It was the night of the Christmas party. Jacob was dressed up in a black

tux with a forest green cummerbund and bow tie. They made his red hair and

green eyes stand out even more. He wanted everything to be perfect and it

looked like it was going to be. Russ had chosen not to go but let Jacob

tell his brother merry Christmas for him. When Jacob stepped out of the

front doors of the Club it was to the cold crisp air of freedom. Watching

over Russ was a full time job and just getting out of the Club was a

pleasure in itself.

A car was waiting just outside. Jacob really would of preferred walking to

the party but that would be a 30-mile walk, not one that he could complete

and make it to the party on time. So it was with some regret but still

with excitement that he got into the car, leaving the open air. When he

was let out at the main entrance he was met by an escort who then led him

to the executive elevator. The party was spread out on many floors but the

floor Jacob was certain Scott would be at was limited to top brass and

their staff, including interns. When he arrived at the elevator doors he

saw a couple, one blond and the other dark haired arguing over where they

had put their invitation.

'Lance, I knew I should of never given you the invitation!' The taller,

dark haired man argued.

'Whatever Fredrick, you know I can't keep track of anything. You just gave

it to me because you knew you'd loose it yourself.'

'What sort of stupidity is that, me giving it to you just so I could blame


'You blamed me when we lost the Fisher account.'

'You did loose it.'

'How was I supposed to know he hates blonds?'

'How was I? You're the PR man, your suppose to know these things.'

'None of this would of happened if Scott was still working for us.'

'Excuse me, did you say Scott?' Jacob butted in.

'Yeah Scott, the best employee we ever had.'

'His last name wasn't Keller was it?'

'No, it was Gannon.' Fred answered.

'Oh, that's right I forgot.'

'Do you know him?' Lance asked.

'Yes he's an old friend of mine.'

'Wow, that's great, Uhm... I see you have an invitation. Do you think you

can go up and ask Scott to get this thug guarding the elevator to let us

up?' Lance begged.

'Yeah sure, just give me your names and I'll ask him.'

The couple told Jacob their names just as the elevator doors opened. Jacob

quickly jumped in before the couple started arguing again. 'How could

Scott stand the two of them?' Jacob thought as he went to the top floor.

When the elevator doors finally opened it was to a sea of black tuxes.

'How in the hell am I to find anybody around here!' He thought. It was

like a 'Where's Waldo' except this time Waldo was dressed up just like the

rest of the characters, no red strips at all.

Jacob began mingling with the crowd in the hope of finding Scott by chance

or at least Hal, the only other person he knew that should be here.

Instead, it was a flash of gold that first attracted his attention and he

followed it to a desk where a bunch of other guys were standing around.

'Now which of you boys is going to give Auntie Maria a kiss.' The elderly

woman in the gold dress laughed as she held up a sprig of mistletoe. All

the men each gave her a kiss on the cheek before going on their way leaving

Jacob by himself with the woman.

'Excuse, me do you know where Scott Keller is?'

'Yes I do cutie but you must give me a kiss before I'll tell you.' Maria


After the kiss she took him by the arm and lead him to one of the private

offices. 'Now before I let you in are you going to tell me who you are?'

'Yes, I'm Jacob Patrick.'

'So you're the uncle! I suspected when I first saw you. You did a good

job raising that boy. He talks about you a lot. He misses you.'

'Yes, I've missed him a lot too.'

'Well let me check to see if their decent, I walked into them once without

checking and woo, did I get an eye full.'

'What?' Jacob asked confused as Maria peeked into the room.

'Oh never mind, they're fine. Go right in.'


Jacob walked into the dark room and saw his boy holding another man in his

arms on the couch.'

'Jacob!' Scott shouted as he quickly jumped off the couch, dumping Chuck

on to the floor.

'Scott!' Jacob shouted as he opened his arms. He was expecting a hug but

what he got was a tackle that knocked him down, leaving his head just

outside the door.

'I win!' Scott laughed.

'You rascal!' Jacob joined in.

'Hey what's going on?' Chuck laughed from his awkward position on the


'Oh Chuck, this is Jacob, the man who taught me everything I know.'

'Well he didn't teach you how to suck!' Chuck replied.

'I was going to.' Jacob defended himself, 'But I got a little sidetracked.

I guess I have you to thank for completing his education.'

'Yep, but I should be thanking you for raising such a sweet guy.'

'Hey, I'm still here!' Scott piped in.

'Yes you are and I'm not letting you out of my sight again. Leave you

alone just for a second and I get shipped to Europe and you get sent here.'

Jacob added as Scott lifted him back up.

'Well you better not leave me again, I missed you.'

'Same here Scott.'

'Well I guess I better be leaving...' Chuck said sadly.

'What do you mean?' Both Scott and Jacob said at the same time.

'Well I thought that the two of you... well... that the two of you would

want to get back together.'

'Chuck, Jacob is not my long lost boyfriend.' Scott chided.


'Chuck, Scott is very dear to me. One of the reasons we left the cabin was

to find Scott a boyfriend.'

'We did?' Scott said confused.

'Yes we did. I told you that I wanted you to experience life before I made

you my Tor. That included experiencing love. I think its time I gave you

a shave.'

'Oh dear, he's one of those.' Chuck laughed. 'Be careful Scott when one

of those make you their Tor they tend to boss you around more then you


'Hey, that's suppose to be a secret and it's for his own good.'

'That's true also, they make the best First's but you have to get use to a

lot of mothering.'

'Hey he raised me I'm a little use to him babying me.'

'So, do you want to join in?' Jacob asked Chuck. 'I'll be real gentle.'

'Uhm... thanks but no thanks. I think Scott will need a friend who won't

be your personal slave.'

'Oh!' Jacob was reminded; 'Speaking of friends there is a couple named

Lance and Fred waiting for you in the main lobby.'

'Fred and Lance are here that's great!' Scott said excitedly.

'Thanks for ruining my surprise.' Chuck moaned.

'I didn't know it was a surprise. They lost their invitation and so asked

me help them out.' Jacob defended himself.

'You brought them here?' Scott asked Chuck.

'Yes, since you said you were great friends with them and how you

originally planned to go back to them I decided to invite them to the party

and offer them jobs here.'

'That's great! Where will they work?

'Under you hopefully.'


'Yeah, it was going to be my other surprise.' Chuck smiled as he took a

box out of his coat pocket and opened it showing the eight-pointed star

inside. 'You're no longer an intern but the new senior investment officer,

rank 60.'

'I didn't get this job because of you did I?'

'No, Hal made the decision, you've been the best intern to come here in

years. He wanted you for the job. He just asked me to be the one to offer

it to you. Lance and Fred will be your senior aids.'

'Then I better shave them as well, they could use the discipline.' Jacob


'Well that means your pack will be as large as mine!' Chuck laughed.

'Besides Adam and Drew there's my senior aid Jeff.'

'Are you sure you don't want a shave?' Jacob asked Chuck again with a

wicked grin.

'Oh most definitely not. I plan on marrying this guy and the bond is all I


'Well I guess I better make plans to move here. I'll soon have another

family to run.'

'I warn you he'll be bossy.' Chuck said while elbowing Scott.

'You'll get used to it. If you two disagree you can flip to see who wins.'

'I better have a stash of quarters ready then.' Chuck laughed.

'It's not that kind...' Scott tried to warn Chuck but was quickly jabbed

by Jacob.

'Don't give away all my secrets!' Jacob telepathically sent Scott.

'Yes uncle.' Scott sent back, returning to his role of the good son.

The room was eventually warmed up but that was because the researchers had

to, they had taken away the t-shirts, boxer shorts and bed sheets and left

them with only a pair of jocks. Saul was still committed to not falling

for their tactics even though both Kyle and he carried around hard-ons when

they were around each other. While the room was warmer then the night they

took away the extra bed, it was still cold enough that while they might

start off on separate ends of the remaining bed, by the middle of the night

they were in each other's arms just to keep warm.

Saul almost broke his pledge once one night when he awoke to find himself

humping against Kyle's leg. It took all of his self-control to stop

because it felt so good. He was able to make it to the bathroom and jack

off but the next night when it happened again he found the bathroom door

locked and bed pans under the bed. This forced him to jack off in bed. He

first thought that Kyle was still asleep while he was doing it but the dim

red glow from his eyes showed that he wasn't.

'Oh please don't watch me doing this.' Saul begged.

'Ok, only if you agree not to watch me when I jack off.'

'When do you plan to do that?'

'Right now.'

'Oh not when I'm doing it.'

'Why, does it make you hot knowing that I'm jacking off right next to you

while you're doing the same?'


'Then lets both watch each other and get more out of it.'


'I'll take that as a yes.'

Kyle slipped off his jock to show his seven-inch prong surrounded by a bed

of trimmed dark blond hair. Saul gasped when he saw it. Even though he

had seen it several times before, he had never been this sexually excited

when viewing it.

Kyle gave him a come-and-get-it grin and began pumping his meat at the same

pace Saul had taken. The two started about a foot apart but as they became

more excited and closer to climax they inched their way towards each other

until the knuckles of their hands brushed against each other as they made

each stroke. Passion took over as they began kissing the air just

millimeters above their lips until they finally made contact. They

plastered their lips together and Saul let go of his prick to grab Kyle

around the waist. He began doing what he started the night before, humping

himself against Kyle's leg.

Kyle kept his hand on his dick but used his other hand to grab the back of

Saul's head to add more pressure to their continuous kiss. They finally

erupted, Saul against Kyle's thigh and Kyle between their stomachs. They

released their kiss and both gasped for air before starting a series of

gentler kisses and caresses.

Saul was enjoying the light kissing and licks Kyle was giving him on his

neck when he suddenly felt the points of sharp teeth. His reaction was as

quick as it was violent. He pushed so hard against Kyle that both of them

fell out of the bed on opposite ends.

'I'm sorry!' Kyle said, begging for forgiveness. 'I just haven't...'

'Don't you ever bite me!' Saul shouted from his side.

'I'm sorry, it won't happen again.'

'It better not!


'I'm sleeping on the floor.' Saul finally decided.

'You know that they'll just lower the temperature if you do that and we

don't have bed sheets this time.'

'I'll manage.' Saul huffed, not considering that Kyle would suffer as


'We need to stick together if we're going to make it though this.' Kyle


'No, we need to fight, that's what we need to do. Any prisoner of war is

supposed to fight their captors as long as they can.'

'Well Saul I can't fight much longer.' Kyle finally admitted. He had been

hiding from Saul the fact that the scientists had cut off his food of blood

in an attempt to get Kyle to bite Saul.

'What do you mean, you look fit enough to take down any of the guards


'Saul... They've been starving me. I haven't feed for two months. If I

don't eat soon...'

'You'll be fine. You just need to eat some regular food. I know the

rations taste bad but they will fill you up.' Saul said, still in denial

of what Kyle was saying.

'Saul, what am I.'

'You're my friend.' Saul said, now purposing avoiding the truth.

'Saul, I'm a vampire. I drink blood. I need blood. I can't survive

without it.'

'Sure you can. Everyone knows that drinking blood is a choice.'

'Saul, its not. That is a lie the military has spread. Makes it easier

for people to want us dead.'


'Saul, you said I was your friend. Believe me then. I wont bite you

against your will but I'm certain that they will risk me dying in the hope

that I will go into a blood frenzy. Vampires are more common then you


'So you're saying that you are expendable while I'm not.'

'We are all expendable, just some are more so then others.'

'...I don't want you to die.'

'Neither do I.'

'...Bite me.' Saul said while staring at the ground. It was the hardest

decision he had ever made but one of the few that he felt was so right.

'Saul, I'm not going to do this because you pity me.'

'Kyle...I love you. That's why I want you to bite me. I don't want to

loose you.'

'You really do?'


'I...I love you too. If I bite you, it will change things between us.'

'I understand.'

'No, I think you do not. It will be harder for us to ignore each other as

we have in the past.'

'You mean our bodies?'

'Yes, but also our minds. Just as you'll feed me, I'll want to feed you.'

'But you said that I'll not turn into a vampire.'

'No, you'll become my husband.'

'I see now.'

'Are you willing to give up you're past for me.'


'Then we better get in bed. It's easier to do when one is comfortable.'

The two finally got off the floor and saw into each other's eyes. Saul's

eyes still had a deep blue but Kyle's were a weak dull red. Saul now

understood how weak Kyle had become if the glow from his eyes were any

suggestion to his physical state.

'So you've done this before?' Saul asked.

'Yes but not with a bride before. Before you came they had me creating

vampires from military volunteers.'


'GenCorp has a near monopoly on psi technology. The military doesn't like

that. Creating vampires is their only way to make their own telepaths.

Saul... I am scared. If the stories are true, after I feed off you I won't

have to feed for some time. I'll also be able to walk in sunlight while

keeping my strength. I'll be the super soldier they've been looking for.

They will want more. I don't know if they'll allow us to stay together.'

'We'll think of something. I won't let you escape me so easily.'

'They'll have to pry my undead hands from your body before I'll let you

go.' Kyle said in Saul's ear as the two began to cuddle.

'Sorry for being such a jerk.' Saul apologized

'Don't worry about it. I knew I'd get you in the end.'

'Hahaha!' Saul suddenly laughed as he realized something.

'What's so funny?' Kyle asked as Saul's laughter interrupted his kissing

of his neck.

'My name, Saul, I'm going through a conversion just like the Biblical one.'

'Does that mean you want me to call you Paul from now on?'


'Good cause I like your name just as it is.'

'Well I guess this is the moment.'

'I'll be real gentle, you won't feel any pain.'

'All right... do it.'

And with that Saul felt teeth break his skin. It wasn't pain he felt

but a cold numbness spread as the blood was drained from his body. The

loss of blood must have caused him to pass out because the next thing he

remembered was opening his eyes to a room filled with red light.'

'Time for your breakfast.' Kyle smiled.

'What?' Saul asked opening his mouth, still groggy.

Taking advantage of Saul's opened mouth, Kyle pressed his against it

and gave Saul the blood kiss. The blood must of rushed right to his dick

because by the end of the kiss Saul had a full hard on. It was then that

Kyle introduced Saul to a another type of sucking.

It was the first minute of Christmas and Travis still kept his vigil on

Jeremy. The blister that had started on Jeremy's thumb had grown to

encompass his whole body till it was like a cocoon. Inside Jeremy's body

was going though a change that the scientists could not fathom but Travis

could. Jeremy was becoming an Other. Travis maintained a mental contact

with Jeremy during the whole time, helping the sacred mind inside accept

the changes occurring. He had hoped that Jeremy would have a Christmas

rebirth but all the data showed that it would still be several months

before Jeremy would emerge but Travis didn't mind. He kept his vigil and


Chuck watched the happy but peaceful scene in the community bedroom.

Lance and Fred were asleep on one end, bodies freshly shaved and still in

the 69 position, happy faces all around. On the other side were Scott and

Jacob. Jacob lay on top of Scott, his head resting just below Scott's chin

a happy grin on his face. Scott had his arms around Jacob in a protective

embrace. Chuck could already see the marks of a Tor and a First on their


He had first not wanted to watch the process of Jacob claiming Scott as his

Tor but his curiosity got the better of him. He remembered when he had

become a Tor and it had involved an orgy of fucking a sucking. Jacob's way

was less physical but more erotic. It was more of a claiming then an

excuse to have sex, more ritual then chaos. While he could already tell

Jacob was bossy he also knew that all Jacob wanted was affection and Scott

was the perfect man to do it.

What surprised Chuck the most was the fact he wasn't jealous. He didn't

see Jacob as a competitor for Scott's love but one that would increase it.

He was an extra attachment that made Scott more beautiful. Chuck also knew

that they were too good for this world. One day Scott and Jacob would want

to return to the cabin in the woods and Chuck would follow. The city with

its corruption was a learning experience Jacob wanted Scott to have but it

wasn't his home.

Chuck walked over to the bed and climbed in, wrapping his arms around the

two people who now meant everything to him. Both Scott and Jacob opened

their sleepy eyes and gave Chuck a tired smile.

'Promise me you won't leave me behind.' Chuck sent out.

'We won't.' The two sent together, understanding what Chuck was concerned

about before closing their eyes again.

Chuck too soon fell asleep and entered their shared dream.

The dream took place in the forest. Chuck could see Scott running around

with three wolves chasing him. The wolves were each of different colors.

The white one was the smallest, followed by the black one. The red haired

wolf was twice the size of the smallest and Chuck knew at once who the wolf

had to be. The red wolf eyed him and ran to him. When he arrived he

licked Chuck's hands before nudging him with his head to walk toward Scott.

Scott seemed not to see chuck until they were only feet apart but when he

saw him he ran to him and hugged him. They entered into a first kiss just

as the wolves gathered around them and proceeded to howl.

Russ was depressed, Jacob hadn't returned last night from the party and in

the morning Russ woke up to find his mark fading. He quickly called his

brother to see if Jacob was all right and what his brother told him didn't

make him any happier. Jacob had found his boy and taken him as his Tor.

Hal scolded his brother for his treatment of Jacob and told him it was time

he grew up. Russ, in his anger hung up the phone on his brother. He then

swore he would kill the man who stole his Tor. Being so angry that he

couldn't stay still Russ made his way to the common exercise room. He

avoided the company's private room because he knew it would be easier for

his brother to watch him from there.

He started on the treadmill but that didn't help. He then went to the

weights but after flinging one, taking a chuck out of the marble walls he

was 'asked' to try something else. So he took on the punching bag and that

seemed to work so he stayed with it.

Watching him the whole time was Carl. He knew who Russ was, the brother of

the head of Steward Finances, and he knew that Russ was a man with enough

power to take on Gordon Vassar. He watched as Russ beat the pulp out of

the bag. He could tell that Russ was angry about something and anger was

something that could be used.

When Russ finally destroyed the punching bag he made a swing at the wall,

cracking both the tile and his hand. He fell to the ground and gripped the

wrist of his now bloody and limp hand. Carl took this chance to make his


'Are you all right sir?' Carl said with well-acted concern.

'Ugh!' Was Russ's only reply.

'Let me take you to the hospital.'

'No I'm fine.'

'No your not. Let me take care of you.' Saying the magic phrase.

Russ broke down and allowed Carl to take him in his arms. 'Never leave

me.' He begged.

'Don't worry Russ, We'll take care of each other.'

Today Jacob was going to see Hal for a job interview. It was only a

formality but it offered a chance for the air to be cleared between them.

Hal had gotten an earful from his brother and so needed reassurances that

things wouldn't be bad between the families.

'Hello Mr. Patrick, come on in.' Hal waved when he saw Jacob at his opened

office door.

'Good morning sir.' Jacob replied.

'Lets cut the formality between us. Call me Hal and I'll call you Jacob.

For goodness sake you wiped my brother's own ass, you're practically


'About your brother...'

'An insufferable prick I'll tell you.'

'He's not that bad.' Jacob weakly defended.

'Oh yes he is. I would of left him years ago but mother made me promise

I'd watch out for him when she got the plague.'

'Did you catch it?'

'Sure did, made me sick for weeks but I came through it stronger and better

unlike most people. Russ also got it and it made him stronger but not much


'Where do I stand with y'all then.'

'Well seeing what a pain in the ass my brother is and what a cute ass you

have I say let bygones be bygones. Unless you'll consider dating me that


'I have a Tor.' Jacob blushed

'Yes and he's getting married soon. One day I'll like to get married.'

'Are you saying what I think you're saying.'

'That I want you as head of security? Yes.'


'It'll involve a lot of attention and you'll have to spend a lot of time

with the senior staff.'

'Such as yourself?' Jacob grinned.

'Yeah... and people such as Chuck and Scott, you'll get to spend a lot of

time with them too.'

'Oh really, I guess I can't turn your offer down then.'

'Most people can't. What can I say, I'm just filled with charm.'

'And a lot of other stuff.'

'Well I hope that you'll get some of that stuff out of me.'

'You're such a horndog.'

'I know, got to love me. Just one thing... no shaves. I don't want to end

up having you as my First.

'We'll see how things work out. Want to flip for it?' Jacob said with

arched eyebrows.

'Do I ever!' Hal smiled wickedly as he stood up and removed his coat.

'Oh god, a man after my own heart.' Jacob thought just as Hal made a jump

for him.



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