Chapter 6: WHAT IS LOVE?



The radio blast, V. Bozeman,  What is Love?

"I would tell you that I love you tonightBut I know that I've got time on my sideWhere you goin'? Why you leavin' so soon?Is there somewhere else that's better for you?

What is love if you're not here with me?What is love if it's not guaranteed?What is love if it just ups and leaves?

What is love if you're not here no more?What is love if you're not really sure?What is love?What is love?

Tell myself I wouldn't cry when you're goneBut I know it's easier said than doneLook at me, look at me, choked up nowTry to tell you but it won't come out

What is love if you're not here with me?What is love if it's not guaranteed?What is love if it just ups and leaves?"

Ka'Shon wipes his tears and mumbles along with the song. This song was speaking to him. All the bickering and fighting with Dre. He knew he will never really leave him. He just wasn't being difficult.  He found love and now it was about to be taken away from him. That tragic day keeps replaying in Ka'Shons head. Him jumping in the water. Him swimming through the window. Begging Dre for him to save him first. However, Dre snapped saying get his child. After he grabbed Jamar and swimmed him up to safety. He put him on the ground. He looked back at the car and seen it officially sank. Ka'Shon heartdropped. He ran back into the water and Michael Phelps in the water and got back to the Car. Seeing Dre not breathing,  it broke his heart. He unloosened Dre leg and freed him. They made it up and the paramedics got them out.

Ka'Shon pulled up the hospital and got out. He zipped up his jacket and walked in. He signed in and walked over to the room. He opened the door. Dre was still I'm the same Coma state. Ka'Shon walked over and sat down. He grabbed his hand and clutched it. 


"Oh Dre, you have to get up. I haven't been sleep. My brother and Wale had to literally pry me out of here,  yesterday. I snuck out and came tonight. I sat back and said, "Dre remember the day we met. Lord knows we hated eachother, However,  I knew I had some feelings for you. When you introduced yourself to that damn class so cocky. I was ready to punch you. But I'M happy you asked for that pencil and we got kicked out. Because,  I fell for the thug. I need you to wake up. If you do, we will be in love okay. I will forget about it all and forgive you."

The door opened and Wale walked in with Diamond. My heart dropped,  I haven't seen her since we left our old town. I miss my bestfriend. I ran over and hugged her. I said, "I miss you D."

She laughed, "I know you do. I miss you too. So how are you ?"

I exhaled,  "not so good. Like I cannot deal with this. Wale where's the baby?"

He's with your brother, he is fine, he assured me.

I took a deep breath and he said, "she popped up and just shocked my ass. "

I hugged her again and said, "I need you guys."

Wale hugged around us. Suddenly,  we heard coughing,  and we turned and Dre said in a raspy voice, "is there anymore room in that hug for me."

I turned around at a lost for words and ran and hugged him. 

"Dre oh my God. Baby." I kissed his lips and his whole face.

Dre laughed, "cmon now fucking water can kill  real ass thug like me. Slim,  I ain't going no where--"

I chimed in, "until I say it's okay to leave. Because if you do, I will have to kill you myself."

He wiped my tears and said, "I got you My Superman."

We laughed. 

Diamond said, "it was only right for him to have to save you. You saved him last time.  You guys need to stay away from cars."

Dre coughed , "ain't that's fucking right. Get over here and hug me." 

Diamond smiled and came and hugged him.

Wale ran in, with the doctor and the doctor checked him out and everything. I didn't release his hand. We was just staring at eachother. I was to excited. 

Wale caller my brother and told him the news. The doctors say he can go home in two days. He is moving back in with us. Ja'Shon and Wale already went and got all the baby stuff back.

I have my love back. Nothing can go wrong now?------

2 Days Later...

I changed Jamar and put him in his crib to Nap. I walked back into the hallway and I heard aloud Thud from my room. I ran in and Dre was on the floor. I ran over and helped him up. He was trying to put on some briefs. I pulled them up and said, "baby you have to stay off that leg for a couple of weeks. Which means in the bed?"

He sighed and jumped in bed. He grabbed my arm and rolled my in the bed.I laughed.

He was kissing my face and said, "boy, you are one of a kind. I'm really sorry about all the bullshit with the boy next door. I promise no more of that shit. All in this world--"

I kissed his lips and we made out. I took off his shirt and he moaned.

"Doc said no asserting alot of energy. "

I looked up at him and said, "you will not be using no energy."

I pulled down his briefs and stared at his dick,  missed it. I stuck it into my mouth and began sucking on his dick. It grew so fast in my mouth, However,  i kept up the pace. I slobbed all down that dick. It popped out of my mouth and he groaned, "fuckkk Slim."

I put his Ostrich egg sized  balls in my mouth and sucked on them. He leaned back and said, "aww man."

I felt up his ABS and arched my back. He rubbed down my back and felt on my ass through my sweatpants.  Moments later, he said, "aye slim, watch out, it's two weeks worth of cum in there."

I smirked and took it all the way down my throat and he started nutting, filling up my mouth with cum. I swallowed it all. Suddenly,  it was a knock at the door. Diamond said, "um someone name Derrick is here. He is such little cutie pie."

I licked my lips and said, "Derrick as in your little brother?"

He pulled up his briefs, and I stood up. I opened the door and Derrick sanged, "KaShonny. " he hugged my leg and ran pass me and jumped in bed with his brother. They hugged. Dre asked,"how you got Here?"

Mom put me on a bus with her friend.  Then The friend showed a cab man the address, she say you are going to take care of me now, Derrick said.

"Damn. Your mom is really a fucking lunatic. She put a 7 year old-"

I'M 8 now, Derrick said.

I exhaled and Dre said, "well,  how about this. Put on your shoes and we are going to go and get stuff for your room. "

He grabbed husband crutches and they walked out. Diamond said, "so can you help me with the dishes so we can cook. I've been really craving some broccoli. "

I smiled, "yes with cheese. I'll meet you down there. Let me Brush teeth."

She laughed,  "ya nasty."



I Dived in the pool and swimmed over to Ja'Shon. He wrapped his arms around me and said, "I miss you."

I rubbed his face and said, "miss you too."

We kissed.

"So I was thinking, I know we rushed back to here from Bahamas, and didn't answer your Question. " he said.

I smirked,  "Oh Yea. Whats your answer?"

Yes, we can go visit her grave. I think, I'M ready, he confessed.

I kissed his cheek and he grabbed my ass and said, "Yea. I think it's time we tell Cashmere about us."

Diamond stepped out and said, "Wale we are about to plash Just Dance 2015. We are doing Bang Bang, first. I know you want in."

I smirked, "yass Chile. I have to shake this ass."

J. Chimed in, "well I want to see it shake."

We laughed and she handed us a towel. We walked inside and she said, "dinner defrosting so we can play for sometime."

Ka'Shon said, "hold up, I invited someone to play with us."

The doorbell rang and he went and got it. Turns out it was Brock. Wow, Thats weird. However,  he is mad Cool. How he even dated Carlos. We started playing and we was having a good time. JA'Shon swear he knows how to dance, but he looks a mess. Glad, he is cute as hell. The door opened and it was Dre. He said, "Come help with the bags."

He spotted Brock and he gritted his teeth. I kept on dancing. He said, "Bae holler at me."


Dre and Ka'Shon walked into the pantry and he said, "why he here?"

To chill, he is bored at the hotel , besides I never liked him that way. Chill out, hothead.

"Alright,  Slim. Derrick spent 900 dollars  at that damn bed store. His room going to be on point. He picked up everything Avenger."

Ka'Shon smiled, "did you call your mom?"

He exhaled,  "Yea. No answer.  I'M 50/50. Like I'M happy he is here, I miss him and want to take care of him. However, he is going to want his mom. He loves her. So for her to abandoned him like she did me is fucked up."

Ka'Shon kissed his lips and said, "im happy he here too. Now come watch me dance , we will get his room together later."

They walked out the pantry and went back into the living room. Derrick and Diamond was dancing against eachother. Jamar was in his bouncer laughing.  He is  too cute. Dre is his twin. Dre shook  Brock hand and smiled. He picked up his son and sat on the chair. Wale and Ka'Shon went into the kitchen to start cooking.

Wale said, "so What's for dinner, Paula Dean."

I laughed, "Stuffed Peppers and Tropical Rice, Rachel Ray." He laughed. 

"So life is back to normal. The two love birds are back together ."

Ka'Shon smiled, "Yea it is. Nothing can change it. Life's great."

Wale informed husband best friend about going to visit CASHMERE grave. Ka'Shon hugged him and said, "that will be great."

Diamond walked into the kitchen all tired and said, "whew. I'M tired. Who is the sexy Idris Elba looking black boy."

Brock, the ex of the dirty slutty pussy chico, Dre cheated on K. With, Wale blurted out.

"how did he become friends with y'all?" 

He have been Cool, Besides Dre already beat his ass, i dont think he will ever cross the line,Wale said.

Ka'Shon said, "oh shut up."


Dre laid his son on the couch and Brock said, "he looks just like you man. Also, your little brother does too."

They looked over at him trying to tackle ja'Shon.

Ja'Shon told him to go get the football and said, "so now that you two are alone. I need your help. I have some drugs coming in from Russia Friday. I need it flipped to 3 million to sell to these Cubans."

Dre replied, "Dude I don't really like ya ass, but we talking millions."

J. CHimed in, "so why you need us?"

Well, the drugs are only worth 300,000.after I add some powder mixed with Baking  soda I can make it worth more. Imma need help moving it,  y'all can make a million a pieve, he said.

Dre and Ja'Shon shared a look and they knew they was about to fall into business with Brock. They was about to come out of thug retirement.  They both needed cash.

Dre said, "we will holler at you. For now, let's go play football with my brother."

They stood up  and walked out to the porch. Brock texted Carlos .

"I think I got them. They will be selling the fake drugs for us. Make ya boys the offer. They will think these two clowns are at the head of this deal and Come after them. Not we are a go."

To Be Continued.

CHAPTER 7: Thug Life is the best life.



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