They waited a week after Jason had turned Carl into a vampire before

performing the ceremony. It gave time for Jason to teach Carl what being a

vampire would mean. It also gave time for James to teach Scott the history

of his family. During this time Scott and Carl did not see each other.

Both Scott and Carl were nervous when they were finally allowed to

meet. Both feared that the other would feel differently now that they were

both different. Scott now had access to his full powers and was just

learning how to block other people's emotions from effecting him but when

he saw Carl, all of those defenses fell apart against the love coming from

Carl. The two of them ran to each other and took each other into their


They held each other in silence for a long time, making sure they

still felt the same about each other. It was when their mentors put a hand

on their shoulders that they finally let go.

'I told you Carl that Scott would still feel the same about you.'

Jason laughed. He had enjoyed playing teacher with Carl. It was like he

was trying to raise his own son.

'See everything is all right.' James also laughed as he pulled Scott

into a hug.

Both of the young men laughed nervously as they eyed each other from

their mentor's arms.

'Can I give him the blood kiss?' Carl asked nervously of Jason of

whom he now felt affection for but was still a little scared of.

'I think you need to ask Scott that, not me.' Jason returned.

'All right. Scott may I kiss you.'

'Yes.' Scott returned.

The two mentors moved their charges so they were facing each other

again. Jason, out of fun, pinched Carl on the ass causing him to jump

right into Scott.

With Carl now in his arms again, Scott nuzzled up against his neck.

Soon Carl's cold arms were wrapped around him. The room became filled with

red, blue and purple light as their eyes took up their glow. Then as if

some secret sign had been given, Scott lifted up his neck,

offering it to Carl. Carl's face took on a stressed look as if he were

uncertain or scared of biting but then Jason leaned forward and whispered

something in Carl ear. This seemed to give Carl the courage he needed to

begin kissing Scott's neck. Soon he was also licking and giving the skin

small little nips with his teeth. Carl could almost taste the blood hidden

by the skin and it was calling to him. He had not fed since becoming a

vampire. He had only wanted Scott's blood to ever pass his lips.

Still uncertain, Carl gave Scott a final worried look to which Scott

gave an accepting smile. Nodding his head that he understood, Carl opened

his mouth and finally pierced the skin letting the hot blood rush into his


As Carl sucked his neck, Scott began to feel his dick rise in

excitement. The hard lump against his leg where the front of Carl's pants

rested joined this feeling. Soon Scott was seeing spots as he began to

enter unconsciousness. Carl lowered him to the ground. He then spent

several minutes just watching Scott as he slept before returning what he

took with a kiss.

James and Jason watched as Carl fed Scott. They saw as both men's

skin turned a little more gray and their hair darken just a little more.

They knew what was happening. They were just amazed on how quickly it was

happening. It had taken decades for James and Jason to start changing into

'Other'. Scott and Carl had only been around each other for a few months

and were progressing rapidly. James just didn't understand why this was

happening. None of his other children had any sign of change and a few of

them had had the bond longer then he. Jason had guessed that since James

and he were the direct heir of the original Tor and Vox, they were more

'Other' then their children. How could a telepath, even as strong as Carl

was, be more 'Other' then they were? It was a mystery that one day they

would have to solve.

'Still worried about them?' Jason said as he wrapped an arm around


'Yes... I worry that they won't be able to handle the change they

are going through.'

'Don't worry.' Jason said before changing to topic. 'I'd have to

admit that Carl is starting to grow on me.'

'Remind you of some young bastard.' James joked

'You mean me?'

'Well you during your rough and tumble days.'

Jason thought about it for a while before answering. 'Yes... James

he does remind me of myself and not all of it good.'

'He's learning just as you did.'

'Yes... you Morgans seem to be masters at healing wounded hearts.

There was Chad and Robert, Sam and Michael, and now Scott and Carl.'

'I guess it's what we do which asks the question: what are we going

to do about these two'

'I say we keep them. It feels good to have others who are like us


'We are drifting apart for the kids aren't we?' James said sadly.

'It happens to everyone James. People change and develop different


'Most people don't change into an extinct species.'

'No but they change in other ways. Look, the vampire clans want us

to be in charge. If it's just you and me we are most likely to make a

mistake. The more of us there are the larger our view of the world can


'You want to raise them like they are our children?'

'Yes James I do. GenCorp stole our child. I ...I want to be a

father James.'

James took Jason's head and pressed it to his chest. Every now and

then Jason would get into one of these moods. Right before the plague

Chance had sent the necessary DNA samples for them to have a son. They

never knew who the person was but their spies had found out that a child

had been born from the samples, a son named Jeremy.

Jeremy was trapped in the same dream he had been in for over a year.

He was back in the maze except there were no rats this time. Only the man

in armor with one hand on the glowing sphere, his other outstretched to

Jeremy. Jeremy remained on the floor too scared to move. He wanted to

grab that hand but he was afraid of what would happen. He remained still

until he saw first one then two smaller spheres appear. The first was a

bright green while the second was gray like the larger one. The hand

reached out for Jeremy one more time then as if in surrender he started to

turn his back to Jeremy. He removed his hand from the large sphere, which

began to fade into nothingness, and grabbed the two other spheres with his

now free hands. Knowing this was his last chance; Jeremy finally stood up

and staggered over to the man in armor who now was fading away as well.

Just as the last ghost remains of the man faded away with the two spheres

he held in his hand Jeremy reached him...and passed straight through him

right into the sphere. As soon as he was in it, the sphere solidified,

trapping him inside. Jeremy had waited too long. His chance to have

someone to guide him through the 'change' was lost. He now had to face it


As Travis slept, a tear ran down his face. He felt alone for a brief

second but it was soon replaced by comfort as he pulled Jacob closer to


Derrick was finally going to take his rightful place as head of

GenCorp. For, while their attempt to take over the military was stalling;

Derrick had finally found a way to take over the Drones from his father's

control. It would involve a major sacrifice on his part but he was willing

to sacrifice himself if it meant he could rule. Deep underground was the

'living factory' a mass of living tissue that produced the weapons,

machinery, medical supplies, and even the drones for GenCorp. It had

started as Gordon's revenge against his father, taking his body apart to

use it as machinery. It now consumed a building as long and wide as four

football stadiums and 40 stories tall. It was Gordon's link to the 'living

factory' that gave him control of it and its products, drones included.

Derrick, while not as strong as his father, never the less found a way for

him to cut his father off and for him to gain control. The only problem

was that it would require the sacrifice of his body to the 'living

factory'. The process was quite simple, all he had to do was insert his

brain into the CPU unit of the factory but to do that he would have to

become a part of the machine. The process was completely automated. He

step into the coffin like groove in the wall, inserted the security code

that he had just stolen, and the machine would do the rest. He had taken

some painkillers to help block out the pain but they did no good for what

the machine did to him. The unnecessary parts of his body were removed.

His skull was then crushed so that the nerves connecting his brain to the

rest of the

machine could connect to his brain. The pain eventually knocked him out

but when he awoke, he would be in control.

Gordon awoke with a start. Something was wrong. At first he didn't

know what it was but when the guards did not come when he summoned them he

began to realize what it was. He was no longer connected to the machine.

He rushed over to Ryan's room awoke him up.'

'Ryan... wake up, there's something wrong?' He said as he shook him.

'What is it?' Ryan groggily asked.

'I don't know...I no longer control the drones.'

'How can that happen, you're the only one who is connected to them.'

'I don't know, the LF (living factory) might be damaged or...'

Gordon said as his face paled.


'Someone might have tried to form a direct interface with the LF.'

'Some one merged with the machine'


'Who could do that?'

'I don't know. No one has the access code.'

'Check to see if anyone has hacked into the system.' Ryan said as he

hopped out of bed.

Gordon went back to his room and picked up a data pad scanning to see

if anyone had been in his personal files. At first he didn't notice it but

then he saw what had happened. He had received an email from Derrick

asking for a file on the cloning project. Gordon had sent it to him but

what he didn't know until now was that the small file holding the access

code had been sent as well. This meant that Derrick had remained connected

to Gordon's computer the whole time until Gordon had replied to the email.

When Gordon had used the data pad to look for the file, Derrick had used

the opportunity to mask his search for the code. He must have succeeded.

Gordon began to wonder why the drones had not come to kill them yet

but when Gordon opened the door he saw that his guards were on the floor

out cold. This could only mean that Derrick must have just inserted

himself into the machine. It would take time before the guards recovered

and under Derrick's control. He had to get everyone he cared for out of

here before that happened.

The escape was hectic, after Gordon had called everyone to tell them

to meet him outside the main building the guards began to revive. By the

time Gordon and Ryan meet everyone outside; they were already being chased.

While the drones lack the T talent to put up much resistance against

Gordon, they made up for it in numbers and it would take only a bullet to

kill some of them. The group ran for the cars waiting for them and headed

for the man gates. As they approached cement barriers began rising from

the ground but they were soon destroyed by the joint talent of Gordon and

Travis. Once pass the main gates they headed for the airport and the jet

waiting for them there. It was not until they were boarding the plane that

Jacob noticed that Charlie was missing.

Charlie had been following everyone as they raced toward the main

building. He would have been carried, but Hal was still too weak and

Travis and Jacob had to carry the egg and cocoon. Chuck had the two twins

in his arms. Charlie was just the unlucky one.

At least he thought so, until a familiar pair of hands picked him up.

The bearer of those hands told him not to worry that everything would be

ok. Charlie was taken deeper into the labs until he was in Gordon's old

cloning lab. In the center of the room was the preserved body of John

Keller. Charlie was still tired from having his sleep interrupted and was

happy when he was put onto a coffin like bed. The man smiled at the boy

and apologized when he gave him a shot. The man the waved goodbye as the

lid closed and the tank began to fill with blue fluid. By the time it was

full, Charlie was deep asleep and having dreams that he was another person,

a person named John.

Ulrich watched as the growth tank began to come alive. The cost of

his loyalty to Derrick had been Charlie. Charlie would now grow into the

man that John had been with all his memories and experiences. He was old

enough that the brain could handle the data and maintain it. That had been

Gordon's error when he had tried to clone John. A brain with no memories

of its own could not retain the memories the machine

implanted. Charlie had his own memories but from this moment onward his

new memories would match that of John. All Ulrich had to do was give him a

name that would fit both old and new memories. Just before leaving the

room, Ulrich typed the name John Charles Keller into the computer, pressed

enter, and watched as the name was burned into Charlie's mind.

It was both a glad and sad homecoming for those involved. Scott

rushed out of the main lobby to meet Chuck who was surprised by the change

in appearance in Scott with his graying skin and dark hair. Alex took a

sobbing Ryan into his arms and excused them both as Alex felt they needed

some private time together. Travis held back the tears when he saw Scott.

He went straight to him, grabbed him by the left arm and

declared him his Tor. Hal, who did not recover as well as Chuck had looked

tired. He was glad to be home but he didn't know if he had the strength

within himself to meet the new challenges facing the company and the world.

Jacob, who now wore two wedding rings on his finger joined Travis in

reclaiming Scott as his Tor. The three men stood in silence, heads resting

together as Chuck and Carl stared at each other. Gordon didn't know what

to do. He was the man would had made their escape possible but he was also

the one who had let things get so bad. James and Jason seemed blind to all

of this as their eyes focused only on the cocoon that was resting next to

an egg in the back of the van.

A meeting was called for, a week after everyone arrived at Steward

City. Many things had happened and many things needed to be decided. The

first thing was Hal's decision to retire. He no longer had the stamina to

run the company and he no longer wanted to. All he wanted was to spend his

days with Jacob. Carl was confirmed as head of Steward Finance, which

became Vassar finance with the decision. James and Jason decided that it

would be better to have the company remain neutral and not join Voxian

United. Vassar could act as a neutral partner between the two powers that

were already at war.

Carl asked Scott to be president of the company. This caused Scott

to show an expression of pain but he did eventually answered.

'I'm sorry Carl but I can't. Its time I went home.'

'But this is your home.' Carl said distressed.

'No Carl, its not. My home is in the forests of Vermont not the

glass towers of the city.'

'But I can't leave here Scott. I have to be here to run the


'I know Carl. I don't want to leave you as well but I'm a Tor. My

pack needs me.'

'Carl...' Gordon spoke as he stared at Chuck. 'We need to let them

go. We love them and they love us. We just can't be with them right now.

They are needed somewhere else just as we are needed here.'

Chuck stood up and hugged Gordon, knowing how hard it was for him to

give Chuck up.

'I'll visit you whenever I can.' Carl said in acceptance of this new


'So will I.' Scott returned.

While this was going on Jason and James talked to each other


'Will this slow down the 'change'', James asked in reference to Scott

and Carl.

'It should.' Jason returned. 'It was them spending so much time

together that triggered the 'change', I think.'

'It can't be stopped forever.'

'No it can't, but it will give Scott the time he needs with Chuck.'

'I feel sorry for him.'

'Don't worry. Soon Chuck will be joining Scott in the change.'


'Gordon... They don't have any of the physical signs of the Other's

but I can sense it in their minds.'

'So in the end Scott will be with Carl and Chuck with Gordon.'

'Well nothing is certain and I am sure that Scott and Chuck will

always love each other, it's just that their hearts will in the end find

home with the others.'

Hal waited until he could be with Travis alone before talking with


'How's it going Travis?' Hal said as he walked slowly to him.

'Fine Hal, and yourself?'

'I could be doing better. I just need to talk with you.'


'As you know... I'm no longer a telepath. I lost the gift with the

brain injury that and the long life it granted.'

'I know.' Travis said sadly.

'I would like to thank you for not telling Jacob.'

'There was no need. I think he knows the truth.'

'Yes I sure he does but there is a difference between knowing and


'I agree.'

'When I married Jacob, I hoped that we would be together for decades

if not centuries to come. Now I might only have twenty years with him. You

on the other hand...'

'What are you getting at?' Travis said angrily

'All I want is what is best for Jacob.'



'Shape up Hal!' Travis shouted. 'What does it matter that you only

have a few yeas with Jacob. You love him and he loves you. That's all

that matters. Don't act like you are making a sacrifice by giving up on

Jacob. You're just concerned that Jacob will stop loving you as you get



'You love Jacob?'

'With all my heart.'

'Well I'll tell you that Jacob loves you just as much.'

'I guess.' Hal said unconvinced.

'Listen, until Jacob tells you to leave, stay with him because it

means that he still loves you...and if you ever tell him about this

conversation I'll make sure that what few years you have left are quickly


'Yes sir.' Hal said curtly, his old military training showing.

Before saying their goodbyes, Scott and Carl exchanged blood one last

time. Carl would try to see Scott once every three months so the bond

could be maintained but they needed to be careful so that Scott's

location would not be discovered by their enemies. After the feeding, they

made love for the first time. They took each other into their mouths

69'ing it until they had given each other their seed. Neither wanted to

say goodbye but they were both needed elsewhere. The night before they had

performed the wedding ceremony, but instead of their eyes turning green

they had turned gray. The change was indeed coming.

The flight to the cabin was short but a silent one. Both Scott and

Jacob remained silent in the arms of their husbands. Travis, the egg, and

the two children also traveled with them. Travis would never leave Jacob's

or Scott's side again. He had said his goodbye to Jeremy who remained with

James and Jason. He had once dreamed of having a

relationship with him but now it was no longer needed. He had Jacob as his

husband and Scott as his Tor. His heart was healed.

When the chopper landed Jacob and Scott were surprised by what they

found. The old cabin was still standing but now there was a larger two

story lodge near by. They could not see but could sense that there were

two guard towers hidden in the nearby mountains and another near the road.

Jason had told them that the family would need protection. They just had

not expected this.

While everyone else had gone into the lodge, Scott and Jacob went

back to their old home. It was just as they had left it only a little

dusty. Jacob kissed his Tor on the forehead and pushed him down onto the

bed. He then heated some water and then stripped both of them. When the

water was hot, he brought it to the bed and began to wash Scott's body. He

then dried his body. Scott then tried to get up so he could do Jacob but

Jacob held him down. He reached under the bed and took out an old shaving

kit and a bar of soap. He put the bar into the hot water and built up a

lather and proceeded to shave his Tor. When that was done and Scott was

nice and hard he sat himself down on Scott's prick, letting it slide into

him, completing him. Jacob didn't let Scott do anything. He was the one

who provided all the action bouncing up and down as Scott skewered him.

Jacob was the first to shoot off his load all over Scott chest. Scott soon

followed afterwards. Jacob then collapsed on top of Scott and the two of

them fell asleep.

When Scott awoke he was shocked by what he saw. Jacob's skin was

pale gray and his hair white. Scott could also see a gray glowing coming

from under Jacob's eyelids. 'Jacob, are you all right?'

'Never felt better.' Jacob smiled.

'But your hair and eyes?'

'What about them?'

'They've changed color.'

'Oh no...not again.' Jacob moaned.

'What is it?'

'Now I know why I was never a bottom. I can't get fucked without

getting pregnant.'

'You're pregnant?'

'Well the last time this happened I was.'

'That's great!' Scott said excitedly.

Jacob was about to say he felt different but then it hit him. He was

now carrying his Tor's baby. Not even having Travis's baby felt so right

as this did. It made him so happy that he began to cry.

'What's wrong?' Scott asked concerned.

'It's not what's wrong, it's what's right.'

It was just at that moment that Hal came busting in. When he saw the

two in bed he almost turned away but Jacob called him back.

'What's up Hal?'

'Well... I thought you would like to know...the egg hatched.'

This ends the second book of The Mark. As the first book was about

the accepting love, the second book dealt with being able to say goodbye.

I hope to be able to write a third part to the series that will be titled

'The Others'. It will take some time for me to get to as I have other

projects I'm working on so there will be a longer wait then there was for

the second book but I hope you find it worth it. Tell me what you think so




[email protected]


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