Gordon was nervous. Travis had just asked to have a face-to-face

meeting with him to discuss John. Gordon had always feared this

conversation and the guilt he would feel over it. He was willing to give

up his life if that was the price Travis demanded for the crime of killing

his lover but when he was told that Travis just wanted to talk with him, he

almost said that he needed to go to New Mexico with his sons as an excuse.

Instead, Gordon was pacing back a forth in the gray drab room. He was so

nervous he almost puked when the door finally opened.

'Gordon.' Travis called out

'Mr. Gannon.' Gordon returned.

'I asked you to come here because I made a promise to someone we both

cared about.'

'... You're going to kill me, aren't you?'

'No Gordon... No sssson I'm not here to take your life, but to

restore it.'

'What?' Gordon said with his lips trembling.

'Gordon please sit down.'

'Yes sir...' Gordon meekly returned.

Travis sat next to Gordon and took his hand and put it to his head.

'I can imagine that it will hurt you but I want you to think about John.'

Gordon must have definitely not liked that idea as he tried to move

his hand away from Travis's head but Travis held it there. Travis knew

when Gordon reached the memory of John by the wide-open stare and silent

scream his mouth formed. He tried to thrash away but Travis held on to him

until a tearful calm settled on Gordon.

'I'm sorry daddy.' Gordon said, reverting to a child again.

'I know son. I'm sorry I ignored you for so long.'

Travis let Gordon remove his hand from his head and wrap it around

his neck. Travis then lifted the taller Gordon on to his lap and held him

as he cried on his shoulders.

'I'm sorry for being so bad.'

'It'll be ok Gordon.'

'No, it won't. I've done something horrible.'

'Tell me what you did then.' Travis said, growing concern in his


'I released the plague.'

'I know you did Gordon. Humanity has survived. They'll forgive you

one day.'

'No dad, you don't understand. I released a new one.'

'Not the one from 30 years ago?'


'What did you do Gordon?'

'I sent out the viral message. The animorphs that we've made for the

past ten years are going to turn into Drones. They're going to destroy

NATO and the Asian Alliance armies in the Ural Mountains before taking over

the rest of the world.

'Is there any way to stop them?'

'No, they've been preprogrammed. I won't be able to stop them before

it'll be too late.'

'Too late for what?'

'The rest of society is going to be put into a caste system. The

virus will rank every person into either a telepath or an empath. Only ten

percent of the population will be left unaffected.'

'Will they be under the same control as the drones?'

'No, they will be independent...sort of.'

'What do you mean sort of?'

'I wanted everyone to be like a family.' Gordon said as a weak

excuse. 'They will... They will seek each other out. The different types

of telepaths and empaths will seek each other out and form community units.

I even developed a crystal that will show each person what part of the unit

they will fit in. It will match the color of their eyes when they use

their gift.

'You will be taking away their freedom.'

'They'll be happy and never lonely.' Gordon defended.

'We need to be lonely sometimes Gordon. How can a person value

relationships if they're given one pre-made.'

'They won't.' Gordon admitted. 'But they will never feel the pain I


'Gordon, you were never alone. I might not have been there for you

but your brother always was.'

'But I smothered him.'

'Yes... but he still loves you. Gordon you just need to get over

loosing John and allow yourself to fall in love again.'

'But who would take me? I'm the devil incarnate.'

'Only because you let yourself see yourself that way. Come with me

Gordon.' They left the conference room and Travis took them to the room

where Chuck was still in a coma.

'Gordon I want you to meet Chuck. He came in with Ryan. He is also

the husband of John's son.'

'John Keller had a son!'

'Yes. He was conceived the night before John came here. He's also

the father of the three children Lisa had.'

'So John's son is my brother in law?'

'In a manner of speaking...yes. That also means he is my son in


'So John's son is now part of our family?'

'Yes. So you can see that Chuck here is also family.'

'Because he is his husband.' Gordon realized.


'What can I do to help him?' Gordon said with determination.

'He needs the damage to his brain healed. You know more about such

technology then I do.'

'You are referring to the clones I tried to make of John.'


'But the technology never worked.'

'It didn't work when you tried to rebuild an entire body and brain.

Maybe you'll have better luck with just a small part of the brain like the

damaged sections in Chuck and Hal.'

'I'll try... Tell me, where is John's son now? Why did he not come


'He's doing what his father did. He's trying to heal the heart of

another Gannon.'

'Another Gannon. Who?'

'You're eldest son, Carl.'

Carl and Scott had sent the whole day packing cloths and files that

they would need when Carl moved them to the smaller tower used by Steward

Finances at the Club. Alex had just left with a cartload when there was a

knock on the door.

'Hello?' Carl answered.

'Mr. Vassar, we are here to see a Scott Keller.' A red haired man

that looked a lot like Jacob said. Two men that looked a lot like Travis

with their gray skin and eyes accompanied him.

'He's busy.' Carl said nervously. What are you doing here?'

'Well since we now control the Club, we would like to see OUR new bed

room.' The white haired man said in an offended tone. He walked past the

red haired man and pushed Carl out of the way.

Carl pushed the panic button he wore as a bracelet on his wrist,

setting off a silent alarm. Two security guards showed up but when they

saw the three strangers hovering over Carl they shrugged their shoulders

and left.

'Who are you?' Carl demanded from the floor. The volume of his

voice brought Scott in from the next room.

'Is everything all right?' Scott called out when he entered.

The three men completely ignored Carl and went straight for Scott.

For Scott, there was something strangely familiar about the three men. The

red head looked like he was a younger version of Jacob, the other two men

though, their looks felt like they were trying to tie ropes around him.

In fact, that is what happened. Scott tried to walk to Carl but

found he wasn't able to move. He was stuck in place as the three men began

to circle him as if he were a statue being examined by a group of art

critics. The one with black hair walked behind him and hugged him across

the chest while he snuggled his head against the back of Scott's neck. The

red head knelt down and wrapped an arm around his thigh while the other

hand began to stroke him along the zipper of his pants. The tallest of the

three, the one with white hair, took a position in front of Scott where he

stared directly into his eyes.

Besides breathing, Scott found that only one other muscle in his

body would move, that being his dick that was swelling under the caresses

of the Jacob look alike.

'He's a Morgan.' The man holding him from behind said after several

minutes had past.

The white haired man smiled at this news showing off his long

sharpened teeth, reveling himself as a vampire. His eyes went from a misty

gray to a red fire as he walked up to Scott and kissed him. Scott could

taste the blood pouring into his mouth and feel his veins burn as if they

were on fire. He didn't notice as articles of clothing started

disappearing nor was he aware that he had been lifted up and taken back to

the bedroom and now lay between the red head and the man with white hair

and during the whole process the kiss was never broken.

When he finally came to his senses he found that he had cumed. The

redhead who lay behind him, held his now shrinking prick, his hand covered

in it. The man with white hair was no longer pressed against his lips but

still giving his lighter, less demanding kisses on the face and neck. The

logical part of Scott told him that he should be alarmed but he was just

too relaxed in a post orgasmic calm.

'I can't believe you two.' The black haired man laughed, breaking

the silence. He had stood next to the bed and had seen the whole thing.

'You should have joined us.' The red head laughed.

'Sorry Chance, you know how I feel about incest.'

'Hey, he's more then two generations removed from you. It doesn't

count as incest.'

'Don't bother trying to convince him Chance. The twins have been on

his case about this for over a century and they still haven't gotten him in

bed. They finally got to Chris about 30 years ago and they are already

working on Saul.'

'Well Jason you should be happy that you have such a loyal lover in


'Jason...' Scott thought. 'He must be Jason Vox.'

'You're quick!' Jason telepathically returned to him. 'Chance,

will you go get the mirror?' Jason then vocalized. 'We need to show the

young master Morgan his new look.'

'Yes.' Chance smiled as he hopped out of bed.

'What do you mean 'new look'?' Scott asked confused.

'What did I just do to you?' Jason asked bluntly.

'You kissed me... you gave me a blood kiss.'

'Yes... and what happens to most people when they receive the blood

kiss?' Jason smiled as he stoked Scott's hair with one hand while he took

the hand mirror Chance handed him.

'They turn into vampires.'

'And what color are a vampire's eyes?'


'Then explain why your eyes are now a lovely glowing blue.' Jason

said smugly as he moved the mirror so that Scott could see his reflection

and the blue glow coming from his eyes.

'What has happened to me?' Scott demanded when he saw the change.

'It's not was has happened to you Scott, it's what you are.' James

smiled as he let his own eyes picked up blue glow. 'You're a bride.'

'And a beautiful one at that!' Jason laughed as he pulled Scott into

a bear hug.

'Scott's a what?' Carl shouted from the door. Jason had held Carl

in place. Carl, a strong telepath in his own right had just broken free.

Jason glared at Carl and used his new telekinetic powers to slam Carl

against the wall.

'Don't!' Scott shouted when he saw Carl slump to the floor again

and tried to escape Jason's hold.

'Let him go!' James demanded when he saw his great-great grandson

struggling. Jason let go and Scott jumped out of the bed to run to Carl.

'Why should a Vassar have a Morgan?' Jason shouted at James. 'They

have our son!'

'Jason we can't interfere. If we learned anything from our past is

that we can't interfere with love.'

Jason began to howl in anger but then began to sob. James took Jason

into his arms and let him cry while Chance took him from the other side,

surrounding him in love and understanding.

Scott didn't notice any of this, as he was concerned with Carl.

Blood and the beginning of a bruise were forming on the back of his head.

Scott moved Carl's head from the wall and held it in his hands.

'Are you ok Scott?' Carl was able to mumble from his concussion.

'I think I should be the one asking that of you.'

'I felt you leaving me. What ever they did to you was pulling you

away from me. I got so scared that I was able to break whatever hold they

had on me but when I saw your eyes my heart sank because I knew that you

and I could never be together.'

'What are you talking about Carl? You're not making any sense.'

'You're a bride Scott, a vampire's bride. That's what your blue

eyes mean.' James said with sympathy.

'You turned me into a bride?'

'No Scott, you were born one.' James said as he took both Carl and

Scott into his arms. It was then that James noticed the wedding ring on

Scott's finger. 'Is Carl your husband?'

'No, Carl is just...no he's not a 'just', he IS my best friend. I

love him.'

'What about your husband?'

'Chuck is the one I'm romantically in love with. I love him but...

not the same way as I love Carl. I feel different when I'm around

him...more complete. With Chuck it's passion, with Carl it's just love,

pure and simple.'

'Scott I'm going to tell you something you might not understand or

believe. Your feeling over who you love more is due to you looking for

that one special person who completes you. Chuck feels your need for

passion while Carl takes care of the need for caring. If they were only

one person instead of two it would be so easy to solve this problem but you

ARE a divided person and the only way you will be whole is if you do pick.'

James said sadly.

'What do you mean?'

'He means which one do you want me to turn into a vampire!' Jason

said impatiently.


'What Jason and I are trying to say Scott is that for you to be whole

you need to be married and that person needs to be a vampire.'

'But why?'

'Answer me this Scott, what did you feel when Jason gave you the

blood kiss.'


'Go hold Jason in your arms and tell me what you feel. Don't worry

he won't bite you.'

Scott left Carl in James's arms and went to Jason who had gotten out

of the bed and now had his arms spread out and a hungry grin on his face.

The two hugged and Scott felt Jason move his hands up and down his back.

Scott soon closed his eyes and rested his head against Jason. He was

comforted but surprised by how he felt. It was as if he were hugging both

Carl and Chuck at the same time. He understood now. When he hugged Chuck

it was to be in the arms of a protector. When he hugged Carl, he was the

one protecting. Hugging Jason was to be both protected and a protector.

It was a complete relationship.

'So you understand now.' James said when Scott released the hug.

'Yes... but I can't choose. They both mean a lot to me. I wished

Jacob were here. He would slap me aside the head to get me to see what I

should do.'

'You love them both?'


'Then I guess there's no choice. You'll have to marry them both.'

James smiled with understanding.

'Well I already married Chuck.'

'Not yet you have. You might have married him in a civil ceremony

but you never have had a vampire wedding.' Jason laughed.

'I would have to ask him how he feels about it. I won't make him

become a vampire if he doesn't want to.'

'Tell me what's he like?' James said with interest.

'Well, he's an empath like me. It can lead to some pretty strong

feeling between us. We feed off each other's emotions. When he's happy I

become happy which in turn makes him happier and so on. We once laughed

our throats raw to the point that we had to stay away from each other in

order to stop. He likes feeling needed and with me he really feels needed.

He understands how this world works much better then I do but he likes my

earnest attitude and my honesty. He can be himself when he's with me and

not the fake that so many people seem is necessary.'

'So he's an empath... that might complicate things.' Jason frowned.

'Why Jason?' James didn't understand.

'I might not be able to turn him into a vampire. He might be a bride

like Scott.'

James thought about it for a while then asked; 'But Carl would turn

into a vampire. If a bride can have more then one husband why can't a

vampire have more then one husband?'

'It just doesn't work that way James.' Jason said sadly. 'A vampire

must be totally committed to his husband for the bond to work. If he has

more then one, he will feel emotionally split. He wouldn't know whom to

love. Brides have an advantage in this. Brides can love many people. To

put it this way, we are the eyes of a lover, we can only stare at one thing

at a time. A bride is the object we stare at. Many people can stare at it

before they start blocking the view for others.' Jason explained.

'I see' James understood.

'Scott, you can still love Chuck as your husband but he can't be

your vampire husband.' Jason said.

'I see.' Scott said almost with the same tone as James,

understanding but sad about understanding.

'Carl... Will you become my second husband?' Scott asked after

several minutes of silence.

'Scott... there is NOTHING I would want more then to be bonded to

you. My life was an empty world of anger. I never want to go back to that

life again.'

'You won't feel jealous over my feeling for Chuck.'

'No Scott I won't. Your feels for Chuck is what makes you, you. You

wouldn't be the person I love if Chuck was not a part of you.'

'Thanks Carl for understanding.'

'No Scott, thank you for teaching me about love.'

Scott walked back to Carl and took him from James's hands. He held

on to Carl and began to kiss him. Not the brotherly kisses he had given

him before but that of a lover. He lifted Carl up and brought him to the

bed. He then climbed on top of Carl and began to undress him.

'No Scott, don't.' Carl stopped Scott.

'I want to make love with you Carl.' Scott said confused.

'Scott, Chuck is your husband. I want to share your heart with him

but your body is his alone.' Carl replied as if he were making the hardest

decision of his life.

'Carl my body belongs to me alone. I decide whom I give it to, and I

want to do this.'

'All right but I won't fuck you.' Carl relented

'Who says I'm a bottom.' Scott laughed.

'I've talked to Alex about Chuck. From what I've heard he's not

bottomed for anyone.'

'Well we haven't had that discussion yet.' Scott confessed. 'We

were going to flip for it on our wedding night.'

'Flip... did you say flip?' Chance piped in. He had been sitting

on the floor quietly during the whole discussion.

'Yes.' Scott replied, his kissing interrupted.

'You don't know a Jacob Patrick, do you?'

'Yes I do actually. He was the one who raised me... You do look a

lot like him.'

'Well I guess that would be expected. He's my older brother. I

haven't seen him in over thirty years. How is the old dog?'

'Great, at it was the last time I saw him. He just got married

right before the attack and is with Hal at GenCorp while his husband


'Big bro finally tied the knot. I almost feel sorry for the poor

fellow he married.'

'I think Hal can handle Jacob. They have a lot in common.'

'So is Hal his Tor?'

'No I am. My father was also his Tor before he died.'

'That makes sense. Jacob always took following a Tor very seriously.

He would want to protect the son of his Tor and for one day for him to

replace him.'

'Yes, Jacob is a great father.'

Jacob was scared shitless. The egg was almost ready to come out and

according to the X-ray it had grown to about the diameter of about one and

a half the size of a golf ball. Jacob had been fucked before with a dick

this large but never had he have to have it up his ass for several weeks.

Travis for his part had developed a fetish with Jacob's stomach and ass.

The idea that a child of his was growing inside Jacob fascinated him to no

end and whenever they were together Travis would always have a hand on

Jacob's stomach. At night, to Jacob's great annoyance, Travis would try to

talk to the egg by talking right up against Jacob's ass cooing at it and

asking it if he liked the name he picked out, John. So it was with some

relief when the egg finally reached his opening.

It was almost like a normal pregnancy. Jacob's sphincter dilated to

almost to the size of the egg. A glowing blue fluid began to trickle out,

lubricated and numbed his opening for him, removing any pain he might of

felt. It was actually a very easy delivery.

What came out was about eight inches long, tear shaped, coved in a

bluish fluid. The shell was soft like leather and pulsated like a beating

heart. When Travis took the egg in his hand it glowed and trembled as if

out of joy.

Travis brought the egg to Jacob who had a sleepy look in his now

green eyes. Now that the egg had been delivered Jacob was returning to his

old look. The gray color of his skin was turning pink and Travis wouldn't

be surprise in seeing red roots in Jacob's white hair in a few days. It

made him sad that he was loosing this common link with Jacob but he could

always get him pregnant again Travis thought with a wicked grin.

'Here's our baby!' Travis smiled as he handed the egg off to Jacob.

When Jacob took the egg in his hands it took up a green glow and

shook like it had when it was in Travis's arms. 'Get in bed with me.'

Jacob asked while he scooted to the side.

Travis hoped into bed with the egg resting between them. This time

the egg took up a gray glow and while it didn't shake, both Travis and

Jacob could feel happiness and contentment coming from it. Travis took

Jacob from the back of his neck and pulled him into a long kiss.

'Jacob I know you are already married and have a Tor... do you think

that Scott would let me also be part of his pack so you can also be my

First again.'

'I think Scott would love to have you as part of his pack. You could

tell him so much about his father.' Jacob agreed. 'He also needs a lot of

looking after, just like his father.' Jacob laughed.

'I'll talk to Chuck on how he feels about this. He knows Scott very

well and I think it would be good to have Scott's husband accept me as


'How is he doing now?' Jacob asked.

'Well Gordon really did a job on this one. He's recovering pretty

quickly. The new nerve tissue takes time to form the old connections but

Chuck is already awake and talking. Gordon is taking care of him like a

mother hen. I'm sure Gordon sees this as a way to make up for what

happened. I also think Gordon wants Chuck to become his Tor.'

'So Chuck is really a good influence on your son?'

'Yes. My son loves Chuck. It helps that Chuck is an empath. He can

relieve the nervousness and guilt Gordon feels. I just hope Gordon doesn't

become too attached and start feeling jealous that Chuck is married to


'I think if Gordon met Scott he wouldn't feel that way.'

'You might be right. When do you think we should have a family


'As soon as Hal is better. They just put him in the tank to grow the

new nerve tissue so it will be awhile. That can be a good thing since it

will allow Gordon and Chuck to reach an understanding.' Jacob stated.

'Will I loose you as a bedmate when Hal is better?' Travis asked


'Oh no. Hal is into threesomes as much as I am. The more the

merrier!' Jacob chuckled in disagreement.

Chuck woke up to find Gordon in his bed again. For a man that was

supposed to be evil incarnate Gordon was like a happy puppy snuggled up

against him. Chuck ran his finger through Gordon's curl blond hair.

Gordon opened up his eyes wide and smiled at Chuck.

'Tell me how it was when you first met Scott.' Gordon asked.

'It was like finding my corresponding part.' Chuck replied

'And how do you feel about me.' Gordon asked nervously.

'Well Gordon I don't know you well enough yet.' Chuck replies


'So you don't feel anything?' Gordon said sadly.

'It's not that Gordon. I know you need my help. I'm an empath, it

in our nature to want to help those who need us. We just won't become

lovers I think.'

'I understand.' Gordon agreed but inside he was confused.

Chuck could feel that anger inside the man and he knew there was very

little that he could do about it. Gordon was too damaged to help. Nothing

Chuck could say would get him to understand that there were other forms of

love besides physical. For Gordon it was still all or nothing.

'How about we go out to see a movie next week?'

'Like a date!' Gordon said excitedly.

'No, like friends.' Chuck quickly corrected.

Gordon wanted it to be like a date but he had never had a friend

before. It was strangely appealing. Then he remembered that John had

given him the same offer, to take him out on a date to the movies. He then

understood what John had tried to do for him so long ago, give a lonely boy

a friend. He was just beginning to understand that there were different

kinds of love. 'Thanks. I would like that a lot, being your friend that


'I am glad to be your friend.' Chuck returned.

They stayed quite for several minutes until three visitors

interrupted them. One was Charles, Scott's son; the other two were

Gordon's two boys Ulrich and Derrick. While Charles seemed happy to see

his stepfather Chuck, the two brothers looked angry.

'Why are you calling off the attack?' Derrick demanded.

'Will you excuse me Chuck, I need to speak to my children.'

'Sure thing. Come on buddy, let's go find your brothers.' Chuck

excused himself as he took Charles hand.

'All right... Thanks Mr. Ulrich for letting me come down here.'

'No problem Charles. May be we can meet again some time.'

'Ok. Bye.'

As soon as they were gone, their father slammed both brothers against

the wall with his talent.

'Don't you ever think of disagreeing with me in public again.'

Gordon shouted at Derrick. 'And you Ulrich not even think about putting

that boy into the growth tank.'

'Why not!' Both shouted as they used their own gift to let their

feet touch the ground but still unable to move. While they were strong,

Gordon had made sure that they would never be as strong as him but together

the two could put up a good fight.

'I'm the one in control of the drones and I say we end this war

before it begins. I've been getting reports that the vampires have united

behind a Jason Vox and are using their blood kiss to convert the animorphs

beyond our control. If we send out the attack order now it won't be a

bloodless coup but a blood bath.'

'Only more reason to strike now before they get any stronger.'

Derrick insisted.

'No, now is the time to cut our losses and set up an agreement with

the vampire clans before things get out of our control.'

'Why dad... why? Before these people came you were ready to drench

the world in blood in order to gain control.'

'Not any more Derrick, not any more.'

'Why?' he insisted.

'Because I found forgiveness son. I no longer have the need to

repent for what I did but I still am responsible for what I do now.'

'I'm glad for you dad.' Ulrich said sincerely. 'But what about us.

You've seemed to find your John in Chuck. Why can't we have our Johns


'I was wrong to steal your childhood Ulrich and if there was a way

for me to give it back I would. I'm not going to let you or anyone else

steal the lives of those three kids. I couldn't save John but I can save

the kids.'

'All right father.' Ulrich agreed but the wheels in his head were


Saul and Kyle watched from their secluded spot as the two forces

fought against each other. A week ago, some of the remaining animorphs

they had not yet removed had gone berserk and began attacking their fellow

troops. When Saul had gone to investigate he had captured one of the

animorphs and found that Jason's suspicions were correct.

The man had a vacant _expression on his face, his eyes consumed by

black pools of darkness. When trying to subdue him, Saul had a real fight

on his hand but now that the man was tied up, there was no fight left in

him. He just stared out into darkness neither sleeping nor eating.

Kyle, when he scanned the man's mind found that he had been programmed to

turn into a zombie if his programming could not be fulfilled. They debated

it for a while but came to decision that the only thing they could do was

give the man the blood kiss.

They had found out before that a person could become resistant to the

Drone process if they were given a small blood kiss. That is why the

Morgan's and the vampire clans worked so hard to subvert as much of the

military as they could. What they did not know yet was would a blood kiss

return a man from his drone state. They were about to find out.

After Saul had used his gift to hold the drone in place, Kyle knelt

next to the man and gave him a short kiss, allowing a small amount of blood

to pass between them. For several minutes nothing happened but then the

man's eyes began to clear until they were completely white.

'Are you all right?' Saul asked.

'Where am I?' The man finally spoke.

'You are a few miles from the base.'

'Why... am I captured and you are my interrogators? Is that why my

eyes are blindfolded?'

'You can't see?' Kyle asked confused.

'Not a thing.' The man returned.

'Oh no...' Saul sighed.

'Oh no what. What's wrong with me?' The man asked with stress

showing in his voice.

'Do you know about GenCorp?' Saul sadly asked.

'Yes...' The man replied nervously.

'You went there for the animorph process, didn't you?'

'Yes, I was tired of being a straight guy in a gay world. All I

wanted was to be able to love the people around me.' The soldier sniffled.

'You were used!' Kyle snarled angrily.


'You know about GenCorp's drones do you?'

'Yes, the mindless zombies they use as security.'

'When...when you went in for the animorph process they also put in a

genetic time bomb to turn you into a drone.' Saul struggled to say to the

poor man.

'What!' The man said in shock. 'Then why am I not a zombie now.'

'We found out about GenCorp's plans before they could activate them.

There is a way to stop a person from becoming a drone. We hoped that it

would also cure those who became one but now it seems that it costs the man

his sight.' Kyle said without emotion.

'I'm blind then.' The man returned with an equally stoic reply.

'I'm afraid so.' Saul said, allowing sadness to enter his voice.

'It's not your fault. Can I ask you something?' The man said as if

he expected to be denied.

'Tell us what we can do for you?' Both Saul and Kyle said as they

sat next to the blind man so he would know where they were.

'Will one of you be my Tor? I know it's the job of a pack mate to

protect his Tor and I'm pretty useless for that now. I just don't want to

be alone again.'

'We would be happy to have you as a pack mate. Both said. Since the

two of them were bonded, the mark of the Tor appeared on both their arms as

that of a follower developed on the soldier.'

A weight seemed to come off the man's heart when the process was

completed. 'Thank you.' He sighed as he rested his head on Saul's

shoulder. 'My name is Orrin.'



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