CHAPTER 5: The Aftermath.



I sat up in my bed and the guilt overcame my body. I looked at my body and saw passion marks all over my chest. I cant believe I had sex with Brock, last night. I was in a rough state of mind. I got out of bed and took a quick shower and did my personal hyigene. I went into my room and put on some black briefs. I rubbed down my ass as I walkes over to my closet.I picked out a purple tight Tee and some black jeans. I got dress and looked for my phone. I found it. It was on 3%. I hurried and put it on the charger. As I did that, my brother was calling. I picked up and he said, "K. We have been trying to call you since last night. Wale and I caught a flight to Bahamas. We will be back next week."

I replied, "okay treat him right."

I will bro, has Dre came back for little man things yet? He asked.

I hurried and went out my room and into the baby room and his things was still here.

I sighed, "no I'll call him and pack up his things."

I hung up and went to Dre name. I couldn't talk to him, after what I did. I feel bad as fuck. I sent him a txt.

"Dre, I'll pack up the babys things. I'll txt you when its ready."

He replied within seconds, "Cool, Slim."

He haven't called me Slim in so long. It always made my heart melt. It took my mind back when he surprised me last Christmas and we went skating. I havent played that piano in sometime. I guess,  I've just been about drama. With this week alone, I think I will start on my music. I slid my phone into my pocket and started packing up his things. Im going to miss little guy. The door opened and I heard little paws. I turned around and saw my baby. I picked her up and she was whining. I looked over at the clock and it was 9:30. Dre will have been taking her for a walk, right now.

"Daddy isn't here right now to walk. Months go get your leash. I'll take you."

I put her down and she ran out the room. She is too smart. I smiled and walked out the room. I opened the front door amd latched on her leash. I walked her down the block and she squatted like 20 times, it's not that much pee in the world. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out. It was a message from Brock. My heart started pounding, i felt like a little School girl.

"I'M bored at this hotEl. can you come over."

I replied, "that was a one time Thing. We both have people we love. IT's just complicated right now."

So can we go for lunch, later, he replied.

I sighed and txted back.

"Sure. I'M kind of hungry. "

I finished walking my baby and we went back in. The minute I took off her leash she ran to go drink water. I went to finish packing up Little Dre things.



"wow, I've never seen water so clear."

Ja'Shon and I walked along the beach holding hands. This boy have shocked the hell out of me. Especially, with this trip. he said,  "you know what. I never had sex in the water."

I smirked up at him and replied, "me neither.  And believe me,  I'M happy. I think I have did it, everywhere."

Ja'Shone argued, "no I have. A public  bathroom,  Ferris wheel, car, junkyard, warehouse,  abandoned building --"

I cut him off and said, "please. That's amateur stuff. parking garage, lighthouse, on some rocks,  Moms job. Even in an ambulance once."

Ja'Shon looked at me and said, "how old are you again?"

We laughed.

"When did you know you love dick?" He asked.

"Um  you mean. When did I know I like guys? I was about 12. Every boy that wore gymshorts, I stayed looking down at their dick print. but I think I was scarred earlier.  I was raped when I was 6, by my uncle. I never told anyone this. he raped me until, i was like 10. He went away and that feeling stuck with me. Its what I knew. I was hurt. like really. So i made myself a pack, to never love someone. so I just had sex with different guys for fun. However, you changed that. I really care about you, Ja'Shon-Remii ."

He stopped me and said, "aye I'll kill that man And who told you my whole first name."

I laughed, "it's over,  fuck him.  and Ka'Shon did."

He picked me up and ran into the water. I shouted to be put down. He slamed me in the water. People was watching us.I came up for air and we kissed. I whispered,  "lets make that fantasy happen. "

I smirked at him and went under the water and pulled his dick out. I went to sucking it and he got hard instantly. He pulled down my pants and I came up. I turned around and pushed my ass back and he went into my hole. He was fucking me in the water. This feels to good. I was fighting back so many moans.



Ka'Shon txted me about the things being ready. I have been  really dreading coming over here. Catching him having sex with that man, pissed me off. He just doesnt know how bad he made me mad and hurt. He have some explaining to do. I fucked up but he did out of spite. I pulled up tp the house and turned the car off. I knocked on the door and I heard my other baby barking. The door opened and Ka'Shon let me in. I picked up the dog and said ,"yea daddy miss you too."

She licked my face and he spoke to me. I dryly said, "wassup Slim." I walked upstairs and into Jamar room. He had four boxes and his crib. he walked over and said, "do you need help?"

I snapped, "no, and you can stop trying to zip your jacket up to hide those hickies. I came here last night and saw you with him,  Slim. How could you?"

He leaned forward and retorted, "so you was spying."

I chuckled,  "don't flatter yourself. I came to get My son things. I fucked up and I get that. Never thought you will stoop to the same level. Especially, with a downgrade."

I carried the box out the door and he followed.

"Deandreally, every thing I do, isn't based from your actions. You messed us up. All the lies you told. You said you will never hurt me, you did. You said you will protect me, you didn't. You said you will take care of me, I'M here alone. Last night was a spur of the moment and emotions was bottled up. He may was a downgrade, but he was here. That what mattered. He was here and you wasn't. You was supposed to be my rock. That's what it all boils down to. I moved here and accepted Your child. and you fuck the next door thotler. "

We walked outside and threw the boxes in the back.

I snapped,  "you right,  I did. However, I love you and are in love with you.Carlos ain't no you , and Brock ain't no Dre. Remember the first day we met and I said, 'I don't take shit from no one.'?"

He replied, "Yea where's this going?"

I confessed, "that was a lie. I took your heart. I was supposed to protect it and love it. I can't live without you. My son in this backseat needs us both. I just put him to sleep. He needs his other Father. I promise I'M not going to hurt you anymore. I love you."

he started crying and he replied, "I'M sorry Dre. I need time."

He walked over and kissed my cheek and said, "if you love me let me go. And if we was meant for eachother, then I'll come back. Lock up the house, I promise some one lunch."

He patted my chest. He opened my car door and kissed my son forehead. He wiped his tears and walked over to the RangeRover and Pulled off.



I FINALLY finished packing up all this things and I locked the door. Carlos flew out of his door and he seemed like he was on an urgent mission. He jumped in his car and pulled off. I got in my car and crunk it up. I pulled off and headed to my apartment. As I Approached the highway traffic picked up. I rolled down my window and my son started crying,  as I got on the highway. I grabbed his Pacifier and looked back and put it in his mouth. Suddenly,  as I looked back on the road, a semi truck slammed into my passenger door. my car flipped over 4 times before leaning off the highway. My head was bleeding. I looked back and my son was crying. I tried to move but my car was one ounce away from tilting and falling into the water. I leaned back into the seat and looked into my son eyes and said, "baby boy it's going to be okay. Daddy going to get us out of it."


Ka'Shon and Brock sat at IHop and was chatting and eating. Suddenly,  an old lady said, "sir turn up that television. "

The waitress listened and turned it up. Ka'Shon heard,  "A Black Benz is tilting over Tampton Highway after a semi truck spasmed into it. The police and officials are out there and don't know what to do. One touch will send this Car 100 ft below into the water Below. And if this story couldn't get anymore devastating,  a baby is in the backseat of this car."

Ka'Shon turned around and looked at the television. His heart dropped once he saw the tag of the Benz.


He jumped up and shouted, "OH MY GOD, MY FAMILY." HE looked at Brock and snapped, "that's my son and Dre. let's go."


I arrived to the highway and it was roped off. The police was letting no one by. He hopped out of the Rangerover and ran to the yellow tape and snapped, "you have yo let me up there. my son is in that car."

The cop looked at me and said, "what the guy nam--"

Deandre, I snapped.

he looked at me and let me through.  I looked back at Brock and said, "I'll be back."

I ran up the highway through all the cars. My chest was pounding. And tears was falling.  This took my back to Hameed. I made it up the the highway and cops was there. They tried holding me back and I snapped, "THATS MY FAMILY. LET ME GO."

I Pushed passed them and walked up slowly.  A cop was holding my hand. I kneeled down and screamed,  "DEANDRE I'M HERE."


I SMILED and chuckled.

"They are going to get y'all out of here. How's little man doing?"

Slim, he is crying his ass off. He is scared. I have been in this position for a minute. I'M scared to move or this shit may fall, he said.

I Cried out, "don't say that. Dont you ever say that. Y'all are getting out of here."

I looked at the cop and snapped, "get them out of there."

The cop whispered, "this is the dilemma. We have a rope. We want to take off the back windo.  Descend the rope and have Deandre grab it. However once he move that car is going down. He won't have time to unlatch the baby Before it falls."

Just as he finished the car leaned over and my whole world came crashing down. Without Even thinking,  I ran off the cliff and jumped in the water after them. I had to do something. 






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