.

'If he were, someone would of picked him by now. No, the only numbers

that guy can give would be ones up the ass.'

'And pretty impressive one's at that.' Lance lusted.

'All right we'll check him out but if his rating is below a triple C

then no deal.'

'A triple C, wow you are being generous today.' The shorter man said

in a surprised tone.

The two men went over to the now excited Larry who proceeded to jump

on the taller man, showering him with kisses. The taller man whom Scott

guessed was named Fred, handed the over eager Larry to Lance so that he

could pick up the man's info card which Larry had tossed to the floor when

he had stripped. Larry was in the process of unbuckling Lance's belt when

Fred whispered something in Lance's ear.

'A double H or worse!' Lance shouted. Our dog is smarter then this


'In the areas of self control, judgment, knowledge, and technical

skills, yes.' Fred said with a self-satisfied expression.

'He must of scored high on something!' Lance insisted.

'He did, in PR entertainment he had a CCC ranking but I thought you

would not want that sort of competition.'

'I'm a AAAA man, how can you make such a comparison!' Lance was


'I'm just saying that you don't want a CCC PR guy messing up all your

hard work.'

'Damn right!'

'So lets go see what the other fellow has to offer.' Fred soothed

'I guess so.' Lance said dejectedly at loosing what he first saw as

an opportunity.

The two men walked over to Scott with Fred trying to pep Lance up

after his loss.

'Come on, you haven't even looked at this guy yet. He looks pretty


'I guess so but I bet he's a twit also since no one picked him.'

Fred gave me a warm smile before looking up at my card at which time

he gave out a loud whistle until he read the bottom of the card where he

proceeded to laugh.

'I can't believe it.' He said.

'What?' Lance who had been distracted from his goggling.

'He's perfect. His scores in natural intelligence are higher then


'Then what's so funny.'

'We are or I should our society is.' Fred laughed. 'Here is a guy

who would be perfect for any team to have but because he's a Wilder, no one

wants him.'

'Well that's obvious.' Lance said as a matter of fact.

'Yes but it's just a stupid prejudice against country folk. Everyone

in the cities is so caught up in sex that they see a virgin as being


'They are'

'Lance grow up, we were all virgins at one point in our lives.'

'Yea but we change that as soon as possible. Look at him, he must be

in his mid-twenties, being a virgin at his age makes him a freak.'

Scott did not understand what all this virgin talk was about but he

could see that Fred wanted to pick him but that Lance was afraid of getting

some sort of social stigma if they hired him. Fred seemed to be trying to

think his way out of this dilemma when a smile appeared on his face.

'He could be a great PR item.' Fred said


'Well think about it, you could bring him along when you meet up with

clients and show him off.'


'You could use him to show how dedicated we are to serving our clients

while also providing a piece of forbidden eye candy.'

'Yeah!' Lance said now seeing the picture. 'I know several clients

who feel that the world is too sex focused. Offering them the chance to

talk to a sexually naive person would be enjoyable for some of them. And

if he's as smart as you say he is, he can be our secret weapon. No one

thinks a virgin has any brains to them since no one in their right mind

would be one.'

'So, you agree that we should take him?'

'If he makes you happy dear.' Lance said, trying already to avoid

responsibility if Fred's idea turns out to be a flop.

'I'm sure he will.' He said before turning his attention to me. 'Well

I better ask you your name.'

'Scott Gannon.' Scott replied, not knowing what he had just gotten


Hal Steward never wanted to be head of Steward Finance. Just like his

younger brother he had wanted to take his own road not one paved by his

father. But with his father's death at an early age and Russ being still a

kid. Hal found that life really was not a world of unlimited

possibilities. He had also been an officer in the army. It had given him

the discipline needed to run the world's investment market. Most people

felt that he was a man who had everything but he felt he had nothing.

Fearing love, Hal had been the only officer ever to serve without a First.

He was also one out of the two leaders of the Group of Five who did not

have a bond mate. The other being Jason Vasser. That did not mean that

Hal did not have a sex life it was just very superficial. His social life

was made up of loud parties and group orgies. While most men were enamored

with the CEO, none had captured his heart. Men had sex too easily he felt

including himself. He had long given up on the idea of courtship and true

love. The best he now felt he could get was to just to have a good time.

He was disappointed he was going to miss this year's interns but he had to

attend the five-year conference between the Group of Five to decide who

would win the upcoming war between NATO and the Asian Alliance. Gaining

the right to form personal armies and territorial powers were this year's

goals and Ian could not risk leaving such an important moment to others.

He hoped the conference would be short since there was one intern whose ass

he'd been eyeing for some time.

Jacob had come back to the United States when the once General Steward now

just Mr. Steward was well enough. During the recovery, Russ would never

let Jacob out of his sight. The damaged man now stripped of his First, who

had also been his bond mate, and his pack could not stand to be alone. The

mark of a Tor had faded from his arm when the new general had arrived to

take command of the troops. Jacob retook the old role of parent in his

care taking of Russ. Therefore he was not surprised when he woke up one

morning to find the mark of the Tor on his arm and the mark of the First on

Russ's. On the flight back to Steward City, he had been warned by several

of the crew members that Russ's older brother Hal might be mad to see a

stranger was now his brother's Tor. The Steward's were a proud family and

not taken to serving others. Russ though needed leadership now in being

guided out of his sorrows.

When they arrived at the city they were met by several security personnel

and an older version of Russ whom Jacob assumed was his brother. The man

was taller and slimmer then his brother and had salt and pepper hair but

had the same military clean-cut appearance. Jacob had to lead in front of

Russ who supported himself by placing on hand on Jacob's shoulder as they

slowly walked forward. The brother gave Jacob a quick nod then moved

forward to hug his brother.

'I'm glad you're home brother.' Hal said while embraced. Russ just

whimpered while a few tears ran down his face.

'I'll take you to the Club Building. Your old room is still there.

Everyone will be happy to see you.' Hal said as they entered the car but

what he thought was; 'Mr. Travis, please put my brother to sleep so we can


Once Russ was asleep, Hal cleared his voice before starting. 'Mr. Travis

I'd like to thank you for helping my brother. While it would be a lie for

me to say that I'm glade you're his Tor, I believe I would be correct in

presuming that it was his choice.'

Jacob just nodded.

'I never wanted my brother to join the army but he wanted to go out on his

own and earn a name for himself. He even dragged his bond mate Kyle into

the mix. Made him his First. Never should of happened. Its what got him

into this mess. To have either your bond mate or your first die is bad

enough but for them to die at the same time I believe has shattered my


'I'll do what I can.' Jacob replied.

'I'm sure you will. I made a mistake in letting him go last time. I'll

never make that mistake again. He'll need a new bond mate soon and I'm in

the process of finding one for him. Until then, I'd like you to stay with


Jacob felt a tug at his heart. He wanted to go looking for Scott but now,

as Russ's Tor, he was also responsible for his as well. He had to make a

decision he did not want to make. 'I'll stay.' He finally said.



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