While the data was incomplete, what it showed was that Jeremy's

expression of his 'Other' trait was being inhibited/blocked by some means.

As Travis romantically put it Jeremy was a butterfly trapped as a

caterpillar. It was two weeks before Jeremy recovered from his experience

and another week before Travis had the courage to see him again. He knew

that Jeremy would ask questions. He just didn't know if he wanted to

answer them. In the end though, he steeled himself and went in for a


'Hi Jeremy!'

'Hi Travis...'

'Are you feeling better?'

'Yes, but I still have nightmares.'

'I'm sorry, that's my fault.'

'How can it be your fault?'

'The rats, I bet the nightmares are of rats.'

'Yes and of other things.'

'I should have moved them or killed them before your test, I'm


'What... what are they?'

'They were... they were genetic experiments in T talent.' Travis

replied, not telling the whole truth. The truth was that they were

attempts to create Others

'I didn't know T talent genes could cause such mutations.'

'Neither did we but strange genes can do strange things.'

'I guess...'

'I hope you don't hate me for what happened.'

'No, I just got scared that's all.' Jeremy didn't add that Travis

was now one of the things he was scared of.

'Jeremy, I would never do anything to purposely hurt you.'

'I know.'



'Well I better get going, take care of yourself. I'll see you



As he left the room Travis knew that Jeremy was now scared of him.

What he didn't know was that Jeremy was also scared of himself.'

The Club was an imposing building made up of a giant central building

flanked by five towers, one for each of the Group of Five. It was the

closest thing to a world capital building for it was here that the five

made their deals between each other. It was also here that all the

benefits of the five could be found. The best in technology, medical care,

luxuries, and 'services' were provided to its members. Therefore it was of

no surprise that it was here that Russ Steward was sent to recover from his


Jacob had stayed with Russ for the past year, helping the poor man

recover. It was not easy. Russ was a clingy sort of person and gave Jacob

little time alone. It was this reason that Jacob never told Russ about

Scott. He feared the jealously that might erupt. It was therefore with

great surprise when he opened the mail and found the Christmas card sent by

Russ's brother Hal. It had a photo of Hal surrounded by his interns,

including the boy he had raised, Scott. He couldn't hold back his emotions

and tears ran down his face.

Russ at the time was in the middle of another therapy secession

trying to convince his shrink that now was the time to ask Jacob to marry

him. Neither side was getting anywhere when Russ's felt the emotional

spike coming from his Tor.

'I have to go.' He said as he stood up from the couch

'Our time is not up yet, what's wrong?'

'Jacob is hurting, I have to go.'

'Is he in danger?'

'No, but I feel that he's sad.'

'Then I think that you should give him some space.'

'I can't he might need me!'

'Russ, we've had this discussion before, you need to give Jacob some

personal time.'


'No but's now lay back down.'

'Sorry, I can't. Bye.'

'Ugh! Why did I get stuck with this guy?' The psychologist moaned

after Russ had dashed out of his office. He was tempted to call Jacob and

warn him that Russ was coming but feared that would break confidentiality

but then he remembered that Russ left without scheduling an appointment and

so made his call.'

'Hello Russ?' The doctor asked when Jacob answered the phone.

'No... sniffle... This is Jacob Patrick, Russ is not here right now.'

'Oh, this is Dr. Cotton, tell him that he left without making an


'Oh...OH, ok thank you doctor I'll be sure to tell him, thanks


'No problem, you take care now.'

'I will, bye.'


Getting the jist of the doctor's message Jacob quickly jumped into

the shower and turned on the hot water. Being paled skinned, crying always

made his face blotchy, a hot shower would turn him a nice pink and hide the

fact he'd been upset. When he stepped out of the shower he saw Russ

sitting on the floor looking at him attentively.

'Are you all right Jacob?'

'Yes Russ I'm fine, I just let the water get too hot.'

'I better get a plumber, that's the third time that's happened.'

'It's all right Russ.'

'I love you Jacob.'

'I know Russ.'

'Won't you tell me that you love me?'

'Russ, I'm your Tor of course I care about you.'

'But you don't love me.'

'Not the way you want. We've discussed this.'

'But why?'

'Because I don't feel that way about you. Russ, you were hurt, very

badly when I came. I offered myself to help you recover. It was not love;

it was concern. I'm your Tor, not your lover. You need to see that and

look for what you want elsewhere.'

'You want to leave me?'

'No, what kind of Tor would I be if I did that. You just need to

find a boyfriend, that all.'

'Ok.' Russ said as if he understood but really didn't.

'I think I have an idea, lets spend Christmas at your brother's. He

is always inviting us to his parties. I think we should go.'

'I don't know?'

'It'll be fun.'

'I guess.'

'Hey aren't you always telling me you're a better wrestler then your

brother. I'd like to see you in action.'



'All right I guess we'll go.'

Jacob smiled but knew that Russ would try to find a way out of it.

Ever since he had entered the Club he had not once walked past its doors.

It had become a prison for Russ just as his dependence on Jacob was a

prison of sorts. Jacob just hoped he could talk Russ into letting him go

by himself.

Today was the day Scott was going to visit Chuck's apartment for the

first time in preparation for the move. The couple of months they had

lived together at Scott's apartment had shown that they could become a

family unit. The kids loved Chuck as their new uncle. He was their

playmate and confidant when it came to things they were too embarrassed to

ask their father or uncle Ryan about. Scott even included Chuck in the

bedtime stories he gave to the kids. Together they would act out the

different characters in the book making the stories more interesting but

harder to put the kids to sleep so after the story they would sing

lullabies until they fell asleep.

At work, Chuck and Scott were now recognized as a couple and a cute

couple at that. While they never repeated their sex in the office stunt

they were often seen in each other's arms in some quite corner of the

building. Rumors of marriage were in the air, which added a festive mood

to the daily office routine.

The first thing about Chuck apartment that impressed Scott was its

size. Having lived most of his life in a one-room cabin, Chuck's place was

like a palace. Most of the apartment was made up of one large room

containing the living, dinning, den, study, breakfast, and kitchen areas.

The only separate rooms were the five bedrooms, library, and

bathrooms. When they entered, They were greeted by Chuck's First and

another man that Chuck served as Tor for.

'So this is the man that stole my Tor's heart! He's cute.' The

First, Drew, grinned.

'Things have been so dull since he moved in with you.' The other,

Adam, laughed.

'Its good to finally meet the two of you.'

'Show me your arm.' Adam asked.


'I want to see your mark.'

'Oh, I don't have a Tor.'

'You don't? And you're not someone else's Tor.'

'Nope. I was Ryan's but I transferred it over to Alex'

'Well I guess we'll have to change that!'

'But you already have a Tor.'

'I know but if you and Travis ever get bonded, you'll become our Tor

as well.'

'Wow, I didn't know that.'

'How could you not?'

'That's enough Adam. Scott is not from around here and I want to be

the one to teach him.'

'Yes sir.'

'So is lunch ready?' Travis said to change the subject.

'Almost, you can give him the tour while Adam and I finish up. It

should be ready when you're done.'

'Great, ...this way Scott.'


When they were walking down the hall and out of site of the others

Chuck grabbed Scott around the waist to give him a hug. 'They like you.'

'They seemed to.' Scott agreed.

'Hey, they really do, I should know not just being their Tor, I've

known these guys back when we were in school together during the plague.

They like you and Adam wants you.'

'So that is what it was about.'

'Yeah, Adam wants you to fuck him.'

'I've never, we've never fucked.'

'I know, I've been saving it for something special.'

'Such as.' Scott said coyly as he snuggled next to Chuck.

'Our wedding night.'

'Is this a proposal?'

'Well is wasn't the one I'm still planning to give but yeah.'

'Then I'll save saying yes for your big production.'

'You mean it!'

'Yes, I do.'

'Uhm... Let me show you the bedroom.'

'That might be a good idea.'

Chuck pulled Scott into the next room and closed the door. 'I hope

you like big beds.'

'Wow.' Scott thought as he saw what lay before him. The bed was low

to the ground, encased in an open wooden oak box like a futon. This though

was not what was surprising what was, was the shear size of the bed. It

was like four king size beds put together in a giant square. Pillows were

lined along the edge of the bed and a stack of white quilts was located in

the center. 'I guess there's plenty of room to roll around.'

'Haha, actually this is the community bed.'

'Community bed.'

'Yes, while everyone has their own bedroom, most of the time we all

sleep here.'


'Well, most company men are like military men in that they are

animorphs, pack mentality. And just like a group of puppies we tend to

sleep cuddled together. Only on a rare occasion do things turn sexual and

most of the time we go to one of the private bedrooms to do it.'

'I see, but I didn't know you were an animorph.'

'I'm not, I'm like you an empath, which is better. An animorph you

can say is an empath want a be. Not that it's bad but it's not the same.

That's why nearly all empaths are the Tor or First in a pack.

'What will we be?'

'We, we will be bonded, a relationship closer then that between Tor

and follower.'

'I think I would like that.' Scott said as he spread himself out on

the bed while popping off his shoes.'

'Oh god you're beautiful.' Chuck sighed before he climbed on top of

Scott. Soon they were both in their favorite state, naked and in each

other's arms. Pre-cum smeared both of their bellies, helping their dicks

rub against each other's bodies. Chuck lay on top swinging his hips side

to side causing his dick to move like a windshield washer across Scott's

stomach. Scott thrust his hips forward, fucking Chuck's balls as they lay

just below the head of his dick. Finally submitting to lust, and loving

the feel of Chuck's flat ass, Scott began inserting a finger into the damp,

warm hole.'

'Oh yes, sir can I have another.' Chuck joked.

'I didn't know we were playing slave and master. Didn't know you

were into that sort of stuff.'

'I'm not, I'm just playing with you but I'll call you sir for the

rest of the day if you add another finger into my ass.'

'No need, I'll give it to you for free.' Scott said right before he

added the next finger.

'Oh yeah man that's it now spread them apart and stretch my hole.'

'Alright but I thought you were a top.'

'I lied. I'm really a nelly bottom.'

'No you're not.'

'Yeah, but I am for you, now no more talking. It's interfering with

some good sex.'

'MmmMmm,' Scott hummed with his mouth closed.

'I'll take that as a yes now swirl those fingers of yours while I

turn around, I want that cock of yours in my mouth.'

The two were soon 69 each other, their second favorite position.

When they finally hit orgasm both increased the intensity of their sucking,

taking in all of each other's precious seed. They then spent several

minuets just licking each other's groins like cats washing each other.

They had almost fallen asleep when Drew's voice came calling from behind

the door.

'Would you like me to keep lunch warm while the two of you rest up?'

'You hungry?' Chuck asked as he moved to face Scott.

'Yeah sure, I guess sex gave me an appetite.'

'We'll be right out, keep the oil hot!' Chuck shouted as he handed

Scott a bathrobe.

'Hot oil?'

'Yeah I hope you like fondue, Drew is a great Swiss chef.'

'Never had it before.'

'Good, you'll like it, it's fun and it'll allow me to feed you


Another couple was facing the issue of feeding. Kyle had been

without 'A' quality blood for some time. The scientists had limited his

feeding to once a week. This made Kyle look at Saul as if he were a high

priced steak house. But even with this temptation, Kyle did not press

himself on Saul. The scientists did that for him.

Everything started out normal, each had their own set of day cloths

and sleepwear consisting of a sweats, t-shirts and white boxers. They both

had their own bed with several thick sheets to keep warm in but slowly and

surely the scientists began removing items. When Saul and Kyle had gone in

for another round of tests they found that all their sweat pants and shirts

had disappeared. All they had left were the white t-shirts and boxers,

which were both a size too small now. Kyle just took it all in stride but

Saul became very angry and suspicions. In part because he hated tight

cloths but mostly because he could no longer hide his half hard-on when he

saw Kyle dressed in a similar manner with his pecs showing like some of the

muscled action figures Saul had as a kid. Kyle though was merciful on Saul

and did not make fun of his roommate's predicament.

Rightly fearing that more things would disappear, Saul began hiding

some of his cloths under the bed mattress when the lights were out. It was

therefore a great shock when Saul returned to the room to find his whole

bed was now gone.

'I guess they want us in the same bed now.' Kyle grinned when he

also entered the room.

'I'll be sleeping on the floor, thank you.' Saul muttered.

'Oh no you won't!' Kyle said in frustration. 'Don't you see what

they're doing, they will continue to make things worse for us until we

sleep together. No offense but I can think of a lot worse things they can

do to us besides making us share a bed.'

'I know that's what they're planning but I'm not willing to admit


'You're not willing to admit you have the hots for me is what it is.'

Kyle said.

'I'm still a married man.'

'Saul, you're being delusional. You're officially dead from a legal

perspective. As far as the world is concerned you have already parted so

the 'till death do us part' bit no longer holds.'


'No buts! Even if you escaped here from what you have told me your

wife hates vampires and telepaths more then you do! Do you think she'll

take Mr. Blue Eyes back!'

That last comment crossed the line and both of them knew it. As soon

as he said it Kyle raised his hand to block the punch he knew was coming,

and come it did. When Kyle awoke he was in bed, the air outside the sheets

freezing, the temp. in the room had definitely dropped a good twenty

degrees another tactic the scientists were using to force the two together.

The room was in complete darkness so Kyle could not see Saul but he did

feel a warm body next to him in bed. Kyle had to resist the temptation to

reach out and hug the dumb lug. He knew that Saul was sorting out a lot of

feelings right now and didn't need him complicating them...yet.

'A minor set back.' The senior scientist noted. 'Maybe if we cut

off his food supply he will be more willing.'

'I don't know that could take time and it might damage the

specimens.' The junior researcher disagreed.

'We need results and I am certain that staving him will get it.' He


'Yes sir then I will make the changes needed.'

'Good, and never disagree with me again or I will have you sent to

the front.'

'Yes sir, sorry sir.'

Carl was finally free. After months of planning he had gotten his

father Gordon to let him go. He was now the head representative for

Gen-Corp at the Club and therefore its commanding supervisor. The United

Nations of the five corporations, Gen-Corp was the head of the Club and

therefore had the highest and most extravagant of the five towers that made

it up. The whole complex was a giant replica of GenCorp's headquarters in

Texas except for the lack of a central tower. Besides being a place for

the group of five to meet, it was also was like a real club. It had

exercise facilities, a large common one and separate ones for each corp, a

hospital, several cafs, bars and restaurants, condos and hotels, and

dance clubs. It was its central focus on pleasure and luxury that made

Steward City, the city of money, the ideal place for the club, that plus

the fear of the other three corps that GenCorp was already too powerful.

While Carl was known by his own people to be the new head of the

Club, he kept his identity secret from the other Corps. To them he was

just another neutral supervisor making sure the cliental were happy with

the services as were all employees of the Club. What his true aim though

was to find a mate. He could never take control of GenCorp until he had

his own family of Alpha telepaths to back him up. The two other sons of

Gordon were completely loyal to him, as they had been engineered. Carl,

the oldest and therefore the only one with his self will and determination

in tact, a mistake Gordon did not make twice. Carl knew that if he could

get rid of his father then the other two sons would bow down to him but as

long as Gordon lived, the two would defend him to the death. That is why

Carl needed a mate. He needed to find a telepath strong enough to give him

sons that could defeat his brothers. Carl was also looking for love but

that was secondary to his ambitions.

The tests had sown some promise but not where the key to unlocking

Jeremy's potential lay. Travis was tired from reading and rereading the

data but still could not find an answer. Travis, as a result of his

medical recovery was now a separate species from man. It was not just his

gray eyes and skin that set him apart. Underneath his skin was an

exoskeleton that nothing could break through. His blood had changes from

iron red to copper blue and his mind now consisted of several lobes whose

structure was foreign to neurologists. He was one of a kind his research

aids would think. He was one of a kind that had been in mating mode for

the past 12 years and so far only Jeremy presented a possibility. What the

data had shown was that while Jeremy was 20 years old in human terms

physically, his unexpressed genes, the genes that would make him an Other,

were at a pre-puberty state. How to activate them was the key that Travis

was missing. Normal human hormones did not seem to work, nor did the blood

of vampires. Travis was running out of ideas on how to trigger the change

in Jeremy, to change his caterpillar into a butterfly.

After the first nightmare, as Jeremy explained it, Travis knew that

Jeremy knew what lay under his skin. The fear the man would try to

suppress showed that he knew. Travis now only visited Jeremy only when he

could not stand staying away any longer and even then he kept his distance.

Today though was different, today was Jeremy's 20th birthday and

Travis used the excuse to visit him. He carried with him a dozen red

roses, fresh from his own green house and engineered to remain fresh for

one year after cut.

He was just turning a corner to get to Jeremy's room when he bumped

into a lab tech, crushing the flowers in the process.

'Oh no, I'm sorry sir!' The lab tech said while bowing his head

after he saw who he had bumped into.'

'Just make sure your more careful. This is a research facility not a

race track.'

'Yes sir, sorry.' The tech said as he tried to get away.

'Not as sorry as he's going to be if he ruined my flowers Travis

thought to himself.

He must of thought a little too loudly to himself as the tech's face

went pale and he went to his knees begging forgiveness. 'Sir, I'm sorry

about the flowers, I can run back to the green house and bring you some


Travis looked at the broken petals and sighed; 'You better do that

and be quick about it.'

'Yes sir, right away sir!' The tech shouted as he got back onto his

feet. He first started running but then remembered what had gotten him in

this situation in the first place and slowed to a quick walk.

It took him 20 min. to return with a new batch of roses, a shorter

amount of time then Travis expected.

'Here you go Dr. Gannon. Please except my apologies again.'

Taking the roses Travis squeezed the stems out of frustration only to

have his hand filled with pain. The tech, seeing the blue blood now

covering the rose stems suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to remove

the thorns. This time he didn't try to apologize; instead he went running

down the hall screaming.

'Idiot!' Travis thought as he saw the man run away in fear. 'I'll

have to have him moved out of here before he causes a real disaster.

Janitor duty at Vassar's house of horror ought to be a just reward for such

stupidity.' He finished as he continued his way to Jeremy. When he

reached the door he took a moment to regain his composure before opening

the door.

The only light on in the room was a small desk lamp where Jeremy sat

reading a book.

'What are you reading?'

'The Bible.'

'Which part?'



'I want to know why God created us. Why does there have to be


'What have you found out?'

'That we create our own suffering. God loves us but... he wants us

to grow and to learn from our mistakes.'

'I think that's true.'

'I know you want me to grow up, to become whatever I will become. I

want that too. It scares me but that's all part of growing up.'

Travis took the chair next to Jeremy and placed the roses on the

table before taking Jeremy's hand. 'I know the tests scare and even hurt

you. If you want to stop, I'll accept that. Just don't...'

There was a moment of awkward silence. Jeremy turned his attention

to the roses and picked them up. 'These are nice.'

'Be careful they still have thorns.' Travis said while laughing at

Jeremy's weak attempt to change the subject.

'I will be... ouch!'

'I told you... Jeremy?'

Jeremy had gone very still and quite all of the sudden but then his

breathing began to pick up. Travis took the roses out of Jeremy's hands

and saw where the thorns had cut him and there, on his left thumb was the

smallest of cuts and a drop of blue blood mixing with red. As Travis

watched the cut, a small blister formed around it and slowly grew. This

caused Travis to panic. He never thought that his blood might be toxic.

He looked for and pressed the panic button, calling for medical help. When

he returned he saw that Jeremy's whole thumb was now covered with an

orange-ish film as were his eyes.

'Jeremy, speak to me. Tell me you're alright.'


The code blue team came running into the room and carefully moved

Travis to the side before moving Jeremy's body to the bed and began

connecting monitoring devices.

'Heart rate at 210, temp dropping to 87!'

'His temperature is dropping?'

'Yeah, that's what it says.'

'That makes no sense!'

'Look, he blinked.'

'Ok, check his oxygen levels.'

'The film around his eyes is coming off...Dr. Gannon you need to see


Travis moved one of the nurses to the side and looked. On the right

eye, where the film had peeled away, a gray light could be seen. 'My

blood...my blood was the catalyst.'

It all made sense now. Travis's blood had proteins, proteins only

fond in Other's. His one-drop of blood must have had a protein that

activated one of the repressed genes. That gene must have then triggered

the production of other proteins and other genes causing a chain reaction

that Jeremy was now going through.

'Sir I think it's finally happing, he needs to go to trauma.'

'Yes take him there, I'll be there in a sec.'

Travis watched as Jeremy was taken away he then picked up the roses

and smelled them. He wanted them to be in the same room that Jeremy woke

in. He had to control a laugh of joy at what chance had given him



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