Chapter 17: This is my life.

-one week after courtdate-


"How much will it be?" I asked the man. He looked at his chart and said, "150 to bring up the couch and 500 for labor. 650." That was a steep ass price to just move a couch up 5 floors. I moved into the same building as Ka'Shon and Wale. They dont even know it. I have to try to get him back. I really thought he was going to embrace me with open arms. I went into my neon greem joggers and pulled out a wad of cash. I pulled off 7 hundred dollar bills and said, "keep the change." He snatched it and ran out the door. I closed my door of my new apartment and looked around. It was finally done being fixed up. I walked into my bedroom and laid down. I stared at the wall and mumbled, "I wonder if he thinking about me, right now."


"Jay, its not even that. Its the point that he know we have a project to present in like 45 minutes and he isnt answering my calls." I snapped as I put my arms in my Navy Blue Cardigan.

Wale chimed in, "Well, maybe he just have his phone off. We have to go, cmon."

Jay, Wale, and I walked out of the apartment and down the hall to the elevator. As we waited for it to arrive, Jay asked, "so I have great news. My grandpa wants to speak to me today, so I maybe out of yall hair."

Wale threw his hands up in praise and said, "I hope it goes well. You are eating us out. And not the pleasure eat out, the food eat out." All three of us laughed and I said, "Wale, please you barely home anyways. How was the swim meet with your pal." Wale told ms about the little girl he have became fond to. Its so sweet. However, he want tell me how he met her. If he seeing her father or brother..its cool. Ja'shon have been gone for awhile now.

Wale replied, "it was great. She have another one today after school." The elevator doors opened and we stepped on. We pressed the lobby button and an silence went around the elevator.

Wale was mumbling a song.

"I got an ass so big like the sun, hope you got a mile for a dick, I wanna run. Slap it in my face shove it down my throat. Nigga, where ya blunt I can make this bussy smoke. I know How to fuck, I know how to ride. I can spin around and keep the dick still inside. Now ya' mouth wide, you looking real scared. Im a man-eater,headhunter. Im prepared." Trina is Queen to this boy , he freaky just like her. However, this was our song in middle school.

I chimed in, "oh yea, you running now. Let me put this bussy on ya' just like this. Put this bussy in ya' jaws now smack its like its thanksgiving and it aint coming back-" The elevator doors opend on the 7th floor and we stopped as an old lady stepped on. Jay-Royce said, "thank you ma'am. You just stop what sounded like an orgy."

Wale and I stared at eachother, burst out laughing, and continued in unison, "lick it-lick it-lick it-lick it-like it for an hour, I can make it rainfall , here comes a shower. Smell it like a flower my bussy is a rose. Come a little closer, I wanna fuck ya nose.." Wale and I bent over and start twerking. I walked over to Jay and bent over. I thrusted my ass on his crotch and he said, "oh my. This is-um okay.." I looked over at Wale and he was dancing on the lady. To my surprise she was slapping his butt.

All of a sudden, the elevator doors open and as my eyes caught sight of the person. My whole entire body froze up. I couldnt even raise up from the position I was in. Ass all up on Jay Dick. It was Dre. What the fuck is he doing here?

He chuckled as he walked on and snapped, "oh so this why we aint together slim, because you running around with this rat ass nigga. After all we been through you leave me for a rat."

I stood up and snapped, "Jay and I arent together and what you stalking me now." He flashed his parking lot key card and assured me he wasnt stalking me that he have now moved in the building.

Wale chimed in, "now thats a plot twist."

Dre continued, "Slim, this how you do me. I thought it was us against the world. Our lives entangled into one is what we said."

I licked my lips and wiped my tears as the fell. The elevator doors opened and I said, "Dre, that life was a figment of imagination. Now its time for me to live my life." I ran off into the lobby quick. I didnt need this, not this morning.


Alexis said, "so thats our project on the Nervous System." The whole class clapped and she looked over at Pheobe and gave her a evil stare. The reason why was because Pheobe had did nothing for the project. Alexis confronted Ms.Carter and she gave not one fuck. Old Fat bitch. As I had finally gathered myself together after the whole elevator thing with Dre.

Ms.Carter called out, "Cartier and Ka'Shon." I looked over at the empty seat and rolled my eyes. He have our diagram and everything. I trusted him to be on time, but I guess that was stupid. I stood up and walked over to Ms.Carter desk slowly. I was so pissed I was about to take an F. We worked really fucking hard on this. As I made it to her desk, she said, "Address the class and where is your partner?"

I mumbled, "Ms.Carter, I dont know where he is and he have the diagram. If we can-"

She stated, "no extensions. Yall had enough time F. Sit down. Renee and Jay-Royce are up next." I turned around and walked back towards my desk. My Day is full of sack shit today.



As I changed into my speedo for swimming class, my phone started ringing. I grabbed it from my gym locker and it was Ms.Columns. I quickly answered and said, "Hello."

She replied, "This is Ms.Columns from Child Protective services. Am I speaking with Wale --"

Yes, I replied quickly.

"Well, I want to inform you that the trial run was approved. I stuck my neck out and it happened. I have to warn you with the mom wanting sole custody, The father and your friend will have to prove to me that they can care for this baby. Ill be dropping him off later on today, around 5. Make sure you tell your friends, you are great person."

My heart was beating fast. How was this going to work? Crap, Crap,Crap. Especially, after this morning. I have an Idea.

"Thanks, and they will." I hung up and txted Ka'Shon.

"Be home by 5, we need to talk."

I then txted Dre new number.

"Can you come up to our floor to our apartment. We need to talk, Ka'Shon wont be there."

I clicked off my phone and heard Coach Rylin snapped, "Wale, lets go!"

I quickly switched into my Orange Speedo's. I rubbed my ass and said, "I look good."




The school bell rang and it was over. Finally, the weekend. I rushed out of calculus and down the hall to my locker. As I arrived to it, there was a note attached to it. I snatched it off and it read.

"Sorry about the project. -Cartier." I crumbled it up and I heard his deep voice behind me say, "damn, its like that."

I turned around to him and snapped, "its most def like that. All I get is 4 stupid ass words. Im so sick of putting my trust in people and getting fucked in the end. What happened? I get no explanation."

Cartier rubbed his head and replied, "I dont know who pissed in your flakes, but calm down. It was just a project." I brushed pass him and he grabbed my arm. I turned to him and sternly said, "let me go." He asked, "yo, chill. We need to talk."

I laughed, "about what? It was just a project right. I thought for some reason you was different. I guess everybody is the same dog, just different a different coat of fur."

I walked down the hall and outside the school. I walked over to my car and beeped the doors unlocked. As I grabbed the knob and pulled it opened. It was pushed closed. I turned around and it was Cartier. I turned to him and he grabbed my wrist.

"Aye, no one pulls away from me when Im talking. Watch that shit." He spoke in the deepest most scariest tone. I whispered, "you are hurting me."

He pushed me against the glass and replied, "I thought you gays loved it rough." Sudddenly, Jay-Royce pushed him away from me and asked, "is there a problem."

Cartier laughed, "nah, we good. Ill talk to you later, Ka'Shon." He walked off and he seemed so a switch was flipped.

I said, "Jay, lets go. Dont you have to go speak to your granddad."

Jay replied, "Yea, cmon. That fool trippin'."



I arrived at the door Wale txted to me. I argued for him to come talk to me at my apartment, but he insisted on meeting him here. I knocked on the door and he answered. He was wearing a tshirt and some ripped jeans.

I walked in and said, "Wale, what the fuck is up? Why you called me up here? Your friend maybe here any minute and I dont feel lile arguing with him."

Wale retorted, "shut up and come with me into the living room." We walked down like 3 steps into the living room area. We sat down next to eachother on the chair and he said, "Dre i-i need to tell you something. I know my timing maybe fucked up, but soon enough I will have to." Dont tell me Wale feeling a nigga, im sorry he isnt my type. Plus, that will be disrespectful to my boy, rest up Jay.

I blurted out, "Wale, dont tell me you are trying to come on to me." I know we are both probabpy horny and all, but this is betrayal. Wale burst out laughing, "What?? Hell no, sorry your ass isnt my type. Just listen-."

He was cut off again by the front door opening. We heard Ka'Shon say, "Good News, Wale. Jay, is gone back home." He turned the corner and seen us on the couch. He asked, "what the hell are you doing here?" I pointed at Wale. He looked at me and said, "snitch." Wale jumped up and stated, "I need to tell yall something. I have a surprise for yall. I know our lives have been a derailed train for some time now, but I think this will kind of get it back on track."

Ka'Shon gasped, "you got me another dog? Cocoa havent been a runaway for all of 4 weeks."

It was another knock at the door and Wale said, "Shit, just put on a nice face please." Wale ran for the door. It was an awkward vibe between us.

Ka'Shon took his bag off and placed it down. I noticed a purplish ring around his wrist. I stood up and said, "Slim, who did that to your wrist?"

"Nobody, its nothing. Plus, that isnt your concern."

I sternly snapped, "if someone is trying to hurt you it is my business. I will run into the white house guns blazing, if you was being held there. Remember Moon and Back."

Ka'Shon licked his lips and exhaled, "Wale, who was at the door..." we heard a baby coo and our eyes squinted. K mumbled, "it cant be."

Wale turned the corner with some lady and he had Jamar in hand. Seeing my son, made my heartbreak. My lawyer had told me Rita was trying to gain full custody of him. I stumbled to stand up and he stretched his arms out to me. I ran over and hugged my son.

"I thought I will never see you again." I cried out. He responded, "Da-Da-Da."

I looked over at Ka'Shon and he was covering his mouth. He must couldnt believe the sight.

"Wa-wa-wa-le how did this happen?" He finally said.

Wale stated, "I have been working with this lady for awhile now and yall was granted a trial run to prove to her yall will be more capable than Rita. If everything goes well, at the court hearing yall can become his parents. Surprise."

Ka'Shon walked over to me and said, "Hey, Jamar. How are you babyboy?" He started whining and stretching for K.

"I miss you too, Jamar. I know you miss me." Ka'Shon said. Dre mumbled, "Dont we all." Ka'Shon and I shared a look as the shade was thrown. Wale said, "Ms.Columns the room with the crib is on the left." She walked off.

Wale said, "Yall have to show her yall can do this. I put my neck out there, please dont let me down. Her evaluation will be serious, so we have to make it look like yall are a happy couple."

I quickly replied, "we will."

Ka'Shon confessed, "we may can fake happy, but couple that will be hard. However, I thought ill never see this smile again. Or feel his embrace, I dont wanna lose it." Suddenly, we heard a dog bark at the door. Ka'Shon gasped, "no fucking way. Cocoa?"

Wale ran and opened the door. I heard her little feet running on the tile. She turned the corner and I was expecting her to run to Ka'Shon, but she came to me.

Ka'Shon said, "Look a dog knows a dog. Get Jamar, let me go bathe her." Ms.Columns returned and handed me some papers and left. Wale wa smirking at me.

I said, "Thank you, our family is finally tangible to save. My lil brother is with his Dad already, but we can make it work. Wale, you just gave me a chance to win him back."

Wale hugged Jamar and I and whispered, "hopefully, its something worth winning. Ka'Shon seems over you."

Chapter 18: Its Your Fault, Dre.



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