Chapter 4: Thug Problems.


2 Weeks Later....


I woke up from a nap and smelled food cooking. I looked around my room and sighed hard. I rubbed my eyes and stepped out of bed. I only had on some black briefs,  I walked passed the mirror and realized that my ass was poking. I heard the baby start crying and I ran out the room and into his. He was reaching for me. He turned 7 months yesterday,  he is so big. I picked him up and said, "where is your Dad?" I walked out the room and went down the stairs. It's been a few weeks since I allowed Dre back and my attitude still haven't changed. I made it downstairs and that'd when I seen Dre shirtless wearing grey joggers cooking A lunch. I walked into the kitchen and he said, "goodafternoon K."

I gave him a slight smirk and said, "you left your son up there crying and alone.really?  He have a bouncer. put it in the kitchen and cook. Stop being so irresponsible. "

He looked back at me and Dre snapped, "I didnt want all this smoke around him. Besides,  I told Wale to watch him. I see that nap didn't take away that slick ass attitude. If you going to hate me all your life, I can look for a new home and take my son."

I stepped back and snapped, "maybe you should. How you mad? You cheated on me. Not even with an upgrade."

he retorted, "atleast he was given it up. Not some preppy bitch like you."

I was shocked . He never called me out my name ever since we got together. 

I chuckled,  "you are funny Deandre. too funny. You have hurt me passed hurt. I gave up my life. Moved way up here in the middle of nowhere. And you telling me I'M preppy. Fuck you."

I walked out of the kitchen and walked into the living room. I put little Dre in his playpen and fed my dog. She was wiggling and she always mad me smile. I sat on the couch and turned on the television. I head footsteps coming and I said, "leave me alone Dre."

Ja'shon said, "it's your brother. "

He sat next to me and said, "so you are still mad at him? Brother, look he messed up but being Angry isn't the way to fix this. You will be lying to say you don't love him. It will be another lie to say he doesn't love your annoying ass. I don't know much about this gay shit, but Cashmere was my life. You are Dre life. It's no other way to say that."

I bit my lip and tears rolled down my face. I replied, "he hurt me J. I loved that man. Like a lot. Still do. I feel stupid. Like a dumb ass. I thought I can change him. Make him see that you can be a bad ass thug and a monogamous gay lover to me. He proved me wrong. Also, you are wrong to Wale as well. He Told me how you aren't giving him the time of day."

Ja'Shon explained,  "he wants me to be this out and about gay guy. No. His ass was good and I think I care for him. However, he have to give me time."

Wale snapped from behind, "Ja'Shon given you time is like giving a dog a bone. He will use it til his advantage til he had enough. After you was laying in that hospital bed about to die, I thought you realized that you was about to die, you will fight for us. ugh, I hate you. Ka'Shon can you please take me somewhere,  Bestie."

I stood up and said, "let me get dress. I don't mind if I do."

I rubbed my brothers leg and smiled at him. I know he cares for Wale,  but he fucked up. These twould thugs feel we owe them something,  sorry we don't. I ran upstairs and got dress. I walked back out the room and told Dre to make sure he watch his son, While we was gone.

Wale and I hopped in the Rangerover and pulled off To go shopping.  Wale wanted to hit a club tonight.  I never felt so damn happy. I need this.



"Dude, I Sadly think it's over. He has me sleeping on the couch. He is still mad. He is Still giving me a death stare. I've been back for awhile now. Well, I guess I fucked up. So I'M just going to pack up my stuff and move out. I've been checkin out some Apartments in Town."

JA'Shon cut his steak and said, "damn man. You are serious. Look, I know yiu messed up, but my brother wouldn't be mad if he didn't care. I used to hate the way he loved growing up. he always put people first. I know I suppose to be on his side, but you the first person that put a smile on my brothers face. So I'M rooting for you to make this up to him. But forreal moving out and showing you can raise little man by yourself may show him, you have grown."

I sighed and said, "I know. I made a hint at moving out in the kitchen and the look on his face was like, I'll help your ass pack. I fucked up. Damn, J. I really did. So, Wale is pissed at you as well."

He smirked and replied,  "Yea, but all I will have to do, is throw this dick at him. He never resist. However,  I'll let him throw his little tantrum. Atleast I didn't cheat. with the neighbor thot. "

my son started crying and I stood up and went and picked him Up. He looked hungry. I walked upstairs and went  to fix him a Cereal Bottle. I Hopeople I remember how to make it. Ka'Shon showed me. I made it to his room and luckily it's instructions on the back. I fixed a bottle and sat and gave him the bottle. He knows how to hold it now. My Dude, smart as hell. He looked into my eyes and I said, "I know you may not understand what I'M saying , but Daddy loves you. I know you love your other daddy, maybe even more, but I love you. I'M going to make you proud babyboy. I promise. We maybe moving so fingers crossed that I do good on my own. I raised your uncle,  my little brother, alone, I think I got this."

I pinched his nose and he giggled and smiled. my heart raced. this was the first time he smiled at me. I hugged him and rocked in the chair. Ka'Shon and I have ran our course. I'll never forget the boy that made me fall in love. Made me become a better Deadre. I stared out the window and a tear fell from my left eye. I quickly wiped it and smirked. Thugs don't cry. After feeding my son, I burped him and he fell asleep in my arms. I placed him in his crib. My phone started ringing. It was the Landlord for the Condo Apartments. I answered and she said, "Hello Mr.Deandre,  I wanted to know if you was still interested in renting out the two bedroom condo apartment. "

I thought about my situation and I think it will be best for this situation withe Ka'Shon.  It's toxic right now. I wiped the tears from my eyes and said, "Yea I am. How quick can I move in."



We walked in Burberry and Ka'Shon spotted this bad ass shirt and pants. He gawked over it and said, "let me go try it on."

He tried it, we liked it, he brought it. We walked out the store and he said, "so we both know, all my bro have to do is whip his dick out and you going to be on it Like a pornstar. So whu you playing."

I snapped, "no I'M not okay. He isn't Jussie Smollett. Now, Jamal Lyon could get it, if he whip his dick out. Gosh season 2 needs to hurry. "

K. Looked at me and replied, "Yes it does and well Yes he can, but don't change the subject. My brother isn't one to have one in his business. He loves hard but don't show It. I didn't know about your sister til I moved in with them. They had been together for 3 years."

I retorted, "that's fine.we both are perfectly incomplete and not sane. I'M the first one to say it. but when we kissed and went on that date, he wanted a homeboy to fuck on the low. Not a boyfriend. So I maybe need to understand that."

We walked out of the mall and went to the car. I crunk it up and pulled off. I turned up the radio because, Truffle Butter was on. This is my shit and NickI Mina verse was on.

I rapped, "do you hear me? I cant  let a whack nigga get near me--"

Ka'Shon joined in, he love this bitch aswell. 

"I might kiss the baddest bitch if you dare me, I ain't never need a man to take care me-"

Ka'Shon turned around in the chair and started shaking his ass. I laughed and became a hype man While rapping.


He turned around and we burst out laughing. 

"I cannot wait to turn up tonight. The club is going to be popping. Hella Popping."

Ka'Shon said, "yess we going to slay these bitches and boys. Well, take the boys. Shit, I'M single."

"me too."

I swerved into the parking lot and I said, "it's already 7. Let's shower and get dress. We need to leave by 10. You know you take hours."

We laughed as we got the bags from the car and walked into the house, Carlos was walking out of his house.

I mumbled, "we should just jump his ass right now."

K. turned around and said, "don't tempt Me. I'll fuck his ass up."

Carlos heard him and replied, "you wish. You mad that my pussy pops on ya boyfriend dick and yours don't."

I grabbed Ka'Shon bags and snapped, "bestfriend go beat his ass. Not whip it, I want you to BEAT IT. MAKE him feel it."

Ka'Shon laughed, "Carlos you don't fucked up. I have to much pressure right now."

He threw up his hands and Carlos ran up and Ka'Shon popped his ass. He fell back and got threw to the ground. Ka'Shon got on top of him and was pounding his face.


Carlos door opened and Brock ran out.  He pulled Ka'Shon off of Carlos and I snapped, "let him go."

Carlos got up and swung on Ka'Shon,  hit him in the eye. I dropped the bags and ran and dragged Carlos by his shirt and slung him into the bushes.

"Don't suckerpunch him when he being held, punk."

I turned to Brock and threw my set up.

"Let him go."

Our house door opened and Angry Dre, ran out and seen Brock. It looked like he was fighting Ka'Shon. Dre charged him and popped his ass. Brock stumbled and let Ka'Shon Go.

Dre said, "pussy boy."

Brock wiped his blood from his mouth and smirked. Ka'Shon slapped Dre.

"What the fuck? It wasn't him, you idiot. Fuck off, Dre."

Carlos stood up and walked off. Brock was about to follow, but Ka'Shon grabbed his wrist and walked him into our house .

I said, "Dre he was breaking it up. Ja'Shon ran to the door , with his pants to his ankle."

I picked up the bags and said, "Superman you late. Stopping jacking your dick and maybe you would have been here."

Ja'Shon replied, "well baby if you start back riding it, I wouldn't be jacking it."

He winked at me and I brushed passed him. This boy is crazy.

Dre yelled, "I'll be back. I need to Cool off."

He hopped in his Lamborghini and pulled off. I put the bags down. I heard Ka'Shon in the batroom tending to Brock mouth. Dre popped his ass. I headed upstairs to get ready.



I wiped his bloody mouth and apologized for Dre actions. 

"He thinks we already fucking. So he was hoping it was you. He a bitch."

He laughed, "I know that's why I didn't fight him. It's Cool. Why did you beat Carlos up?"

He tried me long before,  today was just that day, I confessed.

I wiped his mouth again and he put his tough hand on my wrist and said, "I'M okay."

We stared into eachothers eyes and he leaves forward and kissed my lips. I was shocked, but it felt good. I havemt had a kiss in a long time. we kissed and as we stopped, I said, "um Yea you should go."

Brock kissed my cheek and said, "I'll see you later."

I leaned back on the sink and smiled. Brock is a sexy man, kind, sweet, and that kiss was so hot. Lord, have my back, I don't wanna do anything, I may regret.

I walked out of the  bathroom and Ja'Shon said, "bro, I'M taking Wale out tonight. He don't know yet. So your club plans are over. But Dre has something to tell you anyways."

He hugged me and walked upstairs. Just as I was about to follow it was a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it. It was Dre. He walked in and i snapped, "you need to go apologize for hitting him."

Dre sternly said, "fuck him."

We walked upstairs and into my room. He went under the bed and grabbed his suitcases. He opened the drawers and went to throwing his things in it.

"Where are you going?" I curiously asked.

"Somewhere. Im moving out with my son. This isnt going to work out , i see. So Ka'Shon have a nice life. Clearly, you dont wanna see that I love you. You are focused on Carlos. So as much as you whipped his ass today, you still lost. You lost the best thing you had."

i cried out, "Dre really. You going to leave over this. over a fight With Carlos."

He snapped, "this been in the works. I realized today, all the trying is for nothing. so im done."

I stepped back and was crying alot. I was confused that i was. I wanted this right.

I walked over to him at the dresser and stopped him and said, "you hurt me, but we can work it out. Ive had an attitude because you havent showed me you sorry. You said it, but you havent showed It."

he snatched away and said, "well im out. You came into my life and changed it. I thank you for That. I will always love you,you was my first, my everything. your sassy attitude and sexy asS, will be missed. im taking my son too. Im going to show you just how much you hurt me."

He zipped up his suitcases and grabbed both of them and walked out the room. He yelled, "ILL BE BACK FOR HIS SHIT."

I sat on my bed and was crying my eyes out. this is the most hurt, ive ever encountered.


Wale and Ja'shon walked down the street in town. Ja'Shon grabbed his hand and held it. Wale looked up and smiled at him. He leaned down and kissed Wale and said, "you happy. Because I am."

Wale smiled back and said, "the happiest boy in the world. I love you, J."

I-i-i ove you too, Wale, he confessed finally.

The two hugged and kissed again. Eyes feasted on the two but They didn't care.


It was a knock at the door and Ka'Shon walked downstairs and opened it. Brock stood there with no shirt on and jeans.

"Can I use your phone? Carlos kicked me out."

ka'shon stared at him and said, "you can use more than that."

He hopped on him and Brock walked into the house. He kicked the door close but it wasnt locked. He carried Ka'Shon into the living room and laid him down. They ripped off eachothers clothes and returned to make out. He kissed Ka'Shon neck and he moaned.


Brock stuck his hard dick in Ka'Shon ass and they fucked like rabbits.

Dre pulled up to the house to get the rest of his sons stuff. he grabbed his son and walked up to the door. He took out his key and he played with the knob and it opened. He walked in and as he walking upstairs , he heard Moaning. He wapked back down, he walked into the living room and saw Ka'Shon riding Brock's dick. He heart just broke before his eyes. Ka'Shon payback was having sex with Carlos man. He put the house keys down and walked out the door. He put his son in the carseat and pulled off.



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