Chapter 8: New Friends, as Summer Ends.


one month later...


"Dre, im serious. When Wale went to enroll they had a Gymnastics team. I really wanna join it. However, they said I need to find a Fitness Coach by the first day of School. So I have 4 Days. it's okay. I'M going to Town today and search around."

Dre looked over at me and the car and burst into laughter. I hit him. He really thinks I'm playing. I want to do this. Plus, he should be happy. He will see me in some tight ass clothes and my ass will be poking. From  the backseat Derrick said, "Ka'Shon don't mind him. atleast you chose to go back to School."

It went silent. His little brother is so attentive. He is always paying attention. Dre confess about that at the enrollment of Derrick into the elementary. It sad, but it's his choice. I can't force him. I guess,  he thinks he knows all he can Learn. However,  I Have plans. especially,  college plans. 

Dre looked back and pinched his nose. Derrick started laughing.  We pulled up on the drive pavement and I looked over and saw the For Sale sign in Brock/Carlos Yard. They just up in left one night last Month. I've called Brock,  but no answer.  Dre was concerned about Brock,  but later said he must just moved on. It was just wierd. I got out and went to the backseat and grabbed a sleeping Jamar. We walked into the House and Wale was cooking. It smelled like Potatoes. I love his cooking. He cook like an old lady. soul food guru. I quickly laid Jamar down. As I walked out his room. My brother said, "So I hear, you trying to join the Gymnastics team." I smiled,  "Wale could never keep his mouth close, but Yea I am. I just have to go find a Fitness Coach. I'M doing that after I eat these bomb ass potatoes. "

He  licked his lips and said, "What?? smells like mama cooked them." We laughed. We walked downstairs and went into the kitchen. Dre and Derrick was already eating.  looking like twins.

I sat next to Dre and Wale placed a fully loaded one in front of me. I thanked him and went to eating.  I felt a foot touch mine. I looked at Dre and he smirked. I rubbed up is leg and he did the same to me. I was starting to feel a little horny. I better stop. He then,without anybody looking, reached over and rubbed my dick through my joggers. I took a deep breath. This boy is crazy. Its three other people at this table, including his brother. He was still eating like he wasn't doing anything.  He then slipped his left hand into my pants and went to jacking me off. I was trying so hard to contain myself. I kept moving and trying to recompose myself. That wasn't working. Wale looked over at me and said, "Bestfriend,  are you okay? It look like you got to piss. Go pee." I smiled at him and cleared my throat. Just as I was about to reply, I felt my cum building up. I put my head down and closed my eyes. seconds later, I blew nut all in my clothes.  I looked down and it was a big wet area in front of my pants. Dre hand slide out of my pants slowly and unnoticed. He grabbed a napkin and said, "Whew this is so good." he wiped the little cum off his hand. I couldn't believe he did this. Im going to be here until that dries.  little does Deandre know, payback is coming.

25 Minutes Later....

I was showered, changed,  and downstairs on my Ipad searching for Fitness Coaches in the area. I felt someone licking my feet. It was My Baby girl. She jumped on the couch and snuggled under my arm. She is spoiled rotten. I found A Fitness Group, at The W hotel off Main Road. It's like 5 Minutes from here. It will only be 75 a week. Dre can pay for it. He have been buying me all type of new shit. Ferragamo,  Givenchy, Gucci, Versace, Tom Ford, Christian Louboutins, and Even Balenciaga.  Hell,  never say no. He loves me. I called the customer service and they said I have to come signup physically.  I quickly jumped up. I grabbed the keys to The New Jeep, Dre brought me and screamed,  "I'll be back y'all."

When I walked outside, I noticed a tented window black car, parked in Brock Driveway.  I looked and just kept moving. I jumped in the car, put Coco in the backseat and we headed off.


Dre rocked his son around and the door opened. Ja'Shon walked in. 

I whispered,  "He is not going to sleep. I'll put him in the playpen.  come on."

he laughed,  "why are you whispering?"

They walked downstairs and into the livingroom.  He placed him in the playpen and they turned on the Basketball Game. They grabbed controllers and started playing. 

"Dude, I had my Man from back in the ATL, Do his expertise and find where he Fuck Brock Vanish too." Ja'Shon sternly said.

"im listening." Dre replied. 

"well, he just called me back after a 3 week hunt. he found something really strange. He found a Marriage certificate, for Carlos and Brock. they got married in California, 2 days after they left. Then he found, a Credit Card being used by Brock in Paris. Lastly, he pulled up Carlos phone record. one number have been calling for weeks and been getting no answer." he explained.

Dre replied, "You think its the boss of those ducks we sold to. i can tell they was working for someone, The way they acted handing us the money."

J retorted, "Yea i think its the boss.Then it dawned on me. why would the boss be calling Carlos? Then My boy did more research and found out. Carlos have been calling, txting, emailing, hell even Skyping this dude. Carlos used to work for him back in the day. Thats where he met Brock. Thats when it all pieced together. Carlos and Brock wanted to leave the drug game, didnt want to leave it Broke. Find two idiots, me and you, to work with and steal from their boss. we get blinded by the money signs, do the trade, they skip town, and leave us as the enemies of this man. Smart Thug Move , Smart Thug Move." He laid it out.

Dre put the controller down and said, "But it wasnt smart enough. The Boss never seen us. We never met him. So would he come to this small ass town looking for ghost."

Ja'Shon said, "Hell Yea. If I know where Brock/Carlos lived, the people they found to help them arent far away. plus, if someone cogned me out of 3 million, im coming. but if he do come,  we have a picture of him. He dont know how we look."

what pic-- He cut Dre off and flashed a photo.

It was a Skype pitcure of Him and Carlos. He looks young as fuck. We are two steps ahead, if he doesnt know.  They continued to play the game. Wale was shocked and shivering. He was walking in from the pool and heard everything that was just discussed. He cant believe this. he thought  they gave that up, they lied. now someone else is after them.



Luckily, dogs are allowed everywhere in this town. I walked into the Hotel and was directed to the Fitness Room. As I walked in, this guy was behind me. He had long black hair. Tanned. perfect size lips. He wore a black tshirt,  so his muscles was showing. He looked Puerto Rican. I walked in and went over to the desk. He was standing behind me. The receptionist was on her cellphone. being ghetto. She acting like she doesn't see me. Like,  Bitch. So fucking Rude. I cleared my throat to get her attention.  We met eye to eye and she rolled her eyes.

I snapped, "Girl, you need a better fucking attitude. Now are you going to assist me or what. I'M looking for The Fitness Papers to sign up." She looked me up and down.

shs started laughing, "Please, leave. I have seen it all. Hookers, Escorts, Old Ladies, Even Married women. All try to come join Shaun Watson class. He is sexy and a doll face. Probably even have a big eggplant if you know what I mean. However, he doesnt want some Slim Fag."

I swallowed my spit. I swiftly and quickly slapped the taste out of her mouth.

"bitch where is your decorum? I don't pay for dick, especially if I have one at home for free, hoe. You might wanna out some ice on that, This Slim Fag has heavy hands." I snapped.

I turned around and faced the Tall Puerto Rican man. I brushed passed him and walked out. I picked up CoCo and walked out the Hotel. Suddenly , I heard someone say, "Yo!"

I turned around. It was Mr.PuertoRican, he was waving me down. 

He said, "You left this." He showed Me My phone. I grabbed it and thanked him.

"you just don't understand,  she pissed me off. sometimes,  I can deal with the Fag calling, but that bitch tested me. all Iam trying to do is Find A Fitness Coach."

He replied, "It must be really important. "

Yea, My Senior year of High-school is in a few Days. I want to join Gymnastics, I said.

"Well, your legs arrived long enough. I remember Highschool.  best four years. skipping, smoking,  and fucking." he licked his lips as he said that.

we both laughed. he seemed real Cool.

"look as you can tell, I don't care you suck dick. long as you don't try it with me, I'll be your Fitness coach. I'M new in Town and I'll help you out." He confessed.

I smiled and Coco Barked. She like him. This hoe a thot.

"Um, you have a studio or something?" I asked.

"No, but I have The Penthouse suite. All you have to do is Pay me 100 dollars a week. my business is a little slow due to the move, so that will help out." He said.

I bit my lip and said, "Fine. I will bring the Gymnastics papers by Tomorrow, so you can sign them that you will be my Fitness Coach. I'M so excited.  Thank you, so much." I put Coco down and hugged him, as i tippytoed. he had to be like 6'4. He hugged me back. 

"Im Ka'shon."

As we stopped hugging he said, "Im Twon. Nice to meet you."

We both stood there smiling for a second. Then we went out seperate ways. Im too excited I found a Coach.


"Yes, I did. His name is Twon. He is hella build. I think he will work out fine baby."

you sure he don't want you? Dre asked.

I laughed, "Hell No."

Ka'Shon stepped out of his underwear and Laid in bed. He leaned over and turned the baby monitor on. They kissed and cuddled. Dre was sleep in two seconds. Ka'Shon was catching up on last season of Americas Next Top Model. It's too Gay for Dre.

Wale laid in bed being sucked all on his neck and not showing no emotion. Ja'Shon stopped and snapped, "Are you okay?" Wale rolled over and didn't respond.

Ja'Shon said, "You don got me hard and now we aint fucking."

Wale cleared his throat, "Why? Why did yall Fuck this up for us? and before you lie. I heard everything you and Dre was talking about. "


Twon sat in his suite Bed looking at a picture of Dre, Ja'Shon, Wale,  and Ka'Shon at their poolside. he flipped it over and read the back. 

"These Are The Boys who cogned you.Brock and I didn't know. Please kill them. Especially, The Bitch ass Ka'Shon. -your brother, Carlos"

he mumbled, "I will little brother, but first his thug of a boyfriend and this other dude. "

To Be Continued 

Chapter 9: "Life Was Tough,But I Made it."



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