Chapter 9: Life Was Tough, But I made it.


Previously on The Thug and The Bottom That Loves Him....

-Dre and Ja'Shon have cogned this drug dealer and now the drugdealer is after them,his name is Twon. Twon is Carlos Brother.

-Twin tricks Ka'Shon into becoming his fitness coach. Ka'Shon is happy he will be able to join Gymnastics. Senior Year is about to start.

-Wale overhears Dre and Ja'Shon talking about their little problem. He is pissed,  because he thought they was over the thug life. Which puts him and Ja'Shon in a bad spot.

(I know I have been off the air. I was very busy lately. However, I can't stop because I have fans. I'm backkkkk.)

-On To Chapter 9-


"Dreeee, fuck me harder." Dre thrusted into my sweet,tight ass harder. I bit down on our bed covers as he was breeding this ass. He grunted, "Yea, baby. Fuck, slim. This shit feels good." He grabbed my shoulders and pushed my ass back on his hard, long thick dick. I swirled my hips around and his thumbs rested in my back dimples. I picked up Speed and we suddenly  he fell back on his back. Causing me to slide all the way down his dick. I continued to ride it up and down. Round and Round. He was moaning "awww baby. Damn, you feel so good." I moaned back and threw my head back in sexual extasy. 

I spinned around and faced him. I leaned down and our lips crashed into eachother and he sat up wrapped around me. He picked me up and stood up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he airfucked me. I felt his dick hit my boyspot. I moaned loud, "DRE!" I Knew i woke the house up. Its 3 in the morning. He walked over into our bathroom and I leaned back while on the dick and turned the hot shower on. He stepped in and moments later he climaxed in me. He laid me down and cum was falling from the slit on his dick. He laid down on me and began to kiss all on my neck. He nibbled on my nipples and then used that thick, wet tongue and licked all the way down my body. He grabbed my dick and stuck it into his mouth.

He sucked the soul out of me. I swear he was getting so much better. I moaned, "oh fuck! Im cumming." He deepthroated me and i was shocked. I shot ropes of cum down his throat and he cleaned me up. He sat up. We looked into eachother eyes. He never did nothing like that. He smirked and said, "Slim, i love you."

I replied, "i love you too." We both kissed as the hot water ran down our body. I love this guy and thats all that matters. 

We bathed eachother and we slid on some briefs and laid down. I had my first Training with Twon. Its sunday before school and im like too excited. Well, for Gymnastic ofcourse. 

I wrapped up under Dre and we snuggled. I smiled and went to sleep.



I handed Derrick his plate of Pancakes and he said, "Thanks ,Wale." I smiled at the little boy and then I heard Ja'Shon shout from the living room.

"Oh so you aint going to cook bae none?" I rolled my eyes. He knew I was still pissed at him. He still lied to my face after I said I heard them. After,I brought it to his attention that i even knew yall knew how this boss look. He still gave me a dumb ass excuse. I have been sleeping in the guest room. I haven told my bestfriend, because him and Dre is in a good place. This will send him over the edge. I grabbed the box of pancake mix and walked over to Ja'Shon. He was all into Call Of Duty. I opened the box and dashed all the white powder on him and snapped, "how about you make your own, nigga."

He jumped up and snapped, "you better leave this room. Or imma drop yo ass. Why the fuck would you do that?"

I argued, "ths same reason you will go behind my back and then lie to my face about it. I aint no stupid bitch." I mushed him. I was egging him on. I wanted him to hit me, so I can show this so called thug, I aint pussy.

He pointed at me and snapped, "you better tighten the fuck up. I told you,you trippin'." 

I heard footsteps running downstairs. It was Dre dressed only in Black Joggers. And , Ka'Shon with Jamar in his hands. 

Dre asked, "Whats going on? Why do you have White shit on you."

Ja'Shon snapped, "This stupid ass bitch, gon' pour pancake mix on me. I should slap him down."

I jerked my neck back so fast. 

"Slap who? You could never slap a bitch like me."

Ka'Shon chimed in, "whats going on?" I looked at Dre and then J.

"Yea , tell him whats going on?" The whole room silent. Dre grabbed his baby and said, "look yall chill." Ka'Shon said, "I have to go. Please clean this up." I looked at his attire and he had on excerise clothes. A black and Lime Green Tight Under Armor, shorts and shirt. He grabbed his Gym bag and said, "I'll see y'all later." He grabbed his car keys and walked off.

Derrick chimed in, "Wale, all done. Can I go to my room and play." I said, "Yea." He ran pass his brother and nephew and went upstairs. I then said, "Dre, you better tell him about this drug lord boss y'all two idiots pissed off, before I do." 

Dre face went flushed.

"Yea, I know. You and this dummie better fixed this. And y'all promised no more death. However, y'all go and try to cogn a man for his money. I'm sorry, but that doesnt seem like a step in the right direction. Now I have kept my mouths closed for the last few days. I'm giving you til tonight. Tell him or I will. Also, I have one question. "

Dre and Ja'Shon both asked, "What?"

I licked my lips and replied, "So if y'all know how this boss looks and that he is after y'all, don't y'all think it will be safe for us to leave? We have a 8 month year old baby and your 8 year old brother. How can y'all think this will keep us safe?"

Dre snapped, "as of now, it's no sign of this boss. Besides,  anybody who don't live here, dot this door will be killed on site. This house is ready to go. Ja'Shon and I have a whole plan if someone was to come here. Just chill out and stick to what you do best. Suck dick and cook and stop trying to be and every one business,  but Wale." Dre brushed passed me and went over and sat down on the couch.  He didnt have to throw a stone at me like that, Damn.



I parked my Jeep in the Parking lot of the hotel. I grabbed my Nike Gym bag from the backseat. I threw it over my Shoulder with my IPhone 6+ in hand. I walked into the Hotel and walked over to the elevator. I was so ready for this. However, I can't take my mind off of this fight my brother and Wale had. Wale even signaled that Dre knew what it was about. I stepped on the elevator and pressed PentHouse. About 3 minutes later, the doors opened and I walked off. I walked up to the door and it was asking for a pass code. I slid to unlock my phone and as I scrolled through my contacts to call Twon, the door opened. Three girls dressed in bathingsuits stood there. They eyed me and laughed. Twon walked up behind them wrapped in a towel. He had an amazing body with a Tattoo of a Ram on his Chest. He must be an Aries. He eyed the hoes and said, "Same time tomorrow. " He motioned me in and it was a nice room. A spacious living room, a nice kitchen and pool. Also, I saw A big bed. 

He said, "you are punctual. I like that. Um, we will be working out in this space. Let me go put on some clothes and I'll be back out." He walked off and I dropped my bag.  I was a little awkward. I sent Dre a text letting him know, I was here. He replied , " have fun. Don't shower, I want sex with you all dirty." My dick start stirring and I laughed. This boy makes me so horny. Last night was amazing.

Twon clapped his hands and I looked up at him. He had on a pair of gym shorts that's it. I stood up and he said, "Okay,all this shit you have on is for show. Take off that shirt." He is so foward. I slid up out of my shirt. 

He laughed, "oh you are slim. Its okay I can buff you out." I walked over to him and he said, "Okay, look let me lay down some rules. We will do this 3 hours a day. No if, ands, or buts. If you are serious and really want this, you have to be seri-"

I cut him off and asked, "have I gave you the impression,  I wasn't. Look I ain't here for a lecture. If you don't wanna help, thats fine. Ill find someone else. You are the one who don't sound serious. You have hoes and shit in here knowing we had workout plans."

He looked down at me and replied, "okay, cumming makes your muscles relaxed. So that will help my performance today. Now first let's do some push ups."

He dropped down to the floor and I was hesitant.  I haven't did one of these since Meddleton Middle School. He looked up at me and I said, "Um, okay." I got down in the stance. I knew that much. He went down and came up, so easily. That gave me motivation. I went down and my arms allowed me to come up, but slow. He smirked,  when I looked at him.

"You will get better. Now, let's do a couple of more." We did like 50 more and I was sore and ready to go.I sat up and he said, "Okay,  how flexible you are?"

I stood up and threw my leg over my head.

"Very." He wiped his mouth and said, "Lay down." I wipe swear from my forehead and laid down. He kneeled down and grabbed my leg. He pushed it towards my face, causing him to lean into me. His dick was pushing up against my ass. It was making me horny her awkward.  We stared at each other and I notices his eyes was a beautiful hazel brown. He smirked and said,  "Damn, you are flexible. " he stopped and said, "I know your boyfriend is happy." He threw me a water and I rose up.

"How you know I have one?" I asked curiously. 

I twisted the top off and he said, "well you are not ugly,  just expected you to have one."

He motioned me to the couch and we sat down.

"Well, I do have one. I love him, he makes me happy. He may work my nerve, but I do care a lot for him. He brought me out of my shell."

Twon replied, "that's wassup. We all need someone to be able to do that. Its like growing up in Puerto Rico it was crazy. Like, my parents struggled to make ends meet. It was only my Little brother and I. One day,  we got into a car crash and our parents died.I was forced to become like his father. We are only 6 years apart. When I was 12 I decided to leave Puerto Rico. We had no money, so I stole a boat and came over here. My life was easy, but I made it. I needed my little brother he made me feel happy to be able to provide for someone." Wow, he seems so sweet for that.  You hear about immigrant stories,  but never see it first hand.

I asked, "so are y'all still close?"

As close can be, he replied. We smiled at one another and he said, "so where do your parents live."

I laughed, "oh I don't stay with them. I stay not far from here in a house with My boyfriend,  Brother, and Best friend. Also, My Boyfriend baby with his old ex and my boyfriend little brother."

Twon said, "Dang, aren't you only like 18. That's a lot of responsibilty."

I assured him, "please my parents kicked me out when I was barely through puberty. I been had to learn responsibility. Twon, let's get back to this workout."

He replied, "Antwonio, the W is silent. And well, I added it."

I smirked, "why?" While sitting with posture.

He leaned closer to me and whispered, "because some of my friends call my whisper."

I replied, "why?"

He licked those pink lips and replied,"because when I banging that pussy with these 12 inches of latin cock, they tend to say they can't Even let out a whisper. " I inhaled. Oh my damn. This guy is crazy. I jumped up and said, "Well, let's resume please."



I laid Jamar down for his nap and walked out of his room. I was walking down the hall to my room, but Ja'Shon called me into his. I walked in and he closed the door.

"Wale, took Derrick to get IceCream. We don't have a lot of time."

I looked at this fool confused and said, "for?" He looked at me big eyed and snapped, "Nigga, to talk. My little worker got some more information earlier. The number that was contacting Carlos, came up with a name. Antonio Zachary Julio Juelz. Its gets better he is from PuertoRico,  he is wanted for fleeing  in a coastguard boat. Guess who he fled with?"

I replied, "his pet rabbit?" 

Ja'Shon sucked his teeth and replied, "his little brother. Carlos Santana Juelz. Those motherfuckers are brothers. It was setup from the jump. They wanted us to be killed by this Antonio. We was setup the minute Brock came to us. And to make matter worst, the number was being used in town. He is here. I think it's time for you to tell Ka'Shon, for real." I exhaled and said, "Fuck,I will tell him tonight. But we need a more elaborate plan."


I laid in the bed laying down with Jamar on my chest. This was not about to go good at all. I have been running options through my head on how to tell this boy. This isn't about to go right. I was watching,  Sport center.

The room door opened and Ka'Shon threw down his bag and walked over and sat down on the bed. He looked at me and said, "I am beat. Gosh, I need a shower. You want me to go lay Jamar down so we...." he smirked at me. 

He grabbed him and hurried and took him to his room. I took off my shirt and slid off my Jeans. He walked back in and closed the door. He ran and jumped on my lap. We started kissing and I groped his ass. I flipped him over and looked into his eyes and he said, "I need this."

I replied, "K,  I need to tell you something." I jumped up and he said, "Dre, whats wrong?" I wiped my face and said, "please don't tell me you have another child." I shot him a look and he said, "hey you never know. Wassup?"

I looked at him and confessed, "you know how I said I was done with that life. The thug life. But Um..  your brother and I was presented with a opportunity to make some extra money via Brock. We was fucked with and now the man who money we took is now after us. I'm sorry Slim."

Ka'Shon burst into laughter and stood up and slid his shirt back down. He walked over to me and slapped me.

"You always got to do something to Fuck us up. Like what we have isn't enough or stable enough for you. You have put my fucking life in danger before but now this again.I cannot,  Dre. Now,  we have thus drugman after us."

i Snapped, "no he is after your brother and I."

Ka'Shon slapped me again, "are you nuts? We are connected to y'all. Like are you stupid. You have a child, Dre. A freaking child."

I replied, "I know and if yo--"

Ka'Shon cut me off, "no im not. I'm not leaving you. I love you, Dre. SO WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO?"





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