CHAPTER 7: Thug Life is The Best Life.--------


"So are you sure these dudes won't realize that we are getting over on them?" Ja'Shon asked as I sat at the table in silence.

Brock sucked his teeth and said, "Listen. These people are slow. We are going to make this Monet by selling them these fake drugs and leave. They have no leads on me or yall. Trust me."

I Snapped, "see thats the dilemma i dont. How we dont know you aint working with them. We sell the fake drugs they kill us. You already want my boyfriend, Ka'Shon. This can simply get me out the way."

Brock looked at me and retorted, "im not that smart to even come up with that type of plan. Secondly, if i want the pussy from ya dude, i would have been got it."

I stood up and was about to charge at his ass. Ja'Shon grabbed my arm and said, "Chill. Now listen. These dudes come tomorrow.  We meet at the docks. We give the the drugs , we get the money and bounce. We split even and that's it. Sounds easy."

The front door opened.  I heard Ka'Shon and Wale walk in. They were out with their friend,  before she leaves. I guess, she gone. They turned into the kitchen. Ka'Shon noticed Brock. He looked at me confused and said, "I didnt know you two, buried the hatchet." Brock and I stare at eachother and fake smiled. I bury shit. I wanna bury my fist in his face for trying to get at my nigga. That's my baby.

Brock stood up and said, "well I'll hit yall up later." He winked at Ka'Shon. I was about to charge him again, but I was held back by Ja'Shon  again. He knew what Brock was doing. Getting under my skin. Dre walked over and kissed my lips. 

"I missed you baby." I looked into his eyes and rubbed my hands down his back and rubbed his fat ass through his Skinny Jeans.

"Miss you too. How was saying goodbye? "

He exhaled, "it was fairly easy."

Wale shot him a look and snapped, "stop trying to seem hard for ya man. He boohoo cried and Diamond was crying aswell. I was at the restaurant like.. no God. These two motherfuckers needs to stop."

We all laughed. Wale is a fucking character.  He sat down. K. wrapped his arm around me and said, "Upstairs now. I want some Lollipop. " 

I smirked. This boy be freaky when he wants to.I licked my lips and whispered,  "I would,  but our son is about to wake up in 3..2.."

The babymonitor from the living room went to going off with cries. I laughed. Ka'Shon and I grabbed hold of hands and he said, "Slim, that has to wait til later."



"We dont have to wait til later." I eyed My man. He turned me around and ripped off My joggers. He rubbed on my ass through my black briefs. He pulled them down slowly and my fat ass plopped out. I bent over the counter and he spreaded my cheeks.

His tongue went work, eating my pussy. I moaned. He have gotten so good at eating this ass. I said, "Yea Daddy eat this ass."

He sucked on my asshole lips and I screamed,  "Oh Damn." He stood up and turned me around. I climbed on his body and wrapped my legs around him. We started kissing. We went to our room. He locked the door. He threw me down on the King Size bed. I ripped off his shirt and his hard miscles made me melt. I rubbed down his body. As he unbuckled his Givenchy felt, I started sucking on his quarter sized nipples.he moaned.

"Yo stop. You know that makes me vulnerable. " I smirked. He so freaky. He pulled his Jeans off. He had on Red Briefs. His dick was pitching a big tent. I pulled them down and started licking his dick. I started sliding it in my mouth. He played his hand on the back of my head and forced me down his dick. I took all of it. Suddenly , he said, "Fuck,Wale. This shit feels good. Turn over, let me Fuck my pussy."

I turned around. Arched my back and spreaded my ass cheeks. He slid his raw dick in me and I winced in pain. I swear it felt new everytime. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck my silly. I slowly slid to the head and rammed it in. I did that a couple of more times. He put it in balls deep and picked me up. He laid down on the bed and I Rode that dick, reverse cowboy. This black dick will not ya back out. It takes a certain level of expertise to conqueror the black dick.

Moments later, he cummed in me and I laid back on him. Breathing hard as hell.



"Derrick this is your nephew. Not a toy. You can't grab his arm like that." Derrick looked at me those Dre eyes. Dre always gets me and he is trying to get me. It's No question this is his little brother. 

I laughed, "Derrick those eyes only work in certain situations. Now go change so we can go get in the pool." He smiled and jumped up. He ran fast to change. He have adjusted well here. Still can't believe Dre mom just gave up on both of her kids. She is a bitch no doubt. I rocked Jamar a little bit more and he felt asleep.  I laid him down. I walked into my room. To change. I pulled off my clothes and walked over to my dresser naked. I grabbed  a pair of swimming shorts. As I pulled them on, I looked out the window. I saw Brock and Carlos talking. It looked serious. I thought Brock wasn't staying there anymore. I quickly walked over to get a better look. Brock then smiled and Carlos tippytoed and kissed him. Brock walked off slow yet quick. Like he didn't want to be seen. That was weird. Then Carlos followed him with a Black Duffel bag. I rolled my eyes and looked in the mirror at my Body.

I rubbed down my chest and pinched my nipples. I need to work out just a little bit more. My Vcut is coming. Dre walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, dripping wet. I bit my lip and he walked up behind me and wrapped around my waist. He kissed my neck and said, "you look good slim." I smirked, "No you look good Dre."

I turned around and we kissed. He seductively said, "your ass look amazing in these Little ass shorts."

I laughed and looked down. 

"That dick look juicy through that towel." Just as I grabbed the towel, our door swung open.

Derrick covered his eyes and said, "Can you come on Ka'Shon. I'M not getting any younger. Dre you can come to. Just don't be kissing,  eww."

We laughed. I whispered , "I guess tonight.  Get dress and come on. Make sure you wear those grey gym shorts. Dick print does justice to those shorts." He laughed. I quickly raced out and Derrick followed me. I picked him up and carried him outside and through him in. I swear, if I had to guess this was my life, I would have not believed it. I'M 18, a stepfather, dating a toughboy, living large. I haven't even did Senior year yet. 

My dog went to barking and she ran and jumped in the pool. Derrick caught her. I slipped in and we swimmed around. About ten minutes later, Dre came and said , "y'all aren't having all the fun without,  me."

Derrick laughed, "Ofcourse not big bro jump in."

He took off his tshirt,  showing off that body.  "Don't mind if I do."

He did a cannonball and splashing all of us. His goofy ass. He grabbed me and pulled me in. We kissed. I licked his face. My dog barked. She be jealous of me. She won't nobody touching Dre. Girl this is my man, okay.  I've did a lot for  this one right here. This my lips, body, dick and all. She doggypaddled over and Dre picked her up. Derrick said, "let's play Marco Polo."

Dre said,"Okay. Lets." Dre confused me so much. His tough exterior is just a cover up. He is skin Nice, kindhearted,  and a wellrounded individual.  He have changed and it's for the better.  Leaving that thug life alone was his best choice. As they played.  He looked at me abdominal mouthed, "I love you."

I mouthed back, "I love you too."


Dre got out the shower and put on some boxers,  a black shirt, and a black Jeans. With black boots. Ka'Shon was confused. He asked, "Where you going?"

Dre replied,  "somewhere with your brother. He wants me to ride. When I get Back, I want you on ya back legs spread open. Imma give you some good dick."

Ka'Shon smiled and said, "hurry back."

Dre walked out into hall and did a little prayer.

"Lord get me out of this and this is it. After this money. This is it. We are moving after this summer to a better life. For my responsibilities; Ka'Shon,  Derrick , and Jamar. AMEN."

Derrick room door opened and Dre said, "Wassup little man. I thought  you was sleep."

He walked over to Dre in his Spiderman Boxers.  He reached his hands out and Dre picked him up.

"I had a nightmare . Bad men came in Here and shot you." I looked at him and asked, "what you used to call me?"

Superman, he said.

"Exactly.  No bullet can hurt me. Besides,  no bad men are coming in here. Cmon let's go to sleep." He walked him to his room and laid him down. We met Ja'Shon downstairs.  They walked outside and J said, "if anything go wrong, run. You hear me. Imma slow Brock brains out, right along with Those people. My brother, your son, and brother need --"

Dre stopped him and said, "Shut up. Your brother, Wale,  and all of us need you. If something go left , we killing everyone in sight. One love,  my brother."

They clapped eachother up and said, "one love."

Brock pulled up and they both got in the car and headed to the docks.

4 hours later....

Twon opened up the black Duffel bag of drugs and it came to his attention he have been played for million of dollars. He stood up at his office desk and grabbed his gun. His main man said, "I didn't know boss."

He shot him in the head. He then shot his other boys..

"Never Send a loser to do a thugs job. These boys who played with my money will pay. Thug life is the best life. I'M not new to this, Twon is true to this." He walked out of The office and headed back to the town where his drug deal just went wrong. Someone will pay.


Dre screams, "I'M about to cum." He pulls out of Ka'Shon ass. Ka'Shon turns over and says,"In my mouth." Dre sticks his dick in his boyfriend mouth and nuts. Ka'Shon sucks him dry and swallows all his babies.

They lay down under the covers cuddling.

"Dre, I love you."

"I love you too, Slim." 


Brock says, "Carlos it went well. We have out million. Let's go. Pack ya shit. Let's go. It's only a matter of time. Before Twon comes and blood spills."

Carlos laughs, "those boys was sitting ducks from the beginning.  I got some good dick, money, and now a bigger House. I love you, Brock."

Love you too , baby.

To Be Continued.

Chapter 8: New Friends, as Summer Ends.

Sneak Peek. 

It's one month later. The boys apply to Gladeview High for Senior year. Life is going great. However, When Ka'Shon hires a new personal trainer things get sticky. Definitely,  when they introduce themselves. 

"Hey I'm KA'shon."

"Nice to meet you. I'M Twon."



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