Chapter 11: iCan Barely.


I unlocked the car door and as I opened it, I heard Twon say, "Ka'Shon, I cant let you leave. Im sorry." I turned around and seen a gun pointed at me. I was shocked. I started shivering and said, "what is this about? Im sorry."

He snapped, "it isnt about you. Its about your boyfriend and brother and wronged my brothet Carlos. And for that all yall have to die." I cried out, "Twon, you dont wanna do this. I cant believe all this was a setup to kill Dre and Ja'Shon. Im so stupid. Well, Pull the trigger if you are so bad." 

He cocked the gun back and I saw my life flash before my eyes. I took a deep breath and I heard a Car swerve into the parking lot. All I heard was , "SLIM, DUCK!" I flew down and heard gunshots ring off. After they stopped I was scared to look up. I felt a hand touch me and it was Dre. I hugged him tight and cried.

"Dre, he-he-he was going to shoot me. Like I was about to be dead. Oh my god. I love you." I kissed his lips and he said, "Slim, we go to get out of here." I looked over his shoulder and noticed Twon body was gone and a blood trail. I said, "He is gone, Dre." Dre turned and saw and snapped, "FUCK LETS GO."

-2 hours Later-

I walked out the bathroom from showering wearing black briefs. I cant believe today happened and it isnt over. Part of me hoped He would die, but half of me didnt want that to happen. I lotioned up my legs and my phone buzzed. It was a message from Jay-Royce, the bully boy thats my Partner for this project. 

I read the message. It said, "Call me." I rolled my eyes and pressed the green phone. It dialed up and then he answered, "Ka-whatever your name is, listen. I rethought this. I aint going over no dicksucker house, so you can come to mind tomorrow after school. Ill order pizza and shit."

I wasnt even up for a comeback, I was ready for bed. I replied, "Okay, fine." He must the noticed my tone and said, "Well, Yea. SEE YA LATER." HE hung up the phone. I placed my phone down and the door opened, it was Dre.

He whispered, "Jamar is finally sleep and Derrick is with Wale downstairs eating. How are you?" He climbed into the bed and laid on my chest and started rubbing my nipples, he know that soothes me.

"Deandre, Im so-so. I just want you to realize that everything you do affect our family. I could have been shot, I just cant believe, he played me. He had a great setup, I give him that." 

Dre exhaled, "Yea, I know. Im sorry, but with him still out there, we will have to be on our Ps and Qs."

I replied as I begun to rub his head, "Oh Yea. However, those shots should hold him up for a minute." Dre leaned up and kissed my lips and said, "And that give us a minute to recoporate." He sat on my lap and took off his shirt. I smirked and rubbed down his chest. He brought my hands around his waist to his ass. If I didnt know any better, I think he wants me to fuck him. We was about to before, but we stopped he wasnt ready. I bit my lip and he said, "Since , I caused all  this punish me , Slim." I leaned up and started sucking on his perfect size nipples. He groaned and moaned. We flipped over and I was between his legs. I pulled off my briefs and his jeans with Briefs. I slid between his legs and started kissing down his sculpted body. I leaned up his leg and started eating his ass out. He said, "Oh slim, that feels good. Oh damnn, girl would have loved you." I leaned up and said, "well consider yourself lucky." I tapped him to turn over. I spreaded his cheeks and continued to feast on his ass. I quickly grabbed a condom from the drawer and slid it on. 

He looked back at me and before he could speak , I said, "I got you , baby. I will take care of you." I pressed my dick head up against his hole asking for entrance. I whispered, "relax. Invite the dick in. Take care of it. Dont let it make you. You make it." Slowly, the head slid in and he winced in pain. 

He grunted, "Oh, Fuck." As the inches filled him up he moaned and groaned.

He confessed through deep breaths, "this dick dont feel so big in my mouth." I smirked and began slow thrusting into him and he was saying, "mmmmmm." He was concentrating on taking the dick.I begun to pick up speed and I looked up and he was biting the bedspread. I held his back and grinded it into him.

I groaned,"Fuck Ka'Shon, I wanna ride it." I slowly pulled out and he laid me on my back. He climbed on top of me and slowly got back on it.

"Whew, feels better this way." He pressed down in my chest and went to riding my dick. I never felt this good. He rode this dick like a pro. He grunted, "I love you. He leaned down and kissed my lips and as I did his. He leaned back while still on my dick and I jacked him off. We moaned and grunted as we both climaxed. He slid off me and threw the condom on the floor. We cuddle and tried to catch our breaths. He said, "Ka'Shon, you felt so good inside of me." I rubbed Dre head and replied, "You felt so good wrapped around my dick." We burst out laughing and he said, "Damn, I didnt know you had stroke game." I argued, "your riding was exceptional, you sure you havent done that?" He looked up at me and I burst out laughing. "Im playing boy, damn."

I hugged him tight and said, "Promise me something,Dre." He rubbed my chest and said, "Wassup?"

"Promise me to never leave me. I love you so much. Ever since I met you that day you bumped me. And got me my first F. Took me on my first skip day. I knew it was you." Dre looked into my eyes and said, "And in the same breath, I knew it was you. I just needed some time to realize that. I promise to never leave you, Ka'Shon." We kissed and drifted off to sleep.


"Wale, its just crazy. Like literally pointed at me. Now I have me mace ready. I know he want to try something." I told Wale. I swerved into the parking spot at the High School and Wale said, "Well, with Dre shooting him lets hope he realize he dont want revenge." We got out the car and I grabbed my bag. We walked into the school and over to our lockers. Suddenly, I heard Alex. The nerd girl from Mr.Thomas class. I turned to her and she said, "Hey, New boy." I walked over to her and she started blabbing.

"Well, My partner is Sydney. The cheerleader. Anyways she has invited me to this Popular Pool Party at her house. I have a Plus two so you and your friend. Its on Saturday."

I smiled, "we will come thanks so much. I wish my partner wasnt as mean, Jay-Royce pisses me off."

She confessed, "Jay-Royce just had a hard life. He have been like that since Middle School. In 7th grade his family was murdered. Mom, Dad, Big Brother, and Little Sister. Only way he survived was by killing the attacker. Ever since then he moved with his elderly Grandmother and is pissed at the world." My heart just broke. He isnt that different from me. Life filled with death and the death cloud is still not far from me. I looked back and seen his tall ass walked pass us and he stopped and looked at me.

"Right after school. Ill text you my address, Alright." I shook my head in agreeance.


"Whose the best daddy in the whole wide world?" I tickled Jamar and he cracked  up laughing. I finish changing him and I heard Ja'Shon say, "yo, I got something." I looked back as I picked Jamar up from the bed. I rushed downstairs after him. I opened the back patio dopr for Coco to go pee. 

I sat on the table in the kitchen and Ja'Shon said, "My boy from atlanta extracted the video from the Hotel, so we good. However, he reviewed. Twon got picked up by a lady in a car. Most likely took to the hospital. Soo, i called the hospital and he is there in a coma. Hopefully, he stays there." 

I took a deep breath and said, "whew. Let me text Ka'Shon." Ja'Shon said, "Also, we heard yall last night, dont tell me you let him fuck you." 

I confessed, "yup and it felt great. Didnt make me less of anything."

He laughed, "damn, you took dick. I cant do it." I snapped, "even if you wanted to, it aint happening. Wale is a dominant bottom. He aint fucking nothing. Your brother has skills, last night wasnt the only time. However, not soon. I feep empty." We burst out laughing and we walked into the front room.

I placed Jamar in his walker and said, "But bro I need to ask you something. Its important." He bit the toast and nodded from me to keep talking.

"I uhh was watching the news or w.e this morning. They have legalized Gay marriage and shit. I know im kind of late. However, I wanna propose to your brother, but if I dont have your approval then I wont."

Ja'Shon confessed, "Nigga, you the best thing to happen to him. He have came out of his shells. Isnt afraid of anything. Thats because of you. Under all this pressure, I thought he would for sure not make it, but he did. Deandre, you have my approval to propose to my lil bro." I smiled and we clapped eachother up.

He continued, "when are you?"

"On my Birthday, next week friday." I told him.


I dropped Wale off at the house and said, "tell Dre, Im going to study ill be back." He waved me off and I pulled off. I typed Jay-Royce address in Gps. It was only 7 minutes away. As I drove my heart was pumping. I was scared as fuck to go here. I turned into ShadyFalls and came to the realization he live in the trailerpark fields. 

Siri said, "your destination is on the right." I looked and it was a ragedy one like if the wind was to blow hard it would knock it down.  I changed my Tom Fords to Nike Slides. I stepped out the car and texted him, "im outside." 

I waited for like 3 minutes until he opened the screendoor. He looked at me and snapped, "Come on." I walked over slowly and stepped up the broken stairs. As I walked in it was clean and smelt like cigarettes.

With a hard tone he snapped, "my grandmother smokes." We walked down the hall. It was family pictures on them. It was a picture of him Smiling. I know he havent done that in awhile. We walked into a room and he slammed and locked the door behind me. It was spacious and neat.

He pointed to his bed and said, "Sit there." I followed instruction. He then pulled a beanbag from his closet and sat down. He said, "So start asking the questuon, Mr.Thomas gave Faggot. I dont have all day. I have things to do."

I snapped, "My name is Ka'Shon. Lets start with this, I demand respect. If you cant give, I will just leave. I took an F before, its fine." His neck shot back and he chuckled, "you better shut the hell up, you are in my house, I need some respect." I zipped open my bookbag and pulled out the binder. I flipped to the page for the questions.

"So, where did you grow up?" I asked. He replied, "South Hampton Suburbs until my family died and I moved to this dump. So Im the typical poor black. However, Ill be eighteen in a month and inherit my trust fund and Im set for life." I wrote and he asked me something.

"So taking dick is that like your day job?" I shot him a look and he said, "its one of these you have a day job?" 

I laughed and began to packup. I said, "thanks, but no thanks i think we are done." I stood up and he jumped up and said, "Chill out damn, its a joke."

I snapped,"well im not laughing. Now goodbye." I walked passed him and he grabbed my arm and said, "One more time." I exhaled and said firmly, "One More."

I plopped down and said, "Whats your dream job?" I looked over at him and he bit the top of his pen as he pondered.

"um, ill have to go with like A Film director. I love writing and shit. It got me through some rough times. Especially, after seventh grade. It speaks to me." He explained. I wrote it down and asked the next ones. We was flying by. He then asked me, "so is your life at this moment, what you expected it to be?"

I exhaled, "Honestly, it isnt. I expected to be with my parents, in Atlanta. HoweveR, After coming out and being kicked out. I realized, you cant plan your life. You can only go down a path and hope for the best."

He asked, "so this path you are on do you like it?"

I answered, "some of it. I love my boyfriend,brother, and bestfriend. However, some parts of it was rushed like being a stepdad and living on my own. It feels like I went from 17 to 27 so fast. I mean I coped with it because I love the people in my life, but believe me it is hard. No one understand, hardship like I do. I have lost so much and survived. That what makes me strong. So when you asked me what was my day job, its surviving. Surviving to see another day." I exhaled and he said, "Ka'Shon are you okay?" I replied, "Yea I am." He stood up and said, "Imma go shower and give you time to cool down." He stood up and walked out the room. That question hit a nerve, lord knows it did.

He returned just in briefs, his body was amazing. He said, "forgot my towel. He searched around and his dick was swaying as he walked around. He laughed, "can you help me look, instead of gawking at me." I gasped and jumped up. I leaned down and looked under the  bed and grabbed what I thought was a towel. I pulled it and it was a white cloth. He grabbed it and said, "you may wanna wash your hands. Thats my uhhh CumCloth." 

I was in shock. I ran over to him and wiped his chest with my hand. He picked me up with one arm and threw me on the bed.

"Thats nasty as fuck, yo." He climbed on top of me and said, "now I should wipe your face with this rag. He pinned me down and had the rag dangling ovet my face. I was laughing so hard and begging him to move. I wrapped my feet around his body and flew us off the bed and I landed on top of him. We went silent , I can feel his dick on my leg. He said, "oh there goes my towel. He picked me up and sat me down and grabbed it. He said, "ill be back soon." I sat down and was rereading his answers. My phone rang. It was Wale. Damn, it was 7 already.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yea I am. Almost finish. Whats for dinner?" I asked.

"Chile, they done ordered pizza. You know Derrick loves that. Well, text me when you leave." He replied. I hung up and continued reading. Jay-Royce have alot of dreams and alot of ambitions, but he is holding alot back.

Moments later, he walked in and was soaking wet. He said, "close your eyes. Let me dry off and get dress." Matter of fact, nevermind. We both got a dick. He dropped the towel and his dick was exposed. A DICK it was. Fat, chocolate, and long. Oh my god. He had a vcut like no other. He dried off and he said, "Big, I know. The girls love it. Speaking of girl, you got to go. My girl texted me she is on her way to handle this dick." I stood up and said, "okay, um we can just finish like in the library tomorrow. We only have a few more." I grabbed my bag and walked passed him. I went outside and got in my car. I then heard him scream my name. I rolled down the window and he ran to the car. 

"You forgot this." He handed me a Trojan condom. I said, "thats not mine." He replied, "sorry, I only have Magnums." 

I said, "well im for sure , my boyfriend and I only use Magnums aswell. Give it to your girl." I rolled up the window and pulled off. This boy here......

Chapter 12: Studying Sucks, literally.



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