The meeting included all the Morgan's, their husbands, and the heads

of all the clans. The issue before them was what to do about the vampire

hunters and the rumors of another lost Morgan son. The room was like the

throne room that most of the people there were married in except that in

the central circle there was now a ring shaped desk with chairs all around.

Only two people were in the room at the moment, the two patriarchs of the

family sitting on the thrones.

'I'm sorry it has come to this James I really am.' Jason told his

husband from his chair.

'So am I am I. Is war really necessary?'

'They are killing us faster then we can reproduce. If things don't

change soon we will all be gone. It is time we join forces with the clans

that are fighting the military.'

'Many will die.'

'Many are dying already. James you know what your gift is capable

of. You fear what would happen if we unite our two halves together. My

telepathic talent with your empathic skill combined...'

'Is the new atomic bomb.' James finished.

'No, it's the next step of evolution. You know what's coming. You

feel us changing. Since our marriage we have become stronger but we have

also begun to change. We are becoming 'Other' James. We have a choice

either to accept this change or to fight it. I'm willing to accept it. You

want to fight it.'

'I'm sacred Jason. I know you see me as the stronger person in the

relationship but I'm scared of the unknown. I still want to be human.'

Jason left his throne and went to James holding his face with both

hands. 'Love, regardless of what happens to us I will always love you.

Even if we loose our humanity I'm certain that this fact will never change.

'And I will always love you Jason... '


'If it's to be war, so be it then.' James finally decided with a

heavy heart.

With that they gave each other one last kiss as human beings. It was

long and sweet but as it progressed their skin turned gray as did their

green eyes. James hair turned from brown to black while Jason's hair went

from his charcoal black to white. When the kiss was done they were 'Other'

'How do you feel?' James asked Jason when they had both caught their


'I still love you!' Jason laughed.

'Same here!' James agreed.

'I know! I can feel it!'

'You're an empath now!'

'I guess that's what you'll call it. Man, was I missing a lot. I

think you empaths get the better deal if this is how your gift works.'

Jason said, drunk on the love he felt.

'It has it moments.' James agreed

'Well are you now a telepath.'

'Let see, you never told me when you were born so if I say 1016 and

get that right I guess that means I'm a telepath.'

'You bastard! You know how I feel about my age.'

'Yes I know but don't worry dear I won't tell a soul.'

'I guess we can let the rest of the family in now.' Jason decided.

'Yes I think we have left them hanging long enough.'

James got up from his chair and together the two of them opened the

large metal doors to let in the crowd that was waiting inside.

'DAD!' Chris shouted when he saw his father.

'Hi son. I decided to try out a new look!' James joked but it

seemed that the clan heads took their new appearances differently as they

went on their knees.

James looked embarrassed by this act but Jason took it all in. 'We

need to be impressive in order for them to listen to us.' Jason mentally

sent James.

'I know, well lets get it over with.'

The meeting's goal was to concentrate the power of the different

Clans into an organized resistance a move that would take them away from

the individual resistance people like Michael had been fighting. They were

to use their considerable talents as telepaths to take over the Group of

Five and the two military governments, NATO and the Asian Alliance. Steps

had already been taken in gaining control of the resource and technology


Chris, David, Josh, Philip, and Logan were all military officers and

had already began to create a plan to convert entire military bases to

their cause. It had been discovered long ago that if a very small blood

kiss was given to a normal human, that person would become a sort of pack

member of the Vampire that did it, making the vampire in a way a Tor except

with greater control over those he kissed. Chris, David, and Josh had

already converted their entire command staff to pack members and were now

expanding into the enlisted men. Logan and Philip as military doctors were

leading inspectors and brought many of the telepaths they had found to

their cause as full vampires.

Robert, now COO of MEXTEX Resources was next in line to be named CEO

when the old one retired next year. With Chad, the CFO of the company

helping him, they had moved people sympathetic to their cause in key


Sam, also a doctor, had gotten lucky and was now head of blood

supplies at GenCorp. He could supply the clans with the blood they needed

so they could walk in sunlight.

The twins, the horndogs that they were, had gone into the

entertainment industry, which during these hedonistic times was about 70%

adult entertainment. They had started out as a pair of porn stars, meeting

the incest and twin fantasy fad at the time. From those meager starts they

now controlled 20% of the entertainment industry composed of movies,

television, music, news media, and publishing. From their position they

could shape public opinion to a more favorable view of vampires.

The last part was of course the Clans. They were needed to increase

the number of vampires not to terrorize but to make them a large enough

portion of the population that they could not be ignored. If every family

had one vampire relative, the theory went, it would be harder for people to

shout for the killing of them. To achieve this aim, there was to be

well-organized attacks on the cities. Cases of vampirism were to hit a

city by infecting hundreds of people in one night. In the short term this

would lead to more vampire hunting but as society had to deal with the

issue of what to do with the victims, the clans hoped that the policy of

flat out extermination would be eliminated to something more humane. It

was this policy that James had the largest problem with.

'I feel like we are doing what reckless people did back in the AIDS

days, spreading vampirism like this.' James complained.

'We are not spreading a dieses James.' Chad defended. 'Yes they'll

have to drink blood but as the people at the firm showed, it can be

controlled with donor blood.'

'I don't want people to suffer, that's all. We are talking about

changing their lives here and in many cases ruining them.'

'What do you want us to do then James.' Jason asked. 'We are dying

out there. If no new vampires are created, those in this room will soon be

the only ones left.'

James thought about it for a long time before he answered. 'I want

this to be restricted to the sick, old and dying.'

'That makes sense,' Chris agreed. If vampirism were seen as a gift,

as a way to heal a person it would gain more acceptance then by picking

random victims. Who knows we might actually start getting hospitals to

invite us in.'

'James that is a great idea!' Jason followed suite before giving his

husband a kiss. 'Do the clans agree?' Jason said with a tone indicating

that they better do so.

'We do prefer healthy victims.' One of the clan heads disagreed.

'Its hard to give the blood kiss to a dying wrinkled old prune.'

'We will do as you say.' All the other clan heads said at once when

they saw Jason's eyes darken to an almost black light.

'Do YOU still disagree Clan Newen?' Jason said in a serious tone,

making sure that his now gray eyes gave off an ominous glow.

'No, I bow to the wishes of the Others.'

'Good, meeting adjourned.'

The clan leaders left the room but the family stayed behind.

'So how does it feel dad to be 'Other'. Nathan begged his dad

'And will it happen to us.' Landon added.

'I don't feel any different other then my skin itching a bit and the

new tan and hair color. As to your question Landon I don't think it will

happen to Nathan and you. It might happen to Chris and Logan though since

both of their husbands are of Clan Vox.'

'Well how do you explain that, I thought that the original vampire

was Vox, the founder of clan Vox? Shouldn't all vampires be of clan Vox

then?' Robert asked.

'That's a long story that had many holes in it before James showed up

but I think I can tell the fullest version yet.' Jason said. 'Back in the

time of the first husbands, Vox and Tor lived quietly by themselves, but

for some reason after many years Vox and Tor had a disagreement and left

each other. I think it was that time that Tor had a child. That would

explain how the Morgan family came to be. Vox, on the other hand needed

blood now that his husband was gone but felt guilty in killing his victims.

This led him to giving them the blood kiss, creating his own children. Vox

now had his family but missed Tor and went looking for him. It took many

years but eventually Vox did find his husband but he was by then old and

near death. Vox took Tor back home and began to feed him, to restore his

youth and health. Whatever the disagreement was had been long forgotten

and the two became a family again but there was trouble. There were no

other brides at the time and the jealousy of the children of their father's

relationship with Tor grew. Only one son of Vox remained loyal to his

father and warned his father to flee with Tor before the children turned on

him. Before Vox and Tor left into the unknown Vox declared the one loyal

son his true heir and gave him a second blood kiss, making him stronger

then any of his brothers. With their father gone the brothers began to

fight amongst themselves but none could challenge the one loyal son who was

now called Vox in honor of his father. Eventually the family scattered

each brother taking on a name of his own and so the different clans and a

tradition was born. When a head of a clan retires, he gives a second blood

kiss to the person he chooses as his heir. The other children are then

given the choice at to remain with the clan or going out to form their own

clan. Early on there used to be thousands of clans but due to the

advantage of numbers, very few now leave their clan when a clan head

retires. This has lead to larger but fewer clans just as it is today.'

'So what ever happened to Vox and Tor?' Saul asked when Jason

finished his story.

'We don't know but it's rumored that they returned to Antarctica and

live in the ruins of the Other civilization.'

'Has anyone gone looking for them there?' Logan asked.

'No,' Philip replied; 'Antarctica is forbidden to us according to our

traditions. For the crime of killing the Other's, even if it was an

accident, we dare not return to the place of our origin.'

'Almost like a ghost story, scary isn't it.' Nathan laughed.

'Stop it, you're going to give me nightmares.' Landon complained

'Well I have a solution for that.' Nathan said with arched eyebrows

'You two still act like horny teenagers,' Chris complained to his


'Hey, it got us three Oscars.' Nathan defended

'Yeah, for the best on camera couple.' Chris retorted.

'They never change do they?' James moaned in seeing his kids return

to their adolescent state.'

'They will James, just give them another century or two.' Jason

laughed. 'But I also have something in mind...Like see how our new bodies

function in bed!' Jason said with a tone of seduction and a drop of blue

sweat forming on his forehead.

'That's the best thing you've said all day, after saying you loved me

that is.' James laughed while the smell coming off Jason began giving him

an erection.

'Well,' Jason started while looking at the tent forming in James's

pants; 'There's the shower just off in the side room'

'Yes I think a good rinse is what we need.' James said as he lick

his lips. 'Bye kids!'

'Bye dad, have fun!' all of the men shouted after the happy couple.

As soon as they were in the bathroom, James pushed Jason to the wall

and licked that spot if blue sweat that had built on his forehead. 'Gosh I

like you're new smell.' James exhaled.

'Same here.' Jason agreed as he did the same to James's cheek.

'Almost as good as that old one you used.'

'Gentleman's Attraction.' James remembered.

'Yes that one.'

'I think I can still get it if you want. The store was one of the

first things the twins bought when they got that movie contract.' James

said, making small talk as Jason began unbuckling his pants.

'No need, whatever your body is giving off, it's really doing the


'Same here.' James said as he began to pull off the tie.

As soon as they were naked they began to examine each other's bodies.

Their skin was now an unblemished creamy silver gray that had its own sheen

to it. Whatever body hair they once had, except for their crotch, fell off

with their cloths. What was left on their crotch was the trim job they had

last done to each other except that the hair was straighter.

'I think I might want to go completely smooth.' Jason commented as

James ran his hands over it.

'You can trim it more but at least keep something, I like a little

hair down there.' James disagreed. If nothing's there then I'll have

nothing to starch my nose with when I take you in my mouth.'

'Well, since you put it that way, I'll keep it just for you.'

'Thanks love. But I love your face, it feels so much softer to touch


'You were always smooth. I swear that you could go a week without

needing to shave.' Jason added.

James didn't say a word but instead took Jason's ear lobe into his

mouth and began to suck on it.

'Oh that feels good!'

'Want me to do the other.'


'I would ask you to do the same but I'd most likely end up with a

pierced ear.'

'I don't know about that!' Jason laughed as James started on the

other ear. 'You haven't noticed your teeth yet have you?'

'What?' James said looking Jason in the eye.

'You got FANGS now baby! Don't you remember that Other's were also

blood feeders.'

'Oh no!' James exclaimed as he went to the mirror to look at


'Don't worry about it James. Actually I rather like it. I can

finally live out a fantasy of mine.'

'Which one. What depraved act have we not committed in bed yet.'

James laughed.

'Well, you've never bitten me before. I would like to play the part

of the helpless victim seduced by the evil vampire at least once.' Jason

mentioned with false shyness.

James was touched by Jason's earnest request. He pulled Jason in to

a tender kiss letting his finger run down Jason's willing throat. Jason

then raised his head up, exposing more of his neck to James. James lowered

his kissing to that neck, licking between each pressing of his lips. Then

when the hunger became too much, James bit, allowing his new sharp teeth to

break the skin, allowing the rich blue blood to pour out. Jason felt

himself pouring into his love's throat. He felt his legs weaken and almost

collapsed but James caught him around the waist and supported him. Jason

felt he was now a real part of James and it made him happy.

When James finally released his mouth from Jason, Jason had a tired

but content look on his face. James stared at Jason with his glowing gray

eyes for several minutes as he held Jason up with one hand and stoked his

face with another. He then lowered the weaken Jason to the ground and

climbed on top of him.

'I love you Jason.' James whispered.

Jason was too weak to reply but he was able to nod his head just a

fraction to show that he understood. James smiled in return and then he

gave Jason his first blood kiss. Instead of feeling that he was flowing

into James, Jason felt James pouring into him. It almost the same feeling

Jason got when he fed off James but this time it was more intimate.

Instead of taking, he was being given love. He almost came to the decision

that he would never feed again but be only fed by James, almost. He still

loved the hunt and taking James's blood the old fashion way still had its

own thrills but now he could look forward to something else as well.

With the blood, Jason's strength returned. He raised his head to

press his lips tighter against James.

'Thank you for this gift.' He mentally sent James.

'Thank you for letting me give it to you.' James returned.

'I feel more complete now.'

'Same here.'

'Lets get back to bed James. I really want you to make love to me

right now.'

'Sure thing love.' James agreed and with that he lifted Jason up in

his arms and carried him back to their home where they further explored

what these new feelings meant to each other.

For the whole week Alex had been watching out for Scott in

replacement of Carl. Since Scott had forgiven him, Carl had avoided ever

coming face to face with Scott. Alex, who had been demoted to the role of

personal servant when Carl took over, enjoyed being around more friendly


'So how are things at Steward Finance?' Scott asked when Alex came

in to help him out of bed.

'You wouldn't know it was still Steward Finance the way people are

talking.' Alex complained. 'While the signs on the buildings remain the

same most people on the street are already calling the company Vassar

Finance already.

'Carl has really taken over then.'

'Well no one has been fired if that's what you mean. Fred and Lance

now have Chuck's and my job but I think Carl did that for you and not to

shake things up. The main reason people are calling it a take over is

because of who Carl is or better yet who his father is. You told me that

Carl had arranged this take over by himself but I just can't believe that

knowing how ruthless his father is.'

'Trust me Alex, Carl did this to fight his father, not to help him.'

'And I'll say again, I don't understand how you could of forgiven him

for what he did. He even sent your children to that mad man.'

'Alex even if I was around to make those decisions I would have

agreed with them. I still am in no shape to take care of the kids. Ryan

and Jacob could do the job while I couldn't. I do not see how Carl's

decision hurts me.'

'That's because you don't know what kind of man Gordon Vassar is.'

'Actually I think I know better then most people Alex. I know how he

has affected Carl, his own son, more then I think Carl knows himself.'

'Well you're the empath here not me.' Alex agreed. 'I still don't

see why you need me to help you out of bed. Can't you just float yourself


'I could but then my body would just get flabby. Already being in

bed this long has flatten out my abs.'

'You're so vain!' Alex laughed.

'No, I'm a married man. I have to look good when Chuck gets back.'

'I think Chuck would just be glad to see you again.' Alex said while

not mentioning his fear that Chuck would never return from Gordon's lair.

'I'm glad Chuck found you. He was a lonely as a kid even though he was

very popular.'

'How so?' James asked.

'Well as you know Chuck is more of an empath then a telepath.

Empaths are rare, very rare, only one for every 3000 telepaths born. They

are also seen as the best lovers, husbands, fathers, you name it. After

the plague and when telepaths and empaths were discovered, Chuck was one of

the few found. He was offered scholarships to the best private schools

GenCorp set up. He was like having a star football player. The school

could sell itself by saying come to this school and you might be able to be

in the same room as an empath except the kid is only 6 at the time. They

even offered his family money to let their son go to these schools. So of

course they sent him off. I don't believe Chuck has seen his family even

ten times after he left for school. I later learned that the school he

went to paid extra if Chuck spent the holidays there so his family almost

never let him out.'

'I wish Chuck would have told me this.' Scott said sadly.

'He probably didn't because it would bring up sad feelings and he

knows better then almost anyone how that would affect you having

experienced it himself.'

'I guess you're right.'

'Well, Chuck went to these schools and he was at once the most

popular kid there. Not only was he an empath but he also has a great

personality. Yet, it was hard on him. Kids would lie to him in order to

flatter him and if there is one thing an empath hates is a liar. More then

a telepath, an empath KNOWS when someone is lying to him. Chuck would tell

me that it would leave a bitter taste in his mouth. That's why he always

carries some hard candy with him.'

The mention of candy triggered a memory in Scott. He remembered the

first time he met Chuck and he had told him his name was Scott Gannon not

Scott Keller. Scott also remembered Chuck offering him a piece of candy

right after he had said that. This learning of the secret life of Chuck

just made Scott miss him more.

'I lied to him once. I told him my name was Gannon and not Keller.'

Scott confessed.

'Hey, don't feel bad about it. Everyone lies. Even Chuck has lied

before. You were just being careful that's all. Chuck knows that.'

'Let me see if it has the same effect on me, tell me a lie.'

'It doesn't work that way Scott, it is the intent to be deceitful

that causes the bitterness not the lie itself.'

'Oh alright, so when did you first meet up with Chuck.'

'In detention. I had been late for several classes and Chuck had

blown up the chemistry lab.'

'Doesn't quite seem like equal crimes.'

'They weren't but Chuck, being who he was could get away with murder

before they would punish him. This of course just made Chuck mad so he

went to great length to force them to punish him but still detention for

destroying the lab was a very light punishment.'

'Sounds like it.'

'Well,' Alex continued; 'we were stuck in detention cleaning out the

classrooms when Chuck began asking me questions.'

'Why are you in detention?' Chuck had asked.

'I was late for English seven times in a row.'

'Wow, did you do it on purpose?'

'Well I ignored my alarm clock to sleep in so if that qualifies as

intending to be late then I'm guilty.' Alex confessed.

'No what I meant was... You didn't get into trouble just so you

could have detention with me?'

'What, spend five hours reorganizing the files you blew up, no way


'Cool!' Was Chuck reply.

'What I didn't know until the next day was that I had passed some

sort of test with Chuck. I had been honest and I didn't get into trouble

just so I could hang around him. It was at the next day detention that I

saw how miserable Chuck was. The day before there had only been us two now

there were seventeen people in detention and all of them fawning over

Chuck. I felt really sorry for him when he would ask them to leave him

alone but they would only continue to nag him. It was then that Chuck

attached himself to me. I was the first person to ever feel sorry for the

position he was in. All the other kids either worshiped him or were

envious. The leader became the follower when it came to me. I quickly

learned to always tell him the truth no matter what even if it meant

deflating his ego. Things changed when we left college and went to work

with Hal. Chuck was always the brains between us and he helped me out of a

lot of trouble I managed to get myself into.' Alex explained to Scott.

'Did you two ever...' Scott just had to ask.

'Sleep together no. Back in school Chuck would use me to keep other

boys out of his bed but that's all we did, sleep in the same bed. Chuck's

not really my type.'

'What is your type?'

'Well if you haven't guess, Ryan is my type, the very cute and almost

helpless type. I seem to have a weakness for the down trodden. I guess I

just like saving people. Chuck on the other hand is handsome and is more

likely to save me then for me to save him. Outside of friendship I never

felt that Chuck needed me. I guess that's why you are so perfect for him

cause he NEEDS you.'


'No problem.'

From the security room Carl had watched and listened to the whole

conversation. While he couldn't yet be with Scott face to face he still

could not go without glimpsing at him from time to time. 'I need you too

Scott.' Carl whispered before heading to another meeting.

Ryan was back home and back where he belonged his brother felt.

After John, Ryan had been the only man he really ever loved. He knew Ryan

did not share his feelings but only loved him as a brother but Gordon still

hung on to what affection his brother still gave him. He had been so

focused on Ryan that he didn't even noticed that his old guard Jacob had

returned and quickly vanish into Travis's labs. He forgot the children and

the reports that his eldest son was spending an abnormal time watching over

a Steward employee. All he cared about was Ryan and wanting to be loved by


As soon as Ryan arrived Gordon had him moved to his old room, which

was directly connected to Gordon's by a side door. Gordon had allowed Ryan

time to settle himself in before he began leaching on to him.

Ryan took his brother's attention with a weary acceptance. Ryan had

changed. Loosing his sister and being a parent and his relationship with

Alex had changed him. He was no longer the stuttering, nervous young man

he once was. He was confident now that someone other then his family could

love him, did love him. He just needed Gordon to see the same thing but

whom did he know who could love his brother. Scott's name quickly came to

mind but Scott was needed to help Carl. Jacob, well Jacob could have if

they didn't already have a bad history between them. The children, no way!

That just left Hal and Chuck and between the two there was only one choice,

Chuck. Chuck was an empath just like John and Scott. Chuck had a kind

heart and a forgiving personality. Chuck was also married to Scott and

they really loved each other but if anyone here could teach his brother

about love, Chuck could. Now how to introduce his brother to a comatose


Ryan's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his side door. 'Come

in Gordon.' He didn't even need to use his gift to know it was his


'Hi Ryan, like your old room. I left it the way it always was.'

'It brings back a lot of memories.' Ryan said in an attempt to be

nice. It brought back a lot of memories all right. It brought back the

days when Gordon was his hero, his best friend, his only other friend

besides his sister. Gordon has always been willing to stop whatever he was

doing to play or listen to him. The room also had the bad memories of his

brother trying to freeze time. The room was still decorated as a nursery

with child size furniture and toys on the shelf. The only thing Gordon had

ever allowed to change in the room was the size of Ryan's bed.

'I'm glad you like it.'

'But I was think of changing it a bit.'

'Why, I like it the way it is. It reminds me of when I raised you.'

'Yes brother but I'm older now. I've even started raising kids of my


'Oh...' Gordon thought as that realization hit him.

'I think I need a grown up room now Gordon. We can use the stuff

here for the children.'

'Do you want the kids to move here... Wait a minute. Where are the


'They're with Jacob right now.' Ryan said quickly. 'You remember

how good he was with kids. You use to tell me all the time about it.'

'Yes, Jacob was good with kids but I wasn't good with Jacob.' Gordon

said sadly, his old guilt returning.

'Brother please don't get sad and go to that mausoleum of John. He

forgave you remember. Those were his last words, his forgiveness of you.

He wouldn't want you to still be begging him.'

Gordon was surprised by the boldness of his brother's statement.

'You're right brother, you have grown up. You can change the room to

whatever you want, just ask the drones to help you.' Gordon said before

heading back out of the room.

'Brother please don't go. Please don't go back there!' Ryan begged.

'I... I have to go and apologize, I'll see you tonight.' Gordon said

in a near trance as he left and closed the door.

Ryan looked at the closed door and began to cry. 'Please recover

Chuck and save my brother from himself.' Ryan prayed.

Captain Weston Teel had just arrived at his new post as the official

telepath to serve under the bases chief engineer Col. Josh Brewster. He

was fresh from officer training and only had his rank due to his gift as a

telepath but he wasn't looking a gift horse in the mouth. He was glad he

gotten this post verses being a combat psi on the front in the Ural Mts.

The first thing that surprised Wes about his supervisor was that he was

also a telepath and a strong one from what he could sense, Why did they

need two telepaths to work in the same post? It wasn't like telepaths were

easy to come by. They were still rare and many of them had to have their

contracts bought off from GenCorp. Another thing that surprised him was

how young the Col. looked. His file read that he was 38 but he looked like

a fresh shaven youth from boot.

'Captain Weston Teel reporting sir.' He saluted.

'Your papers?' The colonel asked.

'Here sir.' Wes handed them.

'Good, I've been waiting for another telepath for some time.' You

can relax now captain its only us here.

'Sorry sir.'

'No problem'

'May I ask why I've been assigned here.'

'Yes you may. The reason you are here is that we are replacing all

the normal Tor's here with psi trained ones such as yourself.'

'Why sir? From what I've been told there's not much difference

between a psi Tor and a animorph one.'

'Well where do we get all our animorphs from captain.' Josh asked as

if the Wes had missed the obvious reason.'

'From GenCorp sir.'

'That's right from GenCorp and only from GenCorp. Do you think we

can trust GenCorp?'

'I only know them by reputation sir.'


'They are sneaky bastards sir.'

'Yes they are, so why do you think we are replacing all of our

GenCorp animorphs.'

'So we can trust our own men.'

'Good, I knew you had a head on you're shoulder. Now I'm going to

let you in on a secret.'

'...Yes sir.' Wes asked nervously when the colonel didn't continue.

'We've found a new supply of telepaths that GenCorp doesn't know

about. What do you think about that?'

'Where sir?' Wes just had to ask.

'Well its not like GenCorp doesn't know of the supply it's just never

occurred to them to use it.' Josh said as he moved closer to the captain.

'What are they sir.'

'I'll tell you captain as soon as I give you a kiss.' Josh said with

red glowing eyes.

Old man Larson, head of United Industry, was as old fashion as he was

old. He was the last of the CEO's of the big five who wasn't a telepath.

Just last week the head of MEXTEX Resources resigned and Robert Morgan, an

empath, became CEO. No, Larson had no use for telepaths and their games.

He remembered the old days before the plague when a man's word was just

what is was and you could still lie though your teeth without getting

caught. Now even the military purchasers were telepaths and always

checking to make sure you didn't cheat them on a deal. How was an old

fashion capitalist to get ahead these days. Or better yet, how was he

going to continue his legacy.

Larson was a capitalist but he was a hard working one. When the

plague stuck and nearly wiped out his family he worked for every dime he

could get his hands on to save their lives but the only result was a son

who has been on life support for the past 30 years. It was still in

question who would live longer 83 year old Larson or his slowly dying 60

year old son. That's why the offer from a man named Vox was so intrigued

him. It gave him one last chance to save his family.

Philip Vox was a military doctor of good standing and high reputation

and had called offering to heal his son on certain conditions. Larson also

knew that Philip had to be older then the 42 years on his record. Larson

had meet many charlatans in his quest to heal his son but never one as

shrouded in secrecy as Philip but in the end what he found was a record of

a doctor Philip Vox who once worked in San Diego. But for Philip to be

that person he would have to be as old as Larson was now, no the very fit

mid-aged man that sat across his desk at this moment.

'What you are offering is intriguing Dr. Vox but your price is also

very high.'

'Not when you look at it. We are offering to heal your son and to

keep you alive so that you can watch over him while he runs the

company. Even if you could find another person to heal your son I doubt

they could also allow you the time to spend with him.'

'You're right of course but I want details. Everything is made up of

the details I believe.'

'Of course. We are setting up a new corporation that will be made up

of the three smaller Group of Five, MEXTEX, Macrohard, and hopefully your

United Industry. As separate companies you three have survived on the

conflict between GenCorp and Steward Finance. Now with Steward Finance

under Vassar control, it wouldn't be too hard to see that Gordon can squash

you at his leisure.'

'Yes I know all of this. Get to the reason why I should join the

other two losers in fighting off GenCorp's advances.'

'Because while Steward finances and GenCorp have a strangle hold on you

three, you three together control the military.'

'...Yes you're right. The military depend heavily on GenCorp for

their medical supplies and telepaths but not much else. Steward Finances

provide supply transport but the military have their own supply units they

can use if they needed them. What the military can't do is make the food,

fuel, bullets, and technology needed to function. If we three did join

together we would have the military by the balls.'

'I'm glad you see my point.' Philip smiled.

'I also know that you are doing this for your own species

survival... vampire.'

'Does that bother you that I'm a vampire?'

'No, not really. It just proves that you can save my son's life.

Give him a new life actually and give me time to watch him enjoy it!'

'Then you agree to our deal.'

'Why the hell not. The board is just looking for a reason to get rid

of me. They're thinking of adding a health clause to the forced retirement

rules. As soon as my son is cured I'll transfer control to him. Lets see

how the board handles a boss who will never die, Hahaha!' The old man




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