Chapter 12- Studying Sucks, Literally.
Chapter 13- Camping and Coaching.

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Chapter 12- Studying sucks, Literally.


"Jay-Royce, that is correct. Wow, I see your study buddy for this project really help you improve in my class. Ka'Shon and Jay-Royce you have an A on this partner project."  Mr.McCall said. The whole class erupted into claps. I smiled and looked over at Jay. We have worked so hard on this damn project. We made our way back to our seats. The next group to present was Alex and her partner. Alex and I seem to be clicking well, so ofcourse ill be paying attention.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked over and it was Jay-Royce. He leaned over and whispered, "Thanks for the grade." He thanked me because I wrote his whole part. Studying turned out to suck, so I just did it. I smiled at him and replied jokingly, "I like drinks."

He replied, "Well, My girlfriend and I are going to DanceFever off Washington. It be popping on fridays. You down?"

Im not 21, I reminded him.

He laughed and whispered, "Im not either stupid. Its something called pay a little extra my boy works at the door. If you down we will scoop by to pick you up. Give me your address, big head." I guess insulting me will not stop.

I pulled out a postage stamp and wrote out the address and stuck it to his binder and replied, "Dont let no one see a fag giving you his address. And you are paying my little extra."

He sucked his teeth while wrapping his hair into a ManBun and snapped in a low tone.

"Ill beat anybody ass at this school." All of a sudden, claps erupted and I had missed Alex presentation. However, if she ask me how she did I sholl will lie.

The bell rung quickly after that and I went to packing up my stuff. Alex walked over to me and said, "I couldnt help but notice you was occupied during my whole speech. What was that about is the Bully still on your ass after you got him an A."

I laughed as I threw my Gucci Backpack over my shoulder. We walked out into the hall and I said, "No, he actually seems changed, well a slight bit."

Alex replied, "Well, becareful. A tiger cant change his stripes. But Anywho its friday and I have to work. Fuck, Red Lobsters. I swear."

I rubbed her back and replied, "Sucks to be you."  She interjected, "Oh I know. You seem to be paid and never worked. How does that work? Your parents died and left you millions? You hit the lottery? Tell me."

I cracked up. She will never guess. I exhaled, "Look, I have to go. Ill call you later."



"J....Fuck.Me...Harderrrr..ughhh" Ja'Shon stuffed toiler paper into my mouth as he fucked me in the school janitor closet. I gripped tight on the cabinet and pushed my ass on to that wood. He slapped my eyes and whispered, "Take Daddy dick, bitch. Take it. Take it good."

I whimpered as I felt his dick reach my prostate again and again. I leaned back and he fell into a mop bucket. He slid out of me so fast, I let out a moan. I turned around and started laughing. He smirked and said, "Sit on it, bae."

I walked over and he sat up stable on the bucket. I slid my hole down on his pole and then the door opened. We both turned our faces to the door and it was an old White Janitor.

I was out of breath all I could say was , "J, I thought you locked the door."

25 Minutes Later.

I sat in the office chair waiting to be seen by the principal. The Janitor managed to catch me. Luckily, Ja'Shon got away. This would have been so much bigger. School ended about ten minutes ago. The Principal instructed me to wait for him. I was becoming impatience. Just suspend me and get it over it.

The office door slung open and it was Mr.Vause. He was Italian. About 35, but didnt look it. He look like he works out and have 3 children. Divorce. And bitter about it.

He looked at me with those grey eyes and said, "In my office now." I stood up and followed him. My MCM bag on my wrist. We walked into his office and he closed the door. I looked around his office and seen a picture. It was of hm and 2 children. I was close enough. My iPhone buzzed as I sat down. It was a text from Ja'Shon. I quickly texted him back informing him of what was going on.

Suddenly, Mr.Vause stated, "Old Man Rye said some very crazy and unusual things about what he saw going on--"

I cut him off and replied, "It was unusual it was just sex. I mean if he was into that type of things we dont care about threesomes."

Mr.Vause eyes grew big and he said, "Oh you think this is some type of joke. I could have you expelled. I pulled your File. You are new to my school this year, so ill give you the benefit of the doubt. However, you will have saturday detention."

I quickly snapped, "Not Happening. Next.... chile please." I sat up with posture and he opened a manilla folder. He said, "Well, I see you have an interest in Water sports."

I corrected him, "No just Diving and stuff like that. Although, I just love how my ass fill out those skimpy speedos. I swear."

Mr.Vause cleared his throat and said, "Well, since my divorce" I chuckled due the fact, I was right. He continued, " I havent had time to teach my daughter to swim on Saturdays at my house and do my saturday duties. So here is the plan. You will be at my house every Saturday for the next two months teaching my daughter to swim or... you could just be ex--"

I quickly jumped on that idea. I mean it will be a piece of cake. Plus, I love kids. Ill even bring Derrick with me. I swear Dre little brother loves me. Umm, Ka'Shon is your bro in law not me. However, I love the little guy.

I stood up and he said, "Ill email you my address, Wale. Thanks. And next time keep your sexual fantasy off school party."

I smirked, "I will do."



"Wait! Yall got caught by a janitor??" Ka'Shon asked Wale as us four,including Ja'Shon sat in the living room. We burst out laughing and I chimed in, "what type of freaky shit is that?"

Ja'Shon said, "Bruh, forget it. Hell, I didnt even get my nut off." Wale replied, "Me neither and now im stuck with some community service."

Ka'Shon said, "Why dont yall just get a hotel room this weekend and fuck all weekend. If it makes you uncomfortable to have sex next door to a baby."

Wale and J shared a look and jumped up and ran upstairs to start packing. I looked over and said, "Slim, how was that project?"

He bit a muffin and explained how good they did. I got up and said, "Soooo can we celebrate. Because I was thinkinnggg weeee..-" I rose up and walked in between his legs as he was on the counter. I licked his lips and continued, "go camping. We can get The baby and Derrick a Tent. And then we have our own. What you think? Look, I know you dont do the bugs and shit, but ill buy Off. Also, with the whole Twon ordeal on ice and no drama with that for now.. can we relish in the moment..." We havent been on the best of terms since that fake ass nigga almost killed him. Also, he wants me to search high and low for Twon, Carlos, and Brock. He figures if I know where they at and its far...we safe. However, the bare truth is they can come for problems at any moment.

He smirked and kissed my lips and said, "That will be fun, but I promised a friend from school, Jay, Ill go out with him and his girlfriend."

Well, Invite them. I dont care. I just wanna go skinny dipping with my Slim, I urged him. He smiled from ear to ear and grabbed his phone.

A few seconds later he said, "I suppose my boyfriend found a spot. Yea until Sunday... Um okay... be here in like an hour.." I mouthed to him how far it is.

"Yea, its about a 3 hour drive." He reported to the kid. He hung up and said, "They are coming. I need to go pack me ans Jamar things." He hopped off the counter as I slapped his ass to hurry. I went out on the back porch and Derrick was playing with his Drone Airplane.

I said, "Little bro, we are going camping go pack up some clothes."

He yelled, "AND MY INDIANA JONES HAT." He ran pass me and I smirked.  I smirked because Im finally about to be a ray of happiness for the ones I care for the most. Sadly enough I know it short term. I have a feeling Twon, Carlos, and Brock will be back... I just dont know when.



"This is an amazing house." Cassey, Jay girlfriend said. I thanked her and replied, "Im sorry about the club. I was going until he just popped this into his head.

Jay from his said,"Dont worry about it. havent been camping in awhile. I got gear and everything." Derrick ran towards the Jeep and Dre walked oit behind him with Jamar in his hands. I walked over and locked the door.

We strapped Jamar in  and we headed  out. Jay-Royce followed close behind us because he didnt know where we was going.


Jay-Royce turned down the radio and said, "Did you see that house? I told you I think his peoples are rich. He comes to school wearing 10K worth of Jewelry."

Cassey looked at her bf with a look of confusion. She slowly said,"I need to make him my bestfriend." They both laughed.

Jay said, "He cool though. I thought he was some snobby fag, but after he told me all about his boyfriend and rushing into adulthood. I feel for him." Cassey looked over at her tough bf and pondered.

"Why are you so amuse by a gay kid? Is my bf feeling a gaykid? No.. never. He tears this pussy to pieces. It cant be right. Im just tripping. However, Let me make sure."

Cassey leanes over and unzipped her boyfriend jeans and went to sucking on his light shaded brown dick. Jay moaned and tried to keep composure as he drove behind Dre.

About 11 minutes later, he exploded hot seed into her mouth and she swallowed it all up. She popped it back into his black briefs and sat up straight. He asked, "babe what was that for?"

"For being mine." She lied.

Jay mumbled, "this is about to be a great weekend."

To Be Conintinued.

Chapter 13- Camping and Coaching.


"Ahhh fuck....Yeaaaa... damnnn" Ja'Shon moaned as he shot hot cum all over Wale face and getting some on the Hotel Bedsheets. We could have stayed at home due to them going camping but it was a fantasy of J's to have sex on a Hotek Balcony with nothing but a bedsheet under us. He could stratch that off. I sat up as the 7 am wind picked up on this saturday morning. I wiped the cum from my face and ate it like breakfast. As he caught his breath,I said, "Ugh, I dont feel like going to Mr.Vause house."

Ja'Shon whined, "then dont. Stay and lets fuck some more."

I reminded him, "I cant.. I promised. Ill be back by noon. BESIDES WE HAVE FUCKED SINCE MIDNIGHT." I hopped up and said, "Are you coming to shower?"

He looked at me as I walked through the double doors and exhaled, "Nah, you have to be over there by 8. And if we shower together , Im getting back in those guts so go." He so nasty. I walked into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I let the hotwater caress my body. Cascade off my ass and slowly pop off my shoulders. I closed my eyes and let it take me into a different place in time. I grabbed the Tone Soap we brought with us and wiped it over my body. I didnt want to leave this place. It felt good. Especially, with all the drama lately with  those three clowns.

I finished bathing  like  30 minutes later and got dressed. I kissed J goodbye and headed to Mr.Vause address he gave me.

8:01 am.

I pulled up to a 4 story house. It was like bigger than ours. I felt kind of taken back. I pulled into a parking space and got out. I pulled down my tight khaki short. I threw my Green towel over my shoulder. I grabbed my phone and headed to the front door. I cant believe being a prinicpal can afford so many cars. I knocked on the door and a Maid dressed in MaidAttire smiled, "Come in, Alex is in his study." Alex Vause , his name is exactly like my bitch from Orange is the new black. Season 4 hurry up!!! I followed her into the study. Mr.Vause had on just some sweatpants... he had a nice sixpack and had a little hair on his chest. It looked so sexy and mature. I couldnt keep my eyes from his bulge in those grey sweats. I swear, boys where those to get attention.

He hung up the phone and said, "Thanks ,Madeline. Go make sure Riley is ready. She went away." We greeted one another and I said, "May I say this is huge. I might have to become a prinicpal if it pays off like this."

He smiled his pearly whites. It was so cute.

"No, it dont pay for just the kitchen in this place. My grandfather left me this house when he passed. Plus a few figures to keep it afloat. But thank you. Look, I have to shower and get dressed. My daughter will meet you in the back. My son will be here around 11. His mom will drop him off."

He went to walk off and I said, "Prinicpal Vause. They dont share the same mother?"

He wiped around his mouth and replied, "Call me Alex on Saturdays. Also, He is the reason of the divorce of my first wife. I cheated on my daughter mother with my son mothers. I was young and dumb. However, that 12 and 9 year old is my life. However, you being Gay you are lucky you dont have to deal with women." Little does he know, Dealing with a Thug is much worst.

I walked out behind him and went out to the pool. It was a freaking huge pool. He daughter came out and said, "Wall-e?" I turned to her and corrected her, "Wale, like the rapper."

She smiled, "Lotus flower bomb? Wale?"

I laughed, "You got it?"  She walkes over to me and I said, "Look the first thing about swimming is to not be scared and panic."

She snapped, "um this pool is 13 feet deep, im panicking. Next?"

I said, "name something you care about, Riley? Dearly."

She pondered and said, "Ummmm, I care alot about Dick."  Did I just here her right. I cleared my throat. She explained, "Not whats between your leg. Im talking about Dick Brady. A boy. We are in a serious relationship?" Serious? Girl you are 12. But whatever.

I said, "Well, Imagine I was Dick Brady and got pushed into this water and needed saving. You learning to swim will save him. Now, Riley lets get into the water."

She said, "Um, No. Let me see you swim first then we will see." I exhaled and took off my shirt. I pulled off my shorts and revealedy ass in my orange Speedos. I walked over to the diving broad and jumped off into the water. I came up and did a couple of laps. I looked back at her and she was clapping.

"You were made for this,Wale." She cheered. I told her, "You can too. Now jump in. I got you." She dropped her towel. She slowly inched over and got into the water. I grabbed her hand and said, "You got it." She looked into my eyes and said, "Please dont let me go." She wrapped around my neck and I swimmed out.

Suddenly, I heard her Dad voice. He was all dressed up and looked so nice.

"Ill be back sweety. Your brother should be here soon. Ill tell Dick to take you for icecream later." It cant be. He let his daugher date someone older to drive. I swear this is nuts. He must have seen my face and said, "Dick is my personal trainer. He stays here as well."
He smiled and left. I looked back at his daughter in my arms and she whispered, "Please, dont say anything. My dad will hurt him. He is 21, but we are in love." Clearly, this Dick guy is poisoning this little girl head.  I cannot stand by with knowing this.

2 Hours Later


"Eat it... oh my damn. Thats it Dre. Eat that asss. Oh my godd!!!" He leaned up from between my legs and said, "Shut up,nigga." He handed me his green briefs and I stuffed them into my mouth. He went back to eating my ass. His tongue downs feel like I was having the soul sucked out of me through my ass. I moaned into the briefs. I held Dre head into place and he went to jerking me off. Moments later, I exploded to the roof of the tent. He burst out laughing and climbed up my chest and kissed my lips. We wrapped up in the sleepingbag. After catching our breaths, I said, "It was a nice idea to come out here. I love you Dre."

"I love you too, Slim. So do you forgive me?" I looked into his eyes and we sat up. I rubbed his chiseled chin and said, "Yes I forgive you. We all make mistake, its just the man Im in love with makes alot more than the normal man."

Dre exhaled, "It will be alright. I know you been on edge about the whole Twon situation. Listen no one will hurt you, my son, my brother, your brother, or your bestfriend. I will jump in front of a bullet, knife, or moving train for the people I love. Especially, the boy who taught me to really love. You are my sun and moon. Ka'Shon waking up to you everyday is how I wanna spend the rest of my life. Im done with that life. That thug shit dont promise a life with you. I wanna watch Derrick grow up, Jamar, and other kids we decide to have in our family. We are gonna' grow old together, you ready?"

He wiped tears from my face, I didnt know I even had. I leaned in and kissed his lips and said, "Ive been ready."

Suddenly, I heard Jay calling my name. I quickly threw on some briefs and jeans. I climbed out of that tent and he said, "Im going to get some wood, you wanna come? Cassey somewhere out here pissing, she taking too long."

I looked back at Dre and he said, "Go, Ill feed Jamar. He should be getting up soon."

Jay and I walked off down a dirt path and I said, "Yesterday night, you caught that fish pretty. You did this before?"

Jay confessed, "Yea, before my parents died we had a camping trip every six months. I was bad ass. This is the first time Im back. It feels the same. The peace and calmness.

I asked, "I have to know. Why? Why do you pretend to be so scary?"

Jay explained, "If I look scary, then no one talks to me. No one talks to me, then I dont get attached. I dont get attached then it saved me grief if something happens to them. My parents was my life. I didnt cry until like last month. I smelled strawberry pancakes and memory fled in of Thursday breakfast with them."

I replied, "it gets better, believe me. But guess what, I aint going no where. Ill be friends with the school badass." He laughed and tackled me down and we rolled down the hill and he held me tight. We came to a stop in the dirt by the lake. He was on top of me. We stared at eachother and he said, "You almost stepped in a bear trap. Im sorry."

I replied, "you saved my leg, I think it was worth it." We chuckled and the most shocking thing happened. He leaned in and laid his pink soft lips on to mine.


Cassey looked down below and seen her boyfriend kissing Ka'Shon. She gritted her teeth and headed off back to camp.


Ka'Shon pushed Jay away and wiped his lips. "What are you doing?"

Jay snapped, "i-i-i thought you wanted that."

Ka'Shon retorted, "Im in a relationship! Just go."

Jay eyes watered and said, "See this is why I keep myself in a distance." He walked off and headed back to camp. Ka'Shon mind was spinning. He wasnt that mad over the kiss, he was mad that he had just enjoyed someone elses lips as much as he enjoyed Dre.

Wale stepped out the shower in Mr.Vause house and called up Ja'Shon telling him he will be back soon. He turned around and there was a knock at the door. He wrapped himself in his towel and opened the door. It was Mr.Vause.

He said, "Sorry to interupt you, but thanks."

"Riley will be better by the time im done." I said.

"I know and can you hand me my razor from the cabinet."

I left the door ajar and walked over and opened  it. I looked around in it and I heard the door close. I was contemplating on telling him about Dick Brady. I turned around and seen Mr.Vause standing superclose to me. I said, "Um its no razor in here."

He licked his lips and said, "I know. I seen your skills on a pole. THe cameras in the janitor closet served no purpose until I seen you taking all that dick. He looked 12 long and 6 wide. However, I wanna see if you can take 13.5 long and 7 wide. Dick took my kids out for--" And the tone of his voice made my dick jump and bussy wet. I wanted to bone him so bad, but Im in a relationship.

He leaned down to me and whispered, "so what do you say?" He bit down softly on my ear, making me tremble. I looked into his eyes and we started making out. I dropped to my knees and un did his Hermes belt. He was commando his dick was massive. I grabbed it and admired it for a minute, before swallowing it whole.....

1 Hour Later..

"Yo,you should have  been back. Call me Wale , when you get this." J hung up the phone and a knock erupted at the door. He smiled thinking it was Wale.

He heard a voice say, "Room service."

Ja'Shon grabbed at his dick and said, "Role play? I like it."

He opened the door and he spotted three males that looked familiar. Twon, Brock, and Carlos. Twon swung a gun and knocked Ja'Shon out.

Twon instructed, "Take him down the backstairs into the van."


Cassey cries out driving back home leaving Jay with Dre and Ka'Shon. Dre seem confused as to why she left. However, he didnt think much of it as they ate some fish.

To Be Continued.

Chapter 14: Mistakes lead to Death.



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