It was during Scott's physical therapy that Carl finally built up the

courage to see him again. Alex was helping Scott out on his stretches,

pushing down on his back as Scott leaned forward to touch his toes, when

Carl dismissed him and took his position.

Scott knew at once when Carl touched his back. Only Carl seemed to

have that tingling effect on him. 'Its good to see you again Carl.' Scott

said as he rose up and turned to face him.

'I just needed to be with you again.'

'No problem.'

'Well that's the thing, its is a problem for me.'

'Carl, I understand you still feel guilty over what happened but

don't look toward me for guilt over it.' Scott said as he bent down again.

'Why do you have to be so good?' Carl said in a half complaint and

half moan.

'I don't see myself as good. I just see myself as a person.'

'That's the problem, you don't know how good you are!' Carl said

while waving his hands about.

'It's not a problem as long as you don't make it one.' Scott said as

he stood up.

Carl couldn't take it any more and grabbed Scott's head by both hands

and kissed him right on the lips. 'Sorry I just had to do that.' He

quickly apologized when he released the kiss but continued to hold Scott's


'It's ok Carl.' Scott was able to mumble out with his checks pressed

together by Carl.

Carl though had a panicked look on his face as he began to drag Scott

by the face to the bedroom where he pushed Scott down on the bed. He then

began to shuck off his cloths.

Scott kept his cloths on but plopped off his shoes before getting

under the covers. ' You know most guys who like each other hold hands not

faces when walking together.' Scott laughed.

'Sorry, I just didn't want to let go.' Carl explained as he hoped on

one foot as he tried to untie his own shoes.

'What do you want?' Scott asked, curious over Carl rush to get


'Oh its not sex... I just want you to hold me as much as possible. I

don't want cloths between you and me touching.'

'Ok.' Scott agreed as he started taking off his cloths and throwing

them off the bed.

The two of them were soon naked and Carl climbed onto the bed and on

to Scott. Scott them pulled up the sheets to cover them both. Cal rested

his head in the groove of Scott's neck while Scott soothingly rubbed his


'Would you mine if I was on the bottom?' Carl asked after several


'Sure.' Scott agreed. He then held Carl tightly as he rolled the

two of them together so he was now on top.

'Thanks, I feel so safe with you on top of me. It's like you are

protecting me.'

'It's called being loved.' Scott smiled back.

'I guess so because I love you.' Carl agreed.

'I do to.' Scott returned.

Now here was an area of misunderstanding. For Carl, his love was of

that of a lover but for Scott, it was the love one has for a good friend.

Scott had not yet learned how to express difference between the two while

Carl had yet to learn that there were other kinds of love. But none of

that matter at the moment, both were happy with the love they gave each


Ryan was just falling asleep in his newly decorated room when he

heard the side door open. Gone were the cute furniture, toys, airplane

wallpaper and stuffed animals. His room now had dark blue painted walls

with white trim, adult sized furniture, and a writing desk. His extra long

single bed had been replaced with a double and was made of brass and not

balloon painted wood. The only thing he kept from the old room was a

family photo of Gordon, Elizabeth, and himself.

He felt a warm body join him in bed and knew it was his brother.

They had used to sleep with each other often before Ryan had left with his

sister. It was Gordon's way of saying he loved you but also that he felt

unloved himself.

Ryan gave Gordon a few reassuring kisses allowed him to put his arms

around him. Gordon began humming a lullaby more to himself then to Ryan.

Gordon had grown from a 4-year-old boy to a 21-year-old man in a matter of

weeks back when he wanted to go on a date with John. It had left him in

many ways still a child with all the insecurities that entailed. Ryan was

glad that he had not been forced to go through the same process and did

experience the awkward teen years.

Ryan almost jumped when his bother started squeezing his ass and get

into some heavy necking. His brother must of definitely recognized that he

had grown up because this was the first time Gordon had come into his bed

and developed a hard on.

Ryan also was getting hard. His brother was a real hunk and he had

developed a crush on him as a teenager. Gordon was tall with a long

slender body that had a well-formed chest and six-pack that was lightly

tanned. He had silver gray eyes that sparkled from his narrow face that

was topped with curly, dark blond hair. Making love to his brother had

always been a fantasy and no it appeared to be about realized..

Gordon's kissing became more fevered as he kneaded his butt. 'I love

you Ryan. I have always loved you. I have...'

'Shhh! Brother it's all right. I love you too.'

'But I want to... I want... I want to love you, both of you.' Gordon


Yes, Ryan knew that, and had known it since he entered puberty.

Elizabeth had known it to. It was why Elizabeth wanted to leave home so

badly. Lisa had used to excuse that she was leaving to save Ryan from him

brother but Ryan had never wanted or needed rescuing. Ryan had gone with

his sister because between the two Ryan felt he could not bear being

separated from her more then Gordon. Now that Ryan had returned, they both

could have the relationship they wanted.

Ryan began to return Gordon's kisses and slipped his hand between

their bodies to get a grip on Gordon's sex and gave it a few quick tugs.

'Oh Ryan, please let me put it in you.'

'You can put it in my mouth but I'm saving my ass for marriage.'

'Then I'll marry you.'

'We can't, we're brothers.' Ryan exhaled as his brother grabbed both

of their dicks and jacked them off together.

'We shouldn't be doing this but we are.' Gordon laughed.

'Yes, but that's out of love for each other. We are brothers. That

is our relationship and its one that can not come much closer.'

'Just let me love you is all I ask.'

'Yes.' Ryan ended the conversation.

Gordon still held on to both their dicks but was slowing working his

mouth down as he arched his back. He then let go of his dick so he could

continue down till his tongue began licking the head of Ryan's cock.

'I'm going to take you brother. I want your seed in my mouth. He

said before he took the veined shaft in his mouth.

Ryan enjoyed his prick filling his brother's hot and humid mouth and

his raspy tongue as it moved about. He nearly shot his load when his

brother took his dick out of his mouth and began licking the underside,

starting from his balls and working up to the top.

'I'm going to cum!' Ryan shouted.

'Give it to me!' Gordon said right before he covered Ryan's prick

again with his mouth but this time he took it all in, down to the pubes,

mashing his sharp nose against Ryan's hairy groin. . Ryan felt the head

of his prick hit something hard in the back of Gordon's throat and with

that impact he shot off his wad down his brother's throat. Ryan then tried

to remove himself but his brother grabbed him by the ass and held him there

making gentle love to him with his tongue against the post orgasm sensitive


'It's your turn brother.' Ryan finally said as he played with his


'Not tonight little one. I still have things to do in the lab.'

Gordon said after he removed his mouth and gave his brother a kiss.

'You still think I'm little?'

'No, I'm just use to calling you that, that's all.' He grinned as he

gave a few pulls on Ryan's seven-inch cock.

'Well at least come back when you're done.'

'I might. I'll have to see. If not, I'll see you in the morning.'

'All right, I love you Gordon.'

'I love you too brother. Now have a good night sleep.' Gordon said

in a babying tone.

Ryan just smiled, he was used to his brother treating him like that

but at least now he saw him as somewhat an adult. He was only surprised

that his brother was leaving so soon. He must have something really

important that he was working on for him to leave like this. But what was

it? What indeed.

The extraction of the collection tube Gordon had hidden in his throat

was harder to get out then it was to put in. It had originally just slid

right in to the pocket he had the doctor's build for him but removing it

required tweezers and that left his throat scratchy for a few minutes while

it healed but it was worth the effort. Only 3 milliliters of semen was

captured but that was all he needed to achieve one of his dreams of having

his own children. By taking an egg and removing its DNA, Gordon could then

insert his own DNA and fertilize the egg with Ryan's sperm. Only one in 20

eggs survived the process but the small sample Gordon had collected tonight

had thousands of tiny little sperm he could use. He and Ryan would go from

just being brothers to being fathers together.

While the experts were selecting the best candidates for

fertilization, Gordon went back to Ryan's bedroom. He saw his brother

sleeping calmly with a smile on his face and not wanting to disturb him,

Gordon took out a small box and placed it on the nightstand before sneaking

out. 'Good night fiance.' He whispered before he closed the door


Around the same time as a life was being conceived a new life was

being born...sort of. Travis remembered Jacob as being a jolly energetic

horndog but he never remembered anything like this. Within the month that

had passed Jacob had single handedly made up for thirty years of no sex for

Travis. Jacob wanted to do it anytime and anywhere. He seemed not able to

control himself he was so sex crazed around Travis. Travis himself seemed

to have problems controlling his sex drive. It only took a hint that Jacob

was interested in doing it for Travis to start ripping off the cloths and

developing the blue sheen of sweat that Jacob had become addicted to. It

got to the point where they had to start each day hunting for new cloths

just to wear in public.

The researchers were still confused over what happened but had come

up with a theory. According to their investigation, the Others, as the

vampires called them, were a species that had both empathic and telepathic

talent and that it was they who gave these genes to humanity. Jacob and

Travis have them both. Since it was believed that these genes came

unaltered from the Others, the addition of Others hormones such as those

found in sweat could have strange effects on a human who had Other genes in

their body. It was similar to what happened to Jeremy who was STILL in his


It was the third week of their sex fest that Jacob suddenly became

ill. It wasn't that he felt sick but his stomach would throw up any food

he tried to eat. There also was the problem of constipation. Jacob hadn't

needed to take a dump for at least two weeks. Jacob first just shrugged it

off due to him not eating until he felt something large and hard moving

down his intestinal tract. Finally Jacob had developed a taste for blood

especially the blue blood Travis had. Travis had given him his first taste

the second night they slept together. He didn't know why he did it but the

effect it had on both of them made it a new part of their sex routine.

They both agreed it was like Travis was pouring himself into Jacob, making

Travis a part of him. It also became the only thing Jacob could now


When the pain in his abdomen became too intense, Jacob went in to see

the doctors where they gave him an enema and x-ray. What they found was

very startling and when they told Jacob the news they couldn't keep him in

the hospital for observation he rushed out so fast.

Jacob went straight to Jeremy's room where he knew Travis would be

and began to yell at him.

'You bastard!' Jacob shouted as soon as he saw Travis's face.

'Hey what's wrong honey? In the mood for a little fucking around?'

Travis laughed, ignorant of Jacob's anger.

'No, I'm never going to let you near my ass again! You got me

pregnant you slime!'

'What do you mean I got you pregnant?' Travis said now that he was

shocked as well.

'Well, its not like I'm having a baby. But...' Jacob stuttered, the

embarrassment now setting in.

'But what Jacob. You can tell me. I need to know if we are becoming

parents together.'

'I'm...I'm... I'm LAYING AN EGG and its all your fault!' Jacob

finally forced himself to say. 'That's why I'm haven't pooped in the past

few weeks, your egg is blocking my shoot.'

'My EGG! Don't you mean OUR egg?'

'You know what I mean. If I never let you stick that prick of yours

up my ass none of this would have happened.'

'But you did dear... Several times in fact. You seemed to have

enjoyed it at the time.'

'I know I did... It's just that I'M a MAN. Men don't get pregnant!

How can I show my face to the other guards.'

'Men also don't lay eggs or at least not these kind.' Travis

couldn't help but chuckle.

'Don't your dare laugh. Don't you dare!' Jacob said as he shook a

finger at Travis who's cheeks were turning a darker gray due to trying to

hold in the laughter.

'I'm sorry, this is very serious of course but you know, I do find it

a big turn on.'

'No! That's what I need! I need you to help get this

thing out of me!' Jacob said in an attempt to ignore Travis's seduction.

' Find it exciting that I now know that when I'm feeding you I'm

feeding our child.' Travis continued as he began necking Jacob, a blue

sheen of sweat coming off him.'

'We shouldn't do this, it might hurt the egg.' Jacob said in a weak

attempt to excuse himself from what was about to happen.'

'Well we don't have to fuck you know. I can think of several other

things we can do to each other.'

'Oh gosh!' Jacob shouted as Travis began twisting his nipples.

'So what do you say, a little sex, some feeding and then we can talk

about parenting styles. I know you have a lot more experience then I do in

raising kids so we have a lot to talk about.'

Jacob gave up fighting and allowed Travis to slip a hand underneath

his pants and shorts and grip his dick. Maybe due to Travis new view of

Jacob carrying his child, Travis gently took off Jacob's cloths this time

instead of ripping them off. He then lay Jacob down on the ground and

began kissing his stomach as if to kiss the egg underneath the skin and


'I'm going to be a daddy!' Travis laughed as his head rested on

Jacob's belly. 'From now on your stomach is the part of you I like the


'Glad you like it but other part's of me need attention too.' Jacob


'I know, your dick comes in as a close second'

'Then why don't you show it how much you care?'

'I'm just getting to that.' Travis grinned as he grabbed Jacob's

dick and flapped it around a few times.'

'Can I have yours too?' Jacob asked with a hungry look at the tent in

Travis's pants.

'You most certainly can! Just let me get out of these pants.'


'Why the rush?' Travis laughed as he pulled out one leg.

Jacob smiled at seeing Travis's dick sticking straight up. He wasn't

wearing underwear. It was good in that it left one less article of clothing

to remove. 'It is not like I'm in a hurry. I'm just very horny right now.'

'Sword fight!' Travis suggested after he was completely nude.

'Sure!' Jacob agreed, taking the offered hand. The two of them

moved arm width apart with each other holding on to each other's shoulders.

The objective was to try to score a hit on the person's balls using your

dick as a sword. The tricky part was they had to keep their shoulders arms

width apart so it became a combination of limbo and fencing. This lead to

another way to win, cause the person to fall backwards with you on top of

them. Since Travis was so much stronger then Jacob now, flipping to see

who would be on top became no real competition so they had come up with

this game. Travis was still stronger but Jacob, only 5'10' in height to

Travis's 6'4' had gravity on his side for while it was harder for him to

score a hit, he was less likely then Travis to fall backwards.

The two of them would also try to use distraction techniques with

their hands. For while they had to keep contact it didn't mean their

fingers weren't busy. Travis tended to give Jacob a back massage while

Jacob concentrated on rubbing Travis's neck seductively. So it was by

doing these things and being turned on by each other's bodies that precum

would start leaking from their dicks, giving them a way to tell if they hit

the target.

Travis was being very aggressive this go around. He had tended to be

more conservative before since Jacob tended to win by making him fall

backwards. He made a few quick hops forward before giving his hips a sharp

thrust. This hit Jacob's thigh but just missed his balls. Travis then

swung his hips side to side in a vain attempt to score but was soon forced

to jump back when Jacob leaned forward, almost causing Travis to fall back.

'Almost got you that time.' Jacob laughed.

'Well I just missed you by an inch.' Travis said in defense of his


'I know the spot is burning the inside of my thigh. Your cum is so


That gave Travis an idea. The way to score was to put a spot of cum

on the opponent's balls. That is why the tip of one's dick had to make

contact. If he could shoot his load by force of will, it would be like

switching the sword with a machine gun. But how could he work himself to

orgasm without touching himself. The answer came to him: use your


A telepath of his skill could make people see and feel thing that

were not really happening. If he used his own skill on himself he could

imagine Jacob or anyone giving him head. Of course the person that came to

mind was John...Oh he missed him so much.

In his vision they were together in bed back at the old apartment.

John was looking at him with his glowing blue eyes while Travis looked on

with his gray.

' I'm glad you finally found me Travis.'


'Yes Travis, back when we bonded a part of me ended up in you. I've

been watching you ever since.'

'You were always with me?'


'How did I not know?'

'You were too sad or angry to notice that somewhere in you there was

still love but Jacob helped bring it out again. I'm happy he's back with


'I have so much I want to tell you. I don't know where to start.'

'You don't need to Travis. Remember I've been here the whole time.'

'I love you John.'

'And I always loved you Travis but you must know that all I am is a

memory of my love for you. You need to find the real thing if you're to be

whole again.'

'I just want to stay here with you.'

'You can't Travis. You have to help Jacob and the others and you

have to forgive Gordon.'


'He's your son Travis. You might not have raised him but he came

from you and he needs you. I knew from the moment I saw the tears in his

eyes that my death would hurt him more then anything he did to me. You

nearly dying killed me but my death twisted the poor boy.'

'I know.' Travis admitted

'Then tell him you're his father. He already knows the truth but he

still needs you to claim him as yours. It would do a lot to heal his heart

and yours'

'I'll do it then John...for you

'Just be sure that you do it for yourself as well.'

'Thanks John...Can I kiss you goodbye.'

'Yes love,' John's memory responded.

The two of them kissed for the last time. Travis would at times be

tempted to return to this vision but he would resist. John wanted him to

get on with his life and knowing that John's love would be with him forever

removed the need to despair his loss.

When Travis ended the vision his balls were well drenched in precum

and Jacob with a worried expression was shaking.

'Are you all right Travis?'

'Oh yes I'

'What happened you just spaced out.'

'I was saying goodbye to John. I just found out that a part of him

is still inside me.'

'Let me see!' Jacob asked excitedly as he removed his hands from

Travis's shoulder and put them to his forehead. 'He's in there all right,

the sneaky bastard, hiding from us all these years.'

'It's only a memory.' Travis said

'But that is what we are made up of, memories.' Jacob said with


'Yes but it's one I'll never look at again. It gave me a chance to

finally say goodbye. To do it again... well I'd have to be a masochist to

go back again.'

'I can understand that. Would you mind if I have a nice chat with



Travis watched as Jacob's face went from curiosity, to joy, then

sadness. Tears ran down his face but was soon replaced with laughter.

After a good long chuckle Jacob let go.

'So how was it?' Travis asked.

'It was good to finally say goodbye to him.' Jacob admitted.

'Why do I think your goodbye was more then my kiss.'

'Your right, I finally got to 'flip' him, or at least his memory.

That's what made me sad and laugh at the same time. You're right... I

don't think I'll do this again. One goodbye is enough.'

Scott and Carl now spent an abnormal amount of time together. Each

were curious about the other's life, Carl being a city boy while Scott was

a country mouse. They also became very fascinated with each other's

bodies. Touching each other had a calming effect on Carl. He was happiest

when he was in physical contact with Scott. They never engaged in sex but

would hang around each other like a pair of sleepy puppies, cuddled

together. Scott felt he had found a brother in Carl. He had never had a

brother so he didn't really know what one was but from what he had seen

between his own sons, Carl was an insecure but older brother. They would

spend whole days in bed, Carl resting his head on Scott's chest while the

two would talk about what they and experienced in life and how they felt

about it.

For any outsider, it would be a great surprise to find that they had

never engaged in sexual activity but that's not where their relationship

was. It was a physical relationship but one centered on comforting not

pleasuring each other. It was a relationship based on love but it was an

extreme brotherly love not romantic love. All the barriers had fallen

between the two. They even dreamed together, their minds had so joined.

The pain and shame of being his father son was gone from Carl. Scott

had healed his heart and mind from the guilt that he had once felt. He

never knew how but what happened was Scott used his gift to take away the

memories Gordon had planted in his mind when he was created. All of

Gordon's sad memories were no longer a part of Carl. It could be said that

Carl had been reborn, given a clean slate from which to work. That slate

had now only been backed in the love Scott gave him and that did more then

anything to change Carl from a cold calculating manipulator to a concerned

loving person.

There were also other changes the two were going through. Scott's

hair had started growing from a light brown to a coal black. The same had

happened to Carl's blond hair. Their skin color was also changing. The

tanned skin they both took pride in was slowly fading away to an almost

white marble look. They would make jokes about it but it didn't worry

about it. They were happy. They were content. They were about to have

their world changed.

Scott was cradling Carl head in his lap as the two of them rested in

bed. Carl was still asleep but had a happy smile on his face. Scott was

watching the news dealing with recent business activity. It was just as

Alex came in with breakfast that a major newsbreak came of the television.

'This just in... The Group of Five now seems to be the Group of

Three. MEXTEX Resources, United Industry, and Macrohard have just

announced a three-way merger. Together they will form the largest

corporation, surpassing GenCorp in size. The name of the new company has

been announced as Voxian United and will be headed by an unknown by the

name of Jason Vox. They will also be taking over the Club from GenCorp,

the center of all corporate negotiations. We called requesting an

interview with the new CEO but were told he was away on business. In other


'Well it looks like I better break out the suitcases, the two of you

will soon be moving.' Alex moaned when he heard the report.


'Because of the takeover. These apartments are reserved for the

largest company. As the report said, Voxian United is now the big

dog. They will want to take over here which mean you all will have to move


'Well I better wake Carl then. He knows how the Club works better

then I do. Wakey Wakey Carl.' Scott said as he gave Carl a gentle shake.

'Good morning Scott, kiss kiss.' Carl said with his usual asking for

a morning kiss.

'Morning Carl.' Scott said as he gave Carl a quick peck on the

cheek. 'But I don't know how good it will be though.'

'Why?' Carl asked.

Scott explained what he had just watched on the news. When he was

done he had expected Carl to become angry but what happened surprised him.

'Hahaha! So someone beat me to it!' Carl laughed.

'Beat you to what.'

'My goal in taking over Steward Finances was to get into a position

so I could unite the other three corporations against GenCorp. Steward

Finance has money and controls trade but the other three build the products

needed to fight against my father.'

'So you're not mad.'

'No, I think there might be allies out there for the taking.'

'But why are you so committed to fighting your father.'

'Because I know what he is planning.'

Deep in the underground caves of New Mexico, GenCorp had planted the

seeds of their final plan to take over the world. Where United Industry

and MacroHard relied on old fashion mechanical weapons made of steel and

wire, GenCorp had secretly researched into bio-weapons. Not the clumsy

germ weapons of the Cold War but giant living organisms to replace the

tanks, planes, and ships of modern warfare. Giant two pilot manta rays

shaped aircraft made short hops in the giant caverns. Rooms filled with

living exoskeleton armor that would fuse to human flesh on contact had been

stored for use for the drones. Tanks in the shape of roaches sat in a

dormant sleep waiting for the day when their masters called them into

service. They were armed with bio-charged plasma weapons that required the

use of the oxygen tanks strapped to their sides. Enough equipment was

stored in these caves to fit an army of millions.

Looking from an observation balcony upon this mass of military power

were the two other sons of Gordon Vassar, Derrick and Ulrich Vassar.

'Look at what our father has amassed here brother.' Derrick showed

his new brother. 'With this army at our command the Vassar family will

soon be the only power in the world.'

'I see a lot of weapons brother but not many hands to use them.'

Ulrich sniffed. He hated being treated as a child by his older brother.

'Well that's because they are all on the war front in the Ural

Mountains brother.' Derrick said as if stating the obvious. Now that Carl

was gone, he was second in command of his father's plan.

'You mean the NATO army in already under our control?'

'I mean that both armies are under our control.'


'The animorphs.'

'What do they have to do with it?'

'For the last 30 years we have been making animorphs for both armies

but for the last five years we have been doing more then making animorphs.

We've been making drones. Hidden in the animorph genes are the genes that

will turn the younger animophs into drones, soldiers totally loyal to

GenCorp and our father and through him us.'

'Then why have we not taken over yet?'

'Because we only now have made enough of the altered animorphs to

equip our army but soon father will give the order to attack and then the

world will be ours.'

'You mean father's.' Ulrich disagreed.

'Is there any difference between the two?'

'No, I see your point.'

Both of the younger brothers had been accelerated to adulthood only

with the memories of their father to guide them unlike Carl who while

having his father's memories, had been given a chance to grow and develop

at a normal rate. This did not mean they were clones of their father

though, each chose for themselves which aspect of their father they would

take on. In the case of Derrick it was his father's ambition.



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