Hal returned from the Group of 5 meeting exhausted. While his company made

several deals that would insure its future survival, the coming days were

definitely going to be rocky. Gordon Vassar had approached him and gave

him an ultimatum, join with him and there will be a group of two, not and

there will be only one survivor. To prove that he wasn't bluffing Gordon

took him to the 'living factories' and the weapons he was building there.

No in the end there was no choice. He had to survive and he could only do

so with Gordon. It was under this gloomy mood that he was surprised to see

three children playing in his back yard when he arrived home.

'Chuck, what are those kids doing in my yard?'

'Oh sir, Maria never told you? There one of the intern's kids, cute aren't


'I thought we didn't hire military families. How can an intern have kids?

He wouldn't be rich or well connected to have them.'

'Well he does and I think you'll like them a lot. The father was the

special Maria ordered for you.'

'He is, you mean Scott Gannon?'

'Yeah except his real name is Scott Keller as in THE KELLER.'

'So, he's related to that corpse Gordon keeps in is basement.'


'Has he been playing with the other interns?'

'No, he keeps himself to a small group.'

'Including yourself I take it?' Hal laughed.

'Hey he's too cute, it's hard enough to keep my hands off his ass let alone

the other parts of him.'

'So he's still a virgin?'

'As far as anal sex goes, yes.'

'Good I won't chop off your hands then.'


'What else can you tell me?'

'Well, he is a very strong empath and a little nave but that just makes

him more endearing. He trust everybody until they give him a reason not

to. I think, if you can control that wandering hand of yours, he can be

the one.'

'We'll see. Have the interns report to my 'office' later today. Have them

to dress for the occasion.'

Scott was informed that the boss had finally returned and that he wanted to

meet him and his fellow interns. Chuck told him he left his outfit on the

bed but when Scott went to get dressed all he found was a black jock strap.

Thinking it was a joke, Scott put them one under his usual charcoal

business suit and red tie. It was therefore with great embarrassment and

surprise that Scott found himself the only one dressed in such a manner.

The nine other men were all dressed just in their jocks grinning at Scott's


'I see one of us didn't receive the memo.' Ian laughed.

'I thought it was a joke.'

'Trust me its not. Mr. Steward likes to see what sort of men he has

working for him. There's not one man in his inner circle that he's not


'Gosh, I better get out of these cloths then.'

'That won't be necessary Mr. Keller, I suspected you might do something

like this.' A deep voice came from behind.

Scott made an attempt to turn around but a firm hand kept him facing


'Just keep looking straight, I'll take care of this problem personally.'

The voice said in his ear as the hands moved away from his neck and started

unbuttoning his coat.

Mr. Steward's hot wet breath sent shivers down Scott's back as his fingers

ticked his abs as Hal played with the buttons. 'Time to come out and play

Scott.' He grinned as he pulled off the coat. 'I love this red tie of

yours, it makes your face glow but I think you'll look better with it off.'

And so it went. Like an erotic tango, Hal removed Scott of his clothing

until he was wearing only the jock strap he was given. Scott himself was

in rapture, the way the man controlled his body with his every touch left

him enthralled. When Hal slipped his fingers between opened buttons of his

shirt to squeeze his nipples Scott almost came right then and there. He

didn't even notice that he had closed his eyes until he felt a pair of dry

lips kiss them.

'You can open up now Scott.'

'Yes sir.' Scott swooned

'Look at that everybody, we just met and I already have him trained.' Hal

laughed, breaking the spell.

Scott blushed in embarrassment and began to notice those around them, each

were carrying a hard on and a few had wet spots.

'Don't be embarrassed Scott, you were enjoying yourself just as I was.

...Now, let see whose going to be top dog around here!' He then addressed

the group.

Chuck and Alex brought in a large wrestling mat and placed it in the center

of the room while Hal removed his own business suit. What was reveled was

an older version of his brother, a broad chest, developed pecs, flat

stomach covered with trimmed salt and pepper hair. His legs and lower arms

both had the same hair and were thick with strength. His body was lightly

tanned with a tan line seen around the gray jock he was wearing.

'Ok who think they can take on the boss.' Hal laughed while clapping his

hands together.

The group of interns stood still in silence. None wanted to be the one to

challenge the boss first.

'All right I guess I'll have to pick one of you. You, tall guy in the

orange jock, get on the mat.' To say the guy Hal pointed to was tall was

like calling Mt. Everest a hill. The man was a giant 7'3'. He made all

who stood around him look tiny. Hal only reached up to his mid chest when

the two were next to each other. While it appeared that Mr. Orange jock

had a weight and size advantage. He also presented a larger, slower moving

target. A fact that quickly became apparent by the speed in which Hal

pulled him to the ground.

He was the first of many to fall before Hal. Some fought as long as they

could while others gave up without a fight. After each one Hal would give

off a number and Alex would record it. Those that fought the longest

usually ended up with higher numbers then those that did not fight at all.

It was after Ian had tried running around in circles for five minutes in

order to avoid being tackled that Scott decided that each person was being

judge based on effort not skill or how long one could last. Ian of course

lasted long but after he was finally taken down received a 2 when the

highest score given out was a 17 so far. It also became apparent to Scott

that Hal was saving him for last.

When Scott's turn on the mat finally came, he was indeed the last. Scott

decided while he had watched the other men that he would have to use the

same technique he used with Jacob, let Hal come to him and hope for a

slipup. They were around the same height 6'1' but Hal had a weight

advantage against him just from the bulk of muscles he carried.

The two men circled around each other for a while, each cautious in making

the first move but in the end it was Hal that came first. He made a sharp

move of his right shoulder as if he was going to attack from the left but

it was a feint and hit Scott in the left shoulder, knocking him back. Hal

then grabbed just below the hips with both arms causing Scott to fall on

his ass.

'Gotcha!' Hal laughed as he hovered over him.

'Flip!' Scott laughed as he scissor hi legs around Hal, flipping him so he

was on the bottom.

'Flip... where have I heard that before?' Hal thought before he noticed

Scott had him in a headlock for the count.

'I win.' Scott smiled, repeating the simple phrase of victory he learned

from Jacob.

'Yes you win. Give him a 20 Alex. I guess you're now my head boy.'

'Head man, Mr. Steward, I'm the one on top right now.' Scott corrected.

'Whatever you want, just let me regain some of my pride by letting me beat

you once in a while.'

'Sure thing sir.'

It had been three months since Michael's death and for three months Saul

had been living in quarantine. The hunter that killed Michael had also

seen him deliver the blood kiss and had taken him into custody. In all

normal case, that would mean the person would become a vampire and had to

be killed. But as the government was finding out, Saul was not normal. It

took him three weeks to learn how to stop his eyes from glowing blue, and

two months to get scientists toi offer him food besides blood to drink.

Except for the nurse and doctors he received no visitors and he was told by

those he did see that they could not answer his questions.

It was in the third month that an old military officer arrived to question

him. It was his former CO, Lieut. Evan Harrison, now Major Harrison.

'Well Saul you really got yourself into a pickle this time.' His old

friend greeted him.

Saul recognized the same shit face smile on his old friend's face but he

also noticed that Evan was keeping his distance. 'I'm not a vampire Evan,

you know that or at least you should with all the tests you've done.'

'Yes we know that you are not a blood sucker. That still does not mean we

know what you are.'

'What about my family, Beth and the kids must be worried sick about me.'

'That's what I'm here to talk about. You see... Well because we don't know

what you are, we don't know how to label you.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well as you know vampires are non citizens, they can be killed by anyone

who has the courage to go after them, no questions asked. Citizens are

suppose to be protected from such acts by us in the military.'

'Are you saying that I'm a non citizen and can be killed whenever


'No, I'm saying that we don't know where to place you and we would

appreciate it if you helped us a little.'

'What do you need?'

'We need you to sign this document confirming you as a non citizen BUT

protected by the military.'

'Why in the hell would I do that?'

'Because if you don't those in higher places might decided that you are a

non citizen and send you in for dissection if you get me!' Evan fumed.

'I get you sir! I also know that this paper is nothing but a shame. If

the higher ups decide they want to cut me open they will without a blink.'

'Yes you're right, this document is not even worthy as toilet paper for you

but it is worth something for your family.'


'Under these special provisions you will be considered KIA and your family

will be taken cared of, death pay, pensions, tuition, and such stuff. If

you don't sign, all Beth will get is an empty box with your name on it.'


'Hey, it's the best that I could do. I didn't want to be the one to tell

you this. Not even I was given any choice. It's a shitty deal and we both

know it but at least your family will be taken cared of.'

'...All right, where do I sign?'

'That's the spirit. Just sign on the three marked pages and everything

will be taken cared of...Thanks.' Evan picked up the papers once they were

signed and extended his hand to Saul. As Saul took it Evan pulled him

close. 'Saul if you ever escape, don't go back to Beth. Being told you

died once will be hard enough. Twice might kill her.'

'I understand, thanks, you have always been a real friend.' Saul tried to

smile but couldn't. He knew what the message meant, if he tried to escape

or cause too much trouble, his family would pay the price.

Scott found out what the numbers during the match were for when his new

cloths arrived. Taking things from a military tradition, everyone had a

rank. The highest rank for an intern was 20 but for the company it was

100, a rank only held by Hal Steward himself. The marks of rank were based

on 1,2,5,10, 50,and 100. One was a line. Two was a triangle. Five was a

hollow circle. Ten was a solid circle. 50 was a eight pointed star, and a

100 was a three star cluster. Therefore Scott's new suits had two solid

circles on his lapel, his belt buckle, the top of his socks, and across the

band of his underwear. Poor Ian had just a lonely triangle on his coat.

When Chuck greeted Scott that morning Scott recognized the eight-pointed

star and two circles, one solid the other not as a rank of 65.

'Wow, I now feel bad in acting so casual around you.' Scott admitted to


'Oh never mind the rank thing, this really isn't the military, its more of

a status symbol then anything else. After a while it'll be like it was

before, no one even noticing the ranks.'

'Speak for yourself, Alex chipped in.' Alex had a star in the middle of two

bars. 'I worked hard to be a 52 and I expect all you lower being to grovel

before me.'

'Even me!' Ryan said from around the corner. Things had heated up between

Ryan and Alex over the past few months to the point where they were seen as

a couple. Scott did not mind, as long as Ryan was happy, he was also.

'Oh definitely you. I love it when you're on you're knees sucking my fat

co...Ugh!' Alex tied to finish but was interrupted by Chuck hitting his

friend to shut him up when he saw Maria approaching.

'Hello Mrs. Sanchez.'

'Hello boys, up to no good I see.'

'We were just commenting on how good the new uniforms you pick out look

this years.' Alex added.

'Yeah right... You were comparing ranks like they all do. Just remember

that no matter how high you get I'll still out rank all of you.'

'Yes Mrs. Sanchez.'

'Good, now behave. Bye'

Scott arrived at Hal's office to find it was not one office but 12. Maria

had her own office next to Hal's private one. The ten others were for the

ten interns that were to work with Mr. Steward this year. Scott found his

office was next to Hal's corner one, a fact that wasn't lost on some


'I see you've already wormed your way into the boss.' Ian said snidely.

'I did nothing of the sort.' Scott defended himself.

'Well it seems by your location that you are as close as close can be.'

Ian said.

'Ian, I don't know what your problem is but the only reason I'm here is for

the experience. I plan to go back and help Fred and Lance when my

internship is over.'

'Who are you kidding? Do you think interns that do well here go back to

working for small fries? They stay here and earn their star and then fuck

their own interns.'


'What, you telling me you've not been sleeping with the COO while the boss

was away!'

'I don't even know who you're talking about.'

'But I think I've heard enough!' An angry voice came from Hal's office.

Out stepped Chuck, his face ablaze and his eyes solid black voids. I think

I've heard enough to know that someone doesn't belong here and that someone

is you Ian. I want you to empty every trashcan on the top 30 floors. One

by one I want you to carry them to the basement dumpster. I want you to

use the stairs and I want you out of my face in the next 5 seconds!'

Ian went pale but was gone by the end of the five seconds. Scott stood

still as Chuck regained his composure and his eyes turned back to normal.

'Is there... Is there something I need to know.' Scott finally asked

'Yes there is but I need to finish talking with Hal go to my office. Wait

a minute that's right you don't know where my office is. Go to your office

and I'll meet your there when I'm done ...all right?'

'Allright.' Scott slowly replied, not know what else to say.

Scott walked into his office and quietly closed the door knowing that

everyone outside was staring at him. Inside were an oak desk, several

lamps, a computer, a couple data pads, a phone, a coffee table and a small

love seat like sofa. Scott still in a daze went over and sat in the

leather chair behind his desk and tried to sort out what had happened.

Chuck had been his first true romantic experience. He had slept with other

men but only that, slept. He had jack off with Fred and Lance but there

was no emotion behind it. Chuck, since that first time in the hallway had

been his first and only sexual partner. How could he not know he was

sleeping with the COO of the company? Was what Ian thought shared by the

other interns, that he was sleeping he way to the top? If so it was

untrue. Chuck had been a gentle and understanding in the field of sex. He

knew that Scott had no experience and took joy in teaching him. Scott

remembered the first time they sucked each other off. They had just come

in from the rain after going out for dinner. As soon as they arrived at

the apartment, they quietly snuck into the bedroom and began shedding

cloths. They told each other it was so they wouldn't get cold but both

wanted to see each other's bodies again. Once naked and aware of the

other's arousal, that special link, that feeding of emotions that two

empaths can have began to work again. They embraced, took each other

inside their mouths, felt each other arms and legs as if they wanted to

take a chunk to keep, afraid that letting go would cause the moment to

pass. Chuck eventually slowed things down and gave Scott a deep and loving

stare before grabbing Scott's dick and taking it into his warm mouth. He

sucked slowly, wrapping his tongue around the head and taking it to the

root. Scott exhaled in pleasure but then his mouth developed an itch. A

desire to put something in it overtook him. He wanted to give what he was

being given and so entered into his first 69. Chuck was careful, he let

Scott be on top and control how much of his dick he wanted to take in the

mouth and in Scott he found an eager student. Except for a few chokes and

a nip or two Scott learned quickly and both reached orgasm satisfied. It

was also that night that Chuck told Scott he loved him.

'Day dreaming?' Chuck's voice interrupted as he entered Scott's office.


'What about?'

'You of course.' Scott replied.

'Thinking of different ways to kill me.'

'No, think of making love to you.' Scott said to Chuck's surprise.

'I...I don't know what to say.'

'I think you do.'

'Ok, I love you...And I'm sorry for hiding who I was from you. I just was

afraid you would stay away if you knew I was a hot shot. I feared that you

would think what Ian does that I go around sleeping with interns because I

can help their careers.


'No is right! I slept with you because you're a good person and I love

you. I felt that I could have a life with you because like me you're an

empath... '

'And empaths are the greatest lovers.' Scott finished while getting up

from his chair.

'They are the best especially when both are empaths.'

'How do you know if I'm the first empath you've met.' Scott remembered

'Because that first time at your apartment was the best I've ever had.

When I heard you and Ian arguing I was not upset with what he said, it did

made me angry, but what I was upset about was you saying you plan to leave.

I don't want to loose you.'

'I wish I knew you felt that way.'

'You know now...'

'So now we can do something about it.' Scott smiled as he pulled off

Chuck's coat.

'You want to?'

Scott nodded yes.

'In the office?'


'Oh you're so bad.'

'Then lets make it good.' Scott grinned before entering into a kiss.

An hour later Maria came in with papers Scott needed to proofread but

when she opened the door she found a surprise. Two naked legs hung over

the love seat. Two naked legs connected to two naked sleeping bodies.

'Oh my! I guess the two of you kissed and made up!' She nearly shouted,

waking the couple. 'Now don't mind me, I'll just put these in the in

box...there and I'll leave you two alone and oh, don't worry the couch is

stain proof just leave a note for the cleaners and they fix it right up,

happens all the time here.'

'Maria, don't you have some gossip to spread somewhere?' Chuck said a

little exasperated.

'Oh yes... I mean no... I mean... I'll be going now.'

'Good! Cancel Scott's and my own meetings for today I think we will be

busy all day in deep negotiations.'

'Yes sir, right away sir, bye!' She said as she stopped out of the office

closing the door behind her.

'I think that's the first time she's ever called me sir.' Chuck laughed

after she left.

'Well we do present a shocking scene.' Scott laughed.

'Oh no, she's seen worse. She once took dictation while all the interns

were having a group orgy in Hal's office.'


'But I think we can avoid those things.'

'Possessive of me already.'

'Hey I've already mortgaged my heart to you. I can't let you get away.

Speaking of which...'


'I want you and the family to move in with me.'

'All of us?'

'Yes even Alex too ...if he's too cheap to put Ryan up.'

'I don't know, I would have to see what the kids think.'

'There would be a lot of room for them.'

'Yes but I just worry how they can take the change. Leaving the cabin was

a big change for me.'

'Are you saying no.'

'What I'm saying is why not move in with us for a month or two. That way

the kids will get used to you helping take care of them before they're up

rooted again. You know, take things one step at a time.'

'I...I don't know what to say. You want me to help father the kids! Do

you know how few people get to raise kids these days? Most children are

born within the corporations or military. There are very few true

families. It's a gift you are giving me, ...one that I could never match.'

'That might be my problem, I still know very little of how the world works.

I only had one parent, my uncle Jacob, after my mother died so being raised

in a family feels natural to me. I might be wrong.'

'No Scott you're right. It's the world that's messed up. I wish I could

protect you from it.'

'Don't Chuck, I need to know how things really are. I left my home so I

could become a man. Don't keep me a child.'

'No, I'll let you make your own decisions just let me help when you need


'Only if you let me do the same for you.'


Saul remained at the lab for another week before they moved him. They

covered his head during the transport so he had no idea where he was going

but when the van opened inside a cave he recognized the cold thin air for

what it was. He was somewhere in the mountains. He was lead through

several tunnels and chambers, all heavily guarded until he was taken to a

large room containing two beds, one of them occupied.

'So you are the new lab rat.' The voice from the bed spoke without getting


'I guess, ...what are you if I may ask?' Saul said.

'Not even asking whom I am, so rude. I was a captain in NATO forces but

that was before I was changed.'

'How did it happen?'

'It was one of my own men believe it or not! I got shot in an ambush and I

was dying. He thought he was saving my life. In the end it cost him his

and it ended me up in here.'

'Tough break.'

'Yeah tell me about it. Yourself?'

'I was a hunter, the last vampire I went after gave me the blood kiss.'

'Sucks to be you. What's your name?'

'Saul, yourself?'

'Kyle. This should of never of happened to me, my bond mate or I should

say my ex bond mate since my death broke it, dragged me to the war front so

he could play soldier.'

'I sense no bitterness here.' Saul said sarcastically.

'Yeah well when you've been stuck in a cave for over a year and having been

poked and prodded in no fun places you develop a different look on life.'

'Let me guess, blue balls.'

'Fucking yes blue balls, I've been without for the whole time I've been


'Sorry I'm straight.'

'You mean you were straight. You've been vamped, that changes a man's

tastes in other ways besides blood.'

'I don't drink blood.'


'I was given the blood kiss but I never turned. That's why I think they

kept me.'

'Did your eyes change color?'


'Show me.'

'Alright, but they're not red and I still have trouble turning them back.'

Saul said before closing his eyes. When he opened them they gave off a

deep blue glow.

'No way!'


'I can't believe it!'


'What the experts have been telling me.'

'Will you tell me what has you worked up this time before I break something

of yours?'

'You're a bride.'

'Very funny, do you think I would look cute in a white dress?'

'No, I mean you are a vampire's bride, their mate, their better half. The

military been looking for one of you for years but didn't know where to


'What does it mean?'

'Well you said you were a vampire hunter, right?'


'I guess you were a very successful one.'

'Yeah, how did you guess?'

'Well let's just say that when you ran into these vampires it wasn't you

looking for them but they looking for you. You're their ultimate sex

object and mine.'

'Hey now wait a sec, we just met and I'm not into that sort of thing.'

'Have you ever tried it?'


'Then how do you know?'

'A guy just does.'

'Look, just hold my hand. All I get are gloved touches, a person can go

crazy without human contact.'

'All right but this doesn't make us a couple.'

'I would never presume that. Come here and sit on the bed.' Kyle said as

he finally sat up.

As he walked over, Saul finally got a good look at Kyle. He look to be n

his mid-twenties with short spiky blond hair. He was about 5'8' in height

and had a surfer dude look to his body minus the sun tan. 'Cute' is what

first popped in his head but he quickly tried to smother such thoughts. He

instead sat himself on the far edge of the bed as far from Kyle as he could


'Now stop being a baby.' Kyle scolding as he scooted down to Saul. Kyle

kept on scooting until their thighs touched. That little contact attracted

both of their attention and them seemed to stare at it for a quarter of an

hour before Saul spoke.

'You said you wanted to hold hands.'

'Uhm yeah... I guess. Do you think it will feel as weird as our legs


'Only one way to find out.' Saul said but still did not make a move.

'I guess you're going to make me go first. Well here it goes.' Kyle

nervously smiled before placing his hand on top of Saul's.'

'This is so elementary school,' was Saul's first thought. The idea of

being nervous to hold another person's hand but hen he felt his skin tingle

and his eyes open wide. His mouth began to twitch and against all better

judgment and self-control a giant grin grew on his face. He looked at Kyle

and saw the same thing. Both of them were on the edge of hysterics and

together they broke into laughter.

'It seems they have a positive reaction to each other,' one of the

observing scientists commented.

'Yes,' the senior researcher agreed, 'It will be interesting to see if they

take the next step. Keep me informed.'

'Yes sir.'



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