Chapter 1: "BlackMailing 101."


I slid the gold metallic key into the key hole and opened the door to our home. Walé and Dre came to the door and ran and helped Ja'Shon from the wheelchair into the house to the living room couch. 

He eased down and sighed, "wow this house is bomb as fuck."

Walé said, "well it was all me. I decorated this thing."

 I nudged him and he said, "fine it was both of us." 

Dre laughed and said, "Ka'Shon can i talk to you in the kitchen."I looked at him confused and we walked into the kitchen. I sat down at the purple chair stool and asked, "whats up?" Dre rubbed my cheek and said, "is everything okay? You havent said three words to me for like four days. Ever since we went to see Ja'Shon."I smiled at him and said, "Dre im fine. We are fine."

 I grabbed his hairs on his chin and pullled him toward me and we started kissing. Our tongues danced in each others mouth. He grabbed hold of my shirt and whispered, "lets go upstairs baby."I chuckled and said, "lead the way."I got up from the stool and followed him upstairs.

 I was kind of skeptical about Dre and our next door neighbor, however, i highly dount Dre will drop a diamond and pick up a dusty ass rock. We made it to our bedroom and he locked the door and picked me up and threw me on the bed. He ripped off his shirt and gosh i miss seeing that body, especially tose juicy ass nipples. We havent sex in awhile due to all this drama, i wasnt up for it. He climbed on top of me and started grinding that black dick up agaisnt my ass. 

I let out slight moans as he bit on my bottom lip. He peeled off my shirt and started sucking on my nipples. His tongue felt so warm, wet, and amazing. He then licked down my abdomen and unbuttoned my skinny jeans with his teeth and pulled them off. He flipped me over and started to rub on my ass threw my Pink and Green Briefs. 

He grabbed the waistband and pulled down. My ass popped out and I looked back at Dre. He was staring at my ass like a cupcake. He licked those juicy ass lips and spreaded my buttcheeks. He dropped down a line of his sweet saliva and as that slippery liquid laid across my bussy lips , the arch in my back increased. He slowly went down and went to feasting on my bussy. His tongue was going to work and lord i miss this. 

I started swirling my hips around so he can have it all to himself. I was moaning loud. I knew Walé and My brother heard me downstairs. Suddenly I looked over out the room window and saw the hard,Muscle, black thug looking dude from next door. He was rubbing on his dick through his joggers.

 I was in total shock , and to my surprise it was turning me on even more. He started smirking at me and Dre flipped me over and we started kissing. I grabbed Dre shoulders and laid him down. I unloosened those grey joggers and pulled them down. 

Dre big dick was pitching a major tent in his black briefs.i pulled them off and went to sucking the fuck out of his cock. I was sucking the balls and Dre was grunting loud. Also i started kissing that spot between your crotch and leg that always gets Dre hyped up. 

He burst out ride me baby.

I stood up and sat backwards on his dick and as he entered me i felt like a virgin again. I started thrusting up and down , riding Dre from the back. Dre had put his hands on my hips and helped me ride his cock. I looked over my shoulder and saw the guy now naked jacking his dick to us. 

That made me even hornier. Since he wants to watch lets give him a show. I kicked things into high speed. Inwas riding that cock like a stallion. Suddenly, i heard Dre say, "baby im coming!!!!"

I jumped off his dick and turned around and caught all his babies in my mouth. He grabbed my arm and we started kissing and he rolled me over and we got under the comforter. As he was trying to catch his breath and he said, "goddamn baby you rode that dick like you was mad at it."I kissed those lips and said, "that dick felt so good in me."We laughed and we cuddled until we drifted off to sleep.



I placed the pizza on a plate and carried it back into the living room. I walked over to Ja'Shon and handed him the plate and he said, "thanks Walé."I sat down on the couch across fromhim and replied, "you welcome."

Ive been so scared to even be around him, since he woke up. He told me he loved me and now today its like that never happened. I know its probably because his girl was my sister, but i cant help who i love. I grabbed the cable remote and turned on the tv. I scanned through the channels in pure silence. 

All i heard was Ja'Shon smacking on the pizza. It was sunday so i knew Football was on and he will like to watch it. I turned to the channel and he said, "the colts and green bay playing. Keep it on that."I smiled and put the remote down. He then asked, "why you sitting way over there, like im a zombie. I was in a coma not coffin. Bring ya ass over here, Walé.

 I got up and moved over and sat next to him on the couch. He put his arm around my neck and said, "does that feel better?" I leaned my body down to where i was laying on his chest and said, "no this feels better."

He smirked at me and said, "suit yourself." We watched the game and he was screaming and hollering at the tv and i was confused. I didnt see why they called it football if its with hands. All i was staring at was the sexy ass players asses and bulges. 

Ja'Shon then said, "stop staring at those players asses." I laughed and said, "thats the only thing I understand about this crap."Well, your sister and you are definitely different. Kash loved football.

 I remember in High School we skipped school and ranaway all the way to Miami to see the Dolphins play. She loved that sorry ass team, he replied.I sat up and asked, "you miss her huh?"

He put the plate down and said,"yea i do. Her laugh, her smell, her walk, her pussy. I mean im being honest. However, i got the next best thing."He winked his eye at me and i blushed and asked, "oh yea, and whose that?"He turned his back to face me and said, "someone with a beautiful ass smile. 

A personality that will light up the room. Also, a fat ass that makes my dick wetter than puddles." He leaned in and kissed me. I laid back on the chair and he said, "i love you Walé."I rubbed his charming face and said, "i love you to Ja'Shon."




I stepped out the shower and wiped the water from my face. I brushed my teeth and wrapped myself in my black towel. I walked out into our room and saw my baby sleeping like a baby, still. This Dick always put him to sleep for hours, its nickname should be nyquil. Why would i ever cheat on Him? He has held me down for so long. Damn im stupid. However, thats over. That filing with Carlos is done and will never happena again. 

The baby monitor start going off and that meant Jamar was up. I put on my briefs and ran down the hall to Jamar room. I walked in and picked him up started rocking him. "What's wrong with daddy little man? Huh? Huh? huh?"

He stopped crying and started laughing. This all this little boy want is attention. I swear he was my spitting image.

 I never thought i will be a father , however, i never thought ill be fucking boys. I grabbed him a bottle and milk and made my way downstairs. I got down there and Walé was wrapped in Ja'Shon arms on the chair and they both was sleep. I swear i don't understand their relationship. 

I warmed up the milk and went to the back porch and say down on the pool chair and said,"Jamar, daddy going to take care of you. You will never want for anything. I know you don't understand but you will. You and Ka'Shon will be taking care of for good. 

I fed him his milk and i then heard someone rattling our gate. I looked over and saw Carlos hopping the gate. He walked over to me only wearing some skimpy ass shorts. 

He sat down and said, "um how did this happen. You and your boyfriend cannot have a baby."I chuckled and said, "this is our baby, but a girl just held him for us. And i just want to let you know right now. 

That what happened cant happen again. I love my family and im not going to ruin it."Carlos responded, "deal. However, for me to keep my mouth close imma need one last taste of your sweet nectar daddy."

I looked at him with that evil glare and said, "carlos what dont you understand that aint happening. This sweet nectar is only for Ka'Shon so bounce."Carlos got up and said, "what makes you think your scary tone is stopping me from running in that house and telling your boyfriend about our fling."I retorted, "because i think you want to live is why. I will kill you with mo remorse."

Then my boyfriend will kill you, he snapped."Stop drinking stupid juice its not good for you. Now get the fuck out of my yard. He reached over and grabbed my dick and said, "this dick will be mine tonight or your boyfriend will no about us."

There is no us, i replied.

"The cum stains on my bed says other wise. Ill be in touch."

He got up and hopped the gate back to his house. I hurried back into the house. I ran upstairs into my room and Ka'Shon was getting out the shower. He grabbed Jamar and said, "heyy baby boy?"He then asked me, "what you want for dinner? Im going to ride to the store."I replied, "steak."

I need something tough to deal with this lump in my throat.



I scanned the 4 steaks and the ba of potatoes and paid. I was walking out of the store to my car when i saw the make dressed in a black hoodie jacket following me. I picked up the pace because I didn't want no trouble. And if i have to call Dre and My Brother im scared their thug side will come emerging again.

 They have been doing good leading a non-thug life. I made it to my car and popped the trunk. I put the bags in their and that's when i heard a deep , seductive, male voice state, "damn sexy why you running from me?"I turned around and saw a tall dadk skin man and thAts when his face became familiar. Its the guy from earlier who was watching me have sex with Dre. I replied, "thanks but im in a rush."

He licked his lips and said, "im brock and you?"

Im Ka'Shon i live next door to you, i replied.He gasped sarcastically and said, "wow i didnt notice you with clothes on."

I walked to the driver door and he followed and said, "look i just want to be friends or a little more."Sorry, but um i only fuck niggas with big dicks. I saw yours and it falls a little short under my boyfriends.Oh I know, my boyfriend told me he was bigger or did he?, he shot at me.He kissed my cheek and walked off. 

My heart was beating fast. And i think he was lying but then again what if he wasnt. Oh hell nah. I have to ask Dre, but Dre and I are in a good place. I dont want to ruin this with my insecurities.


Dre closed the Shed door and dropped his jeans and said, "suck it fast and hurry alright."Carlos droped to his knees and started sucking on Dre Knob. Dre was fighting the urge to moan but he couldnt help it. Carlos was pro at this, he name should be Vacuum becausen he suck you up fantasically. I hated doing this but if him sucking my dick like a lollipop keeps his moutb shut about us to Ka'Shon im all for it. Suddenly, he stopped and Carlos said, "i have a confession. Im not only blackmailing you for this Dick. Im doing this for my boyfriend. He is running a drug game that is making 500,000 a week. Some people around atlanta told him that Ja'Shon and his team of people can up his drug game. Now I know some thug still in you so Brock needs your help. And if i was you ill answer smartly, because i know you love your family." Carlos slid my jeans up and said, I would get you off, but you said your sweet nectar is for Ka'Shon let him finish you."He walked out of the Shed and Dre Screamed, "FUCK!"He was in between a rock and a hard place. 

He had given this thug life up and now he is being sucked back in to protect a secret that woll destroy him and the bottom that loves him.

 Shit, always get complicated when feelings are involved.

To Be Continued.

"The Thug and The Bottom that Loves Him."



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