Chapter 10: Love Prevails.



I placed my feet in my White Giuseppe  Sneakers and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked good. I had on a White Dress shirt, Red Joggers. I grabbed my McM brown bookbag and my phone and  charger. Dre rolled over in the bed and talked on a raspy voice.

"I didnt know you was leaving." 

I coldly replied, "School starts in like 40 minutes. I don't wanna be late. Ill drop Derrick off on my way. Jamar should be up in like 20 minutes." I was still pissed about last night and especially with his whole 'the plan is in the works,' answer. If we have to move let me know. I rather be in hiding than dead. Ugh, I need this day of school to get my mind right. I walked out of the roomdoor and he snapped, "yo, so i dont get no kiss."

I slapped my eyes and said, "Kiss this." I walked down the stairs. Wale and Derrick was eating and was ready to hit it. I grabbed a blueberry muffin, Wale baked and said, "Leggo."

My phone buzzed. It was a message from Twon. I slid it open and read it.

"Hey, good morning. We will be meeting an hour later today. Something came up."

I replied, "Fine. I have to pick up My boyfriend little brother put of school anyways." Yea, he is still my boyfriend even though I'm livid with him. We walked out the door and jumped in my Jeep and pulled off.  After dropping off Derrick We Rode around he corner and pulled into Rolling Stone High . I parked and looked over at Wale. Wale exhaled and said, "Damn this ain't back in Atlanta,  where we know everyone."

I hugged him and said, "anything we do is better,  as a duo. Lets have a great senior year. And thanks for not telling me about Dre and my brother. I understand , why."

Wale smiled and replied, "those niggas need help." We got out the car and I popped the trunk and grabbed my gym bag and MCM bookbag. Gymnastics start today as well. We walked into the school and it was like we had new on our foreheads. We walked into the office and stood in a 20 minute line for our schedules. We got them, just as the bell was ringing. We had different homerooms. I searched high and low for English 1101 , I finally found the room and swallowed spit. I did that because, I knew I was about to be stared at. The Gay, Slim, New black kid. I rolled my eyes and ripped the band aid off. I walked in and the whole class shut up and stared at me. I kept Composure and walked over to the Man desk. He was white, blond hair, blue eyes. He looked in shape and young. He stood up and I handed him my schedule,  I'm new."

He read it and replied, "and late. Don't make that mistake again. I'm Mr.McCall. please, take a seat, Kay-Shon."

I corrected him, "My name is Ka'Shon." Ohhs escaped from the class mouths. He is already slick to me, he don't even know me. I was excited to get back to school. Im pretty good at it. I grabbed my schedule and looked at the empty desk. it was only two. I looked over and saw a Black skin girl smiling. I guess she wanted me to sit by her. I walked over and sat down. She whispered,"yes, you snapped back at Mr.McCall. I love you already. I'm Alex."

I smiled at her and placed my bags on the desk. She said, "wow, alot name brands, you got money."

I looked at her and replied, "My Boyfriend do." Before she can even gasp and reply. This man started talking.

"This is the first day of senior year. The last first day of high school. This year will be over in a blink of an eye. So make the most of it. All summer, I have been wondering how I wanted to structure this class, I think I got it though. No labels and that means I Will be pairing everyone up with their polar opposites.  Thats who you will sit with, work with, and do work together with, all year. I chose this structure, because  High School is split up into this specific groups: Jock, Nerd, Outcast, and even Popular. However,  after high school that's no more. And that Nerd the Jock never talked to become his new boss. Or that Outcast that was picked on, can be come your President. So Everyone stand up and when I say your name, go stand by your partner."

I exhaled and in one swift motion we all stood up. I looked over at Alex and she looked nerdy. So I knew she would be with a cheerleader or something.

"Mr.Ka'Shon since I got a specific vibe from you. Come here." I walked to the front of the class and looked at the class. He continued, "your partner is ,  Jay-Royce." I looked around the classroom. I didn't see no one move. However, I looked towards the back and seen a tall, built,Black boy. He looks like he have been to jail, failed a couple of grades, and hate Gays. 

He sucked his teeth and I rolled my eyes. This man is trying to get me killed, but I have a man that don't play at home. Mister Jay-Royce better behave. After everyone was assigned someone we rearrange the class and I sat next to him in the back.

He snapped in a whispered tone quick, "don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Do all the work and just put my name on it. If you break this rules, I'll break my foot in your ass. But you are a dick taking fag, so you might like that." 

I replied, "your low tone don't scare me." I lied.

"So you can keep all the threats to a minimum. I don't care how tough you look,I don't scare easily." I lied once more. He looked at me and pursed his lips so hard. I thought I was about to get punched. Great, first day and I have an enemy.

"Your first assignment is doing a Autobiography of the person who you are assigned with. Its due friday. So yall might want to get together outside of school." Mr.Mccall said. I heard a phone slap down on my desk. Ilooked over and Jay-Royce said, "Put Yo Number. Imma call when im ready to come over. I still aint helping you with this." I rolled my eyes and picked his Samsung 6 edge up. I typed my number. 



I stepped out the shower and walked into the room and sat down on the bed. I had just laid Jamar down before, I took a shower. I hear Coco ass at the door whimpering to get in. Hell no, she better take her ass to her room. Yes, Slim have this Damn dog a room. I laid down and laid back. I rubbed my dick and it sprung into action. Yea, I'm Horny as Fuck. With Slim being pissed at me  we ain't do shit. I started jacking off. I haven't did this shit in a long time. Hell No, let me text Ka'Shon.

"Baby,I need you. If I come to the school will you blow me in the parking lot." I sent it. I knew he was mad and was not about to reply back to my ass.seconds later, a text came through.

"Anything for my baby come on." My eyes grew big. I looked at the time. It was 12 , it was his lunch time. I jumped up and threw on some Black underwear. I grabbed a shirt and the keys. I opened Ja'Shon door and said,"watch Jamar, I'm going to see Slim right quick." I hurried out the house and was flying to the school.  Passing redlights and all. I'm like too excited he is about to help me. I pulled into the parking lot.


"Wale, I'll be back. I have to go see the Gymnastic coach." Ka'Shon lied. He was actually going to see Dre in the parking lot. Dre had just texted him he was out front. He walked through the halls and ran into a familiar face. It was Twon, his trainer. Twon noticed him and said, "Hey, I'm here for you. Got a call from the Coach, I needed to sign more papers. Didn't want to call and tell you, thought you maybe in class. 

Ka'Shon smiled and said, "it's lunch and thanks for coming, I Know you probably was busy."

Twon replied, "nonsense. I was bored. I'm done now,I'm headed back to the hotel. We are you going?"

Ka'Shon said, "left something in my car going to go get it." They both walked into the parking lot and Ka'Shon spotted the Tented windows on the Black RangeRover. He walked over and pulled out keys and fake unlocked the passenger and got in. Twon kept walking and Dre said, "who is that?"

Ka'Shon replied,"My trainer." Dre stared at his face across the parking lot and said, "he looks familiar.  Like I seen him before. What's his name?"

Twon,  I told you this, Ka'Shon replied.

Twon pulled off and Dre was still thinking. Ka'Shon reached over and rubbed his chest,  causing Dre to lay back on the seat. Dre whipped out all his chocolate glory. Ka'Shon smiled and licked his lips at the dick. He grabbed it hard and Dre moaned. 

"Dre, why did you fall back into the life? We was well off. Money wasnt an issue?" 

Dre looked at him and said, "we can talk--"

Ka'Shon snapped, "No we are talking now. For every valid answer,i swallow this dick whole. Now answer the question."

Dre replied, "Slim, its the only life I know. Also,its like money rule the world. I have to get it how it is." Ka'Shon leaned down and stuffed Dre entire dick all the way to the balls down his throat. Dre said, "Oh fuck!!" As he came back up, it was glistening in saliva.

"Dre, do you want to lose me?"

"No, why would you ask that. Look, Slim--" he popped his dick back into his pants. Dre grabbed Ka'Shon face and said, "You are the only reason , im here. You changed me in ways,you dont know. Before you, I was drowning in a ocean of Self-Hatred. You was my Savior, you jumped into my life and showed me that, I dont have to be like this. SO DONT YOU EVER ASK ME THAT. I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY BONE IN MY BODY, SLIM! YOU ARE MY SUN AND MOON. MY LIFE. BABY I WILL BE LOVING YOU TIL WE ARE SEVENTY."

Ka'Shon chuckled and tears fell from his eyes.

"Did you just quote Ed Sheeran?"

Dre replied, "you listen to it. Look,I'm going to get us out of this.after this, thats it. I promise. Just promise me something.  Promise that once this is all over, You will love me: Always and Forever. " Ka'Shon leaned over and his lips crashed into Dres. Saliva exchanged but it's was all prevails. Ka'Shon smirked and said, "I owe you something."

He pulled Dre dick out and went to sucking on it like a lollipop.  Slurping and not coming up for Air. About ten minutes later, Dre erupted hot cum into his mouth and he swallowed it up. Ka'Shon licked his man dick clean and said, "I love you now go home and take care of your child."

Dre corrected him,  "our child." Ka'Shon stepped out and walked back into the school. Ka'Shon saw the coach and said, "Coach its me, Ka'Shon. I wanted to know why my trainer came."

The coach replied, "you mean, Ex-Trainer. He came here and quit.he said that you are a good person and he dont wanna hurt you. Sorry, without a trainer, im ex-coach." Ka'Shon was flabbergasted. Did not know Why Twon just quit. He had to go over to that Hotel After school.




"Carlos, listen to me. Im not killing Ka'Shon or the other one. I will do those two niggasin they fucking." 

Carlos snapped over the phone, "Fine, Antwonio. Fine. Just hurry, so you can come here. I miss you big brother."

Miss you too ,lil bro, Twon replied. He hung up and laid back on the bed. He rubbed his face and it was a knock at the door. He jumped up and walked down the hall and went to the door. I opened it thinking it was the room service, I ordered. However, it was Ka'Shon.

He barged in and I snapped, "Fuck, a phone call would have been nice." I slammed the door and he turned to me and snapped, "Yea it would have. From you to Me. Really you going to quit on me. I maybe wasn't doing the pushups or situps good, but how you quit on me. Then lie about it at the school. Twon that's fucked up."

"Ka'Shon,  I can't help you anymore, sorry. Can you leave?"

Ka'Shon replied,"Not until you tell me why? Why can't you?"

Twon pursed his lips and said, "Because,  I'm here for another reason and you are making it harder to do what I came here for."

Ka'Shon laughed, "you know what Fuck you. And thanks now I'm not on the team  anymore. I thought you was serious. I guess not."

Ka'Shon brushed pass him and opened the door and Twon closed it.  Twin closed his eyes and said to himself , "I can't. I can't be liking you and trying to do your wrong. FUCK IT, I HAVE TO KILL ALL OF Y'ALL. FAMILY COME FIRST THAN A CRUSH." HE quickly ran to go get his gun and meet Ka'Shon in the parking lot.


"Dre, here is a better picture of the dude from the Skype call with Carlos. Antwonio."

He gave Dre the picture in the kitchen and Dre eyed it. He dropped the picture and his doughnut. 

"Oh Fuck. I knew it." Dre ran through the house and grabbed his 9mm gun from the drawer. Ja'Shon snapped, "yo wassup?"

Wale was on the stairs and asked, "Dre whats wrong?"


To Be Continued.

Chapter 11: I can Barely breathe.



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